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|                       Simpsons Wrestling FAQ                        |
|                            v 1.2, 4-30-01                           |
|                    By Jjukil (Jjukil@excite.com)                    |
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  Updates to the document.
  What it is, and why I made it.
  The game's storyline summed up briefly.
 Getting Started
  The initial options screen and the goal to the game.
 In-Match Screen
  What's on the screen during the match, besides the wrestling.
  What every button does, and other tricks to do.
  What powerups are, each and every one.
  Who's playable, how to unlock 'em, and how to use 'em.
  Advice for the one-player game.
  Some memorable quotes.
  What codes we know so far.
 Gameshark Codes
  What Gameshark codes we know so far.


1.2, 4-30-01:  Changed around a few move descriptions, but nothing to
write home about.  Also added a TON of quotes from readers, though,
which IS something to write home about IMHO.

1.1, 4-18-01:  A few smallish changes.

Added a story synopsis.

Added some Gameshark codes, taken with permission from www.cheatcc.com.

Fixed a couple formatting errors, such as missing linebreaks(and the
lack of an update section!!).

Finally, added something else I forgot to add, last time:  an
invitation to send in any quotes you hear while playing.  They'll be
listed in the next update, and you'll be credited in the Credits and
right next to your submissions.

1.0, 4-15-01:  Original document.


*cowers in fear*

Wow, this game really has a lot of bad rap on the Gamefaqs Message
Board right now.  I'm almost afraid to post this.  ...but I will.  

Simpsons Wrestling, made in April 2001 by Activision, was obviously an
attempt to get in on the two cash cows of the name:  Simpsons and
Wrestling.  Unfortunately, the game has, among other flaws, one very
crucial flaw:  it's HARDLY WRESTLING AT ALL.  The only wrestling
elements are pinning the opponent--and the count is done by the
character pinning, not any referee--and the ropes, which many people
can't figure out how to use correctly because they're explained poorly.
Even I'm not sure how to avoid a cheap knockdown after one of them.

So what is it?  It's a rather simplistic 3d fighter with some of the
best voice acting you'll ever hear, outside of a couple gems like
Conker's Bad Fur Day.  Simpsons diehards will LOVE the quotes, many of
which come from old episodes.  Almost all of them are perfectly in
character...even for Lisa, to an extent, and she'd NEVER wrestle in the
actual show!

Unfortunately the voices are pretty much where the good points end.
The graphics are scary in their crudeness, the music is unnoticable and
the gameplay...*shudders*  Let me put it this way:  this is the only 3d
fighter where there are NO SPECIAL MOVES.  All of your characters'
moves come at the touch of a button, or at most a rope bounce then a
button.  However, the moves are often in character too, and some of
them are pretty cool.  This and the voices put together make me feel
this was designed not by good game programmers, but diehard Simpsons
fans like me!  Just wish they'd studied gaming as much as they did the

But enough of the review.  What I'm saying here is it's worth a rental
to see the moves and hear the taunts if you like Simpsons--NOT
wrestling--and maybe even a purchase if you're REALLY hardcore.  This
FAQ should help you get through that rental with a minimum of effort.
If it doesn't, email me at Jjukil@excite.com, and I'll see if I can

(And please...if you're going to write me saying this game sucks, keep
in mind that not only do I not appreciate flames, but I ALREADY KNOW
IT.  Reread the above paragraphs.  =P)


The storyline's a bit farfetched, but isn't it usually with the
Simpsons these days?  Here's a summary of what's in the manual.

Aliens, spying on Springfield from many light years away, saw Jebediah
Springfield wrestle a bear to death with his bare hands.  They got to
Earth as soon as they could, which was hundreds of years AFTER
Jebediah's bout.  Finding him dead, they challenged Springfield's new
best wrestler, whoever it was, to a match.  Springfield's citizens, not
knowing who its best wrestler was, decided to find out.

(This is Kent Brockman's take on the aliens' motives, actually, and
hardcore Simpsons fans will know that Lisa's research into Jebediah
during one of the later seasons proved Jebediah's bout with that bear
to be a fake.  (I think.)  So the real reasons behind the aliens' visit
are anyone's guess--not that this would be the first continuity error
this series has had, if this IS the "real" story....)

Getting Started

Starting a 1-Player game is as simple as selecting New Challenger
Circuit on the main screen, and then your character.  You'll battle
your way through four normal characters, then take on an unlockable
one.  After you beat him (which will unlock him), you'll fight another
normal, another unlockable, another normal, and the two bosses, who
can't be unlocked...without "cheating," that is....

Once you've gotten through all of these rounds, Defender Circuit will 
become yellowed in, where winning matches gets a little harder and you 
get to unlock better characters.  Beat that and you get the Champion 
Circuit, where unlocked characters appear in the regular rotation and 
the matches are harder than ever, which isn't really saying much.  Beat
that and you get...well...you'll see.  =)  Starting a 2-Player match or
a Practice Game is just as simple, but these just last one match and 
don't unlock anything.

