Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation Walkthrough 

12-01-99 Verison 1.4

Corrections from yesturdays version of the walkthrough:

At the end of the Sacred Lake Level Revisited I mistakenly put in the level is 
not finished. Please note that it was meant to say now finished so sorry for any 
confusion if I caused any

Help With Levels Help With Levels Help With Levels Help With Levels
Also for those of you that were trying to help me with the Sacred Lake Level 
first time around I have gotten past it now so you don't need to email me about 
that anymore. Also in the Tomb Of Semerkhet I said I was stuck at the end area 
and I'm now past that so I no longer need any help with any of the levels and 
I'd like to thank all who responded with their help.
Help With Levels Help With Levels Help With Levels Help With Levels

( This walkthrough is not completely finished yet and I will be adding more to 
it as I get more time to add to it.)

Also I have no codes no gameshark codes so if you don't know what this means 
then have someone explain it to you. I DONT HAVE CODES FOR THIS GAME PERIOD. 

A side note specifically for Core:
No offense or anything cause maybe you had no intentions but why on the main 
screen after you die off it pops up and New Game is highlighted? I usually 
continue to press x button between load times it's just a habit and I have had 
to reset my machine umpteen times because of this. Is it that hard to make it 
like this for example. Lara dies and now the screen to load the main menu pops 
up and then finally the main menu pops up. I'm pressing x out of habit and the 
first thing that pops up is NEW GAME and I must reset the game. How hard would 
it have been to make it like this.

                    Load Game while I'm continuing to press x button then the 
game does what I want it to do.
Below load game would be new game or nothing at all if your memory card already 
should detect you have a game saved anyways. Alls I'm saying is did you do this 
on puprpose to make people mad or do you get jollies off of how many people will 
do this and get pissed off? Whatever it is and whatever turn you take with Tomb 
Raider if any can you please take into consideration this change? Thanks,X 

Now heres a completely idiotic email I received check it out if you want to be 


looks like little kiddies trying to pull a stupid prank grow the Hell up ,Jesus.  
Send Mr. Jason Evans some emails and tell him what you think of his little 

Another reader submission by Dan Folks
Here are a few things i have found:
Level 1(AngokWatt)
The room were the guy tells you to make a normal jump and a jump and
grab. You refered to this room as the on with the slope in the
corner,(there is a waterfall on the left and 2 on the right).
There is a skull head on the floor of this room. Go down the ramp, make
a left go all the way to the last waterfall on the left, there it sits.
I do believe there are more but I can't remember right now for sure
where they are, I'll let you know.

Level 2 (The Tomb Of Seth)
    After the dog cames after you, the big slope with the medipack. walk
down the slope and go straight ahead to the wall use the binoculars
(press the x button to make the room light up while using the
binoculars) and check this wall. There is a secret room here with a
small medipack.

The next one is still in level 2:
    Go down the purple small hallway to a red lit up room. Upon entering
this room before filling the room up with sand, go to the right down the
slope in a room with the large hole that fills with sand, (This is the
room you go into after you pull the switch that releases the sand into a
room in your walkthrough), Across the big gap is the first EYE PIECE.
Drop into the gap, there is a small room with shotgun shells here (a
secret). After you pick up the shells draw your guns and shoot 2
scorpions. Now go back and pull the switches to fill the room up with

Next one: still level 2
The room with rope in the center, (where you use the Eye of Horus). Use
the rope to swing into the greenish lit room. There is a giant revolving
blade contraption here that keeps circleing the room. Turn to the right
an climb and jump up to the safe spot straight ahead of you (it is off
to the right a little bit). Continue climbing up this section being
watchful of the blade, timing is everything here, at the top of this
turn left and jump across the gap to the little safe spot on the other
side, climb up the wall surface here to top. The blades won't hit you
here, grab the shotgun shells (another secret), go forward to the edge,
below you there is a room, slide down the slope midway through the slide
jump. You will land in the room. There are 3 dogs in this room, kill
them, and continue through this area it leads to the room that filled
with sand.

This is for those of you wanting codes for this game. Currently I'm trying to 
hack them with my gameshark pro and if and when I find them unless 
or or whatever it is beats me to it You'll have to wait. Hacking 
codes takes time and chances are or the other one will have it up 
in a matter of a few days. They have an entire team hacking codes where as I'am 
just 1 person so bug them if you want some codes. Don't mean to sound mean here 
at all but I can only do so much. Thanks,X Dragon

This was submitted by one of my Faq readers he Adds
Here is another tip for your FAQ.  (Sorry, I missed this the first time 
read it.)  This is useful in the 3rd Level in the room with the 
blades.  This is how I got through this room without a scratch.  Time your
jump so that you jump over the blade, but land at edge of the raised
platform area.  Do a jump back, but push the action button so that you grab
the edge.  Now start shimmying to the right.  Because of her new moves, Lara
is able to grapple around corners.  Continue doing this until you are
hanging off the platform with the exit behind you.  Use the look button to
see where the blades are.  Once it passes overhead, climb up and immediately
do a back flip.  You land safely and receive no damage.

Another Reader adds his comments about the Training Level and other such levels. 
Submitted by SkrewdUp

You missed a few secrets in the first part of you walkthrough.

1. the very beginnig on the left (you found this one)
2. in the water at the first jump you make (you found this one)
3. in the right rear corner of the area where you do a standing jump
then a running jump and grab
4. in the large pool when the old man tells you to jump in (you found
this one)
5. after the old man kills the two boars and you run down the narrow
outdoor passageway from one open outdoor area to another; before going
inside again, check the corners for one skull
6. in the crawl space when you go get the backpack (you found this one)
7. on the right side of the room with the spikes near the exit door
(you found this one)
8. walkway before you turn right to enter the area with the rope
sequence (you found this one)

If you find all eight skulls, the old man will lead you to the left
instead of the right. The room with the rope swinging task is the same
except there is no water in the pool. The final obstacle course will be
longer and much more difficult than the one you face if you don't find
all the secrets.

1. when you are in the cave, follow the right wall and there will be an
area that branches off from the main path (there wil be a pit deeper
than the others, but not so deep you can't climb out). jump the pit and
look to the right. there will be a short pillar to climp on top of.
then jump to the passage-way for a small med-pac
(all of this is before the large med-pac on the ramp and before the dog
comes after you)

2. before filling the room with snad using the switch, enter the sand
room to get a small med-pac on the half submerged red block and to get
the secret shotgun shells in the passage-way. when you enter the
passage-way, two scorpions will approach from behind

3. in the room with the rope above the structure in the middle (outside
the room with blades that fall from the ceiling) get on the rope and
swing to the opening. you will have to jump from the rope (use square)
to make it. climb up on the right and stay along the right wall. keep
making you way up (jump over the slope, then climb up) to the small
med-pac. be careful of the rolling blade thing on the ceiling; it
passes overhead every 12 or 13 seconds


Any questions you might have, or, if I've left something out then email me at Thanks again for using my walkthrough.

!!!WARNING!!! Copyright 1999 Xaivier Dragon !!!WARNING!!!
Do not use this Faq for the purpose of making a quick profit. This Faq took me a 
lot of time and effort to make, and I don't want it being used for someone elses 
profit. For the benefit of those less fortunate to know what this means, email 
me if you don't understand something about the above mentioned warning 

A side note for everyone that noticed something I didn't and that is you can 
shoot the vases in this game. Some vases contain powerup items like ammo for 
guns and health packs so if you see a vase then shoot it with your small guns as 
these are unlimited ammo. Some have things in them and some don't so by using 
the small guns to shoot at them you don't have to worry about losing precious 

I'd recommend when playing this game that you make 4 save slots available to 
save this game. It takes 2 slots to save but if you just save your game twice 
once where your currently at and then once at the beginning of the level you 
won't have to backtrack to the beginning of the game like I had to do in level 

                      Level 1 (AngokWatt)

Walk Forward and listen to the old man speak and then follow him. Before 
following him walk to the left ledge and get the Golden Skull.  Walk forward now 
and listen to the old man as he rambles on. Walk down the steps here and go 
right, where the old man went.  Now you'll be in a room with steps to the right 
and left sides of you with the old man and he will tell you to jump the small 
chasm here over the water.  Don't jump the chasm, however,instead drop into the 
water and get the Golden Skull in shallow water.  Get out of the water now and 
jump over the small chasm and go forward.  In This next room go around the 
pillar here and there is a boar running around this section.  Luckily,if you can 
avoid it the old man will kill it for you since you don't have any weapons yet.

Next go around these pillars and now you should be in a section with a waterfall 
and the old man will ramble on once again. In this gap the old man tells you how 
to make the jump which is standard stuff for people that have played Tomb Raider 
games before. If you haven't played before and you still can't get across then 
I'd say consult your instruction booklet. If you don't make don't worry there is 
a slope on the right to go up and try again. There is really nothing to get in 
this room so just jump the chasm and then keep following the Old Man. Next again 
is a standard jump so if you miss then just run right and try again. Run left to 
the old man and jump right to grab the ledge and hold the x or action button and 
then shimmy right on this ledge. Follow the old man around the corner and listen 
to his instructions and do as he says. Again this is standard moves for Tomb 
Raider regulars,If you can't get it right then consult the directions.

