___               _  __                 
| |/ (_)_ __   __ _  | |/ /___  _ __   __ _ 
| ' /| | '_ \ / _` | | ' // _ \| '_ \ / _` |
| . \| | | | | (_| | | . \ (_) | | | | (_| |
|_|\_\_|_| |_|\__, | |_|\_\___/|_| |_|\__, |
              |___/                   |___/ 
__        __    _ _    _   _                           _     
\ \      / /_ _| | | _| |_| |__  _ __ ___  _   _  __ _| |__  
 \ \ /\ / / _` | | |/ / __| '_ \| '__/ _ \| | | |/ _` | '_ \ 
  \ V  V / (_| | |   <| |_| | | | | | (_) | |_| | (_| | | | |
   \_/\_/ \__,_|_|_|\_\\__|_| |_|_|  \___/ \__,_|\__, |_| |_|

Author- ACowWithaDS 
Game-Peter Jackson’s King Kong

~~~!!~~!~!~~~TABLE OF CONTENTS~~~~~!!!~~@~~!
0.1- About the Game
0.2- Skull Island Part 1
0.3- Skull Island Part 1
0.4- Crabs Part 1
0.5- Crabs Part 2
0.6- Carl’s Back Part 1
0.7- Carl’s Back Part 2
0.8- Kong00
0.9- Haye’s Back Part 1
0.10- Haye’s Back Part 2
0.11- Kong01
0.12- Carl's Return Part 1
0.13- Carl's Return Part 2
0.14- Kong02
0.15- Ann First Escape Part 1
0.16- Ann First Escape Part 2
0.17- T-Rex Chase
0.18- Kong03
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0.1 About the game
Playing as Jack:
Controls for this game are quite simple, and they will vary between the two 
playable characters. Let’s start with Jack. The D-Pad (+ pad) or the ABY or X 
button will move your character. Use the stylus to direct where you want Jack 
to walk. The direction you move the stylus will be the direction on movement. 
The L and R triggers/buttons will get you to shoot your weapon, or if you hold 
them down use a lever. When you see a lever or weapon laying on the ground, 
double tap the touch screen to pick it up. If there is a symbol next to a 
certain environment, like the exclamation point in Carl’s Back Part 2, double 
touch the screen to get other characters to interact with it.
Playing as Kong:
To walk with Kong use the d-pad (+ pad), and to climb walls, AKA walling, walk 
up to the intractable wall and press B. To jump from one wall to another (or a 
branch or vine) press B again. When on a branch, press B to jump forward in 
the direction Kong is looking. To unblock a pathway, repeatedly press Y once 
next to a moveable object. (Usually a pillar) For Kong to attack, you will 
need to press A or X. When you have a V-Rex pinned, repeatedly tap Y to finish 
Jack can carry weapons, as Kong can not. There are five useable weapons for 
Jack. The list and description are directly from the game manual.
Manual Description: This is a classic firearm. Although not very powerful, the 
pistol can repel an enemy-however, killing anything with it will be difficult.
Manual Description: This weapon is extremely powerful at close range. Its 
power decreases with distance. Its fire rate is relatively low.
Sniper Rifle:
Manual Description: This gun has a long range but a low firing rate. It is 
particularly useful for taking out enemies without being seen.
Machine Gun:
Manual Description: This weapon has an extremely high firing rate. While the 
bullets won’t do a great deal of damage, the number fired will make up for it. 
The machine gun has an average range.
Manual Description: The spear is a primitive weapon that was on the island  
before Denham’s team arrived. Spears found on special racks are unlimited in 
number. Spears found sticking out of the ground are limited number.

Although not a weapon, here is another very important tool for Jack.
Manual Description: The lever is not a weapon but an object found in several 
places on the island. It is used to activate columns that open massive doors 
built by inhabitants of Skull Island. This object can be carried along with a 
standard weapon.

Manual Description: The Venatosaurus is a formidable and highly mobile hunter. 
It can jump and hunt in groups.

Side Notes: Venatosaurus are called “Dinos” in my guide as of right now. In a 
touch up update I will change the name.
Giant Crab:
Manual Description: The giant crab always lives near water. It can vary 
considerably in size.

Side Notes: I usually just list it as crab, unless it is one of those REALLY 
big crabs. This will stay as is unless there is too many complaints.
Manual Description: The V-Rex is the game’s most powerful enemy. It is 
invincible when confronting Jack. Only Kong can harm or kill it.

Side note: I call them T-Rexs in this guide and there isn’t a current plan to 
change this.
~~~Allies, Main Characters~~~
Jack Driscoll:
Manual Description: Jack Driscoll is the character you control in the gane’s 
first-person parts. He is familiar with all the weapons and is the group’s 
leader. He will do everything he can to save Ann.
Ann Darrow:
Manual Description: Ann Darrow persuades the team to advance into the heart of 
the island. She is the only one who can communicate with Kong.
Manual Description: A giant gorilla standing over 25 feet tall, Kong has been 
living on Skull Island for many years. He can interact with his environment in 
a highly sophisticated way. He protects Ann whenever she is with him.
Manual Description: Hayes is one of the seamen among the crew of the Venture. 
He, too, is familiar with weaponry, and will endeavor to protect his 
companians and save Ann.
Carl Denham:
Manual Description: Carl Denham is responsible for the team’s arrival on the 
island. His camera is nearly always on hand, and he will try to film anything 
and everything, regardless of possible danger to his team.

