K I R B Y   S U P E R   S T A R   U L T R A

                           T R U E   A R E N A


                                Version 0.85
                      By Adam "ConeZoneCBE" Villarreal
                      Email: conetothezone@hotmail.com
                       Date Started: October 2, 2008


-===Table of Contents===-

1. Introduction
2. Description of the True Arena
3. Basic Strategies
4. Abilities
5. Bosses
6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
7. Conclusion
8. Credits
9. Legal Stuff



Hello, and welcome to my first ever FAQ. My name is Adam Villarreal and
I've been gaming for over a decade and over that time I have read many
FAQs and I've always admired the authors that put in so much time and
effort to help out people in need. I'm going to try my hand out and make
a guide for anyone that needs help with the game. I played the original
Kirby Super Star recently and bought Kirby Super Star Ultra soon after
and it's an amazing game. I'm an avid gamer and this is my way to give
back to the community that has helped me whenever I was in need or
stuck in a video game.

I hope you all enjoy it and hopefully learn something that will help
you out in your struggles.


                   -===The True Arena (description)===-

The True Arena is a new mode that was added in Kirby Super Star Ultra.
This mode can only be unlocked after you beaten The Arena, Revenge of
The King, Meta Knightmare Ultra, and Helper to Hero.

The True Arena is a boss rush mode of all the bosses in Revenge of the
King, Helper to Hero, and Meta Knightmare Ultra Mode. The goal of the
True Arena is to beat 10 different bosses in one sitting, however, you
do get a break and can get new abilities or replenish your health with a
tomato after the defeat of each boss. The True Arena is rated with a 7
star difficulty, being considered to be the most challenging mode in the

This mode truly is hard and you will not beat it the first time. It
takes many tries and a lot of practice to beat this mode. The bosses
are all intelligent and take a lot of hits to take down, and instead
of getting a Maxim tomato you only get a normal tomato which only
heal a 1/6 of your health. You only get five of these tomatos. Still
interested in attempting to beat this mode? Read on for some tips on
how to successfully complete this mode.


                         -===Basic Strategies===-

Alright if you want to survive this madness then you must listen to the
following tips. You must be serious and dedicated if you want to be this,
I mean you need your own Rocky montage and some serious training if you
hope to reign victorious over this mode. Here are the bare bone basic
tips to beating this mode:

Beat the game. Trust me on this, if you want to be successful in this
mode then you must know every in and out of this game. You must know
how to properly utilize each power, how each boss attack, and learn
the physics of the game. Practice and experience is the key to beating
this mode.

Guard/block constantly. Until you get to the later bosses, you should
always being guarding constantly from enemy attacks. To guard just
press L or R and Kirby will brace himself and absorb most, if not, all
the attack and not take any damage. Sometimes the bosses will have
attacks that can break your shield so learn which moves those are
and dodge them instead of guarding.

Run away constantly. I know this seems like a counter productive
piece of advice but in this mode your health is crucial. You cannot
afford to make dumb little mistakes, you must preserve your health
even if that means you can't attack. Take a shot/stab/punch/etc at
an enemy and run away and try again. You don't ever want to be in
a situation where you're hurting an enemy and the enemy suddenly
attacks while you're less than 3 inches away from it and take a
missle in the face. Learn when to attack and when to run away.

Have a basic understanding of all the abilities in the game.
Now, I encourage people to also enjoy themselves when playing
through this mode so please experiment with all the different
abilities. Do you like rock or mirror? Do you enjoy using Jet or ice?
Learn everything about the ability you're going to use so you can
use it to its fullest extent. There are a lot of shortcuts and
helpful moves you can use to make this mode a lot easier.

Helpers aren't mandatory. If you don't have a helper with you
when you go to fight a boss don't sweat it. This mode can be
beaten easily even without a helper so it's not mandatory. I
say this because most of the abilities you will be able to run
into are sleep and something else not helpful. It's better to have
a good ability and be by yourself then it is to have a medicore/bad
ability and have a helper. Use a helper only if it won't cripple
you or force you to get rid of a useful ability.

