8Z$    ~?I77777?                             ?7      
        8Z?ZZ$$$$7$$$$$$$ N7$ZOD                 8===?       
         DZI+ZZ$$$$$$ZZZZ$$O88DD               +=+=?++       
        ,DO7?$$$$$$$ZZZZZO88DDN              :????++~        
      :++~8$777$$$$ZZZZZZOO8D D            ~=+??++=+         
     +?II?7?777$$$$ZZZZZOOOO8D$          .:+++++==           
   +?I777I,?I7$$$$ZZZZOOOOOOOZZD        ,I+++++==            
  ~I777$$7$O.7$$$$ZZZOOOOOZOO$Z       .?+???+?=              
 ?I77$$$ZZ$O..,$$ZZOZOOOZ8++8Z$     .~?7?I7?7                
N7$$$$    ?Z...:ZZZOOOOOI+~+8Z     .,7III$7?                 
         7Z$..., ZZ8OOOI?+=DOZ    7?I?777$                   
        7$$I$..,~$OD88 7??8OOZ  .+7I7$7O                     
      7$$ZZOOO~==+$8NOZZOZ8O $I$O$7$$                        
     $ZZO8  :+7Z7,O?7ZN8D7 8DNZ78ZN$++=~:                    
    IZ     :O +?$$$N $O8 7N:$DZ ODZ7Z?+==~                   
          :Z 7Z7$$$$~,7+7NN ZZ    777I+===:                  
     I  ZZZ  Z8 ZD8ZZI+Z$$? Z       7I????:                  
     Z?7$OZZO   $N ,~I8Z$Z8          I+   I+~N               
     +$,::Z  D  . .87$ZNONN8         OI=                     
      D.N ?O8DN.O7+Z$ZN 8D88                                 
      =  ..==ZNNN8D     D8NOON                               
       D,.~.? :O 8N      888 N                               
       ?=~~~+=, NO8O      8OO                                
       ++=+I7= 88D        Z8O$Z7=                            
       .$+II  NNO        7888O8$+                            
      .8NI=O8O           ?$ODD7?=                            
     +$778ZO87           +II??II?D                           
    N  ??+?8??=          88Z$$=~~==?                         
      ~=?III??          D888$+==~~$ZO                        
       887II+=          8O88++==OOOOZZ                       
     ::~~~~=D           $8O++==$$$ZOOZZ                      
    :$ZO8:::~D            $I==IOZZ7$$Z$D                     
  I8$ZOOOZ$::8               7IZZ$$$$77O                     
 7O$ZZOOZ$OO:~                   NZ78                        

Sonic and the Black Knight Mission and Boss Guide
Version 1.1: 4/08/09
By Angnix
Note: Sorry, my Wii is not on the internet, so I can't access the Online 
components of this game.

Heh, now my computer is on the internet, but it's hooked up with my cell 
phone at an incredible 19.2kbps... wowy... anyway so I can update more now.

Help Me Out!
If you help me with this guide, your name will go in the Special Thanks 
Section forever. 
The more you help out with this guide or give me suggestions, the better 
it will be!

Help Needed:

Guide inaccuracies
Items found in each mission
Good item suggestions

Thanks Too:
A special section honoring those who have helped me with this guide!

Gamefaqs/Gamespot Messageboard Members

Glitchhunter75: Second King Arthur Boss correction.

Nicolas R.: Sent me via E-mail Sonictrainer's item guide. Basically, it 
was the only way to read it on my mobile phone. It sucks not having 
regular internet at home and I can't go to the library very often.

Superfield: Lancelot Returns Strategy

Nate B.: Blacksmith's shop music remix of "Believe in Myself"

Angeltails: A 5-star strategy for Dragon's Lair Ultimate, but I already 
came up with it the day before, but that's okay, it's the thought that 

Sonicwiifan: A tip for Total Rampage and Ultimate Challenges

MetalShadowOverloard: How to get the switch in The Cauldron Special 

Sonictrainer: For his Items FAQs, he requested I add his Special Thanks 
Section to mine, so here it is:
Sonic Team- Making another fun and challenging game.
Incredibly Awesome people who helped me make this guide (>v