Date: 1/9/99 Version: 1.0 
By: Scorpion Kid
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Table of Contents

1.  About the author...
2.  The Abbreviations...
3.  Tips and Tricks for the game...
4.  Cheats...?
5.  Q&A...
6. Credits...
7. The End...
  Scorpion Kid makes this FAQ possible! Check out my page:, or email me here, I am currently working on a site for the new 
system Sega Dreamcast. Although the PlayStation is my favorite system to 
play on, but Sega's Dreamcast looks pretty interesting. This is my first 
FAQ that I have written I hope it isn't done unprofessionally. Let's get 
started with the FAQ, I don't like the FAQ's with useless writing to 
bore their reader.
   UP Up      DO Down
   X= X   O= Circle
   S= Square  T= Triangle
  ...When shooting, press X before you release your shot to make a mid-
air pass.
  ...By creating a user name you can save a record of your stats and 
your controller and menu options by regularly saving your settings to 
the Memory Card.
  ...If you are playing 3-Point Shootout and you don't want to view the 
CPU player's turn, enter the 3-Point Options screen and set CPU Players 
to Simulate.
  ...When you are in Practice mode try to work the basket from different 
distances and angles to get a feel for what your player can do when 
there's no one between him and the hoop.
  ...Anytime while you are playing and want to do great dunks, start 
running toward the hoop and then hold L2+S, O, or, T.
  ...If the opponent's good in stealing, try to do crossovers on them so 
that they wouldn't be able to steal the ball. The crossover button is S 
and only work when you have the ball.
  ...To get the ball easily when in Arcade mode just press the S button.
  ...Sometimes when you are playing the game you might start throwing 
bricks, try to find the teams best player, then shoot from a close range 
so that you can get the player on fire.
4.  CHEATS...?
When you inbound the ball, wait for a defender to come up to you. While 
you still have your dribble, hold down R2 and press the direction pad as 
if you were dribbling up court. After you let go of R2, quickly press 
square, and then dribble up court the opposite way that you did at 
first. The defender will be faked out, and you will have an open path to 
the hoop! 

   ...FAKE PASS 
During game play press L2+X and you will execute a fake pass.
5.  Q&A...
   ...This section is about the questions asked about the game, if you 
have these questions then maybe you'll get the answers!

Q1.  I just bought NBA LIVE '99, and it doesn't seem to work, is it 
because my CD is green (or any other color)?
A1.  Yes, it is because it must be a copied CD and you probably don't 
have the MOD CHIP.  So, try to go to a local video game store and ask 
them if they install the Chip or just simply exchange it or return it. 

Q2.  How do I create a player?
A2.  Just go to the Menu option by pressing O then go to players.

Q3.  I don't have a memory card, how can I beat the game in Season mode?
A3.  If you want to beat the game in Season mode without the memory card 
you can't do anything else but go straight to the Playoffs.  You can't 
beat the playoffs without the memory card either, but set the playoffs 
to 1-1-1-1 game for each round.  Now, you won't have to play 3, 5, or 7 

Q4.  When is the next version of this FAQ coming out?
A4.  I don't know, but if people say I left something out then I would 
have to make a newer version of the FAQ.

Q5.  What would be in the next FAQ?
A5.  Maybe more questions like these, because at this moment I can't 
find any question to be answered.  Please Help! 

Q6.  How long is this FAQ?
A6.  This FAQ is 2 full pages.
6.  CREDITS...
   This is the list to the people or organizations for the credits.
  GameFaqs ( for letting me make a FAQ for them, 
and having the FAQ's when you need one.
  EA Sports ( for making the game and for making 
the booklet that comes with the game.
  Sony ( for making the PlayStation.
  PlayStation ( for being the #1 console at 
the moment.
  NBA? ( hey, what about the line-ups?!
  Me!  ( for making this FAQ come 
true! If you want to use this just "CREDIT" me, hey isn't this section 
about that word?
7.  THE END...
   Bye everyone, hope you liked the FAQ, and if you have any comment you 
can email me ( or! 

--Scorpion Kid