O  N  I    F  A  Q    v  0  .  1
                            Oni Faq v0.1
                      for the PC (Windows Format)
             Written By Martin Gaston (RugbyMart@Lineone.net)

Unpublished work Copyright 2001 Martin Gaston

This FAQ is for private and personal use only.  It can only be
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Oni FAQ was written and is owned by me, Martin Gaston (rugbymart@lineone.net).


I.     Introduction                                    
II.    What Is Oni?                                    
III.   Controls                                        
IV.    Moves                                           
V.     Weapons                                        
VI.    Items                                           
VII.   Frequently Asked Questions                      

VIII.  Walkthrough
  1.     TCTF Training                               
  2.     Syndicate Warehouse                          
  3.     Manufacturing Plant                         
     (more coming soon!)

IX.    Cheats                                        
X.     Web Links                                      
XI.    Credits                                         

Note: I know that the walkthrough section isn't completed yet, but
      if you are having serious problems with a level that ISN'T 
      covered yet, then e-mail me at RugbyMart@Lineone.net and I'll
      do my best to help you out.

I.     Introduction

I'm an anime fan, and when I first heard of Oni I was pretty excited to
say the least. The concept of the game was fantastic, beating up people
with martial arts move sounded much more exciting than any third-person
game that came before it.

When I got Oni, my impressions were justified. Oni was a fantastic game,
the gameplay was great and the characters beautifully animated. I quite
liked the story as well, but it was a little predictable. The game did 
have some minor problems, but the fantastic fighting action made up for
the errors that the developers made.

I've been wanting to write an FAQ for some time now, and Oni was the 
perfect opportunity to get started. And because it's my first ever
FAQ, I don't expect it to be perfect. If you find a crippling error
the please e-mail me at RugbyMart@Lineone.net and i'll correct it as 
soon as I can. Also, if you like my FAQ then please E-Mail me as well
so I know i'm doing a good job and then i'll write more FAQ's

II.    What Is Oni?                                    

Oni is a third person action game developed from Bungie and Gathering Of 
Developers (GOD), that mixes elements of Beat 'Em Ups, Shoot 'Em Ups and 
Adventure games. Ever wanted to unload a clip of bullets into your enemy and 
then run up to him and steal his gun? You can in Oni. Ever wanted to unleash a 
lethal barrage of punches and kicks onto 3 people at once? You can also this 
in Oni. It breathes new life into the Third Person genre after it was saturated 
to bursting poing by Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider series.

You play Konoko, a young woman who's strength, speed and vitality is greater
than the normal human. She doesn't know anything about herself because her 
whole life is a mystery. Konoko works for the TCTF, a band of elite police 
who put an end to crime. 

The world is run by the World Coalition Government and the wastelands outside 
the huge megacities is barren and poisonous to all life. And if that wasn't 
enough, a large underground group of terrorists called The Syndicate have 
world domination in their eyes.

III.   Controls                                        

The Controls in Oni take a little bit of getting used to, but once you've got 
them you'll be throwing people over your shoulder and snapping their necks in 
no time.

Default Controls

W            = Run Forward
S            = Run Backwards
A            = Sidestep Left
D            = Sidestep Right

Q            = Toggle Weapon/Pick Up Items
E            = Drop Weapon

SPACE        = Jump
Left Click   = Punch/Fire Weapon
Right Click  = Kick
SHIFT        = crouch

capslock     = Toggle Walk
CTRL         = Action

Tab          = Hypo
R            = Reload Weapon

It's not that hard to change the controls in Oni, but you've got to know what you are 
doing. Go into the directory that you installed Oni in (e.g C:\Games\Oni) and open 
up the key_config.txt file. You can then re-bind all of the keys to a new one.

IV.   Moves                                            

Konoko can do more than just kick and punch. She's got special moves for every
type of situation.

Escape Moves


These moves are great for dodging oncoming attacks, and they can also set you 
up in a good position to retaliate.

Jump Flip

JUMP, then press CROUCH while in mid-air

Besides looking really cool, the jump flip lets Konoko reach higher areas that 
her normal jump would. She can also attack enemies with this move too!


DOUBLE TAP FORWARD to dash, then press CROUCH

This move is good for dodging laser beams easily and can also be used to hit 
someone in the legs or while they're on the floor.



Throws are pretty easy to pull off, and do a large amount of damage. They also 
are unblockable by the enemy, but you have to be standing right next to them 
for the move to connect. And If you are close enough to throw an enemy, he's 
close enough to throw you.

