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                        UNOFFICIAL STRATEGY GUIDE
                            v0.75 2009-06-09
                   Copyright 2009 by Barry Scott Will


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part of the game. If you send me additional suggestions or hints for the game 
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                The Basics................................1.03
                Hints & Tips..............................1.05

              Main Story Mission Walkthrough..............2.00
                First Glimpse.............................2.02
                The Escape................................2.03
                Blood Trail...............................2.04
                Mysterious Signals........................2.05
                Medical Emergency.........................2.06
                High Ground...............................2.07
                Mind Games................................2.08
                The Good Stuff............................2.09
                The Rescue................................2.10
                Nemesis Revealed..........................2.11
                No Protection.............................2.12
                Trish Reaches Out.........................2.13
                Dinner with Sasha.........................2.14
                An Old Friend.............................2.16
                Zeke's Request............................2.17
                Playing Hero..............................2.18
                Standard Protocol.........................2.19

              Side Mission Walkthrough....................3.00
                Good Missions.............................3.01
                Evil Missions.............................3.02
                Neutral Missions..........................3.03

                Menu Powers...............................4.01
                Non-Menu Powers...........................4.02

              Item Collection.............................5.00
                Blast Shards..............................5.01
                Dead Drops................................5.02

              Version History and Credits.................6.00

              Philosophy of Gaming and Legal..............7.00

To quickly find a section, in your browser, press CTRL-F and type in the 
section number.

 OVERVIEW [1.00]


X -> Jump/Shockwave
Circle -> Take Cover/Arc Restraint/Dive Roll
Square -> Melee Attack/Bio Leech/Thunder Drop/Shock Grenade
Triangle -> Use Object/Heal/Point of Interest/Megawatt Hammer
L1 -> Aiming Mode (hold)
L2 -> Electric Drain (hold)
R1 -> Fire Lightning Bolt/Lock On (hold)
R2 -> Overload Burst (hold)/Arc Lightning/ (hold)/Polarity Wall (hold)
L3 -> Radar Pulse
R3 -> Switch Reticle Side (change hand that is firing)
D-Pad Down -> Lightning Storm
D-Pad Left -> Karmic Overload
D-Pad Up -> Precision (hold)
D-Pad Right -> Gigawatt Blades (pre-order bonus content)
Left Stick -> Move Cole
Right Stick -> Move camera
Select -> Map
Start -> Game Menu

Specific controls are explained in more detail in the story mission 
walkthrough and under the appropriate Powers.


The game does not have a launch menu. The first time you start it up, it jumps 
you straight into the opening cinematics and missions. On subsequent playing, 
the game automatically loads your most recent save. Once in the game, press 
START to access the game menu. Some menu items are not available until you 
have completed some of the game. At the bottom of the game menu is a 
suggestion for your next stunt. You do not have to perform that particular 
stunt in order to continue earning stunts.


* Powers -> Opens the menu where you can buy upgrades for your powers. Use the 
D-Pad or Left Stick and L1/R1 to navigate through this menu.

* Controls -> Shows you all the controls for the game. The controls are not 

* Options -> Brings up the options menu, which is quite limited:
  - Camera Horizontal Control -> Normal/Inverted
  - Camera Vertical Control -> Normal/Inverted
  - Camera Pan Speed -> Normal/Faster/Fastest
  - Heads-Up Display -> Translucent/Faint/Opaque
  - Subtitles -> Off/On
  - Difficulty -> Easy/Medium/Hard

Use the D-Pad or Left Stick up/down to switch options and the D-Pad or Left 
Stick left/right (or X button) to change option settings. Press Circle to 
return to the Game Menu.

* Watch Movies -> Watch any of the cinematics you've already played through

* Dead Drops -> Listen to any collected Dead Drops

* Abandon Mission -> only available when you're performing a mission, this 
allows you to quit the mission (and come back later if you wish).

* Saved Data -> Save or load a game or start a new game. You can only have ten 
saved games (including the autosave).

                The Basics................................1.03

inFamous is half platformer, half third-person shooter. The platforming 
elements are a bit more subtle above-ground, since they are (sort of) 
optional. Once you go down into the sewers to re-energize parts of the city, 
the platforming is pronounced.

Combat makes up the primary action in the game and there's plenty of it. 
You'll face off against three gangs: the Reapers in the Neon (first island); 
the Dustmen in the Warren (second island); and, the First Sons in the Historic 
District (third island). Each gang has similar types of members, as outlined 
under enemies below.

The gangs get tougher as you reach new islands; fortunately, so do you. You'll 
constantly earn new powers and be able to upgrade those powers as you play. 
Also, as you play you'll reach Karma Moments. These decisions affect whether 
you are considered Good (Heroic) or Evil (Infamous). The game changes a little 
bit depending on your path; but, not much. The biggest change is the types of 
Powers and upgrades you receive.

Contrary to many of the reviews, the moral choices are not subtle or powerful 
or anything other than the typical black & white choices common in most games. 
You should be able to easily figure out which is the Good option and which the 
Evil since the Evil option always involves other people getting hurt.


You face three different gangs in Empire City: the Reapers in the Neon (first 
island); the Dustmen in the Warren (second island); and, the First Sons in the 
Historic District (third island). While the gangs get tougher as you progress, 
the gang members are all roughly the same types...

The average gang member is equipped with a rifle and is a crack shot. Really. 
These guys must all be ex-military snipers. They can hit you from two or three 
city blocks distance--further than you can actually see them. It's pretty 
irritating. When bullets start flying, press L3 to try to see a flash of red 
that will indicate where the rifleman is, and then take cover and try to snipe 
him back. About halfway through the game, you get your own sniping Power 
(called Precision) that will put you on a more even footing.

These gang members, in addition to shooting at you, will throw dynamite. It 
takes them a second or two to light up a stick, which gives you a chance to 
shoot them before they throw it. You can also use Shockwave to deflect the 
dynamite back at them.

Machine gunners come in three types: foot soldiers, carrying a machine gun; 
turret gunners stationed at a stationary turret with shielding; and, turret 
trucks, which are a flatbed truck with a turret on the back. Whenever bullets 
start flying at insane speeds, find cover fast and identify the turret. Once 
you have the Precision Power, taking out a machine gunner involves finding a 
good line-of-sight and using Precision to head shock the gunner. Prior to 
that, your best bet is to run for high ground and try taking out the gunner 
from above with Shock Grenades or Thunder Drop or just raining Lightning Bolts 
down. For turret trucks, you can also target the truck itself and blow it up.

Instead of a rifle, bazookas carry a--you guessed it--bazooka and fire rockets 
at you. Deflect the rockets with Shockwave and shoot the bums. Bazookas are 
generally larger and slower than regular gang members, making them easy to 
pick out of the crowd. Always take them out first (unless you're dealing with 
a kamikaze or Conduit--see below).

These bozos light up a bunch of dynamite and then run at you. Shoot them or 
Shockwave them before they get close or you're a goner.

Conduits are super-powered gang members. Each gang has its own type of 

1) Reaper -> The Reaper Conduit has two basic abilities: teleportation and 
shockwave. They can zip around the battlefield unless you keep them off-
balance, and they can release a shockwave that tears up the ground in front of 
them. Fortunately, you can see and hear the shockwave coming, giving you a 
chance to roll out of the way. Try to Shockwave these Conduits to stun them, 
and then fill them with Lightning Bolts.

2) Dustmen -> The Dustmen Conduit is a guy wearing a suit of trash. He carries 
an RPG (rocket propelled grenade launcher) and spawns spider robots made of 
trash. The spiders aren't much trouble; though, they can hurt you if they gang 
up on you. The grenades definitely are trouble. Use Shockwave to deflect 
grenades and maintain a steady fire on the Conduit. Use Megawatt Hammers or 
Grenades if you can as they will also destroy his spider bots.

3) First Sons ->

                Hints & Tips..............................1.05

* Melee attacks are next to useless. The gang members you fight are all ranged 
attackers and they're crack shots. (The exceptions are the kamikaze bombers 
that blow up when you touch them. Don't want to melee those guys.) You'll rely 
heavily on your standard Lightning Bolt attack since it has unlimited ammo.

* Keep to the rooftops. Once you get Grinding and Thrusters powers, the 
rooftops are much faster. Also, on the street, you're a sitting duck for all 
the gang snipers that hang out on the roofs.

* Don't forget the Thunder Drop. If gang members are congregating below you, 
drop on them like a bomb. (Which, when you think about it, is what you are.)

* Utilize cover. You can aim and fire while crouched behind objects (press 
Circle when near objects you can use as cover, such as low walls, columns, 
etc.). You can also aim and fire while hanging off walls, cargo boxes, trains, 

* Keep an eye and ear out for special opponents (Conduits, machine gunners, 
etc.) Take them out quickly before turning your attention to the regular mobs.

* Clear territories by doing side missions and then going on Blast Shard hunts 
through the cleared areas. You're going to need those extra Battery Cores as 
the game progresses.

* If you save your game while on a mission, you will reload with the mission 
not started. It's like abandoning the mission. Don't start any missions unless 
you have time to finish them.

* Don't worry much about collateral damage, even if playing Hero. Civilians 
are very, very good about getting in the way during firefights and there's no 
way to avoid killing some of them. Even though the Heroic path emphasizes 
precision and avoiding pedestrian deaths, you won't lose too many Karma points 
and you can make those up easily by going around the healing the injured after 
the battle.


This walkthrough attempts--as much as is possible--to avoid spoilers. Feel 
free to read through without having important story points revealed to you.

Most directions are given in cardinal points based on the compass of the mini-
map. While the mini-map rotates with the camera, there's an arrow on the outer 
ring that shows north. You can calculate cardinal directions from that compass 

Story missions are worth 500XP. Story missions that take you into the sewers 
to re-establish power will also earn you additional powers. Most story 
missions have a Karma Moment that gives you a big boost to your positive or 
negative karma. Story missions begin as soon as you walk into the marker.


