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December 23, 2006: Started guide. 

April 15, 2007: Version .33 released. Finally resumed guide, if only for the
sole purpose of the $25 bounty. Chapters 1-4 complete. Also working on my Gears
of War guide, so I'm quite busy right now. Apparently, this guide has been much
awaited for, so here you are. 

April 19, 2007: Version .45 released. Includes Chapters 1-5. Still working on
the rest.

April 28, 2007: Version .54 released. Completed Chapter 6. The final chapters
are the longest and the hardest, so it'll be a while before I finish.

May 5, 2007: Version .63 released. Completed Chapter 7. That was easier than I
remembered it. Four chapters remain. 

May 30, 2007: Version .80 released. Chapters 1-9 are now officially complete.
The FAQ Bounty date is approaching, so this will definitely be complete by

June 9th, 2007: Guide officially 100% complete. All chapters are finished.
Table of Contents

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      1. Introduction...................................................(01)
      2. Getting Started................................................(02)
      3. Techniques.....................................................(03)
      4. Full Walkthrough...............................................(04)
         I.    Chapter 1................................................(05)
	 II.   Chapter 2................................................(06)
	 III.  Chapter 3................................................(07)
	 IV.   Chapter 4................................................(08)
	 V.    Chapter 5................................................(09)
	 VI.   Chapter 6................................................(10)
	 VII.  Chapter 7................................................(11)
	 VIII. Chapter 8................................................(12)
	 IX.   Chapter 9................................................(13)
	 X.    Chapter 10...............................................(14)
	 XI.   Chapter 11...............................................(15)
      5. Closing/Contact................................................(16)

                               1. Introduction                            (01)

Welcome to my Full Spectrum Warrior walkthrough. This is the only walkthrough
for Full Spectrum Warrior out there, besides a few I've seen that you have to
pay for. So this is the only FREE Full Spectrum Warrior walkthrough that I know

I decided to write this because I have just beaten the game, after years of 
having it, and only a few hours of gameplay. Originally, I couldn't even beat 
the second level. About 6 months later, I got up to the 6th one. Now, about a
year after that, I have finally beaten the game! God, it was annoying. NO 

I got killed about a total of 30 times. =(

This game is very challenging, so don't give up like I did. I learned about 
some techniques that are helpful, and made up some of my own. Enjoy.

                              2. Getting Started                          (02)

Do the MOUT Training course. Just for reference, here are the controls:

Left Analog Stick - Activates Soldier Movement Cursor/Aim Grenade
Right Analog Stick - Camera Control
D-Pad - Select Individual Soldiers/Select Grenades
A Button - Issue Command/Rush Order/Bound Order/Point Fire/Suppression Fire
X Button - Toggle Firing Cursor/Toggle Grenades/Request Recon
Y Button - Switch Fire Teams/Help
B Button - Cancel Command/Seek Cover/Exit GPS
White Button - Hints/Call in/Objective
Black button - GPS
Left Trigger - Camera Zoom
Right Trigger - Activate Fog of War
Start Button - Menu/Pause Game

After you get the controls down, proceed. Practice though.

                              3. Techniques                               (03)
Here are some good techniques to use in combat, and there are a few of these 
that are almost vital, and I will put a * next to them.		

*Suppression Run - My favourite. Order suppression fire on the enemy, then run
to a new piece of cover. Use this when you need to get from one place to 
another and there is a hostile in your way. You will use this technique the 

Smoke and Frag - VERY VERY risky. I've mastered it, but I created it, so duh. 
Anyways, if you're facing several enemies at once, throw a smoke grenade so 
that they can't see you, then get close enough to throw a frag grenade at 
them. Throw it, and quickly take cover before the smoke clears. Only used when
there's no cover or any vantage point from which to kill.

*Flanking - Engage an enemy with one team, then come from behind with another
team and kill the enemy.

Hold Point Fire - If you know an enemy is going to appear in your field of
view, order point fire on where the enemy is coming from. When the enemy 
appears, he will be shot down.

There's really not much more. Let's begin.

                           4. Full Walkthrough                            (04)
Chapter 1

Difficulty:*Very Easy **Easy ***Hard


At the start, you'll be controlling Alpha. Move to where Bravo is, and to the 
blue marker. See the red circle? It heals people. It's called a CASEVAC. Bring 
fallen soldiers here. Move on. Your new objective is to carry a wounded driver 
to the CASEVAC. Move to the blue dot, and aid him. Your team should 
automatically shoot the enemy that comes. Bring him back to the CASEVAC. After
the scene, go into the new circle that appears. It's a save point. Switch to 
Bravo and bring them to it as well. That's how you save. After you've saved,
move to the left this time, not the right where the driver was. Take cover 
behind the boxes. You should encounter an enemy. Order suppression fire on him
by tapping X, then holding A with the enemy inside the circle. After a few
seconds of him not shooting, move behind the next car you see to your right, a 
pickup. Order a fire sector on the enemy, and he'll go down fast. Move on, 
taking cover behind the corner of the garage. Another enemy. Greaaat! Switch to
Alpha. Move Alpha past the pickup you used earlier, and order them to take 
cover behind the far corner of the garage, diagonally opposite Bravo. The enemy
will  run. Follow where he went, but he won't be there. Take cover next to the 
arch, then report in. A terrorist should run. Move Alpha behind the rubble. 
Switch to Bravo and move them where you just had Alpha. Report in, then use the
save point. Move Alpha behind the corner of the building directly in front of 
you. Next, move behind the pickup, and you'll be taking fire. Another enemy.

