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            Street Sk8ter FAQ v 1.0, March 19th, 1999

             By Chris Canfield (seishino@aol.com)

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                 ------------- Contents -------------
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                 |           Introduction           |
                 |           Basics                 |
                 |           Characters             |
                 |           Secrets                |
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troduction  Introduction  Introduction  Introduction  Introduction  Introdu

Not since the days of Skate or Die has a home console seen a dedicated
skating game.  I used to while away a good long day just perfecting a run
on the downhill course.  Of course I had to buy Street Sk8ter, and don't
expect me to be unprejudiced about it either.  Sure, the clones will come,
and some may even be better but...  OK, so they will probably be better.
In the meantime, this is still a kick-ass game.  Enjoy the ride.

The main purpose of this FAQ is to be a respite of all knowledge about the
game, and a tool to refine the best line through the courses.  If you have 
wisdom to impart, or your own question you'd like answered frequently, 
contributions are greatly appreciated.

cs  Basics  Basics  Basics  Basics  Basics  Basics  Basics  Basics  Basics 

                             - Controls -
                   Steer Left          Left Arrow
                   Steer Right         Right Arrow
                   Accelerate          O
                   Ollie               X
                   Brake               Square
                   Switch Stance       L1/R1
                   Ramp Tricks         X + a direction

                             - Modes -
Street Tour:
Your basic Gaming mode. Three tracks in order, with bonus rounds inbetween.

Free Skate:
More of a relax-and-go for it.  Chose what you want to do, and do it.
You can turn off the timer in the Option menu.  Also, these are the only
high-scores that the computer cares about.

VS. Mode:
Take turns with a friend, just don't run out of time on the course.

This isn't Mario, people.  The Jumping in Street Sk8ter is confined to
doing tricks, rather than exploring.  You can move your skater slightly in 
the air by pressing left and right, but what it's really used for is to 
turn.  Airborn turning lets you line up for your next trick.

Riding the rails is easy.  You just need to land on the metal in the
general right direction.  Hit it from the side going too fast, however, and
you'll just fly right over.

This is where the major points in the game are to be made.  The faster you
hit one, the farther you go, the more points you get.  But ramp rats take
notice, you get less points the more tricks you pull on one ramp.  It's
usually only worth pulling tricks twice on a single ramp.

Ramps come in two varieties, quarter-pipes and little street ramps.  The
process for pulling tricks is the same with both.

rs  Characters  Characters  Characters  Characters  Characters  Characters

                      - Normal Characters -

Name            TJ             Jerry          Ginger         Frankie

Style           Regular        Goofy          Regular        Goofy

Jump Power      XXX            XXXXXXX        XXXXX          XXXXXXX
Cornering       XXXXXXX        XXX            XXXXX          XXX
Max Speed       XXX            XXXXXXX        XXXXX          XXX
Accelerate      XXXXXXX        XXX            XXXXX          XXXXXXX

                      - Secret Characters -

Name            Sarah       Mick        Bonobo      Saho
Style           Regular     Goofy       Regular     Blades

Jump Power      XXXXXX      XXXXX       XXXXXXX     XXXXX  
Cornering       XXXX        XXXXXXX     XXXX        XXXXXXX
Max Speed       XXXX        XXXXXXX     XXXXXX      XXXXXXX
Accelerate      XXXXXX      XXXXX       XXXXX       XXXXX

TJ has good handling, and recovers from spills quickly.  While not too fast
he never gets out of control.  Highly recommended for beginners.

Jerry is a jumper.  He can rack up some high points and catch major air...
if you don't crash him into something, that is.  Hard to handle.

Ginger has a nice balance.  She's quick, but responsive.  Quite refreshing
after all the jumpers in the first set.

Frankie is another jumper, but he is actually easier to use than Jerry, as
his speed never becomes a problem.  Try him second.

Sarah is suprisingly almost as balanced as Ginger.  Descent play with a 
nice outfit.

Mick is, flat out, one of my favorite characters.  Fast and nimble, He's
a lot of fun.

Bonobo really goes nuts on the course, as he is an honest to goodness 
chimp.  He plays like an upgraded Jerry, All jump and a little turn.

Saho has the dubious distinction of being the only Ninja / Rollerblader in 
the group.  No matter, he plays just fine, thank you.  Basically he's a 
clone of Mick, and Mick is good, so...

rets  Secrets  Secrets  Secrets  Secrets  Secrets  Secrets  Secrets  Secret

To unlock all of the game's options, you must play through the game 
twice with each of the characters (including the secret ones).

The first time you beat the game with the original four characters, you
will unlock alternate pathways down the mountains.  
The second time, you will unlock the four secret characters.  TJ unlocks 
Sarah, Jerry unlocks Mick, Ginger unlocks Bonobo, Frankie unlocks Saho.

Ride the courses again with the secret characters, and you will earn twenty
new board designs.  That's five new decks per person (and monkey).  

