____  ____   ___  ____  _____   -----
/ ___||  _ \ / _ \|  _ \| ____|  \   /
\___ \| |_) | | | | |_) |  _|     \_/ 
 ___) |  __/| |_| |  _ 500k) will be
the energy dependant and the others (150k) are one off. Energy tools are
yours to keep, you can use it as many times as your want until you find it
is comfortable (unlike the Spore's DRM), while the one off ones are fixed
and do their job and you get no control. 

Anyway, when you use the tools, you can see the direction it is heading by
watching the arrows. Your aim is to head into the centre ring. You are best
using the energy tools since you can control where the dot is heading, but
they require unlocking and a lot of money to purchase one. 

After you have successfully headed into another level, that is, improve the
Terraforming Score from T0 to T1, T1 to T2 or T2 to T3, there will be a 
flash of green light, while a red light means that the Terraforming Score
has decreased.


When you have reached a new Terraforming Level, you need to do a single 
thing. You need to stablise the planet if you want to keep it there because
if the ecosystem is not stabilised, that dot will head back to the location
where it was originally located. 

To stablise it, you need to fill out the ecosystem for each layer, that is,
you need to completely the ecosystem three times for a T3 planet. For each
layer, there are 3, you need a small plant, a medium plant and a large 
plant. After the plants have been placed, you will be able to place two
herbivores there. After the herbivores are in place, you can put in a 
Carnivore and that will support 5 buildings for a T1 colony, 12 buildings 
for a T2 colony and 20 buildings for a T3 colony. Also, city halls and
turrets count as buildings, so keep that in mind. 

When you do this, you might keep in mind that you need completely 
different plants and animals. If you really want a nice tip, you can 
terraform several planets and after you are ready to stablise, you can
place the plants and animals down, and them beam them back up, the game
won't know the difference. 

Make sure that when you place the plants and animals down, you need the
all the plants down first, the all the herbivores and finally the 
carnivore. That way, it won't give you problems of biosphere not being
able to support the plant or animal. 


When you place a colony, you need to place it near, but not exactly
right next to a spice geyser. After all, how do you think the colony is
going to produce spice? The more spice geysers won't effect spice 
production, the only thing that will effect production is the layout
of you're city. 

[7.06] Planetside Moves

When you are on the planet, you get to play with a few toys. The Scanner is
going to be relatively important. This will allow you to scan any object, 
vehicle, creature, plant, etc, and you can then add it to your Sporepedia
which is essentially a collection of all the creations you have found and
it is like a trading card game, except the problem that the creators aren't
creating it.

Anyway, the scanner does have its uses. When you are on certain missions to
collect a few species, your radar, more on that next, might not always lead
you to the correct species, and the scanner allows for you to know, for 
sure, what type of creature you are scanning. Rather useful.

The next tool is the Radar. This will essentially lead you to your target.
If you are close to whatever it is you are looking for, maybe an artifact or
a diseased lifeform, it will ping you to your target. It will also start to
beam more often the closer you are, and this is shown on screen and with 
sound if you have the speakers on, because the closer you are, the more it 
makes a pinging noise. 

The next tool is the abduction ray. This allows you to pick an object off
the ground and into your ship. Make sure that you hold onto the mouse while
you are doing this because it will not be in your ship until it shows up in
the cargo hold and as such, letting go will be letting it fly.

When you are planning to set it down, select the item you want to set down
and then beam it till it reaches the desired destination. Again, don't let it
fly because in the case of animals, letting it drop even a meter off the 
ground will kill the animal you are trying to set down. 

[7.07] Missions

Whether you like it or not, you are going to need to do some missions to 
ensure that you make money and keep your empire intact.

The first type of missions are defence missions. All you need to do here, 
as this is prompted by the game, is that you need to kill all the invaders,
either here to destroy your colony or to steal your spice. If it is the 
former, you need to prepare for a dogfight and arm your Proton Missiles since
you are normally going to be facing a squad of ships. Other empires will field
relatively strong ships while pirates will field weak and useless ships. 
Failure here will either result in the destruction of the colony or it is 
captured by the enemy.

If it is the latter, you are going to be facing a 2 or 3 pirate ships that are
at your colonies stealing the spice. The problem with this is that your proton
missiles won't be able to knock them out with a single shot and once you go
near them, they will fly like crazy. You need to catch up and speed up to 
get close behind them, constantly firing your missiles in hopes that you can
kill them. You need to eliminate a majority of them or hold them off long
enough to get rid of it. Failure here will make the spice count lower on the

Another type of mission is biodisaster. This is where there is a threat to
the ecosystem and you need to eliminate diseased lifeforms. All you need to
do is to fly to where the lifeforms are, using your radar for this, whip out
the laser and laser the lifeform to death. This is cruel, but if you stuff
up, your ecosystem will be set back a notch. Laser them, and after you have
killed 5, then you finish the mission. 

The final type of typical mission is the collection mission. All you need to
do is to head to a certain planet, one requested by the empire you are helping
since this is a mission you need to take from an empire, and you need to head
to the specificed planet on your log and you need to collect a few samples of
a certain lifeform in a certain period of time, starting when you land on the
planet to collect and return to the planet where you undertook the mission. 
Failure here will result in the fact that the relationship between you and the
other empire will be lower. Failure is not an option. 

[7.08] Spice Production

Spice Production here is very important, it is the commodity that you trade
for the other empires and your own colonies to get you more money. That is the
point of colonies, you will be able to build colonies for a set investment 
and they will produce spice, for free.

There are 6 types of spice, listed below as well as the price in which you
can purchase the spice from any colony that is not under your control. As you
can see, red spice is the most common while the purple spice is the rarest.

 * Red Spice
"This rare spice is used as a flavoring for certain foods and often produces 
an eye-watering effect on the consumer." 

Purchasing Cost : 3,375 Sporebucks per unit

 * Blue Spice 
"A deep blue spice used primarily as a sleeping aid." 

Purchasing Cost : 4,500 Sporebucks per unit

 * Yellow Spice
"A sour spice used primarily in summertime beverages." 

Purchasing Cost : 6,750 Sporebucks per unit

 * Green Spice
"A Green spice used in making a relaxing, minty tea beverage." 

Purchasing Cost : 10,125 Sporebucks per unit

 * Pink Spice
"A pink spice used as a sweetener or as a floor polish." 

Purchasing Cost : 14,625 Sporebucks per unit

 * Purple Spice 
"A purple-ish spice used in making a sweet-flavored purple pudding." 

Purchasing Cost : 22,500 Sporebucks per unit

--==Spice Probability==--

If you don't see, you can tell the probability of spice appearing with a 
star and the vapour of the planet. Below is the type of star, the vapour
trail of the planet and the probability of the planet holding a certain 
colour of spice. 

 * Red Stars

Green Vapour Trail    = 96% of Red Spice
                        2% of Green Spice
                        2% of Pink Spice

Red/Blue Vapour Trail = 50% of Red Spice
                        44% of Yellow Spice
                        2% of Green Spice
                        2% of Pink Spice
                        2% of Purple Spice

 * Yellow Stars

Green Vapour Trail    = 94% of Yellow Spice
                        2% of Green Spice
                        2% of Pink Spice
                        2% of Purple Spice

Red/Blue Vapour Trail = 34% of Yellow Spice
                        22% of Green Spice
                        2% of Pink Spice
                        2% of Purple Spice

 * Blue Stars

Green Vapour Trail    = 100% of Blue Spice

Red/Blue Vapour Trail = 20% of Blue Spice
                        30% of Green Spice
                        35% of Pink Spice
                        15% of Purple Spice

As you can see, if you really want the rarest spice, head to the blue
stars. Of course, what this doesn't say is the probabilty that each star
will appear. No one, has, of course calculated the amount of each type of
star, so there is no point is estimating there.

--==Maximum Selling Price==--

Each piece of spice has a maximum selling price that is seemingly 
determined by the game. These are, according to one of my sources, the 
highest observed prices for each piece of Spice. 

Red Spice = 16,868 Sporebucks per unit

Blue Spice = 26,140 Sporebucks per unit

Yellow Spice = 22,491 Sporebucks per unit

Green Spice = 50,605 Sporebucks per unit

Pink Spice = 56,188 Sporebucks per unit

Purple Spice = 73,096 Sporebucks per unit

Of course, if you have observed higher, send in a screenshot and prove
me wrong. I find that yellow spice should have a selling price between 35 to
50 thousands, but I haven't observed that yet. 

Reaching near these levels is considered a decent sell. 30% from the observed
maximum is considered a decent selling point, it all determines your luck on
the day you land. 

[7.09] Money Making

Money making is relatively important. If the above spice production doesn't
really work, there are other methods.

If you don't want to produce spice, there is nothing to say that you can't
steal the spice. If you want some spice, just head to a nearby planet with an
empire there or a civilisation stage planet, best for the latter since the 
former can bomb you back, and abduct the spice boxes that are lying there in
the city. 

If you don't want to be a thief, a mercenary. You can be a sword for hire and
take missions from the other empires and you will be able to make some money
from them as well. The more missions you take, the happier the other empire
gets and the more money you get, which is always useful. But in the long 
run, it doesn't compare to the amount of money that you can make from the 
spice trade. Spice trading is the most effective way to make money, 
especially if you have control over some rare spice fields. That extra work 
from terraforming is going to be worth it in the long run.

A decent source of side income is from collectibles, but more on that later.
For now, if you collect all 10 pieces in a collection, you can sell the
entire collection for 10 times the value if they were sold by themselves. 
We are talking about 4 million per collection at least, but the problem is
storage of the items isn't helpful, planetside aside, there is no real place
to store it and it does take a long time to collect it all, so that makes it a

Other than that, there is no real source of income. Blowing people up for 
their planets doesn't count, that spice needs to head somewhere, but it is 
up to you how you make your money, but rest assured, for this stage, you need
a lot. After all, I do keep a Planet Buster, just in case. 

[7.10] Exploration

Exploration of the Spore Galaxy is relatively important. It is safe to say
that it isn't the Spore Galaxy, it is the Milky Way. After all, that is the
galaxy that contains Sol or Earth, however you like to call it.

If you explore the galaxy, you will find that there are little items called
wormholes. These are places of interest, where if you zoom in to the max, you
will see it sucks everything in, and this will teleport you to another place,
but be warned, you need to know where this leads to and how to get back, as 
well as knowing that without a Wormhole key, you are going to take some damage
as a result.

Anyway, when you visit new systems, there are going to be planet that will
have some lines buzzing out of it, pinging out if you like, which means that
your radar is going off. Blue means that there is someone who wants to talk
with you. Orange, beige, cream, whatever, means that there is something of

What is this something of interest? Well, it could be an ambush by pirates,
so make sure you can quickly whip out your missiles and "Fox 2" that sucker
into a nice piece of scrap metal. However, it can also be an artifact, that
would be really nice, and it can be a piece of art that you can use for 
colouring a planet. Tentacle seas anyone?

There are some codes that you need to look for when you are going to mess
around with some planets. These will make it a lot easier when you surf the
galaxy. My thanks go out to Aya who sent all this in. 

For a Planet, these icons will semi help you, and when you find some sort of
life on it, it will help even more. 

Large cirle:  Planet
Small circle: Moon
Red circle:   Too hot to be T1
Blue circle:  Too cold to be T1
White circle: Too little or too much atmosphere to be T1
Green circle: T1+

Sphere icon:                      Less than T1
Leaf icon:                        T1+ and no animals
Paw icon:                         T1+ and has at least one herbivore
Campfire icon:                    Has tribal species
Wireframe planet with flag icon:  Has civilized species
Flag icon:                        Has one of your colonies
Spaceship icon:                   Has another species' colony
House icon:                       Home planet

[7.11] The Grox

Well, the Grox. Where do I start? Well, they hide near the centre of the
galaxy, and their empire is huge. Seriously, it is huge. The Grox are a bunch
of robots that control over a thousand star systems around the centre of the
galaxy and that makes it extremely hard to fight with them.

It is possible to make peace with the Grox. To do so, you need to first, 
find one of their planets and make contact with them. The problem is, you do
anything that can be considered bad in their territory will automatically set
them off at you and try to beat the crap out of you, so you really want to
be a good little kid around them.

When you see them, you want to first of all, happy ray their pants off. That
will give a boost. Another booster will be an embassy, let them know that
your civilisation doesn't like being carpet bombed back to the stone age. 
Another method is bribery. Just half them a nice wad of Sporebucks, about
half a million and they will be happy with you. Or blow up a neutral planet
and that would please them. 

Once you get to the happy stage, the neutral stage, you can run missions for 
them and that will boost your relationship, and soon, you can even have a 
trade route with them. Soon, you head into alliance, and you get a nice badge
for doing that. Their missions might make you a bit unpopular. Getting 
artifacts or abduction or complete destruction of other species. Nothing says
hello like a nice robot probing you. 

There is one reason for this alliance, they will give you a badge for the
alliance. However, the problem is that nearly every single empire will
instantly declare war on you for allying with the Grox. Well, you allied with
one of the strongest empires, but you get attacked by all the other empires.

Or you can, alternatively, destroy the Grox. The problem with that is that
the Grox has a lot of star systems to play with, and you really need to be
able to fight for a long period of time. I suggest that you set up a base
of operations near the Grox Empire.

The best method is to slowly take over. You know that the Grox will only send
a single ship after you for every single star system you visit. So visit one,
clear it out, rearm and refuel, and go again. As for the destruction of the
Grox, all you need to do is to terraform their planet from the T0 into a T1
planet. This will instantly destroy their colony, and you can place your's 
there as well. However, that is the simple method, alternatively, you can
just drop a hell of a lot of bombs on them and hope for the best. 

Defeating all the Grox will give you a badge as well. It is possible but
nearly impossible to be allied and kill the Grox, but ally and then blow them
into smithereens. It is completely up to you how to attack the Grox, but the
problem is, alliance will make everyone else hate you and war will take a 
long time. Your choice. 

[7.12] Fighting

Fighting is going to be a really big part of this stage, you are going to be
fighting a lot to defend your land and to make some headway to make yourself
a superpower. 

If you are going to fight in the air, there is no choice but to use the 
Proton Missiles. They are going to be the tools that you are going to be 
upgrading first because air combat is the most important factor.

An automatic turret can't hurt either. Once you are attacked, it will be
useful for a turret to automatically fight back and shoot them for a fair 
amount of damage, which, over time, will hurt.

Land targets are going to be a bit harder. Lasers are accurate, but they are
weak and they suck up a lot of energy. That is a problem. Pulse is strong
and can hit multiple targets, but damage wise, not too good. If you want to
bomb targets, use the bomb. However, while they do good damage, they will 
be rather inaccurate, so you really need to be close to the ground and bomb

So, if you are fighting a city, you can use the laser to zap and destroy the
turrets, which will remove the defence from the enemy, and then you can zoom
down to the ground and use the bomb and drop the and hit the city hall to
capture it. Those are the weapons that you are going to use.

Repairs are rather essential, considering that in some battles, you are 
going to take some sort of heavy damage, and you really need to be repaired
since if you are a long distance from home, repairs aren't going to be cheap
and considering the fact that if you have allies, the repair bill goes up,
and in the midst of battle, these are going to be life savers. Just make sure
you be careful, there is a recharge time here as well. 

[7.13] Other Empires

If you need to bear in mind that there is a relationship factor that you need
to remind yourself of. You can go rushing into other planets and blow the 
living crap out of it just to make sure they get a message. It is just like 
a country invading another because they don't like them. It isn't the most
diplomatic solution.

You need to follow the galactic code. That is, don't juse a planet buster,
gravitional wave or fanatical frenzy near them, otherwise, they won't be too
happy with you. You shouldn't ally with the Grox either, that would also make
them mad. 

Also, when you visit an empire, it is only there and then that they will start
to expand their empire. When you don't explore them, they won't expand, so
make no contact, no expansion, so you will have it a bit easy. However, when
you make contact with them, they will expand, and they will expand rapidly
until they hit the brick wall of another empire. The problem here is that if
they grow too big, bigger than your empire, you are going to need to be able
to kill them or buy your way out of it.

It is important that you be able to buy yourself out of it or fight because if
you are surrounded, you won't have money to play with along the way since your
colonies will be able to produce spice and that will be important for a source
of money. 

Be careful with alliances, you need to be able to avoid a World War 1 
situation this guy is allied to another guy who is enemies with that guy. That
is, if you are allied with another empire, you might be forced to fight with
another civilisation because they are at war with another civilisation. This
is rather problematic, since my colonies get pounded, well, they use to 
before they started facing 3 colonies with 8 turrets there waiting for them.

If you are at war with another empire, you really want to seek a solution. 
Why? Because if you don't, you will be fighting for a long time, since they
will only give up when you give them money for peace or you destroy all of
their colonies and take over their homeworld. Unlike most games, the capture
of the homeworld doesn't meant the end of the empire, you need to capture
every single on.

And a final note, if you are able to get a monolith and place it on a planet
with a tribal or civilisation stage species, you will slowly have them 
evolve, 2001: A Space Odyssey style and they will evolve into the Space
Stage and you get a nice bonus with them. A +50 Relationship bonus, and
that is certainly a good thing. 

[7.14] Centre of the Galaxy

To get to the centre of the galaxy, you really need to be using the 
Interstellar Drive 5 since there are going to be problems once you get to 
the centre. To get to the centre, you need to follow the arm of the galaxy
you are in and go to the centre. Zoom out and see for yourself. Also, the bar
at the bottom will show how far you are from the centre. The closer you are,
the more that bar is filled to the right. 

When you near the centre, you will see the Grox. They are the biggest problem
that you are going to face, the Grox are everywhere, they own all the star
systems around the centre of the galaxy, and don't forget, you need to be 
able to get out as well as get in, so you need to be able to bring in a lot 
of firepower.

To get to the centre, you either need to ally or destroy the Grox, and they
have already been mentioned in the relevant section that is found above
this. The method that I haven't mentioned is hopping. 

Like Island Hopping during the Second World War, you are just going to skip
through a lot of star systems to get to the desired location. However, for
this, you are going to need a few things. You need the best proton missile and
defensive turret, a lot of repair and energy packs, and some allies can't 

What you do is to visit a Grox system and wait till you destroy the ship. 
Don't move until that ship is destroyed. That is important because if you get
a bunch of Grox ships after you, and there are 5 of them, they are going to
be a lot harder to beat than if they are on their own, which can always be
a problem. 

The problem is, when you get closer and closer to the centre of the galaxy,
the gravity will pull you closer, and that limits your movement. They is 
why you needed to start with ISD 5 because when you get closer, the amount
you can move shrinks. You might be able to move about 12 parsecs in a single
go, by the time you get to the centre, it will be about 2, so that is why 
you need to wait for a while.

When you get to the centre, it is like a wormhole, just zoom in and enjoy
the ride. You will meet Steve and from then, you will just talk, and then
you get out of the centre of the galaxy. And then, RUN!

[7.15] From There Onwards

From there, what do you do? It is like the Sims, you've moved into the biggest
house, and there is really nothing else to do. It is like Oblivion, you have
killed that massive Mehrunes Dagon, but the game still continues. There is
nothing else that you can do, or is there?

If you want some motivation to keep playing Spore after that, my challenge
is set for you. The Gauntlet has been dropped on the table.

 * Collect all the collectibles. This might sound easy, but the hardest part
   is to find all the Storyline Planets. More on this later, but you need to
   find a few planets out of many. Good luck with that.

 * Defeat the Grox. Enough said, all you need to do is kill all of them, 
   every single colony that the Grox have, take it. Good luck with that, 
   because you surely need it. 

 * Explore the entire galaxy. I will be surprised if anyone is able to explore
   every single star system. It will take a long time, so good luck with 
   that. Make sure you have some coffee, or two, or a few more. 

 * Find Earth. Seriously, find it. If you can't be bothered to find the
   co-ordinate, this is it: Angle 225.06, Distance: 7,295.43. Now look for 
   it, and say hi to us all.

If you have a challenge to your fellow players, send it in, and let us test
them on Spore. 

[7.16] Completing this Stage

There is really no way to complete this stage. There is no set goal to 
complete, but there are some that are considered to be goals.

 * Reach the Centre of the Galaxy

 * Reach the Level of Omnipotent in terms of Badges

 * Complete all the Achievements

 * Explore all the Star Systems and Planets

 * Defeat the Grox

 * Defeat all the other Empires

Again, there are no goals here, it is a Maxis game, no win, no loss. 

