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         . .O .O"O
      .".O""@@OO#O@@OO; @# #O#"   OO@#   OO  OO  "OO
      @OO,"@#@#";,"@@@, O@ ###O; @O#@@#O ##  ## ######
     ..O.O@@#       "O  O# @.@OO##". .@#O### ####.  "##
     O;O"#@#        ;OO@O@ OO## @@.    #####"###O.  .##
    , O;@#@         O@  @# O @###O.. .O#@#@#####@   .##
. @,O.O"@#@         O#  O@"O  O#"##@,### #O #####O..##O
,#@#@.;OOO"OOO"""OO @@; O#"O, ;## @#@@O  #@ O## @####"
.@OO@  "@OO"""""."" """""""O ;;;;;;                       ,;;
.  .@  OOO@.  ...OO""""""""" """"""""O     O"""""O;     OOOOOOO@   ###### ô
   ., OO#@O .  .,""""""""""" """""""""@  ;"""""OOOOO   @OOOOO@@# O########
     @O.####...;O""""O",,"""""""" .O""" ;"""OO,;OOOOO "OOOO   @# ####; ;#@
       @"###@ .OO"O@         """O..O""" "OOO..  ..OOOO"OOOO     ;####
      @ .######OO"OO@,       """O O"""O"O"O       "OOO OOOOO@O   ######
       O.O,#####@#@##        """"""OOO OOOO .     .OOO  OOO@@###  #######@
        @."."####O###        OOOOOOOOO  OOO"      @OOO    "@####;   @#####"
         .O."OOOOO          ,OOOO ;OOOO @OOO"..  @OOO@;@     ###OO     ###@
           ;" OO@O          ;OOOO  ,OOO; OOOOO@@O@@@@,OOO;  ,###;##    ###O
              OO@@          ;OOOO   OOOO  OOO@@@@@@@ @OO@@@##### #########
              ""@@#         ;@@@"   "@@@;   @@@@@O     @@@#####  @#######
              .@###O       ;O
               ,OOOOO@"  ;@OO@"
                  ... ,;;;

                       N O R T H   A M E R I C A N   V E R S I O N


                                     Chrono Crossô
                               [North American Version]
                                 Platform: PlayStationô
                                     Version 6.00
                               Brett "Nemesis" Franklin
                        My website:

                     Created: Wednesday, August 16, 2000 1:05:24 PM
                  Last Updated: Saturday, September 16, 2000 4:24:21 PM
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                          T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S
                       01. INTRODUCTION
                       02. LEGAL STUFF
                       03. UPDATES/REVISION HISTORY
                       04. About Chrono Crossô
                       05. Main Characters
                       06. Walkthrough
                            ï Disc 1 (Finished)
                            ï Disc 2 (Finished)
                       07. Quick Boss Guide (Finished)
                       08. Element List (Finished)
                       09. Accessory List
                       10. Armor List
                       11. Weapon List
                       12. Item List
                       13. Character Lists
                       14. Character Tech Skills List
                       15. Double / Triple Tech Skills List
                       16. Tips & Strategies
                       17. F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)
                       18. New Game +
                       19. Enemy Steal Item List
                       20. Enemy Drop Item List
                       21. Bestiary List
                       23. Credits
                       24. Contact Info




                   M Y   G A M E   T I M E   S O   F A R:

                              < 89:25:29 >

This is my Guide for the kick ass Chrono Crossô from Squaresoft. Right now
it only has the Walkthrough for the American Version of the game, but
after I finish the Walkthrough, I will concentrate on doing all types
of Lists and such, as well as a Bestiary Lists. As of right now (08/16/00),
this guide only contains some of the walkthrough, which isn't that much to
be honest with you. The reason why I have submitted it so early is because
CC will be oversaturated soon with all kinds of FAQs, and I wanted to make
sure I got mine in before "the rush". Please excuse any mistakes that might
be in this FAQ, and as always, please e-mail me with tips, or corrections to
help make this FAQ better.

                                 D I S C L A I M E R:

                     ! WARNING:                                 !
                     ! This FAQ/Walkthrough contains story      !
                     ! information, as well as numerous         !
                     ! spoilers. This walkthrough should also   !
                     ! only be used when you are COMPLETELY     !
                     ! stuck or stumped on an area in the game. !
                     ! Please do not blame me for anything that !
                     ! might have ruined or spoiled the game    !
                     ! for you that is in this FAQ. It's your   !
                     ! fault for ignoring this Disclaimer.      !
                     ! Do not send me any hate mail claiming    !
                     ! that this Guide has ruined your          !
                     ! of this wonderful game. Play the game on !
                     ! your own to enjoy Chrono Crossô to it's  !
                     ! fullest extent.                          !
                     !                                          !
                     !         READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.           !
                     !                                          !


02. Legal Stuff




This FAQ can only appear on the following sites (w/out having to ask me):

ï GameFAQS 
ï Cheat Code Central 
ï Cheat Planet 
ï GameSages 
ï FAQ Domain 

If anyone finds it on any other site, please inform me ASAP.

E-Mail Address:

© Copyright 2000 Brett "Nemesis" Franklin. It may not be stolen, altered,
or used for any type of profit. It may be reproduced electronically, and
printed for PRIVATE, PERSONAL use. It may not be placed on a CD, printed
in a magazine or any type of publication. If you would like to contribute
to this FAQ (you will be credited,) please e-mail me, as well as any questions,
comments, or corrections, to the address above.

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Anything related with Squaresoftô is © Copyright Square/EAô. All rights 




Version 6.0 (09/16/00)

ï Added the Bestiary List. I know I said that I probably wouldn't do one
  of these, but hey, I got bored, so here it is.

ï Updated the FAQ section

Version 5.0 (09/10/00)

ï Added the Dropped Items and Stolen Items Lists

Version 4.0 (09/06/00)

ï Added the rest of the Questions that I could possibly think of, as well
  as the main Questions that people have asked me via e-mail.

ï Added the New Game + Section, as well as the NOTICE Section, which has
  all of my Notice boxes. Why? Because I didn't want them to clutter the
  top of this FAQ, that's why.

Version 3.9 (09/05/00)

ï Typed up the Double / Triple Tech Skills Lists. Not too hard, but the
  sheer task of actually FINDING how to get all of the Double and Triple
  Techs is a tough task. Good thing there aren't many of them in the game. ;)

ï Begin the F.A.Q section

Version 3.6 (09/04/00)

ï Finished up the Character Lists, as well as the Character Tech Skills
  Lists. Now begins the Double and Triple Tech Skills Lists...

Version 3.3 (09/02/00)

ï Typed up some of the Character List, as well as those character's Tech

Version 3.0 (09/01/00)

ï ...and here it is! I have added (well, what I have so far...) everything
  that I know of, and that I had written down for Items, Weapons,
  Accessories, and Armor information. I'm pretty sure that I have missed
  some stuff, so please bear with me.

ï Fortunately, I had PLENTY of time to type it all up....sick days from school

Version 2.0 (08/31/00)

ï Typed up and added the Element List that I had from my MANY pages of
  notes in my cherished notebook...

ï was some neatly-kept Boss info, including the Boss Innate Colors,
  as well as their HP (Hit Points). It took me a short while (about 2-3
  hours straight....yeah, I sorta got into it...well, a lot :P) to type it
  all up in a format that I liked, but I put all of this super-useful info
  together to make up the Quick Boss Guide. I like it. Check it out, take
  one dosage of boss info every 2 hours, then call me in the morning.

ï I also have some other info written down, but I was too tired to type it up
  today. I'll start on it tonight, then finish it up tomorrow. What is it
  you ask? Why, if I told you, it would ruin the suspense. :P

Version 1.0 (08/30/00)

ï Updated the Walkthrough through the end of the Second Disc

ï The Walkthrough is now complete!

Version 0.8 (08/29/00)

ï Updated the Walkthrough through the end of the Sky Dragon

Version 0.7 (08/28/00)

ï Updated the Walkthrough through the start of the Quest for the 6 Dragons

Version 0.5 (08/27/00)

ï Updated the Walkthrough through the end of the First Disc

Version 0.45 (08/26/00)

ï Just a quick update to let everyone know I'm still alive

ï Updated the Walkthrough portion up to the area after you have saved
  Riddle from Viper Manor

Version 0.4 (08/23/00)

ï Updated the Walkthrough portion up to the Dimensional Vortex

Version 0.39 (08/22/00)

ï Updated the Walkthrough portion up to the middle of Fort Dragonia

Version 0.35 (08/21/00)

ï Updated the Walkthrough portion up to Fort Dragonia

Version 0.33 (08/19/00)

ï Updated the Walkthrough portion up to the fight with the Hi-Ho Tank

ï Also added some various ways on how to recruit Pierre into your party

Version 0.3 (08/19/00)

ï Updated the Walkthrough portion up to the Water Dragon Isle

Version 0.25 (08/18/00)

ï Updated the Walkthrough portion up to when you enter Viper Manor with
  the correct code for the snake statue

Version 0.2 (08/17/00)

ï Updated the Walkthrough portion up to when Leena joins your party

Version 0.1 (08/16/00)

ï  First version of this FAQ


04. About Chrono Crossô


Chrono Crossô is the present sequel to one of the greatest RPG's, and one
of the best games of all time, Chrono Trigger for the Super Nintendo.
Chrono Trigger was released way back in 1995, and it's been a long wait
for it's proper sequel...5 years actually. Chrono Crossô doesn't feature
every single character from Chrono Trigger, nor does it need to. Chrono
Cross is it's own game, and you DO NOT need to have played Chrono Trigger
in order to understand Chrono Crossô to the fullest extent. Also, Chrono
Cross is mainly based on a World-Jumping feature in the game, and this
is what makes the game unique. Whenever you feel stuck or stumped, changing
dimensions will most likely give you the solution you need. Use the different
World feature whenever you get stuck in the game.


05. Main Characters




The silent protagonist, Serge, represents the persona of the player. He lives
in Arni Village, on the El Nido Archipelago, located in the seas of the far
south. One omnious day, Serge stumbles upon a parallel universe, and an
encounter with Kid leads him to become involved in an epic adventure to
unveil the mysteries of the world.



The mysterious girl who invites Serge to join her on a fateful journey.
Unyielding in spirit, she does not allow herself to reveal her weak side
to others. She is agile and carries a Dagger in hand wherever she goes. Kid
seems to have some past connections with Lynx.



A feline demi-human who is Kid's archenemy. Cruel and cunning, Lynx remains
a mystery to all. He is said to be seeking the "Frozen Flame" and is also
out to capture Serge. What connection is there between Lynx, Serge, and Kid?


06. Walkthrough: Disc 1


Alright, after watching an AMAZING opening cinema for Chrono Crossô,
begin a new game, and start your journey. Listen to what Kid and Fargo say,
then exit the elevator. Head to the east, and down the hallway to the end
in the south. Enter the main room in this small dungeon. Go across the
balcony, and to the other side. See that doorway that is to the left of
the door you just entered? The one that is on the floor beneath you and
has two torches on each side of it? Good. You need to get to that doorway.

Make your way downstairs, and follow the path, walk (or run) underneath
the center purple platform, and into the doorway with the torches. Inside
here, approach the purple flame on the pedistal, and use X (or your action
button) on it. Doing this will cause the flame to die out and disappear.
Leave the room and go back into the main room with the large center platform.

Run up the nearby stairs and follow the path again, and make your way over
to the center circular platform. Use the action button again, and you, Kid,
and Fargo will be warped to another area. After the conversation, approach
the large doors, and watch the strange cinema...

It was just a dream! You find this out once Serge's mother wakes him up.
Once Serge (aka you) is awakened, search the bed to find Serge's Secret
stash--200g to be exact. Now search the dark area near the doorway to find
the Tablet Element. Head out of the bedroom, and speak with Serge's mother.
She'll tell you that you had slept in until high noon, and that Leena was
looking for you, and that you should go and meet her. Do as she says
(she IS your mother you know!), and leave the house.

Once outside, speak with the first man to the left, and he'll tell you
about a swordfish. Run to the left and speak with the second man, and
he'll ask you if you think the swordfish is the largest you've ever seen.
Say yes (agree with him), and he'll thank you and hand you a Komodo
Scale for being so nice to him.

