Megami Ibunroku Perusona 2 
September 12, 1999.  Version 0.1
Written and Translated by Ryan Mattich (contactu2@aol.com)


1.  Revision History
2.  Notes
3.  Walkthrough
    - 3.1  Starting the Game
    - 3.2  Seven Sisters High School
4.  Frequently Asked Questions
5.  Contact
6.  Special Thanks

1.  Revision History

Version 0.1 - September 12, 1999
First version of the Persona 2 Walkthrough complete up through
Seven Sisters High School.

2.  Notes

- In this Walkthrough and FAQ, I use the words 'Tatsuya' and 'You'
interchangeably.  Either one refers to the main character of the

3.  Walkthrough

3.1  Starting the Game

Select New Game at the title screen.  When you start the game, the 
main character will be seen repairing his motorcycle in a parking 
lot.  He will be spoken to by some fellow students and the principal
of the high school.  You will then be able to name him.  His default 
name is Tatsuya (Ta-chan). 

When you are able to control Tatsuya, enter the school.  Go to the
courtyard area where the statue is and speak to Maya, the woman
standing by the bench, twice.  Now re-enter the school, speak to the
first student you see in the middle of the hall, then proceed up the
stairs to Floor 2.  Walk around until you run into a girl in the hall.
Speak to her, then go up the stairs again to Floor 3.  A student is
here as well in the hall, speak to him. Now, go back down the stairs 
to Floor 1 and return to the parking lot where your motorcycle is. 
A woman will be waiting there for you and will ask you several 
questions.  I'm not sure if your responses here affect anything.  
Eventually, she'll leave and Lisa (Ginko) will arrive.  She'll talk 
with Tatsuya, hand him an envelope, and then the two will speed off 
on the motorcycle for Small Prison.  

At Small Prison, you'll run into Mishina (Michelle) and his friends.
After a short conversation, he will summon his Persona and attack you. 
After the battle, which you cannot control, there will be a scene with 
Tatsuya, Ginko, and Michelle travelling through time and talking with 
Philemon.  When the three regain consciousness, they decide to summon 
Joker.  He attacks three of Michelle's friends and after talking with 
him, decides to attack the party as well.  Once again, you cannot 
control the battle and automatically lose to his power.  Afterward, he 
throws Tatsuya an Iris and vanishes.  When you regain control, head for
the spiral staircase.  There should be another short conversation.  
When it is done, go up the stairs and exit through the door and onto 
the town map.  

Now, go northeast to the Kameya Mall and enter the Shiraishi 
Restaurant, the upperleft option.  Inside, you'll have a conversation
with Tadashi-kun.  When you regain control, exit the restaurant and
go to the place above the Exit option, the place with the large
Lucky The Cat statue.  There will be another scene.  When you
regain control, talk to the man in the brown vest.  A list of 
options will appear.  Choose the first one and a menu will appear.
Now, choose the only option available to you (something about
spying on the woman in the ramen shop) and press circle three times.
Now you will be back at the original option screen.  Select the last
option to quit speaking with the man.  Now leave this place and 
return to the Shiraishi Restaurant.  There will be another scene,
then one of Michelle's friends will show up.  The four of you will
leave.  Now, back on the town map, take the southwest exit out of 
this part of the city.  You'll now be taken to a larger map of the
entire city.  Select the next region available to you and press
circle to enter a new area.  From here, go in Seven Sisters High
School, the building in the center of the map.  

At Seven Sisters High School, there is a large crowd of students
talking about an emblem in the school.  Something is obviously wrong. 
The school bells ring and a girl screams and faints, while all the
other students run away.  From here, you'll automatically be taken 
inside the first dungeon of the game.  

3.2 - Seven Sisters High School
Items:  1000 Yen, 3 Healing Items
Boss:  Principal Hanya
Minimum Recommended Level:  5

This is the first area in the game where you will face random 
battles.  The first thing you will need to do is go up to the 
Principal's Office on the third floor.  Once there, there will be
a scene with Maya and Yukino (yes, the same Yukino from Persona 1)
showing up.  Some zombies will then enter the room and attack.  
This is a battle you cannot control and has Maya and Yukino 
revealing their Personas.  After the battle, they will join you and
you will now have a party of five.  When you regain control, try to
exit the room.  The two ladies will show off their new weapons.
Now you can exit.  

Your objective now is to break all the clocks in the school, because
they have an emblem on them that curses people.  Start by breaking
the ones found in the classrooms.  There are two on the Third Floor,
two on the Second Floor, and three on the First Floor.  To break 
them, face the clock on the wall and press Circle.  Tatsuya will 
whip out a mop and smash them.  

Once you have broken all 7 of the classroom clocks, return to the
Second Floor and enter the Teachers' Lounge.  (Note - If you try
to enter the Teachers' Lounge before breaking all the classroom
clocks, you will find that it is sealed off by two students.  You
need to break the classroom clocks before coming here).  Once there,
Maya and a teacher will have a short conversation.  When you regain
control, break all three clocks in this room.  When this is done,
Principal Hanya will come on over the intercom with a threatening
message.  Now, make sure that you talk to all the teachers in this 
room, and then return to the First Floor.

On the First Floor, go to the Nurse's Office.  She will be there
with the school janitor.  You need to get the key to the clock tower
from him, but he seems to have misplaced it.  Look around the room
for the key and talk to everyone.  Eventually, the scene will 
continue and the janitor will give you the clock tower key.

Once you have the key, go up to the Fourth Floor.  There is only one
door here.  Use the key to unlock it and enter.  Inside, you will
see the ghost of a teacher who died in the clock tower ten years ago. 
He will speak to you a little and fades away.  Joker and Principal
Hanya then appear.  Joker talks for a while, then tosses Tatsuya
another flower and vanishes.  Hanya then jumps down from above and 
attacks the party.  Prepare for the first boss battle of the game.  

Boss:  Principal Hanya

For the first boss, Hanya can be quite difficult if you're not at 
least Level 5.  It also helps if all your characters' personas
are at least Rank 5 or 6.  Hanya has two main attacks - a large
explosion that damages three of the five party members for about
10 to 20 damage each, and a drill attack that damages one character
for around 30 to 40 damage.  Physical attacks don't do that much
damage to him, so it's best to use your strongest Persona attacks 
and combinations.  And have either Ginko or Maya ready to heal
at all times.  

Experience - 130
Yen - 12000

After defeating Hanya, the large clock will fall out of the window and 
shatter.  But Hanya gets up and jumps out of the window as well, 
falling four stories escaping the party.  Maya picks up the flower 
thrown by Joker and gives it to Tatsuya, and then a girl enters the 
room.  She asks about what happened to Principal Hanya.  You can either
tell her that he's dead (first option) or that he's alive (second 
option).  I'm not sure if this decision affects any later events in the
game, although I told her that he's alive (saying he died causes her to
become upset).  This ends the first dungeon of the game.  When you 
regain control, walk down to the first floor, exit out onto the town 
map and be sure to save your game.  

More to come soon!

4.  Frequently Asked Questions

Under Construction.

5.  Contact

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding this Walkthrough/FAQ,
or any additions or corrections, please do not hesitate to E-mail me
at contactu2@aol.com.  All feedback is welcome and appreciated.  

Persona and the Megami Tensei series are (c) Atlus of Japan. 

Copyright 1999
Ryan Mattich