A contribution that was sent in to me by neildrawoh. Thanks again!

"I'd just like to point out two things that you can add that might
help in the True Arena.

First thing is about helpers. If I find an ability trophy in the rest
area that I think would be useful, I turn my current (better) ability
into a helper and take the trophy. Then, during the boss battle, the
helper helps me deal damage. If the helper loses all its health, I
quickly toss my ability away from the helper, turn the helper into
an item, then take that ability back. This helps to keep ability
options available to you. And, if the helper survives, you now have
3 abilities to choose from in the rest area.

I'd just like to point out two things that you can add that might
help in the True Arena.

Second is about Masked DeDeDe. The most important factor about him is
that he still flinches when you hit him, just like his unmasked
counterpart. By learning the timing, I can easily defeat him without
taking a hit. Just smack, watch his eyes bulge, then smack again.
Usually he can't execute any attack except his spinning hammer, in
which case just float over him until he dizzies himself."

Another contribution by Zack L.

"Okay, so I was reading your guide and everything, and I noticed one
ability that was a MAJOR asset to me beating true arena. The run attack.
Nearly all the abilities Kirby can use make him invincible when he does
his run attack!!! For example the hammer? Yeah, ever notice that when
you're shot at and you're spinning around like a flippin mental patient
and you don't get hurt? I'm not saying be entirely dependent on this to
avoid all damage, but like for Lololo/Lalala, i personally feel you
over-rated them for all you have to do is wait at the bottom with hammer
or even flame, and when they pop up, do the run attack, even if it's
that lil spikey-ball guy thing, you'll just go thru him and not get
hurt. Honestly, it just takes practice depending on the ability your
using, personally I feel the Hammer's run attack works best for me,
I've mastered the timing to near milli-seconds and can get up to
galactica knight before using my first tomato. But once again, I'm not
saying depend on this, but I would like to see this over-looked aspect

Tip sent from Jordan Kronyk.

"If you enter the battle with a Helper, the boss(es) have more health.
This is most easily seen when battling the computer virus first by
yourself then with a helper (or vice versa).

I just thought I'd let you know for your guide, as it may be one of the
reasons why people can't beat it.

Oh, and (in my opinion) Rock is the second best ability, as you are 100%
invincible to all and any attacks. The only reason why it's second (or
lower depending on the other abilities) is because you get hurt if you
become Kirby again when an enemy's right on top of you, so it takes time
and patience, about 20 minutes :(."



I will tell you up front that not all the abilities/powers in this game
are equal. Some like rock are much, much better than fire. Please keep
this in mind. Below I will list all the powers you can get, the rating
based on its effectiveness against the bosses, and what the best strategy
with the ability would be. I won't list the moves you can do with the
abilities as I assume you know them all at this point in the game.

I'll cut to the chase and say that if you want to beat the True Arena
as easily as possible then use either the jet, plasma, stone, hammer,
or yo-yo ability.


Description: Kirby gets to use a variety of long range projectile attacks
most of which are fairly weak. One of my personal favorites.

Rating: 6/10. Very weak against the bosses; not a lot of uses. The moves
are weak and have a long charge up time.

Strategy: This move doesn't have a lot of uses against the bosses, it's
slow and weak. The dash attack will end up hurting you more often then
not and the default B move is very weak even though it can attack with
multiple hits. The best tactic is to stay away from the bosses and charge
up your beam, then when they are far away enough unleash it at them. Keep
repeating, it's the most effective move with this ability.


Description: Kirby gets a Link like hat and a sword (obviously.) Kirby
can slice and dice enemies and do a sword beam.

Rating: 7/10. Fairly decent it does have it's pros but can be really
tough to utilize and excel with.

Strategy: This is probably the most basic of Kirby moves and it's not
bad at that. The sword beam can only be used at full health but is
extremely useful as you can camp back and fire the beams. The downward
thrust of the sword is a mixed bag but it's good to use if you're in the
air and you're sure you won't be damaged when forcing yourself down
with the sword as you'll bounce back from the enemy most of the time.
The dashing move is pretty good as it has some invincibilty frames but
be careful with this as you'll quite often slice into the enemy and then
take damage when the frames are over. The running dash attack is very
weak but useful to use when you're running away from an enemy.