Running Throws

press KICK when running

This move is just like a normal throw, but you have to run into your opponent 
first. This move is great for throwing opponents of ledges and building (which 
kills them instantly) but make sure that Konoko doesn't end up falling to her 
death as well!

Sledgehammer Heel


This move can be tricky to pull off, but if you can get it right it does a huge 
amount of damage. The last move does the most damage, but it can often get 
blocked by opponents.


stand in a neutral position (not pressing any buttons)

Oni's not all about attacking, sometimes you have to defend yourself to 
conserve you health. It's very easy to do, but can take some practice to 



Konoko will snatch the gun of the opponent if you use this move, which means 
you can easily get the upper hand during a fight.


from behind an enemy press FORWARD + KICK

This is an absolutely devastating move, and kills the weaker opponents of the 
game instantly.

Triple Hit Haymaker


A fast and quite powerful attack, and ever so simple to pull off. Good to use 
when surrounded, as the final punch knock the enemy to the floor.

Spinning Sidekick


This is slower but more powerful than the Triple Hit Haymaker move, and it's 
just as easy to pull of as well. If you're sure that the opponents won't 
counter attack, then use this move.

Willow Kick


Konoko delivers one extremely powerful kick to her opponents groin with this 
move, which leaves them stunned for a couple of seconds so you can set up 
another move. The Willow Kick can sometimes be tricky to pull off, but it's 
worth it.

Crescent Moon Kick

Kick, Kick, then FORWARD + KICK

This is one of the hardest moves in the game, and not really all that useful 
once you get some better moves. This is a 3-hit combo, and looks pretty flash 
as well.

Devil Spin Kick


Running Lariat

when RUNNING, press PUNCH

This is just like the Running Throw move, but you press punch instead of kick 
to do it. It's quick and deadly, and one of my favourite moves.

Rising Fury Punch


Like the devil spin kick, this move is tricky to pull off. Konoko unleashes 
a powerful punch that will hit opponents on the way up and on the way down.

Twister Kick


When unleashing this move, Konoko sidesteps away from on opponent an the spins 
her legs around in the air. Useful for attacking multiple enemies at once.

Stepping Disarm

press FORWARD + KICK while standing next to an opponent.

Sure, the disarm is a cool looking move. But what if you could kick your 
opponent in the face while doing that? Yes, that's the stepping disarm move for 

V.    Weapons                                          

Konoko has many high-tech weapons at her disposal that she can obtain 
throughout the course of the game. You should always keep in mind that 
every weapon has a weakness and that Konoko can only hold one weapon
at a time.

Campbell Equalizer Mk4 

Ammunition Type =    Ballistic Ammo
Magazine Capacity =  10 rounds
Fire Rate =          5 rounds per second

A simple gun that's good enough for killing. It's got a high recoil, so 
you've got to be careful with your aim. I recommend discarding it for one of 
the more advanced weapons as soon as you get a chance.

Hughes Black Adder SMG

Ammunition Type =    Ballistic Ammo
Magazine Capacity =  30 Rounds 
Fire Rate =          12 rounds per second

This machine gun is great at close range, but once the enemy is more than 6 
meters away it's only good for suppression fire. A good dirty tactic is to 
knock an enemy to the ground and start firing.

SML3 Plasma Rifle

Ammunition Type =    Energy Cells
Magazine Capacity =  10 rounds
Fire Rate =          1.1 rounds per second

The Plasma Rifle is ever so easy to dodge if someone's firing it at you. Simply 
dodge left and right a lot and you'll be fine. If you've got the gun, it's 
quite a good weapon to have. Fire off a stream of these as an enemy approaches 
you, and then finish him/her off with some throws.

Phase Stream Projector

Ammunition Type =    Energy Cells
Magazine Capacity =  300 Units
Fire Rate =          Continuous

There's no crosshair to aim on this weapon, so you have to direct the beam to 
your opponent's body. It fires a continuous beam of energy that can stagger 
or topple enemies with ease.

SBG Man-Portable Mortar

Ammunition Type =    Ballistic Ammo
Magazine Capacity =  4 Rounds
Fire Rate =          1 round per 2 seconds

This gun is referred to as the Superball Gun by it's users, as Scatter-pack 
Ballistic Grenade Man-Portable Mortar is a bit of a mouthful. Basically, it's 
your very own rocket launcher. Fire normally for default scatter pattern or 
Hold the trigger when firing to bounce shots, then release to detonate.

