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|                                                                             |

|                         Ivy (Isabella Valentine)                            |


Age: 32

Birthplace: British Empire/London

Height: 5'10'

Weight: 128 lbs.

Birth Date: December 10

Blood Type: Unknown

Weapon: Snake Sword

Weapon Name: Valentine (Ivy Blade)

Discipline: Unrelated Link

Family: Adoptive parents/Deceased



  Over the course of her journey to remove all traces of Soul Edge from the 

world, Ivy's sword began to change. She decided to return to Valentine Mansion

to investigate the cause. After returning to the Valentine Mansion, among the 

books she brought back for research she found a particular volume that 

contained detailed descriptions regarding the nature and origin of the cursed

sword. As she deciphered the ancient text, she soon found an account of the 

spirit sword. Soul Calibur -- a sword that restrained the power of the evil

sword and lent its power to fight against it.

  "Who are you?" She demanded.

  "Did you read the book?" He quietly asked.

  In the silence that followed, the two of them found the answer to their

respective questions. Ivy drew her sword and the white-robed man produced a

gigantic scythe.

  Fierce combat ensued, but Ivy had to expend more mental effort than usual

to make her sword obey her will. Her moment of hesitation left a slight opening

in her defense, and she stumbled from the force of a heavy blow. The man with 

the scythe slowly picked up the book about the swords...

  "This is a mistake from my past. The world no longer needs this..." As he 

spoke quietly, crimson flames engulfed the book in his hand. He dropped the

burning book onto the floor and turned to leave.

  "If you wish to learn everything about the cursed sword and the spirit sword,

then you should follow the knight you know well..."

  Ivy made up her mind. She was going to find the truth. If Soul Calibur did in

fact exist, she would obtain it for herself!


|                                                                             |

|                           Cervantes de Leon                                 |


Age: 48 (Aging has stopped)

Birthplace: Valencia, Spanish Empire

Height: 5'10'

Weight: 176 lbs.

Birth Date: January 1

Blood Type: None

Weapon: Soul Edge (Long sword type) & Pistol Sword

Weapon Name: Soul Edge & Nirvana

Discipline: Memories of Soul Edge

Family: Father/Killed in battle


        His Crew/Slaughtered by his own hands (he has no knowledge of the


  By making use of the fragments of the cursed sword within his body, Cervantes

succeeded in preserving his own will. With Soul Edge and the Adrian, he 

devoured the souls of brawny men of the sea.

  One day, when he had moored his ship in an opening in the cliffs in order to

avoid the stormy waves, the presence of the "other" Soul Edge that he had felt

up until this time suddenly disappeared. Then, his body began to crumble! The 

fragments of the cursed sword within his body were losing their power. As 

things stood now, he would soon return to the form of a charred corpse.

  "Wow, looks like you're in trouble!"

  Turning to the source of the sudden voice, Cervantes found a flock of black

birds and a girl in green at the top of the mast.

  "Who the hell are you?!"

  "I guess you could say that I'm a servant of the cursed sword."

  Cervantes grew angry at the overly cheerful girl, but listening to her words,

he learned that a power equal and opposite of Soul Edge had sealed it...

  After the girl disappeared from the mast and into the darkness, Cervantes

thought to himself.

  He had no intention of binding himself to a shared objective with the girl,

but he had no choice but to maintain his life by absorbing new souls, and 

while doing so, destroy the enemy of Soul Edge and revive the cursed sword

that had been sealed. 

  His obsession for souls flaring, Cervantes set out into the stormy sea.


|                                                                             |

|                               Nightmare                                     |


Age: Existed since ancient times as Soul Edge

Birthplace: Unknown

Height: 5'6'

Weight: 209 lbs.

Birth Date: Unknown

Blood Type: Unknown

Weapon: Soul Edge (Zweihander Type)

Weapon Name: Soul Edge (Phantom)

Discipline: Style memorized by the armor

Family: Controls a loyal servant, Tira

  In the instant that the spirit sword pierced the cursed sword, no one notcied

the will of Soul Edge escape from the sword. It escaped into the remains of the

armor worn by nightmare, armor which had struck fear into countless men.

  Lacking Soul Edge, however, it could not even move this bodiless, empty shell

of a host.

  After a time, a man with a scythe came to visit the place. He seemed to 

understand everything that had happened, and exchanged a wordless conversation

with the cursed sword. After a few moments, the man agreed to help.

  The man with the scythe performed a ritual of ancient arts. The energy of the

cursed sword and the swirling spirits of this place were woven together and

bound into the remains of the armor. The soul of the cursed sword regained its

body, and a tremendous, bizarre sword appeared in its hand.

  The memory atched into the armor had taken on physical form.

  Having acquired a new body, Soul Edge unleashed its hunger upon the lang,

devouring all in its path. The souls of those who fell before it would find

peace not even in death.

  "More... more!" In order to maintain its body, and in order to increase its

evil energy, the Azure Knight sought stronger, richer souls.

  In the end, the twisted compass directing its path would surely point towards

freeing Soul Edge itself.

  Rumors of a merciless butcher and the terror of the azure nightmare spread

throughout Europe once again.


|                                                                             |

|                           Siegfried Schtauffen                              |


Age: 23

Birthplace: Holy Roman Empire

Height: 5'6'

Weight: 132 lbs.

Birth Date: February 6

Blood Type: A

Weapon: Zweihander Type

Weapon Name: Requiem

Discipline: Original style

Family: Mother/Margaret

        Father/Frederick (murdered by Siegfried)

  Collecting the powerful souls and the fragments of Soul Edge, Nightmare was

approaching the revival of the cursed sword. He returned to Ostrheinsburg 

Castle, a place that had seen the blood of many spilled, and there found a man

wielding a thin sword in his left hand. The man sought Soul Edge, but after a 

fierce battle, Nightmare defeated him.

  Nightmare closed in to finish him off, but at that moment, a brief flicker of

Siegfried's will returned, and he struggled against the cursed sword. One voice

sought atonement and a desire to restore pride. Another laughed, saying that

all men shall despair at the darkness of death. 