Now head to the east, and speak to the old ladies if you please. Run
to the right some more, and speak with the girl in Red. She sells
Elements and Weapons/Armor. Use her to buy any element or to forge
a piece of armor or a weapon that you would like, although she doesn't
carry everything. Run up the small wooden ramp that is to the north
of her, and speak with the small child. He'll explain to you that
necklaces made out of Komodo scales are "all the rage". Give him
your Komodo Scale for free, and he'll give you the Uplift Element
in return for your kindness.

Go into the house that is to the right of your house, and search
the empty pot next to the large green plant. You will find the
PhotonRay Element inside! Exit the house, and enter the next house
to the right, just past the Pier Entrance. Talk to the Komodo
Expert inside to find some tips from him. Now head down the stairs
to the right, and speak with the old fisherman. He'll tell you about
his life, and about his wife and daughter. After the conversation,
he'll give you a Shark Tooth.

" I would love to seem them jiggle...Err, I'm talking about
her arms, of course."

Leave the house, and run right and head into the next house to the
right. Speak with everyone in here to learn about some soup, a
stripper, and some nasty bastard thieves. Head out the door that
is to the very right of the room, and enter the next room. Approach
the bed near the window, and you'll find a Heckran Bone. Head right
and search the chest to find the Ivory Helmet. After getting the
items, leave the house.

Once outside, head back to the girl in red, and search her little
cart to get the Shellfish Frame. Pretty cool. Head back up the small
wooden ramp, and head on over to the Pier to meet Leena. When you meet
her, she'll bite your head off (so to speak), and be angry with you.
She'll ask you to make a Komodo Necklace, and tell you to go and collect
Komodo Scales for her...3 to be exact. She says to meet her on Opassa
Island when you get them all. In the meantime...head off to Lizard Rock!

Now leave and head back past your house to the west, and run past the
Giant Swordfish, and onto the next screen to the far left. Here you
will meet Radius, an old man who knows TONS about Elementals and such.
Listen to him, and agree to learn about Elementals from him. This
starts a pretty long tutorial on how to fight with Elementals, and
will teach you a lot on how to use them. When the tutorial is done,
speak to Poshul (that pink dog running around behind Radius), and
give him (or her?) the Heckran Bone as a gift. Poshul will be so happy
and thankful for the gift that "it" will join your party!

Speak to the locals around here if you wish, then head into the house
near Radius. In here you will learn how to save your game, and what
to use to save. You'll learn about the Record of Fate, which is a
green crystal that lets you save your game. Exit the house, and run
to the very right of the screen, and onto the World Map.

Save your game here, then head southwest to Lizard Rock. Push the pink
rock out of your way at the beginning, and head south, then right. There
is a treasure chest just beyond some enemies. The chest contains Fireball.
If you want this Elemental, then go ahead and fight the 3 monsters blocking
the path to get to the chest. If not, then skip this chest. Now take the
southeast path to the next screen. Either avoid or fight the monster here,
then follow the path all the way until you get to an area on the far west,
a spot with a hole in the ground. Hop into the hole to come out on a
island not too far from here. This island has a treasure chest on it.
Inside is a @Bone. Take it, then get off the island, and into the surround-
ing water.

Fight the monsters that appear in front of the small hole in the side of
the island to the north, then run through it to get to the other side.
Here you will find another Treasure Chest, this one containing an Ivory
Helmet. Also, all around this island you will find Komodos running about.
They are hard to catch, since they run away whenever you get near them.
You'll have to catch them, then fight them in order to get their Komodo
Scales. Here is how to catch all of the Komodo Pups:

(In order of when you see them):

1.) For the first one, run over to it so that it runs into the small cave
    opening. Now push the pink rock over the hole it just ran into to
    block it's path. Ok, now just run over to where the Pup is, and force
    it to run into the cave again. Surprise! The Komodo Pup is trapped
    inside the cave, since you blocked off the other exit with the rock.
    Run into the cave and fight the Pup, along with 2 other monsters.
    After the battle, you will find a Komodo Scale!

2.) This is for the second Pup, the one that is on the Southeast screen.
    This pup runs into the southern pond if it sees you. For now, just
    ignore it. Instead, fight the Beach Bums that are to the west of
    the pond. After the fight, push the pink rock into the pond. This
    will cause the Treasure Chest to rise to the surface, and will
    allow you access to it's contents. Open it to find Silver Loupe!
    Now it's time to get that second pup. Head north a bit, and run
    up the green plant that has a Beach Bum on it. Fight the Beach Bum
    and continue up the plant. At the top, fight the second Beach Bum.
    Now run to the edge of the cliff to see the Pup running around
    below you. Now when the pup gets near you, press X to jump on it
    and catch it. This may take a few tries to get the Pup though.
    Once again, after the battle, you will find a Komodo Scale!

3.) This is one of the easier Pups to get. This one is located in the
    area with the hole in the ground. Just start chasing the Komodo Pup
    around in a circle until you finally catch it. Fight it and win
    to find a Komodo Scale! Oh, and you'll have your first boss fight
    as well after you beat the 2 Komodo Pups...



This first boss fight isn't really all that hard, but you might need to
use one Cure Elemental, and possibly two if you suck. She uses water-based
attacks, so keep at her with plenty of Fire-based Elementals like Fireball.

After the fight, you'll recieve the last Komodo Scale! Now exit to the
World Map, and go south of Lizard Rock, to Opassa Island to meet Leena.
Once there, Leena will arrive after a short wait, and take the Komodo
Scales from you. Now you'll watch a long conversation, and a short but
sweet cut-scene. You'll find yourself laying in the sand alone, and
that Leena disappeared or something. Head back to the village.

On your way back, on the second screen you enter, look near the pond
where you first found a floating treasure chest, and you'll find
a new chest near the pond. Examine it to find @Bone. Now back on the
first screen where you found the first chest and the first Komodo Pup,
you'll see another chest, this one being guarded by a Komodo Pup.
Defeat the Pup to gain access to the chest, and to get another Ivory
Helmet! Ok, now return to Arni Village to find Leena.

Once back at the village, you should find Leena back where you first
met her--on the Pier. Speak to Leena to discover a bizarre twist...but
I'll let you find out what, since I don't like spoiling a good story
for people. :P

If you need some rest for yourself, then head back to your house, and
you can get some much needed rest upstairs...but beware that you'll be
forced to pay 100G! Search the room up here to find a MagmaBomb as well.
Leave the Village and head onto the World Map again. Head northwest
to Cape Kowl.

Ok, once here, avoid the steaming gysers, and run over to the first
treasure chest to the left to find ElectroJolt Element. Climb the
ladder that is to the northeast of it to find another Chest, this one
containing @Bone. Now just run north to the next screen. Run north
and examine the tombstone...

After some talk, Kid (or "Girl" as she's refered to right now) will
enter, and get on your side when the hoodlems come to take you away.


"I'm gonna kick yer sorry arses so hard you'll kiss the moons!"

Ahem. Time for a Boss Fight of sorts...


BOSS: KARSH (As well as Peppor and Solt)

This boss fight is a bit harder than the first one, but still pretty
damn easy. Your main focus should be on Karsh, the leader, since
he's more dangerous, and can take a lot more damage than the other
two goons. Normal attacks don't work so well on Karsh, so pound him
into the ground with tons of Elemental Attacks. Fireball works
pretty good, but almost any Elemental Attack is fine. Keep note
that Kid is now fighting along side with you, but Poshul is not.

After the fight, Karsh, Peppor and Solt all run away in fear. Kid will
talk with you for a while, then ask if she can join you. Here is where
some serious thinking must come into play. Two things can happen here:

A) You can let her join you NOW, but then Leena will never be able to
   join your party for the rest of the game...

B) Or you can deny her acceptance into your party, and she'll run

I definetly say go with option B, since if you do this, Leena will
be able to join you, as will Kid later on in the game. You'll get
the best of both worlds if you are patient. When she runs off,
Poshul will come back to you. You'll end up back in your old house,
and Leena will enter and speak with you a bit. After some talk, she'll
join your party! She'll also tell you that you should head over to
Fossil Valley. Leave the house, but instead of going back to the World
Map, go into the house where you met the fisherman in the basement
earlier (the first house to the right of the Pier). Head into the
basement and speak with him. You'll learn about Mojo, and the
ways of his life now. Hand him the Shark Tooth, and he'll freak
out. Start to leave, but as you leave, Mojo will come to life!

He'll join your party as well. Select your 3 party members
(I have Serge, Leena, and Poshul right now), then go out to the
World Map and save your game.

Head to the north, and into Fossil Valley. Your main goal as of right
now is to get to Termina, but you can only get there by heading through
Fossil Valley first. Run past the two men near the entrance, and head
around the bend to the west. Speak to the man blocking the ladder to
the north, and he'll ask you if you are the Exorcists they were
expecting. Say yes, and he'll let you pass and climb the ladder.
Do this. Run north some more, and you should find a Bellflower
on a peak. Pick it, then run back to the other side of the area,
and run north some more to find a lonely skull. Agree to help
him find his parts.

Run south a bit and get near the tent that is set up. Climb down
the side of the cliff, and the man at the top will warn you about
a monster that is down there. Ignore him, and continue down to
the bottom, and you should spot a rather large bird to the left
of the screen. Run over to the un-hatched egg near the bird, then
run off fast so the mother bird doesn't see you. You know have
the Big Egg! Return to the first screen with the ladder.

Climb down the ladder, and head west. At the end of the path
is none other than Solt and Peppor, who are blocking your path to
Termina. You'll hear them arguing about the recent fight, then
Solt spots you. Uh oh...



This fight is just like the previous fight with Solt and Peppor,
but this time they are alone. Remember that Peppor has Red Elements
as his main weapon, and Solt has some Yellow Elements. Just
pound them with some Yellow Elementals, and just try to defeat
them both at the same time (almost, but Peppor has a higher HP
number than Solt, so he can take longer to defeat than Solt).

After the fight, your party memebers should have leveled up. Now
continue north to reach the World Map. Run to the northwest, and
to the large City of Termina.

Right when you enter Termina, and before you can do anything, you
will find that Glenn (a dragoon) is looking for a Bellflower, and
the merchant will tell him that they are out of Bellflowers because
of the "ruckus" at Fossil Valley. Hmmm... Anyways, after he leaves,
run right, and head into the Inn. Either stay the night to heal up,
or don't, it's up to you. There is also a Record of Fate in here.
Save your game pronto. Leave the Inn.

Outside, head up the stairs, and enter the Shop. The clerk will
speak with Leena for a bit, then she'll offer some Elements. Buy up
as much as you can for later, because you'll need it. Now leave the
Shop, and run up the next set of stairs. At the top you will find
the Statue Shiner talking to the giant statue. Talk to him and he'll
tell you about Lord Viper's manor, and how the guards are very
powerful, the ones who guard his manor that is.

Right after the conversation, Kid will come running in again, and
tells you that "we" have to sneak into Viper Manor. She'll offer to
join your party again. This time it is good to let her join, since
(to my knowledge), this doesn't affect anything at all. After letting
her join, she'll give you the Tele-Porter! This is a great gadget
that lets you switch party members from afar without finding them!
The catch? You can only use it at a Record of Fate, or on the
World Map...the same requirements for saving your game.

Examine the corner that is to the left of the statue to find a hidden
person trying to cool off. "Understand" him, and he'll give you
a new frame--the "Tea for Three" frame. Go down the stairs again,
and head right onto the next screen. In here, run to the right
and some kids will come running in, and someone will show you a
mermaid! After some talk, Korcha will come running in, and ruin
the show. Once he leaves, continue to the right, and run downstairs.

Head on past the house, and make your way around the bend near
the water, until you reach the people on the small island. You
will overhear them speaking about the Bellflower. He will ask you
for the Bellflower you have. You can charge anything, and they
will pay it. I charged 99G, and he payed it. Now return the
way you came, and run down to the man with the boat. To get there,
run northwest, and underneath the house. Speak with him, and he'll
tell you that he will take you to Viper Manor if you have a guide.

Time to choose a guide: Either Guile, Pierre, or Nikki. I personally
choose Guile, but it's your choice:

GUILE: Just go to the bar to find him, and allow him to join your

PIERRE: Ok, since I haven't got Pierre myself just yet, I decided to
        accept submissions from readers, and since one walkthrough
        or directions on how to get Pierre might not work for one
        person as well as it would work for another, I have posted
        more than one submission on how to get Pierre:

Chi Tran



Go to termina talk to Pierre (he is in the room next to the smithy) he
will tell you how he lost his metal then to get pierre you have to have
Poshula with you in the yard next smithy their should be a kid running
around go talk to him he should give you the metal then go give it to
Pierre and he will join you if you want him to.