Move Bravo behind the rubble. Next, suppression run with Alpha behind the wall 
next to the dumpster. Suppression run is using suppressive fire, then running
to where you wanna go with the same fire team. Don't go behind the pickup here,
it's dead. Move Bravo behind the GOOD pickup. Now, make sure the enemy is 
firing at Alpha, then move Bravo behind the building, so that they're opposite
Alpha. Move them away from Alpha, to the right corner. Move behind the wall 
right of the bath tub. After the random guy dies, move behind the table in 
front of the bath tub and quickly order a fire sector on the enemy to your
right before the table is destroyed. Move left behind a building, and you
should have a clear shot of the enemy behind the dumpster. Order a fire sector
on him, and he's gone.

Another one will come, and Bravo will automatically kill this one as well. Move
Alpha forward along the side of the wall they're on, then move to the next 
corner when the building corners again. Have Bravo move past the dumpster, to 
the right, and into the top right alley (NOT THE ONE ALPHA'S IN!) Move forward,
staying behind a fence. Kill the two enemies. Move to the objective with Bravo,
then watch the scene. Move both teams into the save point, save, then head back
to where that tank you saw earlier was before, right by where you first 
entered. You'll see the tank again. Take cover behind the building next to it,
and you'll see an enemy on your right run away. Forget him. Move past the tank
to an alley forward and to the right of the tank. Look around the corner to 
see two enemies. Order a fire sector to kill the left one. Now, move past the
alley, ignoring the other enemy. Take cover behind the blue car. New enemy. Use
your grenade launcher to kill him. Or, if you're dry, head behind the stands,
and keep moving to the left until you're at a wall. Now, move forward until you
are behind a metal thing. From here, use all of your smoke grenades(throw them
right in front of the corner of the building), then take cover behind the
corner of the building. Run past the machine gunner(he can't see you), then
order a fire sector on where he is. When he appears, he'll be standing. When he
sees you, he'll be dead. 

Mission Success. 


Chapter 2

Difficulty: **

With Alpha, move behind the blue car in this area. You'll see a lot of enemies.
Two should come running at you. Order a fire sector on them. After they're 
dead, move behind the dumpster. Use your grenade launcher to shoot the guy 
behind the car. Move to the red car. Now report in. See the alley behind you
and to the left? Go there. Now go to the savepoint. Move Bravo to the savepoint
carefully. There is still one enemy there. Now, after you've saved, switch to
Alpha. DO NOT MOVE TO THE OBJECTIVE YET. Move behind the first box in front of
you, and you'll see an enemy. Order suppression fire, then move to the left
box. The enemy will now be out of cover. Order a point fire sector on him, and
he'll go down. Wait for another enemy to appear, then order a point fire sector
on him. His cover will degrade eventually, so just wait. Once his cover is
gone, your team will automatically shoot and kill him. Move behind the blue
car, you're expecting fire from your right. The enemy will be out of cover, so
just order point fire on him.

Proceed onward, to where the enemy you just killed was. Go to the save point
with Alpha and Bravo, and save. Make sure you've passed through the blue 
objective marker, so that a new one appears. After you've saved, move behind 
the right corner of the building with Alpha. Report in, then move behind the 
red car. In front of you, you should see a corner of a building, then a blue 
thing sticking out of it. Take cover behind it. The RPG should move behind a 
car. Shoot the car with your grenade launcher. Immediately order point fire on
the middle of the area, because the huge blast won't kill him. He should be
brought down fast. Report in. Now quickly move behind the front bumper side of
the red car. An enemy will appear. Order a point fire sector on him, and he'll 
go down. 
Eventually, a truck will come. Watch the scene. Now, move Alpha into the red
circle to restock on ammo. Move Bravo to where Alpha is. Now bound towards the
blue marker with Bravo, facing East. An enemy will come. He'll run, then he'll
die. Now move Bravo forward, then to the savepoint. Switch to Alpha and move 
them there too. Save. Now move Alpha behind the wall by the opening on
the right wall. From here, move into this area, and you'll get a scene. Move 
Bravo behind the wall in front of them, a little to the left. Switch to Alpha
and move them right, from cover to cover. When you're pinned down, use a smoke
grenade. When you're at the last cover point, wait. Eventually, a tank will 
come, and when it does, it will destroy your targets. 

Mission Success.


