Armored Core FAQ
                                  Ver. 1.0

Produced and updated by Henry H. Jerng 

TRANSLATOR'S NOTES:  This is a literal translation of the user's manual that 
comes with Armored Core, and it is intended to help owners of this wonder game 
who cannot understand Japanese.  Since it is a literal translation, nearly all 
of the original Japanese grammatical structures is kept intact, leaving some of 
the translated sentences sounding awkward.  In the FAQ, the notes for positions 
of picture panels refers to the pictures that you see in the pages of the 
     I will attempt to update this FAQ with additional translated information 
directly from the game itself (such as mission contents).  Any suggestions to 
the form and content of this FAQ are welcome:  I can be contacted at the E-mail 
address listed above.  I hope this translation will help you understand and 
enjoy the game more.  HJ

A SHORT GUIDE TO ABBREVIATIONS:  CB = Circle Button, TB = Triangle Button, SB = 
Square Button, XB = X Button, AC = Armored Core.


SCPS 45060
Copyright 1997, From Software, Inc.
Published by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
"PS" and "PlayStation" are trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
WARNING:  All rights reserved.  Unauthorized duplication is a violation of 
applicable laws.

Thank you for purchasing PlayStation  "ARMORED CORE"
licensed by FROM SOFTWARE
Please read the attached instruction thoroghly before starting the game.
Please keep this instruction manual for future reference.

1 or 2 Players
Memory Card.  1-3 blocks
Link Cable.  2 Consoles

(page 1)


Story, pp. 2, 3
I.  How to use the controller, pp. 4, 5
II.  Screen display, pp. 6, 7
III.  How to start the game, pp. 8-10
IV.  Main Menu (Raven's Nest), pp. 11-28

(page 2)


Mankind disappeared from earth's surface on account of the last international 
war, known as " The Great Destruction".  The few who survived the disaster 
abandoned life on the devastated surface and moved their dwellings underground.  
Built at various locations and designed to support a growing population, the 
underground cities became the only places left for mankind.  When that began, 
man lost his earthly paradise because of his own fault.

Half a century later.  Mankind again welcomed prosperity.  People lost the 
concept of "nations" and came to be guided and controlled by "corporations".  
The principle of free enterprise generated severe corporate competition and 
swiftly made the world recover, and the strains that accompanied that increased 
as well.  Differences between rich and poor, the raging of terrorism, racial 
discrimination...  The "walls" mankind had built still would not be 
extinguished.  The "corporations" that became rulers sought more power and 
money, and conflicts would not die out.

A world in which corporations hold all power.
With one exception.

Mercenary soldiers that execute requests for a fee whiling maintaining 
They are called "Ravens".

(Page 3)

Organization Data

* CHROME -  A conglomerate with its headquarter in Isaac City.  It is the top-
class corporation in the world.  The conglomerate does not hesitate in publicly 
declaring its aim to further strengthen  its monopoly on city administrative 
system, and few would publicly recite objections because of its powerful 
influences.  It has a cooperate relationship with the first-class  
"Chemicaldyne", the pharmaceutical research/development division.

* MURAKUMO MILLENIUM-   A large corporation which focuses on heavy industries.  
Its armored core-related products is especially publicly acknowledged, and its 
technical strength is said to surpass even that of Chrome's.  It is one of the 
few corporations that clearly opposes Chrome's plot of more and more monopolized 
control.  Because of that, armed clashes around Isaac City is becoming frequent.
* GUARD-  Police organizations that every corporate entity possesses.  It is 
responsible for maintaining the public peace and order in the territory which 
the respective corporation controls.  The class of armament varies somewhat  
depending on the parent corporation, and the guards are a bit pressed against 
the terrorist organizations that has gained prominent strengths in recent years.

* RAVEN'S NEST-  An organization of mercenary soldiers who carry out all sorts 
of legal and illegal missions in exchange for rewards.  It is entirely 
unconcerned with the content of the mission request or the requester, and its 
managers and the particulars of its organization are completely unknown.

