From: (Paul Hansen)
Subject: FFVII cd-2 faq/hints/tips/*spoilers*
Date: Sun, 09 Feb 1997 16:20:29 +0900
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FFVII Cd 2 Hints/tips/walkthrough (partial)

Some recently found information (below) and information on the 2nd CD.

From Jon y.
I recently found your FF7 site,  and it is truly amazing.  
I can't begin to go over the in depth coverage you have provided.  But after
reading your "spoils section" ( I curently am about 13 hours into the
game myself)  I just wanted to clear up that the monsters found in those
test tanks were actually human beings just like Sephiroth created by
ShinRa.  Sephiroth got mad because he blamed the human race for
conducting these experiments, and the esper he pulled out called Jenova,
Sephiroth believes Jenova to be his mother.  He goes ballistic, blaming
human kind for doing this to his mother and himself.
I got this from my translations, which is not very good at all, but I
acquired the help of a japonese friend.  hope this might clear some
things up! Great work!!!  If you happen to finish the game soon, Email
me if you're not too busy how long it took you to finally beat the game
and with at what level you were on.  Thanks.....jon y.

And some other information...

Yet again, *spoilers* below people. I warned you. If you complain, you
will be ascii'ed to death... :)

After boarding down the hill behind the Snowy Mountain Town, your
character's end up in a snowy wastelandish area. Lot's of white-out, very
tough, since you don't know where to go next. I believe I headed left
first, and then up, but that's very general since I wasn't paying much
attention. If you wander around enough, you'll get to the big flat icy
lakish area, where you keep getting turned around by the blowing wind. You
can put down marker's though, so that you know where you were, and what
direction you should be going. In the middle is a little cave with another
materia in it. I believe if you then head left (or was it north?) you then
start wandering down one of those endless, looks like the same area over
and over again, except after about 3, you're character looks to reach the
end, but falls down in exhaustion. 

In general, the level above can be gotten through, it just takes a while,
and you may have to retrace you're steps more than once (or twice). Save a
lot, and stock up on tents. There's also probably more than a few
secrets/materia, if you *do* go everywhere possible. And it's the only
time you get to go through this level (thank god...).

You then wake up in a Cabin, and the cabin's owner explains (something),
and also explains where to go next. After his speech, you can go outside,
pick the character's you want in your party, and then get to climb up the
mountainside. The trick to this is to follow the flags at each ledge,
since they are the indicator to the next climbing path. And you also need
to press the square button repeatedly to warm your character's up at each
ledge. The number's on the right is your temperature. If it goes below 28,
you freeze, get rescued, and have to start from the cabin again. Best
strategy is to climb to a ledge, press square repeatedly (and fast) to get
up to 36 again, and then go onto the next ledge. The various entrances
lead to caverns, where you don't have to worry about freezing (since
you're out of the wind.).

After clearing this level, you're on to the key event, which I won't
spoil, since you'll generally make it through without much worry (other
than the usual fight losses, etc...).

>>>Don't read below until finishing above