At this conflict raged within Nightmare's mind, the wounded man drew upon his

last strength and unleashed a desperate final blow. The blow cleanly pierced

the center of Soul Edge.

  Nightmare let out an inhuman howl and writhed in pain, two consciounesses

clashing within him.

  And finally, with a will of iron, Siegfried reclaimed control of his own 

body. At that moment, the area was covered in light, and Soul Calibur suddenly

appeared. Reflexively, Siegfried too the holy sword and stabbed it into the eye

of Soul Edge. 

  The power of the cursed sword was sealed, but the spirit went silent as well.

  "This isn't enough... I swear to seal away Soul Edge for all time and atone

for my sins!" Smashing into pieces his detestable armor, Siegfried set out on

a journey. However, his blood-stained fate would not release him so easily. The

feeling of a grotesque right arm periodically welled up his memories. The

whispers of the cursed sword echoed in his ears.

  And each time he was forced to fight those who sought revenge on Nightmare,

his mind was wracked by guilt... 


|                                                                             |

|                                   Voldo                                     |


Age: 50

Birthplace: Kingdom of Naples (Italy)/Palermo

Height: 6'0'

Weight: 185 lbs.

Birth Date: August 25

Blood Type: A

Weapon: Katar (Jamadhar) x 2

Weapon Name: Manas & Ayus

Discipline: Original style

Family: Parents/deceased

        Four brothers/killed through warfare

        Master/Vercci (long deceased)

  Obeying the orders of his late master, Voldo searched for Soul Edge and 

returned to the Money Pit with fragments of the evil sword. Voldo was deeply

hurt to discover that the vertical shaft had been ransacked in his absence. He

emitted an otherworldly wail of indescribable sadness and begged his late 

master for forgiveness.

  While inspecting the treasure, however, he discovered a new truth. The greedy

thieves had taken the "false" Soul Edge he had obtained previously, along with

the fragments of Soul Edge, just like him. If he could track down these people

and force them to tell him everything they knew about Soul Edge, it would 

surely make his search easier.

  Imagining his beloved master encountering him and speaking to him with kind

words, Voldo shivered with excitement. Of course, those thieves who had touched

the treasure of his sacred master must die a fitting death.

  After preparing to leave the Money Pit, Voldo sensed the presence of a new 

intruder. He went out himself and disposed of the thief. Voldo then thought to

himself in silence. If only he could obtain Soul Edge -- the last treasure

Master Vercci sought -- he would be able to dedicate himself to protecting the

Money Pit. But someday, he too would leave this world, just as his master had.

He would need a successor to carry on his will and protect the treasure.

  Another guardian... surely Master Vercci would approve of this idea. Feeling

satisfied, Voldo thought over this idea while preparing for his journey.

  The guardian of the secret storehouse ascended from the dark abyss to the

surface and began to wander the outside world in silence.


|                                                                             |

|                                  Astaroth                                   |


Age: Recently resurrected (Seven years since initial creation)

Birthplace: Unknown (Heretical order Fygul Cestemus/The Grand Shrine of


Height: 6'4'

Weight: 287 lbs.

Birth Date: September 3

Blood Type: None

Weapon: Giant ax

Weapon Name: Kulutues

Discipline: Gyulkus

Family: Servants of Ares, the God of war

  After reviving, Astaroth set out again to locate the whereabouts of Soul Edge

in order to offer it before Ares, the God of destruction and war.

  The leader of the evil cult and Astaroth's creator, the grand priest 

Kunpaetku, realized that his servant was not acting as instructed and cast a 

controlling curse on Astaroth from the temple.

  But with the fragment of the cursed sword and the power of Ker, the agent of

death, Astaroth resisted the curse.

  To Astaroth, the cult was now nothing more than an obstacle in his path. The

monster returned to the Temple of his birth and became a whirlwind of 


  Pursued into the deepest part of the temple by Astaroth, the grand priest

escaped at the last moment, leaving behind these words:

  "You failure! You may have been modeled after a human, but in the end, you're

nothing more than a doll!"

  Astaroth could not believe what he heard. At those words, Astaroth began 

searching through the crumbling temple and eventually learned that he had been

created in the image of someone known as the "white giant."

  After utterly destroying the structure, Astaroth thought to himself. His

model, this "white giant," must surely be the most powerful soul in the world.

He would offer up that soul as a sacrifice to the cursed sword.

  His giant form began to move. He had chosen his next objective.

  Astaroth himself did not realize the hidden desire within him to destroy the

white giant so that he could become complete -- a unique being with no model.


|                                                                             |

|                             Heishiro Mitsurugi                              |


Age: 29

Birthplace: Bizen, Japan

Height: 5'7'

Weight: 142 lbs.

Birth Date: June 8

Blood Type: AB

Weapon: Katana

Weapon Name: Shishi-Oh

Discipline: Tenpu-Kosai-Ryu Kai

Family: Immediate family/All taken by sickness

  Mitsurugi thirsted. Thirsted for an opponent stronger than himself. Even what

he had once considered his greatest enemy, the Tanegashima rifles, no longer

concerned him. Even Soul Edge, the ultimate weapon which he had sought, had

become meaningless to him.

  It was at this time that he was suddenly attacked by those seeking fragments

of the evil sword. Looking at the outfits worn by his attackers, they reminded

Mitsurugi of the female ninja that interfered every time he drew close to Soul

Edge. Mitsurugi's thoughts drifted, wondering what was happening in Japan. 

Mitsurugi decided to return to his homeland.

  It was the end of the warring states era. Upon returning, Mitsurugi stayed 

with the Noujima Murakami clan, who resisted the rule of Hideyoshi Toyotomi.

The Murakami Navy Chose to make a last stand to protect their existence as 

proud men of the sea. Mitsurugi agreed to join the Murakami's fight.

  Centered around their large imposing warship, the "floating castle," the

Murakami Navy commenced their nightmare raid. The battle began. Mitsurugi

stormed onto the enemy ships like a hurricane and began swinging his sword

like a savage beast freed from its chains.