This is the first of three story missions that serve as a gameplay tutorial. 
After you press the START button and the city goes to...you know 
where...follow the prompts to look up at the chopper and then left to the 
parking garage. As soon as you have control of Cole, head down the path 
straight in front of you.

Keep advancing, going up a ramp and jumping across to a bus. After the bus, go 
through the arch into the parking garage where you get a short cutscene. Go 
around to your left and watch out for exploding cars. They can't actually hurt 
you; but, they will throw you back. A ramp leads off to your right; but, blows 
up as you approach. Look left and find a fallen yellow-and-red-striped column 
to cross the gap.

After the column, look for a sparking blue wire to your right. As you 
approach, a short cutscene sets up a ramp to take you down to street level. At 
ground level, head right toward the road and the emergency vehicles. Run past 
the police and watch the cutscene. When told to run for the bridge, follow the 
yellow-brick road (well, run along the bronze-colored path) across the bridge.

                First Glimpse.............................2.02

Now begins a more thorough introduction to your powers. The first thing you 
have to do is charge up the batteries that run Zeke's TV. One is on the south 
side of the roof (to your right as you face the TV). The other two are on the 
north side of the roof--one on each side of the fence that divides the roof in 
two. Hold L1 to enter aiming mode, target the red-flashing control panels of 
the batteries and let them have a couple of bolts of lightning (R1).

After, use your lightning bolt to target some of the dummies until the TV 
announcer talks about a food drop. (You don't actually have to do anything, 
just wait until the food announcement is made.) After talking about the food 
with Zeke, jump off the north side of the building through the gap in the 

Follow Zeke a few blocks to a parking lot. When he complains about trying to 
find the gun under the cars, stand to the right of the line of cars and use 
your Shockwave (L1 + X). The power will injure you (screen will dim and blood 
will splash around the edges), so press L3 (left control stick button) to 
start a radar pulse and look for sources of electrical power. Sources will 
show on the mini-map as light-blue lightning bolts and will also flash blue 
electricity on the object itself. Approach a source (like the panel next to 
Zeke) and press-and-hold L2 to drain the electricity and recharge your Battery 
Cores (as well as heal you).

Follow Zeke to Archer Square. The food crate is caught on a tower. Climb a 
light pole around the tower and jump over to the top of the square base of the 
tower. On the south corner of the structure is a twisted piece of conduit 
going up, so climb it. Run along the ring at the top of the structure until 
you reach the stuck food crate. Target the hook holding the crate to the 
parachute and zap it.

Reapers (gang members of the Neon District) approach. If you don't mind some 
collateral damage, you can wait for the first wave of Reapers to approach and 
take them out with a Thunder Drop (jump from the tower and press Square on the 
way down). There are two more waves of two or three Reapers. You can either 
run-and-gun (and possibly melee them), or utilize all the excellent cover 
located around the park and trade shots until they're down.

KARMA MOMENT: Let the pedestrians take the food, or shoot them and keep it all 
for yourself.

If playing the good path, just stand and wait a moment. If playing evil, start 
sniping the civvies. Either way, this ends your second mission.

                The Escape................................2.03

Even if you feed the populace, the ungrateful louts begin pelting you with 
garbage, so run away and wait for Zeke to call you. A story mission waypoint 
(light blue exclamation mark in a circle) appears on the southern edge of the 
map. Now it's time to learn how to travel around the city: over the rooftops.

Climb a building and look for wires leading to other buildings in the general 
direction in which you want to travel. If no wires lead off the current 
building, look for a tower on the roof with a flashing red light at the base. 
Target the base of the tower and blast it to knock down the tower and for a 
bridge. Of course, in some cases, you'll just have to jump to a nearby 
building and keep going. Sticking to the rooftops is quicker and safer than 
traveling the streets. (Plus, a little later, you'll get powers that make 
traveling the upper pathways a lot faster than hoofing it.)

You'll also have to fight with Reapers as you travel. Since these guys are 
mostly stationed on the roofs, you'll be on equal footing. Remember you can 
aim and fire even when traveling over a wire or hanging from a building. Use 
the HVAC ducts, towers and other paraphernalia scattered on the tops of 
buildings as cover (press Circle when near a low wall, crate or similar 

When you reach the marker, you'll see, at street level, a blue icon over a 
blue cone of light. Walk into the light to start the mission. Run after Zeke 
up to the police standing guard at the bridge entrance.

KARMA MOMENT: Attack the police on your own, or fire at them from inside the 
crowd and start a riot.

To play the hero, run up close to the guards until you are told you have made 
the good choice. The guards will then begin attacking you. Use Shockwave to 
force them back; then, pick them off with lightning bolts. To play the anti-
hero, stand back in the crowd and zap the police.

Once the police are down, run up to the gate and charge the control panel to 
the left (zap it). Run through and take cover behind a concrete barricade and 
pick off the police on top of the crates. Move up to the crates and climb up 
the left side. Run across and jump down and take out the machine gun (it can't 
reach you if you stay on the left side of the bridge).

Just beyond that are two machine guns, one on each side of the bridge. Just in 
front of the guns and in the center of the bridge is a stack of crates. Stay 
in the center of the bridge to avoid the line-of-fire of the guns and take out 
any police. Once the police are down, climb to the top of the crates and take 
cover behind a metal slab at the top. From there you can snipe the machine 
gunners and any other police in the area.

Charge up the next gate and head through. Stay in the center and jump to grab 
the to of the metal crate. Do not climb on top; but, hang from the edge and 
snipe all police you can see. Remember you can press R3 (the right stick 
button) to change your aiming hand. Don't forget police at ground level.

There are machine guns covering the sides of the bridge, so go over the top of 
the container and climb the stack of crates to your right. From the top crate, 
run forward and Thunder Drop on top of the right machine gun. Then, go back 
and mop up the other machine gun from behind.

Ahead you'll see two crates stacked on top of each other such that you can't 
climb them. Go around to your left and the go right and stay close to the 
right side of the bridge. You'll see a machine gun positioned on top of a 
container. It can't reach you at ground level, so advance until you can zap 
the gunner. Now go back and over to the left side of the bridge. Climb over a 
crate and take out the other machine gun from behind. Open the next gate and 
watch the cutscenes.

After the movie, you're under the bridge and have to make your way back to the 
city. Target the hooks holding the orange lights and shoot them to create 
poles you can leap across to reach the next platform. Shoot down some more 
lights and jump across to the pipes and then to more poles and then some more 
pipes, etc., etc., etc. Falling into the water is instant death, so don't do 

You will soon come under fire from a couple of Reapers, so take them out. (Try 
hanging from a pipe and shooting them.) When you reach their platform blocked 
by a chain-link fence, go left and edge around the bridge pylon, avoiding the 
steam jets that will cook you extremely quickly. Along the way you collect 
your first Blast Shard and learn some more about them.

At the end of the pipe on the pylon, jump to the wire and hand-over-hand your 
way down to the next platform. From here, most of the pipes will not hold your 
weight for more than a few seconds, so make sure you knock down as many light 
pole as possible from stable platforms like the one you're on now. Jump to a 
few light poles and then take out the Reapers ahead of you while hanging from 
one of the poles.

Keep going, making sure you get all the light poles down before jumping onto a 
pipe. Once you reach a platform, you have nothing but pipes in front of you. 
Quickly run along the pipes to reach shore. After a conversation with Zeke, 
you get a call from Moya and three story missions pop up on your map. Two of 
these (Mysterious Signals and Medical Emergency) introduce new concepts (Dead 
Drops and Cleared Areas). The other, Blood Trail, continues the story. You can 
do these missions in any order; however, you must finish all three to move on 
with the game.

                Blood Trail...............................2.04

Your first objective is marked on your mini-map as a light blue dot. Head 
toward it and find the body of a woman. Press Triangle to pick up the echoes 
of past events. You then have to follow a "ghost" across town; don't worry if 
you lose it, just press L3 to bring it back. Watch out for a new type of 
Reaper, the Conduit. This electrically-charged enemy wears a long white 
trenchcoat and can teleport short distances as well as create an electrical 
shockwave that tears up the ground (and you).

You'll run through a few alleys and then approach a wide street. Back up 
because there is a whole mob of Reapers waiting for you. Duck back down the 
alley, take cover and wait for the Reapers to come to you so you can pick them 
off one-by-one.

Follow the ghost down a few more alleys and across another street before 
approaching a large electrical station. Again, back up and use caution because 
a large group of Reapers awaits you. The station is full of explosive junk, so 
start blowing stuff up. You'll probably take a few Reapers out in the process; 
and, you'll make the large generators safe for you to take cover behind.

Beyond the station watch the cutscene and notice how there is now very little 
left in the way of electrical sources to draw energy from. And, oh yeah, you 
have no power left for anything other than your basic lightning bolt.

Fortunately, you don't need to fight anything just yet. Use L3 and follow the 
ghost out into the street to a manhole cover. Press Triangle to enter the 
sewers and do a bit of platforming over to a partially lit power transformer. 
Step up to it and press Triangle to re-establish the circuit.

Oh, look! You just learned the touch-based powers (Pulse Heal, Arc Restraint 
and Bio Leech). Follow the cries for help and heal the guy over on the 
platform. His partner opens the gate for you and you can continue through the 
sewers. Jump over a few bridges to a large platform with a number of injured 
Reapers. Use Arc Restraint to secure two and Bio Leech the other two. (If it 
makes you feel bad sucking the life from the Reapers, go heal some of the 
civvies as atonement.)

Continue on, jumping to bridges and pipes, etc. until you get to a gathering 
of Reapers. There's a large column you can use for cover right before getting 
to the Reapers' platform. Also note if you kock a Reaper into the water, you 
can electrify the water and take out the Reaper. Keep going until you find the 
missing electrician.

KARMA MOMENT: Tell Brandon his wife is dead, or shoot him.

To play the good guy, step up to the gate and press Triangle to give Brandon 
the bad news. Otherwise, just fry the guy. Go through the now open gate and 
platform your way over to the substation. Zap the panel with the red, flashing 
light and you'll light up a whole area of the city.