Best thing to do with sword is to use sword beam until you get hit.
Simply slice, move to the opposite direction, then face your opponent and
slice again. Rinse and repeat. The regular slash is strong but the
following attacks with the sword being stabbed mutliple times are very


Description: Kirby gets a headband and can attack by using a variety of
kicks and punches.

Rating: 7/10. Fairly decent, I may be biased since I despise this ability,
but I can't find it all that effective.

Strategy: This ability has never appealed to me as I think it's boring
and not very effective. You can do different moves depending on if you're
simply tapping the B button or holding it. The rising break move is very
bad against bosses as you'll end up being hurt most of the time. The
Smash Punch is an awesome move and a long range attack so you can camp
back. I find the rest of the moves ineffective and annoying to pull off.
Spin Kick and Leg Sweep are medicore while the Down Kick and Double Kick
are bad moves and don't seem useful. If there is a secret tip with these
move then please let me know. The best strategy is to sit back and attack
with the Smash Punch using Leg Sweep when needed.

Here's a tip that came in through email from a Matthew Cobham. Thanks
to Matt for this great tip!

"Hey, I read your guide and saw that you'd marked fighter down and not
suggested using it, but I managed to beat true arena with only fighter
and I didnt need health items until wham bam jewel.The one thing that
most people dislike fighter for is smash punch's "knockback", a brief
period where kirby is basically a sitting duck, well after using it for
a while I noticed that if you move directly after the punch, it removes
this "knockback", allowing you to throw consecutive smash punches almost
instantly one after another. This is extremely helpful, considering
that it deals decent damage, and you can remain a safe distance away,
it also makes short work of masked dedede if you do it right ;P Try it
yourself, I suggested it to my friend who was struggling to reach the
final four, and he could reach it every time after (of course, fighter
doesnt just beat the game for you, after a few tries he had beaten
the game)

Hope I've been useful"


Description: Kirby can use electrical moves and when you charge up with
it by moving the control pad you create a big field and unleash it for
massive damage.

Rating: 10/10. This move is perfect, if I had the time I'd write poetry
for it.

Strategy: This ability is perfect for the True Arena, it's amazing.
At first it can be weak when you just fire off shots without charging
but the key to this ability is charging up. Here's how to charge up your
attacks: while guarding, pressy up and down on the control pad very
quickly and you will gain an energy field around you, stop guarding and
you have 5 seconds to release the attack before the field goes away. If
you release the attack while it's fully charged it will release a massive
ball that will do a huge amount of damage and travel a great distance.
Use nothing but this move it will make this a walk in the park. Another
beauty to this ability is while you're guarding and charging your attack
you are near invincible. Any attacks that drop on you will be destroyed
by the electrical field and if anyone touches you while you are charging
your attack they will take damage from the energy field. This is a gift
from the great beyond; use it wisely. Keep in mind that you can't block
ALL the attacks you will encounter and might take some damage. This
ability will make this mode a lot easier and you can beat it a lot


Coming soon to a guide near you.


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Coming soon to a guide near you.


Tip sent in from Daniel Rodriguez.

"First, Yo-yo has two moves that are invincible. His dash move is the
lesser of the two, as you will most likely either end it in the middle
of the enemy and get hurt, or simply bounce off the enemy, doing almost
nothing. The Gazer Spiral, however, is a wet dream among abilities.
In exchange for being a sitting duck when you finish, you do a
handstand, then rocket into the air. The stars that follow you up fire
out a short distance before you fall, and the invincibility doesn't end
until he grabs the yo-yo at the end. Like I said though, he's a target
while he finishes falling that last bit to the ground. They both have
their uses, the Lolo's and Mid-bosses can be blown through with the
dash, and the Krako's and Wham Bam are Gazer bait. If you time it just
right, when Wham Bam Jewel does the fast pound, the one that's hard to
avoid unless you were already running, you can just use Gazer for the
easiest two hits you will ever get in the nightmare arena. The regular
attacks are ok too, good balance between range and damage, and the
standing up- and down-attacks have good foward distance as well,
good for Marx and Galacta. In fact, those two attacks can reach a bit
behind you as well, making Wispy a total joke."