  It was not enough. After the battle was over, he was decorated for the 

service and invited to see the Murakami commander, but he still could not

get rid of the emptiness is his heart. The white-haired commander took notice

of Mitsurugi's urge for battle. "Have you heard this rumor? In land far to the

west, a warrior clad in azure armor has appeared." At those words, Mitsurugi

looked up in surprise. A warrior in azure armor? It could be none other than 

the knight who wields Soul Edge!

  Mitsurugi quickly ran to the port.

  "Take me west! Now!"

  Giving his entire reward money to the boatman, Mitsurugi fixed his eyes on 

the horizon. He had but one desire -- a fierce duel! His heart beat rapidly in

his chest. It was a reckless impulse similar to what he had felt in his youth.


|                                                                             |

|                                  Taki                                       |


Age: 29

Birthplace: Fu-Ma No Sato, Japan

Height: 5'7'

Weight: 117 lbs.

Birth Date: Unknown

Blood Type: A

Weapon: Ninja Sword x 2

Weapon Name: Rekki-Maru & Mekki-Maru

Discipline: Musoh-Battoh-Ryu

Family: Immediate family/All taken by sickness.

        Master/Toki (Taki opposes him now that she has left the clan)

  Taki was concerned about Soul Edge, but at the moment, she was more worried

about Toki, the leader of the Fu-Ma clan. She deliberately leaked some 

information she had obtained about fragments of the evil blade in order to

divert the attention of the Fu-Ma clan. After successfully scattering the 

agents sent by Toki, she headed for Japan.

  The Fu-Ma clan was a group that hid themselves from the world and lived to

exorcise demons and beasts. Taki followed their activities and made contact

with a faction of the Fu-Ma clan that opposed Toki. They revealed that he was

in Hoko temple, located in the capital. Taki faced off against Toki in the

shrine beneath the temple. Her former master's appearance had changed to that

of a demon. Toki was drawing in all of the swirling spirits and energy of the

temple. But no matter how powerful her opponent, Taki would not let it 

overwhelm her.

  It was a fierce battle.

  What gave Taki her slight advantage was ironically the Fu-Ma techniques that

Toki himself had taught her, and Mekki-Maru, the sword that he sought after.

  Gravely injured from the ordeal, she sought to put an end to her former 

master. As Taki started to swing the final blow, a weak voice reached out to 


  "Taki... is that you? It is very dark..."

  Taki was caught off guard. There was no sign of madness in his voice. She 

opened her mouth to call out her master's name, but Toki's eyes suddenly opened

wide. An unidentifiable aura-like entity emerged from his mouth and disappeared

into the darkness.

  Taki made preparations to leave the country at dawn. There was no doubt that 

Toki was heading for the evil blade. Soul Edge's presence was weak at the 

moment, which made it the perfect opportunity to pursue it.

  The life of a ninja is fleeting. Now, after all this time, Taki found herself

ruminating over this as she became a crimson shadow running through the night.


|                                                                             |

|                                Talim                                        |


Age: 15

Birthplace: Southeast Asia/Village of the Wind Deity

Height: 4'8'

Weight: 93 lbs.

Birth Date: June 15

Blood Type: Unknown

Weapon: Elbow Blade x 2

Weapon Name: Syi Sarika & Loka Luha

Discipline: Wind Dance

Family: Father/Sanput


        Grandmother & village elder/Kalana


  After leaving the village of the wind and pursuing the evil metal fragments.

Talim learned that the source of evil was Soul Edge.

  Led by the whispers of the wind, Talim traced the root of the evil energy to

a mountain range and arrived at a watermill in which lived only children. 

There, she met a boy radiated evil energy from his body and lay sick in bed.

Talim made her mind to treat the boy.

  One day, a young man by the name of Yun-seong came to visit the watermill in

search of Soul Edge. Talim explained its danger to him, but he was undaunted

and chose to stay there in hopes of obtaining information. Eventually, 

Yun-seong's cheeriness led Talim to accept him.

  Concerned at the boy's worsening condition, Talim came up with the idea of 

passing all of the evil energy in his body through hers and into the wind. It

would be dangerous for her as well, but she was determined to cure him.

  The boy refused her at first, but Yun-Seong convinced him to agree to the


  The treatment was a miraculous success.

  During the treatment, Talim saw amongst the high flying winds the image of a

beautiful sword in a distant western land. Without understanding why, she felt

her heart grow hot.

  After watching over the boy's recovery, Talim left on a new journey with the

children's thanks echoing in her ears.

  Something was waiting in the west... her heart fluttered quietly with the



|                                                                             |

|                              Raphael Sorel                                  |


Age: 32

Birthplace: France Empire/Rouen

Height: 5'10'

Weight: 159 lbs.

Birth Date: November 27

Blood Type: A

Weapon: English Sword Rapier

Weapon Name: Flambert

Discipline: La Rapiere des Sorel

Family: Foster daughter/Amy

        Relatives/Cut all ties

  In his quest for Soul Edge, Raphael faced off against Nightmare in the land

of Ostrheinsburg, but lost the fight. Before losing consciousness, Raphael

unleashed one last desperate strike, which pierced the venter of Soul Edge.

  He should have been dead. Yet, for some reason, the Azure Knight had left 

without delivering the final blow. He received treatment back at his mansion,

but soon realized that he had been infected by the evil sword's energy. 

Although he still had his sanity, he was clearly no longer human. Amy also 

became infected while treating his injuries.

  Raphael escaped with Amy to a distant land eastern Europe, where they took

shelter in a castle ruin that stood in the mountains.

  Amy had been transformed into a being that could not interact with the normal

world. Raphael decided that he would change the world for her. His plan, woven

from threads of madness, proceeded slowly but surely, infecting nearby lands 

with evil energy.

  But one day, an incident occurred in which some people who had been 

transformed to evil returned to normal by the power of a "Holy Stone."

Threatened by this object, Raphael decided to go on a journey to discover the

true nature of the "Holy Stone" and obliterate it from this world.

  Just as he made his decision, an army appeared at the base of the castle. 

They had noticed the abnormality of the area and come to attack its source. He

would need to drive off those fools, first.