                Mysterious Signals........................2.05

This one is the closest to your hangout in the NE quadrant of the Neon 
District. Walk into the blue light and listen to Moya describe some strange 
signals she's picking up near you. Look on your mini-map and find the blue 
triangle that pinpoints your objective; it is just on the next building on top 
of a round structure.

Head over and climb the tower. You'll have to circle around to find the ledges 
that allow you to climb up. At the top of the tower is a satellite dish. 
Approach the dish and press Triangle to collect the Dead Drop. It's an 
encrypted audio recording; Moya needs more of them to break the encryption.

Press L3 to activate a Radar Pulse and watch your mini-map. A gray circle will 
surround the map and gradually fade out. The last section of the ring to fade 
indicates the direction of another Dead Drop. From the tower where you got 
your first Dead Drop, the map points south.

Of course, there are Reapers in your way. You'll have to make your way across 
the square to a trapezoidal building near the bend in the railroad tracks. 
Climb to the top, take out the Reapers and find the small satellite dish on 
top of a structure on the building. Press Triangle to collect the Dead Drop 
and then press L3 to search for another.

The trail points SE. From the building you are on, find the wire at the SE 
corner and run across, possibly taking out a Reaper on the other roof. As you 
cross the roof, you'll see this next Dead Drop is guarded by a whole passel of 
Reapers, some with shields.

Oh goody.

You'll need to trade shots from this roof. There's plenty of cover if you need 
it and an electrical source for healing. It's difficult with your limited 
powers; but, try to get head shots on the Reapers with shields. Once the 
Reapers are down, jump across and climb up to the satellite. Collect the Dead 
Drop and your mission is over.

Well, except there are 29 more Dead Drops in the city if you want to spend 
time hunting them down.

                Medical Emergency.........................2.06

When you start this mission, you'll be shown a yellow objective waypoint on 
your map. This waypoint is at the southern edge of the Neon and not far away 
from your start point. When you find the EMT, make sure you're at full 
strength before approaching him and pressing Triangle to start the mission.

This is a simple kill-or-be-killed mission (of which there are many in the 
game). Don't go running down the street, though. A few Reapers are forted up 
on top of a roof (where the clinic is located). Stay back and take out the 
Reapers running at you down the street, then sidle along the building next to 
the clinic and take out the Reapers on the roof from some cover. Alternately, 
you can climb that building and Thunder Drop on them from above.

This opens a clinic (alternate respawn point) and opens up your first sets of 
side missions (including Good and Evil side missions).

                High Ground...............................2.07

This mission starts in the south central portion of the Neon. Your first task 
is to recharge a cell phone tower in the blacked-out area of town just west of 
you. Find the tower on the roof where you're starting and knock it down; cross 
the tower to the wire and then up to the roof with your objective. Charge up 
the cell tower.

Follow your objective marker across to the next roof and an emergency 
generator you can use to charge up. Cross back over to the previous building 
and find the long wire that leads from the west side of the building to a high 
building a block away. Go to the corner of the roof and find the turret truck 
on the train tracks. Rain lightning bolts on it until it blows up; then, take 
out the Reaper who had been manning it.

You can then jump down to the beam running over the track and cross quickly 
(under heavy fire) and leap to a roof where you'll find another generator. 
You'll need to move carefully around to the objective marker on the west side 
of the island. The streets are crawling with Reapers and there's another 
turret truck on the street that borders the water.

Your objective is a manhole in the middle of a street. If you wait around on a 
building, taking the occasional shot at a Reaper below, eventually the whole 
mob will gather below you. Thunder Drop on them and then make a run for the 
manhole. If you're taking too many hits, look for the gas station at the 
intersection west of the manhole. If you lure a few there and then turn and 
blow the place up, you can rid yourself of a lot of heat very quickly. (Well, 
there will be a different kind of heat from the fires, but you get the point.)

It's time for another sewer run, pretty much just like the last one. The 
platforming elements are a little more stringent this time around; but, 
nothing you can't handle. (They don't get really hard until later.) You won't 
encounter any Reapers until after you re-energize the transformer and learn 
the Shock Grenade power. Woot!

Keep going, blowing up the boards blocking your way when asked. Keep an eye 
out for circuit breakers and other sources of electrical energy to recharge 
your meter. After the wall you blow up, you'll see a group of Reapers sitting 
around a campfire. Throw a grenade from a long distance away (before they see 
you) and you can probably take them all down with one shot. (They shouldn't be 
playing with gas.)

The next trap is three machine guns--one in front and one to each side. There 
are generators near the intersection, so run up to them and take cover behind 
one. It will keep you charged up while you lob grenades at the turrets. Once 
all are out, advance, keeping an eye out for the two kamikaze bombers that 
will run at you right in front of the substation. Take them down from a 
distance or you're going to be starting over from the last checkpoint.

Energize the substation and pat yourself on the back for lighting up more of 
the city.

                Mind Games................................2.08

This is a particularly nasty mission. You're tasked with cleaning up the water 
supply, which is being poisoned by Reapers. You have to close three valves to 
prevent the tar from entering the water supply. Each time you do so, some of 
the tar gets on you, temporarily reducing your Battery Cores and leaving you 

The mission begins at the south end of the park in the Neon. Your first 
objective is a fountain at the southeast corner of the park. Behind the 
fountain, you'll have a little talk and then be pointed to the first valve. 
Step up and press Triangle to close it.

You then have to try to follow Trish while disoriented; but, there won't be 
any enemies to fight...yet. Ignore the giant Reapers that appear in front of 
you. After Trish helps you, head toward the other valves, which are located at 
the north end of the park.

Take care of any Reapers in the area and then make sure you're in full health 
by draining a light. Turn one of the valves. Reapers will spawn in front of 
you, so run away until the dizziness wears off and you can turn and fight. Try 
not to go charging in the direction of the other valve; or, you will trigger 
even more Reapers.

Once you've cleared the area, approach the second valve...

KARMA MOMENT: Close the valve yourself, or hurt the pedestrian until he closes 
it for you.

Once again, the choice is obvious. Good players will take the shot of tar to 
the face, while evil players will torture a civvie into doing it for them. 
There won't be any Reapers coming after you this time; but, you won't lose the 
effects of the tar until the end of the mission. Recharge yourself and head 
toward the tunnel.

As you near the tunnel, you'll be dizzy again. Quickly step to the side so you 
won't be a sitting duck for the Reapers at the tunnel entrance. They won't 
come out after you; so, wait for the dizziness to end and then step to the 
entrance and blast them.

The buses in the tunnel do not explode and work great for the trick where you 
create your own recharging station. Just pump them with Lighting Bolts until 
they crackle; then, drain them. Use the buses as cover as you make your way 
down the tunnel, taking out all the Reapers.

This time, when you have a dizzy spell and giant Reapers appear in front of 
you, start blowing stuff up. Target the cars lying around and take out the 
phantasms. Keep an eye out for electrical sources along the walls and keep 
yourself recharged.

At the end of the tunnel is a tanker truck guarded by a large number of 
Reapers. Shockwave the cars into them and blow the cars up; then, overload the 
truck with grenades and Lightning Bolts. Your story mission now is to return 
to Zeke's Roof. Since that's fairly simple, no walkthrough is provided. :-)

                The Good Stuff............................2.09

Another platforming adventure into the sewers. This mission is most notable 
for the difficulty in getting into the sewer. There are mobs of Reapers around 
the objective, including a turret truck that has the manhole in its sights. 
Your best bet is to enter the area on top of the train tracks. Keep moving to 
avoid fire from the rooftops and take out the few Reapers that are on the 
tracks. When you get over top of the turret truck, you can fire on the exposed 
hood without exposing yourself to the machine gun. After you blow up the 
truck, jump down and hurry into the sewer.

Once in the sewer, the transformer is only a few hops away and, after re-
energizing it, you get the Induction Grind ability, which allows you to grind 
power cables (in areas of the city where power has been restored) and ride the 
rails (grind the train tracks).

You'll put your new-found ability to instant use, grinding over cables and 
taking down a few Reapers along the way. Try to pick off the Reapers from long 
range rather than grinding directly into them. After a few twists and turns 
(there's only ever one way to go down here), you'll reach the substation and 
empower another section of the city.

                The Rescue................................2.10

This mission starts only a brief climb from where you're located coming out of 
the sewers. From your vantage point, look down on the tracks and find the 
Reapers patrolling alongside the train. Pick them off; then, jump down to the 
tracks, run to the front of the train and Shockwave the cars off the tracks. 
Climb on top of the lead train car and ride it until it stops.

Drop to the street and find the feeder box mounted on the bottom of the 
tracks. You're looking for the standard light panel that has a row of unlit 
green lights and one large, lit red light. If you're having trouble spotting 
it, use the objective marker on your mini-map. The feeder boxes are all 
mounted in the center of the tracks on the cross supports running underneath. 
Zap it until all green lights are lit. Climb back up to the train and ride the 
lead car again.

Notice the many red dots in front of you on the mini-map. You're going to pull 
into a station infested with Reapers. Throw a few grenades ahead of you and 
use the cars as cover (hang off the side) if necessary. When the Reapers in 
the station are down, you'll drop to the street, take out more Reapers and 
then recharge another feeder box.

Recharge your own batteries before riding the train some more. You'll quickly 
be introduced to a bazooka Reaper. Deflect the rockets with Shockwave and 
pepper the bazooka with Lightning Bolts. If you're having trouble, jump off 
the train and climb the building behind the bazooka and let him have it from 
there. Continue riding the train, lobbing grenades at the Reapers that pop up 
along your way. When the train stops, fight off the Reapers (including at 
least one Conduit), recharge the feeder box and yourself and continue on your 

You won't get far before being beset by Reapers again. Use the cars as cover 
to pick off the Reapers on the roof, then drop to the street. Watch for 
kamikazes coming from a nearby alley. Shoot them, or blow up the cars between 
you before they can reach you or you're in for a world of hurt. Recharge the 
feeder box and yourself and keep going.