From: Chi Tran

In Chrono Crossô, to get pierre in termina, go to the blacksmith's shop.
go into the back room and talk to pierre. He will say he can't go to viper
mansion w/o his medal. Go outside (bottom left) and talk to the boy running
around. He should give you the Hero's Medal. Give the medal to pierre, and
he will insist on having you come along with him. Battle-wise, he sucks.
his attack is 5, res is 3, how worse can you get...but after a star level
or 2, he gets better (not as good as serge or kid, but gettin there...).
Go to viper mansion. the guards refuse to let you in. Here, Pierre offers I
think (can't remember) 3 options: CHARGE!; think of a plan; give up.
Charge lands you a fight with 2 soldiers, then 2 generals for a star level.
Think of a plan makes Pierre pretend he's sick, then when the medics say
throw them out, he stands up and yells CHARGE!, essentially the same as the
first choice. give up, obviously, means what it says. Afterwards, you wait for
nightfall, and its the same as you have written.


OK, this is how to get Pierre in Chrono Crossô.  Once it's decided that you
need to go to Viper Mansion, head to the Blacksmith it says "Smithy" on the
building.  After getting to the blacksmith, go through the door in the area
that the Blacksmith is working, it'll be at the bottom left of the screen.
Go through that door and explore the room, Pierre will be standing in the
room on the far right corner, talk to him. He'll say something about missing
his medal, then go out the door in that room, also on the bottom left of
that room, you should see it.  Anyways, when you go through the door you'll
be outside and there will be a kid running around outside, talk to him and
he'll be happy about finding the a medal, but he'll give it to you because
he wants to be a hero.  Go back to Pierre and using the item menu, give him
the Medal and he'll be happy to take you to the mansion.  Just walk there
and he'll talk to the guards and they'll deny him, then you get the choice
of "Plan", "Charge!" or "Cancel".  Planning will make Pierre act sick and
then he'll ruin it and you'll have to fight anyways.  I haven't been past
that cause I went back to my save and chose Guile...


I got Pierre here is how. Talk to him before anyone else, he can be
found in the room adjacent to the Blacksmith shop. He complains he lost
his Hero Medal. After that go out side to the kid running around in circles
and he has found it and gladly gives it to you when he finds out the owner
is looking for it. Then give it back to Pierre and he offers to let you join
him going to the manor. At gate the refuse him and you have to bum rush the
gate. I suggest waiting and take the option to make a plan its fuun to watch
Pierre pretend to be sick. Word of caution though Pierre is very weak! Hope
this helps.


NIKKI: Just go to the west of where you came into Termina, and you will
       see a boat. Run into her dressing room to find some guy, and
       he'll ask you to find Nikki in Shadow Forest.

Now after getting Guile (this is how this walkthrough is set up, for
people who have far...), return to Korcha and he will
take you to Viper Manor Bluffs. Oh, and on your way back, speak to
the Churro seller, and tell him that his Churros are too expensive,
and reccommend that they be cheaper. Give him a lower price, and
they'll start to sell. Now you can speak to him whenever you need to
heal up, since he gives you free churros now!

Once you get to the Bluffs, it's time to climb some rocks. Soon after
you reach the second screen, someone starts to toss rocks and boulders
down at you. Make your way up the mountain, avoiding the rocks as you
go. You can also try to reach the Treasure Chests that you find as
you go along, but beware, they are hard to get to. Another element to
avoid are the steam geysers that shoot out of the rocks as well. Avoid
these, or you will fall to the bottom again.

When you get to the area with only 3 different paths to go up, take
the left-most path to find a chest containing Meteorite! Return to
the other paths, and take one of them up. Beware of the Lock Nest
monsters that are hiding within the mountain as you climb, for they
will jump out at you at any moment.

Once you reach the top, the ACACIA PVTS will freak out, and cause
a Boss fight...



This fight, once again, isn't too tough, just as long you use the proper
techniques when fighting the two Asacia PVTs. First of all, use tons
of Green Elementals, since they take lots of damage from these type
of attacks. Pounding them with Tech Skills doesn't hurt either. ;)

When the fight has ended, a large bird will come flying in, and take
care of the Asacia PVTs for you...unfortunatly, you will now have to
fight another boss fight with this bird...



This fight might seem hard at first, but it really isn't. The trick is
to use White Elementals to beat Kingmoaman first, then slaughter the other
two Moamans after he is gone. Use plenty of Elementals on them, and use
MagmaBomb or Meteorite for some great results, as well as PhotonRay.
Just make sure you get rid of KingMoaman first, and you should do ok
for the rest of the fight with the Moamans.

As the battle ends, it becomes odd outside, and Guile says that you
should wait until nighttime comes around to enter the Manor. You will
then watch a kick-ass (if not short) FMV showing the Viper Manor.

Immediately run through the door where you start to find a Treasure
Chest containing TurnBlue! Leave out the door, and head north to
the dragon stables to find a Record of Fate, and some Dragons. Make
sure you avoid the guards as well as the green spotlight in order
to avoid fights with the guards.

Once inside the barn, save your game, then talk to the old man at the
top. He'll ask you if you are the helpers, and say yes. He'll explain
how to feed the dragons, and that you will need to feed them 10 times
to get the Manor Key that you need. Feed them more times to get
special items. Once you have done this 10 times, you will recieve the
Manor Key from the man. Oh, and he'll also give you the KneePad!
Here are what else he gives you for feeding the Dragons:

|         |                   |
| Times   |   Reward          |
|         |                   |
| 10      |   KneePad         |
|         |                   |
| 20      |   Bronze Helmet   |
|         |                   |
| 30      |   Bronze Mail     |
|         |                   |
| 40      |   RecoverAll      |
|         |                   |
| 100     |   Iron Vest       |
|         |                   |

Grab the Key from the cupboard, then leave the barn.

Head west to the second screen, then northwest to the third screen
to find the Manor Gates. Make sure to avoid the guards as well as
the green spotlight in order to avoid fights with the guards again.
Listen to the guard's conversation, and take the TurnYellow from
the chest near the main gate. Use the Manor Key on the gate, and
now you will have to fight the four guards on the other side.

Once inside, approach the statue that is to the north, and try to input a
code. No matter what you put in, you will fall into a hole in the ground.
The Dragoons will mess with you and your party, and after a bit of
conversation, you will be forced to fight them. Once the fight is over with
(it's an easy fight), your party members will disguise themselves as Dragoons.
Run down the nearby stairs. At the foot of the stairs, turn left, and talk
with the guard here. He'll say something about hiding the Parlor Key, so
return back upstairs, then go through the door to the left, then the first
door to the north, which is the eating area. Speak to Glenn here to find
the code for the door upstairs. Get the Dragoon's Honor from the Treasure
Chest in the room, then leave the area. Return back through the door you
entered through, then run past your cell, and through the door to the right
of it. Speak to the guards here, and they'll ask for the password. DO NOT
say anything at all, just sit there. The password is silence according to
the guards. They will move and let you enter the room.

Fight the Box enemy in here, and then attempt to take the Silver Pendant off
the wall. No matter how to take it, it's another trap. A women named Luccia
will "help" you at first, but then wants to experiment with you by making
you fight some of her projects...


BOSS: NEO - N - BULB A and B

This boss fight is rather simple to beat, since there are only 2 of the
same enemy. These Neo - N- Bulbs use Green Elementals, so you should use
Yellow to counter them, as well as lots and lots of Tech Attacks to add
some more damage. Defeating these puny bulbs shouldn't pose much of a problem
to you or your party.

After the fight has finished, Luccia will tell you to leave, but as you go,
she tells you that she can help you whenever you need help, and to "Kom" by
sometime. Now return to the right, up the stairs, and into the main room
with the snake statue, and input the correct code into it to open the doors.

(NOTE: I'm not sure what happens if you enter the wrong code, or how to
really get back to the main room without having to fight that giant
green and yellow robot that is blocking your way. You can always fight that
huge thing, but it's risky, since you need to be very strong and have
strong party members to beat it. If you enter the wrong code you will
be dropped back down through the hole in the ground, and will end up
back in the cell where you first started, only this time you can actually
get out of the cell. The only problem is that I cannot find a easy way
back to Luccia's lab, where it is safe and she can help you out or how
to return to the main snake statue room. Another problem I encountered
was that I do not know how to find out the correct code or combo for the
door from Glenn again after he reads it for the first time...)

(Sorry, I would have updated this until the fight with Lynx, but I am
extremely tired right now, so forgive me. I have yet to find a save point
within the Viper Manor, so I still need to explore the area some more in
order to find more and more items, as well as key locations, enemies, and
other useful (and not so useful) information. More to come tomorrow...)

Ahh. Finally, I have completed my goals. I have found a good save point
AND how to get the snake statue code in the same room. To get this,
enter the third door to the left of the Kitchen and Dining room
door to find the soldier's bunkers. There is a Record of Fate here,
as well as Glenn. Examine the wall to the north of Glenn to find
"This Week's Code", which is the code to the snake statue. BE SURE
you won't want to forget it.

Go to the other side of the room, and check to southeast corner to find
a rather large box. Open it to find Revive! Awesome. Now return to the main
statue room, and on the way you will have to fight the large robot to get
past it. This guy isn't that hard, but he does dish out some decent damage.
Remember to use plenty of elementals, and use Guile's Tech Skill against
him to do over 100 Hp of damage at a time.

You should choose on fighting the robot near Luccia's lab, so you can
enter the lab after you finish the fight. Enter the lab, and run to the
far west part of the room, and talk to Pip in the small cage. Open the cage
for Pip, and then leave the room. Go right and into the main statue room.

Enter the correct code on the statue, and the large double doors will open
for you. Enter these doors. (Or you can enter the room next to Luccia's lab
to find some traps and a chest containing Bronze Helmet). Anyways, run up
the stairs to the next floor. (Along the way back you will find a room
with Karsh in it and a Treasure Chest. At first he won't let you open it,
but after a while, he'll start to count the number of times you try to open
it. On the 19th or 20th time, he'll finally let you have whatever is in the
chest--which is a Dragoon Gauntlet!)

At the top of the stairs you will find two doors, one on each side of you.
The one to the right has a Robot blocking it, so head through the door to
the left. Run across the pathway, and through the door to the left at the
end. In this area, climb the stairs, and speak with the girl. You will
then speak with a Prophet of Time. After some shocking revelations, Marcy
will want to fight you, and indeed she will...



This is probably the first semi-difficult fights in recent time. Marcy is
Innate Blue, so cast plenty of Red Elementals and White ones just to dish
out some extra damage. She also casts some Turncolor Elements so her attacks
will do more damage, so be sure to counter this with your own Turncolor
Elementals. Any type of Red Element will do fine, and Tech Skills are
great too. Watch out for her many Ice attacks like Ice Blast.

After the fight, Marcy runs away, saying that "it's not over yet!"
The prophet will talk to you some more, and tell you to press the button
behind the 2nd to last pillar in the main room. You will do this later, but
for right now, run back up the stairs in this room, and press the hidden
switch that is on the bookshelves to lower the ladder. Climb it and open
the chest to find the TurnWhite Elemental! Leave the room and go into the
main pillar room.

In here you will meet Harlequin the jester. Heh. Harlequin will call you
"sexy" Run forward after the little meeting, and hit the switch
that is behind the second pillar to the left to lower a platform. But first
you will have to fight the three guards here. When the fight is over, use
the platform and ride it upstairs. Go left to find a Record of Fate. Save
your game!!! Run into the door to the right of the stairs you came in
here through, and examine the blue flame on the desk. Lynx and the General
come out, and Lynx will be challenged by Kid for a TOUGH Boss fight...



This is by far the hardest boss fight so far, and one of the harder ones in
the game. Lynx has 1000 HP! Good thing he has Black Elementals, which means
everyone in your party should have some White elementals to combat this.
He'll use AntiWhite on all of your party members, so just use some type
of Turncolor Elemental on him, then attack him with the opposite color.
Make sure to build up everyone's level so that almost all of your Elementals
for that person is usable in the fight. Pound him into the ground with almost
any type of Elemental, and for great results, cast TurnWhite on Lynx and then
use Guile's Tech Skill (which is black) on Lynx to do some serious damage.
It'll take a while, but you should defeat him within time.