  "Amy, I won't be back for a while. Be a good girl while I'm gone." Raphael

bid farewell to his beloved Amy and descended below to the world that refused

to accept them. The expression on the face of the reticent girl who watched

him leave said nothing of what lay hidden in her heart.


|                                                                             |

|                                   Kilik                                     |


Age: 23

Birthplace: Unknown (Raised in Ling-Sheng Su Temple, Ming Empire)

Height: 5'6'

Weight: 139 lbs.

Birth Date: February 9

Blood Type: A

Weapon: Rod

Weapon Name: Kali-Yuga

Discipline: Secret Art of Ling-Sheng Su Style Rod

Family: Raised in Ling-Sheng Su Temple, but he murdered everyone, including

        Xianglian, who was like his sister.


  On his journey to purify the cursed sword, Kilik ran into Xianghua, and the

two of them once again traveled together.

  One day, the two of them arrived at a city that was enveloped in an evil

energy that was not Soul Edge. Kilik did not know its source, but he and 

Xianghua worked together using the power of fragment of Dvapara-Yuga to purify

the crazed citizens.

  A man bearing a large scythe appeared before them, however, and warned them

to leave. Kilik did not back down, and lost in battle to the man.

  "I see that you possess arts for purifying evil, but do not underestimate the

cursed sword..." That was the last thing Kilik remembered hearing before he 

lost consciousness.

  Kilik awoke to find himself in the hermitage of his teacher, Edgemaster. He 

had spent a month in a comatose state since Xianghua carried him here. In

addition, he had lost the fragment of Dvapara-Yuga.

  Kilik realized his lack of skill. He had to strengthen not only his purifying

arts, but also himself...

  Sensing what lay in Kilik's heart, his teacher ordered rigorous training.

Kilik faced off against his teacher, who deliberately infused himself with the

evil power of the cursed sword. It was Kilik's most difficult challenge. He

trained with the aim of striking at only the evil energy which dwelled in his

teacher's body.

  After three months, Kilik finally succeeded in landing a purifying strike on

his teacher. Seeing that the training was complete, Edgemaster handed to Kilik

a letter from Xianghua and a new fragment of Dvapara- Yuga.

  "I will work on my skills, grow stronger, and regain my courage. I'm sure

that I we'll meet again. And next time, let's put an end to all of this. I

believe in us."

  With her words in his heart, Kilik once again set off for the western lands.


|                                                                             |

|                                Maxi                                         |


Age: 28

Birthplace: Ryukyu Kingdom, Shuri

Height: 5'8'

Weight: 126 lbs.

Birth Date: May 1

Blood Type: O

Weapon: Nunchaku

Weapon Name: Soryuju

Discipline: Shissen Karihadi

Family: Parents/deceased

        His crew/Slain by Astaroth

  Pursuing Astaroth in order to avenge his comrades, Maxi arrived at a 

destroyed temple in the desert.

  It was clear that the temple met a fearsome destructive power. It was 

probably the work of Astaroth, but it appeared that he had already left this 


  A man dressed in rags clutching something in his hand sat in the ruins. When

Maxi asked the man about Astaroth, the man began to curse.

  "A cursed failure. Useless piece of junk. Damned clay puppet..."

  A chilling desire to kill raced through Maxi's mind. At that moment, the

metal fragment in the man's hand glowed red. The man turned to look at Maxi.

His eyes were crazed.

  "You have Soul Edge inside your body? What a marvelous specimen! My--"

  A dry thud sounded twice.

  "I have Soul Edge inside my body?" A dark emotion walled from within him as

Maxi thought about this.

  Feeling an unidentifiable fear. Maxi kicked the metal fragment that lay on

the floor into the rubble. Cold sweat poured out from his entire body at the

ominous feeling when he touched it.

  The image of someone appeared in the back of his mind. Someone who had been

enveloped in madness and lost everything, then sunk into deep depression after

recovering his sense. But he could not remember who it was. Fearing he may have

forgotten something very important. Maxi grew uneasy, but couldn't dwell on 

this at the moment -- he knew what it was he needed to do right now.

  Putting the silent ruin behind him, Maxi soon disappeared into the distant

point where the blue sky met the sea of sand.


|                                                                             |

|                               Hong Yun-seong                                |


Age: 18

Birthplace: Jirisan, Korea

Height: 5'9'

Weight: 150 lbs.

Birth Date: April 16

Blood Type: O

Weapon: Chinese Sword

Weapon Name: White Storm

Discipline: Seong Style Long Sword + Natural Footwork

Family: Father/Died from illness

        Mother/Whereabouts unknown

        Master/Seong Han-myeong

  While searching for the Sword of Salvation -- Soul Edge -- Yun-seong heard

rumors that it was in fact a cursed sword. In his travels, he learned of a city

which had been destroyed in a conflict over a fragment of Soul Edge. Children

who survived the fighting were said to be living together outside the city.

  Visiting where the children lived, he found a girl named Talim and a boy sick

in bed, both of whom seemed to know of Soul Edge. He too up residence there in

order to gather information.

  One day, Talim who been treating the boy, announced that she would perform a

more drastic treatment. The boy refused her, and Yun-seong attempted to 

persuade him.

  When the two of them were alone, the boy began to talk of his past. He was

the son of the lord who had obtained the fragment of the cursed sword. His

father had experimented upon him and filled his body with evil energy. His 

father went insane, war broke out, and the boy rescued the other children and


  Yun-seong placed his sword, with its blade that is said to reflect the heart

of its wielder, into the boy's hand. "You can see that you are not a demon..."

The boy, encouraged. Agreed to the treatment.

  The boy experienced a miraculous full recovery. Shortly thereafter, Talim

suddenly left. 

  "I didn't even get to ask her anything!" Yun-seong hurriedly prepared to 

leave. As he bid farewell, the boy told him of the cursed sword and stated his

wish that Yun-seong be sure to confirm the truth.

  The knight with the great sword rampaging in lands to the west is the one who

wields Soul Edge.