As you round the bend, notice the big pile of autos in front of you. Start 
blowing them up now. As you get closer, drop off the right side of the lead 
car, and keep blowing up automobiles. There's a machine gun over on the left 
side of the tracks; try dropping so you're hanging off the right side of the 
tracks, then creeping forward until you have a shot at the gunner. Also watch 
out for a Conduit who will make your life unpleasant.

Once the Reapers are finished, clear all the cars from the tracks (Shockwave) 
and recharge the feeder box and yourself. This is your last stop before the 
mission finale. Just keep yourself alive by shooting at the Reapers that pop 
up along your path. From now on, the trains will be running in the Neon. When 
riding the rails yourself, remember the inner trains run clockwise and the 
outer trains run counter-clockwise.

                Nemesis Revealed..........................2.11

It's another tar-cleaning mission. This time, you have to clear Reapers off 
the rooftops and then blow up their kegs of tar on the water towers. Find the 
first infected water tower just south of your starting point. If you circle 
around to the west and climb the building next door, you can get a height 
advantage. Once the Reapers are down, recharge yourself and climb the water 
tower. Use Shockwave to destroy the keg and dose yourself with tar; then, 
prepare to run and fight as best you can because more Reapers are coming.

As you play this mission, you'll notice sick civvies on the roofs. If you heal 
them, they will start attacking you. The don't do a lot of damage; but, they 
can interfere while you're trying to shoot it out with Reapers; and, if you 
get several together on the same roof they can gang up on you pretty 
effectively. In short, leave the sick pedestrians alone.

Find the second tower, which is not quite as closely guarded as the first. 
This time, you get a...

KARMA MOMENT: Force the tar keg's pump to implode by overcharging it, or 
destroy the tar keg with Shockwave.

Heroes will use Shockwave and take the hit themselves. Infamous players will 
overcharge the keg, which renders it useless; but, poisons the people using 
the tower. The third tower is right next door to the second; and, is only 
guarded by a couple of Reapers.

Tower #4 is across the train tracks to the west. First, you need to dispose of 
the bazooka on the roof directly across the tracks. Use Shockwave to deflect 
the rockets and shoot him in between. Once he's gone, do not cross to this 
roof. Instead, look to the higher building to the left.

Jump down to one of the beams crossing the track and run over to that 
building. Climb to the top and hang off the edge. Shimmy over to the left and 
take out the Reapers to the south. You can then get up on the roof and use the 
cover up there to trade shots with the Reapers to the north, on top of your 
target building. Look for a propane tank at the corner of the building. Blow 
it up and you can probably get one or two Reapers in the blast.

The fifth tar keg is to the south and appears to be lightly guarded. Do not 
let appearance deceive you. Take out the lone Reaper running around on the 
roof; but, do not just jump up on the roof. There's a machine gun up there. 
Make sure you're as charged as you can get, then climb to the roof's edge and 
lob Shock Grenades at the turret. When it's disabled, look for a generator 
near the turret to recharge; then, take out the keg.

After the cutscene, congratulate yourself on a job well done. You'll soon 
begin seeing Dark Water side missions crop up. These side missions have the 
same objective; though, only one keg has to be destroyed. You also get the 
same Karma Moment.

For now, the story sends you back to Zeke's roof for some conspiracy theory 
chit-chat. Going back to Zeke's pad will automatically send you into the next 
story mission; so, don't go if you still want to do some side missions.

                No Protection.............................2.12                

It's time to power up the rest of the Neon. From Zeke's place, jump down to 
the tracks and ride them to the west side of the island. As the tracks turn 
south, there's a building you can jump to and, from it's roof, Thunder Drop on 
the Reaper near your manhole objective.

The platforming in the sewers starts to get tougher now. You'll have to jump 
from vertical pipe to vertical pipe--climb near the top of each pipe before 
you jump as you will slip down when you grab the next pipe and you don't want 
to touch the water. You'll soon arrive at a waystation with a charge box. 
Charge it up to start an arm moving, then jump to the arm and ride it to more 
pipe jumping.

Again, you reach the transformer with no opposition. Re-connect the circuit 
and learn the Precision Power. Precision allows you to zoom in on targets and 
slow down time so you can make super-accurate shots. Press-and-hold D-Pad Up 
to enter Precision mode and press R1 to fire. Using Precision uses up your 
energy. Use it now to energize the panel behind the fan.

Re-charge yourself before continuing by riding the arm that starts moving. The 
next section of bridge has four kamikazes on it, so move forward slowly with 
Lightning Bolts at the ready. Just beyond is a platform with a generator and 
three Reapers over to the left. Two Reapers are behind shields and the third 
is manning a machine gun. Take cover behind the generator and use Precision to 
target the Reapers' heads and take them out.

Continue your journey heading away from the recently dispatched Reapers. After 
some pole vaulting, there's another generator you can use as cover to take out 
the Reapers in front of you. Now use Precision to charge the panel behind the 
fan in the lower right corner. Ride the arm around to a platform and use 
Precision on another charge box behind another fan (to your lower right).

Recharge yourself at the next platform before moving on. There are no more 
Reapers, just a bit of pole hopping to reach the substation and finish the 
mission. The street will be crawling with Reapers when you leave the sewers, 
so make sure you are fully charged before you charge the substation.

                Trish Reaches Out.........................2.13

This is a defense mission, probably one of the most irritating types of 
mission in the game. You're asked to protect a crate of medical supplies. The 
crate is located in a construction yard, surrounded by chain link fence. (If 
you haven't figured it out yet, Cole, the king of parkour, cannot climb chain 
link fences nor can he shoot through them. Gang members, on the other hand, 
can shoot through fences just fine, thank you.)

There are several waves of enemies you have to beat back, each tougher than 
the last. You cannot let the crate be destroyed (damaged is OK). There are 
limited recharging sources in the construction yard.

Beauty, mate.

The first "wave" is two Reapers who you have to reach from your starting 
point. Once they are down, a group of gunners comes from the north. You'll 
probably have to run out of the yard to get them; but, don't go far. As soon 
as they're gone, another group comes from the west and this group includes 
kamikazes. You'll have to quickly run back to the medical crate and blow up 
the kamikazes before they can reach it (or you).

Now a machine gunner appears on the roof to the south; and, after the 
cutscene, you're left as a sitting duck. Run quickly toward the roof to cut 
off his line of sight and then use Precision to head shock him. Now two groups 
come from the south and then the north, possibly including bazookas.

Next comes a group from the south, with a machine gunner in their midst. A few 
grenades lobbed out the south end of the yard will help slow them down. And, 
then, it is time for the grand finale. A series of three--yes, count them, 
THREE--turret trucks will come down side alleys, escorted by Reapers.

After the cutscene introducing the first turret truck, run quickly to your 
right and scale the building. From here you can rain electricity down on the 
trucks and Reapers from relative safety.

                Dinner with Sasha.........................2.14                

This is the boss battle the finishes the Neon district (except for side 
missions) and opens the Warren (second island). The mission start is just 
around the corner from the construction yard where you were protecting the 
medical supplies; so, it's a pretty easy decision to just get on with it.

Or, is it? You'll be stuck in the Warren for a couple of missions before you 
are able to get back to the Neon; so, now might be the time to clean up this 
part of town. Your choice.

From the starting point of this mission, jump down to the street and charge 
the panel on the left side of the compound gate. Be ready, there are Reapers 
awaiting you inside. Run down to a ladder and climb up to the next level. 
There are Reapers here and more--with machine guns--on the higher levels.

Stay behind cover and take out the Reaper in the tower close by; then, wait 
for another Reaper wandering around down here to come to you. Once they are 
out, you can use the large containers as cover and Precision to take out the 
machine gunners.

There's a generator in the back of the area you can use to recharge; but, be 
careful, it's open to fire so you'll have to clear the machine guns before you 
can really access it. Take out the machine gunners first, recharge, then take 
out the tower guards. You may be able to get the tower guys with regular 
Lightning Bolts--just blow away their protection first.

Make your way up to the right-hand tower and then across to the other tower 
and press Triangle to open the gate to the Jefferson Tunnel. Some Reapers come 
out of the tunnel, so Thunder Drop them.

Getting down the Jefferson Tunnel is just like the tunnel under the park you 
cleared earlier. Use the buses for cover (and to recharge by pumping them full 
of Lightning Bolts). Try blowing up the cars lying around the tunnel; and, 
keep an eye out for a machine gun turret.

You will soon reach a prison. For extra XP, you can free the prisoners by 
zapping the rusted locks on their cages. Just beyond the prison is a pit you 
can jump in to and a boss battle with Sasha.

As you walk in Sasha's underground lair, she will jump down and grab you. 
Rapidly tap the X button while trying to move the glowing blue dot (your hand) 
over the clear target circle (a part of Sasha's body). Do this successfully 
and Cole will hurt Sasha. If you don't succeed, you get hurt. Simple enough 
and a mini-game you will have to repeat three times.

The main part of the battle, aside from the mini-game, is a number of 
different attacks you have to counter. For each attack, the primary objective 
is to locate Sasha and zap her--that will cause her to cease one attack and 
move on to another. Also, getting hit with Lightning Bolts will also, 
eventually, hurt her enough that she falls down and is covered with a glowing 
green dome--this is your cue to jump over to her and start the grabbing mini-
game again.

Your primary weapons here are Lightning Bolts and Shockwave. Use Lightning 
Bolts to hurt Sasha and deal with the Reaper phantasms she summons. You can 
also use Bolts to hit the tentacles that rise up out of the ooze. You need to 
hit those tentacles before they start lobbing fireballs at you. Sasha also 
releases a shockwave similar to the Reaper Conduits; dodge those.

Try and stay out of the ooze; but, don't worry too much about it--it doesn't 
hurt that much. There are lamps and fuse boxes around the arena where you can 
get a quick recharge. The battle is long and somewhat tedious; but, not overly 
hard. The trickiest part is the mini-game where you have to try to rip her 
apart. Remember, you're trying to move the blue circle into the clear circle.

