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World of Warcraft Druid FAQ
By: Icon of Sin
Email: Hanumachine_R@yahoo.com

Version History
*Version 0.95 
This FAQ is ready to be posted after weeks of planning.

*Version 1.00 
Fixed a few typos, and I got a few E-Mails from a few good people 
with info about how to find the 2 pendants for the Druid's 
Aquatic form, and I revised one of the Feral Talents (Improved 
Shred) from a couple of tips I received via E-Mail today.

*Version 1.10 
Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to all. Another update after 
getting more tips via E-mails the last few days, I updated some 
of the skills, and fixed some more errors. Special thanks to 
Wander Koldewijn (WiSK), Andrew Saliba (Lethalagent14), and Eric 
Doherty for their help.

*Version 1.11 
Yeah Yeah, I know this update is very late, but I've been very 
busy with school work, and also playing with a few alts, but at 
least I care enough to fix a few things thanks to patch 1.9 which 
came more than a month ago, and extra info was added from E-Mails.
Special thanks go to Clarza Da Monkee, Travis M. Jordan, Andrew 
Gustavson, and Timothy Raja (Aka Pyromaniacpichu(Gamefaqs)) for 
making this late update possible, and anybody else I forgot to 
mention. *Hugs and Kisses to all*

*Version 1.12 
I decided to add what changes the Druid will get when patch 1.10 
become available.

*Version 1.14 
Fixed a few things, you know the usual stuff. Thanks to Xnay,  
MARGARET KELLY, and darth_static(Daniel) for their info.

*Version 1.20 
Decided to add a small level guide, fixed a few things, and added 
some info including what changes the Druid will get from the 
upcoming patch 1.11

*Version 1.25 
A professions section was added, and fixed a couple of 

>>>Patch 1.11 changes