The second time with the secret characters allows you unlock the mirror
modes of the three courses, and a "Time of Day" option in the practice
course select.  Be warned, though.  The "Time of Day" affects which gates
are open on that course.

ethroughs  Sk8tethroughs  Sk8tethroughs  Sk8tethroughs  Sk8tethroughs  Sk8t

The purpose of this skatethrough is not to make it easier to get all the 
secrets, though it will.  The purpose is to show you the highest-scoring
line through each level, the best one I could come up with.  If you've got 
a better way, good for you.  E-mail me and we'll share with the group.

                  ----------LA: Level 1----------

                         Ist area- Planters

The planters here are arguably the most difficult, and fun, tricks in the 

Easy- Grind the 4th planter, then curve around for the 6th and the 7th.
      If you're going to do this, and you have the 1st gate open, just go
      through the pathway and jump the ramp.  It's faster for the same 
      amount of points.

Med-  Grind the 3rd planter right ahead of you.  Slam on the brakes.  You
      should careen into a corner between the 1st gate and the 4th edge.
      turn and jump onto the corner of the planter.  Hop onto the 5th, 6th,
      and 7th grinds.  Don't hit the wall.

Hard- Swerve to the left at the start and Grind the second planter.  When
      you land, aim at the left wall and bounce off it so that you're 
      pointed towards the edge of the 3rd planter.  Hop on the corner of 
      the 3rd.  Swerve right, then back around to land half way on the 4th.
      Nail the 5th, 6th, and 7th, Don't hit the wall.

                      2nd area- 3 Ramps or Trail

The planters end rather abruptly in a sharp left.  If you've opened the 2nd 
gate, take the path to the right.  Otherwise, straight it is.  

3 Ramps
Straight will run out to a 90 degree right, leading you to the straight 
away with 3 ramps and a rail. Take it a little slow to hit each ramp.  In 

the air, aim your sk8ter toward the ramp AFTER the one you're about to land
on.  Good luck getting the rail at the end.  Another 90 degree will lead 
you to a stone pathway, Stay to the right of the trail and stay 
accelerating.  A sharp left will drop you into the Skate park.

This is a much easier and, ironically, worthwile stretch than the 3 ramps.
However, the trail does weave a bit, so stay alert.  From the beginning of 
this stretch, have your finger smash the circle button.  Don't let go for
the rest of the course.  The first ramp is nice and easy, but take care to
aviod the sign.  The sign is a lot taller than it looks.  The second ramp
can be, theoretically, landed onto a rail slide.  Another rail slide down 
the trail, and you should drop right into the Skate park.  (unless you're
desperately short on time, and really want to go right).

                         3rd area- Skate park

1st half
Spend some time in the skate park to rack up those points.  The first half 
pipe, which lets out on the far left, is highly lucrative.  Level 8 tricks
can be pulled off here presuming you built up enough speed from the last
section.  Do 3 level eight tricks per side, then move on the the second 
half.  If you have trouble fitting into that tight path on the left, just 
make your last trick slam into the wall while airborn.  The wall will align
you perfectly for the next run.  

2nd half
You should bump up into some small change ramps, level 6 and level 4's.
While the left ramp and the right ramp on the far wall have different trick
levels, they are considered one surface.  So pull two tricks on the level 6
surface (the one on the left), while pulling two tricks on the ramp 
opposite it.  Head right and nail the grind on your way out.

                      4th area- The home stretch

If you can't quite make the 1st turn in the home stretch, just be lazy and
go over the rock.  Nothing too fancy here.  Hop the first ramp.  Aim for
the inside (left) of the 90 degree grind, Hop the second ramp.  Don't screw
up the last trick and you should be set.

                     ----------NY: Level 2----------

                         1st area- The couryard

If you're feeling ballzy, go for the benches at the beginning.  They're 
worth 200 points each, and can be climbed by hitting jump just before you
hit the bench.  A good cornerer can hit the first, second, and forth, 
while bobo and the likes can grab the second and third.  Accelerate. Grind 
the planter behind the tree at the fork in the road.  Grind it left (if 
open.  If not, grind right and try to get the rail).  Quickly hop onto the 
planter to the left of the stairs, and start a hard left.  Carve around the 
turn.  Avoid the posts.  Hop on the planter to the right just before the 
90 degree right turn.  Hop onto the planter on the outside of the turn (you
should be just about smashing into it).  Grinding down the path now, hop
across and grind the other side (try to nab a bench while you're at it).  
And if you're running out of time, the game won't end during a grind.  If
you're on the planter, you're safe.

                       2nd area-the skate park.

Do something with the two ramps just after the checkpoint.  Use the last
ramp to launch you into the U-turn quarter pipe.  Being level 8 compatible,
pull one trick, turn back up the ramp, and pull another.  Line up an exit
and skim the bar on your way out.  While the next hard right may look like 
a ramp, it isn't.  They're trying to trick you.  Just turn.  Line up in the
center of the next series of ramps, and you should come to a nice 
quarterpipe sequence.

While they may not look it, the two blue quarterpipes are considered 
different ramps.  The red one, however, is just one.  However, all can do 
8th level tricks.  Trick the left blue, trick the red, trick the left blue,
trick the red, trick the right blue, trick the red, trick the right blue, 
and ride out of there.  