0.2- Skull Island Part 1(Jack)-

When you start off you will see a old broken down staircase. Move up to it and
you will see some sort of stairway up ahead. Walk up to it and climb it, until 
it starts loading. Congrats you just beat the first and easiest part of the 

0.3- Skull Island Part 2(Jack)-

When you start off you will see a entrance to a cave. Enter it and you will 
see a spear sticking up from the ground. Move over to it and pick it up with 
the touch screen. When you picked it up look around for a box. There 
will be something floating above it. It’s the lever to open the door! Pick it 
up and open the door by moving up to the spot where the lever should go and 
when the spear disappears press L until the lever is all the way down. Then go 
through the door. To o[pen this door you have to call over Ann. Follow the 
directions on the touch screen and wait until she opens the door. Then enter 

0.4- Crabs Part 1(Jack)-

When you start off continue down the path you start off in, until you come 
across a spear. Pick it up and kill the incoming crab. Then go back and pick 
up another spear and continue forward. Kill the next crab that comes along, 
then pick up the spear that is by you. Then continue following the path until 
you come to a big open room. Advance into it and take out the incoming crab. 
Then find the exit and follow the path once more. Keep going along the path 
until you see a crate. Go over to it and you will discover a gun on it! Pick 
it up and move on. When you come upon another big room, enter it and either 
shoot the 2 crabs coming at you or pick up the spear and throw it at them. 
Then stand by the spears and protect Ann from the crabs going after her! Keep 
walking and moving forward until you see another wooden door. Signal Ann to 
open it and step inside. In the next to there will be yet again, another door. 
Open it by signaling Ann and proceed forward. After going on the path for just 
a little bit you will see another crate, but this time with a machine gun on 
it! Pick that up ASAP, you will need it later on in the mission. Continue 
forward until you see a gigantic room with, a crab! Except this crab is a 
~Giant Crab Battle~
This is when your machine gun may come in handy. This may also take you a few 
trys to actually beat him. Shot him until he decides to charge at you. You may 
notice that his stomach is an open target while he is charging. Shoot his 
stomach until he flips over. Then shoot him rapidly. Repeat this process and 
you will eventually beat him. Once you beat him proceed to signal Ann to open 
the wooden door. Go onto the path again and shoot any incoming crabs with your 
machine gun. There will be a point in the path where there is a lever sitting 
on a crate. Pick it up and continue going forward. You will drop down to the 
spot where you had to defend Ann from the crabs earlier. If you look around 
you will find a un-opened door in the room. Put the lever in the holder and 
open the door. And you just beat that level!