When Sasha is finally sent packing, you have to escape out of the tunnel into 
the Warren. At the tunnel's end, you will meet a large number of Dustmen--the 
resident gangsters in the Warren. These guys are much tougher than Reapers, 
but, be careful about using up your energy. The Warren is dark and you can't 
get an easy recharge. Once you actually get out of the tunnel and have some 
breathing room, you only have one option--get some power back to parts of the 


This is another sewer mission; and, it begins as soon as Dinner with Sasha is 
finished. Once you get past the Dustmen at the tunnel exit; make a run for 
your objective marker. Don't worry about the Dustmen, you don't have the power 
to deal with them right now. Just run for the waypoint and step into the blue 
circle to enter the sewers.

Again, your initial run to the transformer is unopposed; though, you will have 
a little trickier platforming to get there. The power you learn for re-
energizing the transformer is Static Thrusters. Static Thrusters allows you to 
glide (not really fly) over short distances. In the air, press-and-hold R1 to 
glide slowly down. No energy is consumed by Static Thrusters.

Obviously, you'll have to use your Thrusters frequently to get through the 
platforming beyond the transformer. First up, after a couple of glides from 
bridge to bridge, is a wall that has to be blown up with a Shock Grenade. 
Stand on the bridge right before the platform to toss your grenade and be 
prepared to take fire from the Dustmen just beyond. Jump over to the platform 
and use the doorway as cover to take out the mobs.

You'll have to advance cautiously, as the Dustmen like to get down in the 
water and shoot up at you. You can electrify the water and take them down in 
bunches. A couple of platforms past this first group are some Dustmen with 
shields. Get rid of the front line, advance a platform or two and use 
Precision on the shielded Dustmen.

Once past these guys, you have some free platforming for a bit. Jump and glide 
to the next few bridges until you reach a high wall. Get a good running jump 
and glide to the column below you. You're not going to quite make it, so aim 
for the ladder and grab it to avoid the water. If you do hit the water, 
quickly jump to the ladder and climb up. If you've taken damage, take a 
breather on top of the column to heal up.

Now you need to glide down to the platform with the fire. Again, you probably 
won't quite make it, but jump quickly out of the water. Glide to the next 
doorway and get a whiff of electricity from the fuse box.

The next room has a bit of pole jumping, and then you'll reach another high 
wall. There are three Dustmen below, one with a bazooka. Take them out from on 
high and then glide down. Jump and glide to the next room and get up on the 
pipe before gliding to the swing arm.

Glide from the swing arm to the ladder on the column and climb up to the ring. 
Walk around to the other side of the column and climb the second ladder to the 
top. Get a running start and glide to the next column and climb it to the top. 
If you miss the ring and fall in the water, there's a ladder on the back side 
of the column--if you can swim fast enough.

Next is a tricky it where you have to glide to two swing arms, one after the 
other. Once you've reached the next bridge, you're home free. Charge up the 
substation and exit into the Warren. You'll get a call from Zeke and one from 
Trish that set up your next two story missions. The call from Trish sets up 
"An Old Friend" and that will open the way back to the Neon. You'll also see a 
few side missions crop up--doing some of those will take some of the heat off 
you as the Dustmen as thick as fleas around here.

                An Old Friend.............................2.16

This is a multi-part quest to get the bridge open to the Neon. Your first 
objective is in the small park right below you. An engineer is guarded by two 
Dustmen. You have to take both out with a Precision head shock and you'll have 
to get the second within a few seconds after the first; or, he'll kill the 

The first Dustman will be easy as they're just walking around. The second will 
be harder as he will start running as soon as you take out the first. Your 
best bet is to hit the one patrolling on the inside of the park first; then, 
get a lead on the second one as he runs around the outside of the fence and 
let him have it as his head comes into range.

Next, you have to escort the engineer to the bridge controls. Lead him south 
along the east side of the canal and keep an eye on your mini-map for red dots 
spawning on the side streets. You'll be hit at least once, possibly twice on 
your way to the bridge. Use Shockwaves and Grenades to keep the Dustmen away 
and stunned while you pepper them with Lightning Bolts.

When you reach the bridge, you'll have to fend off two waves of Dustmen. 
Recharge quickly before the first wave comes into view. The first comes from 
the east and has a machine gunner. The Dustmen come in two columns, one to 
your left and one to your right as you look up the street. The machine gunner 
will be to your right. Run toward the Dustmen and throw a bunch of grenades 
down the right side of the street and then turn and deal with the left column. 
If you start to get hit by machine gun fire, throw some more grenades and then 
run back toward the engineer and take care of any Dustmen that got through 
your first attack. If the engineer is down; but, not dead, heal him.

When the first wave is done, turn quickly to the west as the second wave is 
led by a bunch of kamikazes. If you have any energy left, throw some grenades. 
You can also start blowing up cars. Keep the kamikazes away from the engineer 
or you get to start over. Once the kamikazes are out (there are about four or 
five of them), you'll have a short breather to recharge before the rest of the 
Dustmen come in. There won't be many more and then the bridge is fixed.

Or not.

You'll have to jump/glide over the partially closed bridge and repeat this 
performance on the other side. Find the engineer in the park; Precision head 
shock the two Reapers and then lead the engineer back to the bridge. If you've 
cleared out a large portion of the Neon, you may be able to get to the bridge 

Once at the bridge, defend the engineer against two waves of Reapers. After 
the Dustmen, this will seem like a picnic. The worst you will probably face is 
a bazooka. After the second wave, the engineer on the other side of the bridge 
calls for help, so run over and fight off another group of Dustmen. This is a 
small group; and, when they're done, you have to run back to the other side of 
the bridge and kill more Reapers--a couple will be sniping from the rooftops.

Finally! All the gang members are out and you just have to recharge the two 
bridge control panels. The bridge is down and the Neon is easily accessible. 
Now would be a good time to clear out the Neon and go on a hunt for Blast 
Shards. When you're ready, continue with Zeke's Request.

                Zeke's Request............................2.17

As the mission starts, approach Dwight's body and read his memories. Follow 
the bulbous shape down the street. You'll soon meet an artist hanging posters.

KARMA MOMENT: Choose the LOVED poster (Good) or FEARED poster (Evil) 
Continue following the electrical signature of what is a Dustmen Conduit. 
Around the corner you'll run into the Conduit's spider spawn. They're easy 
enough to take care of; just use Lightning Bolts or melee attacks. The Dustmen 
that come behind, on the other hand, are a different matter. Spray them with 
grenades. Around the next corner is a machine gun turret. Cower behind the 
wall and use Precision to take out the gunner.

Continue after the Conduit ghost (use L3 if you've lost it). As you go down 
the street, keep an eye on the mini-map for red dots. A wave of kamikazes 
backed by a bazooka is coming. After you cross the canal, you'll be hit by 
more kamikazes. You'll then thread through some alleys--recharge at the 
nearest source--in the street beyond the Conduit with his RPG (rocket 
propelled grenade) and more spider spawn is waiting for you.

Ignore the spiders and use Shockwave to deflect the grenades while peppering 
the Conduit with Lightning Bolts. Throw in a grenade or two to finish him off 
(and take out the spiders). The important thing is not to let the grenades hit 
you--other than that, this guy's a piece of cake. Afterwards, return to Zeke's 
"apartment" to continue the story.

                Playing Hero..............................2.18

After going ALL THE WAY BACK to Zeke's pad, you have to make a long run 
through a dark area to your objective manhole in the NW section of the Warren. 
Travel up the east side of the canal and take to the rooftops as you enter the 
darkened area of the district. Go north around the west side of a large round 
tower and turn west toward your objective. When you reach a street too wide to 
get across, wait for the Dustmen to gather below you; Thunder Drop on them; 
then, make a run for the manhole.

The transformer is right in front of you; just a few short glides away. Re-
establish the circuit and learn the Megawatt Hammer Power. This is, basically, 
a guided rocket. Press Triangle while aiming to fire the Hammer.

Immediately use two Hammers to take out the Dustmen in the tunnel ahead; 
recharge from the transformer and continue on your way. There are four more 
Dustmen just beyond the tunnel exit. Use the Hammer on them; then, recharge on 
the fuse box in the tunnel.

At the end of the next bridge, use Precision to take out the two shielded 
Dustmen far away on towers. Recharge from the fuse box to your left. Carefully 
jump your way across to the towers where you shot the shield mobs and take out 
the gunner away to your left (Hammer or Precision). As you jump closer to the 
next tunnel, another gunner must be dispatched.

Down the next tunnel, get a recharge and approach the exit carefully. There 
are two Dustmen behind chain link fences ahead. As you know, Cole cannot shoot 
through a chain link fence; but, a Hammer blast hitting the fence will take 
out the Dustman behind it. Jump around toward the next tunnel and take out two 
Dustmen inside. Jump to the tunnel and quickly take cover behind the sandbags 
at the far end.

There's a bazooka behind a similar sandbag wall ahead of you. Take him out 
with Precision or bombard him with Hammers before he eats away your cover with 
his rockets. The Dustmen at the far end of that next tunnel are clever enough 
to dodge your Hammers; so, dose them with a few grenades and finish them off 
with Bolts. You're now at the substation and can finish this mission.

You have your choice of three story missions now. You can do them in any 

                Standard Protocol.........................2.19

Take out the Dustmen on the roof directly across the street; then, climb the 
building they were on. Move quickly before more Dustmen flood the street. 
Avoid placing yourself in sight of the gun turrets to the sides of that 

From the roof, take out the Dustmen and board the first ship. Go to the back 
and zap the engine and free the prisoners. Go swiftly west to the second boat. 
Resist the temptation to ride the rails, you will come under heavy fire. Go 
across the buildings on the opposite side of the tracks until you are opposite 
the pier. If you approached quietly enough, you will not stir up the Dustmen 
on the pier and you can glide across to the roof of the warehouse and take 
them down from there. Otherwise, you have a nice vantage point from the 
opposite side of the tracks to lob Grenades and Hammers at them.

Once again, free the hostages and zap the engine. Now ride the rails counter-
clockwise to quickly reach the third pier. When you reach the train station 
right before the pier, stop and take care of any Dustmen that spawn in the 
station. The tracks are covered by machine guns on the roof of the warehouse, 
so take them out (Hammer or Precision) before going any further.

