CheatPlanet's Battlefield 2 Bad Company Multiplayer FAQ

By Michael Grimm


Multiplayer in BC2 is a much different affair than in MW2, the maps are 
bigger,there’re vehicles rolling around, and working with your squadmates is 
way more effective than going lone wolf sniper. Bad Company 2 rewards players who
help their teammates, even if it’s something as simple as throwing down an 
ammo resupply crate. While twitch FPS skills are important, the maps are 
huge, and flanking your opponent and setting up ambushes is just as 
important. With that in mind, here’s some general tips for those of you 
getting started with BC2’s multiplayer. 

General Multiplayer Tips:

TAG YOUR ENEMIES: This is essential, but since it’s a feature not in other 
games, new players aren’t accustomed to doing it. By tapping the “back” or 
“select” button while an enemy is in your sites, you will tag him which makes
him pop up on the map and places a large orange triangle over his head. 
Because BC2 doesn’t feature a radar based UAV like MW2, tagging is the only 
way to make your enemies appear on the map. The orange triangle over their 
heads is also great, as it’s essentially a big “SHOOT ME” sign, seriously 
watch how fast tagged enemies get taken down by your kill hungry teammates. 
Even better, any enemy or vehicle you tagged that gets killed nets you 
points, regardless of who killed him. 

JOIN A SQUAD: When you join an online game, it will ask you if you want to 
join a squad. ALWAYS SAY YES (unless you plan on joining with some friends, 
in which case you’ll do it later). Joining a squad places you with 1-3 other 
players and allows for you to spawn on top of any living member of the squad. 
This is incredibly helpful as it allows you to warp to the front line when 
respawning, saving you the long trip back from your HQ. It’s also helpful as 
you will gain huge point bonuses for doing anything that directly helps your 
squad mates. Killing an enemy your squadmate has tagged, taking an objective, 
reviving a squadmate, all of these things will give big points and help foster 
the teamwork mentality that wins games.

HELP YOUR SQUAD: This is kind of a no brainer, but even the most haphazard 
teamwork will give you a huge advantage over the enemy. Sticking with your 
squad will make all of you much more powerful; if one of you dies, you can 
respawn on the surviving teammate. Automatic backup is a beautiful thing, and 
it makes taking M-COM stations and flags a lot easier. While it sucks getting 
stuck in a terrible squad, just remember, at the very least they’re moving 
targets that can suck up bullets that might have been aimed at you. 

USE THE VEHICLES: While this may seem odd, it happens pretty frequently that in 
the middle of a battle, players will be too busy respawning deep in the map to 
remember all the heavy artillery back at the main base. True, it can be a trek 
on some maps to have to drive the tanks all the way to the front lines, but they 
provide lots of heavy firepower that can scatter opponents and take their focus 
off of the objectives.

STOP PICKING THE RECON CLASS: Seriously. While everyone loves sniping and hanging 
back in the cut like a badass, Recon is generally a situational class that should 
only be used on occasion. Unfortunately too many players will pick Recon and 
never change their class, instead preferring to camp on top of a hill and take 
potshots at enemies, refusing to help their teammates or help complete mission 
objectives. Recon units are especially impractical on Rush Mode Attacker teams 
because it’s essential to physically approach and hold the M-COM boxes, most of 
which are in doors and impervious to sniper fire. The Defenders also have an 
infinite number of respawn tickets, so all those “sick headshots” really aren’t 
doing anything useful. If you must play sniper, at least make use of your mortar 
strike attack, it’s extremely powerful and helps to disperse groups of enemies 
while destroying vehicles and buildings.

Game Modes

BC2’s multiplayer consists of 4 modes: Rush, Conquest, Squad Deathmatch, 
and Squad Rush

Rush: Players on the attacking team must destroy the defending team’s 
M-COM stations at locations A and B before their respawn tickets expire. The 
defending team must prevent the M-COM stations from being destroyed but have 
infinite respawn tickets with which to do so. Every time M-COM stations A&B are 
destroyed, another portion of the map is unlocked and the defending team is 
forced to fall back to their next position. 