0.5- Crabs Part 2(Jack)-
When you start off pick up the shotgun off the crate and go into the room 
ahead. Defend yourself from any incoming crabs while moving ahead. Then 
protect Ann from the incoming crab. Move forward and continue down the path. 
You will come across a room with a bee hive in it. Destroy it by shooting it 
and signal Ann to open the wooden door at the end of the room. When she opens 
it proceed on the path. You will probably be low on ammo so pick up the new 
shotgun on the crate and continue forward once again. You will soon come to a 
room with a bee hive on each sides of the room. Take them out before too many 
bees get out. Then signal Ann to pull a level while you pull one down to open 
yet another wooden door. Proceed forward. Pick up the new shotgun that’s on 
the crate and go into the next room. Defend yourself from the crabs while 
moving forward. Continue following the path until you come to another big room 
with a spear towards the middle of it. Destroy the beehives and signal Ann to 
open the wooden door. Continue down the path and you will beat that level! 
Watch/read the cut scene. Enjoy those while you can, there aren’t many of them 
in this game.

0.6- Carl’s Back Part 1(Jack) -
You start this chapter on the edge of a cliff, with a box in front of you. 
Ontop of the box will be a shotgun. Pick up the shotgun and start to head 
forward. There will be a crab around the corner, to it out. Head forward 
again, and turn another corner. Here will be quite a few crabs. Take them out. 
Another way to get by this part is to run straight at the first crab, take him 
out, then run around the corner up ahead. They didn’t seem to follow me once I 
did that. Well once you round the corner and get off the cliff, there will be 
an opening. To the side will be a box with a shotgun laying on it. Pick it 
upif you need it. Then continue up the stairs.(to the left of the box.) At the 
top of the stairs will be another opening. There will be a few crabs coming 
from the left of the opening. Take those out, then pull the lever to open the 
wooden door. Once it’s open, run down the hall that has opened up. Once you 
get to the end, BEWARE! There will be a dino waiting for you at the exit. Use 
your shotgun to take him to the ground. Now, run across to the wooden door 
with the lever. Open the door before he gets back up and bites you! Once the 
door is open, walk into the hallway where you will be safe from the dino. 
Dodge or kill the crab that is around the corner, walk down the rest of the 
hall, and wallla! Level over.

0.7- Carl’s Back Part 2(Jack) -

Before I start I will warn you that there is a lot of dinos in clearings in 
the mission. You will have to be very sneaky to get around them. When you see 
me say “room”, in this mission I mean a mini-hallway with two openings. When I 
say run across to the other side, I mean that you go across the mini hallway, 
out of the other entrance so you advance in the clearing and then cross.

You start off in a open area, with a big wooden door in front of you. Walk 
forward and there will be a text discussion. If you read it, you will find out 
that you need to find the lever for the wooden door. So instead of going to 
the door, go into the hall to the left. Once you exit the hall there will be a 
clearing, with a dino that will jump down. Run by the dino and go into the 
small room to the right. You will take damage so wait until you regain your 
health to move again. Once your health is back, run back across the clearing 
to the small room on the left, which is further up the clearing then your 
current room. If 

you take damage wait again. If not continue with this guide. Exit this room 
and run against the left wall. You will move into a back hallway. Follow it 
until it ends, which will bring you to the end of the clearing. In the back 
right of this clearing will be another hall. Run into there. Once you round 
the first corner in the hall, there will be some spears. Grab one and continue 
around the next corner. There should be a crab at the end of the hall. Run 
towards it, once close throw the spear at the crab and before another one 
appears run around the next corner. Once you exit this hallway, there will be 
another clearing with another dino! Move to the first room on the left. If you 
take any damage, wait for your health to regain. If not continue with this 
guide. Now run across the clearing to a room on the right side. Once you get 
al your health back, run back across the another left room. Pick up one of the 
spears and continue up the stairs. There will be two crabs on top of the 
stairs. Ignore the first one, and kill the second. Once you get to the end of 
the hall above the stairs grab one of the spears there and round the corner. 
Once you round the corner there will be more stairs. Walk up them. AT the top 
will be a box with a machinegun on it. Pick it up and continue down the hall 
ahead. You will come to an edge. Drop down and go towards the edge to the 
left. There you will kill all of the crabs coming out of the holes in the 
wall. Use spears and your machinegun. BUT DO NOT JUMP DOWN, I REPEAT DO NOT 
JUMP DOWN. You will die, as there is a gap in between the ledge and the 
landing below. There will be six crabs. Once you beat the crabs, go back to 
the middle of the clearing you are in and pick up the lever on the box. Now 
open the wooden door in front of you. Once open go down to the hall, and at 
the ledge at the end of this hall, jump down. Now you have to backtrack to the 
beginning of the level. If you want, you can kill the raptors on your way 
back. Once back go to the wooden door you didn’t enter in the beginning. You 
will notice there is no lever. But remember you picked up a lever just a few 
seconds earlier? Go up to the spot where the lever should be and press L. This 
will put it into the spot. Now open the door. If you want, pick up the shotgun 
in the room you were just in. Now follow your friend you just released. Once 
you get to and climb the first set of stairs you will notice a wall of 
branches with a ! in front of it. Call your friend over (double tap touch 
screen) and he will blow up the door. Stay clear so you don’t get hurt! Now a 
hall will be opened up, so you will go down it. Ahead will be crabs and 
another branch door. Take out all the crabs and then call your friend over to 
the branch door to blow it up. Once again, stand clear. Head down this last 
hall to beat the mission. Enjoy a cut scene and get ready to be kong!