After you beat a Circuit opponent, you'll be prompted to Save.  If you
do, you can continue the game with Continue Tournament by loading it
off the memory card.  You can save up to seven tournaments.  Note that
if you save one after the final boss of any Circuit, you can't
continue that tournament, although it will save the unlocked data.  If
all you've got on your card are finished tournaments, don't use
Continue Tournament; it takes an eon and a half to figure that out and
tell you there aren't any games to continue.  It won't unlock data
anyway.  You go to Options for that.

In the Options, along with being able to Load Unlocked Data from your
card, you can change the volume of the music, the voices and the
effects.  (I suggest putting the voices to full, the effects to half
and the music to 0.  But that's just me.  =)  You can turn on
vibration, but it's worthless--either they forgot to code it in, or
it's so light as to be unnoticable.  You can watch the Credits, if you
so choose.  Finally, you can change how many rounds you play in Vs.
mode.  (Sadly, this is only in Vs. mode; you still have to slog through
two or three rounds in 1 Player.)

Once you're actually in a match, the basic goal of Simpsons Wrestling
is just about the only element of wrestling in the game:  pin the
opponent.  Doing this involves two elements.  First, you have to knock
them down.  There are several moves that will accomplish this all by
themselves, usually involving (), but the best way is to just deplete
all their life.  After they're knocked down, a stun bar, detailed
below, will appear.  Use how fast it's going down to figure out whether
or not you should pin.  (Natch.)  You'll only pull it off if it doesn't
start going down immediately.  Again, the best time to do it is after
depleting all their life.  So I guess really the main goal is to
deplete all their life.  =)

Now, on to the detailed sections, to find out what, exactly, the above
paragraph meant.

Note:  >< to jump or L1 to hold uses energy too; how
much that uses is low and the same for each character, strangely 
enough.  The energy meter recovers quickly most of the time--while 
standing, while doing [] or some /\ moves, during Taunts and even
during some knockdowns and stuns.  It does not recover during other
knockdowns, stuns and /\ moves, during jumps, or while the CHARACTER is
caught up in a () move.  (Some moves persist long after the character
can move again.  During this time they will usually still regain
energy, with one notable, noted exception.)

The Stun Bar will also sometimes appear.  It shows how long it'll take
for you to get up from a stun.  Stuns happen after huge combos of
moves, certain instant-stun moves, and during any knockdown.  The stun
can always be fought off more quickly if you hit every button and
wiggle the control pad repeatedly.  After your life's depleted, though,
the stun bar usually takes a LONG time to go away, and, worse than
that, the enemy can start it over again with a good smack.  Knockdown
stuns are the only time you can be pinned, after all.


Press the listed button to get the listed effect.  (Of course the
descriptions give far more details than that one just did.)

[] Basic martial-arts maneuvers.  They do something like 2% or less
damage a hit, but they're fast and take almost no energy, and thus good
ways to do damage.  Unfortunately, landing these is hard, since the
opponent can usually interrupt you with their own [] slaps, making the
whole affair a biiig button-waving mashfest.  If you land four of these
in a row--which is easy in the New Challenger Circuit, but hard
everywhere else--the fourth hit will knock down the opponent for a
while and give you a TAUNT letter.  Use this opportunity to pin them if
their stun bar lasts long enough.

/\ Usually, a projectile of some kind, although there are exceptions.
Can do anywhere from 2 to 5% damage, and have a wide variety of flight
paths.  Some fly straight forward, some "lob," as in fly upwards and
then back downwards, and some circle around wildly.  If you aim the
shot off target, sometimes the game will reaim it towards them, to a
varying degree.

() The character's ultimate attack.  There's really no point in trying
to generalize these, since they're all so different.  Most do a lot of
damage though, or at least result in it!

>< Jumps.  Generally each character's jump height is the same, with an 
exception or two.  This takes a bit of energy, and you can't recover 
energy in midair, so remember that if you're trying to do a high-
powered move.  Hitting [] or /\ stomps the enemy; only /\ does good 
damage, but you can use [] for a long time if you start with a full 
energy meter.  () results in a full body splash that can be more 
trouble than it's worth--it heavily damages the enemy but knocks down 
both characters, and if it misses you're still knocked down.

L1: Starts a hold.  After you've started the hold, you follow it with
[], /\ or () to perform a toss, smack or slam.  This has poor range,
obviously, and can be pretty slow and hard to pull off, but the () hold
is powerful and instantly knocks the enemy down without knocking you
down.  If the opponent is lying on the ground, this starts a pin.
You can't help it along by jamming buttons, so don't even try, but you
can jump out of it in case you can tell ahead of time you're not going
to score the win.  (Try to smack them around some more to restore the
stun, then pin them again if their life's fully depleted!)