  His next objective set, Yun-Seong set off for the west.


|                                                                             |

|                            Cassandra Alexandra                              |


Age: 21

Birthplace: Athens, Ottoman Empire (Turkey)

Height: 5'5'

Weight: Lost weight recently

Birth Date: July 20

Blood Type: B

Weapon: Short Sword & Small Shield

Weapon Name: Omega Sword & Nemea Shield

Discipline: Athenian Style

Family: Father/Achelous



        Older Sister/Sophitia




  Determined to destroy Soul Edge on behalf of her sister, Cassandra left her 

home. In the mountains to the east, she happened upon a city where the 

residents had lost their minds from the effects of evil energy.

  "What's going on?" The fragment she held reacted strongly to this place. Soul

Edge was somehow involved in this bizarre phenomenon. She made up her mind to

free the city.

  "My sister was able to do it... I can, too!" She said to herself. But then 

something unexpected occurred -- cracks appeared in the sword and shield she 

had taken from the temple of Hephaestus.

  Feeling deeply apprehensive, there was nothing Cassandra could do but to flee

the city. She felt completely helpless -- she may have used her sword and 

shield a bit roughly, but she couldn't believe that arms made from holy ore

could be damaged.

  As she gazed at her damaged sword and shield, the image of her sister and her

young niece and nephew flashed through the back of her mind. Her sister smiled

happily, leading her children by the hand...

  "No... I can't give up." Cassandra's eyes shone once again with 

determination. She returned to Greece to consult with her blacksmith 

brother-in-law, Rothion. Unexpected new was waiting for her upon her return 

home... however.

  During Cassandra's absence, Sophitia had once again set out on a journey to

destroy Soul Edge.

  "Damn you, Haphaestus! This is all your fault!" Cassandra cursed to herself,

Though she didn't consider her sister having regained her previous strong will

to be completely bad news.

  She had to help her sister. She would stand by her and support her.

  After receiving a new sword and shield from Rothion, Cassandra set out with

a pure purpose in her heart, with the early dawn's soft light shining upon her



|                                                                             |

|                              Chai Xianghua                                  |


Age: 20

Birthplace: Ming Empire/Peking

Height: 5'0'

Weight: 101lbs.

Birth Date: April 2

Blood Type: B

Weapon: Chinese Sword

Weapon Name: No name

Discipline: Sword play passed down from her mother

Family: Mother/Deceased

        Father/Deceased, according to her mother

  "I couldn't do anything..." The pain of defeat clutched at Xianghua's heart.

  After reuniting with Kilik, she had faced off with him against the man with

the scythe and lost. No, in actuality, that fight had been entirely between

Kilik and the man. The man had shown no interest in Xianghua. The only thing

she was able to do was carry the unconscious Kilik and run away.

  Xianghua went to see Kilik's teacher, Edgemaster. She relaxed when the sword

master assured her that Kilik would recover. Entrusting the old man with a 

letter for Kilik, she left the hermitage.

  Upon returning to her country, Xianghua went to stay with an old general, 

suggested and arranged by Edgemaster.

  There, Xianghua dedicated herself to her training with the sole goal of 

growing stronger, and her skills improved notably in a short time. However,

she could not get rid of the shadow of the uneasiness that had fallen over her


  "I mustn't fear" she tried to convince herself. Noticing her anxiety, the 

general's instructor spoke to her one day.

  "Sometimes, the path of the warrior requires letting in dark feelings, 

weighing them, then letting them go."

  After this day, she began training her mind. Her heart would be like water,

letting all flow through her without breaking. After several months, he felt 

that she was now ready. She politely bid farewell and once again set out on her


  When she met with Kilik, she would proudly say, "Sorry to keep you waiting!

I've caught up to you!"


|                                                                             |

|                                Yoshimitsu                                   |


Age: Unknown

Birthplace: Unknown (Base of Mt. Fuji, Japan)

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Birth Date: Unknown

Blood Type: Unknown

Weapon: Katana

Weapon Name: Yoshimitsu

Discipline: Manji Ninjitsu

Family: Entire clan/Massacred

        Now belongs to a clan of chivalrous thieves called Manjitou

  After retrieving his sword, Yoshimitsu devised a plan to destroy the 

fragments of Soul Edge and all those items that had been tainted by their 

power, while simultaneously fighting to protect the weak.

  He returned to Japan and gathered nuffians from throughout the land. They 

would crush the strong and defend the weak, and at the same time locate and 

destroy the fragments of the cursed sword. It was the birth of an organization

of chivalrous thieves called the Manjitou.

  Yoshimitsu formulated a grand plan to steal a fragment of Soul Edge and other

treasure that was said to lie within the mansion of a wealthy man.

  Unfortunately, the scheme ended in failure.

  The vanguard force that had been sent after the fragment was wiped out. As a 

result, the chain of command at the scene collapsed, and the operation ended in

a dramatic failure in which many members of the Manjitou were captured or 


  From accounts of those they rescued, and from other information as well, it

appeared that the captain of the vanguard force attacked his own men by 

surprise and fled with the fragment.

  Yoshimitsu could not believe that man would betray them. He was a man that

Yoshimitsu had placed great hopes on as second in command.

  "Findest the fragment. When thou findest it, thou shalt surely findest him

as well... Dismissed."

  At this brief command, the Mnjitou silently went into action once more. 

Sensing the presence of the cursed sword behind this event, Yoshimitsu set out

to discover the truth.


|                                                                             |

|                                 Rock                                         |


Age: 42

Birthplace: London, British Empire - Raised in the New World

Height: 5'9'

Weight: 187

Birth Date: December 14

Blood Type: unknown

Weapon: Giant mace

Weapon Name: Onslaught

Discipline: Original Style

Family: Parents/Whereabouts unknown

        Adopted son/Bangoo (has recently come of age)

  Several years ago, Rock succeeded in rescuing Bangoo from the clutches of the

evil cult that had kidnapped him. His trusty axe had broken in the process, but

he did not regret it.

  The two of them were once again free, but deciding that Bangoo was not ready

for a long journey, they headed up north along the coast and settled in 

northern Europe. Rock hoped for Bangoo to grow stronger in the fierce winters

of this land, different from the New World.

  One night during a snowstorm, Bangoo met with an accident. When the sun rose

and Rock rescued him, Rock asked the boy if he was frightened of nature.