The wooden halfpipe is a different surface than the U turn that follows it,
Starting on the right, pull two moves per side and move on.  The outside of
the U-turn is a full 8 surface, while the inside is just a 4.  Trick the 
outside, inside, outside, outside, and move on.  

                       3rd area- The last stretch

Up comes a series of three jumps and a rail.  You get bragging rights if
you can land on the rail from the first jump, but it doesn't really help 
your points.  Jump the first ramp, line up the second jump so that
you land on the right side of the third jump.  Launch from the right side 
of the third jump to the left side of the large red sign.  Pull a trick on
the top of the sign (take your foot off the gas if it's still there), then
pull hard over into the blue sign.  hop up onto the sign, then trick again 
at the crest.  This is hard to do and does require practice (the course 
isn't that long if you're just rushing through it).  If you still can't get
it to work, try tapping the brake.  Or just accept defeat and ignore
the second sign.

Then it's smooth sailing to the end.  Unless, of course, you want to 
pick up a bench on your way...

                    ----------Tokyo: Level 3----------

Once again, the start of the level provides the trickiest area to fully 

                      1st area- The unlandable ramp

Start by charging to the end of the blue halfpipe.  When you get near the
end, cut hard right and trick.  The acceleration should have gotten you to 
level 4 tricks.  Two on each side, and continue on to nail the rail slide.
If you have trouble getting out of the pipe, aim the landing on the last 
jump out of the pipe for a safe, aimed, and abrupt landing.  

Then comes the tricky part.  Trick from the left corner of the launch ramp,
but be aimed right, As close to the red swirl on the big ramp as you can is
about right.  The problem is you need to be aimed for takeoff just far 
enough to the left to come down facing down the path, but just barely.  Too
far, and you'll fly.  Too little, and you'll head straight which for some 
reason stops you from turning.

If you managed to land that, cut across to the blue ramp at full throttle.
Hop up the side, and try to nail it just about straight up the face, 
exactly as you weren't supposed to do for the last surface.  Come down, hit
the rail (you may need to brake), and keep riding.  One trick around the
u-turn, and you're moving on.

                      2nd area- The coaster tubes

Simple ramp, but try to land on the raised cement to the left of the dirt
pathway.  It's much faster.  Past the dirt, you'll find a wide open stairs.
Hop off the cement for long enough to jump on the surface to the left, 
trick it, and hit the rail in the middle.  
Around the corner, you will hit the largest drop of your life.  If you've
got it open, make a sharp left.  Otherwise, pull up the ramp, flip a bitch,
and good luck to you.  

You'll hit a ramp which leads into a series of blue and green halfpipes.  
nail each side of each color surface twice (once if you usually run out of
time).  Be careful in lining up your run out, as it can get ugly.  I advise
you to not use the first ramp unless you're going very slow.  Steer around 
it.  Hit the second ramp, and strain around to get the last ramp at an
angle left.  Basically, try to land on the side of the big mess instead of
in the middle.  Come down and around (brake if needed) and hit the first 
railslide.  Quickly hop to the next.

Around this time, you should notice yourself running out of time.  You
didn't do everything fast enough.  Try again.

you will come upon what looks like a blue wall, with a path left.  Head
straight up it to the hard-to-spot pathway at the top.  A short blue path,
and a trick opportunity that shouldn't be missed.

                     3rd area- Trying to kill you

Death lies in the center of this straight.  Stay to the right, and don't
dip down into the middle.  Use the right wall to pull two tricks, but keep
your angle shallow enough to keep from falling back into the slice-o-matic.
You should cross a checkpoint into a nice pair of quarterpipes.

Don't be decieved, the two ramps are really one surface.  Do each twice, if
you want, but only if you're moving fast enough.  There should be a small
hop out, and you're onto another pathway with mud in the middle.  Stay to
the side during the turn.

Coming up on the home stretch, you'll see a blue halfpipe like the one at
the beginning.  Trick twice each side, but leave enough space to hit the 
last ramp.  Jump, smile, and wait for your reward.


                        Many thanks go out to

          PSM, for hyping the game, secrets, and early info.

          Sega Sages for confirming the secrets.

          James, for playing with me, and losing.

its  Fidgety Bits  Fidgety Bits  Fidgety Bits  Fidgety Bits  Fidgety Bits  

The author of this FAQ, and anyone distributing it, cannot be held liable 
for anything that may happen as a result of using this FAQ. This includes, 
but is not limited to: damage to your playstation, loss of saved games, 
obesity, obssessive compulsive disorders, epileptic seizures, marital 
problems, assorted acts of god, or any other damages either real or 
imaginary.  In short, it's just text.

This FAQ can be reproduced at will, provided it remains reasonably intact 
and no money changes hands.  However, This FAQ is copyrighted by Chris 
Canfield and cannot be sold, or included in a publication that is sold, 
without a big, fat cut coming my way (or just my written permission.  I'm 
not greedy.) 

Unfortunately, the free virus I was planning to bundle with this FAQ turned
out to be unavailable for distribution due to tangled copyright reasons.  
Any viruses you find in in this faq can be considered gifts of the generous
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Street Sk8ter is (c) 1999 Electronic Arts and Micro Cabin.  This FAQ is not
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