[7.17] Tips for Survival

This is an entirely reader friendly section. This is where all the tips sent
in by readers will be added and trust me, before I have even started this
part, I already had a fair amount to put in. I'll add a bit on the difficulty
on the game

When you start the game, easy will get 1500 base health for their starship,
normal will get 1000 and hard will get a measly 300. Also, hard mode is more
likely to encounter pirate attacks and ecodisasters, the fallout for failure
is far higher, the enemy will attack more often when at war, and when you
try to sue for peace, their demands for money are more unreasonable. As if
half a million for losing isn't unreasonable enough, but that is another

Colin McMillen has sent in the following about taking a free T3 planet.
"In Space stage, you can take over a nice juicy T3 planet (or any other
 planet) if it is claimed by a Tribal or Civilization species; you just have 
 to go around and destroy all the cities on the planet in order to destroy 
 sentient life so you can install your own colonies. It's simple to destroy 
 Tribal species, Civilization might be a little harder because they can
 attack you with turrets and air vehicles."

Marijn Roorda (Mardiana), has sent in the following about Terraforming, and 
supports that you can play beamer. 

"When you beam down creatures on your planet of choice, with the idea of 
 populating that planet for increased spice production, make sure your zoomed
 in fully, and drop first the 3 trees (small medium and large) on the same 
 spot, and right after they are beamed down, beam em up again. The planet 
 will still be populated with those trees, but you don't lose them from your 
 cargohold. You can do the same thing with creatures. This way you can take 5 
 of each, and populate a million planets, and always keep 5 of each ready in 
 your cargo hold at any time. Only thing to worry about are the escorts, they
 can sometimes get in the way of the beam and scatter your tree/creature. If 
 so, just beam down another, zoom out fully, zoom back down to the planet, 
 and your planet is filled with the creature/tree you lost."

Hough123 has sent in this following tip about attacking other nations, and I
must say, it is rather effective. Effective, and you don't need to get some
missiles to give as a gift, or drop a bomb in anger. 

"As we are both aware, you get terra-forming tools throughout the stage. I 
 thought to myself one day “What would happen if I used these on someone 
 else’s planet?” so I tried my cloud vacuum on a planet that I was at war 

 It worked beautifully as a weapon. The second I took away their atmosphere, 
 all but one city was left out of 12. I made quick work of this city with a 
 laser and placed a colony of my own on the planet. I then did this to every
 one of that empire’s colonies, I took down all 5 of their systems in about 
 15 minutes. This is better than buying millions of spore-bucks worth of 
 weapons to take over one planet, which even then you have to take out each
 city one by one constantly having to take out ships and turrets with ally 
 ships that you need to protect from these threats as well as yourself. The 
 only downside is that you have to terra-form the planet afterwards if you 
 want to use it for spice, but this isn’t that bad if you have the proper 
 tools to do so."

Caleb367 has sent in this nifty observation for the beginning of the space

"In the space stage, the homeworld gets 50 spice storage on start and begins 
 with its cities as they were in the end of the civ stage. that means, if 
 you've bombed out half of them, you'll still get them razed and 

 Also, buildings on the homeworld cost much less than elsewhere (for example, 
 turrets cost 1,000 Sporebucks instead of the 16,000 on every other planet)."

However, it is important to note that in the long run, you cannot rely on
your Home planet for spice production, since it is extremely sluggish, but it
is cheap to defend your planet, but then again, no one will try to attack your
home planet. 

David Engel sent in the following tip for the Space Stage. If you have a 
fast computer, this isn't such a bad idea after all. 

"In space stage, if you are a zealot, there is a really easy strategy once you
 have the monolith to gain a T3 planet with 10 colonies making pink/purple or 
 whatever spice you want.  All you have to do is terraform an empty planet to 
 T3, then stabilize, then place a monolith.  Subsequently wait for a little 
 while, and then come back, use the zealot uber power and voila you have a 
 super money source.  Rinse and repeat, another nice thing is if you exit to 
 the main window, your superpower is refreshed, so you can go back and forth 
 and take over planets really quickly if you want to do that dirty way."

Grant Rippon sent in the following about the empires not really liking you to
paint their planets. He also sends in some other things, various hints and 
tips overall. 

"Just a heads up for the faq, using terrascultpting (not terraforming) tools 
 or colouring tools on a planet owned by another race will count as a 
 negative action, driving your relationship with the species down a fair ways 
 (5 or more at times). You can do this on your own colonies without danger, 
 except if it gets too close to a city. At one point I tried to place a gear 
 sea near one of my cities, thinking it would allow me to make colony sea, but
 in return I got a red face from my colony. The red face normally only appears
 when you attack an alien empire, indicating they will immediately start 
 shooting you.

 To ally with anyone except the grox, terraform. Terraform one of their T0 
 planets to T3 to boost your standing with the empire by up to 100 points. 
 Considering how quickly one can terraform at the later stages, this can 
 become the fastest way to ally with others.
 Enemy ships will flee in terror once they hit a certain percentage of their 
 health. These, like pirates can be infuriating to catch. However, flying as 
 fast as you can after them with a laser aimed at them will be more effective
 than missiles in this case.
 Leave enemy homeworlds as intact as you can. If you capture cities rather 
 than killing them you can get around 5 colony pack cities on a single planet,
 beating your home planet or any regular colonized planet in terms of spice 
 production and storage."

LordSkull sent in the following to give yourself a nice boost to the Space
Stage as well as some really unconventional weapons. Seriously, you really
don't expect these to be weapons. 

"I found it was also helpful to max out my cities while in Civ stage as it 
 rolls over to Space stage. So taking the time to build up all your cities 
 before evolving can save money in the tight initial stages. Volcanos, Comet 
 and Asteroid call also make great weapons. Plus the effect is pretty fun 
 to watch."

[8.01] Weapons

Weapons are going to be an important tool for any spacecraft, because whether
you like it or not, you are going to need to attack enemies here, defend 
your empire, and to defeat and remove the mechanical Grox out of the galaxy.
It would be funny if the Grox did exist in the middle of the Milky Way.


Anyway, you will start off with a Laser and Proton Missile. 


Mini Laser - Start
Laser      - Conquerer 2 or Eco Hero 1 - Base Cost = §500,000 
Mega Laser - Conquerer 3 or Eco Hero 2 - Base Cost = §1,500,000 

The Laser is the precision weapon in the game. The laser is important for
the Biodisaster because it will be needed to pinpoint and kill, accurately,
infected animals. Killing too many animals will lead to extinction, so it is
advisible for you to make sure you accurately kill the infected animal only.
The higher level lasers do more damage and consume a bit less energy than 
its previous laser. 

These are also useful for taking out turrets quickly, but against other
buildings, they aren't all that useful. 

--==Auto Blaster==--

Mini Auto Blaster - Colonist 1 or Conquerer 1 - Base Cost = §100,000
Auto Blaster      - Colonist 2 or Conquerer 2 - Base Cost = §300,000
Mega Auto Blaster - Colonist 3 or Conquerer 3 - Base Cost = §900,000

The Auto Blaster will attack enemy units automatically, and deal little bits
of damage over a period of time, but they will only attack on two single
conditions, first of all, it needs to be turned on, and secondly, you need
to be damaged by the enemy before it will attack you back. 

They are one of the most useful tools in the game, because they are the only
offensive weapons that can attack other airships except for the Proton Missile
and is the only attacking weapon when you are being attacked while orbiting
a planet or star system. 

--==Proton Missile==--

Minor Proton Missile - Start
Proton Missile       - Body Guard 1 or Conquerer 2 - Base Cost = §400,000
Mega Proton Missile  - Body Guard 2 or Conquerer 3 - Base Cost = §1,200,000

The Proton Missile is, single-handedly, the most important weapon in the
entire game. This is the only powerful weapon that will attack other 
spacecraft and you are going to be fighting a lot of those here. While the 
first two may seem quite weak, the mega proton missile does a fair amount of
damage, and they attack rather fast.

Proton Missiles are the most important weapons in the game, so you want to
upgrade them fast. Seriously, when they start, they are pathetic, weak as 
crap. But when they are on the mega status, they are powerful, able to 
defeat most spacecraft in two missiles at most, defeating the strongest 
siege ships in several shots. 


Mini Pulse - Colonist 1 or Conquerer 1 - Base Cost = §200,000
Pulse      - Colonist 2 or Conquerer 2 - Base Cost = §400,000
Mega Pulse - Colonist 3 or Conquerer 3 - Base Cost = §1,200,000

The Pulse is the mini cousin of the Bomb. They are powerful weapons and are
quite powerful shockwave weapons. The difference between this and the bomb are
quite important. The first is that the Pulse has a much lower recharge time,
and they will be much more accurate than the bomb. 

The use of the pulse is useful earlier in the space stage as your siege weapon
since they do have the shockwave effect and are quite powerful, but they are
later outstaged by bombs later on. However, they make a good weapon to take 
out enemy turrets, which is hard to do so with a bomb.


Mini Bomb  - Colonist 2 or Warmonger 1 - Base Cost = §400,000
Justa Bomb - Colonist 3 or Warmonger 2 - Base Cost = §800,000
Mega Bomb  - Colonist 4 or Warmonger 3 - Base Cost = §2,400,000

The Bomb is the most powerful ground-pounding attack weapon in the game. 
They are the best unit to bomb buildings into submission, but the problem is
that they are very inaccurate. When you are bomb them, it doesn't mean that
it will land directly below your spacecraft.

When you use the bomb, disable the turrets using either their laser or 
pulse weapons, and fly directly cover the city, as close as the ground as
possible. Right above the building you want to target, bomb it, and that
will seriously pound the enemy quick. Best to use on City Halls to force a
quick capture.


Missile - Colonist 3 or Conquerer 3 - Base Cost = §250,000, 10 Uses
Bomb    - Colonist 4 or Conquerer 4 - Base Cost = §400,000, 2 Uses

The Anti-Matter Missile is 10 uses before it is gone. The Anti-Matter
missile is excellent as a beginning attack weapon because of its ability to
cause a lot of damage as well as dealing splash damage, which helps you by
making a lot of enemies weak. The price tag makes it 25,000 Sporebucks per
attack, which is rather expensive.

The Anti-Matter Bomb is even more expensive, at 200,000 Sporebucks per 
bomb, but they dish out a heck of a lot more damage on the city, making for
a very fast capture. Does more damage than the Mega Bomb, but I suggest on
keeping the Mega Bomb over this varient, it does more damage and unlike the
Spore DRM, there is no limit on how many times you can do this.

--==Planet Buster==--

Planet Buster - Colonist 5 or Conquerer 5 - Base Cost = §5,000,000

Big Badda Boom! This is the most dangerous weapon in the game, period. This 
will basically, when used on a planet, blow the planet up into a molten core
and a bunch of fragments. For this, there are rules on using this.

If you use this, many empires will shun you, no one wants to talk to someone
who as basically used a Weapon of Mass Destruction for the fun of it. This 
will make you a Galactic Pariah, like several countries, no names mentioned. 
Don't use this less it is the bottom of the barrel, which it never is. You
don't need to use it, but if you want to blow up Earth for the achievement,
just laugh at the extermination of life. 

--==Cloaking Device==--

Cloaking Device - Missionista 5 or Trader 5 - Base Cost = §250,000

This is not as useful because all it does is force you to fight another
day, but the use of this is for those who want to escape. If you are losing 
pretty badly, or want to skip through all the enemy states, you might want to
use this to lose as little health as possible.

The best use is when you are defending your planet and need to escape for
a repair. This is best done when you are really low on health and you don't
have the ability to use the repair pack, due to cooldown or something. 

--==Rally Call==--

Rally Call - Diplomat 3 or Warmonger 3 - Base Cost = §750,000

A useful weapon if you have allies, this will boost their attack power for a 
short period of time, which is always very useful when you have 5 allies with
their guns, preped, primed and ready.


Shield - Colonist 3 or Warmonger 4 - Base Cost = §500,000

This will create a shield, which lasts for only a short period of time or
until enough damage has been dealt, before it will be gone. This allows for
you to defend against enemy damage without losing any health for a short
period of time, great for speed runs through enemy territory. 

--==Repairs and Energy==--

AOE Repairs      - Body Guard 1 or Diplomat 2 - Base Cost = §50,000, 1 Use
Repair Pack      - Missionista 2 or Trader 2 - Base Cost = §10,000, 1 Use
Repair Mega Pack - Missionista 4 or Trader 4 - Base Cost = §20,000, 2 Uses
Energy Pack      - Missionista 1 or Trader 1 - Base Cost = §10,000, 1 Use
Energy Mega Pack - Missionista 3 or Trader 3 - Base Cost = §20,000, 2 Uses

These are the most important one off items that you can get. The repair and
energy packs will boost the amount of energy and health that you have, which
is useful if you are planning to solo this mission. However, the AOE repair
is the most useful item because they will heal you, as well as your Allies,
all the way back to full health. Since it may be a problem to figure out which
ally went down, keep them up as long as possible. 

[8.02] Socialisation

Socialisation tools are very important, they need to be used if you want to 
socialise with weaker creatures or to make people more happy with you, since
war means that you need to pay for the cost of war, even if they started it
and they are being crumbled into fine pieces of ancient history.

--==Happy Ray==--

Mini Happy Ray   - Diplomat 2 or Economist 2 - Base Cost = §200,000
Medium Happy Ray - Diplomat 3 or Economist 3 - Base Cost = §500,000
Super Happy Ray  - Diplomat 4 or Economist 4 - Base Cost = §1,500,000

Despite sounding extremely camp, the Happy Ray does have its uses. It will,
when used on a planet, make them more happy with you, which is rather 
beneficial to your cause. Use it over their cities, and after you have used
it for a period of time, it will make a little boost. A little does, 
remember, go a long way.


Fireworks - Missionista 2 or Traveler 2 - Base Cost = §30,000, 1 Use

These are best used on your colonies, when they are rather displeased with
you and this, when used near your colonies, will make them happier with you,
which is a good thing if that colony is a nice target, it will make it 
harder for your enemies to capture, so Fireworks is useful, but generally
speaking, you won't be needing this because it is quite hard to make your
colonies unhappy, if you stuff up your city layout. 

--==Mind Erase==--

Mind Erase        - Brain Surgeon 1 or Cleaner 1 - Base Cost = §300,000
Global Mind Erase - Brain Surgeon 3 or Cleaner 3 - Base Cost = §50,000, 1 Use

The Mind Erase is very useful if you have pissed off an empire, the more you
have pissed them off, the more you will have an effect with the mind erase. 
You should use this if you are planning to make an attack, especially if you
are hostile with them, because this will calm down the citizens of the 
planet you are preparing to bomb, and you will take a bit less damage as a 


Embassy - Diplomat 5 or Traveler 5 - Base Cost = §500,000, 1 Use

This is incredibly useful if you have access to one of these. These, when
they are placed on another empire's planet, will always be there and it will
give a more or less, permanent boost to your relationship, which is useful
when you decide to let loose that little planet buster that makes a lot of
people more nervous to be with you, after all, you just destroyed a planet,
all of the work put in by Maxis, gone. 

--==Crop Circles==--

Crop Circles - Traveler 1 or Zoologist 1 - Base Cost = §100,000

This is only useful if you are trying to contact with tribes and cities,
where you will try to talk to them. There is really no real point here 
except to draw a few pretty circles and they aren't even any crops to draw
a circle on. I find that bombing the enemy into submission, making them
extinct, and then stealing their planet a much more effective method for
a planet.


Monolith - Traveler 2 or Zoologist 2 - Base Cost = §500,000, 1 Use

This is one of the most important tools if you want to boost those
creatures, tribes and civilisations into a bigger type of species. The
monolith, when placed on a planet with a creature, tribe or civilisation
will, over time, make them grow into a space-faring race. This will be 
done at a much faster, and visible rate, than the other types of creatures,
tribes and civilisations. 

Note that when the civilisation grows into the space stage, you will get a 
permantent 50 relationship boost with the newly created empire. But if you
just a friend, find another empire, just bomb the creatures or enslave 
them and capture the planet.

--==Species Eradicator==--

Species Eradicator - Cleaner 3 or Missionista 4 - Base Cost = §250,000, 1 Use

This is one of the worst tools against a species, this will basically kill
off a species for a completely new one. It is advisible that you quickly 
find a new species to replace it because it will leave the ecosystem in 
tatters, because if you saw, removes all the cows from the planet, you need to
find something to fill that gap. 


Supersizer - Eco Hero 4 or Zoologist 4 - Base Cost = §400,000, 1 Use

This will require you to have a free slot, but this, when used, will 
basically make a specific creature, of your choosing, a lot bigger and
make it into an Epic creature, which is rather interesting if you want a 
massive monster that really is a friendly dinosaur trapped in a large 
dinosaur's body. 

--==Creature Tweaker==--

Creature Tweaker - Cleaner 3 or Traveler 2 - Base Cost = §500,000, 1 Use

This is quite an interesting tool to use on the creatures that you will
encounter in the universe, it allows you to get a creature, even the well
designed Maxis ones that look like a cow, and tweak it. You can add all
the different parts that you want. So, you can grab a herbivore that looks
rather docile, and give it spikes, rams, poison spitting ability and make
it a herbivore to be taken seriously. Then, supersize it and marvel at 
your creation, jointly built by someone else. 

--==Create Creature==--

Create Creature - Cleaner 5 or Traveler 4 - Base Cost = §1,500,000, 1 Use

This is a rather interesting way of using the creature creator. This allows
you, whilst you are in the space mode and fiddling around with your spaceship,
to create creatures, as the name suggests. This will, when you have finished
creating the creature, allow for you to have 5 of those animals that you 
have created. So if you think that your enemy has some crappy animals, just
eradicate one of those species, and then replace them with your own turd
shaped monsters to prove that your enemy is eating crap.

--==Wildlife Sanctuary==--

Wildlife Sanctuary - Eco Hero 3 or Zoologist 3 - Base Cost = §600,000, 1 Use

This is a very useful way of storing creatures that you have encounter all 
over the universe and place them on a single planet, but you will lose all
ability to use this planet as a planet to produce spice. However, it does
have its advantages.

One of the advantages, when at a T3 level, will be a nice place to store all
your favoured creations. This will act like a normal planet, without the 
spice production or ability to plant colonies, but you still have the 
ecosystems to fill out. You need plants, there are 3 layers of plants there
to fill out as well. 

The good thing is that you get to place 30 species of animals here, so you
can easily decide to terraform planets based on the plants and animals that
are here for you to play with. The bad news, it is rather hard to find a 
specific type of animal here, you just get a counter for where the animals
are meant to be shown there on the foodweb. 

[8.03] Important Tools

There are only 4 main tools, which is rather sad, but there are important for
the game. You will start out with two of the tools, the Scan and the Radar
and you will have access to the last two at the very end of some badges, just
to show how powerful and important they must be. 


Scan - Start

This is the point and shoot version of finding out what it is. This is like,
if you play or even heard of Pokemon, the Pokedex. This is where, you will
basically scan anything and everything for your Sporepedia, which is your
Pokedex Database.

Now, the Sporepedia is like a collectible trading card game, you want to 
catch them all, and you get to scan them all. This is important to determine
the statistics of the plant or creature, and it is also very important for
the eco missions.

Why? Because when you have eco missions, you want to find a specific creature
or plant, and you need to make sure that you have the right one before you 
decide to shove it on your spacecraft. Also, when you are planning to 
terraform a planet, you want some animals, specific animals and you will 
need the scan to determine which one it is. The Radar may be useful, but
you want to be 100% sure.


Radar - Start

The Radar is one of the most important tools, and while you can turn it
off, don't. It is important if you want to find a certain animal when you
click the food web. It is extremely useful to pinpoint the exact location
of the artifact that you are trying to find.

The Radar works with the little white beam when you get close, it will
point to the location of it. The close you are, the most that beam will
show up. Another important function, if you have access to sound, is that
it will keep making a pinging noise. The closer you are, the more it will
ping. When you are right on top of it, it basically pings non stop. Don't
worry, there aren't any radar guided missiles that will fly at your ship
when you have the radar turned on. 

--==Hologram Scout==--

Hologram Scout - Missionista 5 or Trader 5 - Base Cost = §200,000

This is a rather useful tool if you are heading far too close to hostile
territory, and you don't want to risk your ship, you can use this rather
useful tool instead.

This allows you to head into the planet's atmosphere and have a nice 
stroll around without your ship, you explore with your hologram. This will
prevent you from actually using functions like a normal ship, like the
ability to hologram, but it is great for scouting.

You get to find out where the enemy is hiding, you know where they are
stashing that artifact that you so badly want, you know the strength of
their forces, you know what type of cities are on it. This is the best
sort of recon tool one could ask for. Imagine if the modern military
used this, best recon tool either. Put it together with satellites and 
UAVs, and you have a pretty good knowledge of the enemy.