  "Yes, it's scary. But I can't bring myself to hate it..."

  Hearing this answer, Rock sensed that the time had come for Bangoo to become

a man. Bangoo chose a trip across the sea alone as his ritual manhood, and Rock

saw him off with a great mix of emotions.

  Rock was alone again.

  Bangoo had returned to his place of birth. But as for Rock...

  In the past, he had traveled in search of Soul Edge, the one clue linking him

to his parents... had old regrets and attachments surfaced now that he'd come 

to this place?

  "No. I, too, need to become a man that Bangoo can be proud of," he said to 


  Rock decided to set out on his own journey to confirm his strength and will.

The quest for Soul Edge which he had previously abandoned... once he completed

that, he could proudly call himself Bangoo's father.

  With the image of the boy in heart, Rock cast his gaze one last time across 

the great sea.


|                                                                             |

|                            Sophitia Alexandra                               |


Age: 25

Birthplace: Athens, Ottoman Empire (Turkey)

Height: 5'6'

Weight: Unknown (Refuses to reveal)

Birth Date: March 12

Blood Type: B

Weapon: Short Sword & Small Shield

Weapon Name: Omega Sword & Elk Shield

Discipline: Athenian Style

Family: Husband/Rothion



  In order to save her children, Sophitia embarked on a journey once again.

Following the rumors of Nightmare, she arrived on the bank of the Rhine river,

overlooking Ostrheinsburg Castle.

  Breaking the silence, a small girl in dark green clothes suddenly appeared

from the mist and spoke to her with an innocent smile. Sophitia remained on

guard and drew her weapon. She could tell that the unusually large ring the 

girl carried was a weapon.

  "Soul Edge isn't in that castle anymore. Say, I'd really like to play with

your children." the girl said.

  Sophitia attacked without a word, but the girl dodged the blow, disappearing

into the mist with a twisted giggle. Sophitia hurried home and was relieved to

find her family safe. She could not relax, however, for she did not know what

she should do. Feeling uncertain, Sophitia headed to the temple of Hephaestus,

God of the forge.

  But what awaited her at the temple was none other than the girl in green.

Sophitia quickly picked up her sword and shield.

  "Ahaha! You want to fight me? Sounds like fun!" The girl in green beamed.

Blocking the girl's attack, Sophitia looked into her eyes and saw the emptiness

the girl held in her heart.

  "Poor child. You've never known happiness..." Sophitia murmured. The girl

froze. Her expression changed from her previous fake smile to a look of extreme

hatred. She knocked back the surprised Sophitia and took her distance.

  "You're annoying... when the time comes, I'll come for your children."

  For the sake of protecting the ones she loved, Sophitia steeled her resolve

to eliminate the threat at the source. She announced her intentions to Rothion

and once again put on her traveling clothes.

  "You be careful..." Rothion softly said to her.

  In the eyes of this woman, who believed in herself and fought her those she

must protect, shone a light of hope that would illuminate the future.


|                                                                             |

|                                Seong Mi-na                                  |


Age: 23

Birthplace: Jirisan, Korea

Height: 5'4'

Weight: 106 lbs.

Birth Date: November 3

Blood Type: A

Weapon: Zanbatou (Halberd)

Weapon Name: Scarlet Thunder

Discipline: Seong Style Longsword + Ling-Sheng Su Style Rod

Family: Father/Seong Han-myeong

        Mother/Taken by sickness

        Brother/Taken by sickness

  Seong Mi-na traveled throughout the Ming Empire in search of Hong Yun-seong,

a pupil from the Seong dojo, and Soul Edge, known as the Sword of Salvation.

  A chance encounter led her to learn the origin of her staff fighting style --

the Ling-Sheng Su temple. She grew interested in the temple, but it turned out

that Ling-Sheng Su had been destroyed several years prior. Seong Mi-na, 

however, managed to find a cave temple in which lived the former master of the

Ling-Sheng Su temple.

  That man, Edgemaster, had suffered an injury and was now resting his body.

  Despite this, he gave in to the persistent Mi-na and agreed to face off 

against her.

  She suffered total defeat.

  No matter how many times she attacked, she received a decisive blow after

trading only a few strikes. They were on completely different levels. Seeing 

her frustration, the old man suggested that she spend some time training here.

Mi-na gladly accepted his offer.

  During her training, Mi-na spoke of the goal of her journey and Soul Edge.

Upon doing so, the man told her the truth about Soul Edge, that it was a 

cursed sword that devours souls...

  Mi-na was shocked, but she knew that a man like him would not lie. She had

to let Yun-seong know...

  There was no time to waste. She thanked Edgemaster for all he had done for

her and hurriedly prepared for her journey.

  "I'll be back soon!"

  She bid a cheerful farewell to the old man and put the sword master's 

hermitage behind her.


|                                                                             |

|                                 Tira                                        |


Age: 17

Birthplace: Unknown

Height: 5'3'

Weight: 94 lbs

Birth Date: Unknown

Blood Type: AB

Weapon: Ring Blade

Weapon Name: Aiselne Drossel

Discipline: Dance of Death

Family: No family, but now accompanied by a flock of Watchers

  There was an underground organization called the Bird of Passage that hid in

the shadows of history. They formed contracts with the powerful and sent out

assassins to eliminate their enemies. Tira was an assassin raised by this

organization. The act killing had become such a regular routine in her life

that she needed to kill on a regular basis for the stimulation it provided.

  When the Evil Seed rained down, Tira was in the middle of a mission and the

chain of command collapsed. Tira was suddenly set free from the underground


  She has since forgotten where she was when this event transpired.

  For a while, she was taken in by an ordinary family in an ordinary city and

lived a quiet life amongst ordinary people. This did not last long, however, 

and a simple event caused her to murder the entire family.

  She then began her wandering lifestyle, killing those who crossed her path.

Her emotions grew intense to where the slightest trigger could cause her to

become depressed or manic.

  One day, she came across information about Nightmare, and her heart leapt at

the thought of finding someone like herself. Following the trail of slaughter,

she tracked down the Azure Knight.