R1: Taunts, if the Taunt "bar" is full.  Pressing it puts a spotlight
on your character, and he emits some sort of taunting line while the
enemy is (usually) stunned.  For the next minute or so, you're
invincible.  You can still be knocked down, and possibly even stunned,
but you won't take any damage from it, and [] combos and move startups
can't be interrupted unless they do knock you down.  Use this time to
land moves with extraordinary startup time--or to get more TAUNT
letters through the [] method if you can!

Rope Bounce: Run into the rope to bounce off it, gaining momentum.
After the rope starts to bounce back, immediately hit [] or /\ to smack
the enemy.  Hitting () results in a clothesline, which works just like
the full body splash from midair.  This is best to use close to the
opponent so they won't see it coming, because if you miss you just fall
over.  There's a way to not do that, since the computer can, but darned
if I know it.  Believe it or not, this is the only non-button maneuver
I've found so far.


As you play matches, you'll notice little icons pop into existence in
the ring from time to time.  These are powerups, and running into them
does a variety of things for you:

!: Fills in a Taunt letter.  See above for Taunt explanation if you
need it.

Popcorn: Refills a bit of life.  Grab it as soon as you can, unless
you're at full life of course.  (It looks like a box.)

Cereal: Refills a LOT of life.  Like, 25%.  Grab it ASAP, too.  (It
also looks like a box.  Basically, if you see a box, grab it.)

Donut: Refills some energy.  About half, I think.  Most of the time,
you'll forget about this in about ten seconds, although it could help
you out after a costly () move.

Atom: Refills all energy.  See above.

The Assassins: The sneakers straight from ONE Simpsons episode (told ya
these guys did their homework) double your speed.  This can be useful
for grabbing other icons, as well as getting away from rampaging
monsters while you recharge.

?: A strange wireframe ? that selects one of the above powerups


Okay, so now that that's done, we get into pretty much the only detail
left in the game:  the characters.  This is a basic summary of each
one.  It describes the general feel of the character and any special
qualities they have, then briefly details their ground movelist.  Note
that the midair, rope bounce and grappling moves aren't detailed,
because they're pretty standard moves for everybody.  If they are
remarkable, of course, they get a mention.

NORMAL:  Selectable from the beginning of the game.

Barney's slow, but powerful, as you might expect out of a huge drunken
maniac.  You'll find his []s much easier to do if the enemy gets him/
herself trapped in the Duff Cloud Burp.  He has some funny lines,

[] Reeeally slow beer mug swipes.  They're a bit stronger than the
norm, but so slow they almost never hit!  Basically worthless.
/\ Lobs a beer mug in a high, SLOW arc.  This does not home in and will
not hit the enemy until it crashes to the ground, making it extremely
difficult to aim.  Takes a while to start, too.  Also worthless, even
if the damage it does if it DOES connect is high.
() If you must use Barney, rely on this:  the Duff Cloud Burp.  Barney
belches a HUGE cloud of noxious fumes that hurts to stand in.  It lasts
about twenty seconds and also tends to slow their punches down, meaning
you can actually land some of your []s.  Its startup time is minimal,
but it's there, so start this from at least a short distance away.

Krusty's moveslist packs some power, but not a whole lot of
versatility.  I use his () to quickly move through the beginning
circuit.  When Krusty Taunts, his lines take too long, so if you don't
act fast you'll miss your free shot.  I have to admit I enjoy his new,
psychotic laugh from this game.  =)

[] Slapstick-looking punches and kicks, ending with a mallet shot.
Slowish, especially after the second shot.
/\ Tosses a cream pie.  It has a slight lob, but makes it almost
totally across the ring.  It'll sometimes aim for you a bit, but not
too much.
() Goes on a psychotic hammer-swinging rampage, a la Mario in Donkey
Kong (but not nearly as invincible).  It lasts for a long time, but
it's so easy to dodge it hurts--just jump around, or preferably jump,
then body splash.  It's good against beginners, the beginning AI, or
the last boss, all of which don't jump as often.

Apu's the Chun Li of Simpsons Wrestling:  he's weak and takes more
damage from hits than others, but he's fast.  His () is especially fast
and hard to get away from.  Still, he takes nearly double damage from
some moves, so I don't play as him very often.

[] Kung-fu-like punches and chops, ending in several blurred, fast
kicks (think Liu Kang's Bicycle Kick, but standing still).  Decent all
/\ Tosses a squishie.  The second worst projectile in the game:  it
doesn't aim for you at all, it lobs in a strange arc that can sail
right over their heads, and it does weak damage.  Not very fast,
() Goes into a kung-fu flurry.  It does weak damage, but keeps going
for a long time and tends to interrupt the enemy's attacks well.  If
you start this close to the enemy and keep the pressure up, this is
VERY hard to get away from, since they usually can't jump out of it
without getting hit back down.