Each M-COM station can be destroyed one of 3 ways:

1.	Plant a charge on the M-COM station and defend it until it explodes.
Can be defused by opponent.

2.	Physically destroy the M-COM station with heavy weapons fire.

3.	Collapse the building containing the M-COM station (not always possible).

Conquest: Players attempt to capture and hold flag points around the map. 
The first team to lose all of their respawn tickets loses. Every time a player 
dies and respawns a ticket is lost. Controlling more than half the capture points
inflicts a constant respawn ticket bleed on the other team. Vehicles are unlocked
depending on the stations held.

Squad Deathmatch: Teams of four players battle to be the first to reach 50 
kills. 1 vehicle spawns in to the map and may be used by any player.

Squad Rush: Same as Rush but teams are limited to two opposing 4 player 

Tips for Rush Mode Attackers:

• Planting a charge on the M-COM is the most common tactic though it usually 
requires some teamwork as you’ll need covering fire to protect you while you 
plant the charge, and then you’ll need to protect the charge on the M-COM from 
being diffused by angry defenders.

• M-COM stations are generally heavily defended and surrounded by enemies with 
all their sites pointed at the M-COM box. Approaching straight up the middle is 
usually suicide, so learn to flank the defenders and take less common paths to 
the M-COM boxes. As most M-COM boxes are inside buildings, be careful about 
corners as a lot of players will crouch and hide in buildings waiting for enemies.

• If defenders are heavily fortified in their positions, call in the artillery to 
blow up their sniping perches and flush them out of hiding spots, nothing like a 
good mortar strike or tank/chopper barrage to distract them while your squad plants
a charge

• If the defending team is working together and you’re having a hard time getting 
the charge on the M-COM box, don’t forget you can destroy it with heavy weapons 
fire or by demolishing the building itself. Changing up your tactics will force 
the defenders to change theirs, which might give your team the opening they need.

• It’s also very important to have at least one medic in your squad while attacking,
as he can revive downed teammates on the spot, which both saves them the trip back 
to the frontline and prevents your team from losing a valuable respawn ticket.

• Destroying cover is a double edged sword, while it may make sense to just explode
all of your enemy’s cover so they have nowhere to hide, consider that once you’re 
taking the spot you won’t have any cover either. Demolishing a building may make it 
easier for you to plant a charge on an M-COM station, but if it’s defused you’ll 
have to plant it again, this time without the cover the building was providing. 
An M-COM box out in the open is an open air corpse festival, so plan accordingly.  

Tips for Rush Mode Defenders:

• Your major advantage as a defender is that you know exactly where the opposing 
team is going, your M-COM boxes. This makes it easier for you to set up a perimeter 
around the boxes and deadly choke points to eat through your opponent’s tickets. 

• Don’t be afraid to camp. Your goal is to protect the M-COM boxes, that’s your 
only concern. While it may be fun to run all the way into the opponent’s base and 
be annoying, that’s one less defender at the M-COMs. All too often players on the 
defending team will meet the enemy half way which puts them further away from the
M-COM than the need to be. The closer you are to the M-COMs, the less time it takes 
you to get there and neutralize the enemies and the charge.

• Try and steal the attacker’s vehicles. Most Rush maps typically only give the 
Attackers tanks and choppers. Stealing their heavy weapons will be a huge pain, and 
can help turn the tide of a battle. Even more annoying is taking the vehicle and 
parking it in some obscure corner of the map where players won’t think to look for 
it, because as long as the vehicle is still alive, it won’t respawn at the enemy’s 

• Set up choke points. Virtually all maps have natural chokepoints that the enemy 
will have to filter through, especially vehicles. Setting up anti tank mines and C4 
at these spots can be a huge help in stopping the enemy’s assault stone cold. Most 
players will get frustrated enough by one or two mine/C4 kills that they’ll stop 
using vehicles entirely. Also make use of the mounted weapons, as they’re almost 
always positioned at high traffic areas that lots of enemies will have to filter 
through. A good heavy machine gun spot can stop an attacking squad in its tracks.  