0.8- Kong00 (Kong) –
In this mission, you will play as Kong. Once you start, you will be on an 
edge. Look to your right, and there will be a big branch coming out from the 
side of another cliff to the side of you. Jump onto this branch and then swing 
down to wall with the odd texture, in front and to the left of your current 
position on the branch. Once you scale the wall and reach the platform on the 
other side, there will be a few more of those branches jabbing out of the side 
of the cliff. You will have to jump onto the first one and swing to the next 
two. Once done swinging, you will be in some hill. Follow this hill (up, then 
down) and at the end will be a wall. Climb this wall, but be careful, there 
are dinos behind you! Once at the top you will notice a gap. To your right is 
one of those climbable walls. Climb it. Once you get across the gap, using the 
climbable wall, round the corner. Guess what, same scenario! A gap with a 
climbable wall to the right of it.  Cross the gap, turn the corner… and there 
This time there may be a few dinos as you try to get onto the climbable wall, 
however. Also you will notice a slight change. With this gap, there is a 
climbable wall on each side. Climb on the right side first, and when you get 
to the end of it, jump to the other side where the climbable wall will be long 
enough to reach the other side. Once you cross the gap, you will have to head 
downhill. Once downhill, you will see another gap. This time there is a 
climbable wall to the left. Cross the gap halfway, then you will have to jump 
onto one of those branches in the cliff. Swing to the end of the gap! In front 
of you will be a pillar blocking the door. Knock the pillar down, and smash 
through the door! Here will be a T-Rex. You will have to repeatedly hit him 
until he gets onto the ground, where you will be able to finish him. Be 
careful, don’t let him bite your neck! In the same clearing as the T-Rex, 
there will be some stairs with a smashable door at the top. You will have to 
smash the door down. Continue down the hall, and there will be a gap with a 
waterfall at the other side. Jump across to the climbable wall on the left, 
then jump across to the one on the right. Once you get to the top of the one 
on the right, you will have to swing across a branch that is over the 
waterfall, to the left side once again. Climb up this side to get to a trail 
with some dinos on it. Walk to the end of the trail and there will be two 
pillars forming an entrance. Go through that to complete the level! Very small 
cutscene ahead.
0.9- Haye’s Back Part 1(Jack) –
You start on top of a hill, and the only way you can head is down. Head down 
until you come to a fork in your path. Left goes to a wooden bridge, while 
right goes to a small room. Go right and enter the room ahead. Located in the 
room will be a spear. Take the spear, and look through the window. There you 
will see two new and relatively uncommon bat like creatures. Through the 
windows, use your spear to take out one. Since this spear is on a special 
rack, you have unlimited. Look out the window again, and there will be quite a 
few more. Repeat this process until there are no more flying back up to the 
branches above. Turn around, grab one more spear and head back to the fork in 
the road. This time take the wooden bridge. At the end of the wooden bridge 
you will come to a stone passage. Take it, and you will come to another fork 
in the road. Take the right to pick up a shotgun, head back to the fork, and 
then head left. On the left, there will be quite a few crabs. Use the spear in 
your hand, aswell as the three that should be in the room. Once those are 
done, use your shotgun to finish the crabs off. You can now continue through 
the large wooden door ahead. After you get through the doorway, follow the 
hall/path ahead. It will bring you to a clearing with two separate spear 
racks, a small bridge towards the wall to your right, and a few crabs. With 
the first spear rack, take out the first crab. Cross the small bridge, grab 
that spear on that side, and take out the next crab. There may be one more, 
you can either grab another spear(as both racks are unlimited) or speed off to 
the hallway on the far side of this clearing. After a few corners, you will 
come to the edge of a cliff with stairs to your right, and another wooden 
bridge ahead of you. Head up the stairs to your right and prepare yourself for 
another one of those big crab battles. He will die in the same strategy and 
fashion as earlier. There is a machine gun with A LOT of ammo to the right of 