Willie has no projectiles.  This means you have to get by on your
melee skills...which SHOULD mean his melee skills are top-notch.  But
they're not--he's actually pretty weak overall.  What's the deal with
that?  He uses a freakin' rake!!

[] Rake shots, ending in an overhead smash.  Decent all around.
/\ Willie spins in a full circle using the rake for leverage.  This is
another melee weapon that lets him spin behind most [] shots, then
pound them while they try for the next shot, but unfortunately it does
about as much damage as [].
() Puts a random piece of gardening equipment--rakes, hedge clippers,
bear traps, etc--into the middle of the ring.  If the enemy walks on
it, they take medium-heavy damage.  The traps last a good while, long
enough for you to try using four or five of them at once, and the
energy requirement's low too.

I suppose you could say Homer is the Super Mario of Simpsons Wrestling,
if you were insane, because he tosses an effective "fireball" and can
actually power up.  He's not the most effective of characters but he's
pretty decent.  His opening lines seem kinda strange, though...is it
just me, or does he have fewer character-specific opening quotes?

[] It's Krusty's exact move set until the last shot, which is a
slightly faster headbutt.  Looks like the body build isn't the only
thing they share!
/\ Throws out a bowling ball.  No auto-aim, but decent damage.  The
best thing about it is it bounces back and forth for a while before
disappearing, meaning it can hit multiple times.  Unfortunately only
two of these or so can be out at once.
() Powers Homer up.  He eats donuts (natch) and gets bigger, and, more
importantly, his moves change.  [] does a series of karate chops ending
in an overhead smash.  They're very powerful and fast, especially the
last shot.  /\ is a bit worse, since it makes him do a spinning kick
with low range, but it has pretty good damage if it connects.

Argh.  Bart's my least favorite character.  His move list is pretty
bad, his power is even worse, and worst of all, his quotes are
annoying.  They're almost always pompous, childish taunts, which is
better for Bart than, say, Moe but still not really in character or
funny.  And just like Homer, he has fewer specific openers.  (Homer and
Bart fighting should start with a unique, GREAT opening line...but I've
NEVER seen it happen.)  If you must use him, rely on the standard
moves, especially since a couple of his are rather powerful.

[] Predictably fast-but-weak punches, leading to a breakdancing sweep.
/\ Slingshot shot.  Hard to aim and a tad on the weak side, but it
travels straight and goes pretty fast.
() Starts skateboarding around the ring, hurting the enemy whenever he
runs into them.  This would be far better if it had good controls, but
instead they're sluggish, making it easy for the enemy to dodge.  (As
if jumping didn't make it easy to dodge anyway.)  It's not even that
damaging when it does connect.
/\ Midair: Seems to do more damage than the normal /\ stomp.
/\ Throw: A headbutt that has a tendancy to stun the enemy, sometimes
multiple times in a row.  Doesn't always do it but it's worth a shot.

Lisa's much like Bart, in that her power's low and her quotes stink.
Her moves are better, though, and a departure from the normal kinds of
ground moves.  Still don't play as her much, though--her moves take too
much effort.

[] Predictably fast-but-weak kicks and punches, ending in a backflip.
/\ Starts blowing her sax.  This can hit from anywhere, and it can
combo for up to seven hits.  If you get all seven hits in the enemy
will be stunned.  There are disadvantages to this, however.  Each hit
does weak damage (the first does none!), and they take a while to get
off.  The full combo uses almost the entire energy bar.  Finally, you
have to press the button in a rythym--you can't just mash /\, or you'll
blow a wrong note and the combo will end.  At least it discourages
() Lisa turns savage:  she leaps up on the opponent's arm and starts
chomping!  This is a hold, and as such can't be done or even attempted
outside of range.  Hitting buttons and wiggling the joystick repeatedly
will get you more hits; the opponent can do the same to get out faster.
Very little is more annoying than this move, but the damage doesn't
tend to be too high.

Marge has an unexpected amount of power, but her [] moves are slow, and
her special moves are poorly done.  So are her quotes.  There's not
much else to say about her, really, except that I obviously don't
recommend her.

[] Frying pan clonks, ending in an overhead smash.  A bit powerful, and
the first hit's fast, but the rest are slow.
/\ A long-range hair attack.  Aside from being ridiculous to look at,
this doesn't aim for you at all and has relatively low range.  It's
fast, however, and pretty powerful.
() Releases Maggie.  This lil' ankle biter does just that--she grabs
the enemy's ankle, slowing them down.  This prevents several () moves
from being used, along with jumps, but it does no damage and doesn't
help Marge much, since her moves can't capitalize on this well.