 Drop down here and again listen to the old mans instructions he will speak 
twice here. Swim in this small pond and at the bottom of it to the left is 
another Golden Skull so get it. The area left of the part where you got the 
Golden Skull has a small opening so swim through here and get the small and 
large Med-Packs in the back and now swim out of there. Swim now out of that 
small area and go to your immediate right and get out of the water,get on the 
left side of the lever here and use the action or x button to activate it. The 
old man will run into the small hall in here so follow his lead.
Walk left up the ladder for this next section using the x or action button to 
grab hold of it. Up the ladder is another lever so get on the right side of it 
and use it. Jump back down the ladder entering the small hallway to the right 
and follow the old man around. The next part is the monkey bars so make sure you 
jump up and press x or action to grab hold and then hold the x or action button 
down and then swing across like a monkey. Follow the old man to a room where 
there is a boar running on the left and some grates in the middle so now run 
left and avoid the boars right here and let the old man kill them off so keep 
running around avoiding them until he kills them off. Follow the old man around 
the structures here and enter another small hall at the end of this next room.

Next you enter a room with 2 red I don't know what the hell statues on the right 
and left sides of the doorway and enter here. Go right here and next to the tall 
pillar is yet another Golden Skull so pick it up and then move through the next 
doorway. Make sure you avoid the spikes near the center and at the back of this 
room they hurt. Enter this next room and listen to the old man again and then 
use the crouch button to crawl through this crawl space. Go in here and take 
your first left around the area and get the Golden Skull near the grate. Head 
back to the section from before going left at the end and continue on through 
this crawl space. 

This next room has a skeleton of a person thats been speared by big spikes and 
is holding a small backpack that Lara eventually puts on herself.  To the right 
of the spikes and skeleton is a top of some type of vase or a treasure the 
skeleton was after when it was a person but you can't pick it up so go left and 
use the lever. A good rule of thumb to go by when playing Tomb Raider games is 
to always save before activating any switches or levers cause you never know 
whats going to happen so go ahead and save here and then activate the Lever. It 
rolls the wheel forward so the old man and yourself can pass through the room 
previously blocked by it. Now head back into the room where the old man is and  
again listen to the old man and then leave this room. In this room next is some 
shooting darts and you must use the dive button to avoid being hit but luckliy 
even if you are hit it doesen't 
hurt much just crouch at this end part and crawl through and then stand up and 
continiue onward. Run up the slopes to where the old man is standing and then 
jump up on the ledge
and follow it around to another Golden Skull on the floor. Listen to the old man 
once again 

near the 2 red I dunno what the Hell statues and a torch ahead on the wall. 
Follow the old man down the steps into a room with a pool of water and a big 
round deal on the wall behind it. Again you must assist this old guy by 
activating another section to open the big round door here.  Turn around and go 
right up the small ledge and climb the brown wall here to get to the other 
switch. Kip up the ledge and when you get to the top press your crouch button to 
enter this small gapped area and crawl through. Run right when you get to the 
opening and follow the path around to a ledge with a golden looking vine that 
you must grab onto.

 Boy this is a new challenge for me swinging on the vine and then landing right. 
Save here before doing this you may need to reload a few times until you get it 
right. You must swing with your R2 button to get the swing going at a good pace 
and then release with the action or x button to land on the other side. The best 
method for doing the swinging is to press x button when getting on the vine and 
then slide down to near the bottom of it and then swing real far with R2 button 
and then release with the x button It's actually kinda easy once you get the 
hang of it. Walk right here and hit the switch thats here to open the round 
doors below and then pass through them. Turn back around making sure your using 
the walk button to the edge and fall in the water here for a soft landing and 
swim out and enter the next room where the old man is now walking.

 Now run after the old man but don't worry about beating him cause it doesen't 
really matter. Listen to the old jerk and Lara will pull the lever and a big 
looking thing will open up like a flower and a bridge will go across and the old 
man crosses and gets trapped within the flower. You have no choice but to leave 
him and the scene goes on so just sit back and watch. 

                  Level 2 (The Tomb Of Seth)

Finally in this level you get your guns and some flares. Immediately look right 
and pick up some Flares and then walk forward and turn left the spider webby 
looking doorway and get the Flares that are here. Drop down this same small 
section and pick up the shotgun here and then watch the red robed guy light 
another torch and then go left. Drop down this other section now and get the 
Large Med-Pack thats down here. 

Watch the red robed guy come in this room now and a small crab runs at him but 
don't kill it let him use his torch to kill it. This next room is rather dark so 
just shoot the small crabs in here and again the robed man enters here and 
lights a torch in this part. Turn right and let the robed guy go left and fall 
into the small hole here and shoot the crab. A scene will play after you jump 
out of the hole and a dog runs after you so kill it and then turn around and run 
up the sloped area and get a Large Med-Pack up here. Drop down now and go down 
the purple small hallway to a red lit up room. Upon entering this room the red 
robed guy lights something and then looks puzzled cause it didn't work. A crab 
crawls towards the guy so shoot it and then go to the right side of the room and 
there is a box looking thing in the wall so pull on it and you get a Large Med-
Pack. Run to the left side of the room and the box in the wall closest to the 
red robed guy is what you must pull.

 It shows a cutscene where a room fills with quicksand. There is another wall 
thing to the left but it doesen't do anything so turn around and head left 
through a small hallway and head down it. Actually in this next room it's not 
quicksand but a way to get across to the other side and on the right pedastal is 
a small Med-Pack and on the left pedastal is a Golden looking object called the 
Eye Piece which opens the section the robed guy was lighting up before. The eye 
piece is now in your inventory so head back up to this room where the robed guy 
was at. Follow him down some steps and then watch him light a area on the floor 
in the next room and he deactivates some type of scissor contraption booby trap. 
Run up this section and grab the other eye piece thats on this pedestal. Combine 
the 2 sections of eye to create The Eye Of Horus. Walk back into the other room 
you were in and go right to where there is a symbol of an eye on the wall and 
use the eye in the slot here to open a door.

 Follow the red robed guy not getting ahead of him and help him kill the dogs 
that run in after you in this hall. Follow him up the hall into a large room and 
watch a cut-scene. Follow the Red Robed man into another room and now he's 
running at a good pace. Follow him to this new room which he lights up the water 
in this room and it turns into a stream of fire and the door opens so enter it. 
Once past the winding hallway go right at the end and drop down this small hole 
and get the Small Med-Pack and now turn around and jump out of the hole and head 
left. Enter this room and the red robed guy can't get through the gate so go 
right and follow the hall up to another room. In here there is a chain that you 
must pull to open the gate for the red robed guy to get through. 

Once he's through he lights the water on fire in the room you were in previous 
and goes to another cut-scene. Leave this room and now follow the hallway you 
folllowed to get in this room and you will get some shotgun ammo in a lit up 
hallway. Also in this hallway on a step is another chain you can pull like 
before so pull it and now you can enter the room that was closed before and now 
your back in that same room again. Here you must jump to each of the 4 sections 
highlighted going from the back or entrance of the room towards the door on the 
other side which contains the Timeless Sands Hourglass. The door opens and you 
can take it and now the other door will open so enter this new room. Exit this 
room down the steps and now your in a room with a type of sandy hill and a 
statue of a Ram lying down. Walk left out of this room and the red robed guy is 
waiting for you so once he starts walking then follow him. 

He will go into another room and use his torch here and the door opens and 
another cut-scene ensues and he just runs away. Enter now this new hall and 
follow it to another room with a big platform in the center of the room and 
another ledge on the other side of the room. Kip up the ledge and use the 
timeless piece here and the sands from the other room are removed revealing a 
very large statue underneath and a small path to follow. This is revealed in 
another cut-scene. Turn around now and run to the left side of the room jumping 
the small sloped area and then to      
the other side where you entered this room at. Kip up here and go back to where 
the statue was covered in sand and now enter this room and look for the mouth on 
the big head statue. Kip up this section and this area is small so you'll have 
to use the crouch button once you've grabbed the edge with the action button.  
Then follow the path to a very dark part of the hallway where you can stand now. 
Light a flare to see where your going and you'll slide down a steep slope  and 
you end this level

                     Level 3 (Burial Chambers)

Keep sliding down the steep slope to a room with a switch and 2 Rams lying 
paralell to the switch and each other. Save here first before hitting the switch 
and then activate it. You'll hear a gate rise behind you so turn around and 
enter this next gate with 2 statues sitting across from each other. Slide down 
this slope and get the Hand Of Orion and be quick because there is spikes that 
stick out of the starry looking parts on this floor. Jump Left quickly to avoid 
being killed instantly. See saving really helped here if you listened to me, if 
you did, now you don't have to go back a level and redo stuff you already did. 
Slide down this slope here and get the shotgun ammo on the ground in front of 
this gate. Once you pick up the ammo the gate opens.

Now your in a hall with the 2 statues staring at each other like in the room 
before so follow the path up The round looking section here is a dangerous place 
so don't run through it yet. This is yet another booby trap so save the game 
first and then attempt to get through the round spiky part. All you do is watch 
the pattern of the spikes poking out of the floor and then when the time is 
right leap over to clear the spikes. Go right at the hall and now your in a room 
with 2 vases on either side of one another. A small hallway is here so go 
straight through this hall.  Go straight  here and then stop once your in front 
of the spikes and then save your game. Another section of spikes like the ones 
earlier are here so time yourself right and leap over them.  
You'll automatically fall through a hatch to a small hallway below. To your left 
is a section to insert the Hand Of Orion so do that and some type of mechanical 
arms with helicopter looking blades starts spinning. 