--==Planet Scan==--

Planet Scan - Eco Hero 5 or Zoologist 5 - Base Cost = §100,000, 1 Use

While this is one use, this is rather useful if you have a lot of money
to burn and burn fast. This will, effectively, scan the entire planet
for you, and you will know everything.

It will scan all the plants and animals, all the vehicles and even the
spacecraft on the planet if you ask it to. Something, it is useful if
you need the scan for a mission and you can't be othered to take your 
time and find all the planets there are and scan them. This is useful,
but it all depends on your laziness. 

--==Abduction Beam==--

Abduction Beam - Start

This is extremely useful, and more or less, essential for the space stage
because this is how you are going to add new species to a planet, without
using the Staff of Life, because this is going to be adding items to your
cargo bay.

To use, point and hold on whatever it is you want to beam up into the 
ship. Make sure that you don't let go till it is registered in your cargo
hold because if you let go before then, it will fall, and if it is an 
animal, it will fall to it's death. Just make sure that your fingers, well,

To drop an item, all you need to do is to select the item that you want to 
drop on the planet, and then click on the place where want to place the
item and like it into your cargo hold, don't let go until it has landed
on the ground, because you can lose creatures in this manner. 

[8.04] Colonisation

The Colonisation tools are the building blocks for a new empire. These are
required to first, start an empire, and next, build one that is rich and 
nigh impossible to conquer.

--==Colony Incredi-Pak==--

Colony Incredi-Pak - Start - Base Cost = §150,000, 1 Use

These are extremely important, they are, without a doubt, the most important
tool for empire building. If you don't have these, you don't get to place any
colonies on planets, so you need these.

You can get them cheaper, but 150,000 Sporebucks isn't all that much. These
are one use items, but they are worth it. Anyway, to establish one of these
items as a colony is that you need to head into a planet. Now, that planet can
be any planet, but in that solar system, there cannot be any other sign of 
intelligent life, no other empires or any sentient life. 

Then place the colony near a spice geyser. If you can see, there are two 
concentric circles. It cannot be inside the first circle, that is the size
of the colony. It needs to be between the first and second circles, otherwise,
there are no spice for the factory to refine. 

It is useful to use the Terraforming tools to, in the long run, make it an 
extremely productive planet. Make it a habit to purchase a colony pack 
whenever you decide to visit a trading partner, since you'll be needing 
these items.

--==Bio Tools==--

Bio Protector  - Eco Hero 3 or Zoologist 2 - Base Cost = §300,000, 1 Use
Bio Stabiliser - Eco Hero 4 or Zoologist 3 - Base Cost = §300,000, 1 Use

These bio tools will decrease the change of a bio disaster on your planet
in two ways. However, as an introductory note, there is a problem with using
these tools. As your empire gets bigger, the problem is, the amount will be
higher and higher to keep using these tools. 600,000 Sporebucks per planet is 
a lot of money per planet, when a total set up for a colony is under 400,000
Sporebucks on a good day. 

Anyway, the Protector is basically a tool that will slow down the rate that
your planet will suffer from Bio Disasters. That is, it will slow down the
rate in which you will get such disasters, but it will no stop your from
getting these disasters.

The Stabliser is the tool that will decrease the probability that you will
suffer from Bio Disasters. That is, it will decrease the probability in which
they will appear in your planets, but they will be at the normal rate if you
are very unlucky with the random number generators in the game. 

Overall, if you are keeping a small empire, or ones with very distant 
star systems, which require 10 wormholes to reach, then it is a good idea
since that isn't all that expensive, but for large, big empires, those 
0.6 Million Sporebucks per planet, thats 6 Million Sporebucks for 10 planets,
is quite a large sum of dough.

--==Loyalty Booster==--

Loyalty Booster - Body Guard 3 or Warmonger 2 - Base Cost = §300,000, 1 Use

This is a relatively useful booster, but in the long run, rather value less
since all it does is make your colonies harder to kill, since increased 
loyalty means that they will support you for longer. The best use is if your
colony in question is close to the other, warmongering nations and you want
to defend your colony since it will be the one attacked when at war.

--==Happiness Booster==--

Happiness Booster - Golden Touch 3 or Merchant 3 - Base Cost = §300,000, 1 Use

Another useful weapon to play around with, if you are close to the enemy, is
the Happiness Booster. This will improve the happiness of your colonies, which
will reduce the need for the entertainment areas with you decide to place them
on the city layout. It is all up to you, however, because I won't waste the
Sporebucks on these boosters.

--==Spice Storage==--

Spice Storage - Colonist 3 or Traveler 2 - Base Cost = §500,000, 1 Use

It may be an expensive item to use and it is a one off item, but it will
pay for itself. What this does is to increase the spice storage of the planet
by 100%. That is, it will double the spice storage of the planet.

Since a normal planet, with 3 colonies will be able to hold only 15 spice, 5
per planet, the Spice Storage will increase it to 10 Spice per city, which 
means that it has a capacity of 30 spice. This might seem like a small amount,
but there are reasons for this.

First of all, you need to factor in the part where spice is going to be 
wasted when you travel. Three colonies producing a total of about 300 spice
per hour, it won't be long before you reach 15. Three minutes and the limit
is reached, and there is no way that you can travel throughout a large empire
in three minutes. Any excess spice produced after the limit is wasted, and if
it is the valuable purple spice, then that is a lot of money wasted. 

These are best used on Pink or Purple spice since they are the most expensive
spice and you can't afford to waste those. So if you have any T3 planets that
have Pink or Purple Spice, whack one of those there and make some money. 

--==Uber Turret==--

Uber Turret - Colonist 4 or Warmonger 3 - Base Cost = §750,000, 1 Use

This is the best in terms of defence, it is the Uber Turret, and it is the 
best turret ever built. This, in terms of defence, it will, basically, build
up a shield that makes it impossible for an enemy to land.

The Uber Turret repels all attacks on it by the enemy, therefore, if the 
enemy decides to attack the system with an Uber Turret, you don't need to
respond, it will blow up the enemy with sheer ease. Great tool to play around

[8.05] Terraforming

The Terraforming tools are extremely important if you want to develop a big
empire where you can make a lot of money. There are one off items, that are
one off, and unlimited items that just suck up a lot of energy to be used as
a tool. 

--==One Off Items==--

Atmosphere Generator - Empire 1 or Missionista 1 - Base Cost = §150,000, 1 Use
Drought Generator    - Empire 1 or Missionista 1 - Base Cost = §150,000, 1 Use
Ice Storm            - Empire 2 or Missionista 2 - Base Cost = §150,000, 1 Use
Meteor Shower        - Empire 2 or Missionista 2 - Base Cost = §150,000, 1 Use

Ice Comet            - Empire 4 or Missionista 4 - Base Cost = §225,000, 1 Use
Volcano              - Empire 4 or Missionista 4 - Base Cost = §225,000, 1 Use
Asteroid Call Button - Empire 3 or Missionista 3 - Base Cost = §225,000, 1 Use
Atmosphere Freezer   - Empire 3 or Missionista 3 - Base Cost = §225,000, 1 Use

These items, while they are good at the beginning of the game for terraforming
are only useful at the beginning, because you don't get to control how much is
being used to terraform the planet, it will terraform it a set bit and after 
that, it will terraform no more. 

One off items, in the long run for terraforming, is going to be more expensive
than the energy based terraforming items because the cost of them, plus the
energy, will cost less to terraforming a set amount of planets than using the
one off items continiously. 

The Atmosphere Generator will raise the amount of atmosphere there is in the
atmosphere, making more cloud cover, and placing an end to the meteor showers.

The Drought Generator will lower the amount of atmosphere that there is in the
planet's atmosphere, which will put an end to the amount of ice storms that 
ravage the planet. 

The Ice Storm item will lower the temperature overall on the planet and that
will have the impact of putting an end to all the volcanos and the lava 
geysers that decide to pop up and burn your ship.

The Meteor Shower opposite, it will raise the overall temperature in the 
atmosphere, and it will put a stop to all the little ice geysers that spew
ice at your spacecraft.

The Ice Comet is a mixture of two terraforming items. It will lower the 
overall temperature, which ends the lava geysers, and then it will increase
the overall atmosphere, which puts an end to the meteor showers. 

The Volcano is another mixture of two items. It is basically a mixture where 
it will raise the overall temperature on the planet, as well as spewing ash
all over the place, which will increase the atmosphere, even if it is toxic
and noxious gas. 

The Asteroid Call Button is a mixture. It will increase the overall 
temperature, since hurling an asteroid has a temperature increase on the
planet, but it will decrease the atmosphere, so it will stop ice geysers 
and thunder storms. 

Finally, the Atmosphere Freezer is the final one off item. It will lower
the atmosphere here, which will stop the thunder storms, and decrease the
temperature, which will put a stop to them lava geysers. 

--==Energy Weapons==--

Cloud Accumulator - Empire 2 or Terra-Wrangler - Base Cost = §450,000
Cloud Vaccum      - Empire 2 or Terra-Wrangler - Base Cost = §450,000
Refrigeration Ray - Empire 3 or Terra-Wrangler - Base Cost = §450,000
Heat Ray          - Empire 3 or Terra-Wrangler - Base Cost = §450,000

Air Conditioning  - Empire 5 or Terra-Wrangler - Base Cost = §600,000
Hot Cloud Seeder  - Empire 5 or Terra-Wrangler - Base Cost = §600,000
Hot Cloud Vaccum  - Empire 4 or Terra-Wrangler - Base Cost = §600,000
Cold Cloud Vaccum - Empire 4 or Terra-Wrangler - Base Cost = §600,000

Energy based terraforming tools are completely different in the method in 
which you use them. They cost more initially, but when you use it, you will
need to select and fire the weapon on the planet. The longer you click it,
the longer it will effect the planet. You can also use it in combination 
with other tools to chance the direction of the change. 

These weapons require you to have a fair amount of energy. For small changes
in terraforming, such as a shift from T2 to T3, it won't suck up all that
much energy, but the change from the borders of T0 to T3 will take a lot of
energy, which is not handy if you need to do some flying to recharge. It is
best that you have the highest energy upgrade and keep enough to head back
to your home planet, just to get the free energy recharge, otherwise, your
bill are going to be in the tens of thousands. 

The Cloud Accumulator will increase the amount of cloud cover there is in 
the atmosphere, increasing the atmopshere leads to a drop in meteors showering
on your planet.

The Cloud Vaccum will suck out cloud cover into some random place in your
spaceship, and it will lead to a decrease in the atmosphere, lowering the 
chance of thunderstorms.

The Refrigeration Ray, as you could guess, will lead to a decrease in the 
temperature in your ecosystem, which will lead to a decrease in the lava
geysers that bomb your ship.

The Heat Ray, as one could correctly assume, will have a increasing effect
on the temperature on the planet, which will decrease the amount of geysers
spewing ice at your spacecraft. 

Air Conditioning will have the effect of cooling down the planet as well
as increasing the atmosphere, which will decrease the lava geysers as well 
as meteor showers.

Hot Cloud Seeder means that it will increase both the atmosphere as well
as the temperature, and that will decrease the amount of meteor showers
as well as ice geysers.

The Hot Cloud Vaccum will decrease the atmosphere, sucking out the cloud
cover will decrease thunderstorms as well as increasing the tempature, 
putting an end to the ice spewing geysers.

Finally, the Cold Cloud Vaccum will decrease the atmosphere on the planet, 
removing thunderstorms, but it will decrease the temperature, stopping all
the lava spewing out and trying to melt your spacecraft. 

--==Staff of Life==--

Staff of Life - Talk to Steve - 42 Uses

Yep, the meaning of life is 42, so you only get 42 uses of this, and for
further reference, get the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which is also
the basis of the GameFAQs' LUE board. Anyway, the Staff of Life is the best
terraforming tool in the game.

What does it do? It will, in effect, completely terraform a planet, from
whatever stage, into a stable T3 planet with a complete food web, all ready
for you to place your three colonies and move on. Of course, this is best
used on T0 planets, since it will make it T3 and place the plants and animals
for you, and saves you a lot of work. The best part about this is, it is 
free, but then again, you only have limited uses, so best to make full use of
[8.06] Decoration

There are many decorative tools to pay around with. These tools are basically
used on a planet, and they can be used to mould the shape of the planet to
your will. You can make your planet into a big LOL sign or whatever you want
it to be. A big thanks to Aya for sending in the following information (though
I did edit it to this guide, somewhat.

--==Buyable Tools==--

Raise Terrain (Lower) - Explorer 1 or Terra-Wranger 1 - Base Cost = §75,000
Lower Terrain (Lower) - Explorer 1 or Terra-Wranger 1 - Base Cost = §75,000
Level Terrain (Lower) - Explorer 1 or Terra-Wranger 1 - Base Cost = §75,000

Raise Terrain (Lower) - Explorer 2 or Terra-Wranger 2 - Base Cost = §100,000
Lower Terrain (Lower) - Explorer 2 or Terra-Wranger 2 - Base Cost = §100,000
Level Terrain (Lower) - Explorer 2 or Terra-Wranger 2 - Base Cost = §100,000

Raise Terrain (Lower) - Explorer 3 or Terra-Wranger 3 - Base Cost = §200,000
Lower Terrain (Lower) - Explorer 3 or Terra-Wranger 3 - Base Cost = §200,000
Level Terrain (Lower) - Explorer 3 or Terra-Wranger 3 - Base Cost = §200,000

Terra Hills       - Explorer 3 or Planet Artiste 1 - Base Cost = §150,000
Terra Plateaus    - Explorer 4 or Planet Artiste 3 - Base Cost = §300,000
Terra Craters     - Explorer 3 or Planet Artiste 1 - Base Cost = §150,000
Terra Mesas       - Explorer 4 or Planet Artiste 3 - Base Cost = §300,000
Terra Seas        - Explorer 5 or Planet Artiste 5 - Base Cost = §900,000
Terra River       - Explorer 3 or Planet Artiste 2 - Base Cost = §300,000
Terra Mountain    - Explorer 5 or Planet Artiste 4 - Base Cost = §600,000
Terra Canyon      - Explorer 4 or Planet Artiste 2 - Base Cost = §300,000
Terra River Flows - Explorer 5 or Planet Artiste 4 - Base Cost = §600,000

These tools are the ones that can be purchased, but there are a lot of tools
that cannot be purchased, but rather, found planetside. More on that later. 
These tools will have a recharge time, but they will be available for 
unlimited uses, and they will all do that it says. Terra means that it will
give the creation a more earthy feel. 

These are best used on planets to give a more unique feel, or to piss off 
the enemy's homeworld by shoving mountains all around their cities as to 
block off movement, or experiment as to what happens on civilisation stage 
empires when you do that. 

--==Pickup Tools==--

Gear Craters
Gear Mesas
Gear Fissure
Gear Walls
Gear Rivers
Gear Seas

Crystal Canyon
Crystal Chasm
Crystal Hills
Crystal Holes
Crystal Mesas
Crystal Mountains
Crystal Plateau
Crystal River

Cute Canyon
Cute Hills
Cute Plateaus
Cute Mountain
Cute Rivers
Cute Seas

Tentacle Suckers
Tentacle Hills
Tentacle Canyon
Tentacle Arm
Tentacle Mountains
Tentacle Seas
Tentacle River

Chocolate Truffle
Chocolate Squares
Chocolate Strand
Chocolate Swirl River
Chocolate Swirl Spirals
Swirly Valley

These tools are basically found on planets. They appear on the planet the same
way like an artifact. You can find these the same why you look for artifacts,
there will be an orange sort of ping around the planet. It will be a 
decoration tool if you can sort of see a palette as well as a planet on it 
with an artbrush. It is quite easy to find these, you can initially find them
if you scour all the planets for artifacts, then retry the planets because if
there is an orange ping, it will be a decorative tool, since they will do 

--==Colouring Tools==--

Sky Blueinator
Blue Terra-Coloring
Deep Blue Sea

Sky Cyaninator
Cyan Terra-Coloring
Cyan Sea

Sky Greeninator
Green Terra-Coloring

Sky Organizer
Orange Terra-Coloring


Grape Flavored Sky
Purple Terra-Coloring
Grape Juice Ocean

Skies of Red
Red Terra-Coloring

Sky Lemonizer
Yellow Terra-Coloring
Lemonade Sea

Planet Color Reset

These colouring tools are vastly different to the previous terra tools. These
will colour a planet, so you can have a massive red LOL sign on a planet.
These are just there to make the planet look like whatever you want, but 
again, it is just decoration, all decoration. 

[8.07] Passive

Passive Tools are tools that don't have a very active effect, you don't
use them actively, but they are always there, running in the background. I'll
list them and you can decide for yourself if you can use this like a missile,
select and fire. 


SETI - Start

What does it do? Well, this is the one that will detect radio communications
from other empires. When you travel the galaxy, one thing that you will 
notice is that there will be satellite signs which means that there is an
empire based in that system. Click on the sign and you will find that they
wll give a message, a programmed message. Well, you can't get rid of it and
you can't actively use it.

--==Cargo Hold==--

Drop Cargo Hold   - Start
Basic Cargo Hold  - Colonist 1 or Merchant 2 - Base Cost = §100,000
Medium Cargo Hold - Colonist 2 or Merchant 3 - Base Cost = §200,000
Large Cargo Hold  - Colonist 3 or Merchant 4 - Base Cost = §500,000

The Cargo hold is the amount of items that you can hold in your spaceship
ranging from your typical spice to more unconventional items such as large
trees or meat eating carnivores. Note that these are the items that are 
counted, other tools don't count. Note that you can only have 99 of a 
certain item per cargo hold. Also, you cannot have two sets of the same
item, so you can't have 2 sets of Blue Spice. 

The Drop Cargo Hold that you get in the beginning will allow you to get 
a cargo hold that you will be able to fill with 10 items. The Basic Cargo 
Hold will allow for 15, the Medium Cargo Hold will allow for 20 and the 
Large Cargo Hold will allow for a total of 25 items. 

The Large Cargo Hold is rather useful. With it, you can carry all that you
could possibly need. You can carry all 6 sets of spice, and all the plants
and animals you need for terraforming. You need 9 plants and 9 animals, 
read the respective section for the type, and that numbers to 18. You add
in the spice, you will have 24. But that only leaves you a single slot for
collectibles, so this is best if you are just there to terraform your 
planets in your empire. 

--==Interstellar Drive==--

Interstellar Drive 1 - Start
Interstellar Drive 2 - Frequent Flyer 2 or Gopher 1 - Base Cost = §150,000
Interstellar Drive 3 - Frequent Flyer 3 or Gopher 2 - Base Cost = §300,000
Interstellar Drive 4 - Frequent Flyer 4 or Gopher 3 - Base Cost = §750,000
Interstellar Drive 5 - Frequent Flyer 5 or Gopher 4 - Base Cost = §2,000,000

These drives are the items that you are going to be using to travel from
star system to star system. It is important to upgrade this, because not 
only does this cut your traveling time, and saves your energy as you don't
need to shuttle around, but it also allows you to access areas that you
cannot access due to a weaker interstellar drive. 

The Interstellar Drive 1 allows for the short distance travel of 3 parsecs,
which is rather limiting. Interstellar Drive 2 allows for 5 parsecs, which 
is also a bit limiting. Interstellar Drive 3 allows for 8 parsecs of travel,
which is decent for most traveling, but for the galactic core, this is 
possible, but it isn't much to work with.

Interstellar Drive 4 allows for a nice 12 Parsecs of travel. This is the
minimum for traveling around the galactic core, you don't want to be 
bogged down there. Interstellar Drive 5, the best of the best, allows for
a nice 20 Parsecs of travel, which is rather useful, 20 Parsecs is a long
distance, and if you want to travel to the galactic core, this is what
you should be using. 

For those who don't know, a Parsec is the distance of the Earth's distance
from the it would subtend one second of arc. Which means, after some waffle,
a nice 3.262 Light Years, so 20 Parsecs means 62.54 Light Years, which is
pretty quick for a 5 second travel. 

--==Wormhole Key==--

Wormhole Key - Frequent Flyer 3 or Traveler 3 - Base Cost = §3,000,000

This may be a big price to pay, but Wormholes, when you discover them, are
extremely useful for travel. Wormholes allow for extremely fast travel
between a set two wormholes, and these will lead you to somewhere you 
can't even imagine. 

Wormholes generally lead between two arms of the galaxy, and without this
key, you will take a lot of damage when you travel through them. Think of it
as a black hole with a light at the end of the tunnel. Or rather, an exit.
Extremely useful if you want to get to the centre of the universe. 