UNLOCKED CHARACTERS 1:  Selectable after beating them in the New
Challengers Circuit.  (The rest of this document, pretty much, has
spoilers on these characters and others.  If you don't want to know
about them, go play the game and come back later.  =)

Bumblebee Man:
This guy really annoyed me when I first fought him, but then I played
as him...and he annoyed me again.  All he's got going for him are his
ultra-high jumps and his () move, which is really not very powerful-
-just, uh, annoying.  And, of course, all of his lines are in Spanish,
which means I, in my ignorance, can't understand them....

[] Punches and a yoyo shot, ending with a spin kick.  Just decent.
(Since when has he had a yoyo?  I must've missed that episode!)
/\ Tosses out the yoyo.  Pretty long range, but pitiful damage, and if
you miss you'll probably get hit while he pulls back the yoyo.
() Releases...the Chihuahua.  This little thing runs around the ring,
just like Maggie, but instead of latching on to the opponent it takes a
bite out of 'em.  It only does a []'s worth of damage, but it's VERY
distracting...and, most importantly and cheaply, it can reset the
enemy's stun bar if their life's depleted.  Remember this and you'll
never miss the final pin.
() Ropes: His clothesline is considerably slower than everybody else's,
meaning you have less of a chance of hitting with it from afar.

Moe is fun to use.    He has a very high jump, good speed and energy
requirements and decent power.  His repetoire is drawn nicely from
several old episodes, although he (un?)fortunately has no knives or
shotguns.  His lines remain incredibly psychotic, however.  =)

[] Quick boxing punches, ending in a nifty right cross.  A bit faster
than others, and a bit weaker.
/\ Tosses a Flaming Moe.  It works like Barney's beer mug, except when
it hits, it starts a decent-sized fire that burns for 5-10 seconds.
Pretty weak, but helpful if you can trap them--or the computer "traps"
() Swings a board with a nail in it (!) in several full circles.  Each
hit's fairly weak, but they cover a lot of ground, and this tends to
combo four hits up close.  A relatively low energy requirement, too.
/\ Midair:  Hits them with the board with a nail in it.  Good range and

UNLOCKED CHARACTERS 2:  Selectable after beating them in the Defender

Another fun one to use, Frinky has a lot of unorthodox standard moves.
The changes are usually for the better, too.  You can use these to play
a confusing but fair bout, or just use () repeatedly for cheapness.
Judging by his lines in this game I'd say he has no problem with it!
(Speaking of his lines, where are his trademark mutterings??  I love

[] Rather fast slaps that have decent power, ending in a leg sweep.
/\ Pulls out a ray gun and zaps the opponent.  Fairly standard
projectile that auto-aims a bit, but has a slow startup time.
() Pulls out a package and sets it on the mat.  The contents are
random, oscillating between a landmine, a rocket, or a robot (this also
explodes when it hits...).  The latter two home in, and I honestly
don't see much defense against the rocket since it follows jumps, but
it doesn't totally dominate because it's not too powerful and needs a
lot of energy.
[] Midair: This can be repeated about twice as fast as the average
stomp.  Might be a bit stronger, too.
() Midair: Frink's dive is slow, but he makes an effort to track the
enemy, meaning he hits a bit more often.
() Ropes: Zips back and forth three times instead of just once.  

I'd have suspected Homer, Bart, Willie or Moe to be overpowered, but
nope:  it's "God-boy" Ned Flanders.  Granted, his standard moves and []
are merely decent, but his special moves'll get ya...and what'll
REALLY get ya is his SECOND LIFE METER.  That's right:  divine
intervention gives Flanders twice the life of everybody else.  This
makes fights against him rather drawn out, not to mention hard as heck!

[] Standard "pugilist" punches, ending in a heavy kick.  Decent all
around, except the kick seems a bit slow.
/\ Tosses the Good Book at the opponent.  If it doesn't hit the first
time, it circles around to make a second or even a third pass.  Light
damage, but what'd you expect from a homing weapon?
() Oh, boy.  Here we go.  Flanders prays to the Lord, who responds by
sending down a bolt of lightning every few seconds...for almost thirty
seconds!  They damage the character for as long as they're touching
them, so they have to keep moving or face God's wrath.  Extremely good
for pacing the match, but it's also extremely cheap, and its startup
time is, erhm, god-awful.  You also recover energy strangely during the
strikes (I think you can only get back what you use), so watch out.
Run up to computers and use []s as the lightning strikes to trap them.
It's good at the start of every computer match, too, except for the
last boss, who always starts with a projectile.

BOSS CHARACTERS:  You'll fight them at the end of the circuit.  They're
not normally selectable, but through a trick, detailed below in Codes,
you can play as them in a non-circuit match.

Smithers is almost as overpowered as Ned, but only because of his
partner, Burns.  (He only has ONE life meter.)  His standard moves are
average, although his ground ones are above it.  Overall Smithers comes
off pretty well as a corporate tool; he has very few lines, but Burns
can toss out a few good quotes...not to mention weapons....