Van de Graaf (VDG) Pistol

Ammunition Type =    Energy Cells
Magazine Capacity =  5 Rounds
Fire Rate =          1 round per 3.1 seconds

The Van de Graad is an extremely powerful stun gun. Each shot is high voltage 
and low amperage so it causes minimal physical harm to the attacker. When 
fired, the enemy grabs his head and is stunned for a few seconds, making it the 
perfect weapon if you want the upper hand in physical combat.

Scram Cannon

Ammunition Type =    Ballistic Ammo
Magazine Capacity =  5 Rounds
Fire Rate =          1 Swarm per 2.5 seconds

The Scram Cannon fires swarms of homing missiles at the enemy. It's Useless at 
close range, but great if the missiles are given some time to home in on their 

Mercury Bow

Ammunition Type =    Ballistic Ammo
Magazine Capacity =  2 Rounds
Fire Rate =          1 round per 5 seconds

Oooh baby! This is my preferred weapon of the game. The Mercury Bow works by 
firing a compressed silver of frozen mercury at the opponent. It's got the 
strength to knock just about anyone down in 1 hit. It's great for thinning 
down packs of enemies that come running towards you.

Screamer Cannon

Ammunition Type =    Energy Cells 
Magazine Capacity =  6 Rounds 
Fire Rate =          1 round per 10 seconds 

This weapon fires capsules that release a mysterious entity known as a 
Screaming Cell. These creatures don't seem to exist in the same plane as 
Earth, but are drawn to life and feed off it. Konoko is immune to the 
Screaming Cell at first, but it eventually turns on you after it's released.

Wave Motion Cannon

Ammunition Type =    Unknown
Magazine Capacity =  Unknown
Fire Rate =          Unknown

This weapon is normally vehicle mounted and it would require superhuman 
strength to lift or fire! Luckily, Konoko has superhuman strength and 
she can blast away with the meaty gun. It's extremely heavy, so she 
can only walk very slowly with it equipped which leaves her vulnerable 
to attack. Only found at two points in the game, this weapon is good but 

VI.   Items                                            

Guns need bullets. Konoko needs health. Enemies need to be killed. 
Fortunately, the items in Oni cover all of these needs.

Ballistic Ammo

Co-ordinating the arms of mercenary and corporate forces during the Great 
Uprising had WCG researchers scrambling to solve their logistical problems. 
Their solution was modular, generic casings and projectiles loaded with 
mission-specific ordnance payloads. "Blank bullets" allowed modular components 
to adapt and reload any ballistic weapon on the battlefield. What that means is 
you can use Ballistic ammo for multiple weapons, e.g the Black Adder SMG and 
the Mercury Bow   

Energy Cell  

Governments and markets welcomed the emergence of the World Coalition 
Government, or were crushed beneath it. As hostilities subsided the WCG began 
to standardize "fundamental technical elements" across all market regions. The 
ubiquitous Energy Cell has replaced all other portable power sources. This 
means weapons too. The more electrical weapons use this as a source of 
ammunition, such as the VDG Pistol and the Plasma rifle.   

Hypo Sprays  

Hypo Sprays deliver stimulants, analgesics and active neuro-biological 
reinforcing elements through a sub-dermal injector. The solution takes time to 
act on the body; further shocks while it is active reduce the hypo's maximum 
healing potential. Even a few hits will cancel the effect altogether, so don't 
try using them in the middle of a fight if you can help it. Multiple Hypos can 
be activated at once to extend the maximum healing range. 

Because Konoko is 'different' to the average human, she can take her health 
over the maximum limit and go into 'overpower' mode. Her speed and strength 
are increased for a short time when like this.
Phase Cloak  
The Phase cloak agitates the user's molecules out of the visible light 
spectrum. The effect only lasts for 30 seconds; any longer and the user might 
suffer irreversible cellular damage. A weakness of the cloaking effect is that 
the wearer becomes visible for a moment during physical contact with non-phased 
bodies. Another point of consideration is that you still make sounds, so be 
sure to sneak around.   

Force Field  

The Force Shield surrounds the body of the wearer and absorbs the impact of any 
projectile that strikes it. The shield can only absorb a limited amount of 
punishment before it collapses; as it grows weaker its intensity fades. And 
melee (punches and kicks) don't get blocked by the field.

VII. Frequently Asked Questions                        

Q: How do I change my controls?
A: It's not that hard to change the controls in Oni, but you've got to know
   what you are doing. Go into the directory that you installed Oni in (e.g 
   C:\Games\Oni) and open up the key_config.txt file. You can then re-bind all
   of the keys to a new one.