After the fight, a long line of cut-scenes will be shown. When they are done,
the option screen will come up. Save your game to continue the game.

Leave the house to find Kid and Karsh. Kid will fall ill, and you will
find out that Kid must be saved. You can choose any option that you wish,
but the thing is that if you choose to save Kid, you will have to go
a longer route, and fight many bosses at Hydra Marsh. The result? Well,
you can save Kid. But I reccommend NOT saving Kid, since Kid will be cured
anyways not matter what route you take. However, if you choose to save Kid,
here is a short mini-walkthrough on how to save her:


- Leave area
- Go to the Hydra Marshes in Another World
- Enter Marshes, and go north to find Safety Gear for your journey
- You get it from a man by speaking to him
- Explore and find the Life Sparkle
- Go to Viper Manor and to the top most purple room
- Use Life Sparkle on the pond
- Recruit NeoFio to your party
- Go to Opassa Beach to switch worlds
- Return to Hydra Marshes in Home World
- Go west to fight the Beebas
- Recieve the Beeba Flute after this
- Run through some paths until a Beeba gives you Bushbasher
- Say you are "strong" to him to get this element
- Find a empty area to play the Beeba Flute
- Wingapede will come and you will have to fight it
- Use lots of Yellow Elements on Wingapede to kill it fast
- Use the Record of Fate from the first area to save your game
- Speak to Razzly
- Fight Pentapus boss battle
- Use plenty of green and red elementals against Pentapus
- Find the dwarves and elves
- Fight the Dwarves
- Use the Green and Blue elementals on them
- Move on and fight Hydra
- To do this, follow the Dwarves
- Again, use Green Elementals against Hydra
- NEVER use Yellow Elementals, since this brings it's health back up (it
  is Innate to Yellow)
- Get the Hydra Humour from the Hydra
- Return to Opassa Beach to switch worlds
- Go back to Guldove and save Kid
- Go to Termina, and find Korcha
- Talk to him and have him join your party

Phew. Well, the only advantage that I can think of for this route is that
since there are so many boss fights, your party will grow faster than
ever. Oh, and you can also get the Boat from Korcha. Now if you choose to
go and forget about Kid, go to Hermit's Hidaway.

But first, you need a boat. Go to the Residental Tower (I think that's
what it's called...), and ask for Korcha's boat by speaking to him. He'll
refuse, but as you try to leave, his ma will come in! She'll give
Korcha a good talking to, and will make Korcha stay home while she borrows
the boat. Her name as you find out, is Morcha. She'll hand you the Tropical
Paradise frame, and will join your party later. Time to meet Shaman. Run all
the way to the left of the ladder, and enter the Dragon Shrine to find her,
as well as a Record of Fate. Speak to her, then save your game. Return
to the ladder, take it down, and head east to the docks, and board the
boat with Morcha.

She'll take you to Termina. Head over to where you first found Glenn and
Korcha's boat, and you will watch a small cerimony. When it finishes,
walk into the house and speak with Greco. Allow him to help you, and he
will join your party. Explore Termina for any new things, then return to
the boat. Tell Morcha that you want to straighten things out, and she'll
let you borrow the boat. Soon after, Glenn comes in, and asks if he may
join you. Let him, and he'll say that you should go to a small island.

Now let Macha join your party as well. Now take the boat out to sea, and
make your way to the northeast to Hermit's Hidaway -shore- (it's the island
with the black smoke coming out of it).

When you reach the area, you will find that it has been burned down. Now
you will meet Harle, and will be forced to fight her. At first it might
seem like a boss fight, but it's not, since A)It's easy, and B) You don't
gain any stars afterward. When you have defeated her, she'll run away. Radius
will enter the scene, and speak to you about Lynx and the General. He'll
also let you stay the night to heal up. When you wake up, leave the house
and leave Hermit's Hidaway, and board your boat again. Head south and enter
the thick fog to find the ghost ship.

On board you will meet some scarvy pirates, as well as Fargo. You'll
explain to him why you are looking for Lynx, and he agrees with you
somewhat. After that he decides to test your skills, and pits you up against
a series of enemies, one by one. First off, you'll have to fight 3 Man-o-Wars,
then his giant Polly...



Polly is a bird, which is Red Innate. This means that you should
use Blue Elementals for the fight. If you manage to defeat Polly, you
and your party will gain a star and level up.



And if you REALLY are strong, and beat polly, then you'll have to face
Fargo himself, which isn't an easy task. Keep in mind that Fargo is Innate
Blue, so use Red Elementals against him. If you manage to defeat Fargo,
you will be rewarded with another star, and your party will level up again.

Well it appears that Fargo isn't happy with you, since you DID manage to
defeat him. He puts you and your party to sleep, and throws you into the
hold. Soon afterwards, some enemies will come running into your hold, and
fight you. They are all Black Innate, since they are working for Lynx and
such. Use White Elements on them for best results. After the fight, heal up
and cure any poison that may have been caught from the enemies. Save your
game at the Record of Fate here, then leave the hold. But before you go,
allocate at least one White Element to each of your party memebers for
the enemies later on.

Enter the room to the left of your hold, and climb up onto the counter
to get the AquaBall from the chest. Leave the room. Run to the end of the
hallway to the left and get the FirePillar from the chest. Go back to
the right a bit, and head up the ladder. Go right, and head into the room.
Speak to the guy who's laying on the floor, and then approach the treasure
chest. Fight the monster who is blocking your way to the chest. Grab
the Panacea from the chest, then go through the grate to the right on
the wall to end up in a new room. Either fight or avoid the monster blocking
the chest, and get the Capsule from the chest.

Leave the room through the door, and go right. Speak with the pirates here
to learn about a Key that is with someone downstairs...Return to the ladder
and go back downstairs. Go into the door to the left of your hold, and help
the pirate who is fighting the Crossbones. Win the fight, and speak to the
man twice to get the key. Go down the hall to the right, and use the Key on
the door at the end. Go outside, and drink the sailor's drink to restore your
HP! Or it can poison you, it's your choice on whether or not you should
risk it. Head down the ladder, and fight the Dead Beats at the bottom.
Go right and enter the door at the end. Run past the Dead Beats if you
wish to, then you will find Pip in the area. Speak to Pip, and he'll run
away. Run after him, and after you catch him, he'll join your party.

Search the area and the two Treasure Chests to get Capsule, and Gravitone.
Go up the stairs near where you catch Pip, and take the PhotonBeam from
the chest. Allocate PhotonBeam to another party member while you're at it.

Leave to go outside, and save your game at the Record of Fate. Climb the
ladder here. Run up the stairs, and you will have a fight right away.
Fight the monsters, then go and help out Fargo. This all leads to a boss



Dead Head is one of the harder bosses so far, because he decreases the power
of your Elements at the start of the fight, therefore making your
all powerful PhotonBeams not very powerful. To beat him, attack him over
and over until you can tell that his spell has dissapeared, then pound
him into the ground with White Elements, as well as some Tech Skills.
Use the PhotonBeam for best results against this tough foe.

After the fight, return to Guldove, and check on Kid...and you will find out
something remarkable. Kid is ok!!!! Yay! See, I told never had
to save her yourself after all. The Doctor comes in later on, and explains
how Kid was saved. When this is done, Doc will ask if he may join your
party. Kid will agree, and he will join you!

Kid and the others will talk about the missing key to the other Dimension,
and Kid will say that Serge is the key. She says that you need to go and
get the divine protection from the water dragon. Kid then gives you the
Astral Amulet. Leave the hut, go left and up the ladder, go left again,
and enter the Dragon Shrine and save your game. Remember that you must
transport back to Home World, then head on over to Water Dragon Isle...

Alright, now to do this, return to your boat, and sail to Oppassa Beach.
Here is where you will be transported back to Home World again. But to
get there, first go to Arni Village, and use the World Map to get to
Opassa Beach. Once there, approach the small green wormhole, and use the
Astrel Amulet on it to return to Home World.

Wait. Now there is a slight problem. What is it you ask? Simple. You have no
boat! The return back in time caused you to lose your boat. Great, now how
do we get to Water Dragon Isle without a boat? Simple. Go get one.

Head into Arni Village again, and go to the pier. Speak to the fisherman
here, and he'll mention taking you to Water Dragon Isle. He'll charge you
100G, so pay the man, and off you go to Water Dragon Isle.

Once here, use the floating lily pads as navigation across the pond. Search
the area for 2 Treasure chests, one with AquaBall, and the other with
IceBlast. The one with Aquaball is hidden underwater towards the northwest.
The chest with IceBlast is to the northeast, or east. It's easier to spot
than the AquaBall chest. There is also a Record of Fate near the waterfall,
and if you search underneath the waterfall, you will find some Iron.
Immediatly allocate plenty of green and blue (Ice preffered) Elements
for me. Exit this area to the north, near the Record of

In the next area you will see that Dwarves have killed all the faeries in
this place, and that they are going on a rampage. FIGHT EVERY DWARF HERE!
Why? Because you can level up easily, and get great yellow elements, as well
as Iron and Copper and such. Once the entire area has been cleared out,
head into the cave to the north.



Inside here, you will meet the Chief, and he'll sick his minions on you
and your party...5-6 of them to be exact. This is a boss fight, so
beware of their power. Although each one of them isn't that strong, all
of them combined makes them very strong. They use Yellow Elements, and they
are--Surprise!--Yellow Innate. Use plenty of Green Elementals and you should
do fine in this fight.

Search this area for a Treasure Chest containing Magic Ring. Once again,
defeat all Dwarves in this area before moving on. At the bottom of the
large waterfall, run left to find a new cave with a Record of Fate. Fight
the dwarves blocking it, and save your game.

Search the waterfall area to find a Scaley Dress! Allocate lots of Green
Elementals, as well as some healing elements for the next fight. Run down
below the waterfall where you got the Scaley Dress, and prepare to fight
the Hi-Ho Tank...



This is the hardest fight so far in the game, in my opinion. The Tank has
at least 1000 HP, and he has 2 dwarves to repair him whenever he wants to,
or needs it. Also, the tank dishes out some serious damage to your party.
It's Yellow Innatem so you should use LOTS of Green Elementals on him,
as well as Tech Skills. Be prepared to lose at least one party member in
this fight, if not more. Use plenty of Healing Items, and equip more than
one (if you can) of your most powerful Elements. NEVER USE YELLOW ELEMENTS.
Focus on the Hi-Ho Tank first, then set your sights on the other 2 dwarves.
Also, Iron-made and forged weapons doesn't hurt either, so use everything
to your advantage to beat him. It takes a lot, so be ready to fight for
a long while, or not long (if he kills your party in fast time that is).
Just as long as you saved your game at the last Record of Fate, you shouldn't
have to worry about dying and restarting your game if you lose to the
Hi-Ho Tank, because you can just restart the fight over again without
losing precious info or time.


NOTE: You might want to return to a large town like Termina or Guldove
to forge some more weapons, or to stock up on lots of Elements, because
you will need them for this fight, and for later fights....ESPECIALLY the
next boss fight which isn't too far off into the future...but it's very much
so worth it to backtrack to stock up on anything you think might give you
the edge in the fight against Hi-Ho Tank, or any other boss for that matter.

Finally when the fight is over (took long enough! :P), the Dwarves will
start a conversation, and die off. You will then meet a dying Faerie
on the ground near the Dwarves. She'll also start a deep conversation
about life and such. This starts a long chain of cut-scenes, and story
advancement. When it stops momentarily, move on and see the Water Dragon
near you. He'll give you the IceBreath, and the FrogPrince summon, both
for the Red Dragon you will encounter later...

Now starts another long chain of cut-scenes. When they are finished, move
down the cliff, and use the Lilypads to get back to the entrance. Tell
the fisherman you are ready to leave, and he'll take you back to the village.

Once you have returned to Arni Village, go to the World Map, and head south
to Opassa Beach, and return to Another World. Now return to your boat, and
sail to the east to Pyre Shore, and run into Mount Pyre -East-. Be prepared
for this area with Blue Elements, tons of them.

Anyways, make your way north, and search the first Chest to the left to find
MagmaBurst, and then the Chest to the northwest of this screen to find
Tablet. When the chests are empty, leave this area through the exit to
the north. You will meet Solt and Peppor once again...



