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STAR FOX 64 FAQ By Richard Balsley 

Table of Contents

1. Overview
2. Story Line
3. Controls
4.  Corneria
5.  Meteo (Easy difficulty)
6.  Sector Y (Hard Difficulty)
7.  Fortuna (Easy)
8.  Katina (Medium)
9.   Aquas (Hard)
10. Zoness (Hard)
11. Solar (Med)
12. Sector X (Easy)
13. Macbeth (Med)
14. Titania (Hard)
15. Bolse (Easy)
16. Sector Z (Hard)
17. Area 6 (Hard)
18. Venom 
19. Tips and Tricks
20. Disclaimer

1. Overview

Star Fox 64 by all means rocks!!!! This game has spectacular graphics and
sound. All gamers of the nintendo generation will love this game. With
the addition of the Rumble Pak, it will make it seem like you are
actually in the game (Though with lots of playing time, you won't notice
it is there)! You are able to lock on to enemies, unlike on the first
Star Fox. You are able to have a feature called, All-Range Mode, which
lets you fly all around the curent scene, which is likely on the bosses.
This game is pretty easy, although with the addition to medals it makes
it a little more tough to beat the game all the way through. Star Fox 64
has numerous secrets, which I will get into a greater depth in the Tips
and Tricks Section. SF 64 is one of the best games of the year for the
64. It is a perfect game and has many things to keep you going!

2. Story Line

The Lylat System is a small group of planets that enjoyed years of
prosperity. The inhabitants lived in peace, until Andross came into view!
Andross was born and raised on Corneria, 4th planet of the system. He
became a briliant scientist. Andross had been focusing all his time and
energy into researching bio-technology but, since Corneria was a peaceful
place this research went vain. Overtime, his mind became twisted and his
morals became demented, he went insane!

One day, a weapon, secretly created by Andross, was unleashed on the
residents of Corneria. Andross had turned his back on Corneria. The major
cities were damaged and Andross was captured by General Pepper and was
charged with treason and was exiled to the planet Venom.

Five years later, reports from Corneria's observation station had
confirmed disrupting activity from Venom. General Pepper sent three men
from the Star Fox team to go check it out, James McCloud, Peppy Hare, and
Pigma Dengar.

When they made it to Venom, Pigma turned his back on the Star Fox Team
and turned to Andross. Peppy barely made it back to Corneria to tell Fox
what had happened to his father. 

Andross declared war on the lylat system. Andross was taking control
planet by planet. He is advancing on his home planet, Corneria.

General Pepper knows Corneria's army alone can't stop Andross, he has
turned to a new Star Fox Team to save Corneria and free Lylat from

3. Controls and other game information

Of course you should be able to read the instruction booklet in order to
figure out the basic stuff, but here are the controls for the game.

Control Stick: Moves the vehicle (Duh)
Start: Pause the game/ check on teams condition (Another Duh)
Z Button: Tilt your vehicle to the left (Press twice and you will do a
barrel roll, usefull to deflect enemy fire, i.e. lasers)
A Button: Fire your laser
B Button: Smart Bomb, press again to detonate
Left C Button: Turbo
Up C Button: Change your camera angle
Right C Button: Responds to ROB messages
Down C Button: Brake
R Button: Tilt to the right, press twice to barrel roll
To have homing bomb lock on with the A button, and press B you should be
able to use a homing bomb if done correctly

If you hold the A button, you will get a red cursor on the screen, this
will lock on to other enemies, press the A button again to fire, and it
will home in on the enemy. This won't work on everybody, but it is
usefull on getting medals on most of the levels. Try the homing attack
with a bomb.

4. Corneria

Now, on to the information you have been looking for!!!! This is the
first level of the game. (Like you didn't know) Anyway, you are required
to get 150 hits to achieve the medal for the level, this is really tough!
In order to even come close enough, you will need to become well adapted
to using the homing attack as described above! If you are good, you will
be able to get 16 hits before you reach the shore. Every big red robot is
worth 5 hits, so don't miss these guys.

After the checkpoint, try to keep Falco alive, some guys will be on his
tail get rid of them and he will say some smart ass remark! After that,
you need to fly underneath all the stone arch ways that will be coming up
soon. Falco will then say "Follow Me." He will take you to a water fall,
you go through the waterfall and this is the way to the tougher areas! 

Bosses for Corneria

In Corneria, there are two path ways you can go on, and both have
different bosses! The first way is a simple boss. This boss is a mech, he
is very simple, all you have to do is shoot him in the back on the green
area, this is much easier if you cripple him by shooting his legs. You
will get ten hits for killing this guy.

