Cyberia FAQ 1.0 (Full Walkthrough & Codes)

My turn.  After collecting hundreds of these things, I've written my first
official FAQ.  Any questions/comments welcome, hope you enjoy.

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			Cyberia FAQ for the Sony Playstation
			    Version 1.0  March 12, 1996
			  Written by CJayC (
	    Video Game FAQ Archive:

I.   Introduction
II.  General Information
III. Walkthrough (with Passwords)
IV.  Codes and Cheats
V.   Credits

I.   Introduction

"What is Cyberia?"

Cyberia, released by Interplay, is a PC game that has been ported to the 
Playstation.  It is a combination of genres:  it's half standard adventure 
with amazing graphics and play, and half same-old FMV shooter.  The FMV 
shooting scenes aren't that bad, it's just that it's been done before, and 
again, and again.

It's not entirely linear- there are two "decision" points where you can take
two entirely different paths through the game.  That's not something you 
usually see in games of this type, but there's not enough of it to give it a
lot of replay value.

Good storyline, great graphics, good interface, but it is kind of short in the
long run without a lot of replayability.  It's a renter in my book (this FAQ
has been written from a rental weekend, in fact).  

"What's the plot?"

Well, there's a lot of plot for this game.  The manual does a good job of 
introducing it, and the game does kind of suck you in over time.  In summary, 
you're ZAK, a 21st century hacker on a mission to infiltrate a secret base in
Siberia, in search of some very ominous goings-on there.

"Hey!  Is this game censored?"

Yup.  Actually, I'm only aware of one scene that is cut out (death by
Slice-O-Matic).  However, there is a cheat code (see below) that allows you
to see the censored scene(s).

II.  General Information

"What's with the difficulty levels?"
Arcade difficulty changes how large the targets are for you to shoot at (the
harder you select, the smaller the targets), and it seems to drain your energy 
and shields faster at the harder levels, although this may just be my

Puzzle difficulty changes the puzzle difficulty.  Only two puzzles actually
change dramatically, so it's not that big of a deal.

If you are playing with a digital control (standard Sony pad, digital 
joystick), I suggest Arcade level 1 just because it's so difficult to get
that cursor where you want it with just eight directions.  Puzzle level, well,
it's up to you, but levels 2 or 3 don't make that big of a difference.

"Nice game, but why is everything so dark?"

It's mood lighting.  I don't think it's in the manual, but the SELECT button
changes the game's brightness (gamma adjust).  It's very helpful in some of 
the dark rooms and arcade sequences.

"Any other hints?"

Well, it's easy to miss in the manual, but for the arcade sequences, don't 
forget about these buttons:
	L1:  Changes to arcade cursor mode (up=up, down=down)
	L2:  Changes to flightsim cursor mode (up=down, down=up)
	R1:  Increases cursor speed
	R2:  Decreases cursor speed
R1 and R2 are great for fine-tuning your cursor speed in the action 
sequences if you're using a standard game pad.

III. Walkthrough (with Passwords)

>>The Rig>Transfighter Missions>Cyberia Complex Level 1>Cyberia Complex Level 2>Cyberia Complex Level 3