This battle starts out like usual, with Solt and Peppor giving you handy
tips, all while fighting with each other. They teach you about Trap
Elements, and how to steal opponent's Elements. They start to fight, and
then they start attacking each other! Anyways, just use your Elementals
(any color but Yellow should do the trick), and defeat them quickly,
as they are NO CHALLENGE to you (or they shouldn't be).

When the fight has ended, Solt and Peppor will both run off yelling. Follow
them up to the north, and into a new area, complete with more lava.




Search the chests here to find TrapInferno, and Capsule. Now exit through
the north. Save your game at the Record of Fate near the doorway, and
enter it...



This is definetly the hardest boss fight so far in the game, the only other
fight becoming close is the Hi-Ho Tank. Even though the Fire Dragon is
small, he does LOTS of damage with his attacks, and especially with his
FieryBreath attack...oh boy. First build up your characters so they are
at level 5, then blast him with all of the Blue Elementals that you can
before he attacks you back. Also have lots of Healing Items on hand, and
Revive and HealAll is great for surviving this fight. Good Luck.

As you try to leave this area, someone stops you at the doorway, and Gleen
reconizes Karsh! Uh oh...



Hmmm...3 tough bosses rolled into one nasty package. Not nice at all.
For starters, Zoah is the most powerful person here, since he has the most
HP (I presume, since it takes longer to take him out). Marcy is easy to
get rid of, and Karsh is right in between. Their Innates are as follows:

KARSH: Green
ZOAH: Yellow

Use this info to your advantage, and use the opposite Innate elemental
colors against each foe. Take out Zoah first, then Karsh, then Marcy
last. Tech Skills also work great, but a few of the Elementals don't
work as well as they should.

After the fight, attempt to leave again, but Harle will show up again,
and speak to you. When she leaves, exit outside to watch a cool FMV, and
to enter Fort Dragonia.


Something different can happen here. One of two things will happen:

A) You will see nothing at the beginning of the Fort, and you can just
   continue on into the Fort

B) You will meet a Dragoon Boss at the beginning of the Fort. This begins
   a boss fight:



This fight isn't really much of a challenge, just as long as you use Blue
Elements, as well as Tech Skills, and the Color Elements that are the same
as your party memebers are (i.e., a Blue Innate character should use Blue
Elements against him). This fight shouldn't take all that long to end.

After the fight, or even if you didn't fight, enter the Fort, and run
across the bridge into the main room, and save your game at the Record
of Fate to the left. Now you should see four doors in this room. The
object of this Fort is to de-activate all five colored crystals:

- Blue
- Red
- Green
- Yellow
- White
- Black

Each door leads to a different crystal mind you.

      TO THE GAME.


Here is how to get the Crystals (BTW, these mini-walkthroughs all start
from the main room with the Record of Fate and the four main doors):

RED CRYSTAL: This one is pretty easy. From the main room, enter the door
             to the far right, and run across the bridge to the end, and
             until you are in a different room. This room has a Dragon
             Statue, and if you read it, it says that it is always facing
             North, no matter what way it faces (it's random). With this
             in mind, your goal is to make the statue turn so it faces the
             gap to the far east of you. So choose a direction for it to
             face (based on your knowledge that the Dragon starts off facing
             to the north), and let it drop you into the correct gap. Once
             here, you can easily run around to the north, and use the X
             Button to deactivate the Red Crystal.

GREEN CRYSTAL: From the main room, head through the door to the left of
               the Red Crystal door, and run north over the bridge. The
               next series of rooms are a maze, but they can easily be
               navigated. I will let you navigate them yourself, since
               there are tons of Chests in this area for you to plunder.
               Just remember to move to the north, and eventually you
               will find the Green Crystal, but there is a rather large
               robot blocking it...



One thing to remember about this fight: He has a Tornado Element that is
extremely powerful. If you wish, you can try to trap it by using the
TrapTornado Element, or just leave it. Taurusoid is Green Innate, so use
Yellow Elementals against him, as well as Tech Skills. When the fight is
over, run forward and deactivate the Green Crystal. To get back to the main
room faster, hit the blue ground switch on the maze near that room to lower
some stairs.

BLUE CRYSTAL: From the main room, go through the door to the left of the
              Green Crystal door. This path leads to a weird area that
              functions with the use of chests, believe it or not. Right
              when you walk into the room, you will see a doorway to your
              right, but you can't get to it since it's high up. That's your
              destination goal. To get there, run over to the southwest
              corner of the room, and open and close the chests so the
              brige comes to you and allows you to cross. Now run across
              that bridge, and run to the northwest corner of the room and
              open both of the chests. Run to the northeast corner, and
              open and close the chests so the bridge comes to you, and
              lets you access that doorway near the entrance. Go to the
              doorway, and hit that blue floor switch to cause some more
              stairs to come down, giving you another shortcut back to the
              main room. Run up to the Blue Crystal, and you will not see
              anything at first, but you then spot a large blob in your



GiantGloop is Blue Innate, so use lots of Red Innate Elements against him,
as well as that character's main Innate color elements once again. Having
a Character in your party who is Red Innate is also a good idea for the
fight. When the GiantGloop is defeated, run forward, and deactivate the
Blue Crystal.

YELLOW CRYSTAL: From the main room, enter the room to the far west, to
                left of the Blue Crystal doorway. Run to the west across
                the bridge, and into the next room. Run to the east side
                of the room, and into the doorway on the upper level. You
                will see some green circles on the ground. Examine the
                instructions to see that you can change the order of the
                Dragon body parts: Head, Body, and Tail. Each chacter
                represents a body part (for example, Serge is Head, your
                second party member is the Body, and your third party
                member is the Tail). Use either the Select button in this
                room to change party member order, or the blue circles just
                outside this room to make the order go in this way:

                Head - Body - Tail

                Doing this allows you access to a blue floor switch, which
                lowers some stairs, and can let you access more areas like
                the Yellow Crystal. Now go back and set the path to this:

                Tail - Body - Head

                Doing this allows you access to the Yellow Crystal. But
                to actually get to the Crystal, you must lower it to ground
                level. Do this by using the new block that leads you to
                a platform with a switch on it. Hit this switch to lower
                the Yellow Crystal, and then run around to the ground level,
                and deactivate it. Return to the main room, and save your

WHITE CRYSTAL: In the main room, enter the new center area, through the
               door. You will automatically see the White Crystal, but
               as you approach it, a boss enters the scene...



SonOfAGun eh? Err....sure thing. Anyways, even though you might think that
this boss is Red Innate (he is a sun after all...), you would be wrong.
He's White Innate! Bad news for Serge. Serge's attacks and Elements will
drastically decrease in power against this guy, so use a Black Innate
Character and/or plenty of Black Elements against him. Tech Skills work
well against him, although not as well as they usually do for some odd
reason. When the fight is over, deactivate the White Crystal, then ride
the elevator up...

BLACK CRYSTAL: At the top of this area, you will find that it is oddly
      you remember this area? I thought you did.
               Run right from the elevator, and into the next room. See
               that door to the left, on the lower floor? The one with the
               torches? You need to get to this door. When you get here,
               you will see the Black Crystal ahead, but yet another boss
               is blocking your way...



This boss fight is sorta weird, since Bunyip starts out the fight as Red
Innate, but after you have dealt out about 400 Hp of damage, he morphs
into something different, something that is Black Innate. Well, for the
first part, use Yellow and Blue Innate Elements and Tech Skills against him,
then for the second part of the fight, use White Innate elements as well
as Serge's Tech Skills, since he is White Innate. The PhotonBeam works
extremely well against him. After the fight, run up the platform, and
deactivate the Black Crystal. Return to the center room, and head onto
the main purple teleporter circle in the center of the room to get to
the top of the tower. If you want to, go back down to the main room
and save your game.

At the top, attempt to enter to door to the north, and you will watch
a short FMV. When this ends, enter the door. In the next room, you will
find Lynx and General Viper waiting for you. Time for some tough fights!



General Viper is EXTREMELY powerful, and his normal attacks can cause up
to 100 Hp of damage a piece! Sheeesh. Anyways, he's Yellow Innate, so
try to use a Green Innate character and/or lots of Green Elements against
him. If you think this fight is hard, just wait for the next one...

When the fight ends, you will witness a very big story advancement, and
Lynx will challenge you to a real fight!



There is a strange thing that happens in this fight as well. Lynx is
Black Innate, yet he uses a White Innate Element against Serge: PhotonBeam.
Odd...Well, since you know he's Black Innate, use Serge's attacks, Tech
Skills, and White Innate Elements against the all-powerful Lynx. For
everyone else in your party, level them up until their meters are at
at least 5, then let loose as many Element and Tech Skills as you can.
Oh, and here's another oddity -- after you beat Lynx, you will (unless it's
just me...) recieve exactly 666 G.....666? Hmmmm...


"This is because denying me is the same as erasing your very existance."

This will begin an odd series of events, and since I don't want to ruin
anything good for you, i'll just skip to the next fight.



This is a strange twist. It seems that you are Lynx for some reason, and
you are fighting against Serge and the party! Freaky! Well, just to let
you know, you cannot win this fight. Everyone in the party has incredible
HP and strength, so you have almost no chance at winning.

Whee. That was quite a ride wasn't it?  You betcha it was. Well, after the
TREMENDOUS story advancement and cut-scenes, you will start back up the
game in a brightly colored area as.....Lynx?!?! WTF?! Geez, this game
gets really weird on you at times, but that's what I like about it. :)

Well, since you are now in Lynx's body, all of your previous party members
are now gone, since they aren't with Lynx, they're with "Serge"...or
something. It's confusing, but lets just say they are loyal to Serge, and
Serge only...

Once you start out, run up and around to the north of the screen, near a
giant leaf that hangs out. Run on it to shake it, and a large berry will
drop. A man (Sprigg), will come out of his house to chase the berry, so
quickly run into his house before he returns. Inside, he'll give you
a good talking to, and let you rest up at his place. When you are done,
head down the ladder and save your game at the Record of Fate here,
then return back to the first floor. Attempt to leave, and Sprigg
will join your party! Yay!

Leave the house, and run north. Run up the ramps to reach the caves, use
them to get to the top, and run up the next ramp to reach the tower. You
can roll the boulder here to get the Chest containing Revive in it if you
want to. Enter the tower, and you will find Harle.

She'll talk to you, and tell you to get a move on. It doesn't matter what
you say back to her at all. Now, someone else will enter the scene, and
start entering doors. Just enter the same door as they did 3 times in
a row, and you will end up on a rooftop or something with Harle. She'll
join your party right away!

Run around to the south and use the lever here to open up access to a new
area. Run down to the next level where the door opened, and open the
Chest here to get Mythril. Search this area for more chests that contain
more Mythril, and one that contains Pendragon Sigil C. When you are ready,
go back upstairs and hit the lever again, then return to the lowest floor.
Run over to the southeast corner of the area, and use the X button on the
hole in the ground to return to "realite" as Harle calls it.

Actually, you are in the Hydra Marshes. You need to find the green wormhole
that USED to be at Opassa Beach to return to Another World, but it's not
there anymore. Go to Arni Village, and into Serge's house and speak with
his mother. She'll reveal some stuff to you that might be useful to you
later on, then Radius enters, freaks out, and challenges you to a fight...



Radius isn't all that tough, but he does use a lot of White Elemental
attacks against you and Harle. He's Green Innate, so you should be using
Yellow Elementals against Radius. Use plenty of Tech Skills, especially
Lynx's GlideHook Tech Skill, since it does some good damage to the old
guy (Radius that is).

After the fight, Radius understands that you are not really Lynx, but
Serge in Lynx's body, and he joins your party! Alright! Choose your new
party, then exit the village and onto the World Map. Head north to Fossil
Valley, and make your way through it to get to the other side, and back
onto the World Map. Run northwest and go to Termina.

Not much to do here, except to get more party members for your journey.
To get Zappa, the blacksmith in town, get Radius in your group, and
enter his place of business. Speak to him, and after a conversation,
Zappa will join your cause. Afterwards, he'll give Lynx the Smith
Spirit, which allows you to forge weapons/armor/accessories either
on the World Map or at a Record of Fate.

To get Van, go to the house near Zappa's place, and find Van in the back
room. Speak to him, and he'll offer to give you a tour around for a
price. Agree, and after a long scene involving Van's family crisis, he'll
finally join your party! Finally.