Save here first before moving on and then if you manage to fall off the ledge 
which will probably happed then head back to square one kipping up the wall and 
retrying. You will probably get hit a few times but thats from the weaker blades 
which I just let them pass through me and did minimal damage. Head left here 
jumping to the ledge on the left and follow the path to a new room which looks 
like someones crypt. You will see a cut-scene showing the room and a big monster 
looking mummy lying on top of a very large casket and an anhk on his chest. Run 
past this room into another room straight ahead and then follow a small hall 
around to a room with 3 Sarcophagus' in it and another statue sitting down in 
the middle of the room. Go left and take the Small Med-Pack in front of the 
Sarcophagus . Turn right  now and fall down the small drop thats over here to 
the area below.  In this green floored area is a secret area with a Small Med-
Pack and some shotgun shells so head back out of this area and go back to the 
room you were just in and  walk up close to the Mummy and Lara will 
automatically hop on his chset and grab the ankh here and some light will 
portrude out of his chest and a red liquid pours out the bottom of the casket. 
This Ankh is called the Amulet Of Horus . 

 Reenter this room where you found the secrets and then the Sarcophgus' will all 
open up so enter one of them to lure all the mummies out. Now in the sections 
where you could drop there is the red liquid that was last running out of the 
casket from earlier. If you fall in these sections it's no need to worry it 
doesen't hurt. There is mummies here so be careful. You also can't kill the 
mummies so don't bother trying. See the big statue sitting in the middle of the 
room? Notice how the statue sits on a round red shaped floor? There is another 
red shaped floor also in this room where you must move the statue to this red 
shaped round floor. The problem is that you have mummies running after you. What 
you must do is lure the mummies into the hall where you entered this room at to 
the end of the hall just before the hall turns light. Lure them as far back as 
possible cause they move slowly. Now move the statue with the action button to 
the small red floor on the other side of the room. Turn around now completely 
and the one sarcophugus has a opening for you to enter so enter here. 

Follow the hallway around to a slightly big drop and fall down here and then 
follow the dark cavey area to a big red room. On the left is a dog that runs out 
after you so shoot it and then on the right is another dog so shoot it also. 
Head to the left side of the room here and there will be a drop to a small area 
below. Here there is another secret which is another Large Med-Pack. Turn around 
and do 2 kip-ups the ledges to leave this area. Now go right to the center of 
the room where there is some depictions on the walls and a doorway here. Enter 
this area and hop over the block thats here dropping off the other side. In this 
area is a dead guy and what looks like a big doorknob on the right hand side. 
You can't do anything here so turn around and head back to the section where you 
fell and got the Large Medical-Pack. When you exit the entrance from earlier 
there is another dog around here so shoot it first and then head to where the 
pack was.  Don't drop this time,this time go straight to a room where 2 statues 
sit and stare at each other and ahead is a big ladder to climb up.

 Climb here and then you'll be in a room with 2 vases on either side of each 
other near the big opening. Head left here going around the large vase to a room 
with a pedastal to the left and get the Golden Serpent. Immediately after taking 
this object 2 Mummies come out after you. Go right not bothering with them and 
climb the small ledge here to escape these guys. Here I order you to save the 
game cause the next part takes quick thinking otherwise you'll die. Slide down 
this sloped area and as soon as you land start hightailing it to the left side 
of the screen. Turn left and run all the way back and on the left side is a safe 
place to stand while the spikes are coming down on you. If you did get hit here 
then use a Med-Pack to recover your health and then jump up the small ledge and 
you should not only be safe but also in a purple looking cave. Save up here 
cause the next area ahead and to the right has a big drop and if you 
accidentially run too fast she breaks her neck and it's back to square one. In 
this section before the big drop to the right is a Large Med-Pack so follow the 
small walk around this area not falling here to get the pack. Now go around the 
walk back to the left side and do a back drop grab manuever and then let go of 
the action button to land safely. 

Do the same manuever here but before dropping move a tad to the right and then 
let go otherwise you'll land in the torch and die. Once down here take a right 
and you now know your in the room you were in earlier the big red room. Go back 
around to the where the big ladder where you climbed the big ladder and before 
getting there head left up some stone steps and a bridge crossing over the big 
red cavey room. Cross the bridge and go to a room where some big steps lead up. 
There is 2 black dogs in here so kill them off and then head up the steps. This 
next part has a big drop so do a backwards drop grab manuever and then release 
the action button to land safely. Now go down this hall and drop here into this 
room with some spikes sticking out and go right climbing up the 2 small ledges 
here. On the second ledge turn around and you can look across to another ledge 
in the distance that you must do a running jump and grab manuever to get to. Up 
above the sloped area is some shotgun shells and another secret is revealed.

 Jump back down this section and reclimb the ledges or just simply jump to it 
from the ledge you jumped to get the ammo. Go up the 2 ledges and then jump over 
one ledge and turn left. Now jump over this ledge and grab it. Once up this 
ledge look up and a higher ledge is just above you. This is a grabable ledge and 
so grab it and you can climb up it and once getting up here there is a switch in 
this room so save first and then hit it. A gate below you in this room to the 
right opens up so now do 1 safe backwards drop hold and then release to a safe 
landing. Jump over to the other ledge to the right and go back to the first 
section of the room where you entered. Here is a black gate that opened when you 
hit the switch. Enter this area and climb the ladder and then hit the switch in 
here that opens a small black hatch to the section below in the room you were 
just in near the spikes. Look left and you'll see a switch on the side of the 
wall but you must jump the slope to reach it but you can't so don't bother 

 The opening on your right once you turn around is ahead so enter here and leave 
this room. Enter a new room that looked just kinda like the other room with 
slight differences and a fire in the middle of the room. Fall down into this 
room and you'll see the small hatch that you switched open earlier. Use the safe 
backwards drop and fall into the room where the Hand Of Sirius is at and get it. 
Turn around to leave this room and then follow the small dark hallway up to a 
dark section where to the right is a ladder thats yellow looking. Climb the 
ladder and then enter the same room from before where the fire was and to the 
right will also be where you fell down the hatch to get the Hand Of Sirius. Jump 
up the ledges here and you'll have some spikes here so be careful. Jump to the 
left open section here it's a tad dark but there is plenty of room to make it.

 This next part is a little tricky so be careful. You must jump right to the 
small opening on the right so go to the far left side of this ledge and jump to 
the safe section and again once you make the jump there is plenty of room to 
land. Enter this hall and another tricky part lies ahead. Jump over here and 
grab the wall it's actually a ladder and you can safely climb down below. Here 
pull the chain and it opens another section. Careful when you turn right here as 
some mummies pop up from nowhere. Hurry to the right side of the room and climb 
the ladder here. Once above another tricky section is above where once atop the 
ladder you will go to climb and your near a steep slope part. Once she pulls 
herself up here use your d-pad back and press the jump button to backflip to 
safety. Turn right after getting up and crawl under the spikes here and now your 
back in the room from before. Go towards the back of the room and jump the 
ledges here. Jump across and go to where the switch was at in here but you 
already activated it so just get on the ledge just below the switch. Turn to 
your left and jump over to this other section from the high ledge your now on. 

Once in this room you will see another object on a pedastal and it's the Scarab 
Talisman so take it. Follow the red hall your now in to the left and there is 2 
black dogs here so kill them quickly before they get to you. Keep following the 
path around to a big room with 4 big pillars in it. The area continues to the 
right but wait a minute and kill the dog that runs back and fourth on this path. 
Head on down the path and turn left and now your at the main red room or cave 
once again. Enter here and then go back to where the dead guy was and use your 
Golden Snake thing and the new Scarab Talisman in the 2 slots on the right and 
left sides of this section. Once the parts are in place the room begins filling 
with sand and that dead guy is a mummy and rises. All you do here is run in 
circles avoiding the Mummy since you can't kill it anyway and wait for the room 
to completely lift you up. Eventually you'll see an opening so jump up here and 
follow the path up to the light and exit the level. Watch the movies. 

                        Level 4 (Valley Of The Kings)
  This first part is pretty hard with around 5-6 guys to kill. The first appears 
on the ledge on the right and then another from behind the ledge the other 
jumped onto. Another in the back of him and then one from the right. 2 more from 
the left then pop out so try and use a jump around technique and use health 
packs when you get low. The best weapon to have here is the shotgun and make 
sure every shot counts and hits it's target. Once you kill them all get lots of 
ammo from these guys and 2 small med-packs a large Med-Pack and a set of keys to 
the blue vehicle. You eventually get to use the vehicle but don't yet it's hard. 
Instead go to the left side of the screen to a small ledge and there is a dark 
section back here once you climb up the ledge. Walk back here and get 2 shotgun 
ammos and 1 shotgun which equals 1 more ammo since you already have the shotgun.

                       Level 5 (KV5)
 (Make sure you have your Jeep with you at all times during this level. When you 
open the black gate later on make sure you take your jeep with you otheriwse you 
actually have to restart the entire game as now you can't just go back and 
restart a level. I was very angry when this happened to me cause you must have 
the jeep to end this level. Seems as though I have found the first major bug in 
the game Great friggin work Eidos. Isn't that what "Game Testers" are hired for? 
apparently they aren't doing a very good job.)

 Get in the vehicle and try to avoid all gunfire here as possible,using med-
packs when necessary and also avoiding the bombs the green vehicle throws out at 
you. Just let the Green vehicle get wayyy ahead of you and you only have to 
contend with the gunfire of the bad guys. Be careful when you get near a big 
drop and drive to the right on the small road between cliffs. A guy shoots here 
which makes it even worse so just take it easy and when you get past that 
section just gun it.