--==Energy Storage==--

Basic Energy Storage   - Start
Small Energy Storage   - Colonist 1 or Missionista 1 - Base Cost = §150,000
Medium Energy Storage  - Colonist 2 or Missionista 2 - Base Cost = §300,000
Large Energy Storage   - Colonist 3 or Missionista 3 - Base Cost = §450,000
Extreme Energy Storage - Colonist 4 or Missionista 4 - Base Cost = §600,000

Energy is the little blue bar below your health, and this is quite important.
Energy is needed for a lot of things. It is needed for travel between solar
systems, without energy, you can't travel, and if you have no more energy 
left, your ship is like a car out of fuel in the middle of the desert, 
completely and utterly screwed. 

Well, energy is also used for your weapons and terraforming, so this is 
important to upgrade, otherwise, you want this little thing upgrade. This is,
without a doubt, one of the most important items that you can upgrade. 


Basic Health   - Start 
Small Health   - Colonist 1 or Conquerer 1 - Base Cost = §150,000
Medium Health  - Colonist 2 or Conquerer 2 - Base Cost = §300,000
Large Health   - Colonist 3 or Conquerer 3 - Base Cost = §450,000
Extreme Health - Colonist 4 or Conquerer 4 - Base Cost = §600,000

Another important upgrade, because this will determine how much health you
get to play with, more health means that you can survive in combat for a 
longer period of time and you can run for a longer period of time.

The Basic health grants you health depending on your difficulty level. 
If you play easy, it will give you 1500, normal is 1000, and hard is a 
measly 300 health. The Small health, and every upgrade of health from
then on should add a nice bonus of 1000 health. And that should wrap up
all the tools. 

[9.01] Collectibles

Collectibles are items that can be collected from planets that when, emits an
orange ping from the planet. When you head down onto the planet, you will
get one of three outcomes.

The first is a pirate attack, they will attack and belt you, but only two, at
most, three ships will try to attack you. They will have about 100 health, so
they aren't going to be much of a threat. 

The second is a piece of colouring or decorative tool. These will be used in
colouring and shaping the decor of a planet, but they belongs in its 
respective section. 

The final outcome is the one this section is dedicated for, it will be a rare
artifact that you can collect. These are worth a fair bit of money, and they
are scattered all over the place, but, they are not onlt found in one place,
because that would make it nigh impossible to find them all. Though one of 
them are.

Most of these collections can be sold for money, and a general rule of thumb
is that when you sell an entire, complete collection, it will sell for 10 
times the value of the collection when sold piece by piece. More on that later
as I will explain. 

[9.02] Blocks of Chance

Blocks of Chance are the words followed by the Bards throughout the galaxy
and they will be more valuable for them. They are worth §45,000 each and as
a complete set, they will sell for §4.5 million Sporebucks. Given that they
are for Bards, it is all about entertainment. 

--==Block of Chance Vol. 1==--

"You want to know the meaning of life? Okay, here goes: Did you hear about
 the aliens who went into a bar on the moon? They left because it had no
 atmosphere! Hope that answers all your questions for you."

Normal Value : §45,000

--==Block of Chance Vol. 2==--

"Look, we searched for the meaning of life. We tried to find out why we were 
 here, what our purpose was, whether life had Normal Value, and what truly 

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Block of Chance Vol. 3==--

"Here are the results of our search for meaning: Where do space travelers 
 leave their ships? At parking meteors!"

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Block of Chance Vol. 4==--

"There is no purpose. There is no Normal Value. There is no point. Life is 

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Block of Chance Vol. 5==--

"The universe is one big joke, and the joke is on us."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Block of Chance Vol. 6==--

"The best we can hope for is entertainment. We'll get along as long as you 
 provide amusement - fighting our wars for us, fixing our worlds, looking for 
 meaning where there is none, and groveling in the dirt to fetch us plants. 
 So keep it up! Just remember that we're laughing all the time."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Block of Chance Vol. 7==--

"And don't forget - Why did the astronauts go to the moon, and then leave? 
 Because it was full!"

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Block of Chance Vol. 8==--

"The Grox are machines with absolutely no sense of humor! They destroy entire 
 races and never offer an explanation of what it is that ticks them off!"

Normal Value: §45,000

--=Block of Chance Vol. 9==--

"Even if you bring the Grox a present, they may not like you!"

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Block of Chance Vol. 10==--

"The Grox kill anyone who tries to approach the center of the galaxy. We 
 never wanted to go there, anyway."

Normal Value: §45,000 

[9.03] Books of Science

The Books of Science are highly valued by the Scienists and as a result, they
will generally pay more for them. Again, they are only worth about §45,000 
Sporebucks and §4.5 million for a complete set. 

--==Book of Science Pt. 1==--

"What do you believe? And how much are you willing to risk on that belief? 
 Would you risk your existence, and the existence of your species, on a hunch?
 A whim? The word of a prophet a thousand years dead?"

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Book of Science Pt. 2==--

"The survival of a species is about managing risk. The more you know about 
 the universe, and the more you know about yourself and your own capabilities,
 the better you can calculate the risk yourself."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Book of Science Pt. 3==--

"Knowledge can be obtained through a process of investigation, observation, 
 the gathering of empirical data, reason, hypothesis, and the testing of the 

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Book of Science Pt. 4==--

"Anything else is a guess. You might be good at guessing - but one wrong 
 guess, at any time, can doom your species."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Book of Science Pt. 5==--

"Was it prophets and mystics who gave us electricity, antibiotics, modern 
 signatation, aerospace science, and digital timepieces? No. It was those 
 who proceeded rationally, building on the work of others to create new 

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Book of Science Pt. 6==--

"That is why we proceed only from what we know, and why we constantly test 
 what we believe to be true. We are rigorous with the truth, and ruthless."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Book of Science Pt. 7==--

"The universe is no place for amateurs. Learn all you can, abolish your 
 prejudices, and then act."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Book of Science Pt. 8==--

"The Grox are an experiment that has not yet run its course."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Book of Science Pt. 9==--

"The Grox are a machine race that guard the center of the galaxy against all 
 life-forms. It is not known whether their ultimate objective is to prevent 
 us from breaking in, or to prevent something else from breaking out."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Book of Science Pt. 10==--

"Some of our theoreticians suggest that the motivation for the Grox's actions 
 may lie in the difference between machines and organic life, though there 
 seems to be no way to test this hypothesis."

Normal Value: §45,000 

[9.04] Galactic Objects

Galactic Objects are completely different in terms of Collections. You do not
collect these, these are observed astrological events that you will see when
you explore the map. The majority of these will be star systems, so sooner or
later, you are going to stumble upon these. These are scattered throughout 
the universe and will take some time to complete, so if you don't explore,
there is no hope that you will find it. You also cannot sell these, I don't
see how you can sell two stars, this isn't the Eiffel Tower. 

--==Galactic Core==--

"A super massive black hole found in the nucleus of many galaxies. These are 
 the most energetic objects in the universe by far. The intense radiation they
 produce is powered by the tremendous amount of surrounding material they 
 consume (as much as 1000 solar masses per year)."

This might be true, but we haven't developed the technology to visit the
core of the Milky Way. Of course, nothing is true until we see it, that is 
the path of Science.

--==Black Hole==--

"A region of space with enough intense gravity (because of its mass) to trap 
 even light. These are usually the result of collapsed stars. Matter falling 
 into a black hole is accelerated and heated tremendously and generates high 
 amounts of radiation in the process."

These are extremely useful, you can, with the Wormhole key, visit the other
wormhole, or the exit, and not take damage. Of course, we have no idea what
happens to the matter that is consumed by a black hole, but people speculate
that whatever happens is gone forever. Also, black holes will die out, due to
Hawking Radiation, they will slowly die off. 

--==Proto-Planetary Disk==--

"A rotating disk of gas surrounding a newly born star. It is thought that 
 material in this disk eventually clumps together (in a process known as 
 accretion) over time to form planetary systems."

Of course, this is just a thought, human observation into space hasn't been
all that long and these will take millions of years to form, relatively 
quick in terms of the universe. 

--==Binary OO==--

"A Binary Star is a star system which contains two stars orbiting each other 
 closely around their common center of mass. Binary Star systems are 
 surprisingly common throughout the universe. This Binary Star is made up of 
 two Blue Giants.

 A Blue Giant is a very large hot star. Due to a high rate of fuel 
 consumption Blue Giants have a very short lifespan (less than 100 million 
 years in most cases). When the fuel runs out most of these stars will die 
 in a massive supernova explosion."

Man, I don't want to be around for the Supernova explosion. These are one of
the rarer observations that you can get. O stands for Blue Giant.

--==Binary OG==--

"A Binary Star is a star system which contains two stars orbiting each other 
 closely around their common center of mass. Binary Star systems are 
 surprisingly common throughout the universe. This Binary Star is made up of
 a Blue Giant circled by a Yellow Main Sequence.

 A Blue Giant is a very large hot star. Due to a high rate of fuel 
 consumption Blue Giants have a very short lifespan (less than 100 million 
 years in most cases). When the fuel runs out most of these stars will die 
 in a massive supernova explosion.

 A Yellow Main Sequence is a medium sized star much like the earth's sun. 
 Stars in this size range have a lifespan in the range of 5-10 billion years."

This is a nice sight, but together, they don't make green. G stands for Main
Sequence Star.

--==Binary OM==--

"A Binary Star is a star system which contains two stars orbiting each other 
 closely around their common center of mass. Binary Star systems are 
 surprisingly common throughout the universe. This Binary Star is made up of 
 a Blue Giant circled by a red dwarf.

 A Blue Giant is a very large hot star. Due to a high rate of fuel 
 consumption Blue Giants have a very short lifespan (less than 100 million 
 years in most cases). When the fuel runs out most of these stars will die 
 in a massive supernova explosion.

 A Red Dwarf is a small, dim star of relatively low mass. Because of their 
 low fuel consumption Red Dwarf stars have a very long lifespan (in some 
 cases a trillion years or more). They are the most common form of star in 
 the universe."

Of course, they don't combine into a massive purple star, though I would like
to see that. The M stands for a Red Dwarf Star. 

--==Binary GG==--

"A Binary Star is a star system which contains two stars orbiting each other 
 closely around their common center of mass. Binary Star systems are 
 surprisingly common throughout the universe. This Binary Star is made up of 
 two Yellow Main Sequence Stars.

 A Yellow Main Sequence is a medium sized star much like the earth's sun. 
 Stars in this size range have a lifespan in the range of 5-10 billion years."

No, this is not the Good Game star system, don't start thinking that. Quite
a bright sight to be quite honest.

--==Binary GM==--

"A Binary Star is a star system which contains two stars orbiting each other 
 closely around their common center of mass. Binary Star systems are 
 surprisingly common throughout the universe. This Binary Star is made up of
  a Yellow Main Sequence circled by a Red Dwarf.

 A Yellow Main Sequence is a medium sized star much like the earth's sun. 
 Stars in this size range have a lifespan in the range of 5-10 billion years.

 A Red Dwarf is a small, dim star of relatively low mass. Because of their low
 fuel consumption Red Dwarf stars have a very long lifespan (in some cases a 
 trillion years or more). They are the most common form of star in the 

These stars have not been genetically modified, though they don't make a nice
orange star either. 

--==Binary MM==--

"A Binary Star is a star system which contains two stars orbiting each other 
 closely around their common center of mass. Binary Star systems are 
 surprisingly common throughout the universe. This Binary Star is made up of 
 two Red Dwarf Stars.

 A Red Dwarf is a small, dim star of relatively low mass. Because of their low
 fuel consumption Red Dwarf stars have a very long lifespan (in some cases a 
 trillion years or more). They are the most common form of star in the 

Don't think that they are made of chocolate, because they aren't, even though
I could go for an M&M right now. 

--==Talked to Steve==--

"You've talked to Steve. Good for you." 

To do this, you must have visited the Galactic Core and NOT DIE. Steve isn't
much of a talker, more of a pre-programmed message. I don't like that. Though
he does seem like a nice guy. 

[9.05] Rare Fossils

Fossils are relatively nice tools to play with, they are little pieces of 
history in our time that have been renamed. They are worth §45,000 but 
depending on the empire that you visit, it may deviate. Therefore, the normal
collective value is §450,000 while the entire collection will fetch about 
§4.5 million.

--==Ancient Flyswatter==--

"This artifact came into existence when a creature from an era long forgotten 
 used this particular rock to squoosh the earliest ancestor of our modern 
 mosquito. Pretty impressive, when you realize that the wingspan of this 
 insect is actually 17 feet and it measures 22 feet in length from head to 

Normal Value: §45,000

--==The Fossil That Everybody Finds==--

"Congratulations! You found the imprint of an ancient fern-like plant 
 embedded in a rock. This is that fossil that your grandmother finds on her 
 strolls along the river bed with your Aunt Nancy. Yep, as far as fossils go, 
 this is the equivalent of the ones that they hand out for free at the 
 geology museums. Good job, sparky."

Normal Value: §45,000 (For a common fossil, it does fetch a high price)

--==Fossilized Domesticated Animal Treat==--

"At first glance, one would think that they have discovered a fossilized bone 
 from and ancient civilization. look again. Do bones really look like 
 that?!?!?! Perhaps in cartoons, but not around these parts, pal. This, my 
 friend, is the fossilized remains of one of the treats that were used 
 centuries ago in order to domesticate the local wild animals. The sad part is
 that they were shaped like a 'bone' purely for the entertainment of the 
 creature giving the treat, as the creature eating it could care less what it 
 was shaped like."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Fossilized Tribal Sheriff's Badge==--

"This artifact was won by creatures of old who were seen as law bringers or 
 peacekeepers of newly settled tribal villages. In actuality, all this did 
 was point out to attacking tribes which guy to go after first. Speculation 
 rages as to whether tribesmen knew this when they appointed a sheriff or 

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Ancient Epic Boot Scraper==--

"This artifact was commonly found on the back porch of Epic caverns. Epic 
 creatures used these to scrape the mud off their feet before entering their 
 home. They called it a boot scraper, even though they didn't wear boots. 
 Now *that's* foresight."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Petrified Sun Dried Nautilus==--

"Archaeologists to this day still debate the actual source of this rare 
 fossilized find. Could it be the remains of an ancient sea creature that 
 somehow made it out of the ocean and migrated to its final resting place on 
 terra firma, or is it indelible proof that earlier civilizations evolved to 
 a point in which they actually had pretty good seafood restaurants? Either 
 way, it is quite fascinating, isn't it?"

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Big Dead Fish on a Little Non Living Rock==--

"Anthropologists take great interest in this particular find. This artifact 
 proves that fish from ancient times actually used rocks as beds in order to 
 be move comfortable while sleeping. After a hard day of swimming, jumping 
 and not being caught, it was vital for the fish of days gone by to get their
 eight hours of REM sleep every evening. This particular example was 
 obviously an elderly fish who passed quietly and uneventfully during the 

Normal Value: §45,000

(REM sleeps means Rapid Eye Movement. It has been well documented that when a
 person dreams, or has visual images during their sleep, they will have really
 rapid eye movement, like they were wide awake. Google REM Sleep or Rapid Eye
 Movement Sleep for more information.)

--==Fossilized Candy Corn==--

"Just kidding! We all know that candy corn is already fossilized. Oh this 
 particular artifact? I don't know, it's an old arrowhead or something."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Mr. Fluffers==--

"This extremely rare artifact is further proof that ancient civilizations 
 domesticated cats as pets for their homes. This particular artifact was 
 found with a little bell and collar nearby which read "Mr. Fluffers". 
 Actually also nearby were the remains of a hut covered in claw scratches as 
 well as the remains of a few of the residents of the homestead. In fact, the 
 collar was eerily small compared to this skull. Scratch that! This is the 
 skull of an Epic Feline who attacked the home of ancient creatures who 
 happened to have a pet named Mr. Fluffers. See? We told you they 
 domesticated cats as pets for their homes! Extraordinary!"

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Fossilized Remains of a Big Scary Dead Thing==--

"Actually, we assume that it was a big, scary thing. I mean, the head 
 itself is huge, so one would assume that the rest of it was pretty big. 
 Can you imagine if it had this great, huge head and a wee, tiny body? That 
 would be hilarious! The other creatures would be all, like, "Hey, Big-Head! 
 "Why such a big head?" Oh, Man! Too funny! Anyway, it makes anthropologists 
 feel better if they think they found something big and scary, so let's just 
 go with that one."

Normal Value: §45,000 

[9.06] Rare Geodes

Geodes are a strange bunch, they are the first where there is no equal value
in terms of § value. They are worth §607,500 in total, which is their normal
value, and §6,075,000 for the entire set. However, this is, remember, their
normal value, it can go up, hopefully, and down.

--==A Yellow Geode==--

"This geode is called the "Canary Geode" because of its brilliant yellow 
 colour and because "Banana Geode" sounded stupid."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==A Green Geode==--

"Some think that the 'Green Geode' gets its green colour from fragments of 
 jade or emeralds which reflect the light from the sun. Others think it turns 
 green because of mold. But I say, "Who cares?". It isn't worth any less than 
 all of the other geodes, and life is about collecting one of everything, 

Normal Value: §22,500

--==A Pink Geode==--

"Pink geodes are incredibly popular with Xyanxes from the Girdo Galaxy."

Normal Value: §67,500 (I haven't found that galaxy yet, or so I think)

--==A Blue Geode==--

"For years, scientists debated why this geode was named the "Blue Geode". 
 Was it because it was originally pulled from the dying hands of the 
 tyrannical Blue Giant after the battle of Xallox, or because it was 
 extracted from the scales of the freshly slain mighty Blue Dragon of 
 Dardonella 5? Actually, it got this name because of its blue color."

Normal Value: §45,000

(Tell me if you find Dardonella 5)

--==A Fuchsia Geode==--

"This Geode is actually not named for its color but rather for Dr. S. Fuchs, 
 the scientist who discovered it!"

Normal Value: §45,000

--==An Orange Geode==--

"This geode is known as an "Orange Geode", not just because of its color, but 
 also because of its high content of citric acid and its ability to prevent 

Normal Value: §67,500

--==A Golden Geode==--

"Due to its brilliant golden hue, one would think that this geode would be 
 the most valuable of them all. It's not. It's worth the same as all of the 
 others. Hence, its name: "Fool's Geode"."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==An Aqua Geode==--

"This particular geode is highly coveted on hot, arid planets due to its 
 cool blue aquamarine color. Desperate and confused creatures have been 
 known to choke to death trying to suck the moisture from it."

Normal Value: §90,000

--==A Reddish Geode==--

"This ruby red geode, also known as the Bloodstone Geode, is as red as 
 it is sparkly ... what more could you want? Unless you think it looks  
 purple ..."

Normal Value: §67,500

--==A Shiny Geode==--

"This shiny geode is bright and sparkly, bringing peace and harmony to 
 all who behold it. Or so they think."

Normal Value: §67,500 

[9.07] Rare Jewels

The Rare Jewels are indeed rare, but they do not have equal values, but they
will lead up to a grand total of §450,000 and a combined set total of §4.5
million Sporebucks. 

--==Purple-ish Gems of Rabban Ankott==--

"The historic significance of these particular gems is that they were ordered
 by the Twelfth King, Rabban Ankott for his wife, The Seventh Wife of Rabban 
 Ankott. The acquisition of these gems led directly to the arrival of the 
 Eighth Wife of Rabban Ankott, as purple-ish was the favorite color of the 
 Fifth Wife of Rabban Ankott, not the Seventh."

Normal Value: §67,500


"These gems are so named because of their tangerine color and their 
 diamond-like shape. Unfortunately, they taste awful and aren't nearly as 
 valuable as diamonds."

Normal Value: §67,500


"This piece of mysterious substance is 100 percent Amethyst."

Normal Value: §45,000


"This rare gem is noteworthy due to is brilliant shade of green. We are 
 tempted to say that this green gem is far more beautiful than even 
 emeralds, but that would be silly, because this is an emerald."

Normal Value: §22,500


"A wise man once said: "Just find the Jade, and You've Got it Made!" 
 Congratulations! You should be very proud."

Normal Value: §67,500

--==Lapis Lazuli==--

"This beautiful blue artifact is known as Lapis Lazuli. Creatures have 
 toiled vigorously and tirelessly throughout the galaxy to mind this 
 semi-precious stone for over 6500 years. You came along and just found 
 one lying there."

Normal Value: §22,500


"My ex-fiance once told me that giving your significant other an opal as a 
 gift spelled certain doom for the relationship. I guess she was right. 
 I recommend holding on to this for yourself."

Normal Value: §45,000

(I guess someone at Maxis had a bad relationship)


"Great! You found the rubies! Only 24,000,000 more and you can make yourself
 a pair of slippers so you can go home."