Coming soon to a guide near you.


Coming soon to a guide near you.


Another great tip sent in by BeAuMaN.

"Thanks for the guide, it was helpful in strategizing, and you were
right about the plasma. However, I ended up finding that it was easier
for me to use the Hammer. Assuming you plan to finish it, I wanted to
point out that the Hammer should be given a high rating for two reasons:

1.) It does High Damage, especially the fiery uppercut
2.) When you do the hammer spin on the ground (Dash + swing, on the
ground, not  in the air), Kirby actually becomes invincible. Crazy
invincible actually, as long as you keep spinning, you're invincible
from seemingly -any- attack (Test yourself, I think the only one that
might bypass it is the tornado galactica knight does) that the bosses
can do... the only thing is you need to end the spin somewhere safe,
so I suppose it doesn't leave you invincible against attacks that last
for a long time (Soul Marx's laser blast comes to mind, haven't tested).

Using this, I was able to beat the game. I tried to do plasma before,
and it worked until I got to galactica knight, not to mention I was
having trouble with DeDeDe because you need to hit him rapidly alot for
good damage and dodge when neccesary. Obviously though, the hammer's
vulnerability is its short range, which means that while you're
invincible when spinning on the ground, in the air you're quite

Just thought I'd add that, thanks again for the guide!"


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Here we go, the bread and butter of this guide. The bosses you will be
facing are quite challenging but they are not impossible at first. And
with some practice they became a joke, they're not as scary as they look.
You will be battling 10 bosses in a row. With the exception of the last
four bosses the list is randomized and you will always be fighting the
first six in an unknown order. The last four bosses will always be in
the same order though.

Below I will list the bosses in no particular order (with the exception
of the last 4), their difficulty out of 10, their movesets, and the best
strategy to use in order to defeat them.


Difficulty: 5/10

Moves: Can breathe tornados from his mouth towards you, drop apples, dark
apples, worms, and gordos around the screen. Can also spit out some
wind looking thing.

Strategy: Poor Whispy Woods, even in True Arena mode he's still a piece
of cake to beat. Follow the same basic strategy with Whispy's Revenge as
you would in any other mode. Make sure you stay on your guard more often
as those apples can do some damage although not a lot. When you see
Whispy's Revenge drop a dark apple or a worm make sure you run away as
even if you guard against it you will take damage. The best tip is to
simply run up to Whispy and start attacking like crazy, dodging when
necessary, this is a very easy boss battle and the only worry you should
have is from the dark apples/worms. If you can, try to land in the first
strike when you drop down onto the fighting stage, it's pretty much a
free shot.


Difficulty: 7/10

Moves: Can shoot out cannonballs, gordos, and missles towards you. Will
occasionally nose dive at you and then pull away. The missles she shoots
are usually in a up or down pattern.

Strategy: Still not a tough boss battle but it's rather hard to not take
any damage from Kabula. Right off the bat, I'll tell you that any helper
you chose will automatically be taken away as you will be fighting this
boss on the star carrier. This boss battle will be fought in a different
way than all the boss battles as it plays sort of like a game of Galaga.
You're in the air on the star carrier and you have to shoot at Kabula
the Blimp while dodging all the attacks she'll throw at you. It's tough
to dodge everything as Kabula can be unpredictible at times and move
rather frantically. Make sure you're always firing in this battle,
don't ever stop tapping the A button.

Kabula will shoot out cannonballs at you quite often and you don't even
have to dodge them just shoot the cannonballs and they'll be destroyed.
However when she shoots gordos you will not be able to destroy them so
avoiding them is the key and part of what makes this boss battle hard as
there can be up to 5 gordos on the screen at once and can be tough to
manuever. Sometimes she'll shoot missles at you three times in a row
while she's moving up or down. The missles cannot be shot down so you
will have to find a space between two missles and move past them.
Finally, when she attempts to dive at you just move either above/below
her and to the opposite direction of the screen. When she pulls back
to her original position make sure you also pull back to your original
posistion; mirror her moves.