* RAVEN-  The men who are posted in the nest.  For men enrolled in the nest as a 
Raven, arrangements for requests and the purchase/sale of Armored Core parts are 
conducted through personal computer networks.  Although Ravens are posted in the 
nest, the nest does not impose any restrictions on them.

* MUSCLE TRACER (MT)/ ARMORED CORE (AC)-  Accompanying mankind's move to the 
underground, the corporations' pressing need was the development of high 
efficiency, high fidelity industrial machines.  Robot technology rapidly 
developed and arrived in one extreme.  Known as Muscle Tracers (MT), the robot 
technology promptly penetrated corporations.  MT technology steadily progressed 
and accomplished even greater developments because of the establishment of a 
standard known as the "Core Plan".  This plan involved a standardized system of 
manufacturing  in which the various body parts are attached to the core (the 
chest portion), and this allowed the core to be used in various circumstance. 
Places where MT's were used increased more and more, and there are military 
types, of course.

Competing corporations possess Core MT (CMT) and upgrade them with armaments.  
People call a MT that is armored and modified occasionally for specific 
environment an Armored Core (AC).

(Pages 4 and 5)


L2 Button
(game screen)  Direct viewpoint up
(map indicator screen)  Not used
(menu screen)  Selecting color palette when making emblem

L1 Button
(game screen)  Move horizontally left
(map indicator screen)  Zoom down
(menu screen)  Selecting tool when making emblem

Directional Keys
(game screen) Up =  forward, Down = backward, Left = turn left, Right = turn 
(map indicator screen)  Up = turn up, Down = turn down, Left = turn left, Right 
= turn right
(menu screen)  Menu select

Select Button
(game screen)  Pause
(map indicator screen)  Not used
(menu screen)  Change magnification when making emblem

R1 Button
(game screen)  Move horizontally right
(map indicator screen)  Zoom up
(menu screen)  Select tool when making emblem

Start Button
(game screen)  Map indicator
(map indicator screen)  Return to game screen
(menu screen) Not used

R2 Button
(game screen)  Direct viewpoint down
(map indicator screen)  Not used
(menu screen)  select color palette when making emblem

Square Button (SB)
(game screen)  Fire weapon
(map indicator screen)  Move left
(menu screen)  Open RGB control bar when making emblem

Triangle Button (TB)
(game screen) Change weapon
(map indicator screen)  Move up
(menu screen)  Selecting color change item when coloring, Activating color fill 
when making emblem

Circle Button (CB)
(game screen)  Open door, Switch ON/OFF, and other moves.  Use left weapon
(map indicator screen)  Move right
(menu screen)  Decide

X Button (XB)
(game screen)  Booster jump.  Dash (by pressing XB + directional key)
(map indicator screen)  Move down
(menu screen)  Cancel, return to previous menu.  Open menu when finished making 

NOTE 1:  In the game screen, if you press L2 and R2 at the same time, you return 
the viewpoint back to the horizontal level (reset horizon).  

NOTE 2:  The controls for the game screen can be changed to settings of your 
choice.  (consult KEY ASSIGN, page 26)

(page 6)


NOTE:  (xx) indicates position on the game screen.

* AP (top left)-  Player's armor point.  The mission fails when it reaches zero, 
and you'll return to the menu screen.
* ENERGY GAUGE (left)-  It decreases when you use the boosters or energy-
requiring weapons.  When it's use up, the boosters or weapons cannot be used for 
a fixed amount of time for energy replenishment.

* WEAPON RANGE (center)-  The width changes depending on the weapon.  The range 
becomes smaller for long distance guns or weapons.

* COMPASS (top)-  It displays the player's current direction.

* AIM LOCK (center)-  It allows you to know the target is locked on.  Depending 
on the weapon, the number of lock-ons will change.

* MESSAGE AREA (lower right)-  Warning messages are displayed.  Consult MESSAGE 
DISPLAY (page 7)

* TIME (top right)-  It's displayed depending on the mission.  The time that 
remains or the time that has passed.