Normal Value: §67,500

(I seriously didn't know that there were 24 million rubies in those ruby
 red slippers)


"This rare jewel is made of sapphire, which is one of the hardest of gem
 varieties. It is used in creating such Items as infrared optical equipment, 
 watch crystals and high-durability windows. So, scientifically speaking, 
 don't put it in your mouth."

Normal Value: §22,500


"Turquoise is an opaque, blue-to-green mineral that is a hydrous phosphate 
 of copper and aluminum, with the chemical formula CuAl6(PO4)4(OH)8-4H2O."

Normal Value: §22,500 

(It is more or less impossible to superscript and subscript to a chemical 

[9.08] Rare Relics

Relics are things or momentos of the past. They are not equal in value either
but you might see some famous relics that have been appropriately renamed 
for this game. They are worth §670,000 in value and §6,700,000 as a complete

--==Ancient Urn of the Spurg==--

"Expert historians note that a race called the Spurgs were the first to 
 invent the two-handed jug. Ironically the Spurgs only had one arm."

Normal Value: §22,500

--==Super Old Clay Pot==--

"This two-handled ceramic jug is painted in traditional Arkatian style. It 
 comes in three color schemes: light brown, brown, and dark brown."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Will's Old Sword==--

"An ancient relic of the Fruit Wars, this crude weapon was fashioned by the 
 barbarian Will. When his sword went dull in the middle of battle, the 
 pragmatic Will simply jammed his entire blade into a rock. His ensuing 
 skull-bashing streak carried his tribe to victory."

Normal Value: §22,500

(Best version of Excalibur I've ever seen)

--==Scrolls of the Ancients==--

"What looks to be an urn full of ceremonial scrolls is actually the 
 unpublished biography of Grumbum, a legendary creature with lips so long 
 "he could kiss his own feet." (That's a direct quote.) Several crumpled 
 rejection letters line the bottom of the pot."

Normal Value: §67,500

(A direct reference to the Dead Sea Scrolls, the source of the modern Bible
 accounts. Bear in mind that Will Wright is an atheist)

--==The History of Spore==--

"These rotting tomes chronicle the meteoric rise and abrupt fall of a 
 long-dead civilization. Their tattered pages, though utterly compelling, 
 reveal little in the way of useful information. Except for a chicken soup 
 recipe scribbled in the margin. That's a keeper."

Normal Value: §22,500

(I couldn't find the recipe in the Galactic Edition, I seriously lack a decent
 soup recipe)

--==Tablet of the Tribes==--

"The Tablet of the Tribes is a love letter to the leader of the Hinkle Tribe. 
 The unnamed author of the tablet was a young female who professed a desire 
 to wed the leader of the tribe. In order to attract his attention she swore 
 that she would eat three raw oogies. Whether this outlandish display won his 
 affection is unknown. An interesting aside... the Tribal Tablet was written 
 in oogie blood."

Normal Value: §22,500

--==Screeble's Column==--

"Screeble's Column is the only remnant fo what was once arguably the greatest
 civilisation in the universe. Standing at the foot of the Halactacon 
 mountains, the original 18 columns welcomed pilgrams seeking freedom from
 mathematical oppression. The column is rumoured to be wet to the touch in 
 any season. 

Normal Value: §67,500


"Sporehenge's origins are shrouded in mystery, but it is a well known fact 
 that walking, oozing or flying under the taller of the two arches opens a 
 portal to at least 6 other dimensions."

Normal Value: §45,000

(I wonder what this could be a reference to)

--==The Mask of Todd==--

"Long thought to have been destroyed, the mask of Todd is said to cause the 
 wearer to think only linearly and produce mass amounts of charts, documents 
 and data in an organized fashion. It is also known in some circles as 
 Roarty's Rage"

Normal Value: §45,000

--==The Lost Chest of Moozilla==--

"For thousands of years, civilizations across the universe have been 
 searching for the lost chest of Moozilla. Legend has it that the secret 
 contained within its depths is so powerful that once opened it will endow 
 the seeker with the knowledge to transcend time and space."

Normal Value: §67,500 

[9.09] Rare Statues

Again, another set of unequal parts, but they all equal to the cost of 
§450,000 for the pieces in total or §4,500,000 for all the parts together. 
The art lovers among us may know these, I really don't like art that much, so
I pretty much know nada. 

--==The Hand of Quimby==--

"The original hand was rumored to be clasping a writing device. Legend has
 it that if you encounter the hand your life will be well organized."

Normal Value: §67,500

--==The Bust of Yaman==--

"Ancient marble portrait carving of Yaman, bloodthirsty savage of the 
 Fertile Plains and lover of fine music."

Normal Value: §67,500

--==The Bust of Bradford==--

"Hand hewn likeness of Bradford, the Forth Ruler of Xenogg. On the bottom 
 of the sculpture reads the inscription: He was always kind to his mother."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Stone of Pierre==--

"This is the sacred stone of Pierre ... Forever guarded by the goofy 
 looking guy sitting on top of it."

Normal Value: §67,500

--==The Statue of One-Eyed Kippy==--

"Once thought to be a statue of Two Eyed Kippy, upon further inspection, 
 this artifact was identified as a statue of one-eyed Kippy ... mostly due 
 to the apparent lack of a second eye."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Torch of Chalmers==--

"This is a marble reproduction of the Torch of Chalmers, which is being held 
 aloft by One Armed Finnegan's one arm."

Normal Value: §67,500

--==The Upper Torso of Little Lee==--

"This sculpture is known as the upper torso of Little Lee. Little Lee worked 
 in the sewers, and he is depicted here, at the end of a hard day's work."

Normal Value: §22,500

--==The Foot of Povey==--

"This is the awe-inspiring sculpture known as The Foot of Povey. Povey 
 himself made the claim that he was the rightful owner of this piece of 
 art work, but quite frankly, he didn't have a leg to stand on."

Normal Value: §25,000

--==The Statue of The Three Crickets==--

"The Three Cricketeers - Memorial statue of Xanthos, Paxtos and Abraxas, 
 the original Three Cricketeers from Asteroidal Dumaxx's famous novel 
 of the same name."

Normal Value: §22,500

--==The Wayward Leg of Lamstein==--

"This artifact was once a piece of a much larger stature ... the likeness 
 of Lamstein, which stood proudly atop the used vehicle dealership."

Normal Value: §22,500 

[9.10] Scrolls of Faith

Scrolls of Faith detail the preachings of the almighty Spode who pretty much
means God. They will pay more for this set than other empires, but I don't
think Scientists will pay too much. All are equal in value leading to a total
of §450,000 and a combined set value of §4,500,000

--==Scroll of Faith, Book 1==--

"The questions of a million years oppress us. Who am I? Why was I made? What 
 is my purpose? What is the purpose of the universe? Shall I survive after 
 death? Can I be happy? Scientists can only tell us about forces and matter. 
 Philosophers chase each other in circles. None of them can really answer the 
 questions that we really care about."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Scroll of Faith, Book 2==--

"Only Spode has the answers. Follow the Law of Spode, and all shall be 

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Scroll of Faith, Book 3==--

"Faith in Spode quiets all doubt. Spode tells you why you exist, assures you 
 that you have a purpose, tells you how to behave, and assures you of eternal
 happiness. Those opposed to Spode say that there is no evidence for any of 
 these assertions. But what evidence is needed, beyond the joy in the hearts 
 of those who follow Spode?"

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Scroll of Faith, Book 4==--

"It is natural for the followers of Spode to wish to spread this joy. That 
 is why we engage in missionary work and in conquest, so that more of Spode's 
 creatures can be brought to Spode's Truth."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Scroll of Faith, Book 5==--

"This is also why we are vigilant against those who do not accept the Truth. 
 If false doctrine causes a follower to doubt, that person's eternal happiness
 is in jeopardy! In order to free ourselves from doubt, we strive to eliminate
 all who reject Spode's Word."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Scroll of Faith, Book 6==--

"Spode's greatest enemies are the Grox and those who believe in the false 
 God That Will Come."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Scroll of Faith, Book 7==--

"The Grox are a machine race incapable of understanding the Word of Spode. 
 They are a blasphemy in machine form."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Scroll of Faith, Book 8==--

"The Grox prevent us from shining the light of Spode on the center of the 
 galaxy. On the Day of Reckoning, we shall destroy them in Spode's holy name!"

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Scroll of Faith, Book 9==--

"The God That Will Come is a false deity. If this god exists at all, it is
  a demon bent on perverting Spode's worship. Whenever you encounter his
  followers, you should know you have encountered an enemy!"

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Scroll of Faith, Book 10==--

"Love Spode and follow his Truth! Otherwise, your life is meaningless."

Normal Value: §45,000 

[9.11] Scrolls of Harmony

The Scrolls of Harmony are the following of peace and meditation and they are
followed by the Zen Monks, which are Shamans in this case. They are all of
equal value, they are all worth §45,000 Sporebucks each and in total they are
worth §4.5 million Sporebucks.

--==Scroll of Harmony Vol. 1==--

"Science is all well and good, but all it does is tell us about the 
 universe. It tells us how this atom bounces off of that atom, and how 
 to measure this effect or that, and how heat moves around."

Normal Value: §45,000 

--==Scroll of Harmony Vol. 2==--

"Science doesn't tell you any of the things you really want to know, 
 like what the point of your whole existence might be, or whether some 
 part of you will survive after death, or the meaning of good and evil. 
 Science doesn't provide meaning."

Normal Value: §45,000 

--==Scroll of Harmony Vol. 3==--

"Science tells us about the universe, but it doesn't tell us how to 
 transcend the universe."

Normal Value: §45,000 

--==Scroll of Harmony Vol. 4==--

"You can only answer the real question through spiritual exercise."

Normal Value: §45,000 

--==Scroll of Harmony Vol. 5==--

"Because each individual is different, there is no one way that will work 
 for all."

Normal Value: §45,000 

--==Scroll of Harmony Vol. 6==--

"There is one mountain, but many paths."

Normal Value: §45,000 

--==Scroll of Harmony Vol. 7==--

"You may choose any Way that you desire, but make certain that you choose a 

Normal Value: §45,000 

--==Scroll of Harmony Vol. 8==--

"The Grox are a soulless race of killing machines. They oppose the Life 
 Force in every way! They are incapable of enlightenment or transcendence."

Normal Value: §45,000 

--==Scroll of Harmony Vol. 9==--

"It is not known who or what created the Grox, or why."

Normal Value: §45,000 

--==Scroll of Harmony Vol. 10==--

"Some of our seers say that all answers are to be found at the center of 
 the galaxy, but the Grox will not permit anyone to approach." 

Normal Value: §45,000 

[9.12] Scrolls of Order

The Scrolls of Order are valued most by Diplomats so you should try to sell
it to them for an extra cash boost. They are worth §45,000 each, that is the
normal selling price, and the complete set will be valued at §4.5 million when
sold as a set.

--==Scroll of Order I==--

"We have made every imaginable mistake. We've fought unnecessary wars, 
we've abused the environment, we've squandered resources, and furthermore 
we've wasted a lot of time discussing what to do about all these problems."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Scroll of Order II==--

"We would like to think we have learned from all our mistakes. And what we 
 have learned is this: Every sentient being matters."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Scroll of Order III==--

"Because every sentient being matters, it is incumbent on us to provide 
 every sentient being with peace, security, opportunity, health, and 

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Scroll of Order IV==--

"Because every sentient being matters, we provide every citizen with a
 voice. Each is allowed to express opinions and participate in government
 as they see fit."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Scroll of Order V==--

"We are a representative democracy, with sovereignty placed in an elected 
 council. The process of government is slow and sometimes inefficient, 
 but we can be certain that each act of government is supported by a 
 majority of our citizens."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Scroll of Order VI==--

"A functioning democracy acts to prevent civil war, those who lose an 
 election do not raise a rebellion, instead they just prepare for the next 

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Scroll of Order VII==--

"As for meaning, the Grand Council tales no position on matters of 
 teleology, and we permit each citizen to discover its own purpose, as 
 long as the rights of other citizens are not violated."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Scroll of Order VIII==--

"Those other species willing to abide by these principles are welcome 
 to join us in our efforts to provide peace and security to the galaxy."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Scroll of Order IX==--

"The Grox are a machine race that have blockaded the center of the 
 galaxy. They are extremely dangerous. We have not managed to establish 
 a working relationship with them."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Scroll of Order X==--

"It is widely believed that the Grox are guarding some form of treasure 
 at the center of the galaxy. There is no evidence for this, but we cannot
 discount the possibility."

Normal Value: §45,000 

[9.13] Stone of Force

The Stones of Force are items that are sought by Warriors, and they will pay
more for these. They are all worth §45,000 Sporebucks and as a complete set, 
they will be sold for, on average, for §4.5 Million Sporebucks. A nice bonus
for a colleciton. 

--==Stone of Force Vol. 1==--

"The universe seethes with violence. It came into being in a vast explosion. 
 Giant black holes lurk at the center of galaxies. Supernovas, gamma ray 
 bursters, and pulsars destroy all life within reach."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Stone of Force Vol. 2==--

"Violence is not an unnatural thing. It is the normal state of being."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Stone of Force Vol. 3==--

"The physical form is weak. We can be ravaged by disease, broken in an 
 accident, drowned in a bowl of water. Our own bodies can betray us with 
 cancer or organ failure. If we survive a life of accidents, our own 
 bodies break down and kill us."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Stone of Force Vol. 4==--

"All life betrays itself and dies. To attempt to preserve one's life is 
 pointless. Loyalty must be given to something greater than a single life"

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Stone of Force Vol. 5==--

"We offer total allegiance to our species, as represented by the state. We 
 stand guard against all forms of threat. We do not Normal Value our own lives
 except as they are viewed as extensions of our species as a whole, and we 
 ask nothing of ourselves other than to be able to raise the next generation 
 in security."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Stone of Force Vol. 6==--

"Our game is a long game. We do not plan for the next year, or the next 
 ten years, or the next budget cycle. We plan for eternity."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Stone of Force Vol. 7==--

"We do not indulge in casual violence. We do not engage in a War Against 
 All. We fight in defense of our own security, and otherwise choose our 
 targets with care."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Stone of Force Vol. 8==--

"If you are no threat to us, you have little to fear, unless you are weak- 
 in that case, we may destroy you in order to prevent our rivals from 
 profiting by your destruction."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Stone of Force Vol. 9==--

"The Grox are the greatest military challenge on our Horizon. The Grox are 
 a race of machine warriors, armed with powerful weapons unknown to us. 
 They have established a security zone surrounding the center of the galaxy 
 and our intelligence has been unable to determine what goes on behind the 

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Stone of Force Vol. 10==--

"Though the Grox are formidable, machines are incapable of warrior spirit. 
 In time, once the technology gap is narrowed, we will prove more than a 
 match for them."

Normal Value: §45,000 

[9.14] Stone of Life

The Stones of Life are valued by the Ecologists as you can guess and they will
pay nicely for these items. They are worth §45,000 each and as a complete 
set, they will be worth a pretty total of §4,500,000 Sporebucks, a lot for a 
beginning trader. 

--==Stone of Life 1==--

"When all is said and done, we are creatures of nature. We were created by
 natural means, we live inside nature, and when we travel, we must carry 
 nature with us in order to survive."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Stone of Life 2==--

"The care of nature and the environment is of ultimate importance. We cannot
 prosper - we cannot even survive - without a healthy, viable ecosystem to 
 support us."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Stone of Life 3==--

"We have devoted ourselves to spreading life throughout the galaxy. Every 
 new world that we seed with life becomes not only a home for our species, 
 but a repository of nature that can assure the survival of life even if 
 other worlds are destroyed."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Stone of Life 4==--

"Even if we as a species are destroyed in some plague or war, at least some
 of the worlds that we have seeded with life will survive, and intelligent
 life may spring forth yet again."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Stone of Life 5==--

"The Grox are the ultimate evil in the galaxy. They are machines that exist 
 entirely outside of nature."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Stone of Life 6==--

"The Grox are the ultimate perversion, machines designed to live outside of 
 nature, for purposes that are deeply unnatural. Whatever their motivations 
 might be, they are not comprehensible to living being."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Stone of Life 7==--

"The Grox are known to have destroyed several sentient races."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Stone of Life 8==--

"The Grox have established a killing zone around the center of the galaxy.
 No one may enter this zone and live."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Stone of Life 9==--

"We theorize that the center of the galaxy may contain vital clues to the
 origin of the Grox."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Stone of Life 10==--

Normal Value: §45,000 

[9.15] Tablet of Prosperity

The Tablet of Prosperity will be sold best to a single traits, the Traders,
simply because they are the last trait left and prosperity is to do with 
money and that means traders. They are all worth §45,000 each and the complete
set is worth §4.5 million Sporebucks in total. 

--==Tablet of Prosperity No. 1==--

"The grand and the wise may have answered all the important questions, such 
 as the meaning of the universe and the purpose of life."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Tablet of Prosperity No. 2==--

"We who are neither grand nor wise must settle for lesser answers. We concern
 ourselves only with that which makes us happy."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Tablet of Prosperity No. 3==--

"It seems evident that the universe has resources enough to make everyone
 happy, and each sentient being should have sufficient freedom as to make that
 happiness possible."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Tablet of Prosperity No. 4==--

"Consider the simple act of trade. If you believe that possession of an item 
 would increase your happiness, and if my happiness would be increased by 
 selling that item to you for a certain sum, then the trade makes us both
 happy, and the amount of happiness in the universe is increased."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Tablet of Prosperity No. 5==--

"We let other species worry about the significance of existence and how to
 achieve perfection."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Tablet of Prosperity No. 6==--

"We only concern ourselves with how to make everyone happy."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Tablet of Prosperity No. 7==--

"The Grox are a source of the utmost terror. They have exterminated many 

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Tablet of Prosperity No. 8==--

"The Grox are a race of machines. They are incapable of happiness or of 
 understanding the profit motive."

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Tablet of Prosperity No. 9==--

"The Grox have blockaded the center of the galaxy, so that we cannot trade 

Normal Value: §45,000

--==Tablet of Prosperity No. 10==--

"Possession of this scroll entitles you to a sizable discount at our 

Normal Value: §45,000 

(What, who put this there?)

[9.16] Storybook Planets

Storybooks planets are planet that have been deliberately made by Maxis to
be in the shape of things. There are many storybook or fairy tail planets, but
only 10 make the cut as to being achievements.

They seem to be completely random per game, so unlike the location of Earth,
I cannot give you the definite co-ordinate of the planets in question. They
are complete random. However, there is one single hint that can seriously help
you. They will all be either T2 or T3 planets, and that will no one on them. 
If you manage to find one of these planets, pays to pay attention. The reason
why this is one of the hardest tasks in the game is because there is only a 
single planet. There aren't multiple copies to my knowledge. Therefore, in the
millions of planets, you need to look for a single planet.

I'll update this if there are further developments in where to find these

--==Crab Legs==--

"Looks like crab, tastes like crab, must be crab."


"Holes are small. Craters are large."

--==Dill Pickles==--

"A pickle not dilled is just a cucumber."

--==Gears n Cogs==--

"Is this where the Antikythera device originated?"


"What kind of mind could create such a planet? I bet they make good cupcakes."


"Is this where the Egyptian's learned to make pastries?"


"It's always a good idea to peel the pineapple before biting into it."


"This planet really sticks to you."


"They say rattlesnake tastes like chicken, but that chicken doesn't taste 
 like rattlesnake."

--==Rock Stack==--

"Rocks stack, rocks fall, only rocks." 

[10.01] Badges

During the space stage, the badges are little marks or symbols that denote
that you have reached a milestone. There are normally 5 levels per badge,
but some of them don't. These badges have a value, and this contributes to the
level of your empire, which is listed at the bottom.

The higher the level of the badge, the more points that badge is worth. That
is, if the badge on level 1 is worth 2, the level 2 will be worth more than 

Badges are obtained by reaching or completing certain events, but there is a
little reminder. Don't use cheats, they will block your ability to obtain
achievements or other badges, apparently. 

[10.02] List of Badges

Below are a list of the badges you can obtain, and what you need to do to 
obtain the badges.

--==Body Guard==--

Level 1 - Defend 2 Friends, 2 Badge Points
Level 2 - Defend 5 Friends, 4 Badge Points
Level 3 - Defend 10 Friends, 6 Badge Points
Level 4 - Defend 20 Friends, 8 Badge Points
Level 5 - Defend 40 Friends, 10 Badge Points

What they mean by defending your friends is to complete mission when they are
under attack and they request your assistance. 

--==Brain Surgeon==--

Level 1 - Promote 1 Creature to the Tribal Stage, 2 Badge Points
Level 2 - Promote 2 Creatures to the Tribal Stage, 4 Badge Points
Level 3 - Promote 3 Creatures to the Tribal Stage, 6 Badge Points
Level 4 - Promote 4 Creatures to the Tribal Stage, 8 Badge Points
Level 5 - Promote 5 Creatures to the Tribal Stage, 10 Badge Points

All this requires you to do is to play around with the monolith tool. You need
to land on a planet, with a creature, and there are no other sentient life in
that star system, and plant a monolith on it. 

--==Captain's Badge==--

Level 1 - Prove your UFO skills, 1 Badge Point

You need to finish the beginning tutorial here to complete and get this


Level 1 - Complete 5 Eradication Missions, 2 Badge Points
Level 2 - Complete 10 Eradication Missions, 4 Badge Points
Level 3 - Complete 20 Eradication Missions, 6 Badge Points
Level 4 - Complete 40 Eradication Missions, 8 Badge Points
Level 5 - Complete 70 Eradication Missions, 10 Badge Points

Well, you need to clean up species which are on planets. If they are a pest
on the planet, the empire will require it, and you are compelled to reply and
attack in kind. 


Level 1 - Collect 3 Artifacts, 2 Badge Points
Level 2 - Collect 8 Artifacts, 4 Badge Points
Level 3 - Collect 20 Artifacts, 6 Badge Points
Level 4 - Collect 50 Artifacts, 8 Badge Points
Level 5 - Collect 100 Artifacts, 10 Badge Points

All you need to do is to go around and start looking all over the place for
some artifacts off planets. This might take you a while, so you might want
to combine this with some other badges whilst traveling.


Level 1 - Make 5 Colony Buildings, 2 Badge Points
Level 2 - Make 20 Colony Buildings, 4 Badge Points
Level 3 - Make 50 Colony Buildings, 7 Badge Points
Level 4 - Make 100 Colony Buildings, 12 Badge Points
Level 5 - Make 200 Colony Buildings, 20 Badge Points

This requires you to place a certain amount of buildings throughout your 
colonies. You need to have several colonies, about 10 at least, and place
all the buildings and turrets, since they count as buildings. 


Level 1 - Conquer 2 Planets, 2 Badge Points
Level 2 - Conquer 5 Planets, 4 Badge Points
Level 3 - Conquer 10 Planets, 7 Badge Points
Level 4 - Conquer 20 Planets, 12 Badge Points
Level 5 - Conquer 50 Planets, 20 Badge Points

This requires you to be extremely hawkish and attack and capture planets
for your own empire.


Level 1 - Create 1 Alliance, 2 Badge Points
Level 2 - Create 2 Alliances, 4 Badge Points
Level 3 - Create 5 Alliances, 6 Badge Points
Level 4 - Create 10 Alliances, 8 Badge Points
Level 5 - Create 20 Alliances, 10 Badge Points

All you need to do is to create an alliance, which means that with 20
different empires, you need to create an alliance. You need to have a green
face with them, and empty room in your fleet for one of their ships.

--==Eco Hero==--

Level 1 - Avoid 2 Eco Disasters, 2 Badge Points
Level 2 - Avoid 5 Eco Disasters, 4 Badge Points
Level 3 - Avoid 10 Eco Disasters, 6 Badge Points
Level 4 - Avoid 20 Eco Disasters, 8 Badge Points
Level 5 - Avoid 50 Eco Disasters, 10 Badge Points

You need to be able to complete biodisasters when the need for it 
arises. You don't get to choose it on will, but you need more allies who
want your help if you want it to be done faster.


Level 1 - Buy 1 Solar System, 2 Badge Points
Level 2 - Buy 3 Solar Systems, 4 Badge Points
Level 3 - Buy 6 Solar Systems, 7 Badge Points
Level 4 - Buy 10 Solar Systems, 12 Badge Points
Level 5 - Buy 15 Solar Systems, 20 Badge Points

All you need to do here is to establish a trade route with the other
empires, and once the trade route is complete, you can purchase the star
system off them. It is best to offer depending on the star system. For a 
crappy system with a T0 planet, you might as well offer, at most, 1 
million, not to offend them. If you have a decent planet, an offer of 3
million is sound. 


Level 1 - Grow to 3 Solar Systems, 2 Badge Points
Level 2 - Grow to 7 Solar Systems, 4 Badge Points
Level 3 - Grow to 13 Solar Systems, 6 Badge Points
Level 4 - Grow to 22 Solar Systems, 8 Badge Points
Level 5 - Grow to 35 Solar Systems, 10 Badge Points

If you want to complete this quickly, all you need to do is to head into
a free solar system, dump a colony, and walk away. That is about all you
need to do. 


Level 1 - Explore 15 Solar Systems, 2 Badge Points
Level 2 - Explore 50 Solar Systems, 4 Badge Points
Level 3 - Explore 100 Solar Systems, 6 Badge Points
Level 4 - Explore 200 Solar Systems, 8 Badge Points
Level 5 - Explore 500 Solar Systems, 10 Badge Points

You might want to complete this with the Collector's badge as well since
you are on the lookout for artifacts. 

--==Frequent Flyer==--

Level 1 - Fly between 50 Solar Systems, 2 Badge Points
Level 2 - Fly between 150 Solar Systems, 4 Badge Points
Level 3 - Fly between 400 Solar Systems, 6 Badge Points
Level 4 - Fly between 800 Solar Systems, 8 Badge Points
Level 5 - Fly between 1500 Solar Systems, 10 Badge Points

It may seem like a lot, but in reality, it isn't. All you need to do is to
fly between your home planet and some other planet 750 times and you will
get this badge. 

--==Golden Touch==--

Level 1 - Get 500,000 Sporebucks, 2 Badge Points
Level 2 - Get 2 Million Sporebucks, 4 Badge Points
Level 3 - Get 4 Million Sporebucks, 6 Badge Points
Level 4 - Get 8 Million Sporebucks, 8 Badge Points
Level 5 - Get 15 Million Sporebucks, 10 Badge Points

This requires you to do a bit of trading where you need to have 15 million
sporebucks, on hand, at a single point in time. There is no bank in this
game, so you need to be able to get 15 million without spending all of it. 


Level 1 - Complete 5 Delivery Missions, 2 Badge Points
Level 2 - Complete 10 Delivery Missions, 4 Badge Points
Level 3 - Complete 20 Delivery Missions, 6 Badge Points
Level 4 - Complete 40 Delivery Missions, 8 Badge Points
Level 5 - Complete 70 Delivery Missions, 10 Badge Points

A delivery mission is classified as a mission, which you take from an 
empire, where you need to head to a planet, gather something, and then 
deliver the goods to the requesting empire. Thats about all you need to do
for this one. 

--==Dance with the Devil==--

Level 1 - Ally with the Grox, 0 Badge Points

I've mentioned how to do this before, but good luck, the rest of the 
galaxy is going to be trying to kill you.

--==Badge Outta Heck==--

Level 1 - Defeat the Grox, 0 Badge Points

The complete opposite from the one above, all you need to do, which is
going to be a tall order, is to capture all the Grox star systems and
make sure that they have none left. Then you get this. 

--==Jack of all Trades==--

Level 1 - Buy 5 Tools, 2 Badge Points
Level 2 - Buy 20 Tools, 4 Badge Points
Level 3 - Buy 50 Tools, 6 Badge Points
Level 4 - Buy 100 Tools, 8 Badge Points
Level 5 - Buy 200 Tools, 10 Badge Points

Tools are classified as anything, that isn't spice, that you can purchase
from the other empires as well as your own. This includes one off items 
such as repairs and energy packs. You will be able to get this in no time
if you play the space age. 


Level 1 - Cheat, 0 Badge Points

No badge points here, but you need to cheat, which in this game, isn't
exactly a good thing, since there are reports that you don't get any more
achievements or badges after you have cheated.


Level 1 - Trade for 500,000 Sporebucks, 2 Badge Points
Level 2 - Trade for 2 Million Sporebucks, 4 Badge Points
Level 3 - Trade for 4 Million Sporebucks, 6 Badge Points
Level 4 - Trade for 8 Million Sporebucks, 8 Badge Points
Level 5 - Trade for 15 Million Sporebucks, 10 Badge Points

This is the easier version of the Golden Touch, you just need to trade for 
this amount of money, you don't need to keep this much money.


Level 1 - Complete 5 missions, 2 Badge Points
Level 2 - Complete 10 missions, 4 Badge Points
Level 3 - Complete 18 missions, 6 Badge Points
Level 4 - Complete 30 missions, 8 Badge Points
Level 5 - Complete 50 missions, 10 Badge Points

This is the easier version of the Gopher, you can just try for the Gopher
and you can get this. Missions that are prompted by the game, such as 
eco disasters, aren't going to be counted. 

--==Planet Artiste==--

Level 1 - Use 5 Planet Sculpting or Colouring Tools, 2 Badge Points
Level 2 - Use 25 Planet Sculpting or Colouring Tools, 4 Badge Points
Level 3 - Use 75 Planet Sculpting or Colouring Tools, 6 Badge Points
Level 4 - Use 150 Planet Sculpting or Colouring Tools, 8 Badge Points
Level 5 - Use 200 Planet Sculpting or Colouring Tools, 10 Badge Points

This is one of the easiest badges. All you need to do is to have access
to one of the tools, and just sit on a planet, and keep using it. Wait
for the recharge to complete, use, recharge, use, repeat. Done.


Level 1 - Make 2 Cosmic Discoveries, 2 Badge Points
Level 2 - Make 10 Cosmic Discoveries, 4 Badge Points
Level 3 - Make 20 Cosmic Discoveries, 6 Badge Points
Level 4 - Make 40 Cosmic Discoveries, 8 Badge Points
Level 5 - Make 70 Cosmic Discoveries, 10 Badge Points

This is where you need to find the rare galactic formations. These are 
found all over the galaxy, so you need to explore and sooner or later,
you will start finding them. 

--==Split Personality==--

Level 1 - Change Personality Once, 5 Badge Points
Level 2 - Change Personality Twice, 10 Badge Points
Level 3 - Change Personality Thrice, 15 Badge Points
Level 4 - Change Personality Four Times, 20 Badge Points
Level 5 - Change Personality Five Times, 25 Badge Points

This requires you to be a changing trait all the time. Change traits, which
is described below and you'll be great. 


Level 1 - Improve a planet's terraforming score 2 times, 2 Badge Points
Level 2 - Improve a planet's terraforming score 5 times, 3 Badge Points
Level 3 - Improve a planet's terraforming score 10 times, 6 Badge Points
Level 4 - Improve a planet's terraforming score 20 times, 10 Badge Points
Level 5 - Improve a planet's terraforming score 40 times, 15 Badge Points

This requires you to be using those terraforming tools quite a fair bit,
but this isn't all that bad, you can get the Zoologist badge while you are
here as well.


Level 1 - Make 2 Trade Routes, 2 Badge Points
Level 2 - Make 5 Trade Routes, 4 Badge Points
Level 3 - Make 10 Trade Routes, 6 Badge Points
Level 4 - Make 20 Trade Routes, 8 Badge Points
Level 5 - Make 40 Trade Routes, 10 Badge Points

This works best if you are planning to use the economist badge as well, since
the trade routes allow you to purchase star systems. The thing is, you need
to be on the blue face, a friendly relationship, if you want to trade first,
so bribe and then trade.


Level 1 - Contact 3 Empires, 1 Badge Points
Level 2 - Contact 10 Empires, 2 Badge Points
Level 3 - Contact 20 Empires, 3 Badge Points
Level 4 - Contact 50 Empires, 4 Badge Points
Level 5 - Contact 100 Empires, 5 Badge Points

This is relatively easy when you start, but you can easily get this if you
use the monolith, get many space stage friendlies, and there you go, another
empire. Otherwise, this is where you will be exploring a lot. 


Level 1 - Start 1 War, 1 Badge Points
Level 2 - Start 3 Wars, 2 Badge Points
Level 3 - Start 6 Wars, 4 Badge Points
Level 4 - Start 10 Wars, 6 Badge Points
Level 5 - Start 15 Wars, 10 Badge Points

Well, if you are going for the Conquerer badge, you are going to need to be
declaring a lot of wars to make sure that the enemy gets the point that you
aren't to be messed with.

--==Wonderland Wanderer==--

Level 1 - Discover 1 Storybook Planet, 2 Badge Points
Level 2 - Discover 2 Storybook Planets, 4 Badge Points
Level 3 - Discover 4 Storybook Planets, 6 Badge Points
Level 4 - Discover 7 Storybook Planets, 8 Badge Points
Level 5 - Discover 12 Storybook Planets, 10 Badge Points

This is quite hard, because there is no exact location of any of the 
storybook planets, but the good news is that there are a fair amount of
them, nearly 20 or so to be honest. However, out of the millions of planets,
finding a small amount is quite hard, so you need to be playing this and 
have a lot of luck. Find planets that have no one on it, and are T2 or T3


Level 1 - Fill out 3 Ecosystems, 1 Badge Points
Level 2 - Fill out 10 Ecosystems, 3 Badge Points
Level 3 - Fill out 20 Ecosystems, 5 Badge Points
Level 4 - Fill out 40 Ecosystems, 7 Badge Points
Level 5 - Fill out 70 Ecosystems, 15 Badge Points

An ecosystem is just a tier of three plants, 2 plant eater and a meat
eater. That is all. You don't need a colony, so filling out a complete 
planet means that you complete 3 Ecosystems.

[10.03] Badge Levels

Once you have reached a certain level of badge points, you will be able to 
be promoted to another level. Every two levels means that you get another 
ship to be in your fleet, so by the time you reach Omnipotent, you will be 
able to have 5 other allied ships in your fleet.

Commander      - 5
Commodore      - 15
Admiral        - 30
The Celebrated - 50
The Renowned   - 75
The Great      - 105
The Legendary  - 140
All-Powerful   - 180
Ultimate Being - 225
The Omnipotent - 275

[11.01] What are They?

Throughout your gameplay, from the cell stage to the space stage, what you 
do will have consequences in the future, and these consequences will, from the
Creature Stage to the Civilisation Stage, will let you use certain abilities
exclusive to your units or civilisation, and cannot be changed. In the 
Space Stage, these will be converted into passive abilities. 

These actions can be viewed at the end of each stage by a trait card that will
appear in your History Tab. The History tab is at the end of the evolution
bar, so it isn't hard to find. Consult the manual for more information. 

The History will show you exactly what you have done, all the milestones that
you have reaches. It displays how many kills you have score, your evolutions
in terms of creatures and such, and what you have done, like colonised a 
planet or built a weapons workshop. 

The Consequences themselves will be calculated at the end of each stage. You
see the history tab? Well, at the end of the history for your tribe, there is
an arrow that leads to a section of three choices. These will be your traits,
and at the end of a certain stage, the traits (such as Omnivore, Carnivore and
Herbivore), will be listed on the top of the screen, and that will give you
a consequence ability for the rest of the game. 

The traits will determine where you start in the next Stage. This will be 
important because if you start as a Carnivore, you are more likely to become
a Predator in the Creature Stage due to the Carnivore in Cell Stage because
there are three determined lines. These lines will continue and they can go
up and down, but it is quite hard to do so, so be careful where you start 
because this is important. Red is the hostile path, green is the nice path and
blue is a middle ground, a neutral path. 

These consequences abilities will be available from each stage, so this is the
reason that you should start from the Cell Stage all the way through to the
Space Stage. Without any further ado, let us begin. 

[11.02] Cell Stage Consequence Abilities

In the Cell Stage, your conseqeunce abilities will be determined by what type
of diet your cell has at the end of the Stage. This is whether your cell is a
Herbivore, Carnivore or Omnivore. Not only does this have a massive 
consequence on the next two stages, the Creature and Tribal Stages, but a 
massive Consequence abilities. Who would have thought that the easiest stage
is probably the most important. 


Line - Red
Obtained By - Become a Carviore at the end of the Cell Stage.

--==Creature Stage Consequence Ability==--

The Raging Roar Ability

Raging Roar is the ability where your creature is able to scare away all enemy
creatures for a short period of time, which makes it very useful in order to
escape the enemy units or when you are lot on health and need some time to
run away and recoup your lost HP.

Raging Roar is also useful when you want to make the enemy scatter from their
group position, allowing you to take down the enemy one on one rather than 
facing a rather big group all by yourself. Useful for Carnivores because they
need to kill enemy creatures to consume their flesh in order to keep that 
hunger bar to a minimum. 

--==Tribal Stage Consequence Ability==--

The Traps Ability

The Traps ability allows the Chieftan of the tribe to lay traps for your 
tribe, which will lure any close by animals and will automatically poison the
animal, which for some strange reason, it will kill them instantly. Maybe its
the ultra virus. The trap will kill everything within a short radius, 
releasing some toxic purple gas. This will be done twice until the poison
runs out. 

The First is that you will get a head start on kill an animal, and it makes
it easier to gather food if you bring it closer to your tribal base. The
second is that it will seperate it from the other animals, which will also
be important because you don't get trigger happy and kill all the other 
animals and make them extinct. Odds are, you are going to still be a Carnivore
at the Tribal Stage, so meat is rather important. 

--==Civilisation Stage Consequence Ability==--

The Invulnerability Ability

This will allow your vehicles to stay invulnerable, that is, unable to take
any sort of damage for a period of time. This is again, very important because
if you are still bloodthirsty for violence, you will need protection from 
damage because religiously capturing a city will damage your vehicles as will
enemy Epic Monsters and enemy vehicles themselves as well as city defences.

This is best used when you are planning to capture a city for your own 
civilisation off the enemy, because this pretty much lets you have a short 
period of time to deal as much damage as you can without taking any damage in

--==Space Stage Consequence Ability==--

Power Monger Passive Ability

This will increase the amount of energy that your spaceship can hold, outside
from all the upgrades that you can purchase that will be able to increase the
amount of energy that your spaceship will use.

This is an important ability because energy is expensive to refill and through
constant travelling and terraforming, you will run out of energy quick and 
this is important because when your space ship is out of energy, your ship 
will not be able to function and it will be blown up and you will be killed 
and forced to respawn somewhere else. 


Line - Blue
Obtained By - Either have two mouths (1 Filter and 1 Jaw) or a Proboscis and
              be an Omnivore at the end of the Cell Stage. 

--==Creature Stage Consequence Ability==--

The Summon Flock Ability

This is an important ability for the Omnivore, it basically means that you are
an adaptive creature. The Summon Flock ability will summon a group of monsters
that will be friendly with you and will help you in socialising with other
creatures, or if need be, they will help you attack and kill other enemy 
creatures with your own creature. 

Again, this is quite useful because Socialising works a lot better when you 
have a large pack because the other creature will tend to have a large group
with them as well. And attacking other monsters is important, a bit of extra
firepower can never go wrong when you are trying to wipe out an entire species
by attacking their nest and killing everything in your wake. 

--==Tribal Stage Consequence Ability==--

The Flying Fish Ability

This will allow your Chieftan to literally make fish fly out of the sea by
summoning a deep sea monster to send them out of the sea. This is useful
because as a source of food, fish are a good substitute for meat if you don't
have any meat left. 

Also, this is a very useful ability time wise. Killing animals will turn all
the monsters against you most of the time and you need to help them all out
in response. That isn't very sustainable. Also, gathering fruit all the time
takes a lot of time to build up a good reserve, and eggs generally take a long
time to build a good stockpile of, so fish is quite a useful asset to control.

--==Civilisation Stage Consequence Ability==--

The Static Bomb Ability

This will pretty much freeze all the enemy turrets of a city, all their 
vehicles and makes sure that their buildings will not be able to function, so
this pretty much means that an entire city can be rendered defenceless for a 
short period of time.

This is useful in a prelude to a military attack on the city. No Turret means
that your forces can't be harmed, and disable enemy vehicles makes it even
easier. Disable buildings means that they can't generate any money to build 
more vehicles to fight you, so this is useful for any military action, but has
a massive recharge time just to be sure. 

--==Space Stage Consequence Ability==--

Gentle Generalist Passive Ability

This ability makes passive ability upgrades in the space stage much cheaper
than it normally is, but given that the price will vary from empire to empire,
this might mean that a cheap price might be even cheaper.

What are passive abilities? Passive Abilities are upgrades to your Cargo
Hold, your Energy stoage capacities and the amount of health that your space
ship has. At the end of the upgrade line, these upgrades are very expensive, 
costing over half a million sporebucks, so it is quite useful to make sure
that you have these abilities for yourself. 


Line - Green
Obtained By - You need to be a Herbivore at the end of the Cell Stage.

--==Creature Stage Consequence Ability==--

The Siren Song Ability

This makes the surrounding creatures more enchanted with you for a period of
time, which pretty much means more friendly and much easier to make allies 
with you for a limited period of time. This will even convince your natural
enemies to stop attacking you. It won't however, deter epic creatures.

For Herbivores, this is useful since you don't really need to kill enemy 
creatures for a source of meat to relieve their hunger bar. It is possible
to go through the entire Creature Stage without having to fire a shot in 
anger, to use a modern cliche for the modern era. All you need to do is to
ally with all tribes that you can, but as the Creature Stage progresses, 
this becomes increasingly hard to do as more and more natural enemies will
spawn on you.

For a bit more, I'll set a part sent in by a reader, Kirk Rahusen, which 
explains it more detail, well, more detail than I did. 

"I wanted to write in a fun thing I noticed about the ability "Siren Song" 
 you get for the creature stage from being an herbivore as a cell. I played an
 herbivore as a creature too, and I noticed that you can use Siren Song at a 
 neutral or friendly nest, and then quickly engage a creature at the social 
 mini-game.  When you don't have enough pack members, this lets you single 
 out a creature so they don't get the advantage of their nest mates.

 It's also a good way to get those rogue creatures to stop biting you long 
 enough to talk to them."

--==Tribal Stage Consequence Ability==--

The Refreshing Storm Ability

This gives your Chieftan the ability to summon a storm, not to kill 
anyone, but it will make all the trees nearby to drop all their fruit and
grow new fruit, giving you effective two sets of fruit to harvest from all
the trees in the nearby area.

This is useful to the Herbivore because in the Tribal Stage, the distance
from tree to food stash is quite high and you want as little walks as 
possible. The long walk to new sources is quite annoying so having all the
trees near your own tribal base replenished with more fruit is quite a 
useful thing to have. Carnivores and Omnivores don't worry about this 
problem because they just kill enemy animals for meat. 

--==Civilisation Stage Consequence Ability==--

The Healing Aura Ability

This gives you the ability to repair all your damaged vehicles, regardless
of there the damage came from, and this cancels the need for your units to
head all the way back to a friendly city and wait outside to heal back to
full health. 

This is useful if your units are too close to the enemy and you are facing 
a fair amount of enemy vehicle fire as a result and you can't dish enough
back. However, this doesn't mean that they will not still take fire, if 
you aren't smart enough to take down the enemy damage causers quick, you
will just end up at the same result, this time, minus the Healing Aura
ability up your sleeve. 

--==Space Stage Consequence Ability==--

Social Suave Passive Ability

This will reduce the cost of all the socialisation tools that you can 
purchase for your space ship. These Social tools are items such as the
really lame sounding Happy Ray, to Fireworks and even items such as the
Wildlife Scantuary and the Creature Tweaker. 

Why are these useful? These will be useful to improve relations with
other space-faring empires and alliances here are extremely important,
less you like having the enemy bomb every single planet you own into 
complete submission. Also, tweaking the ecosystems to your will is quite
useful as well. 


As you can see, the Cell Stage probably has the most important and most
far-reaching consequence abilities in the game. This is why it is one of
the most important stages, not only does this stage determine what type
of diet you have for the next two stages, these Consequence abilities 
will determine how you are going to fight and survive for the next 4 

[11.03] Creature Stage Consequence Abilities

The Creature Stage Consequence Abilities aren't as far reaching as the cell
stage is, but they are still quite powerful for your Tribal Stage, the 
Civilsation Stage and the Space Stage. Although this stage is going to be your
only real attempt at a third person killer, this stage somehow effects how
you are going to play the space age. 


Line - Red
Obtained By - Continious attack and wiping out all other creatures that stand
              in your path. You don't need to ally yourself with anyone, all
              you need to do is to wipe everyone out. It is possible for 
              a Herbivore to become aggressive and be a Predator, but given
              that they don't eat meat, whats the point?

--==Tribal Stage Consequence Ability==--

The Fire Bombs Ability

This ability allows your Chieftan to throw fire bombs, or a more modern term,
the Molotov Cocktail, at enemy buildings and units, or even use it to go 
hunting with it. This will be able to damage anything that it wants, but is 
most effective against enemy buildings, well, if it wasn't, then why is fire
so good at burning down homes.

This follows the tune of the aggressiveness of the Predator, they pretty much
don't want anything else left standing at the end of the day so you want to 
raze the enemy tribe. No really handy if you want them to survive, but a 
nice move none the less. And even better, its a fire bomb! 

--==Civilisation Stage Consequence Ability==--

The Mighty Bomb Ability

This follows directly after the Fire Bomb, you just bomb the enemy into 
submission with the power of Fire and attacking the enemy buildings and 
vehicles that stand in your way. This is especially useful as a defensive
weapon since they will be stationary and in a group, and you can easily 
bomb them into smithereens. 

This ability is enough to make sure that all the turrets that are in your
way don't be there to bother you for a while and will seriously help you
in capturing the enemy's cities for your own personal agenda. This is a 
useful prelude to a military invasion, but is shouldn't be used just by
itself to piss off the enemy, because that seriously isn't a good move.

--==Space Stage Consequence Ability==--

Prime Specimen Passive Ability

This is quite a useful passive ability, and in line with the Power Monger
ability, this will give an increase in the amount of HP that your Ship will
have overall.

Note that health is one of the most expensive upgrades in the game, and 
having a free boost for no extra cose is a very effective tool because 
unlike most Science Fiction games, there isn't any automatic or regenerating
shield to take most of the damage for you, all damage pretty much goes 
straight to your health, and even though you might have 5000 health, a 
million 1 damage hits is more than enough to blow you up 200 times.


Line - Blue
Obtained By - This is the middle ground between attacking all the enemy 
              units in your way and the ability to make friends with all
              the other creatures. Therefore, not too friendly but not
              too hostile either. Get a head start by being an Omnivore.

--==Tribal Stage Consequence Ability==--

The Beastmaster Ability

This gives the ability of Beastmaster to your Chieftan who will be able
to enchant and make the animals hear him to be more friendly than they 
normally would be, and this is useful for two seperate reasons.

The First is to enchant the monsters in order to domesticate them and
lead them to be a quick food source, either through their eggs or to do
so by killing them off for some meat. The second reason is to distract
them from your troops that are just waiting to take them all out and 
extract them for meat. 20 Meat off a dead animal isn't such a bad thing
anyway, food is important.

They also boost your attack power when you head into battle with your
animals and they make your creatures sing as well, that is very important
since that will help you socialising with the other tribes.

--==Civilisation Stage Consequence Ability==--

The Bribe Ability

One of the more creative abilities, this will basically give some money
to the enemy vehicles and make them attack each other, or their own 
cities, killing everything except for one thing, your own civilisation,
your vehicles and cities.

This is useful when you are about to launch an attack on the enemy
city, letting the enemy take down the city before you come in, mop up
the remaining enemy forces and then take the city for yourself. It is
quite a manipulative way to take over a city, but in the end, you have
the enemy city, so it doesn't really matter. 

--==Space Stage Consequence Ability==--

Speed Demon Passive Ability

The Speed Demon passive ability allows for greater and faster galactic 
travel, which means that overall, your spaceship will fly much faster
than the other spaceships.

Why is this useful? Well, first of all, fleeing enemy ships can't move
faster than you can, you can easily chase them down and fire a proton
missile up their rear and end critically wound them, if not downright
kill them. This is also handy for travelling across planetsides looking
for rare collectibles and for travelling in general. Make the most out 
of your time before another colony gets attacked.


Line - Green
Obtained By - This is where you don't decide to go all trigger-happy and
              decide to ally as many creatures to your cause as much as 
              possible, either due to your own lack of improve abilities
              or some other fact. Herbivores have the headstart here.

--==Tribal Stage Consequence Ability==--

The Fireworks Ability

In order to make the enemy more happy with your tribe, your Chieftan has
the ability to create and make some fireworks which will temporarily 
increase your relationship with all the other tribes in the nearby area.

Why is this important. If the enemy is angry or at war with your tribe,
you cannot impress them with your amazing display of instrumental prowess
and this is one of the easiest ways to finish the Tribal Stage, just make
all the other tribes happy by playing the instruments that they want to
hear. A similar ability is available by itself at the Space Age, but it
isn't exactly the same, per se. 

--==Civilisation Stage Consequence Ability==--

The Diplo Dervish Ability

This is quite a useful ability should you find yourself at war. This 
ability will TEMPORARILY put your relationship with the other warring
nation from downright hostile to friend for a limited period of time.

Why is this a good ability. It gives you a lot of time for your troops
to move in and close the gap to the next closest cities so you can take
those over as well. Or, you can just use this to help mend the rift
between the two nations, because if you have this Trait, the odds are,
you are going to be a herbivore and a more peaceful creature and less
likely to end up in war. Just in case things break down, you always have
this up your sleeve. 

--==Space Stage Consequence Ability==--

Pleasing Performance Passive Ability

This little charm will help you in the Space Stage where Disasters are
going to be common. This will decrease the rate where the relationship
boost from helping out other Empires will decay, that is, the little boost
in relationship will last a lot longer.

Disasters are going to be common. Something like a Pirate Raid, or even more
common, a Biological disaster, such as the threat of an ecosystem collapse, 
will be classified as a disaster and this will boost the relationship if you
successfully complete it. This will slow the decay which is rather handy and
might even give an extra boost to your units. 


Although these abilities are as far reaching as their Cell Stage cousins, 
they are quite powerful none the less and again, it is important that this
stage be complete for the consequence ability reasons alone. There are two
more sets of Consequence Abilties, and then Traits

[11.04] Tribal Stage Conseqence Abilities

The Tribal Stage is the middle stage, and in my opinion, probably the most
boring, but this game is magificant, so boring in this case means pretty fun
at least. Anyway, there are only 2 sets of Consequence abilities for each
trait, but they are quite useful.


Line - Red
Obtained By - Aggressive Tribes are pretty much all attack, nothing else. They
              will attack all their other tribes, don't bother to ally, and
              is pretty much a continium of the previous traits of Carnivore
              and Predator. 

--==Civilisation Stage Consequence Ability==--

The Gadget Bomb Ability

This is one heck of a powerful military action, you are pretty much firing
a nuclear missile at the enemy here. This is powerful against a single target
so make sure that it counts.

Because it can level an enemy city pretty easily, you might want some vehicles
to come along and make sure that you either destroy the city to make sure that
it doesn't exist for much longer or convert it to your cause. This will leave
you with the military faction, since this is what Aggressive leads to, and you
get a really nice superweapon to play with, but you need to read the right 
section for it.

--==Space Stage Consequence Ability==--

Arms Dealer Passive Ability

Despite the fact that Arms Dealing is normally a criminal offence, this nice
ability will lower the cost of all weapons in the game, and believe me, there
are a lot of items here that you consider as weapons, ranging from the 
permanent items such as Proton Missiles to one off items such as Anti-Matter

This is a very useful ability because the final upgrades just as the Massive
Justa Bomb or the Planet Buster will cost upwards of 2 million Sporebucks, so
any decrease in the price is a handy drop in price. Even smaller purchases 
such as the Repair or Anti Matter Weapons will be expensive and any drop in
the price is just as welcome.


Line - Blue
Obtained By - Industrious Tribes are again the level in between hostile and
              friendly. This means that in the Tribe Stage, you need to 
              attack and ally yourself with all the tribes at a 2 to 3 or a
              3 to 2 ratio. Leads to the Economic Speciality in the Civ 

--==Civilisation Stage Consequence Ability==--

The Ad Blitz Ability

Since you will be in the Economic group for the Civilisation Stage, this
will enable you to buy out enemy cities much faster than usual. This means, 
your trade routes will enable buyout much faster than usual.

This is useful for the Economic group because buying out cities is the only
option to capturing more cities, since the Religious and the Military will
be able to capture via force, you need to capture via peaceful means, which
somewhat semms more peaceful than the religious, who force their view down
people's throat and then take over a city.

--==Space Stage Consequence Ability==--

Colony Craze Passive Ability

This is one heck of a useful ability because unless you are planning to buy
every single system you own, you need to colonise all the planets that you 
want to keep, and that could mean a lot. 

A colony is going to cost a fair amount of money, up toward 150,000 Sporebucks
and if you have 20 colonies, which is something that is actually quite common
and even more, that is a lot of money right there. Also, don't forget that
there is more than just the Colony Pack. You have Embassies and Spice Storage
units there as well, and they are important and expensive, so any discount is 
a welcome one.


Line - Green
Obtained By - This is where your tribe is downright friendly with all the
              other tribes there are. This means you don't really want to 
              attack and plunder the enemy tribes, you want to be nice friends
              and that means a lot of instrumental music to play to the other
              tribes and ally with them. 

--==Civilsation Stage Consequence Ability==--

The Black Cloud Ability

This is a pretty useful ability if you are planning to capture a city via
the religious means that is available to you. Therefore, you are going to 
need to be able to take down the enemy turrets before they blow up all your
current units.

The Black Cloud ability will disable and turn off all enemy turrets and
entertainment buildings, which means that they cannot defend themselves 
and their citizens are going to be very unhappy, because the odds are, 
a factory in the city will cause unahppiuness and all cities should have 
one and that means, unhappy citizens, and that means, easier to capture.

--==Space Stage Consequence Ability==--

Gracious Greeting Passive Ability

This will allow for your empire to have a nice bonus when you are talking
to other races, and this is extremely useful since the scale of relations is
-100 to 100 and the Gracious Greeting Boost is a nice boost of +10.

This is one of the best consequence abilities because even though you might
need to pay full price for all the items you are going to need, you won't
have the massive empires getting really annoyed at you and try to attack 
and defeat you. Because of this, this is a cushion of 10 points against war
and piece, and seeing that a massive empire is going to have a hard time 
maintaining peace, this is essential. Good luck if you have this, worse
luck if you don't. 

[11.05] Civilisation Stage Consequence Abilities

The Civilisation Stage, while is it rather fun and amusing to blow everybody
up with ICBMs, but in terms of Consequence Abilities, it is rahter bare and
hollow, there is only one single legacy that will be used in the next age,
but they happen to be probably the most powerful there are, so it is up to
you to judge.


Line - Red
Obtained By - Being a Military Empire during the Civilisation Phase, which
              means you needing to be Ruthless during the Tribal Phase

--==Space Stage Consequence Ability==--

Pirate-B-Gone Passive Ability

This is one of the most useful space abilities that you are going to get,
and once you get to the Space Stage you'll find why. This will reduce the
amount of pirate raids on your colonies, and that is no small matter.

When you are not at war, that means, when you are at peace, pirate raids will
account for most of the missions you will undertake. Pirates will not only
raid your colonies for Spice, they will also try to destroy the colony, which
makes it more important than anything else. Luckily, if you have a good 
Terraforming Score, you can build some turrets and let it take care for 
itself, but otherwise, this is very useful. 


Line - Blue
Obtained By - Being a Economic Empire during the Civilisation Stage and that
              means you need to be Industrialous during the Tribal Stage.

--==Space Stage Consequence Ability==--

Spice Savant Passive Ability

As usual, the economic abilities of the Economic class go to the big stage.
This will pretty much increase your spice production capabilities, which
means your cities produce more spice. 

And this is not without even more benefit. Since you need to be Industrialous
during the Tribal Phase, you will get a nice discount in the Colonial Tools
area, and guess what, the Spice Storage boost is a colonial tool, so you
can store more spice, the spice that is gained via the Spice Savant ability
will be stored more cheaply in the Spice Storage facility. See, they do 
decide to balance up.


Line - Green
Obtained By - Being a Religious Empire during the Civilisation Stage and that
              will mean you need to be a Friendly Tribe at the end of the 
              Tribal Stage. 

--==Space Stage Consequence Ability==--

Green Keeper Consequence Ability

For once, a not so interesting ability because this will basically lower the
amount of Biodisasters that will occur, or of like pirate raids. It is nice
that Biodisasters get lowered, but clearing some are needed for the badges.

Biodisasters are important and dangerous if you do not complete, because if 
you do not complete, it will lead to a massive problem with the foodweb of
the planet, and that will lower the overall score of the Terraforming Score
and the ability to produce spice. So it is in your interest to keep these
disasters as low as possible because you really need to clean up these 
messes, and you can't leave your turrets to take care of them, unlike the


That marks the end of all the consequence abilities, but there is a liuttle
left on the Traits during the Space Stage, which might be a bit interesting
if you find these things interesting. 

[11.06] Space Stage Traits

Over the course of the game, you have developed and created many different
traits for your creations, and all these traits have come together into a 
single description, a class for your creations if you like, that will say
what type of superweapon they will get.

These weapons will instantly be added to your spaceship once you are off
the ground, you don't need to pay for them. These are the most powerful
weapons in the entire game, even the power to destroy planets, so really be
careful, since people don't like planets destroyed.

Unlike the previous traits, you can actually change these. You can find 
another empire, with a completely different trait, and once you get on
better terms, you can undertake a mission that will allow your empire to
change their trait to that of the other empire, and get a new superweapon
as a result. 


Soothing Song

The Bard is a social and an outgoing class who thinks of their Universe as
a playground. Their main ability is the Soothing Song, which has the power to
calm down esclating and hostile relations with the other Empires. This is
quite important because Wars are something you really want to avoid at all
possible cost, because it is expensive to end them and quite annoying to 
avoid. You can bet that these guys are quite easy to befriend and a good class
to be or ally. At the end of the day, this will stop your enemies attacking 
you for a period of time, which is handy to upgrade defences.


Safari Vacuum

The Ecologist is worried about maintaining the balanced in nature and dislike
those who attempt to mess or exploit nature. Their weapon, the Safari Vacuum,
is a very interesting ability because this will basically abduct several 
of each species on a planet off the planet, without any negative effect on the
planet and place them in your Cargo Hold, which makes it easy to terraform
new planets. You might want to reconsider from abducting some animals from the
planets of these guys, less you want war. Just as a note, it will suck up all
the plants and animal specimans, all of them. That is of course, if you cargo
hold is spacey enough.


Fanaticial Frenzy

The Zealot is a religious fanatic that makes sure that if you do not believe 
in their God, you are against them. That makes them rather hard to ally if
you aren't the same as them. Their power is one to be feared, because the 
Fanticial Frenzy basically means that they will religious take over the 
entire planet without a single worry in the world, and that is quite scary 
because that could mean any planet. Even a rich, spice-producing one. Note 
that if you use this power will be a violation of the galactic code and 
that means that you lose 100 relationship points with all empires because 
you broke the CODE!


Static Cling

The Diplomat trys to make peace without resulting in violent means. They use
words rather than weapons, and that means you can understand them a bit better
and they're less like to rush into war. Their Static Cling ability, while it 
might not damage anyone, will basically disable all units and turrets on a 
planet for a good period of time, making it very easy for you to take down
all the enemy units on the planet and make the enemy surrender because while
the enemy cannot move, your units and their allies can. 


Gravitional Wave

These guys believe in science and pretty much won't tolerate any faith such
as the Zealot. Want a God v Science battle, pitch the Zealots against the
Scientist. They have one of the most powerful superweapons in the game, the
Gravitional Wave. It pretty much blows up everything, all the structures 
anyway, not the vehicles, and that means you can rush in and claim the planet
as your own, with no defenders there to say otherwise. But somehow, the
religous one is a bit more, dangerous. Note that like the religious ability,
you will lose 100 relationship points for breaking the galactic code, which
really isn't all that nice. 


Cash Infusion

The Trader are the Teledi from the X Series. They only care about one and only
one thing, SPOREBUCKS. If it brings in some money, they are interested, if
they get more, they are even more interested. Thats is why cash gifts work so
well on them. Anyway, Cash Infusion will pretty much mean that all the 
progress on a trade route, the building up of the progress for a financial 
takeover of the system, will be full. This is a nice and powerful tool since
it is the only other way to take over a system without the need to blow the
system and capture it.


Return Ticket

The Shaman believes that all the life in the galaxy is interlinked, one cannot
exist without the other. Well, they are right, without your species, many 
planets could not have possibly reached that valuable T3 score that enables
increase Spice Production. Their ability is quite useful if you are very far
from home, the Return Ticket allows your spaceship, regardless of where it is 
in the galaxy, to head back to the home planet and start from these, useful if
you are in the middle of a massive conflict. 


Raider Rally

The Warrior is the most bloodthirsty trait there is, they guys are not the 
best allies, they will get what they want, when they want, and if they don't
get it, war will break out and you are going to be drawn into a massive
conflict. These guys have one of the most unique abilities, the Raider Rally
basically means that your species will talk to pirates and ask them to attack
a certain system, one of your choosing. Useful if you want to soften up the
enemy defences and get ready to take over the planet. 


