Tony Hawk's Pro Skater FAQ Version 1.2 (9th July, 1999) Written by Slateman ( Newest Version available at: (may take longer) ====================================================================== Section A: Version Updates, Foreward/Comments, News Section B: The Basics, Special Tricks, Key, Commands Section C: Undiscovered Moves, The Point System, Tips & Strategies Seciton D: Final Notes, Credits, Links, Legal Info ====================================================================== +++++++++ Section A: Version Updates, Foreward/Comments, News +++++++++ --------------- Version Updates: --------------- Version 1.2 (9th July) - Point totals for all moves verified. - Listed information about each skater in the Basics section. Version 1.1 (8th July) - Reformatted much of this document. If you've read it before, flip through it again! :) - Added Christ Air, Backflip, Kickflip to Airwalk, and 540 board varial. (which were somehow not in version 1.0--Note below) - More moves to be discovered. All the 'hidden' moves are in the demo, we just have to find them! - Cool Announcement coming next week? Check News section below! - Non text companion version coming soon! Note: ---- The first version of this FAQ had info about the characther exclusive moves, but for some reason, I didn't transfer the correct file. I recieved quite a few email messages from other people who had done these moves. I didn't give credit to every single person that emailed me, but I didn't want people to think that I just took their info and didn't thank them. Thanks to everyone who mailed me, I really do appreciate it! ----------------- Foreward/Comments: ----------------- This FAQ is based upon the Demo of the game. This means that there may be changes, and that information contained herein may not be 100% accurate upon release. All known differences have been listed in this document. The Tony Hawk's Pro Skater demo can be found in the following demo discs: -Jampack Underground (Summer 1999) -Official Playstation Magazine (June 1999, Vol 2, Issue 9) -Playstation Underground (Issue 3.2) For the rest of this FAQ, THPS will stand for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, FS signifies Frontside, while BS represents Backside. U means up, D means down. S, T, C, and X will signify the buttons on your game pad. THPS offers analog control. However, I've found that doing the angled moves (i.e. down/right + triangle) is much more difficult to do w/ the analog controller. There isn't much need for it anyway, and I'd suggest using the digital pad for maximum control. Enjoy the FAQ, and please email me if you have any comments or criticisms. I'm always looking for feedback. Thanks! ---- News: ---- It's just a demo, what news could I possibly report? Well, 2 things. First off, this game will allow the player to do a 900 spin. This is a 2 1/2 rotation. I've done it with a Kickflip to Indy, and my friend has done it w/ an Ollie and a Varial. In real life, this move was deemed impossible. Until Tony Hawk finally completed the move late last month. Congratulations to one of the world's best athletes! You can find out more information, and a video file of the feat on Secondly, I received mail from one of the designers of THPS. He filled me in on a lot of the game's details, and said the following: "Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a pretty cool announcement coming up in the next week or so (regarding the game)!" (7/7/99) "Boy do you have your work cut out for ya when the full game comes out, we have a TON of tricks and lots of cool secrets & Easter eggs." I'll include info on this FAQ when I get it, but keep checking for info on this announcement! ====================================================================== +++++++++ Section B: The Basics, Special Tricks, Key, Commands +++++++++ The Basics: ---------- I will not go into too much detail about skating. I'll just assume that you know what an ollie is, and the difference between a grind and a boardslide. I'm not a skateboard expert, but I know a decent amount, and just playing the game will teach you the basics. Not knowing everything won't make the game any 'less fun'. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at, or post to The following is the information on each skater as listed in the game. Please not that only Tony Hawk and Bob Burnquist are available in the demo version of the game. Skater Name Age Country Resides Yrs Pro Foot Height ----------- --- ------- ------- ------- ---- ------ Tony Hawk 31 USA Carlsbad 16 goofy 6'2" Bob Burnquist 22 Brazil Encitas 7 regular 5'11" Kareem Campbell 25 USA Los Angeles 6 regular 6'0" Rune Glifberg 24 Denmark Costa Mesa ? regular 5'11" Bucky Lasek 26 USA Carlsbad 9 regular 5'11" Chad Muska 22 USA Los Angeles 5 regular 5'10" Geoff Rowley 25 UK Huntington Beach ? regular 5'8" Andrew Reynolds 20 USA Huntington Beach 3 regular 6'2" Jamie Thomas 24 USA Encitas 6 regular 5'10" --------------- Special Tricks: --------------- There is something called a Special Meter that is not found in the demo. Neversoft mailed me the following: "Each