Also to do the most damage to Kabula aim for the pinkish spot on her.
The weird nose looking area.

A useful tip sent in by Dark Morphon.

"A very good but rather lame strategy for Kabula is to stay at the top
screen and spam your attacks. You will not hit him a lot, but he will not
hit you at all, unless he uses the 4 missile version of the missile attack
or the one where he spins towards you. In those two cases, just dodge.
Although this strategy isn't a fast one, it's the easiest way to get no
damage from this boss."


Difficulty: 6/10

Moves: Moves around frantically, zig zags across the screen then moves
to the bottom of the screen and moves horizontally back to its original
position, can drop Waddle Doos onto the screen, can also drop bombs,
and move around the corners of the screen.

Strategy: Another simple boss battle and pretty easy not to get hit in.
Kracko Jr will go around the screen or diagonally in an attempt to damage
you so guarding and dodging are a must. Occasionally he'll drop down
some Waddle Doos which you should use to suck up and throw back at him
if you don't have any powers at the time. Sometimes he'll rain down
water on you but it's nothing to worry about just avoid it, if you can
dodge it as it will still damage you. The bombs it drops are easy to
avoid and again dodging is better than shielding in this case. Don't
get too close with your attacks as Kracko Jr will move around without
warning and will probably damage you. Simple boss battle, shouldn't
give you too much trouble.


Difficulty: 7/10

Moves: Can move around without warning, drop Waddle Doos, will rain spears
or water at you, and can shoot lightning bolts vertically, horizontally,
and diagonally.

Strategy: Kracko's Revenge fights roughly the same as Kracko Jr although
his moves aren't quite frantic and all over the place. Don't get too close
to Kracko with your attacks as he'll either shock you or suddenly move
to a different place which will damage you. Guard constantly and if you
don't have an ability shoot his Waddle Doos back at him. Don't get under
Kracko as he'll sometimes rain spears or strike you with lightning.
Instead, go a little to the right/left and attack next to him instead
of under him. When of his stronger moves is when he remains stationary
and fires a big bolt of lighting in different directions. Don't bother
guarding, just dodge. He'll first attack with lightning bolts vertically,
then horizontally, and then diagonally, so make sure you're constantly
moving away from those directions. Marginally hard boss, can be annoying
to predict his movements.

Tip sent in from Kwakado.

I read your guide for The True Arena, and I just had a tip for Kracko's
Revenge. You said he was an unpredictable boss, but he actually follows
a very precise pattern. Kracko always starts the battle by moving to one
side of the screen. He then drops a Waddle Doo, and immediately does one
of his attacks (lightning, rain, beams). Then he just repeats the cycle.
Thanks again for your help."


Difficulty: 7/10

Moves: Lololo and Lalala will just push boxes. That's basically it. Their
main way of attacking is to push boxes towards you which can damage you.
Ocassionally will push out gordos which can hurt you.

Strategy: The boss battle will take place in a room with four different
levels. You're up against Lololo and Lalala and both of them need to be
defeated to move on, both of them have one health bar total so they have
half a health bar sepearated. This battle is annoying because even though
it doesn't present a lot of challenges it's very easy to screw up and
get yourself damaged. Basically when you're on a level with either Lololo
or Lalala, attack. Obvious advice, I know, but it's really the only thing
to do. Attack Lololo/Lalala when they are approaching you, and when they
are moving to the other side of the screen to go into the door as they
pause for a second. Stay in the middle of the level so you can jump up
or down if you need to get out of the way of a box or a random gordo. So
the basic strategy is to attack when they are approaching, jump over them,
then attack when they are retreating to another room. Repeat until they
die, it's mostly common sense.


Section Coming Soon.


Difficulty: 10/10

Moves: Masked Dedede will charge his hammer and spin across the screen,
will jump up and down over the screen going in a horizontal direction,
pull back his hammer and smash it multiple times or only once for a
strong attack, will puff up and "fly" around the screen, can inhale much
like Kirby, will shoot flames from his hammer or missles. Will also
"trip" on to you.

