SPIDER-MAN: Shattered Dimensions +------------------------------+ HIDDEN SPIDERS LOCATIONS GUIDE +------------------------------+ Created by Ryne Gardner aka Axel7174 Table of Contents |---------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 1) Introduction | 2) Amazing - Level One Locations.................... [am01] | 3) Noir - Level One Locations....................... [no01] | 4) 2099 - Level One Locations....................... [9901] | 5) Ultimate - Level One Locations................... [ul01] | 6) Amazing - Level Two Locations.................... [am02] | 7) Noir - Level Two Locations....................... [no02] | 8) 2099 - Level Two Locations....................... [9902] | 9) Ultimate - Level Two Locations................... [ul02] |10) Amazing - Level Three Locations.................. [am03] |11) Noir - Level Three Locations..................... [no03] |12) 2099 - Level Three Locations..................... [no03] |13) Ultimate - Level Three Locations................. [ul03] |14) FAQ |15) Legal | | ================================================================================ 1) INTRODUCTION ================================================================================ Welcome, true believers. If you're here, I would venture a guess as to why. You want help with the Hidden Spiders in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and finding these elusive web-weavers. Well you've come to the right place, my friend. Make yourself comfortable, pull up a seat, grab some snacks, and let me give you a hand. Of course, you'll still have to go through the trouble of getting them, but I do hope this guide will assist you in tracking them down if you are having trouble. So what is the deal with the Hidden Spiders? What do they look like? How many of them are there? Those are good questions. Well first, the Hidden Spiders make up one of the challenges available in every single level of the game with the exception of the Tutorial and the Final Battle. There are EIGHT Hidden Spiders on each of these stages so that makes for 96 spiders total! The spiders are golden and they're relatively small, obviously. So what's the benefit for getting them? Well collecting each spider gives you Spider Essence, the necessary "Experience Points" (EXP) that you need to buy new upgrades and costumes and so on for your Spider-Men. Also, since collecting all eight spiders the levels make up nine of the 180 challenges in the game, it also helps for completing those, as well as unlocking those upgrades earlier so you can purchase them sooner. Ok, that's all well and good, but... how do you actually collect them? Well that is really simple actually. All you need to do is touch them or just get really really close. Of course, they're called HIDDEN Spiders for a reason. So you will have to search high and low, climbing walls and so on to find them. One tip that will help is to use Spider-Sense (Down on the D-Pad). This highlights the spiders and makes them show up through walls. This really only helps when you are close by though. It's hard to see them in Spider Sense from a distance, even more so if you don't own an HDTV. ******WARNING****** One last but IMPORTANT thing. This guide does contain MINOR spoilers. I mean MINOR. The game itself doesn't have a very comprehensive plot but regardless, I will NOT, and I repeat, I will not be spoiling the plot, cutscenes, or any of that stuff. By MINOR spoilers, I mean that I will be revealing the name of each level's boss and possibly making references to them. If for some reason, you haven't found out what Spider-Man villains are in this game and do not want it spoiled, I'd consider you tread carefully. Just a warning. ******************* ================================================================================ 2) AMAZING SPIDER-MAN - LEVEL ONE LOCATIONS [am01] ================================================================================ Ok, this is the Jungle level. It's the first level available and the first one for Amazing Spider-Man. Got that? Good. HIDDEN SPIDER #1 ---------------- You can find this guy very early in the level. He's in the second chasm-like area where you have to do a lot of web-swinging. In this particular one, there is a waterfall on your left. When you see the tall vertical wall (that you need to wall-crawl up), look toward the right wall next to it and see an open room here. There should be some enemies inside. Kill them and then look for a torch on the left-hand wall from where you entered. Above one of the torches is the spider. HIDDEN SPIDER #2 ---------------- In another wide open chasm area, the one where Kraven has his gunners try to snipe you from the ledges, you'll be hopping across columns and such. As you cross, look for a