The second boss isn't too much harder. If you played the first Fox, it is
the same type of guy at the end of the first level. You need to shoot the
open spots on the boss to destroy him! Pretty simple huh?? If you shoot
his rockets, you will get silver life rings.

5. Meteo (Easy)

If you go and face the mech at the end of Corneria, you will go to Meteo.
Meteo is pretty easy to get the medal on, as I had said before, you have
to use the warp in the level, I was wrong, you don't need to use the

To get the warp on the level, you must go through all the rings of blue
arrows. These arrows are near the end of the level. The warp is to
Katina. Once you reach the warp, it will look very strange. Shoot all the
enemies and you will come to a boss! This boss is pretty easy. At first,
you must shoot the yellow arrows on the front the boss! Watch out for the
rotating green thing. It will absorb your shots and will shoot you with
them. After you blow up those yellow arrows, then nail behind the
rotating thing a yellow target. Watch out, he will charge up a laser type
thing, just barrel roll to the left or right. After you blow up this, he
will say that he will surrender, you aren't done yet. Now he will start
shooting you with pink lasers, if you stay in front and charge forward,
you should miss these, shoot the yellow targets and it will be over.

Tips for Meteo

1) To get the 200 hits, use the warp and shoot the asteroids.
2) Fly between the five asteroids to get a laser upgrade.
3) Blow up the twisting cave serpants and look for a ring of asteroids.
4) Save Falco, and he will blow up an asteroid that contains a gold ring.

6. Sector Y (Hard)

Sector Y has come under attack by war ships and men in power suits. You
need to learn how to use the homing shot method to hit multiple enemies.
For easy hits, group the ships together. 

To get to Aquas you will need to get 100 hits or more.


Now you will face two flying Mechs, two smart bombs should do the trick!
If not, then shoot them, it isn't hard.

Now, a third mech will fly off a ship. This guy is a little tougher to
his, since he moves around a lot, but if you can hit him in his shield it
will take off 4 times the amount of damage. He is easier to hit when he
is on the ship. Don't let him stay alive for too long, or the rest of the
Star Fox team will take the hits.

7. Fortuna (Easy)

This is one of the easiest medals to earn in the game! All you need to
do, is defeat the Star Wolf Team, without your team killing any of the
Star Wolf guys and kill some other ships in the beginning! You need 50
hits in order to recieve the medal!

Star Wolf Team Strategy

If you want an easy way to kill the Star Wolf Team, here it is! First,
let the guys get behind you, if they start shooting you, just do a
somersault and you will be behind them! This trick doesn't work on the
hard path to venom!

8. Katina (Medium)

Katina is under attack, and you have to save the base with a new guy
named Bill. In this mission you will need to be able to lock on to
enemies in order to succeed. If you aren't very good at locking on to
enemies, then you are screwed because you have numerous men on your side
and it wouldn't be very smart to gun down guys on your team. 

In the middle of the level, an enemy mother ship will appear. Once it
gets above the temple, it will unleash a lot of enemies. Once the hatches
open on the underside, you will need to shoot them. They are worth 5 hits

With about a minute left, the center of the ship will become hittable.
This is the weak spot. Keep hitting it until the ship implodes! This
level requires you to get 50 hits to achieve the medal!

9.  Aquas (Hard)

This is your first chance to pilot a submarine in SF 64! Whats different
then the arwing, is that you have unlimited torpedoes, so keep firing
them so you can get the 150 hits that you will need to get the medal.
Destroy all the stone pillars and a gold ring will be revealed. If you go
slow, you should be able to aquire enough hits.

To kill the max. number of hits, fire torpedoes and keep shooting.


The Clam isn't too tough to kill! Hit the three things on the top of his
head for three hits each. Then shoot that hold the two lids together
until they turn neon colors, then fire a torpedo. Then fire torpedoes
into the eye of the clam!

10. Zoness (Hard)

Zoness is a pretty tough level to beat and make it to the next "Hard"
level. You will need to blast all the lights in order to make it! About
midway through, you will get a new character, Katt. She will help you out
in shooting the lights and say some crap to Falco (Ironic that a cat is
hitting on a bird. Huh?) In order to get the 250 hits to get the medal,
you will need to shoot all the lights and will need to go slow and use
the lock on shot to get extra hits.