  "Finally, someone to whom I can give myself entirely..." Thought Tira.

  Now a faithful servant of ther evil sword, she operates behind the scenes,

controlling a flock of ravens. She has been given two missions.

  Her first task is to destroy the spirit sword and free the evil sword. Her

second task is to locate a new host for the cursed sword.

  Those who meet with her approval shall have their souls burned by the flame

of the cursed sword. Those who do not, Tira will surely take their lives to 

bring joy to her own.


|                                                                             |

|                                Zasalamel                                    |


Age: Unable to determine due to his ability to reincarnate

Birthplace: Unknown due to his ability to reincarnate

Height: 5'11'

Weight: 170 lbs.

Birth Date (of his current reincarnation): May 5

Blood Type: B

Weapon: Death scythe

Weapon Name: Kafziel

Discipline: Original Style

Family: Long since deceased

  Zasalamel was originally born into a tribe that protected the holy sword. He 

was banished from the tribe, however, when he violated an edict due to his 

arrogance. Eventually, he began to pursue the art of reincarnation. He found

this secret art, obtained the power for his own, and became a being that could

cross the ages.

  reincarnation, however, was a painful ordeal, and eventually, he lost all joy

in living. There was nothing to be gained with infinite time. The price of 

eternal life was the loss of a peaceful death.

  Wishing death, he once took possession of Soul Edge. Not even a death brought

on by the evil sword could break the cycle of reincarnation. He then turned his

hope to the spirit sword and returned to his birthplace, but his tribe had 

disappeared, leaving no trace of Soul Calibur. 

  After reaching his current reincarnation, Zasalamel tracked the whereabouts

of Soul Edge from the massacres caused by the Evil Seed and Nightmare, and

also learned that the spirit sword had finally appeared. It was the perfect

chance to obtain both of them at once. Both the cursed sword and the spirit

sword, however, lacked their true strength.

  In order to revive the cursed sword, he brought the Azure Knight back to life

and created conflict within the mind of Siegfried, the one who possessed both

swords. Zasalamel searched out survivors of Nightmare's carnage and directed 

them towards Siegfried. the strong hatred and hostility that they bore would

surely be enough to shatter Siegfried's will.

  If the cursed sword grew in power, then the spirit sword would regain its

strength as well.

  When the conflict between those two opposing forces reached its peak, would

he be able to use that ultimate power to achieve a final death?


|                                                                             |

|                                Setsuka                                      |


Age: 24

Birthplace: Unknown (Raised in Japan)

Height: 5'6'

Weight: 114 lbs

Birth Date: Unknown

Blood Type: A

Weapon: Iai sword hidden in an umbrella

Weapon Name: Ugetsu Kageuchi

Discipline: Shinden Tsushima-ryu Battoujyutsu

Family: No family. Her mother, who raised her, died as well

  Without any relatives, and her obviously non-native Japanese appearance, she

was looked upon with disdain and fear ever since she was a young child. She

gradually closed her heart to those around her and became a drifter at a young


  She was eventually taken in by a man, and she grew up surrounded by his 

kindness. Although she was far from rich, he gave her all he could, including

an expensive long-sleeved kimono. He also gave her the name, Setsuka-Snow 

Flower. Setsuka's caretaker worked in the region as a bodyguard, and he taught

her the battou technique he used to protect his patrons -- the art of fighting

from the draw.

  One day, the man entrusted a letter to her. The letter's destination was far

away, and it took her many months to travel there and back. Upon her return, 

she was shocked to find the name lying on the floor, grievously injured. 

Although he would not tell her what happened, she had no doubt that it was a

result of a duel. Despite the wounds, the man tried to behave as he always had,

but Setsuka could not hide her sadness and concern. His lessons, however, grew

overmore strict and demanding. On the other hand, he showered her with

overwhelming love, something she had never experienced until then. Her feelings

towards him grew into something beyond mere fondness or reverence. It would not

be until she visited his grave years later that Setsuka would come to recognize

the true nature of the feelings that had taken hold in her heart.

Visiting his grave, she recalled the words he had spoken to her on his 


"Do not think about vengeance. That fight was one of the most exciting moments 

of my life. I want you to live freely and carry on the techniques I taught 


  The burning hatred welled up within Setsuka when her master revealed the name

of the fateful opponent, Heishiro Mitsurugi. It also made her realize what it

meant to truly love someone.

  Although her master did not with it, she chose to avenge his death. She had

few clues to go on, but she was sure that if she tracked down a warrior named

Nightmare, she would eventually find Mitsurugi.

  Armed with an oilpaper umbrella containing a concealed blade and wearing 

the kimono that her teacher had left to her, her appearance was that of a 

beautiful goddess of war dressed in bewitching robes of mourning.


|                                                                             |

|                                Lizardman                                    |


Name: Aeon Calcos

Age: 36 (Seven years since he has taken on this appearance)

Birthplace: Sparta, Ottoman Empire (Turkey)

Height: 5'11'

Weight: 190 lbs

Birth Date: June 23

Blood Type: None

Weapon: Single-handed ax & Small shield

Weapon Name: Grudge Ax & Aya Shield

Discipline: Rapid Ares Style

Family: There should be family in his homeland, but they are no longer 

        important to him.

  When he awoke, there was no way for him to know what had happened. All he 

remembered was the feeling of suddenly being pulled up from the dark abyss.

  The waves emitted by Soul Calibur when it struck the cursed sword had shaken

his consciousness.

  The first thing he saw when he awoke was his own figure, transformed into 

that of a monster.

  In his fragmented memory, he recalled serving a grand priest in a dark 

temple, and he had taken countless lives.

  Aeon Calcos set out to find a way to become human again, while keeping hidden

his monstrous form. He could not even meet his family with this body.

  "Lord, the fate you have bestowed upon me is too cruel." He did not yet 

realize the faint doubt that had sprouted in his heart.

  As time passed and still he found no solution, he finally decided to seek 

clues in the one place he had avoided, the evil temple. However, someone had

destroyed the temple.

  With his only glimmer of hope extinguished, something important crumbled

within him. Doubt spread through his heart.