* RADAR (upper right, below time)-  A radar to identify battle territory and 
enemies.  Enemies are displayed by points, and the color changes depending on 
their height relative to yours (Radar and radar capability is displayed when 
head part is installed)

* WEAPON (middle right, below radar)-  The weapon you can fire now is in yellow, 
and weapon that is equipped is in green.

(page 7)


* HIT-  Your attack has hit the enemy.

* DAMAGED-  You have received damage from enemy attack.
* !CHARGING!-  The energy is depleted.  After this message appears, you cannot 
use the boosters and energy-dependent weapons for a fixed period of time.
* LEAVING AREA-  You're leaving the battle area.  The battle area is determined 
by the type of mission.  If you leave the battle area, the mission fails.

* ARMOR LOW-  Your armor is low.

The map is displayed if you press START during the game.

The way the map is displayed changes depending on the head part equipped.  You 
can rotate the map freely and you can confirm your present location and the 
surrounding landscape.  (consult page 4 for how to use the controller)

(page 8)


* TITLE SCREEN (upper left panel)-  Please set the game disk in the PlayStation 
and press the power switch.  After the demo screen ends, or if you press the CB 
or the START button during the demo, the title screen is displayed.

* MODE MENU SCREEN (lower left panel)-  If you press the START button at the 
title screen, it will cut to the mode menu screen.  Please choose the mode with 
the directional keys and decide with the CB.


* SCENARIO MODE (consult page 9)-  It's the main mode where you execute 
requested missions.  Please design your personalized original AC by purchasing 
parts and weapons with reward money from successful missions.
* VS MODE (consult page 27)-  Please enjoy two types of  two-player AC 
competition:  split-screen battle or two screen battle using link cable.  Both 
modes can use your assembled AC.

(page 9)

SCENARIO MODE (upper panel)
>From this mode, select a new game or an old game saved on the memory card.  
Please select by pressing up/down on the directional keys and decide with CB.  
If you press XB, you'll return to the mode menu screen.  (To begin a game from 
saved data, please consult the game data save/load section of System, page 25)

Opening Mission

(middle panel)  If you choose "NEW", the player will become a Raven (mercenary) 
and start by registering onto Raven's Nest.  Please consult AC NAME ENTRY (page 
20) for the use of controls.

(lower panel)  When you successfully complete the opening mission and completed 
registration as a Raven, mission requests will be sent to you via the Raven's 
Nest (Main Menu).  Please consult Main Menu, page 11.  (If you fail the opening 
mission, the game cannot continue and will return to the title screen.

(page 10)


(upper panel)  Except for the opening mission, the screen with income and 
expenditure results is displayed when the mission ends, no matter if the mission 
is a success or a failure.  The repairs on damaged sections of the AC and 
ammunition used during the mission are necessary expenses and are deducted from 
you funds (if the mission is successful, the funds include your reward.)

The reward is paid with the currency credit. (COAM:  COmpany Assured Money)

NOTE:  It can happen that your funds becomes minus as a result of deducting the 
necessary expenditures from your funds, but the game can continue.  However, if 
it surpasses a fixed limit amount, the game will restart with the same parts 
that you possess (your fund returns to 0).


(middle panel)  There are various ways to fail a mission, depending on mission 
*  incurring excessive damage to your AC (durability below 0)
*  leaving mission territory
*  failing your mission (i.e. escorting... and so forth)

(lower panel)  However, the mission can be abandoned by the player himself or 
herself.  To abandon the mission, press the SELECT button and then the START 
button.  The abandon confirmation message will appear, and you can abandon the 
mission by pressing the CB.  (Even in this situation, the mission fails.)  If 
you choose not to abandon, return to the game by pressing the XB.

NOTE:  As for the mission's requester, the state of the world changes depending 
on the mission's success or failure, because corporations which replaced 
countries in controlling the world are pivotal to world events.  Therefore, the 
game's flow changes depending on how many requests you accept from which 

(Page 11)


The main menu is where you go to register as a Raven and communicate with 
Raven's Nest.  Raven's Nest is comprised of the six menus.  Please choose with 
the right/left directional keys and decide with the CB.