With the turrets quiet, you can jump to the roof of the warehouse and deal 
with any opposition on the ground. Then, get on the ship and disable the 
engine and free the hostages.

Yippee! There's another boat and it's clear on the other side of the district! 
The shortest route takes you through a dark area; but, the other way is just 
too long to take the train. Either ride the rails counter-clockwise or go over 
the rooftops. There's a machine gun in the dark area of the tracks; but, you 
can get through if you just keep moving.

There's no easy way to do this. Your approach to the fourth pier has to be out 
in the open. So make sure you have plenty of energy for Hammers to throw at 
the bazookas on the roof of the warehouse. Shockwave any rockets that get 
thrown at you and try to knock the Dustmen off the warehouse as quickly as 
possible. This is really it, so free the hostages and then destroy the engine 
to end the mission.


Side missions come in three types:

GOOD: There are 15 side missions only available to players with Heroic Karma.

EVIL: There are 15 side missions only available to players with Infamous 

NEUTRAL: There are a lot of generic side missions available to all players.

All side missions clear a small area of the district they are in. Once a 
territory is clear, enemies will not randomly spawn in it. Contrary to what 
the game tells you, enemies WILL ENTER a cleared area if they are chasing you. 
Plus, enemies stationed across the "line" in an uncleared area will shoot at 
you in the cleared area. Also, enemies already spawned in the territory will 
not disappear and if you are on a mission that takes you into cleared 
territory, enemies will still spawn to oppose you.

Side missions are worth 100XP. Good and Evil side missions are also used to 
purchase Good or Evil powers.

                Good Missions.............................3.01

On these missions, you'll be tasked with escorting a group of gang members to 
a nearby prison. At least one prisoner has to survive the trip. To get the 
gang moving, shock one of them. They will walk very slowly, so give them one 
more shock to get them trotting a little faster. Along the way, you will run 
into three situations...

1) One or more of the gang members will turn and attack you. Punch or shock 
them; just be careful not to kill them. When the rowdy ones are subdued, they 
will form back together and continue on their way.

2) One or more of the gang members will try to run away. Quickly shock the 
runners into submission and they will reform and continue.

3) You will be attacked by other gang members attempting to free the 
prisoners. Ignore the prisoners (they will kneel down and stay put) and take 
care of the attackers. Then return to the prisoners and herd them on toward 
the police station.

A "simple" task: capture a Conduit (super-powered gang member). What's not so 
simple is keeping the Conduit alive while you're dealing with all the other 
gang members surrounding the Conduit. You'll want to use Shockwave to keep the 
gang off-balance and blast with Lightning Bolt. Just be sure you don't hit the 
Conduit too many times.

A very simple capture quest. You must take down four gang members and capture 
them (use Arc Restraint on them). There should be plenty mobs around, unless 
you've gone and cleared the rest of the district.

Follow the bio-electric memory of the slain cop to a group of cops engaged 
with some Reapers. Take out the Reapers without losing all the police and this 
mission is done.

A parade has organized near the park in the Neon. You are asked to protect the 
parade. Run to the north corner of the park and ride the wire there across the 
street. You should see the parade below you. Ride a wire south over one 
building to the corner building at the next intersection.

Watch below as a bazooka Reaper comes out. Quickly waste him, then start 
taking out the Reapers that come in from the Park. Some more Reapers will come 
in from alley below you. Thunder Drop them and take them out. Then, join the 
cops in mopping up what's left in the street.

A group of Dustment has broken out of prison and is making a stand on the 
roof. Climb up a nearby lamp and jump over to the lower level of the prison. 
Head to your right around the corner to find some windows you can climb. 
You'll eventually reach a lower roof with some Dustmen. Take them out; then, 
jump to a lower roof and take out another Dustman.

Run along the east side of the prison to find a pipe you can climb to some 
windows that will let you reach a tower roof. From here, you can take out a 
number of Dustmen as you sidle around the upper windows. As soon as you have 
taken out a few, use a corner to jump up to the roof and take out the rest of 
the Dustmen.

Now it's time to clean out a building full of Dustmen. Your first objective is 
to climb the marked building and destroy the AC unit. Don't climb the actual 
target building, run across the street and climb the building next to it. You 
can then survey the scene before dropping to the roof. When all is clear, drop 
down and press Triangle to sabotage the air conditioning.

Dustmen will spew into the street. 25 Dustmen to be exact. Compounding your 
problems, smoke will be billowing out from the building, affecting your view. 
One or two Dustmen will end up on nearby roofs, so take them out first. Then 
start lobbing grenades into the street. There's a fuse box on top of the 
warehouse that you can use to recharge. Just use your mini-map and throw the 
grenades at the largest clusters of red dots.

Once you've put 15 or so down, Thunder Drop on the largest remaining cluster 
and pick off the survivors. Collateral damage is a foregone conclusion; so, 
spend some time healing civvies after the battle is over.

                Evil Missions.............................3.02







                Neutral Missions..........................3.03

Even though there are a lot of neutral side missions, there are a limited 
number of types. As you progress through the game, these become more 
difficult; but, the basic design is the same.

You'll be asked to destroy 12 security cameras planted on a nearby building by 
the local gang. The building will be marked on the map with a yellow circle. 
These cameras are planted on the outside of the building and have flashing red 
lights. Clear enemies from the area; then, at street level, examine the walls 
of the building. Stand still for a bit and look for flashes of red; you should 
then be able to easily see the black housing of the cameras. Climb up near the 
cameras and press Triangle to zap them.

Gang members are rounding up civvies! Head toward the objective marker and 
kill the gang. At least one of the hostages has to be upright once the gang is 

The local gang is poisoning the water by pouring tar into a water tower on top 
of a building. You'll immediately be able to pick out the building by the 
large number of red dots that spawn on it. Scan for nearby buildings that are 
higher and scale one. From your vantage point, rain electric death down on the 
gang. One good tactic is to show yourself and trade potshots with the gang, 
and then step back and wait. The gang will cluster on the nearest roof and you 
can then Thunder Drop into their midst. Once all the gang members are down, 
you must disable the tar keg on the water tower, so climb up to it.

This is a Karma Moment. For Good Karma, use Shockwave to destroy the keg. This 
will coat you with tar, disorienting you and temporarily removing some of your 
Battery Cores, and damages you--so don't take this route unless you're at full 
health. For Evil Karma, overload the keg with Lightning, which destroys the 
keg's functionality, but drains the tar into the water supply. This option 
does not damage Cole in any way.

Local gang members are moving a tanker truck full of tar through the city. 
Chase it down and destroy it. These side missions are quite difficult because 
of the number of constantly respawning gang members; and, you can be assured 
there will be plenty of Conduits and kamikazes mixed in. Your best bet is to 
stick to the upper pathways and try to get ahead of the Reapers. Wait for the 
truck to come under you and Thunder Drop it, then stick it with grenades.

A "stealth" mini-game, of sorts. A kamikaze courier needs to be followed, and 
you have to avoid detection. Stay above him; whenever he stops, take cover. 
(For some reason, he can see you even if you're 10 stories above him, if you 
just stand in the open.) Alternately, you can follow him at street level--just 
stay far behind and keep under cover whenever he stops. When he makes his 
drop, run forward and pick up the package, which is five Blast Shards.

A nearby gang member has disguised himself as a civvie. Track him down using 
your radar pulse (L3 button). The impostor will show as a red dot on your 
mini-map, and then flash red when you're nearby. Take him out as quickly as 
possible, so it doesn't become a contested run-and-shoot.

Cole has the ability to read the left-over electrical impulses in a dead 
person's brain. Occasionally, you will kill a gang member and a side mission 
marker will appear over the body. Go over and press Triangle to get a picture 
of a hidden stash. The general area of the stash will show on the mini-map as 
a large yellow circle.

Go within that area and try to pinpoint the location of the package by 
comparing landmarks in the picture from the dead guy's mind. (Press Triangle 
at any time to take another look at the picture.) When you find the package, 
the mission is over and you score five Blast Shards.

These missions are races against the clock. You'll start the mission being 
shown a satellite uplink. Climb up to it and drain the charge, you then need 
to run past a series of other uplinks (you don't have to drain them, just run 
past them) to reset all of them. There is a time limit for reaching each 
uplink in the series, and this limit is extended each time you run past an 

Uplinks show on your mini-map and can be identified by the beam of light they 
shoot in the air. You will probably have to run each course two or three times 
as you figure out the fastest way between uplinks. As the game progresses, you 
will have to use wire grinding and Static Thrusters to reach each uplink in 
time, so practice, practice, practice!

This starts as an interesting, if routine, request. A civvie wants to take 
some pictures of you doing interesting things. Fulfill each request, trying 
not to harm anyone in the process. Requests may include healing someone, 
punching a gang member (who will, of course, be shooting you), blowing up a 
car, etc.

Pretty much as soon as you get asked to perform this mission, you will be 
attacked. The person asking for help has information on the local gang and 
he's a marked man (or she's a marked woman). Immediately, gang members spawn 
nearby and start shooting. You've got to take them out while keeping the 
informant alive.

KARMA MOMENT: Heal the injured cops, or steal the Blast Shards.

For Good Karma, go to the marked place on your map and heal the injured cops. 
You'll then have to run back to the mission-giver and fight off some Reapers. 
Afterwards, you can pick up your reward: five Blast Shards. For Evil Karma, 
just attack the police and take the Blast Shards.

KARMA MOMENT: Help the police, or do nothing and let them fend for themselves.

A police station is under attack. If playing the Evil path, just left the cops 
and gang fight it out and deal with gang survivors (if any). Heroes will, of 
course, jump in and take some lumps on behalf of the police.

This one is an ambush. The quest-giver turns into a gang member and all of a 
sudden you are surrounded. Don't take this mission unless you are fully 
charged and be prepared to let loose with a lot of Shockwaves and run for the 
nearest high point.

Reapers have run off with a clinic's drug supplies. Chase down the marked 
Reapers, take them down and pick up the packages they were carrying. Return to 
the EMT and the mission is complete and a clinic is opened.