the arena, and may be your best and possibly only chance to beat this crab. 
Once beaten, go through the wooden door ahead. At the other end of the arena. 
Once the door opens, head up the stairs and pick up the sniper rifle on top. 
Now drop down to the part just before the second wooden bridge, where you may 
have skipped one of the crabs. Either run by this crab or take him down with 
the sniper. Once done with this section, run over to where you had to go up 
the stairs to the right. Instead, with your sniper take out those bat like 
creatures over the bridge. Once clear, cross it. GO down part way through the 
hallway at the end, and CONGRATS! You just beat the hardest level of the game.
0.10- Haye’s Back Part 2(Jack) –
To start the level, you are in the same hallway that you had been in at the 
end of the last. Ahead, will be somebody. Walk up to them. It’s Hayes! Follow 
Hayes through the hallway. After the first corner, there will be a shotgun. 
Pick it up. You will definitely need it. After you pick up the shotgun, you 
may notice you are in some sort of large room. Above will be a bunch of huge 
bees.. Take it out, before they take out you! Once done with the bees, signal 
Hayes to put the lever in the correct spot at the other end of the room. This 
way, you can open the wooden door. Hayes will need to pull the lever he just 
put it. To the left of the wooden door will be another lever. This is the 
lever you will use. After you walk down the hall after opening the door, there 
will be a clearing with two beehives, a wooden door at the opposite end, and a 
machinegun by the door. Take out the hives with your shotgun and machinegun 
then open up this next door. In the hallway after the wooden door, there will 
be another hive. Take it out and continue on. Around the corner will be three 
or so crabs, making sure you protect Hayes who is located to your left on the 
ledge, as you continue forward. Once you continue forward, there will be a 
wooden door to your left, and a walkway in front of you. Take the walkway to 
protect Hayes from bats as he opens the wooden door. Now you will have to 
protect Hayes from bats as he tries to use a lever. He will be on the far 
left, and bats will be attacking him. Make sure he can get to the lever. Now 
go back a little to another wooden door you ignored before. Go through it. In 
the room ahead will be a sniper rifle. Pick it up, and continue ahead. There 
will be a ridge, and when you look down there will be a clearing. Hayes will 
be at the clearing. Use your sniper to take out the bats attacking him. As you 
move along you ridge, Hayes will move along the clearing. Protect him from 
anything that goes after him. Once he gets to the end of the clearing, direct 
him to the lever located there. Go back towards the ridge, and you will see a 
wooden door towards the beginning of it. Go through it, and enjoy a completed 
level with a side of cutscene ;) .
0.11- Kong01 (Kong) –
You start this mission facing a T-Rex. Kill it using the same tactics as one 
of the earlier T-Rex encounters. Once it is dead, continue forward to a 
breakable door with a pillar blocking it. You know the drill, move the pillar 
then barge through the door! Continue down the newly opened passage, and when 
you come to the edge/end you will see a few branches ahead. Jump and swing on 
them to cross the gap and land on a climbable wall. Climb to the right, and 
here you will have to jump off and swing on one more branch. Swing down to a 
ledge, just ahead. Here will be some dinos, take them out and then smash down 
the door ahead. There will be a short path, followed by an edge and more 
swinging. Once you reach the edge, jump onto the branch ahead. With this 
branch, swing down to the climbable wall. Now there will be a series of 
climbable walls. Jump from one to another until you reach a series of 
branches. Jump onto the branches and swing forward. You will eventually land 
in a clearing, where you will face another T-Rex. Once it is beaten, break 
down the breakable door at the other end of the clearing (However, first you 
need to move the pillar blocking it). Enjoy a cutscene.
0.12- Carl's Return Part 1 (Jack) –
As soon as you start, there will be a machinegun in front of you. Pick it up, 
and continue around the corner ahead. Here you will find a clearing. Across 
the clearing will be a door with a lever. You will need to open that door. But 
beware of the dino that jumps down! You will have to take it out if you want 
to open the door. Once the door is open, there will be two bats hanging upside 
down ahead. Take them out. Continue ahead, and after a little bit of walking 
you will find a spear. Pick it up. Then head just a ways further into a 
clearing. There will be a bat or two above. Use the spear to take one out. The 
other should head straight for Carl, who is also in the clearing. You can 
shoot that bat down. Now there will be a door you will need Carl to blow up. 
Instruct him to do so, and continue ahead. In a few turns, there will be a 
platform attached to a rope that will bring you to across a large gap ahead. 
To your left, there will also be a machinegun. Pick it up if you need it. 
Order Carl to pull the lever and get onto the moving platform. The lever will 
be to the far right, on a ledge where only Carl can reach. Now that you 
crossed the gap, you can continue forward. Around the corner will be a bee 
hive. Be sure to take that out. One more fight in this mission. In the next 
clearing the will be a dino. Take it out, then order Carl to blow up the 
destructible door at the other end of the clearing. Level complete!
0.13- Carl's Return Part 2 (Jack) -
As soon as you start, you will need Carl to pull the lever right ahead of you. 
While Carl does that grab the machinegun right in front of you, and head to 
the platform to your left. While the platform pulls you across, you will need 
to defend yourself from two bats. Once off, you will need to round a few 
corners. At the end of the final corner, there will be a clearing with a 
destructible door at the other end. To the left of the clearing will be two 
bee hives. Take them out, then send Carl to blow up the door. After heading 
through the new opening, there will be a dino to face in a small hallway. Take 
it out with your machinegun. There will be a few passages on each side of the 
hall. In one will contain a shotgun. Grab it if you want. Then go back to the 
main hallway where you fought the dino and continue down it. Here you will 
have to blow up another door, using Carl. Now you will have to instruct Carl 
to another lever. Then head to the platform to your right. Before you go on 
it, take the sniper and take out the bats above. Once you get across, enjoy a 
0.14- Kong02 (Kong) –
This level you play as Kong. Yet again, you start off facing a T-Rex. Once the 
T-Rex is dead, advance to the breakable door. You will need to move a pillar 
before you can break it. Once the pillar is moved and the door is down, you 
will have to swing on a few branches to get to a climbable wall. You will have 
to advance to the right, and slide down the wall. Once you get down, there 
will be a few bats. Take them out, then climb on the next climbable wall to 
get up on a ledge. The ledge is at the end of a hallway. Continue down this 
hallway to get to a branch and a climbable wall. Use the branch to swing you 
to the wall. Move on the wall a little bit until the climbable wall behind you 
is reachable. Jump onto that one to get to a branch where you can swing down 
onto a small platform. On the other side of the platform will be another 
branch. Jump onto it. It will bring you to another climbable wall, and a 
series of branches. Use these branches to swing to yet another climbable wall 
and one more series of branches. Use the last branch to get onto a small 
ledge. From here you will need to climb up a small wall to get to a breakable 
door with a pillar blocking it. Move the pillar to the side, and then break 
open the door. Ahead will be a gap. Cross it using a climbable wall. Then, 
there will be yet another gap. Use a branch to get to a climbable wall, which 
you will slide down to get to a series of branches. The branches will lead you 
to a wall, which you will climb to the top. There will be a small walk to 
another small climbable wall (which you will climb). Continue forward until 
you get to a gap. The only way across will be a series of branches. Use those 
to land on the other side where there may be a few bats. There will be a mini 
gap ahead. All you will need is one branch to cross it. Then there will be a 
quite larger gap. Use a series of branches to cross it, then drop down onto a 
platform where you will battle a T-Rex. Enjoy it, because this will be the 
last T-Rex battle of the game. Once the T-Rex is beaten continue across the 
platform to finish the level. And wait…… in addition to the awesome feeling of 
beating a level you get to watch a cutscene! 
0.15- Ann First Escape Part 1 (Jack) -
You will start this mission on a very short slope. Ahead of you will be a 
shotgun. Pick it up and round the corner. Ann will climb on a ledge to your 
right as you turn. Protect here from the two bats that fly in, then continue 
around the next corner. Here will be a huge room. There will be a wooden door 
on the opposite side. Standing in your way is a dino. Take that out. If 
needed, there will be an additional room to the right if you need some shotgun 
ammo(During the dino fight). Once done with that open up the wooden door. 
Around the corner will be a sniper. Pick it up and continue into the next room 
where Ann will be standing on a ledge to your right. Right above her will be a 
bat. Snipe it, and continue forward so Ann can move. After a few yards, there 
will be a few more bats attacking Ann. Take them out. As you start to move 
down a slope, more bats will attack Ann on the opposite slope. Take them out, 
and continue down and meet up with Ann. Then continue to the next room. In the 
next room, there will be brown spots on the floor. DO NOT STEP ON THEM. You 
take damage. I don’t know what in the hell they are but I guess they hurt. 
Don’t worry about Ann, she climbs up a ledge to your right once again. As you 
make your way around the brown goo and down a small hill, you will find 
yourself in another brown-goo infested room. In here will be a dino. Try to 
snipe him( I found it easier with no scopes) and then continue forward. 
Mission complete!
0.16- Ann First Escape Part 2 (Jack) -
This mission gets you thinking right away. You start off in front of a wooden 
door, but one of the switches are missing! But have no fear! To your right is 
a long hallway that will bring you to the lever. Head down it. But be careful, 
there is a dino that will jump down. Not to worry, there is a series of rooms 
that are to your sides in the hallway you can use to get around the dino and 
get to the other end of the hallway. Move to the first room to your right. Go 
to the other exit of the room and run across to the next room all the way 
across to the left. In this room, at the end you will find a shotgun and the 
lever. Now head back to the wooden door, killing the dino on your way back if 
you wish (Or grabbing the spear in the middle of the room). Put the lever in 
the correct spot and signal Ann to pull the one switch as you get the other. 
Now continue through the door. There will be a walkway to the right, with a 
moving platform to the left. Walk down the walkway til you get to a lever that 
is on a ledge. Signal Ann to the lever, then go back onto the platform and 
ride across, killing any bats that may attack you on the way. Once across, 
continue until you find two spears. Grab one and then continue around the 
corner. You will have to walk on a skinny platform, with two bats attacking 
you. Use one spear to kill a bat and your shotgun to kill another. Once you 
get off the skinny walkway and you round the corner, pick up the sniper. Ahead 
will be a long plank with quite a few bats at the other side. Snipe down the 
bats and cross the plank. Mission complete!
0.17- T-Rex Chase (Jack) –
The entire mission, you are on a raft being chased by a T-Rex. Destroy any 
beehives that may be on the side of the river. Keep an eye on the T-Rex, if it 
gets close shoot at him til he flinches. Occasionally the T-Rex will run up 
and hide on the side of you. Shoot him as you pass by him.
0.18- Kong03 (Kong) -
You start off on a small walway with a gap in the middle of it! Above you will 
be a branch, swing on it to reach the other side. Once there break open the 
wooden door. Walk down a long hallway, until you come to a clearing with quite 
a few bats. Take them out, or ignore them, and continue forward. Here, you 
will need to break down another door. Once down, walk down some stairs to yet 
another door, this time with a pillar blocking it. Move the pillar and bust 
through the door. Walk for a little bit until you come across an open door 
with a lava covered ground in front of it. Above you will be a branch, where 
you can swing across the lava to a ledge. Kill the raptor on the ledge, turn 
and jump onto a climbable wall with an opening at the top. Walk through the 
opening and CONGRATS! You beat the game! Hope you enjoyed it!

How many Kong missions are there?

There’s only four, sadly. They are pretty fun though. (DS version)

What version are you writing the walkthrough for?

The DS version.

What would you rate this game out of ten?

Probably a 6/10. It’s either a hate or love.

How many levels are there?

There are 17 missions/levels.

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