skater has 3 unique special tricks. Specials can be performed when you've accumulated a certain number of points and tricks without falling. This gradually fills a "Special" meter that we have in the upper left corner of the screen. Once full, the skater is able to pull as many of their "Special" or signature moves as they can before the meter dwindles back down and must be re-filled. This meter will instantly empty when you bail/fall." "Anyway, the demo didn't have the meter system implemented, but a few of the special tricks snuck in (primarily for testing) in their early form." In the demo however, this meter hasn't been implemented. Moves like Tony Hawk's Christ Air were among the implemented tricks. In the final version you will not be able to do this move without having a full special meter. I've listed 4 of these moves below (2 for each character) I was told that they are most likely the only ones in the demo, but he said that there may be more! --- Key: --- Most of this is self explanatory, but the major point is the use of the comma (,) and the plus (+). + Do one button press (or direction) at the same time as the other U + C means press up and circle at the same time. , Do one button press then the other. Pressing both at the same time will not produce the desired effect. ------------ The X Button: ------------ The X button is the main button used in this game. You'll pretty much want to hold it down at all times to get speed, releasing it to ollie, and then holding it down again when landing. Beginners may experience problems getting out of the bowl (or pool, whichever you want to call it). The trick here is to hold up before releasing the X button. This will let you jump. It is also useful if you're trying to ollie out of the half pipe. Commands: -------- X (hold) Crouch/Gain Speed X (release) Ollie U + X: Jump Note: Pressing (or releasing) X while next to a wall will make your character do a Wall Jump. ----------------- The Circle Button: ----------------- The circle button will make your character grab their board. Essentially, the direction you push on the pad will determine where on the board you grab, or where you push your foot after grabbing. Commands: -------- U + C Rocket Air D + C Tail Grab R + C Indy Nosebone L + C Method UR + C Rocket Air UL + C Madonna DR + C Benihana DL + C Stalefish Exclusive Moves: --------------- L, R, C Christ Air (Tony Hawk Only) U, D, C Backflip (Bob Burnquist Only) Notes on Exclusive Moves: ------------------------ The button presses for the exclusive moves is slightly different. A Kickflip for instance is performed by holding Left and Square at the same time. With these moves, you must tap left, tap left again and then press square. At no point will you be pressing 2 things at the same time. Doing so will probably produce a normal move. The timing is a bit tricky, but with practice, you shouldn't have much difficulty doing them. ----------------- The Square Button: ----------------- This button will do a kick trick. Kick tricks are done when your board does some sort of flip or spin. Commands: -------- U + Sq: Shove it D + Sq: Impossible L + Sq: Kickflip R + Sq: Heelflip UR + Sq: Finger Flip UL + Sq: Kickflip to Indy DR + Sq: 360 Flip DL + Sq: Varial Exclusive Moves: --------------- L, L, Sq: 540 Board Varial (Tony Hawk Only) L, L, Sq: Kickflip to Airwalk (Bob Burnquist Only) ------------------- The Triangle Button: ------------------- This button will make your character slide their board, or their trucks. This can be done on pipes, coping in the halfpipe, the ridge around the pool, or pretty much any corner area. Grinds are done when your trucks (the things that hold your wheels onto your board) grind against something. Boardslides is when your board slides. Commands: -------- U + T: Nosegrind N + T: 50-50 Grind (neutral + triangle) D + T: 5-0 Grind Notes: ----- 50-50 Grinds are done when both trucks are grinding. A 5-0 Grind is where your back truck is grinding and you lean back so that your front truck does not. A Nosegrind is the opposite of a 5-0, the front truck grinds while the back one doesn't. Pressing left and right will make your character turn in that direction. Doing so will make them do a boardslide. If you turn your back on what you're sliding on, it will be a backside boardslide. -------------------- The Shoulder Buttons: -------------------- The 4 shoulder buttons will make your character spin. L for left, and R for right Commands: -------- L1: 180 spin to the left (spins you 180 degrees) L2: Variable (hold down to spin as long as you wish) R1: 180 spin to the right (spins you 180 degrees) R2: Variable (hold down to spin as long as you wish) Note: ----- In certain cases, 2 different degree readouts will be printed on the screen. For example: 180 360 Varial The first number shows how much you've spun. The second number is how much the board has spun/flipped. ====================================================================== +++++++++ Section C: Undiscovered Moves, The Point System, Tips & Strategies +++++++++ ------------------ Undiscovered Moves: ------------------ Initially, I didn't believe that these moves were included in the game. But, they are, and it's up to all of us to discover them! Crooked Grind: Nosegrind with the nose sliding at the same time. ------------- Fastplant: The character puts their foot on an object, pushes off --------- and ollies. Hardflip: An ollie where you push both feet out and lose -------- complete contact with the board, and then regain contact. Nollie: An ollie done with the front end of your board (nose ollie). ------ McTwist: It seems doubtful that it is in the demo, but I'm ------- certain it will be in the game! ---------------- The Point System: ---------------- The point system in THPS is as follows: Doing a trick the first time will give you 100% of the points listed below. Each successive time your score decreases. 1st: 100% 2nd: 50% 3rd: 25% 4th on: 10% Adding spins to your moves is the best way to gain major points. With each 180 degree spin, your score multiplier goes up. 180: 1.5x 360: 2.0x 540: 2.5x 720: 3.0x 900: 3.5x Below are the point totals for the basic moves. Remember scores will differ according to the rules above. Ollie: 0 Wall Ride: 50 180 Ollie: 50 360 Ollie: 100 (each successive rotation gives you 50 points more) Kickflip: 100 Heelflip: 100 Nollie: 200 Indy Nosebone: 220 Method: 220 Tail Grab: 220 Stalefish: 270 Japan Air: 320 Kickflip to Indy: 320 Rocket Air: 370 360 Flip: 400 360 Shove It: 400 Impossible: 400 Madonna: 420 Hardflip: 480 Fastplant: 500 Varial: 500 Finger Flip: 620 Benihana 620 (may be 420 in final version) Christ Air 1020 540 Board Varial 1200 Fingerflip Air Walk 1200 Backflip 3620 Grinds: Varies Boardslides: Varies Grinds and Boardslides don't have a base amount of points. The amount of points you receive is governed by the duration of the move. All grab moves have a base number to begin with. The longer you hold that move, the more points you receive. Comboing 2 or more moves together will give you different point totals. Doing an Impossible (400) into a finger flip (620) will give you 1020 X 2 points. Add a third move, and multiply by three. Of course, this is only if it's the first time you've done each move, and you didn't spin at all. ----------------- Tips & Strategies: ----------------- Here are a few pointers on how to score major points. If you have any ideas that you'd like included, please email me, and I'll try to get it on the FAQ! Highest Point Total: ------------------- The highest score I've reached was 46,000 or so. My friend, using the Grind Cheese method listed below, has reached over 52,000 points! What's your highest total!? First Rail Madness: ------------------ When approaching the first rail in the demo, hold down to slow down, but don't come to a complete stop. While holding down, do an 180 Impossible to a 5-0 Grind, since both moves require a down press. Then, push up, and do a Shove It (still trying to get a 180 in there!) to a Nose Grind, again, since both require an up press. Finish off with a Benihana (probably the most points) or whatever you wish. While each time you'll get a different amount of points. Highest Score Seen: 15,000+ Grind Cheese: ------------ This is my friend's trick, and I think it's a bit cheesy for me, but if you want crazy points, try this out. Head over to the pool. Do some sort of kick trick into a grind (on the corner of the pool). Now, just ollie to grind to ollie to grind. I can't do this very well, but each time you do an ollie to grind (or kick trick to grind if you're brave) your point multiplier will go up. 2nd grind=2X, 3rd grind=3X and so on. You won't be able to grind around the whole pool, (I don't think so at least) but you can get pretty far, and get a 10-15x multiplier. Highest Score Seen: 35,000+ ====================================================================== +++++++++ Section D: Final Notes, Credits, Links, Legal Info +++++++++ ----------- Final Notes: ----------- The way the game is now, this looks like it will be one of the best games ever! (though I can't help but keep Street Fighter at #1) When the full version does come out, I hope to complete the rest of this FAQ. Latest reports say that it won't be out until at least September, possibly October, so we have a long time to wait. ------- Credits: ------- Adam Lanza The rock-n-roll THPS Master! 20th Century Vole Christ/Backflip info! Jeff Weaver Great ideas for V 1.2! Chris Rausch Neversoft Designer Many blurbs of info! Many Many more! ----- Links: ----- The design team that is creating the game! They have a nice Hawk section, w/ footage of his 900. The publisher of the game. Not much here, but it has a link to... Which is Birdhouse, Tony Hawk's skate team. Check here to find 2 AVIs of the game, including some footage of moves and stages not in the demo! Good skateboarding site, has Hawk's 900 footage. ---------- Legal Info: ---------- This document Copyright 1999 Trevor Esposito ( This FAQ cannot be reproduced or distributed in any way without consent from the author, nor can it be used for profit. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------