stone wall in the back with a lot of moss and vegetation. The spider is way up on top of it. To get the necessary height, I recommend using the Web-sling jump move by holding X (PS3) or A (360) in the air. Keep doing this to get higher until you see the hidden ledge. Watch out for the trap and then collect the spider. HIDDEN SPIDER #3 ---------------- This one is in the courtyard-like area, where a small stream flows in a square shaped path. There are some waterfalls and a few structures with roots covering them in the area. This is the also the area you have a lot of enemies to fight, including the bigger tribal looking guys. So hopefully you know what I'm talking about. To find this spider, go down on the ground and look for a little alcove with a few stairs in front of it. Enter and the spider is on the back wall. HIDDEN SPIDER #4 ---------------- Following the aforementioned spider, you'll enter a corridor with some trip wires set to explosives. Enter this area until you climb a small wall and find a fountain with a spider emblem inside. The spider is now above and behind you so you need to turn around. You can see it on the high wall above you. To reach it, climb the adjacent wall and get up there to grab it. HIDDEN SPIDER #5 ---------------- After the first fight with Kraven in the cage area, you'll cross a few platforms and reach another temple entrance thing. Before going through the door though, look to the left side and search the wall here. To the left of the door, on the side wall, you'll find this guy chilling out. HIDDEN SPIDER #6 ---------------- IMMEDIATELY after the previous spider, enter that doorway that I said you needed to search to the left of. Enter that door now and look to the left wall inside this room. You'll see a bunch of giant roots. Just to the right of those roots and on the wall is the next spider. HIDDEN SPIDER #7 ---------------- Alright, these last two are a little tricky to find, but the room is easy to identify. It's the very large room where you have to raise the elevator by Web Pulling the various switches. This one is what would be the 2nd floor of the room (the same level that the elevator will be on after pulling the very first switch), look for a hidden corridor that leads to this spider. The doorway is in a corner and you can see the spider if you are close enough. HIDDEN SPIDER #8 ---------------- This final spider is on what would be the 4th floor of the room. It's on a small platform inhabited by a lone enemy wielding dual machetes. There are also a lot of torches and a column on the platform. The spider is on the wall here. ================================================================================ 3) SPIDER-MAN NOIR - LEVEL ONE LOCATIONS [no01] ================================================================================ This is the first level available for Spider-Man Noir. Simple enough, right? HIDDEN SPIDER #1 ---------------- After the opening cutscene, this spider is in the first area. Turn around when you're able and look at the end of the tunnel/gate area where the cars are parked and the gate is in place. The spider is hiding on the underside of the tunnel. HIDDEN SPIDER #2 ---------------- Also in the first area. This one is to the left of where the first civilian is being held hostage. To the left are some large containers and the spider is lurking behind one of them. HIDDEN SPIDER #3 ---------------- Shortly after rescuing the second civilian, you'll reach the next part of the train yard. Look for a car with its lights on to the side of this area. The spider is on the driver's side of the car. HIDDEN SPIDER #4 ---------------- After rescuing the three civilians in the first train yard, the gate to the next area will be opened. In here you'll see a big tanker train car. On the back side of this tanker is the spider. HIDDEN SPIDER #5 ---------------- In the last train yard, which is a very large and open area, you'll find the first spider here toward the left after you enter. There will be a building where some guards are patrolling nearby. To the right of the building there is a small container. Above it on the wall of the building is the spider. HIDDEN SPIDER #6 ---------------- This one is a little difficult just going by description but should be easy to find nonetheless. It's inside one of the train cars, you can enter them from the side via small ramps. The one you're looking for is near the closest civilian ON YOUR LEFT from where you enter this area. This is a civilian trapped in a train car (you have to Web-Pull the bars). The train car with the spider is right beside it but you can just walk inside to grab him. HIDDEN SPIDER #7 ---------------- The last two are both close to each other and can be found in the far back of the train