 Finally you load another screen and the Green Jeep is at a stop so stop your 
vehicle and get out. Get out by pressing the o button and pressing left on the 
control pad. In this cave area walk around the big ledge you should be parked 
next to and get the 2 wide-range shotgun shells and the large Med-Pack. Now 
thats done I'd recommend you save your game since that difficult part is over 
you don't wanna do it again thats for sure. Go now out to where the Green Jeep 
is at and step back a few paces and the Jeep will drive away slowly. Wait about 
5 seconds and where the Jeep was parked at is a set explosive so staying clear 
of this will prevent disaster.

 Climb back in your vehicle and go past this section and past some statues in 
the deserty area on your right to a cave straight ahead. Just before the end of 
the cave get out of the Jeep and kill the guy up on the high walk here if you 
wish to do so and then get back in and drive the Jeep more straight on the main 
path. Check this section out if you want but the bridge is so brittle it falls 
apart completely which makes me wonder what was holding the guy up when he was 
standing on it. Head to the right here in this section and climb a small slope 
and then a small ledge to the right. In here you'll hear the secret music and a 
large med-pack.  Well go back in the jeep and keep on going straight and 
following the path. When you get to the high rise scaffolding on the left of you 
take your first left at the opening towards a scaffolding thats brittle again 
and this time run into it with the Jeep to send the guy flying thats on here. 
Now up ahead is a big black iron gate so go left and up the small ledge for a 
large medical pack. Go now back and right from the ledge to the small opening in 
the scaffolding and climb up here. 

Go left after climbing up here and get the shotgun shells at the end of this 
walk. Turn back around and follow the path to the left near a large box and a 
guard will pop up over it so shoot him and then go over the big box to the other 
side and follow the walk. Walk a bit further and a small drop will be just ahead 
so fall here and you'll hear the secret music so walk right at the end and get 
the small med-pack closer now to you and further down the Large Med-Pack. Turn 
back around going back on top of the scaffolding and walking back across where 
you first entered. When you go to take your first right around the corner of the 
scaffolding look up and you can now climb up the upper scaffolding. Walk a small 
ways down and on the right in a small cranny is a large med-pack. Turn around 
now and look directly across to the other side of the scaffolding and you'll see 
a vine hanging there. Well looks like you'll have to do a running jump to grab 
hold of it. Remember try and get to the most bottom part of the vine to get a 
nice long swing and let go when your over the other side.

 Now look up and on the left side of the wall is a half wheel looking thing 
portruding out of the wall here. Make a big jump here and use the action button 
when you get near it. You'll now hear and see the big black gate open so fall 
down the scaffolding safely by doing a backwards grab drop manuever. Now head 
through the Gate and there is a ledge on the left and right but nothing to get. 
The other ledges have pillars surrounding them and they look climable actually 
but they aren't so head up the stone path staying left as there is a new 
obstacle to encounter on the right. A big tumbleweed-spike comes tumbling down 
the path crushing Lara if your not careful. It's actually a left right left 
right pattern for the tumbleweed-spikes. First stay left then after that passes 
immediately go right and run until the left one passes and then head left and 
that should get you past these things.

 Now slide down a slope area and go up this open section to the right and before 
going right stop for a minute and let some explosives go off. Go right after 
they are all done exploding and head up the main path. Look right here at this 
next drop and there is a very deep hole here and a small green hallway to the 
right. You need to do a running jump to get to this section and use action to 
grab the ledge. Once over to this part there is a long drop ahead so do a 
backwards drop grab the ledge manuever and this rock you can climb down so 
you'll be safe. Just climb down to a desired safe distance and then drop the 
rest of the way. Fall down another drop to a red looking floor. Ahead and left 
is a big hole thats just a spike pit so avoid falling in it. Go around the hole 
and now you have a steep slope to climb. Go to the left section where an area is 
a little darker this is where you can step and jump up the path to clear the 
steeper slope. 

In the distance you should see the green jeep from earlier pass by. Follow the 
path straight up and on the right is a big hole and a green hallway but don't 
bother going here I explored this entire area it's nothing bu confusing desert. 
Keep going straight and you'll see a big hole on the left and it's a spike pit 
so avoid it and head around it and now you'll see some steep cliffs on either 
side of you. Go around to a slope going down and stay on the left side of it 
cause on the right is a spike trap. Head up the path taking your first left to a 
deserty area. Watch out for the hilly area when you jump with the jeep as since 
there is only 1 way to jump close by is a spike pit you can easily get sucked 
into. Go slow and keep right up the hilly area and drive to where there is a 
cave to enter. When you get to the cave area enter it to end this level. Watch 3 
long cut-scenes and go to the next level. 

                             Level 6 (Temple Of Karnak.)

Start this level off by going right and climbing the 2 ledges here. Drop down 
here and kill the scorpion and you should see 2 steps leading up to a large 
looking tower and a medicinal canteen here oh damn I'm having Medal Of Honor 
Flashbacks again I meant the small med-pack here. Get it and then run left and 
then turn around and kill the scorpion here. Theres about 3 ways to go here so 
just go left first that'd be the second small opening area and follow the path. 
Look right once getting up the first ledge and another ledge is here. Go up here 
and jump the small gap here and take the small med-pack. Go across the way you 
came to the left side of the screen and enter the small entrance here. Fall down 
the small hole here and then to the right you should see an area where you can 
crouch and crawl through so do that. Crawl out to a big dark room with some tall 
pillars all around. You'll hear the secret music here and when you stand up 
shoot the scorpion thats heading your way.

 Go up here and take your first right where a tall black gate is and it is a 
small opening here. Enter here and then follow the path. Look immediately left 
and kill the scorpion here and then another lurks ahead so kill it also and then 
head forward. There is nothing more here so turn back around and go to the 
section where you entered and leave this section. Go back to the room with the 
really tall pillar in the middle and head straight across to the other side and 
climb the ledges here. Drop down and head left to 2 alcoves on the end and enter 
here. There is a scorpion here on the right so shoot it and then go left jumping 
the small gap here and the ledge on the right towards the back has some flares 
there so get them. 

Drop down the small gap now and climb out to a room with 2 sets of pillars and a 
stairway leading down to a small bowl. Save here just in case and go left 
falling down the ledge and kill the scorpion here and then head back up the 
ledge and go left to the other side where there is a ledge and drop there to get 
a small med-pack but be careful not to get bit by the scorpion thats now behind 
you. If you get bit then use a small med-pack to heal the yellow poisoned 
effect. Climb back up the ledge here and look above you and there is some monkey 
bar type rungs for you to swing across. Once across kill the scorpion here and 
then go left here climbing the ledge here. Hit the switch up above and then use 
the monkey rungs on this side to climb back to the beginning of this room. 

Right behind where the stairs leading down to the bowl was earlier a door has 
opened and you can walk in here and activate the switch. When you do a pillar  a 
little bit revealing another bowl on top of it.Turn around completely now and 
where the bowl was leading down the stairs it has dissappeared so fall down the 
small hatch here. The pillar actually goes down and when you fall you see some 
water and the bowl is right behind you. Don't go in the water yet just turn 
around. Climb the ledge behind you and get the large med-pack here and now go 
right. Climb the wall leading to a small opening above and climb in here and 
follow the path around. 

To get off the ledge here turn around with laras back facing the ledge and climb 
down here. Follow the path and then climb up the ledge here and then turn right 
and climb another ledge. Once up here look at the first opening on the right and 
get the flares here. From the opening go left and crawl through another tiny 
space and follow it around. Eventually you'll see a room with a big hill to 
climb so jump the steep slope here and then enter another small crawl space 
here. Follow it around and then do the same as before when getting off the ledge 
and fall here. Turn around here and go to the other side to climb the tall ledge 
cause you must go this way the hills are too high to get past. Drop down this 
section and then go over the next ledge towards the middle of the screen and 
climb up. Drop down this ledge and head right to the opening thats this way and 
enter here. 

Walk into this area where there is some pillars and some more steps and walk 
past the narrow black gate up the path. Make you first right here when lara 
starts looking up.  Jump in the water and get the flares in here and then get 
out. Go right and climb the ledge and then jump across the ledges up here. The 
first ledge once jumped look left and there is a switch here so push it and the 
gate behind you opens. Now turn around and push the switch over here to open the 
gate on the other side. Jump across again and get the shotgun ammo and the 
medpack. Jump across and enter the the gate to your right first and get the 
Canopie Jar 1 and watch the fmv show you the part I already walked you through. 
Now go to the left side and get the small med-pack here and the shotgun on the 
pedestal. Fall back down this section and go back to the room with the stairs 
leading to the bowl and fall down the hatch here. With the canopie jar 1 go 
right and then up the small ledge. Look right and there is a slot to put the jar 
into so do that and a door opens where you just were when you got the canopie 
jar. Go back to this section and go through the door there. Enter here and go 
down the sloped area to end the level. Someone emailed me saying something about 
getting another canopie jar and using it but I searched this level all the way 
through and as far as I know thats all there is to this level. If not then email 
me and tell me what I might've missed. thanks.