GARAGE > MISSION---------^

* GARAGE-  If you choose the garage at Rave's Nest , the garage menu is 
displayed.  Please select with the up/down directional keys and decide with the 
CB.  (Return to Raven's Nest with the XB.)


(upper panel)  You can combine parts and weapons and make an original AC.  
Please select the type of parts of weapon by using left/right directional keys 
and decide with the CB.  To choose parts and weapons, use up/down directional 

Common Terms:
EP-  Energy Point.  Indicates the output from the generator.
LEG WP-  Leg Weight Point.  Indicates the leg parts' endurance weight.
CORE WP-  Core Weight Point.  Indicates the core part's endurance weight.
AP-  Armor Point.  Indicates AC's armor point.
WEIGHT-  Indicates AC's total weight.

(middle panel)  You can see the details on things such as  price, weight, energy 
consumption, attack ability, and defense ability by pressing the TB.  To close 
the detail display, please press the TB again.  (for Status Summary, consult 
page 14)

(lower panel)  Whenever you are finished selecting all the parts, you can end 
assembly with the XB.  At that time, the results of the rearrangement is 
indicated.  Confirm the results with the XB, and return to the garage screen 
with the CB.

NOTE:  When assembling AC, in the situation when the numerical value in the left 
side is indicated in red, you cannot sortie out for a mission.  Therefore, 
please return to the parts assembly and make sure the left hand side numerical 
value does not exceed the right hand side value.  Furthermore, when a bad 
condition occurs such as the head not being equipped, a warning is indicated.  
You cannot go on a mission until you return to the garage screen to fix the 


* Outfitting insufficient-  The minimum parts necessary for battle is not 
* Excessive weight-  The total weight equipped exceeds the weight endurance of 
the leg parts.
* Shortage of Power-  The total power drain exceeds the generator's power 
* Excessive equipment on arm sections-  The total weight equipped exceeds the 
weight endurance of the core parts.

(page 13)

The parts that form an AC are classified into 10 types.

1.  CORE-  The part essential to assembling an AC.  The generator and FCS are 
equipped in the core.  Missile ambush attack capability is also equipped here.

2.  HEAD-  Special capabilities such as bio-sensors and radar load are hidden 

3.  ARMS-  There are 2 types of weapon arms- the ones that are weapons 
themselves and the average arms that can be equipped with guns or laser blades.

4.  LEGS-  There are 4 varieties:  two legs, reversed joints, four-legged hover, 
and catapillar type.  Decision on this part depend on weight and mobility 

5.  GENERATOR-  It influences the AC's energy gauge and thus the assembly of 

6.  BOOSTERS-  It influences the dash and aerial flight.  The bigger the output, 
the higher the speed capability.

7.  BACK WEAPON R/L-  Aside from heavy weapons such as missile and rockets, it 
includes the auxiliary equipment such as radar.

8.  ARM WEAPONS R- It includes rifle-style guns that threatens with single fires 
and the machine gun-style weapon that threatens with unlimited, continuous fire 

9.  ARM WEAPON L-  It is the laser blade that is advantageous in close combat.  
The use of laser drains energy.

10.  FCS-  It increases the limit and distance of the rifle range and the 
missile lock-on capability.

(page 14)

Page 14 is in English and is self-explanatory.

(page 15)

(upper panel)  Choose  special parts that raises your machine's capabilities.  
Please choose with the up/down directional keys and decide with the CB.  Please 
press CB to take off what you've equipped. (The XB returns you to the garage 
Special parts is equipped on the core, and there are slots on both sides.  The 
number of slots on the core differs depending on the parts, and thus special 
parts can be equipped in multiples.

(middle panel)  You  can confirm the performance details of your assembled AC.

(page 16)

(upper panel)  You can change your AC's color.  Please select an item with 
up/down directional keys and decide with the CB.  (The XB returns you to the 
garage menu.)

(lower panel)  Decide on a color pattern.  Please select a pattern with up/down 
directional keys and decide with the CB. (The XB returns you to the garage 

(page 17)

The screen changes depending on the color pattern you choose.

* WHEN YOU SELECT CUSTOM (upper panel)-  choose the parts you want to color.  
Choose the parts you want to color and decide with the CB. (The XB returns you 
to the garage menu.)