yard, near where the second "drop off" area is where you let the civilians go after saving them. The drop off area is at the entrance to a barred off train tunnel. Well, if you face this tunnel, the spider is located to your right, behind some cargo containers. HIDDEN SPIDER #8 ---------------- Also, right near the drop off point, to the left of it is a train car you can enter. This train car is also right next to another train car holding a civilian guarded by two thugs. ================================================================================ 4) SPIDER-MAN 2099 - LEVEL ONE LOCATIONS [9901] ================================================================================ Welcome to the future New York City. This is the first of Spider-Man 2099's levels. HIDDEN SPIDER #1 ---------------- After the first fight with Hobgoblin, you'll swing across a large open area and fight the Public Eye enemies. From this platform, you'll want to look for a high ledge up to the right. Reach it by web-zipping to a perch just above you and to the right. From there, swing and jump to reach the ledge and the spider. HIDDEN SPIDER #2 ---------------- As you go indoors, from the aforementioned fight with the Public Eye, you'll enter a corridor. Here there will be more fighting that you need to complete to open a door at the end. Well, right above that door on the little blue insignia, is the second spider. HIDDEN SPIDER #3 ---------------- After pursuing your villain again, you'll swing to a platform and get a short cutscene with a Public Eye soldier that uses a homing missile launcher (you get a tutorial about Accelerated Vision here). On the left side of this platform, where the soldier actually appears, there is a canopy like roof above you. Jump on top of this and find the third futuristic spider. HIDDEN SPIDER #4 ---------------- After climbing up the destroyed elevator shaft, you'll enter a room with some soldiers. Beat them up, then enter the long narrow corridor. Swing across this and the spider is on the end platform. The problem is, it's located on the front side of it (so below where you would be standing on the platform) and it's hard to reach it by wall-crawling. You can try grabbing it by hugging the edge right above it and having Spider-Man fall off. HIDDEN SPIDER #5 ---------------- In the room IMMEDIATELY after the previous spider. You'll fight a bunch of Public Eye dudes (including more missile launching ones). This spider is also crawling on one of those blue circular insignias. This one is above the doors on your left when you enter this room. DON'T kill all the enemies first, or else you won't be able to get it. HIDDEN SPIDER #6 ---------------- After the second Hobgoblin fight, starting from the platform you were fighting on, start web-slinging. Notice the circular arches in this room. Well at the very back of the room, up high, the next spider is resting on one of those arches. Swing and web-zip up there to get it. HIDDEN SPIDER #7 ---------------- This one is immediately after #6. In the following corridor (where an alarm goes off), this spider is on the ceiling. Either try to jump up to it or just wall-crawl. HIDDEN SPIDER #8 ---------------- This one is occasionally difficult. This one is in the long hallway after the previous one. Here, you find Hobgoblin and he runs away again. What you're looking for here are the structures up top that form a triangle shape. Pretty easy to spot. They're outlined in neon blue. Anyway, it's inside the triangle of one of these. The easiest way is to do the Web Jump. If you have to, you can crawl onto the wall and drop down on this structure, then carefully try to drop onto the spider. ================================================================================ 5) ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN - LEVEL ONE LOCATIONS [ul01] ================================================================================ This is the first of the symbiote-packed Ultimate Spider-Man stages. HIDDEN SPIDER #1 ---------------- This one was surprisingly one I couldn't find without help. Credit to my friend Brian for pointing this one out. It's right after your first fight with the electric creatures in the first area. Enter the tunnel but immediately turn right and enter the side room. Inside, turn around and climb the brick wall. He's way up near the top. HIDDEN SPIDER #2 ---------------- In the room where you save the civilians from the electrified water. You'll be looking for a doorway way up near the top at the far end of the room where you will ultimately set the civilians down safely. Web Jump up to the top or wall crawl instead. Look for the ledge and the doorway. Inside, just like the first spider, you need to climb the brick wall. Gotcha! HIDDEN