                               Level 7(The Great Hypostle Hall)

Start this area by going left up the ledge to an open area. Go right here and go 
over the small ledge thats here. Go right again and kill the 2 scorpions in this 
area. Go to the right side of the room and climb the small ledge and then you'll 
see an area with more openings in the floor. Jump left to the open area and kill 
the 2 scorpions here. Take your first left and get the UZI ammo thats here and 
now go back out going straight. Go up about 1 section and then look right and 
back there is some wide shotgun ammo. There is another scorpion here so shoot it 
and then go back straight. Drop off the ledge here and then follow the path 
around and you'll eventually see a cut-scene where the bad guys show up at the 
beginning of the last level and he says after her. Keep going until you get to a 
big gap with a far drop and you must jump the gap here and grab the other side 
of the ledge. Go right through a opening where there is a lot of rocky 
formations past them and into the next room. Get off the small ledge and follow 
the path around to the next room and go down the sloped area to end this tiny 
level. There could be more to this level and if there is then please help me out 
by submitting the sections to visit I might have missed to

                              Level 8(Sacred Lake)

First off leave this room by climbing the ledge here and then going left through 
the opening. Go straight here shooting the 2 bats on the right and then the 
Alligator on the left. The small ledge straight ahead has a small med-pack so 
get it and then go left. Get up the slanted ledge on the left and another 
Alligator comes after you but since your on the upper most ledge here he can 
only climb the lower ledge. Shoot him from a safe distance and then keep going 
left. Look up here and you should see a small crawl space type ledge so climb up 
it and crawl through it. Drop sown the other side killing 2 Scorpions and then 
drop down the left side of this room. Crawl through this area until you can 
stand up and then climb the small ledge down here. Up in this section you'll 
have 2 more Scorpions to deal with so shoot them and then You'll see some walls 
with some round looking yellow symbols on them. 

There is something that looks like a pencil in the middle part here and also a 
moat looking type of water surrounding. Jump in the moat and get the Shotgun 
Ammo down here and in a tiny section you can swim under is a small Med-Pack. Go 
back out to the area you were in before and then go around the the sloped area 
and get in the water. Swim straight and then right and go up a ways and now 
there will be 2 gators getting in the water with you so get out of the water via 
the small sloped area to the left. The other gator might just stay in the water 
but 1 is sure to follow you. When the one follows you run to the right and then 
turn around. Keep holding the d-pad back and shooting at the gator when moving 
bacwards. If you used the shotgun 2 shots kill him but if using the what I call 
the cap guns it takes quite a bit more.

Walk now to the edge on your left and the other gator is in the water so look 
right at the edge of water and he should be hiding here so turn right and it's a 
free blast cause he gets stuck on a portion of the level. Now all gators in this 
section are dead and you can jump in the water. Jump in the water and at this 
point in the game you should be near a sloped area just to the left of you. Jump 
in and swim straight down into a hatched section of the water. It's kinda dark 
down here but swim all the way to the bottom and then head straight once to the 
bottom and follow the path. Take your first right in the opening and take the 
flares here. Swim now towards the center of the screen and there is a small 
aisle here with a small med-pack back here. Turn back around and swim back out 
the way you entered. Once to the main section of water you'll probably need some 
air. Get breathed up and then swim to the sloped section where the gators joined 
you for a swim.

Get out here and follow the path right around to the section with some green 
foundations behind a cliffy wall. There is an opening here almost looking like a 
cave so enter here. Draw weapons and shoot 2 bats inside here. Go to the back of 
this room and drop down. Turn around here and drop down 3 more ledges using the 
walk button as a safety. Drop down the sloped section and then let go of the 
control completely. You'll land perfectly if you didn't touch the controller. 
Here there is 3 poles a new trick to master. Climb the pole your now on and 
climb towards the one on the right. You must use the jump button here BUT you 
only can jump backwards so you must hold the action or x button while turning on 
the pole. When your back is lined up with the other pole making sure you climbed 
high enough push the jump button. You'll land on the black platform on the right 

Once up high enough you'll see a ledge on the right. Again turn backwards and 
then flip back to land on the ledge here. Jump up 1 more ledge to a small crawl 
space and follow it around to another ledge where you must turn backwards and 
use x button to get off the ledge to the green dark cave here. Drop into this 
room and there is a chain to pull and it opens the big gate underwater from 
earlier. If you didn't see this gate it's a big steel looking gate near the 
beginning of the level. Leave the way you entered and slide down the pole and 
jump regular to the other pole and then slide all the way down this pole. Drop 
down into the water and now your in the section where you got the flares and the 
small med-pack. Swim to the right and follow the path to the end and then swim 
all the way up to the surface, simple. 

When you swim to the surface here be careful there is the gator they showed in 
the cut-scene when you opened the gate. Swim straight when you get your breath 
and go out the right side where the sloped area is. Get some distance by running 
left or right and then fill that gator full of shells. Jump in the water and 
enter the now opened gate and swim straight ahead. Above a rusty looking block 
is a switch that you must activate so do that and then turn around and swim down 
the smaller of the 2 hatches the one on the left. Down here there is a door with 
a grey looking slab on it so open it and if you need to before moving on go up 
for some air and then continue onward. There could be a gator here if there is 
then shoot it and then move on. Also before entering this dark section and 
swimming around light a flare first so you can see where your going. Follow the 
pathway here and you'll eventually wind up near 2 sloped rocks in the water and 
you can almost barely fit to get through. Seems like Eidos was in wayyy too much 
of a hurry for this game cause it's mind-bogglingly hard to fit through here. 

Once through go ahead and surface and catch your breath. In this room is a large 
med-pack and seemingly nothing more what a task just to get a large med-pack. 
Head back the same way you entered and surface to get air back. Look up and left 
and you can exit the water and run left, jump a ledge, and get the shotgun 
shells on the next ledge. Go to the other side of the room now and get the other 
shotgun shells.  Now head back to where you got the large med-pack in the hatch 
where the first big underwater gate opens. Swim up to where you originally got 
the large Med-pack and before entering the section where you have 2 sloped sides 
and very small area to swim instead go up here. There is a very small area here 
to swim through and when you get into the next part there is a large mirror on 
the wall and you can see yourself swimming on the other side. To the left and 
towards the entrance of this section is a flashing area thats barely seeable. 

You must swim up this flashing section and you will surface and get some air. 
Now hop up the small ledge here and follow the hallway down to another section 
to hop up. Get up this ledge and there is Canopie jar 2 sitting on a small 
pedestal. Take this Object and the gate from earlier finally opens. You can now 
go out that way and swim past the gate in the other small hatch. First 
though,Turn around and to the left of this room is some Uzi Ammo and to the 
right is some more Uzi Ammo. Take these 2 items and then haed back to the small 
hatch with the black gate. Swim through the gate to end the level.

                   Level 9(Temple Of Karnak:(Revisited)
Swim up to the open section and then climb the small ledge. Climb 2 more ledges 
straight ahead and then climb a third on the right hand side. Walk straight and 
to the opening and fall down taking your first right to the opening and then 
heading straight. Once up this section a ways you'll now see the other side of 
The Temple Of Karnak from before where now you can insert your Canopie Jar#2. It 
shows a cut-scene of the bowl on the pillar tipping over and then you control 
Lara again. Now you can jump in the water where before there was a strong 
current holding you back. Your actually floating on water is what it really is. 
Go to the back of the room here and climb the steps and get the UZI Ammo behind 
the monument. Turn around from where your standing and enter this opening 
following the path to the end. Go right or left whatever you choose here 
climbing the ledge. There is an opening on the right and the left to some big 
lake or water and if you look above there is a bolt of electricity shooting 

Drop down right here and you should be on a ledge and be careful there is 3 
Gators in this area. You should be able to hit 2 gators from up here on the 
ledge and the third I believe you need to fall in the water and then get him to 
leave the water and kill him.  Once the gators are dead jump in the water and 
get the shotgun ammo lying on the floor of the water. Turn right and go up the 
small ledge and get another shotgun ammo up here. Run around the ledge to the 
left if you like and you can see some kind of Artifact in a cage here which you 
can't get yet. Jump back in the water and going towards where the cage is once 
in the water there is a small section to swim into. Swim in here and follow the 
path to the right and climb the small ledge here. On the wall here is a switch 
so hit it and the black cage surrounding the artifact rolls down so now you can 
go get it. Actually there is 2 objects here to get the Sun Goddess and the 
Hypostle Key. Take them both and then go back up the ledge on the right and 
leave this section. Fall down the hole and go back to the monument room.

Enter the small crawl space up above and follow it out. When you make your final 
drop to the main room where the pillar first descended you will want to equip a 
weapon here. There is a bad guy up ahead so blast him and then move a small ways 
up to the opening. From the left is another bad guy so stand back a small ways 
and wait for him to come forward. You might have to step out a small ways to get 
him to notice you but then step back,wait for him,and then blast him. Go left 
now and look left now and there is a small passage in the sand under the 
structure here. Fall down here and then go left up the ledge and in this room to 
the right is a guard so shoot him. As soon as he dies turn around and shoot 
another guard now shooting you from behind. 

Go right to leave this area and hop the 2 small ledges here and then go right 
and here there is another guard so shoot him and then enter the area to the 
right. Take your next right in this next room past the door and exit thie level. 

                Level 10(The Great Apostle Hall:(Revisited)

Climb the ledge here and go left being careful at the opening. There is a Ninja 
Looking Dude here and he takes about 5 shotgun blasts to kill so kill him fast. 
Take his UZI Ammo and then go left and kill the 2 Scorpions here. Back a small 
ways is a Small Med-Pack and some flares so take them and then turn back around 
and head the opposite way. When turned around go left towards the small ledge in 
the center here. Climb up the ledge and on a ledge to the left is some shotgun 
ammo so get it. Turn back around and then go up the ledge on the right and be 
prepared for another Ninja. The key to killing these guys is distance,keep as 
far away from them as possible and shoot them. Take a right here and go to the 
back of the room and climb the ledge here. Once climbed jump over the hole and 
then around to an area where you can do the monkey swing across. Look for 
grooves in the ceiling to find it. Go left a little bit until you can land on a 
platform up here. Look left and you can jump to another platform to get some 
shotgun shells. Look straight across now and jump to that side to get the 
flares. Jump back now to the center platform and use monkey bars and you'll 
eventually fall down. Enter this next room where the doorway is and now you'll 
get ganged upon by 2 Ninjas so be careful. When they draw their sword and twirl 
it they reflect bullets. Wait till they drop their guard and then blast them. 

