If you bought a DBZ game chances are you already know who Goku is so I won't
waste any time with a lengthy introduction telling his story from DB to DBGT.
This is a guide to help you get better with Goku, I'll be covering combat
tactics and techniques so if you are looking for a capsule list or an
expanded list of moves that can be found in the command list, look somewhere
else.  If you want an explanation of the battle system, methods of countering
real time ultimates, the charge cancel system explaned, and combos that deal
2000+ damage without stat boosting capsules then you came to the right place.



1/30/09 - Version 1.5 completed.  Fixed typos, added a special move rating
section, and expanded the combo section and frequently asked question

1/7/09 - Version 1 completed.  Fixed typos, added a brief comparison section, 
and expanded the combo section.

12/28/08 - Finished and submitted first draft, will expand combo section 
and add comparison section in future updates.


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SECTION IW00: Z Goku or GT Goku
SECTION IW01: Goku's Advantages
SECTION IW02: Goku's Disadvantages
SECTION IW03: Basic Techniques
SECTION IW04: General Strategy
SECTION IW05: Charge Cancels
SECTION IW06: Goku's Main Strategy
SECTION IW07: Combo Section
SECTION IW08: Goku's Special Move Ratings
SECTION IW09: Frequently Asked Questions
SECTION IW10: Contact Information
SECTION IW11: Special Thanks
SECTOIN IW12: Legal Info



Aside from height, there are no note worthy differences between DBZ Goku and
DBGT Goku.  They have the same melee strings, the same death moves, and the
same ultimate.  GT Goku does get an extra death move and ultimate but loses
a transformation and the SSJ4 Gogeta fusion (which makes no sense but isn't
a big deal) so it rounds out.  While the lose of SSJ4 Gogeta may seem
like a devastating blow to GT Goku, given the nature of fusions in Infinite
World, it really doesn't matter.  Gogeta is a timed fusion and is easily
avoided by even the worst of players so it wasn't a good capsule to have in
the first place.  In any case, neither version of Goku has anything that
makes him better or worse than the other.  With that said, this guide
can work for either Goku but it was written with DBZ Goku in mind.



- Goku's 5 transformations allow him to constantly break the opponent's guard
and raise his base line ki through the match.  Since Goku can transform even
from his starting base line of 3 ki bars, it makes it next to impossible to
defend against him.  Even if Goku gets fatigued and is sent back into his
base form, it just means that the opponent has to deal with even more guard
breaks from a transformation.  Once Goku reaches SSJ4, the match is pretty
much over.

- Goku has an insane rush down game with his PKK punch rush.  PKK, while not as good as