Q: How do I take screenshots?
A: Oni is set up to take screenshots whenever you press the F13 (Print Screen)
   key. However, this key doesn't work on many computers. Instead, load up the
   key_config.txt file and change the line that says "bind fkey13 to screenshot)
   and change it to another key (e.g "bind fkey12 to screenshot).

Q: How do I view screenshots?
A: Unlike many games, Oni copies the screenshot to the clipboard instead of
   making it into a file. To view your screenshot, open up any paint program
   and paste the image into it.

Q: I can't get past section xxx?
A: Check the walkthrough section to find out how to complete the game.

Q: Why can't I pull off all the moves?
A: Some of the moves arn't given to you at the beggining of the game, and Konoko
   learns them throughout the course of her adventure. Usually you are given a 
   new move at the begginning of every level.

Q: What are the cheats in Oni? How can I access them?
A: The cheats in Oni are easy to get to once you've set them up. Either complete
   the game or change some files. Check the cheats section for details.

VIII. Walkthrough
Note: Because certain parts of Oni are extremely repetitive, this Walkthrough 
can sometimes get a little confusing. You should always use the compass data
to assist you when you play, it can really help you out.

1.    TCTF Training                                    

The training mission really isn't too hard at all, if you just follow the 
on-screen directions you'll be fine.

At the beginning of the exercise Shinatama informs you that your being run 
through TCTF training program beta 6 and after you've completed it you'll be 
ready for field missions. Great. You start with the basic movement training, 
which is simply doing a bit of running around. After that's been done, activate
the control console near the door to start your Dash training. You then have to 
run around a little track, which shouldn't be too hard. Then go and activate 
the other control console to get a little recap of everything you've learned 
so far and start the jump training. 

After learning how to jump, jump into the next room to start your advanced 
movement training. You are told to crouch, so do that. Before the program can 
continue, you have to jump on top of a box and watch a woman fight with 2 
robots. She beats one robot but gets taken down by the second. After that 
display of fisticuffs, you get taught how to creep, initiate your escape moves 
and sliding. Konoko is then told to slide under some laser beams a couple of 
times and are taught the jump flip before you can continue. Use the console to 
recap the moves and then jump into the next room to start your combat training.

You start off the combat training by doing a simple punches and kicks before 
you are instructed to do a punch-punch-punch combo and then a punch-punch-kick
 combo. You can then go into the next room to start fighting with a drone. In 
the next few rooms you have to practice a specific thing before you can 
continue. In the first fight you just have to kill the robot, in the second you
 have the throw the robot and in the third room you have to block the robots 
attacks. When you complete all of that successfully you can move on the next, 
and final, area. In this room there are a whole load of glass targets and a 
couple of robot drones. Pick up the gun on the table and start shooting the 
glass targets. You'll run out of ammo pretty quickly but some ballistic ammo 
will appear on the table as well. Pick it up, and then finish off shooting the 
targets. Then a Plasma Rifle appears and you have to swap your pistol for it. 
Shoot the robots with the plasma rifle to complete the training program beta 6. 
Shinitama tells you that Commander Griffin will be pleased.

But before you can finish the mission, you have to access your diary and use
the computer to recap the combat commands. After that the mission automatically 
end and the next mission loads up automatically.

2. Syndicate Warehouse                                

The Mission starts with Shinatama telling you about your health meter. If you 
don't know about your health meter, I recommend that you read it. You start 
this mission with a pistol, which can come in very useful before you find the 
machine gun later on.

Go through the door and down the stairs, and kill the man that attacks you. 
There's a data console around tells you the that a Manifest 3Y-324-G contains 
six crates that contain ammo for a railgun that the TCTF seized from the 
syndicate. Push the switch on the other side of the room to open the locked 

Go through the newly unlocked door, and Shinatama will give you some compass 
data, as well as teaching you how to use the compass. You are given a new 
objective at this point as well, which is to make contact with Operative Chung.

Go through the door with the sign that says stairs above it and climb the 
stairs. Go through the first door you see and into the next door. activate the 
switch to unlock the yellow and white diamond doors.

As you leave the room, a man will enter who you'll need to kill. Then go 
through the door that you just unlocked. You'll enter a new area which has 
another Engineer who is armed with a machine gun. Kill him and swap your pistol 
(if you've still got it) for it. Your next objective will be to unlock the 
green and white diamond doors, so go to the doors marked 'stairs' and into the
lower part of the room.

There are two rooms to the left and right of the stairs. The one on the right 
is empty, but the one on the left has the switch needed to unlock the doors and 
a Engineer who carries a Hypo spray. Kill the Engineer and take his Hypo. Shinatama 
will contact you and tell you about the 'overpower' effect. Unlock the 
green-white diamond doors with the console. If you go through the door on the 
floor you are on, the only thing you'll find is some ballistic ammo. Get that 
and then go back up the stairs you came down and through the other door you 

You notice a dead man on the floor, and when you walk up to him you realise 
it's Chung, the man you were supposed to meet. After a chat with Griffin, pick 
up Chung's datapad to find out about the whearabouts ofyour next mission, the 
Musashi Manufacturing plant.

But the mission isn't over yet. Shinatama gives you a new objective: find the 
warehouse manager. There's a Striker in one of the rooms (the one 
without the green light next to it) near to Chung's corpse, so dispose of him 
and get a Hypo spray as a reward. The stairs in this area will take you to a 
room with another Striker who will also drop a hypo spray when killed. 
You can get it if you want, but the way forward is through the other door (the 
one with the green light next to it) near Chung's body. In the next room are 
two Engineers, kill them both and go up the stairs. After you've gone up the 
stairs, the room nearest you contains a Engineer. He doesn't have anything so you 
don't have to kill him. Around the corner are two Strikers, one inside 
the room and one outside. Kill them. One drops a hypo, so pick that up. 

Continue going down the path until you reach the end. There will be two doors, 
one on the left and one in front you. The one on the left contains a Engineer, who 
you can kill if you want. The one in front of you has a staircase, go down it. 
At the bottom of the stairs lies a Striker, who carries a hypo. Through 
the door is another Striker and a locked door. The switch to unlock the 
door is at the end of the room, so unlock the door and go through it. There 
will be 3 doors in the next room, one leading to some stairs, one locked 
(red-white diamond logo on the door) and one containing a Engineer. The Engineer will 
run up the stairs and activate an alarm if he sees you, so chase him and kill 
him before he gets the chance. In the same room as the alarm is the switch to
unlock the door. Unlock the door and go down the stairs and through it to the 
next area. You will encounter a Engineer, and two doors. One of them leads to some 
stairs, which you don't need to go down. The other is the one that you have 
to go through to continue. In this room, you DO need to go up the stairs 
(not down) where you'll see a Striker attacking a civilian. Kill the 
agent and the civilian will tell you that the warehouse manager is upstairs. 
He'll also open the locked doors near you. Go through the doors after they've 
been unlocked. You'll enter on the top floor of a huge new area, and a Engineer 
will attack you. Kill the Engineer and go down the stairs, which are at the edge 
of the floor you are on. When you get to the bottom of the stairs, run to the 
other side of the room, killing the Engineer along the way, and go down the other 
set of stairs to reach the bottom floor of the building. There will be two 
Engineers that assault you, dispose of them and run over to the truck. 

Shinatama will inform you that the truck is trying to escape from the building 
and that there's no way you can get in it. You now have to find a way to stop 
the truck from leaving the building. You have a 3 minutes (which you can see in 
the bottom right of the screen) to stop the truck. A couple of Strikers 
instantly attack you, and one is armed with a pulse rifle. Take it if you want. 
Follow the compass data until you get to the stairs (it's almost a mirror copy 
of how you got down to the ground floor, but this time you are going up) 
killing the Engineers and Strikers along the way. Eventually, you'll reach 
a switch which you have to activate. Watch the movie and relax because you've 
just completed your first real level of Oni!

3.    Manufacturing Plant

You start the level being ambushed by 3 Strikers in the reception area. You've 
got two other TCTF agents to help you out, so it shouldn't be very hard to kill 

After you've done that, take a look around the reception area to get your 
bearings. There are 4 doors, 2 locked and 2 unlocked. There is also a staircase 
with leads to another door, which is locked too.

The unlocked door near the staircase has one man inside, who will give you some 
ballistic ammo when killed. The other unlocked door has two Engineers, a locked 
door and also an important switch. Push the switch to open the locked door in 
this room, and another door back in the reception area. Go back to the 
reception area and through the door you just unlocked to find a Engineer who 
drops a hypo spray when killed. Pick it up. Then go back and through the other 
door you unlocked, and go to the other side of the room and through that door. 
There will be two enemies in this room, and one of them tries to call for help 
by setting off an alarm. Kill him before he gets the chance, and then deal with 
the other man.

Leave the room and down the area with the alarm console in it, and through the 
door at the other end. You'll enter another room with a Striker and a 
switch to unlock the door up the staircase back in the reception area. You have 
to go back there now, but you can't go back the way you came as one of the doors 
has now locked itself. Instead, head out the other door in the room with the 
switch and keep going down the path until you reach a room where a syndicate 
agent is attacking two scientists. Kill the Striker before he kills any 
scientists to get rewards from them. There's a locked door in this room, and 
the switch to unlock it is in the area with the scientists. Unlock the door and 
go through it to end up back in the reception area, where a Engineer and 
Striker (armed with a plasma rife) will attack you. Kill them and go up 
the stairs and through the door that's now unlocked.

Go down the stairs and into the down the path to your left where you'll be 
attacked by 4 people. At the other side of the area, there is another door 
which will take you to the manufacturing wing of the plant. Griffin will talk 
to you before you can enter the door, but go through it when he's finished with 
you to enter the door and the manufacturing wing.

There will be two Engineers here, one of them armed with a submachine gun. Kill 
them and notice the door that's locked. There's another door that's unlocked in 
this area, so go through that and enter a room with a load of laser beams that 
you'll need to dodge. There's an exit at the end of the corridor, and an two 
exits to the right. One of them (the unlocked one) on the right leads to a room 
with a switch that's guarded by turrets and laser beams. You can't use the 
switch in this room, so don't bother trying or you'll just end up dead.

Go through the other unlocked door at the other end of the corridor, there are 
two Strikers here, a switch (the switch is pretty well hidden, so you 
might have to search for it) and another locked door. Kill them, and pull the 
switch in this room to deactivate the lasers guarding the switch in the 
previous room. 

Go back into the room with the switch guarded by turrets. Pull the switch to 
open the door back at the beginning of the manufacturing wing. In that room is 
another switch which unlock the door back in the laser corridor. Go into that 
room, and two Strikers will attack you. There's another switch in this 
room, which will unlock a door back in the room where you deactivated the 
lasers. Go through it.

When you go through it, you'll notice a Striker attacking a scientist. 
Kill the agent and then go down the stairs, and Shinatama will chat to you 
about the deadly brain. Go through the door to confront the machine. To defeat 
the deadly brain, you have to activate the 4 switches in the room while dodging 
the laser beams as you will get badly damaged and probably die if you do. After 
you've activated all 4 switches once, the switches will reset and you'll have 
to activate them all again. You have to do this 3 times, each time the lasers 
get harder to dodge. After you defeat the Deadly Brain, you'll have completed 
the level.

IX.   Cheats

To get the cheats to work in Oni, you'll have to change a couple of variables
in the persist.dat file which is located in the main folder of Oni (e.g 
C:\Games\Oni). You'll need a Hex Editor, and if you don't have one you can get
them from places like http://www.download.com

For PC users, you must change hex offset 44 to "07" 
For Mac users, you must change hex offset 47 from 02 to 07.

Save the file, and then load up Oni. In the game, press F1 to bring up your
diary and then type the appropraite code in to activate the cheat.

shapeshifter -    Change Characters (with F8 key)
liveforever -     God mode
touchofdeath -    Kill enemies in one shot
canttouchthis -   Can't be knocked down or knocked back
fatloot -         Gives you all kinds of ammo and health
glassworld -      Makes most objects breakable
winlevel -        Instantly Win Level
loselevel -       Instantly Lose Level
bighead -         Big Head Mode
minime -          Mini Mode
superammo -       Super Ammo Mode
reservoirdogs -   Last Man Standing Mode (AIs fight with each other)
roughjustice -    Gatling Guns Mode
chenille -        Daodan Power Mode (you do more damage)
behemoth -        Makes you giant
elderrune -       Regenerate health over time
moonshadow -      Phase Cloak
munitionfrenzy -  Creates pile of all weapons
fistsoflegend -   Fists Of Legend Mode
killmequick -     Enemies are super tough
carousel -        Slow Motion Mode
thedayismine -    Developer Mode

X.    Web Links

There's more than one decent Oni website on the planet Earth, and
here's some of my favourites :-

Official Oni Site -   http://oni.godgames.com/
Oni Online -          http://www.3dactionplanet.com/oni
Oni Central -         http://oni.bungie.org/
Oni Res -             http://oni.bungie.org/res/
Oni Shots -           http://oni.bungie.org/onishots/

If you've got an Oni site than you want me to list, send me an E-Mail
at RugbyMart@Lineone.net and i'll paste it up.