Go left at the next area and jump the large chasm here by using the action 
button to grab the ledge and pull yourself up now. Go to the next opening and 
you should see an opening on the right but don't go this way yet. Towards the 
right hand side of this room is a small crawl space so go there instead. Follow 
the path around once past the crawl space and then you'll eventually find a 
keyhole that you can use the Apostle key in. Use it and then enter the now open 
doorway. Look left here and there is another Ninja waiting for you in here. Back 
up and wait for him to drop his guard and then blast him. If you don't wait for 
him to drop his guard you'll be wasting ammo. Turn around here and up in the 
center of the room is another Ninja Guard so blast him. Finally you get to wield 
the UZI go up and take the gun you've been longing for. 

Turn back around and walk to the back of this room where you'll see some ledges 
so climb up them. Once atop the ledge look left and jump to the center section 
here. You can use the monkey bars here so do that and a Ninja from the other 
room comes in and he'll knock you off the bars. Equip a good gun and then shoot 
him from a safe distance whenever he comes into Laras Field Of View. Enter the 
next room to the right and this is what I call the Pillar Graveyard room. Shoot 
the Ninja in this room and then run straight across this room and get the Flares 
in this room. Hop the small ledge and get the flares and right below you is a 
guard so shoot him. Turn left now and go up the small ledge or rock and when 
your on it look left. Jump to the ledge in the middle when looking left. Here 
you again can use the monkey bars so go to the back of the room and there is a 
black switch here. To activate it jump up and when Lara is up high enough use 
action button to switch it. 

It lowers a bridge somewhere above so now get back on the monkey bars and this 
time go left when you get to the center and enter this room via the bars. Once 
in this next room and at the edge you'll see some more monkey bars so use them 
to go across this section. If you were wondering where the bridge was it's off 
to the left and now you know where it was. Go right here past the platform with 
the 2 pillars and enter this area on the right. Land in this room and another 
Ninja pops up so kill him. Get back on the bars now and go back to where the 
bridge went down at. Go up to the edge of where you can no longer swing and then 
let go of action button. Immediately press action button again to grab the ledge 
here. Go left here and pick up the UZI Ammo and then turn around going to the 
ledge. Climb this ledge and then another ledge and turn around. Jump the ledge 
here and now you up above where the bridge is so cross it. Jump left or right it 
doesen't make much difference and then on the right is a pillar with a boulder 
on it. 

Shoot this boulder which makes a hole in the floor below and now you can fall 
down the hatch the camera so briefly hinted at earlier after shooting the 
boulder. Use the Drop Down Backwards Technique to fall down here and now you 
should see the boulder deeply embedded in the floor. Turn left now jumping the 2 
ledges and take your first left into a darkish room. There is a chain here to 
the right but Lara Says No when you try pulling it. There is also a tower in 
this room as well as 3 paths to choose on each side of the room. 2 have ladders 
and one doesen't. The rooms on the right and left and center have giant looking 
lasers in them so check them out if you choose. Now when your done seeing the 
lasers go back to the main room where you just were and go back out the way you 
entered this main room and now go left along the path.

Follow the path up to a small hatch above and a ladder. Jump up to the ladder 
and then enter this next red room. Go to where the stick looking thing is 
sticking out and use action button to make lara move it. The order of the lasers 
is the first room controls the right laser so push it once. The middle room 
controls the center laser push it twice. The final room controls the left laser 
push it once and now they are all lined up. If you have difficulty doing this 
part the best way to find out how to line them up is to get 1 of them lined up 
and then mark down what room it was in but since you already know what rooms 
control what laser you shouldn't have any problems. Good Luck with this part. 
The 3 lasers shoot the glass tower and you can now climb up the now grababble 
ledge and get the Sun Disk for use on the Sacred Lake level again. Once you get 
the Sun Disk fall off the ledge and now there is a small opening where the 
center laser was at so fall through here. Walk a small ways up to end the level. 

                         Level 11  Sacred Lake:(Revisited)

Go out to the doors area here where the 3 small yellow looking things are that 
look like the sun disk. Combine the Sun Disk with the Sun Goddess to make the 
Sun Talisman and use it on the pointy looking thing sticking out of the ground. 
You can watch a cool cut-scene and then the 3 doors open up. Go to the left door 
first and fall down this section to some water. Get the Uzi ammo here and down 
below swimming underwater is a small section to swim in and some shotgun ammo 
here. Climb back up the ledge when you get shotgun ammo and climb the pole. 
Climb to the top of the pole and backflip to the ledge up here and get the 
flares. Now you can leave this area the way you entered. Go to the right door 
now and there is a small med-pack in here so get it and then go in to the only 
door left which is the center door. Enter this door and climb the ledge on the 
right thats kinda sloped but the highest one. Get up here and you can use the 
monkey swing so go straight and then eventually you can start going left so go 
this way. There is some bats in this area but they don't do any damage to you do 
don't worry about them. In this small crawl space get a small med-pack some uzi 
ammo and some shotgun shells. Now you can fall down here and shoot those blasted 
bats thay are like insects geez. 

Go back to the same ledge from before and grab the monkey bars and swing 
straight across to the other side. Let go of action here and quickly puch it 
down again so Lara will grab the ledge. If you miss it's back to square 1. Use 
the crouch button to fit in this small area and crawl through so when you make 
it to the end there is 2 ways to go so go  left first and get the uzi ammo first 
and then go right and then crawl into the small space. At the back area you can 
stand up and then climb up the ledge here. Go a small ways down and off to the 
left is a big gap to jump over to a ledge. Do the running jump to make it over 
and then sidestep right and line yourself up better for the fall of this upper 
section of the previous room. 

When you land I'd suggest using the walk button here as there is many places to 
fall down from. Go left when you enter here and climb the slopey ledge over 
there. It looks like a steep slope but she holds her ground just fine. Shoot the 
2 bats in this room and then do a backwards drop manuever and fall to the next 
room below. Turn left and there is a room with 2 pedestals which has some flares 
on the left pedastal and an Uzi on the right. Now leave this room and take your 
first left to an opening room with some pillars and 2 very large statues 
guarding a gate. There is a keyhole on the right of the wall near the gate so 
approach it and then watch the movie. This level is now finished.

                             Level 12 (Tomb Of Semerkhet)

(This is the stupidest level I have ever played in the Tomb Raider series why 
can't the f^&*(ing spiders be killed? That is a very stupid thing to do very 
very stupid. The spiders can't be killed I think thats just plain dumb a very 
bad gameplay desicion in my opinion.)

Beginning this level shoot the vase on the right and get the large Med-pack and 
on the left is some uzi ammo. Go straight here and slide down the slope and you 
will see a cut-scene. There is tons of spiders down here that kill quickly so 
look at the ceiling and you'll notice some monkey bars you'll need to jump up 
here to avoid them. They unfortunately to my knowledge can't be killed but 
someone will probably email me saying they can be killed. Let go at the end of 
the monkey bars and slide down the small slope and now your in front of a big 
pole. Jump on the pole and slide down 1 floor and jump off backwards here. Jump 
over the small gap here on the right and shoot the left vase for a small med-
pack. Walk to the opposite side and there is a stick on the ground near a torch. 
Use the stick on the torch and now you have free light with the stick becoming a 
torch. Drop down the next room and try to avoid these pesky spiders they kill 
quickly. Unfortunately they can't be killed so avoid them as best you can. Hit 
all 3 switches in each alcove of this room and a door above the next room where 
you got the torch will open. Jump up the pole quickly to avoid being eaten to 
death and then climb the pole. 

Climb up the pole and now on the right is a doorway thats opened up. Look left 
when entering this next room and there is some big orange looking doors that you 
can push open with the action button. Climb the ledge here and go over it and 
continue to an area to drop down to. Drop down and you'll now be facing a bunch 
of structures and a doorway behind you. Turn left and jump to the left part of 
this room and there is a black ladder here. CLimb the ladder and you'll hear the 
secret music and some wide-shotgun ammo is here. Now go to the right side of the 
room the lower area and enter the opening here. If you'll look to the right wall 
in this hall there is a ladder to climb up and get to the next section. Drop 
down this next area and shoot the 2 dogs here and then in the area where flames 
shoot out of the holes on the far left hole is a small med-pack. Wait till the 
flame retracts and then go in and pull the lever.

Go now to the right area and do the same waiting for the flame to retract and 
then pull the lever. This disables the flame in the center when pulled and now 
finally pull the center lever. To the right of the switches where the flames 
were is a new open doorway so enter it. Jump in the water here and get out to 
the left side. In this room there is 6 switches to push and the one at the back 
not lit up has some shotgun in it so do that one first. The next switch is to 
the left and a little more tricky. If you happen to catch on fire then quickly 
head left and jump in the water to douse the flames. Now turn around from where 
you got the shotgun shells and wait for the flame on the opposite side to 
retract and in this lever is a small med-pack. Walk now to the end switch and 
wait for the flame to retract and then hit this lever which Makes the flame in 
the middle on the other side to go out. Hit this next one in the middle and the 
one to it's right goes out now hit this one. Once you touch this switch a 
platform from higher above in the previous room where you killed the 2 dogs 

Turn around and now you can hit the middle switch by waiting for the retracting 
flame thats here.  Go up the other side to leave this room as the door leading 
to this room is now shut. Jump up the ledge here and then use the monkey bars 
above you and swing your way into the next room. If you get anxious about 
entering this room without looking for the bars then plan on doing a reload 
cause the ledge here is high up. Now enter the room you were in previously where 
the dogs were killed and now your just on the opposite side of the room. Walk 
forward here and to the right behind the cage-like platform is a black block to 
climb on. Get up here and then you can turn right and climb the cage-platform. 
Once up here sidestep right until you reach the corner of the top part of the 
cage. There is a ledge over there so make sure you do a run jump and grab the 
ledge to get on it,you don't need to use the grab button but it makes sure you 
make it in case you jumped short or something. 