SPIDER #3 ---------------- Shortly after the first fight with Electro, you'll eventually get outside. This is at the end of the dam area where you'll fight more electric creatures. When you get to the end of the dam, avoid going into the tunnel or you will miss this spider. Instead, go over to the right where you'll see a spider emblem behind some boxes. Furthermore, on the side of a truck, you'll find our spider. HIDDEN SPIDER #4 ---------------- Right after you walk over the power lines (which is pretty cool by the way...), you'll reach a platform below. To the left is another truck, where apparently spiders in the Ultimate universe like to hang out by. Find this loitering spider right behind the truck. HIDDEN SPIDER #5 ---------------- After the second fight with Electro, he slips into a tunnel. Follow him in and look for the section where the floor is destroyed and caved in. Drop down into this section and the spider is right there. HIDDEN SPIDER #6 ---------------- This one is in a very large area just after the tunnel where you find #5. This is also the place where you have four minutes to defeat all the enemies for a challenge. First, swing across to the far area. You should be on a large platform with a big ramp leading up. Well run down this platform going alongside the ramp but not up it. On the back wall around the corner here is your spider. HIDDEN SPIDER #7 ---------------- This is in the same area as the last but a little further ahead, at the end. It's near the building you ultimately have to enter to proceed. To the right of the very large entrance, there are some generators and other devices. Behind them is the brick wall of the building and the spider is lurking back there. HIDDEN SPIDER #8 ---------------- The final spider of the first Ultimate stage is located inside that building. It's where you must rescue a lot of civilians and electricity is everywhere. Well when you rescue the first civilian, you have to protect him from an onslaught of electric creatures. After that, if you look to the top-right corner of this area, there is a big number "2" on the wall. The final spider is right near it on the wall. ================================================================================ 6) AMAZING SPIDER-MAN - LEVEL TWO LOCATIONS [am02] ================================================================================ The second level for Amazing Spider-Man. This one takes place at a quarry/mining area. HIDDEN SPIDER #1 ---------------- The first one is in the first big sandstorm/cyclone area at the start of the game. Zip across some debris but look for the a wall below a building that has this spider on it. It'll be on your left. HIDDEN SPIDER #2 ---------------- After the first boss fight and dealing with a few minions, you get to another open area. On the first platform that Sandman's minions attack you on in here, the spider will be on the wall adjacent to the platform on the left. Web-Zip to it to get it. HIDDEN SPIDER #3 ---------------- In the area with the second sandstorm, where you have to knock down the water towers, there will be a group of platforms with a windmill and also a large grey water tank or something with the number "36" on it. The spider rests on the lowest platform here next to that tank. HIDDEN SPIDER #4 ---------------- When you enter the mine, immediately look below you. There should be a metal girder somewhere below you. Spider-Man can drop onto this easily and the spider will be waiting. HIDDEN SPIDER #5 ---------------- This one can be found during or after the second boss fight with Sandman. It's on the far right side of the platform Spider-Man inhabits during this fight. HIDDEN SPIDER #6 ---------------- When you get outside again, find the next water tower. This spider is on the back wooden wall opposite of where the water tower is. Basically, face the tower and turn around, it will be on the far back wall and a bit to the left. HIDDEN SPIDER #7 ---------------- This one is near the third and final water tower. Again, face the tower, then turn around. The spider will be along the back wall and to your right when you have your back to the tower. A lone section of wall is where you'll find it. HIDDEN SPIDER #8 ---------------- In the mine area where you have to save the civilian and have him power the drill, this one is cleverly hidden. Once again, props to Brian for finding this. Go to the back of the cave where the civilian is. He's standing on a big wooden platform held up by scaffolding. The spider is actually underneath the platform on the scaffolding ================================================================================ 7) SPIDER-MAN NOIR - LEVEL TWO LOCATIONS [no02] ================================================================================ The second of Spider-Man Noir's levels. Umm that's it. How's the weather? HIDDEN SPIDER #1 ---------------- Your first in the second set of Noir spiders is found right near the beginning. You'll want to follow the alley forward, taking out the guards as you go. Turn the corner right, then turn left after that. The spider is right at the end here on the left, resting on a walkway high up. Wall crawl over there and you can get it. HIDDEN SPIDER #2 ---------------- Right near the first one. At the end of that same alley where you found #1, drop down to the ground when it's safe. Enter the opening and you'll come to another alley. But instead of turning left to go down this path, turn to the right after you walk through and the spider is on the wall there. HIDDEN SPIDER #3 ---------------- This one also eluded me. Thanks to Brian C. again for this one. At the end of the second alley, you'll enter a building called the Creole Club. After a short scene, you'll fight some thugs, including a big hammer-wielding guy. This spider is very well hidden. Start by ignoring the guys and find the bar in the back. That's bar is in "let's go to the bar and get drunk" bar. Right, so go behind it and destroy the wall right behind it. This reveals a secret passage. Inside are some emblems and the spider. HIDDEN SPIDER #4 ---------------- After you run away from the train, flee to the buildings. Look for the hotel building. The spider is in a large alley-like area to the right of the hotel's billboard. Get up there and check it out. HIDDEN SPIDER #5 ---------------- After the next cutscene (in the area where you must rescue all the civilians), turn around. Climb the smokestack which will now be on your right. The spider is crawling on it near the top. HIDDEN SPIDER #6 ---------------- This is near a platform on the right from where you begin. Enter the area and look for the platform toward the right where a civilian must be saved. It's on the side of a building, high up. HIDDEN SPIDER #7 ---------------- A little while after you get out of the blazing tower section, you'll enter a corridor with more thugs. This eventually leads to a bigger room with lots of pipes and such. As soon as you enter this bigger room, turn around and look at the wall above where you entered. There's the spider. HIDDEN SPIDER #8 ---------------- The same room as the previous one, but near the back where the guards are patrolling. In the very back on the ground level, there is a small room to enter where you'll find this guy. ================================================================================ 8) SPIDER-MAN 2099 - LEVEL TWO LOCATIONS [9902] ================================================================================ Here are the locations for the second level of futuristic Spider-Man 2099. HIDDEN SPIDER #1 ---------------- Right from the get go, you can find the first Hidden Spider. It's on your left sitting atop a floating police car. Web-Zip onto it to nab it. HIDDEN SPIDER #2 ---------------- Right where you first encounter the Acid Eggs, notice the very large opening on the left wall (I missed it the first time, incredibly). Jump inside here and go to the wall. Climb up and find your spider. HIDDEN SPIDER #3 ---------------- This one is in the large area where you have to go around the various rooms, saving the scientists. The spider is hidden in a large vent, behind a fan. It's on the lower part of this room near the door labeled number "3". Find a nearby Acid Egg and web grab it and throw it at the fan to melt it. Inside, you will locate the spider. HIDDEN SPIDER #4 ---------------- On the third floor, in a little bit of a nook on the wall is where you will find this spider. Just go up to the third floor and look for the boxes near the wall where this spider dwells. HIDDEN SPIDER #5 ---------------- In the hallway following the previous room, you will find a lot of acid on the floor and eggs around. Look for another vent, the first one you'll find on the left side of the hallway. Use an egg to melt the fan and enter. HIDDEN SPIDER #6 ---------------- Also in a vent. This will be the area where you have a limited time to save a bunch of civilians from Scorpion's minions. After you've done that, get on the top center platform and look to the wall directly above where you first entered HIDDEN SPIDER #7 ---------------- This one is the same area, also in a vent. It's above the platform you drop off all the civilians at. Face this area and go to the left and find this fan. Melt it with an egg and enter for the spider. HIDDEN SPIDER #8 ---------------- Same room as the last two, but it's at the opposite end of where you rescue the civilians. Web swing your way across and keep an eye out for the large blue globe. This spider feels like