[] Basic chops, ending in a string of four punches.  These do good
damage at a decent rate of speed, but the last shot stinks--only the
FIRST punch hits.  The other three whiff over their head, wasting time.
/\ Releases Blinky, the Three-Eyed Fish.  It hops around the ring for a
while, and whenever it hits, it does a bit of damage and automatically
stuns the enemy.  Pretty cheap, as in effective.
() Burns drops the Bomb.  He throws one in from outside the ring.  It
has a MASSIVE range of effect, as you probably noticed while fighting
the guy, and good damage too, especially when it hits twice.  Burns'll
wait until they're close by to throw the bomb--usually; I'm really not
sure how this works.

Kang suffers from what I've come to dub as Fighting Game Endboss
Gigantism.  (Other examples of this can be found in Super Smash Bros.,
Power Stone and Marvel vs. Capcom 2, among other places.)  He's
powerful, but a HUGE target, and while he's fast on the ground his
jumps are pathetic.  The computer doesn't even use them, which you can
definitely use to your advantage.  () moves usually work well against
him, as well as for him.

[] Strange tentacle extensions, with a clubbing mixed in for good
measure.  Fast at first, and always powerful.  Try to just hit with
repeated first strikes for best effect (although you won't win any
Taunt letters that way).
/\ Fires a ray gun.  It has a bit of startup lag and very poor damage,
but it does aim for you, so it's not all bad.
() A clubbing, whipping frenzy.  It's basically a glorified copy of
Krusty's mallet stamping in speed and power, but it's got much better
range, simply because of Kang's size.  Decent power.
[], /\, () Midair:  DON'T USE THESE!  In most likely the least
forgivable programming error of the PSX's golden age, Activision forgot
to give Kang ANY midair moves.  This is especially bad on ()--you just
fall to the ground, stunned!

SPECIAL MODE CHARACTERS:  These are also only accessible through the
special trick detailed below.  Moreover, they can only fight each
other, luckily for everyone else....

Yep, Itchy and Scratchy ARE in this game, in a realistically limited
capacity.  Just like in the cartoons, Itchy is the far superior
character.  His [] are powerful and very fast, and his () is really
cool.  Sadly, he and Scratchy have no quotes to supplement this fun,
making them feel like they were slapped on...which could easily be

[] Swings around a baseball bat.  Very fast, except that one shot
has a very long windup.  This seems to only happen just after a
/\ Fires a machine gun burst.  Painfully funny, but pitifully weak, and
as easy to dodge as most projectiles.
() Scratchy fires up the chainsaw.    It takes a while to start up,
and its damage rate is pretty slow, but it goes constantly, and is very
fun to use.  =)

Scratchy is the weaker of the pair, simply because he's slow.  He's got
one of the best projectiles in the game, however.

[] Swings with a huge cartoon axe, ending in a slice-and-dice rampage.
Almost as slow as Barney's swipes, and about as useful.
/\ Fires a rocket.  Somewhat high startup lag, but decent damage and
energy requirements, and it auto-aims fully.  Sadly, this's Scratchy's
best move....
() Forces Scratchy into an axe rampage similar to Krusty's, but faster.
Just like Krusty's, it's rather worthless if your opponent knows how to
jump--er, I mean, dodge it--but if you can catch them up close and stay
on them, this one's fast enough that it's hard to get away from.


Yes, despite the simplicity of the play, there is some strategy to keep
in mind while fighting the AI in this game.  BESIDES hammering [].  (In
fact, this barely even works; it's the () button you should be
abusing.)  Here's everything I...uh...can think of at the moment.  =P

Fighting Barney:  Nothing about this fight is hard if you stay out of
the Clouds.  Barney's disappointingly pathetic.

Fighting Krusty:  The () rampage is easy to jump away from if you see
it coming, but if not, run from him before trying to jump.

Fighting Willie:  Nothing special to worry about here.  Just watch for

Fighting Apu:  This guy is irritating because of his () move, but not
very strong.  Try keeping to the air.

Fighting Homer:  Homer often tries to power up, but it takes him a long
time to pull it off, so just hit him out of it when he stands still.
Watch for bowling balls, although they shouldn't give you much trouble.

Fighting Bart:  Nothing special here, either.  Try to take advantage of
Bart's skateboarding stupidity with projectiles.

Fighting Lisa:  Lisa's hold and Sax are very hard to get away from, but
she can't use them without a lot of energy, so keep her up close, where
she'll waste it on weak []s.

Fighting Marge:  Nothing special.  Maggie rarely troubles me, but you
might try to get away from her with jumps.

Fighting Bumblebee Man:  Keep moving to get away from the Chihuahua.
When it goes away, lay into him with everything you've got to stop
him from using it again.