Walk up this path and look left and there is a flame that retracts after a time 
also. Wait for the flame to retract and then hit the switch to extinguish all 
the flames. Now the flames that were all around the pedestal are gone and you 
can now inspect this pedestal flame free. If you haven't saved in a while nows a 
good time to do it to make sure you don't have to backtrack doing things over 
and over. Now jump back to the cage-platform and do a back drop manuever and 
land safely to the ground. Go now to the sloped area in this room and follow it 
down to the pedestal. The pedestal has a switch on it and when you hit it it 
opens some doors on the one side of the main hallway where the Chessboard 
looking pieces were. Run back up the sloped area and then take a left or right 
around to the small ledge to leave the room. Climb the taller ledge now behind 
it and then follow the hallway out. Drop down after going right around the 
hallway corner and then drop again to the main floor of this hallway. 

Head over to the opposite side in the other hallway to climb the ladder here and 
enter the now open ceiling tiles or doors. Climb the ladder all the way up and 
drop on either side to land safely here. Walk in the next room and watch the 
cut-scene. Here you have a Red tile on the left a green tile in the middle and a 
blue tile on the right. The game works like this the way you move a piece is 
determined by what color tile you step on. To move a green piece for example 
you'd step on the green tile and then touch the rollers on the left wall. The 
piece will move and eventually get destroyed when it gets to the end of the 
board. The objective in the game is simply to get rid of all the pieces and 
stepping on tiles to determine which piece moves shouldn't be a hard task at 
all. Once thats all done and all pieces gone drop down the ladder area and run 
out to main part of the room. To your left is a hole to fall through so fall 
here. When you go in the slope here you will slide to other slopes automatically 
for a little while. Finally you will land past a pole a small ways and land 
right next to 10 crossbow poison arrows a new weapon. 

Trun around completely now and jump past the pole and over here is some shotgun 
ammo. Slide down the pole now and you will enter a room high up above. There is 
2 vines in this area but head straight to the edge here and do a backdrop grab 
manuever. There is a ladder here you can safely climb down to the ground so do 
that and then fall down 1 more area to the very bottom. This room is not yet 
accessible as it needs 4 of some type of object to open up. Climb back up the 
ladder and then use your hand over hand technique to go back to this ledge you 
fell to earlier. Climb up the ladder and then go right to where you first 
entered this room. On this ledge looking left at the vine sidestep all the way 
to the corner of the ledge. Do a running jump here and grab the vine. This is 
the trickier part cause now you must line up with the other vine at the back of 
this room.

Once you are lined up with the vine then jump and grab this vine. Once on this 
vine turn right and then swing really high and then let go when it's safe. Walk 
up the stairs here and then walk to the next opening and kill the 2 dogs before 
entering here. Hit the switch on the right and then it will go to a cutscene 
showing what the hammers do. Back a bit further in a hall is a Green board 
piece. Pull this piece all the way back to where the hammers are at and you 
guessed it hit the switch. It breaks the piece and you get the Cartouche Piece 
1. Turn back around now and go back to the room where you swumg over where the 2 
vines are at. Jump the ledge where the pole is and then climb the pole up 
midways till you get to a ledge. Turn your back and line it up and do a backflip 
here to get the small med-pack. Jump to the other side and get the Uzi ammo and 
then shoot the pesky bat here. Climb back down the pole now cause above you is 
just a sloped area that you fall to your death to. Go back down and then get to 
the small crawl space area I mentioned of earlier. In this room is 2 hammers and 
another Green game piece. You must pull the piece out until you can get behind 
it to puch it. Push it to the hammers and then backflip or jump back as fast as 
possible. The hammers will crush you also they show no mercy. Just in case save 
your game before doing this part so you can be in the right room to do again if 
you goof up. 

Once the green piece is smashed get the Cartouche Piece 2 and then combine the 2 
halves. You now have the Ba Cartouche. Leave this crawl spaced area and fall to 
the main floor where the 2 large gates were at and use the Ba Cartouche on the 
one door try them both I can't remember which one it was. When the doors open 2 
dogs run after you so shoot them. When you enter here turn right and you'll see 
a switch on the wall in the distance. You must do a running jump and grab the 
switch to open up another section. You'll fall to the floor and there is a small 
crawl space to the left of you but don't go here yet. Just go straight instead 
and get on the pole to the right and climb up it first. Jump backwards in this 
section and you have another gamepiece along with a fire on the path. 

The crawl space is used for reentry of the main room here. The switch from 
earlier turns the flames off on the path so you can move the game piece down the 
path. I'd recommend stopping before each time in front of the fire and saving 
that way you won't have to redo old moves. Once you smash this piece you have 
another Ra Cartouche to fit the other door and run up the stairs here and then 
turn left here and go up these stairs. There is a fire spirit here that will set 
you on fire so run off the ledge here and then go right. Go up the ledge hurry 
now into the next room where a switch is at. Hit the switch and a block opens up 
and a water spirit pops out. Now you don't have to contend with the fire spirit 
anymore. In the water spirit room to the left is a small med-pack on a ledge. 
Another small medpack is on the other side of the room. Go back to the Fire 
Spirit Room and now you get to swimg on the vines. Start at the entrance of the 
Fire Spirit Room and swing to the first vine. The key to swinging from one vine 
to another is how you keep the vines in line with the next. If you can see a 
perfectly straight line when swinging on the vine your okay to start swinging 
and hop to the next vine. If your the slightest bit off you have to restart and 
this is very frustrating. When you make it to the last vine in this room swimg 
your body left and face the left ledge.

Land on this ledge and enter this next room. There is a main path here and 2 
steep ledges on either side so don't fall off. Get near the ledge and there is a 
large block with a pole on it. Before jumping to the block you might wanna kill 
the bats that are here. Now jump to the block and climb the pole here. Climb up 
to an area where there is a ledge and it's kinda difficult here to make this 
jump. The key is stay away from the ceiling and you'll be fine. Just as you rise 
a small bit above the ledge on the pole is when you need to turn around and do 
your backflip. Line yourself up with the doorway your now facing as the door and 
this ledge are in perfect alignment with each other. Turn right and jump to hit 
the switch here. You'll fall down 1 level but you can jump right back to the box 
with the pole from here. Jump back the way you came in at and this time head 
left around the tiny ledge and reach in the switch box and get another torch 

Follow the small path up to a ledge and jump the small ledge here to the other 
side and then turn left. Shoot the bats in here and then go back to where the 
black switch was at. Jump like your gonna activate but don't since you cant with 
a stick in hand. On this ledge below throw the stick to the ground and then do a 
backwards drop yourself and find the stick. Take the stick to the Fire Spirit 
Room,remember the flame in the middle that the fire spirit got made from? Well 
there is 2 unlit torches going back towards the big room you were just in. 
Before entering the big room you don't need to there is 2 ledges on the right 
and left with unlit torches. Take the lit torch and light the torches and you'll 
hear a gate open somewhere. Turn around now completely and fall through the 
hatch. Now follow the path to another drop and land here. You will hear the 
mystery music now and ahead a scissor like round booby trap. Run back to the 
first part of the small ledge back a small ways to make this work. Wait till the 
blades stop chopping for that brief 2-3 seconds. Start running and then use the 
dash button to begin running. When you get close to the trap use the jump button 
to dive through.

You might get a little hurt but at least your not killed. In this room there is 
a bunch of pedastals so start with the ones on the right. The first one has some 
Grenadegun Flash Ammo and the one next to it has flares and now go to the other 
side. this side has some shotgun ammo and then some stupid spiders the kind you 
can't kill come after you. Grab the Large Med-Pack on the center pedestal and 
then run out towards the trap and there is now a trap door to fall down so fall 
here and then quickly jump the ledges. Follow the path back out to where you 
first entered this area at. Go back now to where you got the stick out of the 
secret switch and enter the dark hallway back here. You can jump up a ledge here 
to a higher area. Jump here and follow the small hall around. You should be at a 
opening where a black door is so fall down into the next room and then take your 
first left to finally exit this level.

                               Level 13(Guardian Of Semerkhet)
Watch the movie and then walk into the next room and drop down the hatch and 
slide down the slope. Ahead is a trap of a new kind depending on which way you 
went in previous level. If you followed my walkthrough you took the harder of 
the 3 ways to go and you should remember what to do with this next trap. For 
those who didn't go that way what you must do is stand near the beginning of 
where the sloped area is and wait for the trap to open up for about 3 seconds 
before closing again. Once you get the green light to start going in other words 
when the trap is closed start by using the casual run and then use the dash 
button a second later and when you get close enough push the jump button to get 
through safely. This trap might take some practice to keep trying and follow my 
method and you should get through. You might get scaved a small bit but if you 
don't die then use a small med-pack or a large depending on how bad you got cut. 