One more thing, you can try to save Lisa's father from the Shadow Forest
if you wish, but it just wastes time in my opinion. Sure you may get some
cool materials and spoils, but nothing that is extremely rare. It's best
to just go straight to Viper Manor instead. In case you do try to rescue
Lisa's father, here's how (NOTE: You must do this if you plan on getting
into Viper Manor):


- Exit to World Map
- Go to Shadow Forest
- Speak with cave-man at first
- Find the cave near a waterfall
- Leave the cave
- Make your way through the Forest, and find the large, empty tree
- Move the large rock in the Tree by chasing the bugs into a hole
- Lisa's father will be found
- You will get Mushroom
- Return to World Map

Ok, now head on over to Viper Manor. There will be two things here:

A) Guards will be out of your way, allowing you to pass

B) Guards are in your way, not allowing you to pass

If the latter happens, then return to Termina, and speak to the guard
who is guarding the Dock to the left of the main screen. He'll tell you
to go to Viper Manor. Now go back, and A will occur. Run past the guards
and to the next screen. Listen to the conversation about the Dragoons, and
run south to the well, and go down it. Enter the tunnel to the left of the
first guard here, and into the tunnel system. In the main large room, you
will find a chest containing a Mythril Helmet. Go to the northwest part
of this room to find the ladder that leads upstairs to the main prison.

Enter the only unlocked door, the one being guarded by two soldiers, and
enter it to meet Sir Norris. After a long winded conversation, Norris
will join your party! This is great, since Norris is a awesome fighter in
battles. You will end up back in Termina, near the dock. Go east a bit to
find your new boat.

Sail towards towards the south, and go to El Nido Triangle. Once here,
sail towards the large white circle and dive beneath the surface to go
underwater. This area is very linear, so you shouldn't have much trouble
navigating the area. Your main objective here is simple: To get
the Star Fragment. Make your way through the water until you reach a small
cave, one with lots of fish and whatnot. Fight these guys (all of them)
to get access to the chest near them, and to collect the Star Fragment.
Return to the surface, and sail back onto the World Map.

Once back here, sail to the west, and onto Sky Dragon Isle -Shore-, and
run to Sky Dragon Isle. If you speak with some people here, they'll
tell you about the monster who only attacks those with a star fragment
with them, and that he is on the mountain top. Make your way up the
mountain. Look for the easy to see Treasure Chest. Right when you
attempt to open it, a blue alien guy comes out and screams for the
Fragment! This starts a boss fight...



You need Starky. If you have him, then get him in your party, and he'll
open it for you. If you do not, then return to Home World, go to El Nido
Triangle, and find the Star Fragment from where the UFO was in Another
World. Now head to Sky Dragon Isle, and you will find Starky on the mountain.
Open the Chest in the center of the mountain top to attract MegaStarky...

This guy ain't so hard, since he's just a funny looking UFO. MegaStarky is
White Innate, so try not to use many White Innate Elements against him.
Use many Black and other color Innate Elements against him if possible.
Level 7 and 8 Tech Skills are VERY powerful at this time, and will cause
MegaStarky a lot of damage. Have fun. :) Also, he uses Meteorite and
other weak White Innate Elements, so don't be very cautious about his

When the fight is over, he'll begin to run around. Chase him around, and
when you finally catch him, speak to him, and he'll join your party for
good! Now go back down the mountain, get the Our Favorite Martian window
frame, then return to the World Map. Sail north, and to Earth Dragon
Isle -Shore-. Run into Earth Isle.

Speak to the people here, and they'll tell you that they cannot find
anything here at all. Attempt to run into the quicksand, and they'll
yell at you and warn you not to enter there. Run back into it, and you'll
sink to an underground area. Check the chests here to find some more
Mythril. Search the object that is blocking your way to the south,
then run up to the Sand Boil and jump into it to return to the surface
again. The captain will talk to you, and inform you that he'll take care
of the rock, and get his men to use explosives on it. He'll also tell you
that it might take a while, so you should return later on. Leave the
Earth Dragon Isle, and onto the World Map. Before you go, you should check
the chest here to find a Capsule!

Sail southeast, and to the large island of Marbule. Run north, and
talk with Great Explorer Toma to find out much info about the Village
and that it used to belong to Demi-Humans, but now is run by ghosts.
He'll also tell you to stay the night here in the hut near the entrance.
Do so...

Ask Toma every one of the four questions, then go to the Hut, and choose
to spend the night. Now choose the "Check it out" option when it says
that you hear voices outside. Run to the northeast, and speak to the
Mermaid, and she'll run off. Toma will return, and tell you about
crying mermaids and such. Lynx will return to the hut for the rest of the

The next morning, the mermaid will ask you to take her to the SS Zelbess.
After she flees, run to the World Map, and sail to the north, and board
the SS Zelbess. Once on the ship, run upstairs to the main deck, then inside
the ship. Run to the right to the end, and go up the stairs, and into the
room with the skull above it. Inside here, you will find the Mermaid and
Fargo. You will listen to a long conversation between Fargo and the
mermaid, and it will get boring, trust me. When it ends, go down the
ladder in the deck, and go to the right all the way to the end, and
speak with the guard. He says he's guarding the "Grand Slam", and that
you need Fargo's permission to enter. Enter the room next to him to find
an old man who mops floors now. Ask him about the Sage, then leave
the room. Return to Fargo's room, and ask him for permission to enter
the "Grand Slam" room.

He'll challenge you to a game at the Casino. If you win, you will get
access to the "Grand Slam". But if you lose, he'll take your boat! Agree,
then go downstairs to the Casino.

You can't win this game. After a while, you will land on South, and Fargo
will take your boat. Keep in mind that Fargo never gets South, and never
will. When this ends, go back to the ladder, and take it downstairs. Run
to the far left, and enter the Inn. You will see the Innkeeper climbing
back down a secret ladder...odd. You and your party will talk, and they'll
say they wish they could become a cat and move like one...hmmm...

Go right of the Inn, and enter the first door to the right of the ladder
to find a magic show. Approach the stage to start the show. Sneff will
ask for volunteers to turn into cats, so when he asks you, agree with him.
He'll turn your entire party into cats! Run out of the room, and enter
the Inn at the end of the hallway.

Run behind the counter, and climb up the ladder to watch a scam in
action. You will find out that the casino game is rigged by Fargo and
his Innkeeper. When the Innkeeper leaves, search the wheel to find the
Handle. Exit the Inn, and climb up the ladder. Go right, and try to enter
the door to the right of the ladder. It's the Kitchen, but you cannot
enter it...hmmm. Look to the right of the door to see a small hole. Run
through the hole to get into the Kitchen. Speak to the other cat in here
to get the Monster Mouth Frame, then search the large box in the back of
the Kitchen to get the Frypan Ag47! Go back downstairs, and into the
Magic Room, only to find out that all shows are now over. When you look
at the stage though, you will see Solt and Peppor slapping each other!
Oh man...that is funny...well, sorta. Anyways, enter the hole on the right
side of the room to enter Sneff's room, and he'll change you back to your
Human (or Demi-Human) forms again. Leave the room, and go up the ladder
once more, and run into Fargo's room.

After you watch the newest conversation between Fargo and Nikki, talk
to him again, and challenge him to another round at the Casino. He'll laugh
at you, and meet you there. Leave the room and head into the Casino.

Fargo will lose this time right away, since you revealed that he
cheated. He'll give you access to Grand Slam, as well as your boat.
Return to the Grand Slam door, and the guard will allow you to enter.
Once inside, go out one of the doors, and you will see the Sage walking
through door-to-door, over and over again. Just keep on following him, and
after a while, he'll talk to you. Ask him about the Dead Sea. When he
asks what you will do about him, say you will use Brute Force, and this
will start a boss fight...



This fight isn't that hard really, since Sage is White Innate, and you and
Harle are Black Innate. Use all of your Black Elementals before he casts
a Turncolor Elemental on you, in which case your Black Elements will lose
power against him. Also let loose on your Tech Skills, and make sure to
build up everyone's level before letting your Elementals rip on the
Sage. Lynx's Glidehook works EXTREMELY well against the Sage too.

After the fight, the Sage will give Lynx the Fiddler Crab as a gift to you
and your party.

Nikki then enters, and pleads to the Sage to teach him the song of Marbule.
The sage refuses, and walks off. Nikki says that he would be glad if you
came onto his ship. If you wish, you may enter the Grand Slam, which
is a Pokemon-type game, where you and a girl (Janice) fight each other's
monsters, and you can win different prizes each time you win, and for
each place as well:

|              |                              |
| ROUND #      |    PRIZE                     |
|              |                              |
| 1st Round    |    Stamina Belt              |
|              |                              |
| 2nd Round    |    Resistance Belt           |
|              |                              |
| 3rd Round    |    Dreamer's Scarf           |
|              |                              |

Try your hand at the Grand Slam competition! When you are finished or ready,
return to the main deck of the ship. Go to the Casino again, and
visit Sneff. When he leaves, go to his dressing room, and after a long
talk, allow him to join your party! Return upstairs, and go back to the
outside deck of the ship.

Go right, and climb up the ladder to meet a guy who asks you to hop onto
the rope! Do this to get to Nikki's ship. Enter the first floor door,
and Nikki will tell you his plan to save Marbule. Agree to help him, and
everyone will leave the room, except for Irenes. Allow her to join your
party, then return to your boat, and sail to the area near the Dead Sea.

Use the Fiddler Crab near the Dead Sea to cause a large commotion, and
to reveal an entrance. Enter Death's Door. Save your game at the Record
of Fate here, then run north in the cave. Radius enters the scene, and
tells you that you cannot pass because of the evil sword, Masamune. He
tells you of a sword that you will need to pass this area. This area
that you need to visit is Hermit's Hideaway. Get onto your boat, and
go to Hermit's Hideaway. Radius will tell you a semi-interesting story
about him and Garai, and will hand you Garai's Keepsake. Now re-enter
the island, and search Radius's house to find two chests:


- Resistance Ring
- Energizer Suit

Leave and enter your boat, and sail to the northeast to The Isle of the
Damned. Make your way through the bones on the ground, and run to the south-
east part of the first screen, and fight the fire enemies here. Go through
the door that they reveal, and make your way through the center dragon
spine, and follow it until you reach a orange door that leads to a cliff
with a tombstone on it. Read it to see that your party members' names are
on it. You'll watch a short cut-scene, then Garai will enter in dramatic
fashion, and challenge you to a fight! A boss fight!



Garai is a damn hard boss, since he has some REALLY powerful attacks that
can kill your party in no time. His only weakness is that he's White Innate,
which is great since Harle and Lynx are both Black Innate, which gives you
the slight advantage in the fight. Use a lot of Tech Skills and Elements
(Black ones are prefered), as well as TurnColor Elements to highten
your advantage.

When the fight ends, you will recieve the Einlanzer. Return to Death's Door
to get rid of Masamune for good. When you enter the cave again, save your
game, then run north, and Radius will use Einlanzer on Masamune to get
rid of the dark ora of the evil sword. When he has finished, you will now
be allowed to pass it, and enter the Dead Sea.

Dead Sea is a weird place, since you can actually walk on the water here
for some reason. You can also find some handy treasure chests here as
well. Go to the northeast to find a chest containing AntiRed. Now enter
the Highway Ruins -South-. In this area, there are multiple paths, all
ones that lead to some Chests containing items like @Screw, as well as
some cool Elements. I suggest using all of the various paths (like the
2 paths to the north on the first screen, they lead to many other paths),
before you decide to move along and exit the Highway Ruins back to the
Dead Sea. Once you are ready, return to the first screen, then take the
path to the northwest, and you will meet a large robot blocking your path
on the Highway...



This guy is really tough to beat, since he has around 2000 Hp, and his
Element Attacks dish out a lot of damage to your party, and will most likely
kill 1 - 2 of your party members in the fight. He's Blue Innate, but he uses
a lot of killer Black Element attacks, so this makes him even more
powerful than one might think. His Exhaust Gas attack and Rampage attacks
are the worst, and will kill parts of your party. Use plenty of Healing
Items, as well as White and Red Elemental attacks on Highwayman, and
most of all, be patient, since this may take you a while to get done.

