DDDDDD   Y   Y  N     N    AA    M   M  IIIII  TTTTT  EEEEE
D     D   Y Y   NN    N   A  A   MM MM    I      T    E
D     D    Y    N N   N  A    A  M M M    I      T    E
D     D    Y    N  N  N  A    A  M M M    I      T    EEE
D     D    Y    N   N N  AAAAAA  M   M    I      T    E
D     D    Y    N    NN  A    A  M   M    I      T    E
DDDDDD     Y    N     N  A    A  M   M  IIIII    T    EEEEE

DDDDDD   EEEEE  K   K    AA     22222 
D     D  E      K  K    A  A   2     2
D     D  E      K K    A    A       2
D     D  EEE    KK     A    A      2
D     D  E      K K    AAAAAA     2 
D     D  E      K  K   A    A    2
DDDDDD   EEEEE  K   K  A    A  2222222       A.K.A Dynamite Cop 2

FAQ Copyright 1999 B. Petersen E-Mail Hachimitsu@Earthlink.Net

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Blue Stinger Version 2.0

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www.cheatcc.com- An excellent resource for codes
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Version History:

Version 1.0 The basic FAQ, about 80%-90% complete.


This guide was created as a helper for everyone who cannot read Japanese.
It is not a walkthrough. I will list weapons in each area and also the 
pictures you can get on each level. I will provide a translation for the 
menu's, etc. I will add secrets as I find them. I will also list character
moves and various other things. 

Welcome to my Dynamite Deka 2 FAQ. This is my second FAQ, my first being
the Blue Stinger guide. I write my guides without giving away the plot and 
enemy locations unless it is necessary. Don't you just hate it when you use
someone's guide and you are reading how to get the key or whatever, and you 
out an important plot peice?  A guide should be made to help you through the 
tight spots, not tell you the story before you beat it. I will NOT answer any 
gameplay questions etc. I will however respond if you contribute or make a 
suggestion to improve the FAQ. As usual, I am a married man, me and my wife 
share this E-Mail. I know that sounds funny, but I got alot of mail asking for 
dates and the such when I put out my blue stinger guide. I would just like to 
add, I am NOT a game tester, I am an independent person, I know of know release
dates, etc..., please do not ask such stuff. Thanks alot!


Q: How 'com I can't do a certain move, etc...?
A: Try tapping the buttons fast or count how many hits connect byt the SFX.

Q: Why can't I find this or that picture?
A: When your VMU beeps, you've walked over the spot the picture is at.
   Just try to stand directly over it and the card will beep repeatedly. If you
   look at the VMU, it will have a circular ping coming from the middle. Just
   push punch, it should appear. If you have no VMU, tough luck. 

Mini Review:
Just a quick note, I sometimes view guides first to get an idea on the length,
secrets, replayability of a game before I buy it. Anyway, I really enjoy
Dynamite Deka. It has an O.K. story, very good graphics, O.K. music, very good
sound effects, and an excellent overall atmosphere. The graphics have nice effects
and add to the environment, especially when hitting an enemy with a toilet plunger
or urinal. The story is pretty run of the mill, but then again, we're not really
here fo the story. Music, EH, that's why I have a C.D. player. I love the sound
effects, crunching bones, crashing glass, explosions, and taunting enemy's all
make it an experience. My one beef with this game is the length, it has only 3
missions, albeit, lots of extra's. If you have a partner, then it is an excellent
choice, if you are going solo, think first.
Graphics: 9
Sound: 7
Replayability: 6-9 (depending on if you have a buddy to play it with)
Overall: 8


Version History