he's on top of the world because that's where he is, on the top of the globe. ================================================================================ 9) ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN - LEVEL TWO LOCATIONS [ul02] ================================================================================ The second batch of spiders to be found in the Ultimate universe. The setting is an oil rig out at sea. It's by far the most wide open area in the game and it is therefore very difficult to pinpoint the locations just by describing them but I'll try my best. HIDDEN SPIDER #1 ---------------- From where you start, look for an area below and aside the rig where there are some pipes blowing air out (there's a helipad nearby). Zip your way across and spot the mesh wall that is torn off and revealing an opening. Climb the wall inside and the spider is above you. HIDDEN SPIDER #2 ---------------- This is on what I believe is the tallest tower of the first main area. It's got a huge firestack and the spider is on the wall just above the platform on this tower. Web Jump your way up here and onto the platform, then run around to find the wall where he is hiding. HIDDEN SPIDER #3 ---------------- Look for the helipad with the cameras that you have to destroy and all the flames shooting out. This spider is on the wall just below the helipad. HIDDEN SPIDER #4 ---------------- Thanks to my good friend, Brian again for this one. This spider is located also near that large tower. Look for a big red crane that stretches out from the rig. If you go toward where this is sticking out from the rig, you should see one of Deadpool's TV screens. The spider is on the TV, difficult to see. HIDDEN SPIDER #5 ---------------- This is in the big smokestack that you have to climb through in order to reach the second rig platform. There are steam vents that go off every few seconds. When you reach the first red pipe, climb around it to get above it. From here, just keep climbing to the left, past the vents. You should see it. HIDDEN SPIDER #7 ---------------- This is one of if not the tallest tower of the second rig. Web Jump up continuously, then Web-Zip to the platform at the top. It's on one side of this tower once you get onto the platform. HIDDEN SPIDER #8 ---------------- This last one is hard to describe. But there is an area where you get ambushed by some of the cameras. It's on the outer perimeter of the second oil rig. Look for a big platform where the walls are blue and orange. The spider is hanging out on the wall. ================================================================================ 10) AMAZING SPIDER-MAN - LEVEL THREE LOCATIONS [am03] ================================================================================ This is--what else?--the third and final level in the Amazing universe. This one is set in a construction site. HIDDEN SPIDER #1 ---------------- After your first run in with the mercenaries, you'll go outside this first building and get a scene. Following that, you get a group of shielded mercenaries and a red captain. While fighting them, look for the destructible wall to your left in this area. On the other side is the first spider. HIDDEN SPIDER #2 ---------------- After beating those enemies in the previous spider's location, you get another scene. In this next section, you're faced with a long corridor where Juggernaut throws objects at you from afar. This spider is well hidden. Instead of just zipping straight to Juggernaut, get down in where the mercenaries are and start beating the tar out of them. When you are able to, go to the back wall of this lowest area. What I mean is, stay in the lowest level and don't climb up the ledge. The back wall here is destructible. Inside is a pipe with the spider. Often times this wall will be destroyed while you're fighting. HIDDEN SPIDER #3 ---------------- Next time you go indoors after the last part, you'll have to fight more mercs. After that you'll see a grate on the second floor you have to pull off. Instead of doing that, go to the left and find a door up here. The spider is just hanging out in here. HIDDEN SPIDER #4 ---------------- In the area where you have to save the civilians. This is on the wall behind one of the red pipe/smokestacks, the one on the lowest platform I believe. The spider is crawling on the wall just behind it. HIDDEN SPIDER #5 ---------------- After the civilians shut off the fire and let you pass, go forward a bit. You will see Juggernaut ahead of you. Before or after the scene with him, you will need to Web Jump up above the metal girders that are hanging overhead. Make your way above them and look for a platform to the left up here. Get on and run to the wall where there are some pipes. Climb up this