  Why did his God remain silent during his plight? Even to his God, he was now

nothing more than a cursed monster!

  The sword and shield his God had given him had served to steady his heart, 

but he now cast them aside and turned his despair into anger toward the God.

  He would cut down his God with the weapon that even his God had feared: Soul

Edge. This would be the ultimate revenge. He no longer felt any fear toward the

idea of becoming a cold-blooded beast.


|                                                                             |

|                                 Olcadan                                     |


Age: Unknown

Birthplace: Unknown

Height: 5'9'

Weight: 174 lbs

Birth Date: Unknown

Blood Type: Unknown

Weapon: All

Weapon Name: Name None

Discipline: All

Family: Long since deceased

  Once, in an age now found only in myth, there was a man known by the name of

Olcadan who was skilled in every kind of fighting art.

  With one single exception that had ended in a draw, he could boast that he 

had been completely undefeated in innumerable duels he had fought. He then 

turned his eyes to the Gods. He fought and defeated a great owl that was a 

messenger of the God of war. The angry God cursed Olcadan, turning his head

into that of an owl. Upon seeing this curse, the people tried to obtain the

Gods' forgiveness by capturing Olcadan. Sorcerers known as the "sages of the

oak" were sent after him. They took advantage of the vow he had made in order

to become strong and captured him.

  The God of war appeared in the form of a headless great owl, and sent Olcadan

down into an ancient ruin that sprawled deep beneath the earth.

  Unable to find an exit, he gave up and resigned himself to his fate, falling

into a deep slumber.

  The power of the Evil Seed, however, broke the seal of the labyrinth and 

Olcadan managed to escape. Stepping out from the labyrinth for the first time

in an eternity, he learned that the world outside had changed greatly since his

era. He was not particularly troubled by this, however. Those waves of power

that had interrupted his sleep were undoubtedly the greatest power of this era.

  He learned to survive in the new world by teaching people the fighting

techniques that himself had developed, and, over the course of several years.

Gradually learned about this era. Then, in order to restore his combat senses

that had dulled over the course of his long sleep, he once again cut off 

contact with the world by holing up inside the labyrinth. He will challenge the

most powerful opponent of the era. That opponent is a pair of swords that had

been young and weak in his era, but these weapons, crafted by the hands of man,

now rivaled the Gods...


|                                                                             |

|                                Abyss                                        |


Age: Unknown

Birthplace: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Birth Date: Unknown

Blood Type: Unknown

Weapon: Unknown

Weapon Name: Unknown

Discipline: Death scythe (Mutated from absorbing the power of both Soul Edge

            and Soul Calibur)

Family: Freed from meaningless concepts such as family

  Soul Edge and Soul Calibur... if a human being were to absorb the power 

contained within these two sword...

  Zasalamel put this idea into action. It was an idea no normal person would

ever consider, but for Zasalamel, it was his chance to attain true death.

  He hid behind the scenes during the battle between the cursed sword and the

spirit sword, appearing only when their powers reached their zenith. Then,

using a secret art, he connected his body to the world of the abyss and created

a jet-black sphere that absorbed all forms of energy. His plan was to use this

to draw out the essences of the swords and take them into his body. It was an

act that only Zasalamel, with the knowledge gained from an eternity of 

lifetimes, could have performed.

  Clusters of light, most pure and fierce, were released from the swords. For a

moment, they seemed struggle as if they had a will of their own, but then 

proceeded to be absorbed into Zasalamel's body. Power coursed through has 

entire body, and he began to transform.

  At the end of an experience completely different from his countless rebirth,

he had obtained sharpness of sense, overflowing power, and a voice that

thundered like an echoing roar. Zasalamel must have thought that, having

acquired this power, his goal had been achieved. The peace and death that he

had sought was right before his eyes. But deep within him, something other than

himself was beginning to awaken. He had invited into himself an inhuman 



|                                                                             |

|                              Night Terror                                   |


Age: Unknown

Birthplace: Unknown

Height: Unable to determine

Weight: Unable to determine

Birth Date: Unknown

Blood Type: None

Weapon: Soul Edge (Complete)

Weapon Name: Soul Edge (Complete)

Discipline: Memories of Nightmare?

Family: None

  When an action is so rechless that it will bring about one's own destruction,

it is often too late by the time one realizes it. For Zasalamel, the appearance

of Night Terror was a perfect example of this.

  Even Zasalamel had underestimated the power of the cursed sword. It is far

surpassed that of his secret arts. During the ritual when Zasalamel attempted

to take the power of Soul Edge for himself, it fused with not only the summoned

Nightmare, but with even the power of Soul Calibur, becoming a terrible 

incarnation of pure destruction will. It is likely that Zasalamel never even

saw its form -- Night Terror. Perhaps it had retraced the memories of the blue

armor, or perhaps it had a remnant of the self-will that had formed while it

used Siegfried as a host. Whatever the case, this entity bore a slight 

resemblance to Nightmare. It easily escaped Zasalamel's control and appeared

behind him, wielding its power like a raging current, and obliterated him.

  The man who had craved death met his end -- though not in the way he had

intended. In his place, an unprecedented catastrophe gained wing and claw and

was released upon the world.



Greece or Turkey?


  As we know, many people were confused why I wrote Athens is in Turkey, not

Greece (in Alexandra sisters' & Lizardman's birthplace) in Soul Calibur 2 and

I was bothered with the questions back then. Since the time has not changed a

lot, then Alexandra sisters' profiles will still remain the same. So, to avoid

a "second round," I will finish it again with what one of the kind gentlemen 

sent me as a good answer:

  Mr. Jason remarks;

  "Namco is right in this... sort of.  At the time period that the game takes

place in, Greece was a part of the Ottoman Empire, which fell in 1924 and

became Turkey.  Greece would gain indepence from the Ottoman Empire and be

recognized as an independent state in 1832 by the Treaty of Constantiople."

  Hopefully everything is clear by now. You can contact Mr. Jason instead if 

you still have any doubts (some people are hard headed). His E-Mail address is


  Thank you very much. Enjoy the game, fellas. ^_^



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