(middle panel)  You can change the coloring of every part in detail.  With the 
TB. the coloring section can change to base, optional, detail, and joint.  
Please select the RGB control bar with the up/down directional keys and adjust 
the color with left/right keys.  Decide with the CB, cancel and return to the 
coloring parts selection screen with the XB.

NOTE:  An advice on custom coloring...  The general (the complete body) color 
can be changed in proportion to your core.  Therefore, if you choose whole body 
coloring after coloring the core, the parts that you've colored up to that point 
will be changed to the color you decided for the core.

* WHEN YOU SELECT SOMETHING OTHER THAN CUSTOM (lower panel)-  You can change the 
color tone of your camouflage.  Please select the color tone with up/down 
directional keys and decide with the CB. (The XB returns you to the garage 

(Page 18)

You can make or modify emblems.  The created emblems can be applied to your AC.

Edit Emblem Display 
(locations on screen)
1.  Whole display-  upper left
2.  Tool in use-  middle left
3.  RGB control bar-  lower left, below tools in use.
4.  Paint space-  right
5.  Cursor-  right, in paint space
6.  Color palette-  lower right, below paint space.

NOTE:  The color on the left hand corner of the color palette is a transparent 
color, and it won't show on the actual emblem.  When you're adjusting color, 
it's turned on and off to discriminate from black.


1.  Directional keys-  Move cursor and select menu.
2.  L1/R1 buttons-  Select necessary tool to paint with.
3.  Circle button (CB)-  Decide on paint tool's action and on menu.
4.  Square button (SB)-  Open the RGB control bar.  You can change the color 
inside the color palette.
5.  Select button-  Change the display magnification of the paint space to 2X, 
4X, or 8X.
6.  L2/R2 button-  Choose color you want to use.
7.  X button (XB)-  Open system menu.  When you've opened the system menu or RGB 
control bar, you will close and cancel.
8.  Triangle button (TB)-  Fill the place where the cursor is with color.

(Page 19)


1.  ZOOM-  Change the paint space display 2X, 4X, or 8X.  Choose with the 
up/down directional keys and decide with the CB.
2.  UNDO-  Make your last operation disappear.
3.  CLEAR-  Erase everything inside the paint space.
4.  SAMPLE-  Call up an emblem already recorded.  Choose with the directional 
keys and decide with the CB.  Change the page with L1 or R1 button.
5.  SAVE-  Finish the drawing and apply it on the AC.
6.  CANCEL-  Cancel the work you've done up to now and return to the garage 


1.  PEN-  Draw a line by moving the cursor with the directional key while 
pressing the CB.
2.  LINE-  Draw a straight line.  Designate the starting point with the CB, move 
the cursor with the directional keys, and decide the end point with the CB.
3.  BOX-  Draw a box.  The way to draw it is the same as the line tool.
4.  BOX/ FILL-  Draw a box filled with color.  The way to draw it is the same as 
the line tool.
5.  CIRCLE-  Draw a circle.  The way to draw it is the same as the line tool.
6.  PAINT-  Fill the inside of a box drawn with lines.  Choose the color you 
want to use, move the cursor to the spot where you want to paint with the 
directional keys, and press the CB.
7.  SCROLL-  Move the object that you've drawn in the paint space with 
directional keys.


(bottom right panel)  When the image is made 4X or 8X in size by changing the 
display magnification, you can move the displayed section by using the bars at 
the four sides of the paint space.  Please move the cursor to the bar belonging 
to the direction you want to move with the directional keys and press the CB.

(page 20)


(upper panel)  Enter a name for your AC.  Switch between hiragana and English 
with the L1 or R1 buttons.  Please select the letter with the directional keys 
and enter with the CB.  Furthermore, for hiragana, you can enter the kanji mode 
and decide with the CB.  In the kanji mode, you can turn the page with the L1 or 
R1 button.  Erase the last letter with the XB.  (In the kanji mode, you will 
return to the hiragana mode)  Return to the garage menu with 'END'.  
NOTE:   In the case you use the Greek letters (I-X), they are displayed as X 
in PlayStation's memory card management system.