Fighting Moe:  Nothing special.  Just keep away from the Flaming Moes.

Fighting Frink:  Occasionally, Frink will whip out a mine.  Keep on the
lookout for these as you keep him close up to prevent his projectiles.

Fighting Flanders:  This could be your hardest fight, especially if you
let him pull off the lightning move.  Don't--keep him up close and use
several () moves of your own to keep ahead of him.  Try a projectile
at the start of the fight to stop the first one.  And don't be
surprised when you pin him and he gets back up for more!

Fighting Smithers:  This is another difficult fight.  One way to keep
away from the bombs is to keep moving, but since they can be used at
almost any time, you'll likely never do any damage.  If you've got a
reliable projectile, start off with those and use them whenever you
can.  Use []s carefully, as you may have to run from an incoming strike
at any time.  ()s often work better at this.  You might try throws,

Fighting Kang:  Kang is usually easy to beat.  Ground ()s often work
wonders, especially for anyone that uses rampage-type ()s.  If yours
doesn't, you'll have to rely on standard clotheslines and midair moves.
Kang's a lot easier to deal with from afar, but he'll probably catch up
to you anyway, so just do what you can.

Best Character for New Challenger Circuit:  Krusty
The enemies here don't have the AI to get out of Krusty's () rampage.

Best Character for Defender Circuit:  Moe
Moe's () move is powerful and more versatile than Krusty's.

Best Character for Champion Circuit(and everything else):  Flanders
Two life bars and a single move that can do up to 70% damage.


Oh, how I wish this game had a sound test.  =P  This game has a lot of
cool quotes from the characters, all done by the original voice actors.
Many of the lines are from prior episodes; some of them are original
and funny anyway.  A whole lot of them are rather violent, but that
comes with the territory....Here's a selection of some of the best I've
heard so far.

"My name is Krusty, and I'm going to kill you!" -Krusty, opener
"How can I harm the man whose love for filthy magazines kept me in
 business for so many years?  Oh well, I'll manage." -Apu, opener to
"Urge to kill rising...." -Homer, taunt
"Ok, now I'm gonna have to kill ya." -Moe, taunt
"Apu, you silly man, don't you know that Hinduism is just Satanism with
 six extra arms?  Fraid I'll have ta kill ya." -Flanders, opener to Apu
"I'm gonna start kicking the air like this.  If any part of you should
 fill that air, it's your own fault." -Lisa, opener
"There's nary an animal alive that can outrun a greased Scotsman!"
 -Willie, opener

From Winston Jen (Winston_Jen@gmx.net):
"I came, I saw, I clobbered" -Lisa, victory
"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone I kicked your ass.  But with all
 these people here, I won't need to!" -Lisa, opener

From Wayne (KrtCbn204x@aol.com) (Whew!  This is a long one.  Thanks!):
"Come here, I wanna introduce your head to my two fists." -Moe, opener
 to Willie
"All right, clown.  I'm gonna slap that smile right off of your face."
 -Moe, opener to Krusty
"I'm gonna nail your tongue to my boat and use your head as an anchor!"
 -Moe, opener to Lisa 
"Teach ya to mess with Moe.....ya puke." -Moe, victory to Lisa
"When I get my hands on you...I'm gunna pull out your eyes with a
 corkscrew!" -Moe, opener to Barney
"Marge, this is no place for a lady, so I'm gonna have to toss your
 (butt?) outta here." -Moe, opener to Marge
"Prepare to be blinded by science." -Frink, opener
"Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Survival of the nerdliest!" -Frink, victory
"Your animalistic behavior nicely complements your minimal
 cranial behavior." -Frink, opener
"Ahhh, Frinky, you have done it again." -Frink, vcitory
"Oh my god, what is that tingly sensation?  By Einstein's goofy grin,
 it must be joy!" -Frink, victory
"Hmmm.  Even the aftertaste of victory is sweet." -Frink, victory
"If you're so smart, why are you here?  Everyone knows wrestling is for
 stupid people." -Bart, opener to Frink
"Run along little girl, mwaheh.  You can't possibly know as much as I
 do." -Frink, opener to Lisa 
"According to the Frinonator 3000, you are going to lose badly very
 badly, mwaheh." -Frink, opener
"As your intellectual superior, I just have to say...YES!" -Frink,
"Good lord this should be easy.  According to my calculations you
 should be alive right now." - Frink, opener
"Tip Top Notch, like butterscotch." -Flanders, victory
"Well I hate to be a Boastful Boris, but I'm the bees knees, if you
 please." -Flanders, victory
"Thank ya lord, for giving me a teencie weencie taste of bloodlust."
 -Flanders, victory
"For the beating you are about to recieve, thank ya." -Flanders, opener
 (Not too sure about this one)
"Where are the tights?  I demand to see tights." -The Comic Book Guy
 (No, he's not a wrestler.  Just part of the crowd.)
"Oh, you better run before I go all Old Testament on ya." -Flanders,
"Oh, this will make the clan back at Flandarosa crowd glad as punch."
 -Flanders, victory
"I'm appsatively postitootly gunna kick yer keester." -Flanders,

Feel free to send in any quotes you hear while playing.  They'll be
listed in the next update, and your credit will appear right next to
your submissions and in the, uh, Credits.