Reapers have planted a bomb on the police station. For Good Karma, go to the 
police station and drain the bomb. For Evil Karma, just wait around until the 
bomb goes off.

Reapers and Dustmen are mixing it up and your job is to jump in with them. 
Good luck! Even if you haven't finished "Zeke's Request" and encountered a 
Dustmen Conduit, you'll meet them in this mission. Several. There are a couple 
dozen Reapers and Dustmen with Conduits on both sides getting at each other. 
First things first: blow up the gas station. That will take out a few mobs. 
Stay back and concentrate on Shockwaving the cars into the mobs that come 
running at you. Duck in an alley if you need a recharge.

Another option is to get up on a roof and lob grenades down into the mix. 
Whatever you do, watch out for the grenades and rockets that get sent your way 
and use Shockwave to deflect them. There will be two Reaper bazookas up on a 
roof--use Precision to bring them down.

Dustmen have kidnapped a woman's brother and stolen their Blast Shards. For 
Evil Karma and the Shards, go after the Dustmen with the Shards. For Good 
Karma; but, alas, no Shards, rescue the woman's brother.

 POWERS [4.00]

Once you get through the first couple of missions, you will have a few very 
basic powers. You learn more powers as you play through the game, typically 
one Power each time you re-establish the circuit on a transformer during one 
of the sewer missions. Most Powers can be viewed by bringing up the game menu 
(Start button) and selecting Powers.

A quick reference list of what powers are available when:

* Beginning of game: Lightning Bolt, Shockwave, Thunder Drop, Reduce Damage,
  Melee, Electric Drain, Gigawatt Blades (pre-order bonus only)
* First transformer: Pulse Heal, Bio Leech, Arc Restraint
* First Good/Evil mission: Overload Burst or Arc Lightning
* Second transformer: Shock Grenade
* Third transformer: Induction Grind
* Fourth transformer: Precision
* Fifth transformer: Static Thrusters

                Menu Powers...............................4.01

These are the Powers that show on your Powers menu. Some powers and their 
upgrades are influenced by your Karma; others are neutral. There are three 
ranks of Karma for both Good and Evil:

Good Karma: Guardian, Champion, Hero
Evil Karma: Thug, Outlaw, Infamous

To purchase upgrades for most powers, you will need to spend experience points 
(XP). The powers are listed below in the order they appear in the Powers Menu 
from left to right. Powers are either available from the beginning of the main 
game (i.e. after you have completed all the mandatory opening missions); or, 
they are learned after restoring X number of power transformers.

Cole's basic attack is a bolt of lightning from his fingertips. This attack 
uses no energy (unlimited ammo) and is very effective. Hold L1 to enter aiming 
mode and then press R1 to fire. Good characters, especially, will love 
Lightning Bolt and you can recharge yourself at Hero level just by shooting 
bad guys.

* Available: From the beginning of the game
* Good Upgrades:
  - Guardian (400XP) - Righteous Blow: Restores a moderate amount of energy
    each time you successfully hit an enemy
  - Champion (2900XP) - Righteous Shot: Head shots chain electricity to
    nearby enemies
  - Hero (12000XP) - Righteous Strike: Restores a significant amount of
    energy each time you hit an enemy. Head shots also restore health.
* Evil Upgrades:
  - Thug (400XP) - Sadistic Blow: Defeated enemies have a chance of
    triggering an electric explosion before dying
  - Outlaw (2900XP) - Sadistic Shot: Increases the radius of the electric
  - Infamous (12000XP) - Sadistic Strike: Head shots automatically trigger
    and electric explosion.

The Shockwave is a basic method of crowd control and object manipulation. To 
use Shockwave, hold L1 to enter aiming mode and then press X. Each Shockwave 
uses energy. Shockwaves pulse out and physically push or throw objects away 
from Cole. Used against vehicles, it can move cars and other obstacles from 
your path. Used against people, it can temporarily (or permanently) 
incapacitate others.

* Available: From the beginning of the game
* Good Upgrades:
  - Guardian (800XP) - Reverse Magnetism: People caught in the core of the
    blast temporarily float in the air
  - Champion (1800XP) - Increases blast force
  - Hero (2800XP) - Increases blast range
* Evil Upgrades:
  - Thug (800XP) - People or objects caught in the core of the blast are
  - Outlaw (1800XP) - Increases blast force and range
  - Infamous (2800XP) - Cars hit by blast explode

Overload Burst is a highly charged beam of energy that chains off conductive 
surfaces and can strike enemies using metal objects (such as cars or heating 
ducts) for cover. To use the power, hold L1 to enter aiming mode and then 
press-and-hold R2. A second aiming reticle appears. Wait until the two 
reticles are aligned and then release to fire the burst. Overload Burst is 
only available to players with positive Karma and you must complete a certain 
number of Good side missions for each level of the power.

* Available: After you finish the first Good or Evil mission
* Upgrades:
  - Guardian (5 Good side missions) - You must purchase this level to use
    the power
  - Champion (10 Good side missions) - Doubles the damage
  - Hero (15 Good side missions) - Increases damage and reduces charging time

Releases a continuous stream of lightning. To use this power, hold L1 to enter 
aiming mode and then hold R2 as long as you want to stream the lightning. Arc 
Lightning uses energy and is only available to players with negative Karma. 
You must complete a certain number of Evil side missions for each level of the 

* Available: After you finish the first Good or Evil mission
* Upgrades:
  - Thug (5 Evil side missions) - You must purchase this level to use the
  - Outlaw (10 Evil side missions) - Unlimited branching and increases
  - Infamous (15 Evil side missions) - Weakened enemies explode

Just as the name implies, Cole throws a grenade made of electricity. The 
grenade does take a few seconds to detonate and enemies will run from it; 
however, if your aim is good, you can stick a grenade to an opponent or object 
(such as a vehicle). Grenades use energy. To throw a grenade, hold L1 to enter 
aiming mode and press Square. To throw your grenades farther, aim higher up to 
lob them at your enemies.

* Available: After second transformer is online
* Good Upgrades:
  - Guardian (800XP) - Increases knockdown time
  - Champion (1900XP) - Increases blast radius and damage
  - Hero (5500XP) - Increases damage and weakened enemies are automatically
* Evil Upgrades:
  - Thug (800XP) - Grenadelets: cluster of three Shock Grenades that separate
    on impact and cause splash damage
  - Outlaw (1900XP) - Grenadelets: cluster of five Shock Grenades
  - Infamous (5500XP) - Grenadelets: cluster of seven Shock Grenades

Basically, a guided rocket. Hold L1 to aim, then press Triangle to fire the 
rocket. Rockets do a LOT more damage than your Lightning Bolts; but, they do 
require energy.

* Available: After the sixth transformer is back online
* Good Upgrades:
  - Guardian (800XP) - Redirect a rocket by firing a Lightning Bolt (R1) at
    the target you want to hit
  - Champion (2500XP) - Enemies caught in the blast temporarily float in
    the air
  - Hero (5300XP) - Increases blast radius of rocket
* Evil Upgrades:
  - Thug (800XP) - Adds a pair of smaller rockets that attack to their
    targets before exploding
  - Outlaw (2500XP) - Adds four smaller rockets
  - Infamous (5300XP) - Adds six smaller rockets

Cole causes an explosion when he hits the ground. To use Thunder Drop, just
jump from a high object and press Square on the way down. This is a neutral 
power; and, a very good one. Shooting at enemies from above and luring them 
under you is an effective tactic. You can also use Thunder Drop to help take 
out turrets and turret trucks.

* Available: From the beginning of the game
* Level 1 - 800XP: Increases blast range
* Level 2 - 1300XP: People and objects in the epicenter of the blast get
* Level 3 - 3200XP: Increases blast force

This is a neutral power that is always active. Each level purchased decreases 
damage done to Cole. A good power to purchase, especially in Medium or Hard 
difficulty as you will take a lot of shots.

* Available: From the beginning of the game
* Level 1 - 600XP
* Level 2 - 1800XP
* Level 3 - 2600XP

This is a neutral power that is always active. Each level purchased increases 
melee damage. Considering how useless melee attacks are, you can probably 
ignore these upgrades.

* Available: From the beginning of the game
* Level 1 - 600XP
* Level 2 - 1000XP
* Level 3 - 1500XP

This is a neutral power that is always active. Each level purchased increases 
the rate at which Cole drains energy from objects (thus restoring his energy 
and health). Probably a good purchase especially at Hard difficulty; you'll 
have less time to heal up when constantly under fire.

* Available: From the beginning of the game
* Level 1 - 800XP
* Level 2 - 1400XP: automatically recharge when grinding on electrified
  wires or rails
* Level 3 - 2000XP & Hero/Infamous rank: Enables Karmic Overload--once your
  Karma meter is at full Good or Evil, press D-Pad Left to have unlimited
  energy for a short period of time


This is a touch-based power gained after the first transformer. To heal 
someone, stand next to the person, press-and-hold R1 to lock on and then 
press-and-hold Triangle until you administer shock therapy. There are no 
upgrades for this power. Using Pulse Heal earns positive Karma points.

* Available: After the first transformer is online

This is a touch-based power gained after the first transformer. You can leech 
energy and health from downed opponents or pedestrians. To leech energy, stand 
next to the person, press-and-hold R1 to lock on and then rapidly tap Square 
to fight the person for their energy. There are no upgrades for this power. 
Using Bio Leech earns negative Karma points.

* Available: After the first transformer is online

This is a touch-based power gained after the first transformer. You can 
restrain downed opponents or pedestrians. To restrain someone, stand next to 
the person, press-and-hold R1 to lock on and then press Circle. There are no 
upgrades for this power. Using Arc Restraint is a neutral action; though, it 
is sometimes required to complete certain missions.

* Available: After the first transformer is online

This is an enhancement to your lightning bolt gained after the fourth power 
transformer is online. Precision mode allows you to slow down time and zoom in 
on distant opponents. Shots taken using Precision mode use energy, so make 
sure your aim is good. To use Precision, press-and-hold D-Pad Up and then 
press R1 to fire. There are no upgrades to this power.