wall and claim your spider. HIDDEN SPIDER #6 ---------------- At the Oscorp building. Juggernaut will be throwing tons of objects down at you. Instead of making your way up, run forward, toward the building. You will see a downward ramp leading to a garage or something. The spider is right down here in front of the doors. HIDDEN SPIDER #7 ---------------- These last two are on the Oscorp building so pay attention to the directions here. To stay oriented, keep in mind the sides of the building as if you were facing it when you entered. That said, you want to climb up and find the white scaffolding on the RIGHT side of the building (again, as if you were facing it from the entrance). At the end of the scaffolding is the spider. Remember to use Spider Sense to help you. HIDDEN SPIDER #8 ---------------- Again, as if you were facing the building, this spider is also near some scaffolding. This one is at the closest left corner, also near a yellow crane platform. Get on the scaffolding and locate this last spider. ================================================================================ 11) SPIDER-MAN NOIR - LEVEL THREE LOCATIONS [no03] ================================================================================ The final Spider-Man Noir level and a fun level it is, taking place at an abandoned carnival. HIDDEN SPIDER #1 ---------------- The first spider is on the left underneath a tower as you enter the park. It's pretty easy to find (use Spider Sense). At the bottom of the tower there is a small section you can walk into. The spider is on the wall inside here. HIDDEN SPIDER #2 ---------------- Go to the far right from the start as you enter the park. You'll see the tall spinning tower ride (anyone know what that's called?). Go to the wall and now walk forward (north) hugging the wall. When you turn the corner around the building, the spider is right there. HIDDEN SPIDER #3 ---------------- To the left of where you find #1, that is, to the left of the tower, on the left side of the map, there is a small carnival tent, with the spider on the far side. HIDDEN SPIDER #4 ---------------- In the back of this area and toward the left, there is another tower/castle kinda deal. This is also where one of the civilians is. Once again, there is an open section at the bottom you can walk in. And like before, you'll find the spider on the inside of the walls here. HIDDEN SPIDER #5 ---------------- In the far top-right corner of the map, there is another building here. Go around this building to the right side and look for the spider on the right side of the building. HIDDEN SPIDER #6 ---------------- After fighting Goblin's thugs in the tent (where you can use the large circus ball for a challenge), you will be outside again. On your IMMEDIATE right is an animal cage. And on top...? That spider won't be caged! But he will go into your collection. HIDDEN SPIDER #7 ---------------- This spider is inside the caged room where you rescue the second civilian in the second part of the carnival. These are the civilians that turn off the electricity on the cables for you. After this civilian does his thing, look for this spider on the room of his cage. At least he wasn't doing time alone... HIDDEN SPIDER #8 ---------------- The last spider can be found in the fun house. It's in the inverted room where everything looks upside down and so forth. It's on the left side, near a painting on the wall. Bet he's as confused as we are. ================================================================================ 12) SPIDER-MAN 2099 - LEVEL THREE LOCATIONS [9903] ================================================================================ The last taste of the future in the 2099 universe. HIDDEN SPIDER #1 ---------------- You will eventually drop out of the starting room into a room with four possible routes. These lead to labs labeled quite easily 1-4. Start by entering Lab One. You'll find the first of four reactors you need to deactivate. Facing the reactor, turn around and either Web Jump up or climb the sides of the big arch you just past through to get to the top. The spider is up here. HIDDEN SPIDER #2 ---------------- After leaving the reactor room, you return to the main room. Drop down from the high walkway to the floor below, but don't go toward the center area yet. Turn around and look for this spider on the wall in a hexagonal shape on the wall. HIDDEN SPIDER #3 ---------------- In the room containing the reactor of Lab Two. As you enter, look down below the walkway. Below the glass platform is a structure jutting out and the spider is resting right there. Carefully drop down to nab him. HIDDEN SPIDER #4 ---------------- Back in the main room, make your way toward Lab Three. In the big corridor leading to the reactor room, go all the way up to the walkway on the right. Up here and again, on the right side, the spider awaits. HIDDEN SPIDER #5 ---------------- In the actual Lab Three room, you're tasked with saving some scientists. They are hidden behind glass walls you have to Web Pull off. Well, as you enter this room, look for the first glass wall along the right wall. This one doesn't have a scientist, but there is somebody trapped. It's our fifth spider! HIDDEN SPIDER #6 ---------------- Inside the reactor room of Lab Three. This spider is on the floor right behind the hologram image of Scorpion in front of the reactor. HIDDEN SPIDER #7 ---------------- On your way to the reactor of Lab Four, you got a long corridor with lots of big purple power lines and such. This is difficult for me to describe, but along the left wall there is a rounded structure. It's very big and kinda blue/green with shimmering lights where the cables are coming out of. You can crawl on the wall and get inside here. The spider is inside. HIDDEN SPIDER #8 ---------------- In the final reactor room for Lab Four, look for a balcony on the right wall when you approach the reactor. The spider is just chillin' above this balcony. ================================================================================ 13) ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN - LEVEL THREE LOCATIONS [ul03] ================================================================================ Here we go, the last eight spiders in the game. This is also the last level for Ultimate Spider-Man. It takes place at a S.H.I.E.L.D base. HIDDEN SPIDER #1 ---------------- In the first room you fight the "zombies", you'll be ambushed as you try to exit. Two groups of...... "zombies" will attack you from the left and right. After dealing with them, jump to the ledge JUST above where you were attacked. Enter this corridor to the right and follow it around to a bunch of crates. On the other side--yep--there's our spider. HIDDEN SPIDER #2 ---------------- In the outside area where everything is just chaos, look for this guy behind a cargo container right next to a jet. It's just across from the large hangar bay door that says "29" on it. HIDDEN SPIDER #3 ---------------- After you jump your way through the fire, look for a door to your left in the next battle room. You need to do Web Pull. Go inside and toward the back is the spider's nesting ground. HIDDEN SPIDER #4 ---------------- This is the prison-like area where the symbiote monsters attack you in large numbers. The spider is in one of the cells on the third floor, toward the left side. HIDDEN SPIDER #5 ---------------- In the other prison room that's on fire and also teeming with monsters. You have to save a scientist in this room. Find this spider on the second floor of this room, toward the top-left side. It's inside one of the cells. HIDDEN SPIDER #6 ---------------- After picking up said scientist, you gotta carry him through a large hole in the wall and drop into the following room. This is the room that has the next spider. Notice the two landing pads with the ships. One of them is raised up high, revealing the space below. The spider is down here. HIDDEN SPIDER #7 ---------------- You'll soon after come to a large room where the "zombies" and symbiotes are partying it up. This is also the room with a ton of Carnage's "webbing" or whatever it is. The spider is very hard to miss, sitting on the wing of a ship. HIDDEN SPIDER #8 ---------------- You'll eventually have to go outside of the building and walk along the pipes and climb up. When you first exit through the broken window to outside of the building though, go to the right and the spider is right there. The last one! ================================================================================ 14) FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS [am03] ================================================================================ 1) Are some spiders missable? A) Yes, a few can be missed and will force you to replay the level if you don't get it then 2) Are there any spiders in the Tutorial or Final Battle? A) No, there are no spiders in these two parts. 3) Do I have to recollect all the spiders for a level I'm replaying or do I only have to collect the ones I missed the first time? A) You'll only need to collect the ones you missed. The others won't appear since you already have them. Legal ----- Copyright 2010 Ryne Gardner If you need to contact me about anything, my e-mail is veritas7ax@gmail.com. If you are trying to add something, please leave me with a screen name or other alias you use so I can credit you. I do not use real names or e-mails. I don't credit people for typos or fixes. 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