(middle panel)  Check the movement and weapons for your AC.  During the test, 
ammunition and service fees will not be deducted from your balance.  Please 
consult page 4 for how to use the controller, and page 6 for screen display.


(lower panel)  Conditions for completing the AC tests-
* Destroying all enemies
* Your AC's AP reaches zero.

Furthermore, in case you really want to end the tests, press the start button 
after pressing the select button.  The disengage confirmation message is 
displayed, and respond 'YES' by pressing the CB.
At the disengage confirmation message, you can return to the test with the XB.

(page 21)

Every mission disappears from the summary if you succeed, and even if you fail,  
you can sometimes still replay the mission.


(top, first panel) If you select mission at the Raven's Nest, the mission 
summary is displayed.  Please select with up/down directional keys and decide 
with the CB. (The XB returns you to the garage menu.)


(second panel) If you select a mission, specific mission details are displayed.  
The down arrow on the lower right shows there is more, and the next screen is 
displayed with the CB or the down directional key.  (The up directional key 
returns you to the previous screen.)

(third panel)  When the mission's details are completely displayed, contract 
confirmation window is displayed.  Select 'YES' or 'NO' to the contract and 
decide with the CB.  Return to the mission summary with 'NO', and close the 
contract confirmation window with the XB.

NOTE:  Please be advised, once you agree to a contract, you cannot re-choose 
another mission.

(bottom, fourth panel)  When the contract is accepted, the sortie confirmation 
window is displayed.  Select 'YES' or 'NO' with the left/right directional keys 
and decide with the CB.  The game screen is displayed with 'YES', and the 
mission begins.  With 'NO', you will return to the Raven's Nest.  With the XB, 
the contract confirmation window closes.

NOTE:  About advanced payment:  Depending on the mission, advanced payment can 
be paid.  If it is after the contract agreement and before the sortie, you can 
return to the Raven's Nest and change the AC assembly by buying weapons and 

(page 22)

You can buy and sell parts.  As the game progresses, you ought to add new parts.

(top panel) Choose 'BUY' if you want to buy parts and weapons, and choose 'SELL' 
if you want to sell.  Select with the up/down directional keys and decide with 
the CB.  You can return to the Raven's Nest with the XB.


(middle panels)
1.  Choose the parts to buy
2.  Choose the variety of parts

With 1 and 2, choose with up/down directional keys and decide with the CB.  If 
you press the TB, you can see the specific details of the parts.  To close the 
detail display, please press the XB.  You can return to the previous menu with 
the XB.

(bottom panel)  After deciding on the parts to buy, the confirmation window is 
displayed.  Select 'YES' if you will buy, and select 'NO' if you will not buy.  
Please select with the left/right directional keys and decide with the CB.  
(Pressing the XB is the same as 'NO')

NOTE:  If your funds is lower than the cost, you cannot buy.

(Page 23)


(upper panel)  The summary of parts and weapons you have (or equipped) is all 
displayed.  Choose with the up/down directional keys and decide with the CB.  If 
you press the TB, you can see the specific details of the parts.  To close the 
detail display, press the TB again.  The XB will return you to the shop menu.

NOTE:  You can sell parts and weapons you have equipped.  However, when your 
money is minus, you cannot sell equipped parts except for the left/right hand 
weapons and left/right shoulder weapons.

(lower panel)  After you have decided on the parts to sell, the confirmation 
window is displayed.  Please select 'YES' if you will sell and 'NO' if you don't 
with the left/right directional keys, and decide with the CB.  (Pressing the XB 
is the same as 'NO')

(Page 24)


(upper left panel)  You can see mail that was transmitted during the game.  
Please check your mail by all means because it is likely you've received 
important information.  Select an item with up/down directional keys and decide 
with the CB.  The XB returns you to the Raven's Nest.

(upper right panel)  Event news that happened in the world is timely presented.  
The XB returns you to the mail summary screen.


(lower left panel)  The ranking within the Raven's Nest is presented.  If you 
want to see the details, please select with the directional keys and decide with 
the CB.  The XB returns you to the Raven's Nest.