This boss is one of the tougher ones in the game. First off, shoot the
exaust pipes on either side with bombs, these need to be detonated at the
right time or it won't work.  When he goes under, shoot a bomb at the top
periscope thingy so it won't be able to target you. When he comes back
up, shoot one of the side panels that is shooting bombs at you. Now, it
will turn around, and shoot about 3 bombs at the crane and he will turn
back around, you need to shoot  the other side panel, and he will go
crazy. Shoot him with your laser until he dies!

11. Solar (Medium)

In order to get the 100 hits on this level, you will need to shoot bombs
into the lava where there are lots of guys. In this level, you will need
to stay high so you don't take as much damage on your ship, because the
lava is so hot that you lose energy. Shoot lots of boxes in order to keep
your life up. 

Lava Beast

You need to shoot this guy in the arms so he doesn't hit you. I find it
easier to hit him in his right arm (If you are looking at the screen, it
will be to your left) since the right arm swings more often. Then shoot
the other one. If you use your brakes, it will be harder to get hit by
his arms. When he spits out the lava chunks, you need to shoot them to
get life rings. Watch out for his lava wave, he will jump high into the
air and lots of lava will come straight for your ship, if you turbo
forward, you won't get hit! Shooting him in the head will kill him!

12. Sector X (Easy)

This level isn't that hard to beat, but it isn't easy to hit the warp
zone either! In this level, you are flying through a space junkyard. In
the middle of the level you have a choice to go two ways, right or left.
If you go left you will come to a series of doors. If you blast all the
doors, you will warp to some strange part of the level. There will be no
boss there, and you will warp to sector Z. The right path has a bunch of
easy to kill enemies, and you will face a boss.


This robot is tough to kill for most people. What you need to do, is
shoot the eyes. Keep shooting the eyes, until it seems like he is going
to die. When this happens, shoot bombs at him before he smashes Slippy
into Titania. If he smashes Slippy, you will need to go to Titania to get
him, and this isn't easy.

13. Macbeth (Medium)

This level is the one with the run away train. You are in the tank, and
you must destroy the train car by car. There are 3 parts to the train,
they are as follows:
1) Mining Car: This car will drop around 5 boulders unless you blow it
up. Shoot the boulders with a charged shot and recieve a 5 hit bonus.

2) Laser Cannon: This doesn't shoot at you very often, but it does shoot
at the cliffs to drop boulders on you, shoot these for 5 hit points.

3) Supply Car: These cars carry boxes, and they try to get in your way.
Destroy them, then go for the base.


There will be several switches later on in the level, the first 2 are on
your right side, the third is on the left side of the track. The Fourth
one is on the Right. I am not sure where all the others are? If you know
the exact location of all the switches, then let me know and I will put
you into this FAQ in another addition. If you hit all the switches, then
the boss will kill himself and you will get 50 hits. If you miss any
switches, then you have to kill the boss yourself. To do this, you need
to shoot the head and dodge the tail. Dodge the claws by rolling to the
right or the left.  Shoot the arrows.

14. Titania (Hard)

Titania is harder then most of the levels down the easy path. The first
part has some giant mechs and rows of bones. Follow theleft path to the
ribcage for a power up. Throughout the level, you will come accross
swarms of ships and enemies, use the charged shots in order to get
multiple hits, some will leave rings or bombs. 

You will eventually come accross many hard tasks here are some tips on
defeating these:

1) Behemoth: Shoot the center section for 3 hits. Turbo under the remains
to get through. Slow down if you need to.

2) Homing Laser: Barrel Roll repeatedly to deflect the laser until you
can shoot it. These are just a pain is the ass.

3) Rock Tossers: Hover onto the first mesa and blast the rocks to get the
150 hits, they are worth lots of hits.

Save Slippy

Slippy is being held by the boss, when you see him, he will be in an arm
sticking out of the sand, this is the boss. Here is your chance to wound
the boss, once you have Slippy free, shoot the boss with bombs in the
arms. Hover over the tail to avoid the attack.

15. Bolse (Easy)  

The space station is defended by fighters whom are shielded. What you
need to do here, is blow up the power generators, and the enemies will
lose the shields. Once you a number of enemies, The Star Wolf Team will
come(Unless you killed them is Katina) Once you have destroyed the
shield, destroy the central power core by shooting the yellow markings

16. Sector Z (Hard)

Anyone who thinks that this level is very easy is full of crap. This
level is hard, but can be easy when Katt comes in and takes out a missle
for you. 