Strategy: I may be exaggerating but I think this will be the toughest boss
that you will face in the True Arena. Masked Dedede seems to be the most
unpredictible boss in this mode and even if you know what's coming it
can be hard to dodge his moves. If you have it I would strongly recommend
using either hammer, rock, or plasma against this fiend to make life a bit
easier. This boss will be the start of the "Final Four" so the next bosses
and this one will always be in the same order and never randomized like
the preceding bosses. Okay, let's begin this trainwreck.

Masked Dedede will have a variety of moves that are quite strong so I
highly, HIGHLY recommend that you don't even bother guarding unless you're
in a situation where you can't move out of the way. Most of his attacks
will easily break your shield and do some damage to you so keep moving
and jumping like a mad creampuff. When the match starts you can get in
maybe two free shots of damage and take a nice chunk of his health down
just get up close and attack. If you see Masked Dedede start to suck in
air and inhale just stay away from him, if you have a long ranged attack
use it while he's inhaling. Sometimes Dedede will puff up like Kirby and
float around, at this point just simply hit him to make him go back on
the ground. The majority of Dedede's moves will involve his super duper
hammer and boy will it sting. If you see Dedede plant his hammer on the
ground it's more than likely that he'll shoot out either missles or
flames from his hammer so stay away and again hit with projectiles. Now,
if you see Masked Dedede charge his hammer above his head it means one of
two things. Either he'll charge up and then smash down 3-5 times in which
case you should run as far as you can from him while he's charging up. Or
Masked Dedede will jump high up in the air and slam the hammer into the
ground, in which case you should run UNDER Dedede and turn around and rack
up damage to him while he's facing the opposite direction.

One thing I almost forgot to mention is to watch out for the newly added
eletrical barrier around the arena. This border will prevent you from
floating too high or going too far left/right so never float up too
high or else you'll take damage and some considerable knockback. One of
Masked Dedede's more annoying moves is when he runs into you and just
trips on you. In this case guard until he gets back up, if you can jump
over him, then go for it, but I find that it's easier and safer to just
guard instead and wait out the attack. The most important attack to look
out for is when Masked Dedede charges his hammer to the side and spins
around the stage horizontally at a very fast speed, ala Link from Wind
Waker. When you see Dedede charge his hammer to the side get in one or
two attacks and jump up IMMEDIATELY. While Dedede is spinning he is
invincible and nothing you do can damage him so don't even try, not to
mention that being hit does some damage and really knocks you back.
Personally, once you beat Masked Dedede the rest of the True Arena gets
easier and it's all uphill from here.


Difficulty: 8/10

Moves: Wham Bam Jewel will start this match by slamming his hand straight
down on to the ground, will attempt to grab you with his hand, pour down
diamonds/rocks/explosives on to the floor, can form his hand into a "man"
and walk across the stage, can also shoot lasers from his index finger,
will do this odd Falcon Punch move from across the screen, and slam down
his hand three times in succession.

Strategy: I remember when this guy gave me the creeps during Helper to
Hero and he would completely dominate me. This boss battle is laughably
easy now. BUT it will still be hard if you have just run into him and
you have no idea how he attacks. Basically a stronger version of Wham Bam
Rock (if you have the chance you should practice a few times against Wham
Bam Rock to understand how Jewel roughly works) Wham Bam Jewel has some
new moves which can be devastating. It's critical that you don't guard
during this battle as nearly all the attacks will break your shield.
Again. But dodging is critical and you can gain the upper hand if you're
always moving. Wham Bam Jewel attacks by basically slamming his hand on
to the stage and leaving it there for a second, moving it back up, then
the hand disappearing to a new place. This boss battle can be annoying
as the hand is constantly moving to a new place making it hard to attack
it and deal some damage. Buy the main strategy is to hit the hand when
it slams the ground, then once more when it's moving back up to it's
original position.