(lower right panel)  The present ranking point and profile are displayed.  The 
XB returns you to the ranking summary.

(Page 25)


(top, first panel)  You can save/load game data or emblem and change the sound 
and control settings.  Please select with up/down directional keys and decide 
with the CB.  You can return to the Raven's Nest with the XB.  (second panel)  
When you select game data or emblem, the screen for slot selection is displayed.  
Choose with up/down directional keys and decide with the CB.  The XB returns you 
to the previous menu.


(middle/ third and fourth panels)  Decide the data you want to either save or 
load.  Choose with the directional keys and decide with the CB.  Please choose 
'NEW' when saving new data.  If you choose data that already saved, you will 
save the present game on top of that saved game.  (Cancel with the XB)


(bottom, fifth and sixth panels)  Decide the emblem you want to either save or 
load.  Please choose with the directional keys and decide with the CB.  As for 
emblems, you can save at most 7 of them.  Furthermore, you will need 2 empty 
blocks on your memory card to save.  (Cancel with the XB)

(Page 26)

You can choose the item with up/down directional keys and decide with the CB.  
(The XB returns you to the previous menu.)

* MASTER VOLUME-  Adjust the game volume.  Adjust volume with the left/right 
directional keys.

* BGM VOLUME-  Adjust the volume with left/right directional keys.

* TEXT MESSAGE-  Decide to display or not to display the game message text.  
Choose 'ON' or 'OFF' with the up/down directional keys.

* VS STAGE-  Decide the map selection method for the VS mode.  Choose 'SELECT', 
'RANDOM', and 'TURN' with the up/down directional keys.  When playing link-up 
game, you cannot choose 'SELECT'.

* KEY ASSIGN-  Decide the button arrangement for the game screen.  Choose the 
item you want to change with the directional keys and decide with the CB.  
Afterwards, that item will be assigned to the directional key or any other 
button you press.

* VS TIME LIMIT-  Decide competition time.  Choose with the up/down keys and 
decide with the CB.

After selections, every window is closed with the XB.

(Page 27)


In the occasion you choose this mode, it will be two-screen (link-up) 
competition if the link cable is connected.  It will be a split screen 
competition if the cable is not connected.

When you want to play a link-up competition with 2 PlayStations, you need to 
have a link cable which is sold separately.  When you want to use it, please 
connect the link cable to the communication jacks on the back of the 2 
PlayStations before turning the power on.  Then, for the link-up game, an 
Armored Core disk must be in each of the 2 PlayStations.  On the way to the 
link-up game, if the link cable comes off, please correct the problem after 
returning to the mode screen.


(bottom left panel)  The split screen menu is displayed.  Please choose with 
up/down directional keys and decide with the CB.  The XB confirms the end of 
competition, and if you select 'YES' you will return to the title menu.


(bottom right panel)  Start competition.  The AP is displayed on the upper part 
of the screen and the active weapon and radar are displayed on the lower part.  
When the competition ends, there is a confirmation window for continue.  With 
'YES' you'll compete on the same map; with 'NO', you will return to the menu.

(Page 28)


(top left)  The setup menu is displayed.  Please select with up/down directional 
keys and decide with the CB.  The XB returns you to the split screen competition 
menu.  For AC assembly and system, please consult the respective garage (page 
12) and system (page 25).


(top right)  Please select the competition stage with the directional keys.

NOTE:  If there is saved data for 1P/2P, consult the respective data.  When only 
1P has saved data, 2P's data will be same as the 1P.  If there is no saved data, 
it's a competition with standard AC's.


(bottom left)  The two screen competition menu is displayed.  Please choose with 
up/down directional keys and decide with the CB.  Begin competition with 'VS 
START'.  For use of the screen, please consult with screen display (page 5)

Please consult with garage (page 12) and system (page 25) for AC assembly and 

NOTE:  While in the 2 screen competition, when you want to use saved data in the 
original mode, please attach the memory card that you'll load from.  When 
there's no saved data, it will become a competition with standard AC's. 

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