Well, after you have finally killed him, pass by where he was, and continue
to the north, and exit onto the World Map of the Dead Sea once more. Back
outside you will notice that you are on the other side of the Highway Ruins.
This is good, since you can now access more Chests, and more areas from here.

Run around to the north, then to the west, and you will find a chest contain-
ing AntiBlue. Enter the City Ruins near that chest. In here, you will find
that everything seems frozen or something...odd. Anyways, go right and open
the chest with Resistance Belt in it, then go southwest, and climb up the
ladder (tower) with the red light on it. Inside, search the chest to find
the Earring of Light. Run up to the control panel with the small red light,
and use the X button to examine it. Norris will check it out for you.
He'll get the computer going, and the screen will display some new
information about the Ruin. Just as Norris is about to find out more
information, the power supply runs out, and the computer goes offline,
as well as the screen itself. Leave this area through the exit to the south,
or you can return to the entrance, and go west to find another Chest with
something special for you. Now go to the south exit of the City Ruins.

Run to the south to find a chest containing AntiGreen. Now go back north-
east a bit, and enter the Tower of Geddon. Climb up the stairs to get
to the second floor balcony, and run counter-clockwise to the southeast
to find a Chest containing @Feather. Return to the stairs, but go to the
right of them, and enter the blue doorway. Run to the left side of the
screen, and climb up the stairs and onto the crashed train to find a chest
with Purify. Go to the top part of the screen, and try to enter the station.
The game tells you that you need a Station Pass to get through...return to
the first floor of this area, near the stairs to the train, and you will
find an almost invisible ghost. Talk to him, and he'll slowly walk away.
Follow him to find the Station Pass on the ground. Return to the Station
entrance, and use the Station Pass to get through the gates.

Go through the gates, and head right to find a chest with HolyLight. Go
though the door to the left, the large, bright doorway. Enter here to find
the Holy Book in a chest to the southeast. Return to the main area of the
Tower, and head up the stairs to the top floor. Go left, and use the red
light to activate the elevator. Make it go to the 1F, and go downstairs
to the first floor, and enter the elevator and get the Trashy Tiara from
the chest in the elevator.

Return to the top floor, and go through the large bright doorway to the
northeast. In this next room, enter the main area of the room, and Lynx will
see a child. The other party members won't see it, but you will.
Check the chest to the southeast part of the room to get a @Feather. Now
go to the north part of the room, where the grass is, and take the Prop
Sword from the blue floor plate. Now exit the room through the door to
the northwest, just below the grassy area.

Follow the path in the next room to the center circle, and you will see
the child again, this time running away to the right. Follow the child by
climbing the first ladder, then running right. Be sure to take the SealAll
from the chest on the way. Now go back to the second ladder, climb up it
(it's to the right of the first one), and search the balcony to find
a hidden chest containing Mythril. Return down the ladder, and follow the
Child again. Do this by leaving through the large hole in the wall, the
one that is purple-ish in color. After seeing the child once more, run
to the southwest part of the room to find a chest containing Diminish! Now
exit through the swirling hole to the north.

In this next area, you will see a sunset?! Weird. Anyways, go right and
save your game at the Record of Fate. The Treasure Chest to the northeast
contains Screwy Dress, and the other chest to the west contains HellBound.
Continue to follow the children through the exit at the top of the stairs
here. Examine the tombstone here, and you will then get a lecture from
the three dead children about YOU killing off everything and ruining
everything. Then they call you a murderer!!! They'll eventually leave, but
then a man, who introduces himself as Miguel, enters the scene, and tells
you about the truth. After a long talk about the "Bell"
(coughcoughChronoTriggercoughcoughl....Ahem), Miguel will tell you that you
must defeat him to break the spell of the Dead Sea...



Miguel is a tough advisary, but he's not invincible. He's White Innate,
so that makes Lynx's attacks more powerful in a way, but also makes him
much more vulnerable to Miguel's potent Elemental attacks, like
PhotonBeam, HolyDragSwd, as well as AntiBlack he casts on you and your
party to start the fight off. The HolyDragSwd can deal out over 500 Hp
of damage to Black Innate characters, so be prepared with numerous
Healing Items, as well as Revive Elements. Also, using TurnColor Elements
is a good idea, since if you can turn him into a color instead of black,
then your attacks will deal out WAY more damage, and your Black Innate
characters won't take as much damage that way. His HolyLight attack
can do some SERIOUS damage to Lynx and Harle, so be sure to cast a
TurnColor Element ASAP.

Once the battle ends, Miguel will talk for a LONG time about the events
of the past, and future. This is a great storyline advancer, so pay
attention. The Dead Sea will be destroyed, and the Sky Dragon will come
and rescue you from the Dead Sea. He'll drop you off on another island, and
your party members will tell you that you should head to Opassa Beach to
return to Another World.

Sail back to Arni Village, and then run to Opassa Beach. Once here, use the
Wormhole to transport back to the Home World. Upon returning, a young
child will be chased by Shadows into the beach. The shadows will leave,
as will the kid. He'll tell you that Serge is leading a rebellion and
killing off people....hmmmm. Go to Arni Village to find it deserted and
unocupied by the villagers.

Once in the village, search the cart to find a Rainbow Shell. Since there
is nothing here, leave to the World Map, and go to Termina. Search the
city if you wish, but everything is the same as before, except for the
Bar. Enter the bar, and the bartender will automatically open the back
room for you upon entering the bar. In here you will find Guile. Now
examine the back left wall in this room to enter a secret, hidden room.
Inside is Zoah and Karsh. Karsh will tell you about what happened at
Fort Dragonia when they were there. Karsh will give you the Tear of Hate,
and give you a choice on who to take with you to rescue Lady Riddle.
Choose whoever you wish, but I chose Zoah, since he's a badass.

Leave Termina, and head to Viper Manor. Speak to the guards, and they will
let you pass through them. Enter the Manor itself through the front gates,
and you will find Norris there. There will be a scene involving Riddle
being taken to the prison. Take the right-hand gate, and enter the second
door to the right. Place Zoah to the first party member, and open the
chest here to get Zoah's Toss&Strike Tech Skill.

Exit the room, and go through the other gate to the left, and enter the
second door to the left. Search the chest to find TurnBlack, then
speak with Norris. He'll give you the Prison Key.

To get to the sewars, go downstairs, and enter the kitchen. Use the
grate in the northwest portion of the room to get to the sewers. Your main
objective here is simple: Find the two barrels and push them into the
water. Do this (they're really easy to find), then see where they go.
They will create a bridge that allows you to access the valve that controls
the strength of the currents. Tighten the Valve, then leave the sewers
through the ladder to the northwest, and enter the sewers again through
the same grate in the kitchen.

If you hop onto the ledge to the right of the waterway, you can find a chest
containing Magic Seal. Now go onto the walkway to the right, just below it
and follow the path until you get to the valve that opens a door near
where you entered the area. Go through that door, and follow it until you
reach yet another valve, this one is up the stairs below the second
screen after the first valve, and just follow this path until you reach
the second valve. It will open a door in some water, so go to that water,
and run through the doorway to see a ladder just ahead of you. Climb
the ladder, and open the valve, and enter the newly opened path below
you. As you approach the ladder, you will encounter a boss fight...



This boss isn't hard at all, just as long as you have plenty of Red Elements
with you on more than one of your party members. Remember to build your
party members to their maximum levels first, then let the Elements rip.
Tech Skills are always good in a battle like this.

After the fight, climb the ladder, and you will see 3 different paths
to different cells. Climb the one nearest the ladder you came from to
find Fargo, sleeping. He'll wake up, and he'll use the Prison Key on the
cell to escape, and allow you access to the prison. Go right, save your
game at the Record of Fate, then head through the steel door. Inside you
will find Riddle, and Hell's Cook...



Not much to say here really, since Hell's Cook is just like every other
boss in the game: Use the opposite Innate Element color against him, use
Opposite Color Innate Characters, and lots of Tech Skills and healing items
as well. By the way, Hell's Cook is Red Innate, so you should use
Blue Elements against him.

After the fight, Orcha will see his mistakes, and join your party! When
this is done, you will end up back at the main entrance to the Manor.
Norris will lead Riddle to safety, so she's gone for now. Head through
the main doors behind you, and go up the stairs. A group of soldiers will
attack you, then they will sick Grobyc on you...



This is the all-powerful cyborg, Grobyc, and he is indeed strong.
Once more, Use the opposite Innate Element color against him, use Opposite
Color Innate Characters, and lots of Tech Skills and healing items as well.
Grobyc is Black Innate, which is bad for Lynx and Harle's defense and
attacking power.

Just as soon as the fight ends, you fight in yet another boss fight...



Ugh, yet another robot enemy, only this time this battle is easier than
the others before it for some reason. Use your Green Elementals against
him, and you should do fine in this fight.

But wait! Guillot chases you! Use the same techniques as before, and you
should be able to take down this sly robot again with relative ease.
After you and your party jumps out of the window after the second fight
(you must climb the ladder first), choose "Hehehhhe" option from the man,
and he'll have the dragons chase the Soldiers over. Next, Grobyc joins
your party too! You will return to the World Map automatically. Save
your game, then head over to Hermit's Hideaway.

Climb up the tree bark where Radius's home used to be, and climb down the
ladder here to find Radius, Karsh, Darcy, and Riddle. Speak to everyone,
then speak to Riddle to have her join your party. After this, take her up on
her offer to rest...

You will be suddenly awakened by large blasts and booms coming from outside.
General Viper will tell you that they have come...whatever that means.
You'll find out that Kid is the one who is yelling, and that she is
with Serge outside. At first it seem like there is no escape, but then
Fargo comes in and flies you out of there on Polly, and saves you guys.
Now there will be a long conversation, and some flashbacks with Kid and
stuff. This'll take a while, so I'll come back when it finished....

....done? Ok, good. Anyways, when it finishes, you will get tons of people
to join your party:

- General Viper
- Marcy
- Fargo
- Karsh or Zoah

Eventually, you will end up back at Death's Door. Run forward, and speak
to Harle. She'll inform you that you must find the 6 Dragons, all of which
are scattered throughout the two Worlds. You need their powers to get
through Pearly Gates. Sail over to Guldove, and watch the scene involving
Orlha beating down some soldiers. She'll notice you and your party, and
tell you to get out of the village now, then challenge you to a fight...



Orlha is pretty easy compared to the previous bosses in the game, so
you shouldn't need to worry about losing to her. She's Blue Innate, so
use Red Innate Elements against her, and you should have no problem beating
her at her own game...or just the fight. ;)

When the fight ends, you will speak with her momentarily, then she'll
give Lynx the SapphireBrooch. When you regain control of your party,
exit the hut, and visit the Dragon Shrine here. Talk with Direa here,
Give her the Tear of Hate, and she'll be suprised to see it. Next she
will hand you the Dragon Emblem. Don't worry about the Tear of Hate, since
she never takes it from you, and you get to keep it. Direa tells you to
make haste to the alternate world, so return to Opassa Beach, switch to
Home World, and go back to Guldove, and return to the Dragon Shrine.

Show the guard who is guarding the Dragon Shrine the Dragon Emblem, and
he'll let you pass him and enter the shrine. Speak to Steena, and she will
tell you that you must seek the 6 Dragon Gods. To start off, head to
Water Dragon Isle to find the Water Dragon.




Once here, use the Lilypads to get across the pond, and use the Record
of Fate on the other side, then go north and enter the next screen. Now
continue north, and enter the caves. Remember the route you had to go
in these caves to meet the Water Dragon earlier with Serge? Good.
Take that same route, which is just to go down the waterfalls, past the
Record of Fate, down the next waterfall, and fight the 2 Sidesteppas
blocking the path to the Water Dragon. Well, you can avoid the first one
if you wish, but the second one is un-avoidable.

For these fights, just use Red Innate elements, as well as ones that
attack all foes (like Inferno). This will make the fights much easier.
After defeating the monsters, run into the cave, and up the stairs
to meet the Water Dragon...



First of all, Water Dragon isn't very hard to beat, but he is a tough
foe overall. The bad part is, is that he is the easiest of all 6 Dragons
to defeat. He's Blue Innate, so use all of your Red Innate Elements
against him, as well as party members who are Red Innate, since they
can do more damage to Water Dragon than the others. Another good strategy
is to build up everyone's Element level first, since they can  access all
of their Elements with this done, therefore increasing your chance to
win the fight. Water Dragon's TsunamiBeam is very potent, so be weary
of this attack.