If you want to find out how Wham Bam Jewel attacks then observe it's hand
positions before it attacks. If it's going to slam down on the ground
it'll be open in the air, if it's going to do a super punch it'll make
a fist before hand, if it's going to drop bombs it will have a open fist
but with moving fingers, and when it's going to shoot lasers at you
the hand will be in the shape of a gun. One of the most devastating
attacks that Wham Bam Jewel has is this mean punch that can take up a
nice portion of your health. When you see Jewel charge up a fist at either
side of the screen then jump up in the middle of the screen and keep
floating. After the fist passes you turn around and damage it to get in
an easy shot. Seriously, that's the strategy for Wham Bam Jewel. Dodge
his hand attacks til you're at a safe distance and strike before it
teleports. Simple, huh? Make sure you don't get TOO close in your attacks
as Wham Bam Jewel will shake his hand a bit so you can take damage from
that. When Jewel rains down bombs/diamonds move all the way to the left
or right and float up in the air and strike it multiple times. You might
take damage from this if you are too close with your attacks and end up
underneath Wham Bam Jewel.


Difficulty: 9/10

Moves: Will stab his sword in the ground, shoot a beam from his shield,
slice his lance, can summon fire from the ground and bring it up, will
charge up and move across the screen diagonally, can turn into a tornado
and attack you, summon little waves from his sword and the ground, can
bring forth various Meta Knights, and will release a beam of light and
move it around in a clockwise/counter clockwise direction.

Strategy: A really cool boss battle but is really tricky. Fighting Galacta
Knight is a lot like fighting Meta Knight so I recommend you practice
against Meta Knight if you want some experience when fighting Galacta
Knight. Galacta uses a variety of sword attacks, most of which can't
be guarded against so don't even bother. When Galacta Knight attacks with
his lance moves just jump over him and attack him from behind, if he stabs
his lance into the ground then he'll pause for a second to pull his lance
out of the ground which is the perfect time to strike and attack. The
thing with Galacta Knight is that he's very unpredictible even after
playing against him several times I still have trouble guessing what he's
going to do next.

Sometimes Galacta Knight will fly off the screen and summon his minions
to battle you. There's usually three at a time and during this there's
no way you can hurt Galacta. Watch out for the purple knights with the
giant spiky balls they'll swing around as it can do a lot of damage.
When you see GK go into his tornado form then you will have to make a
real effort to dodge it, try jumping over it then move to the opposite
direction it's going; it's tough to not get caught into it. Most of the
time when GK gets done with an attack he'll float around for a few seconds
to reposition himself and that's another time you should strike. One last
move that he has is when he floats in the middle of the screen, holds
his lance up and releases a stream of light or wind over the place. The
beam of light will usually move in a clockwise direction so you need to
move with the beam and also in a clockwise direction if you want to avoid
it; guarding will get you damaged still.


Difficulty: 9/10

Moves: Marx Soul will drop plant seeds on you which will sprout up to
thorny plants, suck you into a black hole which does massive damage,
drop a bomp that will split into two pieces and can freeze you,
will split into a blue and red ball and sprinkle bits of paint across
the screen, split into another blue and red ball and shoot himself
across the screen vertically from the right/high and bottom/low side of
the screen, can disappear from the screen and reappear from the ground,
shoot hundreds of knives/swords at you, and will charge up a massive
laser beam and release it on you which takes up 2/3 of the screen. Will
also shoot out cutters/knives going in a circular direction.

Strategy: I bet you weren't expecting to fight Marx again, huh? After
defeating Marx in Milkyway Wishes he bonds with Nova and becomes a
zombified version of his previous self (don't know why he's called
Marx "soul") and is the final boss in the True Arena. This is the only
place where you can fight Marx Soul and I want to say that I love this
boss and it's my favorite in Kirby Super Star Ultra, the place where you
fight him is a cool alternate dimension like place. Anyways this boss can
be really tough to fight if you don't have much experience with him. If
you want to have some experience with this boss then just battle Marx
as Marx Soul is basically the same fight with only stronger moves and a
few new ones.