* Available: After the fourth transformer is online


Gigawatt Blades are a neutral melee upgrade only available as add-on content 
from the Playstation Store. The Blades are a pre-order bonus given by some 
retailers and not (currently) available to all players. Gigawatt Blades are, 
essentially, one-hit kills when activated; however, activating them requires 
energy. To activate the Blades, press D-Pad Right; the blades last for a 
limited time. You must purchase at least Level 1 Blades to use them at all.

* Available: From the beginning of the game if you have a pre-order code
* Level 1 - 600XP
* Level 2 - 1000XP
* Level 3 - 2000XP

                Non-Menu Powers...........................4.02

These Powers are learned by re-energizing transformers; however, they don't 
show on your Powers menu and don't have any upgrades.

You learn this ability after re-energizing the third transformer. You'll then 
be able to quickly traverse any wires in lit-up areas of town as well as "ride 
the rails" (grind on railroad tracks) once the tracks are re-energized. When 
riding the rails, remember the trains on the inside tracks run clockwise and 
the trains on the outer tracks run counter-clockwise; so, grind in the same 
direction as the trains. Also, the Level 2 Electric Drain Power allows you to 
recharge yourself as you grind wires or rails.

This is a "flying" ability learned after the fifth transformer (first in the 
Warren) is re-energized. While in the air, press-and-hold R1 to glide slowly 
downward. You can use this Power to more quickly traverse the rooftops of the 
city as you will be able to cover some of the larger gaps between buildings 
where no wire is available. Using Static Thrusters consumes no energy.

When gliding, you have limited lateral movement. You CANNOT turn around and 
glide back the way you came. Static Thrusters are mainly useful for covering 
wide gaps.


                Blast Shards..............................5.01

Blast Shards are radioactive pieces from the epicenter of the explosion that 
started all this. Collecting Blast Shards gives you new Battery Cores, 
increasing your energy meter. Blast Shards are given as rewards for some side 
missions, and are also scattered around the game world. You can search for 
Blast Shards by pressing L3 for a radar pulse. Blast Shards show up as dark 
blue circles on your mini-map. There are 350 Blast Shards scattered around the 
map; plus the ones you earn for completing certain missions.

A list of how many Shards you need to collect to get a new Battery Core:
  5 Shards
 15 Shards
 20 Shards
 30 Shards
 30 Shardss

A map of Blast Shard locations is available here:


                Dead Drops................................5.02

Dead Drops are audio recordings left by a government agent on the inside of 
one of the gangs. There are 32 Dead Drops in the game. You have to collect 
three for an early quest. The rest are optional and serve only to fill in 
further details of the story and earn a few trophies (see trophy list 

You can search for Dead Drops using your radar pulse. Press L3 and watch the 
mini-map. If you are close enough to a Dead Drop, a gray ring will flash in a 
circle around the mini-map; or, if you are very close, a light gray ring will 
flash around Cole's icon (the white triangle). As the gray ring disappears, 
the final segment showing indicates the direction of the Dead Drop. All Dead 
Drops are located inside small satellite dishes.

A map of Dead Drop locations is available here:



Stunts are special attacks. There are 21 stunts in the list; but, they are not 
earned in any specific order. Performing stunts only earns you trophies (a 
total of three--see trophy list following) and some additional XP. Many of 
these stunts will happen naturally as you play the game; a few take extra work 
(and lots of practice).

1) Melee Finisher: Use a melee finisher to take down an enemy

Best done near the beginning of the game. This is simply melee an enemy and 
take him down with a finishing attack (fifth attack?).

2) High Fall: Take down an enemy by knocking them off a high object
You'll get lots of these just shooting gang members off rooftops.

3) Flying Melee: Take down an airborne enemy with a melee attack

This is pretty easy to get once you meet the Dustmen Conduits in the Warren. 
Just kick their spiders around and you'll probably pick this up numerous 

4) Sticky Bomb: Take down an enemy by sticking a grenade to him

If you use grenades frequently, you'll get this one. Just aim right at 
opponents when you're chucking grenades.

5) Crush: Take down an enemy by crushing him with an object

Use Shockwave frequently in combat and you'll probably earn this stunt many 

6) Ride the Lightning: Take down an enemy using Precision while grinding a 
wire or rail

This is a little harder stunt and one you have to work at deliberately. You'll 
not often try to use Precision while grinding.

7) Blast and Bolt: Use Shockwave to blast an enemy into the air, then take him 
down with a Bolt

This is easier if you're playing Hero and get the Guardian upgrade to 
Shockwave. You have to work at this one, flinging enemies into the air and 
then shooting at them.

8) Enviro Take Down: Take down and enemy using the environment

You'll get this one over and over; any time you take out an enemy by blowing 
up a car or gas tank, etc.

9) Premature Detonation: Take down an enemy by exploding a kamikaze nearby

Another easy one and one you will pick up frequently as you fight your way 
through the game

10) Crowd Control: Take down five enemies at once

You'll most likely get this one dropping into a crowd with an upgraded Thunder 
Drop. You can also pick it up with Thunder Drop or Shock Grenade in a crowd of 
spider spawn in the Warren.

11) Unquenchable Thirst: Transfer to four different grinds without touching 
anything in between

It is easiest to get this on a track as each of the four rails counts. You'll 
have to practice jumping from one to the other; but, it's not that hard.


In order to earn all the trophies, you will have to play through the game as 
both Good and Evil and you'll have to play at least once on Hard difficulty. 
(Overall, Good is a bit easier as Hard difficulty because your Good upgrades 
allow you to re-energize yourself just by shooting bad guys.) Only a few 
trophies (for Blast Shards, Dead Drops and Stunts) require any additional 
effort beyond playing the game.

 Name                        Trophy      Requirement
 inFamous Platinum Trophy    Platinum    Collect all other inFamous trophies
 Good Finish                 Silver      Beat the game as a Hero
 Evil Finish                 Silver      Beat the game while Infamous
 Hard Finish                 Gold        Finish the story mode on Hard
                                           without changing the difficulty
 Community Organizer         Silver      Take over all territory in the
                                           Neon District
 Civic Leader                Silver      Take over all territory in the
 Urban Designer              Silver      Take over all territory in the
                                           Historic District
 Just Scratched the          Bronze      Collect all Dead Drops in the
   Surface                                 Neon District
 Further Down the Rabbit     Bronze      Collect all Dead Drops in the
   Hole                                    Warren
 You're so Sly               Bronze      Collect all Dead Drops in the
                                           Historic District
 Junior Geologist            Bronze      Find 25% of the Shards 
 Member of the Mineral       Bronze      Find 50% of the Shards
 Rockhound                   Bronze      Find 100% of the Shards
 Frequent Flyer              Bronze      Travel 5 kilometers using
                                           Static Thrusters
 Hotfoot                     Bronze      Travel 25 kilometers while riding
                                           the rails
 Electric Hobo               Bronze      Ride the train for 2 kilometers
 Evil to the Core            Silver      Purchase every negative Karma
                                           upgrade for each power
 True Hero                   Silver      Purchase every positive Karma
                                           upgrade for each power
 Casey Jones                 Bronze      Take down 25 enemies while riding
                                           on a moving train
 Road Kill                   Bronze      Take down 25 enemies while riding
                                           on the roof of a moving vehicle
 Drop Everything             Bronze      Thunder Drop for a total distance
                                           of at least 500 meters
 AC/DC                       Bronze      Drain 750 megawatts of power from
                                           Empire City
 Get Off My Cloud            Bronze      Get 100 High Fall take downs
 Red Baron                   Bronze      Take down 100 enemies while they
                                           are airborne
 Fish in a Barrel            Bronze      Kill 50 enemies by using water
 True Potential              Bronze      Purchase every upgrade for a single
 Oh, You’ve Done This        Bronze      Take down 50 enemies by sticking
   Before                                  them with a grenade
 The Hunger                  Bronze      Bio Leech 100 enemies
 Doctor Cole                 Bronze      Heal 250 pedestrians
 Goody Two Shoes             Silver      Reach full positive Karma
 Truly Infamous              Silver      Reach full negative Karma
 Good Eats                   Bronze      Good guys feed the needy
 Evil Eats                   Bronze      Bad guys never share their food
 Good Riot                   Bronze      Good guys stand up and take the
 Evil Riot                   Bronze      Bad guys love starting riots
 Good Train                  Bronze      Good guys proactively facilitate
                                           transportation solutions
 Evil Train                  Bronze      Bad guys make it clear who the
                                           boss is
 Good Exposure               Bronze      Good guys are heroes to others
 Evil Exposure               Bronze      Bad guys love to be seen
 Good Sphere                 Bronze      Good guys put a stop to the madness
 Evil Sphere                 Bronze      Bad guys always want more power
 Good Intentions             Bronze      Good guys work for the greater
 Evil Intentions             Bronze      Bad guys can't say goodbye
 Clean Up Your Act           Silver      Defeat Sasha
 Stunt Man                   Bronze      Complete any one stunt from the
                                           stunt list
 Stunt Coordinator           Bronze      Complete 10 of the stunts on the
                                           stunt list
 Stunt Master                Silver      Complete all of the stunts on the
                                           stunt list


v0.75 2009-06-09
      - Added four more story missions
      - Added more side missions
      - Filled out more Powers and Stunts

v0.70 2009-06-08
      - Added four more story missions
      - Added more side missions

v0.60 2009-06-04
      - Added three more story missions
      - Added more side missions
      - Added additional stunts, enemy info and miscellaneous items

v0.50 2009-06-03
      - First published version
      - First eight story missions complete
      - Several side missions complete
      - Powers list about 75% complete


I play games to have fun; and, I just don't have fun playing the bad guy. 
Therefore, I have decided not to play through games as the bad guy, which 
means my strategy guides will not have all the details of the evil options 
available in the game. I'm fine with this; and, I think most of my readers 
won't miss anything.

Written & Copyright 2009 by Barry Scott Will

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