After the fight, Lynx will bestowed the Blue Relic from the Water Dragon.
Leave the caves, and return to your boat.




Sail over to Earth Dragon Isle. Run into the quicksand to the north,
and talk with the guy near the southern cave entrance. He'll tell you
about the RockRoach, and that you can use Explosives to move them out
of your way. He'll then give you some Explosives, so take them.
Enter the cave. Search the chest to the left of where you entered to find
some @Denadorite. Run right and set an Explosive on the RockRock on
the edge of the cliff. It'll fall down and cover the sand boil below.
Climb down to the second level, and talk with the scientist watching
the behavior of the RockRoach. Fight the thing when it's near the
sand boil below, then defeat it. After the fight, push it over the cliff,
and it will fall over the sand boil.

Run around to the right to find another chest containing @Denadorite.
Head down the rocky ladder near the scientist, and fight the other
RockRoach near another sand boil. After the fight once more, push it
into the sand boil. Now you will notice that the only remaining sand boil
is now working. Hop into it to get shot onto a new path, then take the path
onto the next screen. Save your game here, and get a Green Innate character
with plenty of Green Elements. Speak to the Earth Dragon in here to
begin the fight...



No real new strategies here. The Earth Dragon is Yellow Innate, so use
Green Innate characters, and Green Innate Elements. Earth Dragon is tougher
than the Water Dragon, but still not as tough as the next four Dragons to




After the fight, the Earth Dragon will hand you the Yellow Relic. Return
to your boat. Sail over to Arni Village, and walk to the Hydra Marshes to
the east. Head northwest, and you will see a large Wingapeed fly by you.
Continue north, and open the chest to get Brace! Now keep on going east
then to the north to spot a Beeba near the Record of Fate. You'll have to
fight the Beeba quickly though. If you don't already have the BeebaFlute,
he'll give it to you after the fight. Run north, save your game, then go
right and follow the path until you meet another Beeba. Fight him if you
wish, then you will get the BushBasher element from the chest behind him.

Continue to follow the path to the east. You will find nothing, so
return to the main screen, leave the area, then go back to where you
met the first Beeba, and fight him again. He'll give you the Ancient Fruit,
which is what you need to catch the Wingapede. Go right, and talk with the
next Beeba. He'll say you can use the Beeba Flute here to call Wingapede.
Now do so, and the Wingapede will come flying in, and take you to Gaea's

Right when you enter Gaea's Navel, Leah will temporarily join your party.
Head left of the area, and save your game at the Record of Fate. I
suggest that you take this time to fully explore the island, and get
all of the chests that contain mostly Denadorite. There is also a chest
containing Green Brooch that is on a tree top in the eastern area. Defeat
a majority of the enemies here, then return to the main screen, and watch
as a Dinosaur attacks your party...



Tyrano is a damn easy boss, since his HP is lower than most Bosses in
the entire game. The thing that makes this fight tougher than normal,
is that he is with a Pterodact. They're both Red Innate, so just as
long as you use Blue Elementals against them, you should do fine...just
make sure to take out Tyrano first, then the Pterodact...

After the fight, Leah will run off, and you and your party will chase her
down. Run forward on the next screen to meet the Green Dragon...



Green Dragon is yet another powerful being in the long line of colored
Dragons, and so far he is the strongest. Green Dragon is (you guessed it)
Green Innate, so use Yellow Innate Elements against him for best results.
Use Fargo to steal items from him, like Green Plate, which is a great
item to steal. Green Dragon uses GreenField a lot for some reason too...
Also, beware of the Carnivore attack, since it can cause over 300 HP of
damage to your party members....each. The Upheaval Element works great
on the Green Dragon too.

After taking enough damage, the Green Dragon will let out a mighty roar,
then collapse to the ground. Green Dragon will then hand you the Green
Relic. Next in business, Leah will officially join your party! Now
return to the same spot you entered the island from, and play your
BeebaFlute to call the Wingapede.




Now to get to the Fire Dragon, go to Opassa Beach, and transport to Another
World, then go to Mount Pyre. Be sure to get Fargo in your party, since
he's Blue Innate, and the Fire Dragon is Red Innate. Go onto your boat
and sail to Mount Pyre shore, and enter Mount Pyre.

Allocate plenty of Blue Elements to your party members, and head north
and find the Fire Dragon where you first met him in your last encounter
with him. Be sure to save your game at the Record of Fate along the way.
Go back a few screens, and where you went north at a fork, go east instead
and enter the cave to the right. Slide down the lava to the left, and
enter the cave to the right, and take the MagmaBomb out of the chest here.
Follow the path, and make your way to the next cave. Talk to the Fire
Dragon in here to start the fight for the Red Relic...



He's the same guy as before, so you should use the same techniques as
before: Use plenty of healing items, build your character's Element
levels up first, then pound him with Blue Innate Elements, since he's
Red Innate. Use Fargo and Plunder the Red Plate from him. FrogPrince
summon works good too. One more thing...after Fire Dragon has taken
enough damage, he'll transform into a larger, stronger Dragon!
After this, he uses FireyBreath a whole lot, and this will surely kill off
at least one of your party members eventually. After a HARD battle,
the Fire Dragon will fall to the ground with a mighty THUMP!

When the fight ends, he'll give you the Red Relic. Leave Mount Pyre,
and head to the Island of Marbule.




Create a party of demi-humans or non-humans before entering the village
of Marbule (I used Lynx, Sprigg, and Grobyc). Speak to the man in blue
near the entrance to get the Valencian Cloth window frame. Run up the
cliff to the north, and enter the last cave to the left to find the
Black Dragon, who is sleeping. You need to wake him up.

Return to Home World, and sail to SS Zelbess. Talk to Fargo (make sure
Fargo is in your party), then he'll make the ship sail to Marbule. This
begins a long-assed line of cut-scenes, mostly involving Nikki's
performance and concert. It gets boring though...

After all of it ends, Fargo gets the Tech Skill, Invincible! Board your
boat, and you will end up on Marbule, and see Ash and Toma flee the area
of fear. Defeat all of the blue monsters here to awaken the Black Dragon.
Return to Another World, and come back to the cave at Marbule, and
see the Black Dragon to fight him for the Black Relic...



Let me tell you this now: Black Dragon is HARD. He is the toughest foe
so far in the game, and he can kill your entire party in no time if you
are not careful and use LOTS of Healing Items, and HealAlls and RecoverAlls.
He's Black Innate, so Lynx's attacks will be greatly decreased against
the Black Dragon. In this case, use a lot of White Elements, but not until
the Black Dragon shows signs of death, because whenever you use a White
Element, he'll attempt to use AntiWhite against you, which is bad.
Instead, use other Elements and Tech Skills until he's close to death,
in which case you should pound him with White Elements. Oh, and have Fargo
steal the Black Plate right at the beginning of the fight.

Phew. After that long, tough fight, the Black Dragon will give Lynx the
Black Relic. Woohoo! Only one more to go...




Head to the Sky Dragon Isle. Now run up the mountaintop to meet the Sky
Dragon at the very top...



Right off the bat, have Fargo steal the White Plate from the Sky Dragon
before he gets killed off or something. For some reason, the Sky Dragon
doesn't seem to be all that hard, or much tougher than the previous
Dragons, mainly because he's the opposite Innate color of Lynx, and
Lynx's damage will be higher than before. NEVER USE WHITE ELEMENTS ON
THE SKY DRAGON! Why? Because White Elements will HEAL him, not damage
him. Be sure to continuously heal your party, and use all the Black
Innate Elements as you possibly can. After a while, Sky Dragon will
attempt to use UltraNova, so try to set a Element Trap for it, since
this Element kicks so much ass. His WhiteBreath Attacks will do some serious
damage to Lynx, so use a HealAll after each attack.

When the fight finally ends, the Sky Dragon will give you the White Relic!
Now that you have all 6 Dragon Relics, return to Home World, and go to
Guldove, and visit Steena in the Dragon Shrine. She'll join your party,
and give you the Dragon Tear, and tell you to visit Fort Dragonia once

To get to Fort Dragonia, make your way through Mount Pyre, and you will
find Fort Dragonia on the other side. As you enter the Fort, Steena tells
you to place the Dragon Tear on the mantle to open the entire Fort. Lynx
does so, and everything opens up. Once inside, enter the center area, save
your game at the Record of Fate, and enter the middle doors...



Ahhh...a good 'ol evil-man-in-good-guy's-body vs. good-guy-in-evil-man's-
body battle! This fight is hard, considering that Dark Serge's attacks will
do mega damage to the rest of your party, but none to you if he uses
Black Innate Elements, since they actually HEAL you! Word of advice though:
Never use Black Innate Elements on Dark Serge, since you can heal him as
well. Instead, build up your characters, and then let all of your different
colored elements (except Black) on him! When Dark Serge begins to slouch,
use some potent White Innate Elements to finish him off. Be sure to heal
often as well, or else it'll be a short fight.

After the fight, take the elevator upstairs. Search the area for spoils in
the Treasure Chests, then use the center purple transporter to get to
the top of the Tower. Enter the doorway, and place the Dragon Tear in
the center holder. I'll let the following events take place before your
eyes, since I don't want to spoil anything for you...

After everything has finished, the Dragon Tear will turn into the Tear of
Love! Leave the Fort, and go to your boat. Sail to the Dead Sea Ruins to
the southeast, and enter it. Sail to one of the Fate Distortions, and
press X to end Disc 1. YaY!!!!! Finally!!!!


06. Walkthrough: Disc 2


You may be thinking that you want to explore this area to start, but you
will want the Masamune sword before going on...




Okay, begin by exiting to the World Map, and visiting the Isle of the
Damned in Another World. Make sure Karsh is with you, then head to the
main cliff you visited before. Here, there will be LONG cut-scenes involving
Karsh and Dario, as well as Solt and Peppor. After the cut-scenes, you
will have to fight Solt and Peppor again...



This fight is just like the previous fight with Solt and Peppor,
but this time they are alone. Remember that Peppor has Red Elements
as his main weapon, and Solt has some Yellow Elements. Just
pound them with some Yellow Elementals, and just try to defeat
them both at the same time (almost, but Peppor has a higher HP
number than Solt, so he can take longer to defeat than Solt).

After the fight, they will apologize, and give you the MomentoPendant.
Great. Now with this in hand, go back to the World Map, and visit the
TINY smoking island near Mount Pyre (it has no name, but you can visit
it). Enter the hut, and speak with Dario. Show him the MomentoPendant.
(BTW, the Island is known as Forbiddan Island later one, after you
have visited it once). Oh, and make sure Riddle is in your party as well.
Be sure to visit the Island in Home World too.

A fight will soon ensure between you, Dario, and the Masamune...



This is one of the toughest fights in the game, and for good reason. Dario
is using the most powerful (or one of the most powerful) weapons in the
entire game against you, and his Hp is much higher than any of the Dragons
from earlier. He's Black Innate, and for some odd reason, whenever he used
Black Elements on Serge, Serge was actually HEALED, not damaged...odd.
Anywho, just use White Elements and Lv. 7 Tech Skills for the best results
against the tough Dario.

After the fight, the Masamune will replace your Sea Swallow as your main

Alright, once you are done, sail to the Sea of Eden. Now you are here,
only this time it's WAY different than before, and there is no way to sail
out of here, since you seem to be trapped in a concealed sea, surrounded
by mountains and land. You can return back to normal time and the first
disc if you wish, just use one of the Fate Distortions scattered around
this area.

To get to the next phase of the game, you will need to visit and examine
each of the three main islands:

- Past
- Present
- Future

For "time" sake, lets head over to the Past island first. Approach the purple
Record of Fate (Atroops), and examine it, and it will read:

"Atroops: Cutting the thread of life."

It will say this, then it will just dissappear into thin air. Weird. Leave
the area, and hop onto your boat again.

Make your way south, and go onto the Present Island. Run forward, and
examine the reddish-orange Record of Fate, (Clotho), which reads:

"Clotho: Spinning the threads of life."

Leave the island, and head northwest and get onto the Future Island
(Lachesis). Run forward and examine the green Record of Fate, and it will

"Lachesis: Measuring the thread of life."

Uh, huh. Anywho, after this (it flies away, then all three Records of Fate
come together to form a weird being), you will have to fight Vita  to
continue the game)...