Unlocking characters is as simple as beating them.  The ones to be
unlocked are Bumblebee Man and Moe in New Challenger Circuit, and
Frink and Flanders in Defender Circuit.

Beating New Challenger Circuit unlocks Defender Circuit, which unlocks
Champion Circuit.  Basically, these are difficulty levels, which is
annoying since it requires you to trudge through Easy to get to
anything resembling a challenge.

Beating Champion Circuit unlocks Bonus Match Up, a cool mode that lets
you choose what character's in each corner, whether a human or one of
three levels of AI controls each corner, and where you fight.  This
lets you watch two computers duke it out, if you'd like.  Even better,
it lets you play in Burns' Mansion and the Spaceship, where the second
player can play as Smithers/Burns or Kang.  Finally, and best of all,
it unlocks a bonus level--Itchy and Scratchy, which is a fight with the
classic cat and mouse inside the Simpsons' TV.  Here, Taunt is replaced
by Anvil, which does a hideous amount of damage, and the powerups are
replaced by bombs, which can be kicked around before they explode.
The worst part is that there are no quotes anywhere; the only one to
speak is Kent Brockman.  The best part is that we FINALLY see some
decent arms come into play....

Reset with your controller during matches by hitting Start, then
holding Start and Select.

Gameshark Codes

These codes taken, with permission, from www.cheatcc.com.  (Thanks

North American Version

Unlock All Characters:
(You'll need a GS 2.2 or higher.)
50000404 0000
800741E8 0001
Unlock All Circuits:
80072BF0 0001
80072BF2 0001 

European and Australian Version (PAL)

Unlock All Characters:
8002852E 2400 
Infinite Health P1:
8002EFC8 0DEC
8002EFCA 2699
8002EFD0 0004
8002EFD2 1724
Infinite Health P2:
8002EFC8 0DEC
8002EFCA 2699
8002EFD0 0004
8002EFD2 1324
Infinite Health P1 & P2:
8002EFE2 2400 
One-Hit Kill For Both Players:
(Using Infinite Health on a player overrides this for that player.)
8002EFE2 AC60
P2's Wins Count For P1:
8001D09A 1000 
P1's Wins Count For P2:
8001D09A 2400 
Power Never Decreases for Both Players:
80037EEA 2400
80034756 2400 
Both Players can Hit Anywhere:
8001F966 2400 



My biggest thanks go to CJayC, for running www.gamefaqs.com, running
its message boards (which let me know I wasn't alone in my opinions
about this one) and hosting my various FAQs!

Thanks also to Dave A., dave@cheatcc.com, for hosting this FAQ and
allowing me the use of his Gameshark codes.  I wasn't even going to
post Gameshark codes for this since I don't have a GS, but any full
walkthrough can use them, so this really came in handy!

Thanks to the following for submitting quotes:
Winston Jen (Winston_Jen@gmx.net)
Wayne (KrtCbn204x@aol.com)

And, of course, I've got to give Activision credit where it's due.
...I suppose.  While this doesn't compare to some of their earlier
classics(River Raid?), they still deserve credit for the game, at least
for doing their Simpsons homework so well.


This FAQ is Copyright 2001, JJ Ukil(Jjukil@excite.com).  I do not want
bad things happening to it without my knowledge.  You may not publish
it, reprint it for commercial use, modify and redistribute or reprint
it, or use information from it in another document without my written
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unmodified and in its current form.  I would also greatly prefer you
mention to me that you are distributing it.  I have found my work in
odd places before, and it has made me unhappy.  I've found my modified
work in odd places before, too, and that has made me very unhappy. 
(Especially because the modification was horrible.)


This FAQ is not meant to be the final authority on Simpsons Wrestling.
In fact, it actually may never be updated again.  This is meant to help
the casual renter who's just checking this game out to get through the
1-Player mode more easily, as well as learn something about each
character in case they want to use them all.  If you have a bit of
information you'd like to contribute to this FAQ, by all means submit
it, to Jjukil@excite.com.  Same goes to questions and comments.  If
you'd like to see this become a more complex, in-depth information
source than it is right now, though, you won't have much luck.  I'd
highly suggest you write one yourself.  It'll probably be better
anyway.  =)


Well, that's about it!  Hope you enjoyed it!
...now please don't kill me.

Thanks, Jjukil