At the beginning of the level, you need to destroy some ships who try to
invade The Great Fox. After a while, ROB will come in with a message
saying that 6 missles are coming towards The Great Fox. This is the hard
part. You will need to destroy each one, so make sure that you keep the
Star Fox Team alive. The first missle is easy, cause it is one. The next
missles that come, Falco will help out. Now, if you stay on the hard path
all the way through, Katt will show up, and destroy a missle when three
of them are launched. If you didn't make it on the Hard Path, There is no
way in hell you will pass this, unless you fly behind the missles, this
is a little hard to do, because you go faster then the missles. When you
destroy the missles, you will then go to Area 6. If you don't you will go
to Bolse.

You don't need to go to sector x to get this medal, if you are quick
enough you can get the missle that Katt is hitting and get those hit+10's
and you will be able to get the medal.

17. Area 6 (Hard)

This level is Andross' army. In the beginning of the level, you will need
to destroy the space stations (The things that look like needles) for
three hits each. If they go to their baackside, that means they are about
to shoot, move quickly. If you want the medal, you better have 150 hits
by the time you reach the checkpoint, or you won't get it. If you don't
have any bombs at the checkpoint, die so you get three more. To get more
hits in this level, shoot the missles.


This boss is one of the longer ones of the game. What you need to do is,
shoot all three arms off and he will open up. Then three red spheres will
show up, shoot them. Now you will be able to blast away at the middle
section. Repeat this over and over until he dies.

18. Venom

Venom is accessed by either direction, hard or easy. Venom on easy will
be like a normal level, and then you will face Andross. If you go on the
hard path, you will face The Star Wolf Team. Keep all men alive on your
team and you should be able to beat the Wolf Team. The trick that I
described above on how to kill the Star Wolf team won't work as well.
Their ships are well shielded and they can do the same type of stunts you
do. When you do defeat them you will go to Andross.

The boss of the easy path of Venom is a brick structure called Golem.
Shoot all the brick pieces and then, aim for the head. The hardest part
of this level, is the stone structures in the temple. When you beat him
you will make it to Andross.

Real Andross and the fake Andross

First, lets start with the fake Andross. You will face the fake Andross
if you choose the easy path. This Andross is easy to kill, this metod
works for the Real Andross until the end.

To kill Andross quickly, you will need to shoot him in the eyes until he
holds up his hands, shoot the hands when he covers his eyes. Watch out,
if you shoot the eyes and don't destroy the right hand, he will shoot
electricity at you. Keep shooting the eyes and he will die.

Now, the difference between the two. The fake one will have a robotic
decoy under him. A smart bomb should do the trick.

The real Andross is a brain with eyes. The eyes have electricity and will
come after you, destroy these. When they are destroyed, shoot the gray
part of the brain. DO NOT GET STUCK IN THE TENTICLES!!!! This will kill

When you beat Andross on the hard level, you will meet up with your
father who will lead you to saftey. This is the better ending!!!!

Here is a quick tip on killing the brain, when the eyes start getting
right behind you, do a somersault and you will be behind the eyes, shoot
them for easy hit+5's. Then, you will need to face the brain, piece of
cake, do the same trick like with the eyes, have the brain get behind you
and do a somersault, you will be behind and shoot the grey area, victory
will be yours.

19. Tips and Tricks

Here are the Secrets for the game, if you have anymore, send them to me
and I will update the FAQ with your name in it.

If you win a medal in every mission then you enable a extra mode.

The extra mode allows you to have a sound feature and expert levels.

If you beat the hard Venom and get a medal, you will be able to use the 
Land Master in vs. mode.

If you get a medal on the extra hard venom, you get to use the team on 
foot in vs. mode.

To get the 200 hits on Venom, you need to kill the Star Wolf team (Hard
Venom) very quick, in about 5 minutes to get the hit+50 for each member
and keep all your men alive.

To get the Sound Test and Graphics Equilizer and Extra mode, you must
beat the game with all 15 medals.

To get rid of the cross hairs, pause the game, and press the "R" button.

To get the secret art work, you must beat the Extra mode and during the
credits you will see two pieces of art.

To get more energy in Sector Z (Missle Level) go to the rear of the Great
Fox and enter the bottom part, you will get a scene and you will enter
the level through the front of the ship.

At the title screen, move the analog stick and you can move the 64 logo

To avoid Enemy radar, fly low and they can't lock on to you, just watch
for mountains and obsticles.

20. Disclaimer

No way shape or form can you submit this WITHOUT my name on it, so if you
want it on your web sites, you have to have my name on it. If you want to
change the text in anyway, you MUST come to me FIRST to discuss this
matter. My mail address is  if you have any questions or
comments please let me know. 

So Long, and til next Time, Richard Balsley. 

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