If you're already at this point your health may not be completely full
so that's part of what makes this so tough but once you understand his
strategy and how he attacks he becomes a joke. If you observe his
fighting pattern you'll find out he's very formulaic. Generally, speaking
you should be dodging all of his moves, don't even bother shielding most
of them as his moves will break it. The battle will start with him
spliting himself in half and a black hole appearing, RUN AS FAR AWAY as
you can, if you get sucked it's a guarantee loss of half your health,
something that you can't really afford. Marx will always be disappearing
and reappearing which is also another annoying factor so hitting him
becomes hard, the general rule is that if he's on the screen for more
than a second, attack. Marx Soul's most common attack is going up into
the sky and showering plant seeds on the ground. Guard against the plant
seeds and keep guarding because they will sprout into thorny vines
usually 5 or 6 at a time in succession. If you see Marx staying in one
place and his mouth is getting bigger then JUMP UP AS HIGH AS POSSIBLE
as he'll shoot a massive laser beam which will do a nice chunk of damage
to you. Sometimes he'll split himself into two different colored balls
and rain paint on the screen when this happens try to just dodge the
paint as guarding will still damage you.

Marx Soul will use other odd moves that may throw you off. When his body
changes into a light bluish color that means he's about to shoot a storm
of knives/arrows at you so it's best to dodge the attacks, get behind him,
and start chipping away at his health. When Marx is high up in the sky
and looks like he's about to spit something out, guard. Marx Soul will
drop out a bomb that will split into two other bombs and keeping moving
horizontally until they touch the edges of the screen. Keeping guarding
until the bomb disappears as touching it will freeze you and Marx Soul
will get a free shot off you. Another thing to look out for is when Marx
goes underground. When he's trying to look for a place to go up he'll
have a sort of tracking signal that's a golden circle so you know where
he is, Marx Soul will follow you until you stop. Get Marx Soul to stop
moving around underground then jump out of the way, guarding against it
will still damage you (surprise, surprise.)

Marx Soul is a walk in the park when you learn his attack pattern and
how to avoid him. He's really not all that scary as he seems just keep
on the defensive when he's moving/attacking but as soon as he stops
teleporting, go crazy on him.


                      -===Frequently Asked Questions===-

Here are a series of questions that are the most common when dealing
with the True Arena.

Q: How do I unlock the True Arena?
A: Beat the Arena, Helper to Hero, Revenge of the King, and Meta
Kightmare Ultra mode.

Q: Who is the easiest boss in the True Arena?
A: Whispy's Revenge. Without a doubt.

Q: Who is the hardest boss in the True Arena?
A: Answers will vary but my opinion is Masked Dedede.

Q: What's the best ability to use?
A: Plasma ability.

Q: What's the worst ability?
A: Copy ability. Not very helpful unless you're using TAC and even then
it's not that great. Fire is a close second. And if you want to nitpick
sleep is the worst ability in the game but it's so worthless that I
forget it even exists.

Q: Who's the most effective helper?
A: Bonkers is pretty good, his hammer moves can destroy bosses.

Q: What do I get for beating the True Arena?
A: You need to beat the True Arena if you want to achieve 100% completion
in the game and you can unlock a hidden bonus film.

Q: How awesome is that Sailor Waddle Dee/Bandana Waddle Dee?
A: I'm not going to lie, he's the best character in video game history.



Well, this is the end of my first ever FAQ. I hope that the people who
are reading this guide have benefited from it and have hopefully mopped
the floor with the True Arena and made it look like a joke. I enjoyed
composing this guide and helping out anyone who needed it. I'm glad I
can give back to the community that has helped me countless times
whenever I was stuck in a video game and was pulling my hair out.



I would like to thank the following people/sites that contributed in
the composition of my guide:

GameFaqs - For hosting my guide on their website.

Kirby Super Star Ultra Message Board - Providing information.

My brother - For buying this game and helping me with information.

Nintendo/Hal - For making the best Kirby game to date.

Kirby's Rainbow Resort - Additional information about this game.

Litbut - Spelling/information corrections.

IIIMaloneIII - Correcting my information.

Alex Chicken - Spelling errors.

And I would like to thank everyone who read this guide, you make this
all worthwhile.


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