When you finally make it through you might want to save it and then move on 
ahead. Turn the corner left here and another trap is here so dive through and 
then save again if you choose. Fall down the sloped area and into the next room 
and behind you is a triangular looking pattern. Up the small ledge in this room 
is a 3-D model type map of Egypt where the Sphinx and a few other landmarks in 
the desert are. Once you check the map go left up the smaller slope and then 
turn right and enter the crawl space here and follow the small path to another 
room obviously. Here there is a big looking ships wheel but really it's a gear 
box. You must keep pulling on the gear to open a door at the end of this room. 
The area below has some holes down there and some of them have spikes in them so 
don't fall off the edge. The spikes are activated when you go in the hole but 
they don't do too much damage if you get hit by it. If you happen to fall down 
here go to the small ledge and purple looking hallway and climb a taller ledge 
here. An even taller ledge is to the right I believe and you need to use the 
crouch/crawl button to get through here. It takes you to the other side of the 
gear box but always turn the gear from the right side to get the big door open.

This next section can be looked at as a map for where to go to get through the 
door. Once you Activate the gear box run left from the gear box to the ledge. 
You gotta be quick here but don't get careless cause you'll fall off the edge 
and then have to restart. If that happens then just keep practicing it till you 
get through. The arrows pointing towards the gear box represent which way you 
must run first. The door slowly shuts and you just might have to crouch to get 
through so do so if the need be.

___________     ______________________
_  ________     ___________________   | 
|  |1st ledge                      |  |   Be fast
|  |                               |  | This ledge has large blades
GB(Gear Box Not Gameboy)
                                   |  |More Blades here be quick
Lara(Your Here)                    |  |
 X                                 |  |_______
                                   |__________Big Door here

Once past the blue door keep on going cause there is more blades here and then 
jump right and you'll see an object on a pedestal. Don't run right up to it go 
around behind the pedestal instead to get the item cause there is 3 blades here 
as well. If you get the object from behind the pedestal the blades can't harm 
you. The object you got is the Golden Vraeus and can be used where the map room 
was at. Turn left here and then fall down here avoiding the holed areas that 
have blades in them. You could have gone back the ledge way for a challenge with 
the blades again if you choose it's really up to you. Enter the small crawl 
space once again heading out of this room and then drop back into the map room. 
Use the Golden Vraeus in the slot and a laser beam will melt one of the temples 
on the map revealing a Guardian Key that looks like a vampire. From where you 
got the key face right and use the key in the small indentation on the wall over 

To the right of you was a black floor panel thats now a hatch to fall into so 
fall in here. Follow the smaller slope down to the steeper slope and slide down 
into the next room. From where you landed in this hall turn right and you'll 
hear a shutter when you pass by a certain part of the hall. Walk by a little 
farther and another shutter you'll hear. Walk to the middle of this next room 
and get the small med-pack here on the ground. Walk left now and you'll hear 2 
more shutters and a door is ahead and a switch on the right. You'll get closer 
here and a bull pops out of the door so you must hit the switch and then run 
like Hell through the door the Bull ran out from and follow the path using the 
run button gradually as to keep distance between you and the Bull.

Go to this dark room in the back and go up the small ledge to a big black 
looking door. Use action button here and then you will grab a torch stick 
inside. Luckily the Bull can't hurt you from where your standing so don't worry 
yet. Run back to the door where the bull was in and at the end of this hall is a 
torch atop a ledge you must jump. Light the torch and head back towards the last 
area where you got the stick originally and in this room there is 2 torches to 
light so light them and a door opens. Fall down into this section and then 
you'll hear the mystery music. Here there is 3 pedestals which have blades on 
them and you can't avoid them. First go left and get the shotgun ammo. Then go 
any way you want and collect the rest. The others are the large Med-Pack on the 
center pedestal and on the right one is the Poison or normal crossbow ammo. 
Careful when leaving here cause a spiked ball drops to the center of the room 
and can stab you killing you instantly. Head back to the area you just were

Run back to where the Bull first entered the room and the area where the small 
medpack was has some monkey bars to grab and now you can avoid the stupid bull. 
Swing across past the area where you first entered this entire area in the first 
place and eventually you'll see an opening on the left. Theres some pesky bats 
here but they don't do enough damage to harm you so face this small crawl space 
and release action button and then immediately hold again to grab the ledge. 
Enter this small crawl space and follow it around. Take your first left around 
the crawl space and you'll hear the mystery tone again and about the same time 
the bats finally leave(maybe the mystery tone scared them off.) Enter this next 
room and below a tall ledge is another flame room but how should you get in 
without being burnt to death? Run to the ladder on the back side of the room and 
do a jump grab manuever and grab the ladder and then use it to climb down 
safely. You might want to save down here cause you know how easy it is to catch 
on fire and there is no water to douse the flames here. Once safely down in this 
section of the room turn left and climb the stove looking ledge and get the 
shotgun ammo. Go back down and then wait for the flames to retract to your left 
and then hit the switch here in the box to Get the wide shot shotgun ammo. Now 
turn around and on the ledge on the right is some crossbow explosive ammo.(No I 
don't know where the crossbow is.)

Go back to where the first switch in the wall was and wait for the flame to 
retract and reach in it again to make the flame on the opposite side of you to 
retract. Wait for it to retract and then get the Uzi ammo. Again wait for this 
same flame to retract and repush the switch in here. The one that goes out save 
for last so wait for the black walled switches flame to retract and get the 
large med-pack Turn right and this one torch goes out so now hit this one and 
run to the ladder cause this one makes the spiders flood in so leave here 
quickly. Go back out the way you came in to the room or hall where the monkey 
bars were at you used to get to the small crawl space. The door at the beginning 
area thats blocked is where you should stand. Wait till he comes charging and 
then move out of the way and the doors fly open. In this room there is 3 rather 
large buttons to big for Lara to push herself luckliy she has a trusty comrade 
called a Bull. Well maybe not a trusty comrade but willing to help if you can 
time the jumps just right before he comes crushing in to you. Have the bull 
charge at you 3 times to activate 3 switches in the room. This opens 2 doors in 
the back of the room so enter the right door first. 

Go in here and light a flare avoiding the bull and turn right twice and climb 
the ladder here. Follow the path around to a room with some shotgun ammo on a 
ledge. When entering here don't charge in to the center of the room as there is 
a ball that drops in and blades pop out a very bad thing. Get the shotgun ammo 
and then run along the ledge left to get the Uzi Ammo First and then the small 
med-pack. Head now back around to where the 2 doors first opened and head left 
now. Follow the path around and climb the ladder thats up here to end the level.

                     Level 14(Desert Railroad)

Watch the cool cut-scenes and now you are on a train level. Push the lever here 
to open the sliding door. Jump here being careful not to fall off cause you die 
right away and it sounds like you get pretty messed up when you die. Open the 
door with action button here and enter. Go around to the right and then shoot 
the ninja that jumps out at you. Exit this next door and then jump to the 
railcar thats got sand or dirt on it and a cut-scene shows a Green Jeep drive 
beside the train and 2 Ninjas jump over to the car your facing. Wait for them to 
let their guard down and then blast them. Now jump over to the next railcar and 
on this next car is some ladders on the left and the right so choose which set 
you'd prefer to jump onto and then head up to the top railcar. 

This next section has a hatch in the top part of the car and another car in the 
distance has one also. 2 Ninjas pop out here so kill the closest one first and 
then kill the farther one. Fall into the first car and get the shotgun ammo 
thats down here. Run towards the other side of the railcar where there is a 
ladder and a Ninja runs out after you. Kill him and then climb the ladder to the 
top of the next railcar. This other railcar has nothing in it but jump in if you 
just wanna see it and then head back out to the main area of cars and head on. 
This next car is kinda deceiving in a way. They make you think you need to do a 
running jump to get up to the top part of this car but don't do that. Instead 
jump to this car and then head right and do a drop hold manuever to grab the 
side of the railcar. Hold x button down and then shimmy right until it's safe to 
get up. Watch the helicopter cut-scene and then look at this next car.

This car is sorta deceiving also as the ladder on the left side of the car the 
rungs blend in with the color and texture of the railcar. Climb the ladder here 
and then kill the Ninja on this last car. On this last car do a backdrop safe 
manuever and grab the ledge here. A Door below slides open and now release the x 
button. Immediately hold the x button down to grab this crate. Pull yourself up 
and then continue on into this next car. To the left is a large med pack and to 
the right is some revolver ammo but I haven't found the revolver yet. If you 
didn't get it already when falling to this car then pick up the normal crossbow 
ammo. Leave this car getting on the ledge and then shimmying to the right to 
where the ladder is at. Climb up the ladder here and then at the top start 
shimmying right using the hand over hand technique to get around the corner of 
the railcar. Keep shimmying until you see an opening to drop to where you must 
again release the x button and then immediately hold it to grab the crate here. 
Drop into this room and get the crowbar and the ammo and then use the crowbar on 
the half round gear in the floor near the back of the room to activate the 
switch beside it. Turn around completely now and kill the Ninja guy here and 
then a door is now open this way so head out of this area. 

Jump over the sand covered car and a door will open in the next car so shoot the 
ninja in this car. Jump now to this car and then climb up the tall back part of 
the car to get to the top area. Shoot the 2 Ninjas here and I believe one falls 
off the train if you shoot him one time and he's near the edge of the car. So 
jump back over the cars here and shoot the 2 Ninjas that come up with the Jeep. 
Another is waiting in the next railcar so shoot him as well. On the way back 
from this car is some doors you can enter and can use the crow bar on to get 
some good stuff. Go in the next car and next to the switch you first activated 
in this level is another gear box so use the crowbar in here to end the level. 
Watch the cut-scene for the next level now.