Chapter 3

Difficulty: ***

Move Alpha behind the corner of the building to your left. You'll instantly 
see an enemy. However, the enemy is firing at other soldiers, so move behind 
the car in front of you. The enemy should now be firing at you. Switch to 
Bravo and move them where Alpha was before, behind the building. Order point
fire with Alpha, then move Bravo behind the sandbags. You will now see a 
second enemy. Cease fire with Alpha, then move Bravo behind the back bumper
of the car to your left, then move behind the small wall next to the pickup to
your left. Two enemies will appear. Order point fire on both enemies. After
one is dead, move behind the pickup and immediately order point fire. The 
enemy will run, but hopefully, you'll get him. Move behind the wall with the 
tree, then move behind the corner of the building in front of you. 

Now, move to the next corner, which is by the objective. Report in. Now, move 
behind the red car next to you. Order suppression fire on the enemy on the 
roof. After a few seconds, quickly move behind the next red car, behind the 
back bumper. Again, suppress the enemy, then move right up to the wall the 
hostile is over. Once you see a savepoint, it means the enemy left and that
this area is safe. Forget the savepoint for now, just go to the objective. 
Now, when you are at a fork, take cover behind the right corner. When you see
an enemy, frag him, then move behind the wall where he was and order point 
fire on the gunner to kill him. Now, move both Alpha and Bravo to the 
savepoint and save. 

Now move Bravo back to the fork. This time, make a left, and look around the 
left corner. An enemy will hide behind a car. Switch to Alpha, and move them
right at the fork. Move them to the objective, but nothing will happen. So 
take cover behind the building that the soldiers are in front of. Order point 
fire on the enemy, who is now without cover, and watch him die. After he's
dead, the objective will activate. Watch the scene, then move both teams to 
the savepoint and save. 

Move Alpha to the alley opposite the savepoint, the only place you haven't 
been. Continue down the alley, and when it turns, take cover behind the corner
of a building to see an enemy. He'll run. Run behind the next corner, in the
upper right. Order point fire on the enemy. When he is dead, another will 
come. After they die, move both Alpha and Bravo to the savepoint. Save. 

Now, with Alpha, move back to the alley and continue until you see some boxes.
Take cover behind the first one on the right. An enemy will run. Move to the
corner of the building. The enemy will run again. Move to the table, then, 
after you've seen the other enemy, go back to behind the corner of the 
building. Order suppression fire on the enemy. Eventually, his cover will 
degrade, and you'll kill him. Now move to the corner of the building just in 
front of the table you were using before, just left of the objective, but not
across the alley. You'll see an enemy. Throw a frag at him, and he'll die. 
After that, hold Y to switch to Charlie team, and go to the objective. 

Now move both teams to the savepoint and save. Move Alpha out of the area and
back to where you destroyed that guy's cover. Go past the red building, and
save at the next savepoint. o.O Just move to the objective now, no enemies. 
USE YET ANOTHER SAVEPOINT AND SAVE. Move from dumpster to wall, encountering a
running enemy along the way. Move behind the front bumper of the car, and you
will see the enemy. Suppress the enemy, then move behind the dumpster so that
you're still facing forward. He'll run behind a car in front of you. Throw a 
smoke grenade so that he can't see to the left (your left), then move all the
way left behind a wall with a tree on it. Order point fire on the enemy 
immediately, and he'll die. 

Here, you'll see another enemy. Use suppression fire on him. Now move behind
the next tree thing. The enemy will run. Move to the corner of the building
you're next to, then when the corner goes in, go to that corner. You'll see an
enemy that looks like he's got cover behind a car, but he really doesn't. Just
order point fire on him to kill him. Move behind the back bumper of the pickup
here. You'll see enemies running, and one will take cover. Now move behind
the red car, so that your guys are like this:
          side of car
back of car|-------|front of car
               ^place guys here

Now throw a smoke grenade in front of the enemy's feet. Move behind the 
dumpster and order point fire at the enemy. He'll go down hard. Move behind
the tree with the wall, just right and forward from the pickup. When you see
two enemies, order point fire on them, and they'll both go down. Move to yet
ANOTHER savepoint with Alpha and Bravo, then save. 

After saving, proceed to the objective with Alpha and Bravo. Your fireteams
will automatically take cover and you'll get a scene. With Alpha, order point
fire on the enemy that approaches without cover. He'll die, but there's still
one left. Toss a smoke grenade at the enemy, then move to the dumpster, then
behind the little square wall without a tree. Order point fire on the enemy, 
then watch him die. Move Alpha back to the sandbags, but not the ones they 
started at, the ones before that.

Now switch to Bravo. Throw a frag next to the enemy. He's dead. Switch to 
Alpha. Order point fire on the enemy. He's also dead. Now, switch to Bravo.
We're dealing with two enemies behind cover here. Throw a smoke grenade at the
enemy to your right. Move behind the dumpster and order point fire at him.
One left. Throw a frag over the pickup and at the enemy. Now go to the 
objective and you're done. 

Mission Success.

Chapter 4

Move Bravo behind the pickup to the right. Switch to Alpha and move them dead
ahead behind the box, and look around the right corner. You'll see two enemies
take cover. Move behind the front bumper of the car to your right. The targets
will run for more cover. Move behind the box in front of you. After an enemy
runs for a different cover point, order suppression fire on both enemies, and
switch to Bravo. First, go behind the dumpster, then behind the boxes ahead of
the dumpster like this: