Soul Calibur 4 (Console Versions for PS3 and Xbox 360)
    Maxi FAQ Version 1.03 (to sync with the current version)

Made by Hiro

Version history
Was doing updates, then Namco suddenly announces version 
1.03 coming soon~!~! drats... need to retest everything....
Thank God Maxi wasn't changed.... much....
*Added Soul Crush properties for some moves
*Changed some notes for move properties
-B+K:B:B:B:A makes opponent land behind you only if performed
from a stun combo.
-AA and BB isn't as unsafe as we thought o.O

Table of Contents
IV.Introduction to Pure Soul Loops

ok basically this is the FAQ for the SC4 version of Maxi.
I've been playing Maxi since SC1, and since there's no FAQ for Maxi,
I've decided to make one ^^
Maxi has been one of the most misunderstood character since the 
start of Soul Calibur history, mainly because most new players tend
to mash alot using him, and despite not knowing what is happening, 
"cool" looking moves still happens due to his stance transitions. 
But in the hands of someone who actually is able to control his 
stances, loops and moves, he can be very deadly; to really 
understand how Maxi works will take alot of training, time,and 
slight reflex to reconise his stuff. In this guide, I'll show you 
from Basics, to the really Advance technics to mastering Maxi.

Since there're plenty of new players in SC4, 
I'll explain the notations mean.

Numbers represent the direction to move your pad/stick
all notations are based on the 1p side.

7  8  9       7=Up, Back     8=Up          9=Up, Forward
4  5  6       4=Back         5=Neutral     6=Forward
1  2  3       1=Up, Down     2=Down        3=Down, Forward

A=Horizontal  Square button
B=Vertical    Triangle button
K=Kick        Circle button
G=Guard       X button

l =Attack hits low
m=Attack hits mid
h =Attack hits high
SL=Attack hits special low, which can be guarded high or low.
UB=Unblockable attack
L =Attack hits low and grounded opponents
M=Attack hits mid and grounded opponents
H=Attack hits high and grounded opponents

NC=Natural Combo
NCc=Combos on Counter Hit
GC=Guard Crush
DOS=Double Over Stun
CS=Crumple Stun
BN=Bounce Stun
SPS=Spin Stun
KD=Knock Down
JF=Just Frame 
CH=Counter Hit
FC=Fully Crouched
FrC=Force crouches opponent
8WR=8 way run
TC=Tech Crouch
TJ=Tech Jump
WS=While standing up
BT=Back turned
(  )=Optional input
[  ]=Hold button
aB=Slide input 
A:B=Just frame input
 + =At the same time
 * =Delayable

Maxi unique legends

RO=Right Outer
LO=Left Outer
LI =Left Inner
BL=Behind Lower
RC=Right Cross

WL=Wavering Light

PSL=Pure Soul Loop

III.Basic Movelist 
(all damage are considered when opponent's armor intact in hit zone)

A attacks
Command   Hit zone    Damage        Properties     Stance   Note
AA          h,h       10,8             NC            RO
6A           h         15                            RO
3A           m         18                            BL
2A          SL         10              FC
1A           l         18
4A           h         19                            BL
4AB         h,h       19,35            NC,KD         LO
4AB4       h,Mx(?)                     NC,KD         LI     (1)
aK          h,m       12,17            NC,FrC        LO
236A        Lx5     8,8,8,8,8          NC            BL     (2)
FC 2A       SL         10              FC
FC 3AAA     Lx3       6,6,6            NC            RO        
FC 1A,B     l,M       18,26        2nd hit TJ, KD    LO
WS A         h         38              KD            LI
7_8_9A       h         28
BT A         h         10
BT 2A        SL        10

(1) If used with wall to your left, goes up to 110 damage
(2) Trip animation, ROs opponent if they are close to the edge

B attacks
Command   Hit zone    Damage        Properties     Stance   Note
B,B         m,m        14,12            NC           LO
6B,B        m,m        10,10            NC
6B,B,B     m,m,h      10,10,31                              
6B:B:B     m,m,h      10,10,36          NC,GC               
3B           m           22                          RO     (1)
2B           m           14
1B           m           18 
4B           m           14                          LO
236B        mx3         8,8,8           NC           LI
FC 1_2_3B    M           14
WR B         m           20                          LI
7_8_9B       m           32 
BT B         m           14
BT 2B        M           14

(1) Launches on CH

K attacks
Command   Hit zone    Damage        Properties     Stance   Note
K            h           14
6K           h           22             KD
3K           m           14
2K,B        L,m        14,20                         RO
2K,K        L,L        14,16            FC
1K           L           10             FC
4K           h           27             KD
236K        mx4     14,10,10,10      NC CS TC
236K,G       m           10           CS TC 
FC1_2_3K     L           10             FC
WR K,K      m,h         16,17     NC,2nd hit TJ
7_8_9K       m           28          Launches
BT K         h           14
BT 2K        L                          KD

Simultanous attacks
Command      Hit zone    Damage        Properties     Stance   Note
A+B           M,m                         NCc 
A+BG           M          18            CS on CH        RC 
6A+B           h          30              KD            BL  
6A+Bg          h
4A+B          m,m                         NCc
4[A+B]        m,m       18,14            NC GC                  (1)
WR A+B         m          28                            LI
WR [A+B]       m          36              DOS           LI  
B+KBBBA       mx10        58              NC            RO
B+K:B:B:B:A   mx10        67              NC            RO      (2)
2B+K,B        L,L       12,18             NC                    (3)
4B+K           m        37,12             UB
3A+K          L,m                        NC KD
BT B+K         m                          GC
2A+K                                                  RO > BL
A+K                                                     LI  

(1) This is a special case UB, 1st hit GCs opening for 2nd hit
(2) If done during a stun combo, opponent lands right behind you.
(3) NC only on downed opponents

8wr atacks
Command      Hit zone    Damage        Properties     Stance   Note
66A          m,h          10,18           ND KD
33_99A        h             20             KD
22A           m             16         SPS on CH        LI
88A           m             16         SPS on CH
11_77A        l             31 
44AB       h,m,SMx2      15,5,5,5         NC RO
66B           h             32             LO
66Bg          h                            
66B4         mx5         10,30,?,?,?      NC KD         LI      (1)
66B4,G        m             10                          LI
33_99B        M             28                          BL      (2)
33_99bA       h             22             KD           RC
22_88B       mx4                          NC CS
11_77B        M             25             TC           RC
44B           m             35             CS           RO
66K           h             28             TJ
33_99K        m             18          KD on CH 
22_88KK      L,m           15,21      NCc 2nd hit KD
44_11_77K     m             29           Launches
66_33_99B+K   M             38
Running K     L             26             KD

(1) If used with wall to your left, goes up to 110 damage
(2) Rocket Launches directly upwards on CH 

Stance moves

Command      Hit zone    Damage        Properties     Stance   Note
RO A          h            16                           BL
RO AK        h,m         16,20            NCc
RO A[K]      h,m         16,30            GC
RO B          m            25             CS            RC
RO K          M            20             KD
RO KA       m,h,m       20,16,10        NC FrC          LO
RO K2A       m,l           20                                   (1) 
RO KB        m,m          20,25         NC FrC          RO
RO KK        m,m          20,14           NC
RO K[K]      m,m          20,24           NC                    (2)

(1) If K hits,  2A will whiff
(2) FrC on block, Rebounces

Note: LO goes into RC in 1 neutral shift
Command      Hit zone    Damage        Properties     Stance   Note
LO AK          l,m         18,25
LO B            M           16            TC            RC
LO BK          M,h         16,25        NCc KD
LO K            l           45            GC                    (1)

(1) Auto Taunt on hit

Command      Hit zone    Damage        Properties     Stance   Note
BL A           m          18           CS on CH         LI
BL B           L          16                            RO
BL KK         L,h        14,28          NC KD

Command      Hit zone    Damage        Properties     Stance   Note
RC A          m,M        15,26       NC,FrC on block
RC aA          h          25            RC KD
RC aB          M          25                            BL
RC B           M          34            TJ GC           LO
RC KK         L,m        14,16           NC
RC K,K:K     L,m,h     14,16,19         NC GC                   (1)

(1) The last JF kick has Auto taunt on hit

Note: LI goes into BL in 1 neutral shift
Command      Hit zone    Damage        Properties     Stance   Note
LI AA         m,m       14,14             NC            BL     (1)
LI AAB       m,m,m     14,14,30         NC CS                 (1)(2)
LI AA[B]     m,m,m     14,14,40         NC GC                  (1)
LI B           m          28              TC            BL  
LI bG                                     TC            LI     (3)
LI [B]         m          39            TC GC           BL  
LI [B]G                                   TC            RO
LI K           m          15           CS on CH

(1) If performed from stun, airs the opponent
(2) Last hit is delayable
(3) JF G input goes into RO instead

B+K during any stance to get into WL. Auto GIs all High/Mid Verts
Command      Hit zone    Damage        Properties     Stance   Note
WL A           l                         CS on CH
WL BBA       m,m,h                          NC          RO     (1)(2)
WL K           h                          KD TJ

(1) Opponent will land just behind you
(2) If done on Xianghua when she's crouching, the last A will whiff.

IV:Introduction to Pure Soul Loops

Pure Soul Loops (PSLs) are used to shift through Maxi's stances 
while it cycles through a certain pattern.

All PSLs can be held indefinitely. PSLs are the key to some mind 
games and can be used for wake up games, to bait for GI whiffs, 
sidewinders, mix ups etcWith exception of WL, 
the other 5 stances can PSL.

(  )=Repeat
PSL 1=[6] while in stance. Shifts stances while moving forward.

LI > LO> (BL > RC > RO)

PSL 2=[4] while in stance. Shifts stances while retreating.

LO >  LI > (RC > BL > RO)

PSL 3=[A+K] while in stance. Shifts stance while stationary.
has Auto GI all High and Mid Horizontal effect from (LORO)

RC > LI > BL > (LO > RO)

*Update* (Credits to The Old Sifu)
Note: During PSL 3 on (LORO) phase, LO will goes into BL
instead of RC

PSL 4=[2] while in stance. Sidewinder to the RIGHT starts in RO
                then shifts stance stationary.

RO > BL > (LI > BL > RO)

PSL 5=[8] while in stance. Sidewinder to the LEFT starts in LI,
                then shifts stance stationary.

LI > BL > (RO > LI > BL)

NOTES: Moves that goes into LI stance goes into RO during PSL3

eg. 236B LI > PSL3 >RO

With exception of A+K, which follows the rule of LI > BL

LI goes into BL on neutral shift
LO goes into RC on neutral shift


Contary to popular belief, Maxi is actually one of the slowest 
character in game in terms of start up.His fastest move is his 
standing K (i12) which isn't very fast still considering its a high 
move.He used to be a good pressuring character since SC1, to keep 
opponent guessing and to make them watch and freeze up while you 
work on their Soul Gauge, a low hit or a throw set up.
However he lacks the safety that some other characters have should 
his moves be blocked or ducked.

Closing in
Being a short ranged character without the luxury of major safety
you need to be strategic to get into the opponent's skin.

- 6A > RO 

This is the most basic form of closing in from mid range, 
6A > RO A is also an NCc give you options:

                6A > RO >------- RO A K or A[K]
                                    |__BL A or B or KK

- 66A

This works very well on a side stepping opponent.
Rings out to the left, walls stuns, and its a NC. Beware though 
because the 2nd hit is a High,good players can duck the 2nd hit 
on reaction should they block it.

- 4B > LO

A short/mid range close in tool, 4B > LO B is NC, which means the
opponent has to block the K follow up which is a good +2~3 on block 
giving you an edge for the next attack even on block. The last K is 
high though and can be ducked 
on reaction and punished if abused.
Usage for 4B start up is very wide:

                 4B > LO (neutral shift)> RC ---- RC A or B    
                       |_____LO K or BK

- 44AB > RO

This move has been enhanced from SC3, NC, tracks step well, 
brings you into RO games.

- 11_77B > RC *Updated*

This is one of the longest ranged moves you'll have for the
purpose of closing in. It has good Tech Crouch properties, 
Safe on block, RC options.

- 22A > LI or 88A

Mid ranged Horizontal Mid, 22A goes into LI stance, unsafe, 
but on CH gives spin stun for a free LI K stun combo, 
88A doesn't go into stance, its safer, 
on CH it still gives enough spin stun.

- 66K

Mid ranged High kick, rings out opponent to the front. 
Has jump properties so low moves can't hit you


Good if opponent is starting up a slow low 
or if you are anticipating one
9K launches for juggles

Closed in
Basic starters before you can use your stances, 
to deter opponents from intertupting when you are in stance.

-AA > RC *Updated*
Basic poking, but beware against faster characters 
for they have faster As, AA is only unsafe against certain
characters, but definately not punishable by any character's
AA, or even BBs, you can auto GI Verts using RC B+K > WL
or simply go into RC KK:K to attempt to TC high AAs.

Found punishers:

Astaroth and Rock

- 2A
Maxi's best poke, good for interupting strings, ducks highs, 
sets you up for strings of your own.

- 3BA
NC, goes into BL, RO A has advantage on block, and all BL
options cannot be interupted on hit, this means 3B on hit
will grant all those great options.

- aK > LO or RO KA
This move is just great, FrC opponent regardless hit or block, 
making LO options very deadly with High K, 
Mid BK and Low AK to choose from

- 4B
As above's describtion, gives great mind game options.
Keep the opponent guessing what's next, don't go into a 

- WL A
One of his faster low moves, although unsafe on block.

- BL B > RO
Another fast low, safe.
An example way to play this:

               RO A > BL B > RO A

- 1K
Maxi's only fast low without a stance

- 1B
Fast vert, safe, good for interupting moves. 

- 3A+K *Update*
Didn't really like this move during the start of SC4, but I 
guess its still the same move since the beinging.
NC low high, Rings out to the right~ just don't be too obvious 
with this move.

Grounded opponent
After knocking down the opponent, Maxi has some pretty nifty moves 
to catch them if they stay down or Tech Traps if they roll away, 
a Tech Trap is a move that'll only hit for full damage, should 
the opponent try to ukemi.

- 236A 
Good if they try to roll backwards to if they stay down

- 2B+K B
Catches all attempts to roll left or right

- 33_99B
Tech Traps anyone rolling to the right or back to launch. 
Use sparingly for it won't hit if they are not teching 
or if they aren't aligned

- 1K
Hard to avoid, almost confirmed damage.

Another low move that catches them regardlessly 
For longer range situations

- 3A+K
Hits for minimal damage if they stay down, 
but full damage if they managed to stand up, rings out to the right.

Maxi's CF Game *Update*
Here's a little chart to how many times does it take to crush an
opponent's soul gauge. Maxi has pretty strong CF possibilities
fast GCs, good mids to keep you on the run.
* .5 means that the 1st hit would crush the opponent
note: 2nd number is for 1.03

3B> RO A[K] ----6   >>> 7
4B> LO K    ----6.5 >>> 7
LI [B]      ----8   >>> 10
4BBK        ----8   >>> 13.3 
33_66_99B+K ----8   >>> 9
33_99B      ----9   >>> 10
BT B+K      ----10  >>> 11
66B         ----10  >>> 10
RC B        ----10  >>> 10
RO B        ----11  >>> 13
LI AA[B]    ----7.3 >>> 6.3
66K         ----11  >>> 12
7_8_9K      ----13  >>> 14
1B          ----13  >>> 15
WS [A+B]    ----13  >>> 13


Natural Combos (NC)

AA (18)
BB (26)
3B RO A (38)
44AB (30)
4AB (50)
4ABG (depends on when you cancel the attack)
4AB4 (Various if Wall is to your left)
FC 3AAA (depends on how many A you input)
6BB (20)
WS KK (33)
4BB (30)
B+KBBBA (53)
B+K:B:B:B:A (67)
2B+KB on grounded opponent(32)
66B4 (Various if Wall is to your left)

aK (29)
236A (32)
236B (24)
236K (depends on when you cancel the attack)
3A+K (42)
66A (28)
22_88B (36)

From Stance
RO KA (56)
RO KK (34)
RO KB (44)
LI AA (28)
RC A (41)
RC KK:K (47)
BL KK (42)

Natural Combos on Counter Hit (NCc)
A+B (51)
6BBB (50)
6B:B:B (55)
2KK (32)
22_88KK (39)
2B+KB on standing opponent (27)

Stance NCc
RO AK (39)
LO AK (49)
LO BK (44)

Standard Combos

--> 1K, (53)

--> BL B (41)
--> BL K (39)

--> 1K (27)

--> G cancel stance 1K (47)
--> LO B (61)

2KB (2K whiffs)
--> RO B (50~51 depending on tech) Stun is shakable.

--> 66B+K (56)
--> 33_99B
--> 6A+B

--> 66B+K (48)
--> 236A (49)

33_99B or RC aB
--> slight delay, BL K,K (58_60)

--> RO B (59)
--> G, 66B+K (60)

--> 66B+K (59)

RO K,[K]
--> 66B+K (68)

LI B_[B]
--> slight delay, BL K,K (58_68)

--> BT B+K (65)

Counter Hit (CH) Juggle Combos

--> RO B, RC K (57~58 depending on tech)
--> RO K[K] 66B+K 

--> LI K, 66B+K (54)
--> LI B, slight delay, BL K,K (61)
--> LI K, 3B, RO B, RC K (71~72 depending on tech)
--> LI K, 4BBK A+Bg
--> LI K, 6BBB or 6B:B:B
--> LI K, B+KBBBA 
--> LI K, B+K:B:B:B:A

--> 3B, BO B, RC K (65~66 depending on tech)
--> 4A,B, LO B (65)
--> 4BBK A+Bg
--> 6BBB or 6B:B:B

--> G, 66B+K (67)
--> PSL3 LO K
--> PSL1 RC A

--> LI K, B+KBBBA (54)
--> LI K, B+K:B:B:B:A BT B+K
--> LI K, 6BBB or 6B:B:B
--> LI K, A+B (64)
--> LI K, 4BBK A+Bg (against certain characters 2B+KB)
--> LI K, 3B, RO B, RC K (73~74 depending on tech)
--> LI AAB
--> (opponent's back to the wall) LI K, 3B (wall)

--> 1K (40)
--> 22_88K if opponent stays down (44)
--> 88K,K if opponent techs (72~74)

--> 66B+K
--> 33_99bA > RC A (87~98)
--> 236A
--> 236B

Wall Combos

66K,W! or 66A,W!
--> 4BBK
--> 3B->RO B->RC K

--> LO BK

6A+B,W! or 33B,W!
--> BL A->LI K, 4BBK
--> BL A->LI K, 3B->RO B->RC K

Most of the combos here are contributed by the members from:

More to come in the days to come...

Credits to the following players
Keldon Creep
Fhong Yunsung
Spyder for all the basics he taught me back in the days
Aqua Snake
Johnny Blaze
Shen Ou aka Aheda even though you don't play Maxi lol
the old sifu
Jace Windu
and all the other dedicated Maxi players.

If there is something that I'm missing or something I have put wrongly,
Please e-mail me at:
You will recieve full credit.