 Vehicles Tips:


• Vehicles are difficult to use effectively in close quarters with only one player, 
as the main gun is ineffective at close range. Pressing A or X while in a vehicle 
will switch your position inside it, allowing you to switch to the mounted machine 
gun, a much more lethal option vs. infantry. Unless you have additional players in 
your tank manning the machine guns, make sure to keep moving at all times to avoid 
players sneaking up and planting C4 on your tank.

• Don’t abandon your vehicle. Bailing out the second your tank comes under heavy 
fire is a common noob mistake that can be disastrous to your team. While the 
annoying beep beep beep of the tank health warning might be annoying, ditching it 
as soon as it takes damage is essentially giving an enemy engineer a big present 
with a bow. Matches become much harder when one side has all the vehicles, so make 
sure that you either finish off the wounded vehicle or simply go down with the ship. 
Bailing out may deny your attacker a kill, but it’s almost always better to take 
one for the team and ensure the enemy doesn’t get your weapon. 

• Driving tanks directly into areas with lots of buildings is a very poor idea as 
it leaves your vehicle exposed and gives explosives equipped infantry plenty of 
cover from which to attack. Don’t be ashamed to hang back and pepper M-COM stations 
and capture points with heavy weapon fire, you may not directly kill many people 
but you’ll almost certainly send them scattering from the area, giving your team 
an opportunity to move in and capture the point.  



Assault: The Swiss army knife of the classes, Assault is a strong class 
that specializes in mid to close range fighting and has the best selection of 
weapons for combating groups of foot soldiers. Assault also excels in seizing and 
holding M-COM boxes and capture points. Equipped with accurate, rapid fire assault 
rifles and undermounted grenade launchers, this class can also drop ammo boxes to 
resupply themselves and their teammates ammo supplies, and that includes explosives 
and grenades.

All around good class
Extremely effective against infantry

Ammo resupply and unlocks aren’t as good as other classes. 

Engineer: The Engineer class is the heavy weapons specialist, he’s got the 
most explosives and things that go boom, but pays for it with low ammo reserves 
and a small gun that’s only effective at short ranges. The Engineer’s rockets and 
mines make him a true threat to heavily armored vehicles, and he should be able 
to take even the heaviest tank down with 2-3 shots. The Engineer’s repair tool 
also makes him indispensible for a squad using vehicles, as he has the power to 
dramatically increase the vehicles’ staying power. Nothing’s more frustrating 
that shooting a tank 5-6 times and it still not blowing up. 

Extremely lethal versus enemy vehicles
Can dramatically increase the deadliness of your team’s vehicles

Low ammunition reserves
SMGs are only effective at close range 
Recon: The Sniper class, Recon characters run around in ghilli suits with 
long range rifles and small tactical explosives. The Recon class is extremely 
effective at long range with their high powered rifles and later, mortar strikes. 
Recon units are able to control areas of space from a distance, picking off 
stationary targets and providing suppressing fire for their teammates seizing the 
objective. As a result of their specialized weapons, Recon is extremely weak in 
close quarters combat and versus multiple opponents.  Recon is one of the more 
loathed classes in the game due to its overwhelming popularity despite its 
situational nature.

The Recon ability Mortar Strike is extremely powerful and can scatter enemies, 
destroy tanks and demolish buildings
Very useful for picking off entrenched enemy positions from afar

Very vulnerable in close quarters and versus multiple enemies
Incapable of directly holding objectives/positions because of close range 
Extremely overused

Medic: Unlike other games, Medics in BC2 are not vulnerable support 
classes. Medics use big light machine guns with enormous clips and heavy 
firepower to assault and defend objectives. Most importantly they use their 
medkits to heal teammates, and their defribulator to revive downed teammates, 
respawning them on the spot and saving their team from losing tickets. Medics 
also receive huge point bonuses for helping their teammates which makes them a 
great class for beginners because of their overall usability. The downside is 
that Medics are completely useless against vehicles as they lack any kind of 
explosive other than the standard issue hand grenade.

Extremely powerful LMG is lethal at all ranges and easy to use
Can heal and revive teammates, saving tickets and automatically reinforcing assaults
Extremely strong choice for holding and defending objectives

Completely helpless against armored vehicles
LMGs have extremely long reload times

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