Summon Mini-U

Knights are those creatures will believe that there is a justice in the world
and they will carry them out. They make decent allies as they are trustworthy
and dependable, and they will attack all enemies that you need to take down 
with impunity. Their ability is pretty much a reinforcing power, you get a 
spaceship that will come down and help you in the middle of a battle. Quite 
useful if you are fighting a battle where your unit is beaten up to a pulp and
you need some backup to help. As a note, the ship is just a smaller version 
of the one you are currently using. 


These guys want a bit of everything, but in reality, this trait is only 
available to the species that start in the Space Age, skipping all the other
stages, and for that, you don't get a nice superpower to play with. It pays
to play I guess.

[11.07] Requirements for Each Trait

My Thanks to Salvador Melo for sending in a complete and definite list that
shows how each trait for the space stage is obtained, and I must say, it is
pretty accurate from my own experience with the game.

The traits are determined by the cards that you have had at the end of each
stage. These are determined by the line that I have listed for the Consequence
abilities, so the card of Ruthless and Carnivore will be Red, Industrious and
Omnivore will be Blue and Herbivore and Religious will be Green.

It does not matter in what order you have obtained the cards, all that matters
is what type of card you obtained. So here it is.

            |        Card        |
|   Trait   | Green | Blue | Red |
|   Bard    |   1   |  2   |  1  |
| Ecologist |   2   |  1   |  1  |
|  Zealot   |   2   |  -   |  2  |
|           |   2   |  -   |  1  |
|           |   1   |  -   |  2  |
| Diplomat  |   2   |  2   |  -  |
|           |   2   |  1   |  -  |
|           |   1   |  2   |  -  |
| Scientist |   -   |  2   |  2  |
|           |   -   |  2   |  1  |
|           |   -   |  1   |  2  |
|  Trader   |   -   |  4   |  -  |
|           |   -   |  3   |  1  |
|           |   1   |  3   |  -  |
|           |   -   |  3   |  1  |
|           |   -   |  2   |  -  |
|           |   -   |  1   |  -  |
|  Shaman   |   4   |  -   |  -  |
|           |   3   |  -   |  -  |
|           |   3   |  1   |  -  |
|           |   3   |  -   |  1  |
|           |   2   |  -   |  -  |
|           |   1   |  -   |  -  |
|  Warrior  |   -   |  -   |  4  |
|           |   -   |  -   |  3  |
|           |   1   |  -   |  3  |
|           |   -   |  1   |  3  |
|           |   -   |  -   |  2  |
|           |   -   |  -   |  1  |
|  Knight   |   1   |  1   |  2  |

GreatDogger/Fraust Dogger has sent in the following about changing your trait
and this is far better than I could word it. 

"This is what you need to change your philosophy from an alien race in the 
 space age:

 -Become allied with the race that has the philosophy you want.
 -Make sure that alien race has at least 9 star systems under their control.

 That's it, that's all you need. Fly to a different star system that they own
 once the conditions are met, check the mission tab, and select the 2nd 
 option. Done.

 Common misconceptions that DO NOT MATTER:

 -Doing missions don't matter, you don't need to even do 1 mission.
 -Asking about their philosophy, it's purely optional
 -Giving money doesn't matter, buying their items doesn't matter, selling to
  them doesn't matter.
 -Green happiness does not matter, no reputation matters beyond what it takes
  to become allies.
 -Basically anything other than being allies or them having nine star systems
  doesn't matter, etc, etc, etc.

 This explains why so many people have been able to change their trait without
 actually trying, and how so many others are still struggling with it by doing
 missions over and over with no result. In the beginning of a game the first 
 races you meet spread fast, but flying deep into space to search for the more
 rare philosophies like science or nature have caused players frustration. It 
 takes a race time to populate those 9 star systems, but I have tested it 
 over and over and I am certain this is the factor. I still don't know exactly
 how to force a race to expand their empire, but this should be a start and 
 something to end the frustrations of many players looking for achievements 
 or that just want to get that new ability."

[12.01] Achievements

Achievements are online only items, they are only available, for now anyway,
available through the Sporepedia and through the achievements section. The
reason you can only access this online is beyond me, but you can share these
with your friends. 

Achievements are things that you can do in the game, and out of the game, and
depend on some luck, that will give you an achievement, the little ribbon 
to say that you have done something remarkable. Most are easy to obtain, but
some are not, and some, well are downright impossible and depends on a hell
of a lot of luck. You'll see what I mean.

Achievements are divived up into several groups. There are General 
Achievements, which are obtained throughout the game, Cell Stage Achievements
which are only obtained in the cell stage, same for the Creature, Tribal,
Civilisation and Stage Stages, and the secret achievements. These are secret,
so more on that in its own section. 

[12.02] General Achievements

There are 17 General Spore Achievements that you can obtained, and this is
the part of the game where the luck really needs to favour you, especially
when more and more creations are updated, and the game ages.

--==Galactic God==--

"Evolve a creature from cell to intergalactic space traveler in one 
 continious game."

No, you don't need to do it all in a single afternoon, you can save and such.
What you basically need to do is to start in the cell stage, and from that
stage, continue all the way until the Space Stage. You cannot start from 
any other stage other than Cell and finish before Space.


"Send a photo or video to a friend from the Test Drive mode."

From the creators, all you need to do is to make a video or a photo, it is
all explained in the game, and you can email it to a friend, and this should
give you this achievement, but you can send it to Youtube as well, but that
requires a youtube account. I swear, Youtube is going full of Spore videos


"Create and share 50 buildings."

This can be an easy on if you spam, but all you need to do is to create 50
buildings, their type doesn't matter, they call all be crappy city halls if
you like, and upload them to the internet. Whether people download your
creations, then that is a completely different matter. 

--==Automobile Engineer==--

"Make and publish 50 vehicles."

This is another one like the architect ability. All you need to do is to 
create 50 vehicles, they can either be land, sea, air or space vehicles,
and upload them to the Spore database and available for other users to 


"Create and publish 100 different creatures."

Again, another one where you need to create 100 creatures, all different
mind you, and using your Spore account, upload them to the internet and 
available for download by other Spore users online.

--==Spore Fan==--

"Spend 50 hours in your Spore Galaxy."

Well, there is no short way to complete this. You need to spend 50
hours in your galaxy. Maybe your can set your game on autopilot in the
tribal or civilisation stage, but you really can't do that effectively,
so just spend 50 hours here. Hey, if you can spend 50 hours writing this,
it can't be that hard to spend 50 hours in the game.

--==Spore Addict==--

"Spend 100 hours in your Spore Galaxy."

Well, this is the extreme version. Move over World of Crack, in this
achievement, they might as well admit that Spore is really just called
Spore Crack, and your are really become a Spore Addict, you can mine 
gold, wait, we aren't in a MMORPG. Anyway, just double the time from 
Spore Fan and here you go.


"Spend more than 50 hours in the Creators."

Well, given that if you are going to go for the Architect, Automobile
Engineer and Biologist, as well as several other achievements, you are 
going to, more or less, spend 50 hours here. Looks like you need to 
spend at least 150 hours in the game to get your complete achievement

--==Universe in a Box==--

"Play every game level and use every creator at least once."

Well, this is going to be a difficult one, but can be done in a single
gameplay. First, play the Cell Stage and use the Creator. Play the Creature
Stage and the Creator there. Play the Tribal Stage and use the outfitter
there. Play the Civilisation Stage, use the Land, Sea, Air and Space 
Vehicles Creators, use the Citizen outfitter, make and save a national
anthem, and finally, place the Space Stage, and this should get you the
nice achievement. 

--==Deja Vu==--

"Stumble across one of your own creations when exploring the universe."

Obtained in the space stage, this requires you to have other save 
games. The problem with this one is that although you may try to find
your other creations via the galaxy in the main menu, they actually
aren't there, they are quite a fair distance away. Use the space stage
and explore in both save games, or with more, if necessary and try to
find your other creations. A lot of luck is needed.

This can also be obtained in the Creature Stage, you might get a random
encounter with a creature that you created. Generally speaking, you need
more creatures, since the odds of you encountering a Maxis creature is
dead certain. You might want to keep randomising the planet at the 
creature stage until you get it. 

--==Social Engineer==--

"Make 5 Sporecasts of 50 assets or more."

Well, this is where your creations from the previous achievements 
come in. Create a Sporecast, shown in the manual and in game, on how
to create a Sporecast, and make them with 50 or more creations and 
do that 5 times, upload, and done.

--==Rising Star==--

"Have 5 different Sporecasts subscribed to by at least 10 different people."

This is where you use the five Sporecasts made from the last achievement 
and get 10 friends, who all have a copy of Spore, make them go online and
make them subscribe to your Sporecasts, and then you will be done. 

--==Front Page News==--

"Have one of your creations or Sporecasts featured on the Spore webpage."

Well, you need a lot of luck here, because I cannot determine who is going
to be featured, and when they are going to be featured on the Spore 
webpage. Remember, there are millions of creations and thousands of 
Sporecasts, so you need the element of luck here. 

--==Creature Stage Unlocked==--

"Play enough of the Cell Stage to unlock the Creature Stage."

This is a simple one, just complete the Cell Stage. How hard is that?

--==Tribe Stage Unlocked==--

"Play enough of the Creature Stage to unlock the Tribe Stage."

The description itself is more than enough.

--==Civilisation Stage Unlocked==--

"Play enough of the Tribe Stage to unlock the Civilisation Stage."

Again, this is about as self explanatory as 1+1= Window

--==Space Stage Unlocked==--

"Play enough of the Civilisation Stage to unlock the Space Stage."

This comment is as relevent as the fact that there was a Molecular and
City Stage that were to be implement in the game, but were scrapped.

[12.03] Cell Stage Achievements

These are all achievements to be made during the Cell Stage, and only obtained
in the cell stage. Well, that isn't all that hard, considering the cell stage
is relatively short. 

--==Aluminium Cell==--

"Finish the Cell Stage on Hard Difficulty."

Well, that is a little self-explanatory, isn't it?


"Finish the Cell Stage and clamber onto the planet's surface!"

Well, this means that you need to complete the cell stage and move onto the
Creature Stage.


"Finish the Cell Stage without killing another creature."

Well, here, you need to either be a herbivore or an omnivore, and to an
extent, a carnivore. You just need to eat and not kill. Herbivores and 
Omnivores will have it easy, all you need to do is to find plants and keep
on eating, but Carnivores will need to scavenge some meat to eat. No
killing, that isn't too much fun. Make sure your cell doesn't have weapon, or
it might accidently kill another cell.


"Unlock all the Parts in the Cell Stage."

This isn't all that hard, you need to kill all the cells that you see because
all the maxis creations are going to house all the necessary parts that you
need. There are only 6 parts that you need, so it isn't all that hard. 


"Finish the Cell Stage in under 8 minutes."

Hey, you can all be freaks like me. Anyway, you need to finish this stage 
really quick, under 8 minutes, so all you really need to do is to do the 
same as the Pacifist, just eat, as fast as your can, you can kill if you
want, but eat, eat, eat and finish this as fast as you can and that should
net you the achievement. 

--==Cell Addict==--

"Finish the Cell Stage 25 times."

You can finish this 25 times, but there is an even easier path. When you
are able to advance to the creature stage, DON'T. Save the game, then advance
to the creature stage, then, exit to main menu, reload the cell stage game, 
and then advance again. Do this 25 times, and there you go, the achievement. 

[12.04] Creature Stage Achievements

These, as the name suggests, are all obtained during the creature stage and
the creature stage only.

--==Iron Creature==--

"Finish the Creature Stage on Hard Difficulty"

This is a simple one, well, relatively, all you need to do is to complete it
in hard mode.


"Finish the Creature Stage"

The description is more than enough.

--==Everyone's BFF==--

"Finish the Creature Stage by befriending at least 20 other species."

This is quite easy to get if you know some tricks. If you haven't made the 20
species as your friend by the end of the creature stage, don't advance until
you have made 20 friends, and achievement for you.


"Extinct at least 20 other species in Creature Stage."

Another one that is the exact opposite to the one above. Just kill everything
in sight, carnivores are good for this. Again, if you haven't reached it by
the end of the creature stage, just don't advance until you have got 20 
species in the bag, and then advance.

--==Max Power==--

"Build a creature with max stats in at least four abilities while playing the
 creature stage."

This means that you need at least 4 level 5 abilities. This is probably going
to be easiest if you are aiming for Everyone's BFF since you need the 
highest level abilities for that to go down well. However, you may have 
trouble finding the parts, so make sure you explore for the parts. 


"Complete the Creature Stage without dying."

Well, if you are aiming for BFF, you aren't going to do a lot of dying here
and there. Just make sure you eat a lot to ensure your health is quite 
high so no unexpected shocks can shake you.


"Meet 200 creatures made by other players."

This does not seem like you need to do it in a single game. You can easily
finish this, you do need to play this quite a fair amount of times and you
need to have at least 200 creatures that are not made by Maxis to be in the
game. Don't worry, with an online connection, you can easily do this as the
game automatically downloads creations off the net.

--==Flight of the Bumblebee==--

"Fly for over 200 meters without touching the ground."

There are several suggestions for this achievement. People suggest having a
creature with high Jump and high sprint and with glide. Then, you need to
sprint up a hill and glide all the way down. Or glide when a volcano decides
to propell you into the sky. 


"Eat 50 different species across any number of games."

Well, all you need to do is to find a meat eater and eat a total of 50
different species. That means you are going to be needing the 20 from the 
Foe achievement as that will be a nice boost.

--==Village Folks==--

"Have three posse members from different species."

Well, that means that in your pack, you need to have all three members 
to be from completely different species. Sounds easy enough, it is best if
you do this in conjunction with Everyone's BFF achievement.

--==Speed Demon==--

"Complete the Creature Stage in less than an hour."

Depending on how you play, this is probably going to be easy if you are 
going for the aggressive line of play with aggression useful to kill 
creatures, which is a sure fire way of getting more DNA points. 


"Complete the Creature Stage 10 times."

Again, this is one where you can easily cheat a little. When you have the
opportunity to advance to the Tribal Stage, don't. Save the game, advance
to the next stage and then, quit the tribal stage, do not save, reload the
save from the creature stage, and repeat 10 times and there you go.

--==Epic Killer==--

"Kill an Epic Creature in the Creature Stage."

You are going to need to find an Epic creature and note that you need to 
wear off 1000 health. This isn't going to be easy, so here are some tips to
help you kill it easily. One way is to trap it in the trees, or hide in the
trees and continue to spit at it, or just CHARGE!

[12.05] Tribal Stage Achievements

Again, these are only achievements that you can obtain only in the Tribal

--==Steel Tribe==--

"Finish the Tribal Stage on Hard Difficulty."

This is another hard mode thing. In fact, if you start in the hard mode in 
the cell stage all the way to the space stage, you don't need to worry about
this achievement going unfinished.


"Complete the Tribal Stage and Build a City."

Well, this means that you need to complete the tribal stage, and that is all
you need to do. Apparently.

--==Tribal Socialite==--

"Convert all 5 other tribes to your belief system."

This means that you are going to socialise all the tribes and make them your
allies for this level. That is, no attacking and killing, socialise and make
happy friends with all the other tribes. Just don't push the Chieftan into the
fire and you'll be fine.


"Kill all members of the 5 other tribes and raze their villages."

This is one where you need to take no survivors. First, you need to hunt all
the members of the other tribes, then, attack their base, make sure that no
one lives, and burn down the tribal hut of the enemy, and that means that you
will get this when you complete this 5 times. 

--==Domestic Bliss==--

"Domesticate and farm three different species."

This means that you need to domesticate three animals. You have a little 
guide above to show how to domesticate animals, but you need to get them from
three different species, since you can only have 3 animals in the farming pen
in the first place. 

--==Watchful Parent==--

"Complete the Tribal Stage without the death of a single tribe member."

This is best if you decide to play the Tribal Socialite method. You cannot 
lose a single member and that means none to other tribes or evil epic 
animals that decides that one of your tribe members wants to snack on you. 
This means careful management and a watchful gaze on your tribe members.


"Complete the Tribal Stage 10 times."

This is again, a reason to bring up the cheap method of doing things. You can
get to the point where you can advance to the next stage, and then, save. 
Advance to the next level, exit without saving and then reload, and rinse and
repeat until you get this achievement. 

--==Ergonomically Terrific==--

"Complete the Tribal Stage in less than an hour."

This means you need to do a rush job, attack or socialise, pillage or be
friends, completely up to you, and pick the one you can finish quickly and
do so. 

[12.06] Civilisation Stage Achievements

Again, another set of stage based achievements, and this is going to be the
last short stage list, the space stage achievements are quite long. 

--==Adamantium Civilisation==--

"Finish the Civilisation stage on Hard Difficulty."

Again, hard move thing again, this is the final in the hard difficulty 
thing for now. 


"Conquer all the other cities in the Civilisation Stage and launch your 
 first space vessel."

This is another easy mission, just complete the Civ stage and launch your
little space vessel and then you will get this achievement. 


"Finish the Civilisation Stage with more than 8 economic cities."

It is best if you are going to be Economic in this stage. All you need 
to do is to buy out all the other cities and choose to keep them in the
Economic type. Finish the stage to get this achievement. 

--==Military Strongman==--

"Finish the Civilisation Stage with more than 8 military cities."

It is best if you are going to be Military in this stage. All you need 
to do is to conquer all the other cities and choose to keep them in the
Economic type. Finish the stage to get this achievement. 


"Finish the Civilisation Stage with more than 8 religious cities."

It is best if you are going to be Religious in this stage. All you need 
to do is to convert all the other cities and choose to keep them in the
Economic type. Finish the stage to get this achievement. 

--==Spice Hoarder==--

"Control every spice node on the planet simutaneously."

You can obtain this after you have controlled all the cities, but if you
want it earlier, you can just use your buying out power for economic, 
convert for religous and conquer for military to take over an enemy spice


"Complete the Civilisation Stage 10 times."

This is again, time to bring out my ultra cheap method. Get to the point
where you can advance to the space stage, save, advance, exit to main 
menu without saving, reload to the point before you advance, and then, 
repeat 10 times, and there you go. 

--==Rolling Thunder==--

"Complete the Civilisation Stage in less than an hour."

This is best if you decide to head to the type of city that you think you
can handle. Religious and Military need vehicle power to take over the
cities, while the economic cities will have it relatively easy and buy out
all the cities. 

--==Ghetto Blaster==--

"Make 10 Anthems."

This is once where you need to make 10 songs using the Anthem creator that
is found in your city planner. 

[12.07] Space Stage Achievements

These are specific to the space stage, and this contains the largest amount
of achievements due to the vast nature of the space stage itself. 

--==Super Pilot==--

"Spend at least 40 hours piloting your spaceship."

This requires you to spend 40 hours in the spaceship. There is really no short
way of completing this mission, unless you leave your computer on for 40 hours
straight in the space stage, ship in orbit around your planet and leaving it

--==Civil Engineer==--

"Promote 20 alien tribes to Civilisations."

This requires you to have access to the Monolith tool in the space stage. 
All you need to do is to find 20 planets and drop a monolith and fly off and
forget about them, as they will slowly develop into space-faring civilisations
and you can ally with them, through I tend to blow them up and conquer them.

--==Zoo Keeper==--

"Make 15 Zoo Planets"

All you need to do is to find the Wildlife Sanctuary tool, and make 15 planets
with this little tool dumped on them. There will be a bit on that above, so
don't worry about it. The spore guide is more than enough anyway. 


"Capture 15 Star Systems."

This requires you to military conquer 15 different star systems. This is best
when the enemy declares war on you, or you declare war on them, and this is
best when you have a powerful enough ship to take on all the turrets that you
will find on the colonies. 

--==Bio Engineer==--

"Edit 25 Creatures with the Creature Tweaker."

This requires you to have access to the Creature Tweaker tool and you need to
purchase it and head to a planet with a creautre, and then edit it to your 
hearts content. This is a rather easier one to do, since some are quite hard 
to be quite honest.

--==Palm Greaser==--

"Pay 50 bribes in the Space Stage."

This is where you need to give gifts to the other empires, a donation of 
either 10,000 or 50,000 or 100,000 Sporebucks to the other empires and get a
relationship bonus in return. I wonder what happens to the money.

--==Maxis Scout==--

"Earn 100 badges in the Space Stage."

There are quite a lot of badges here, but in order to get 100, you need to 
play the game quite a far bit to get those 100 badges. This does not talk
about badge points, because they are quite easy to get, you can get 100
badges quite easily. 

--==Empire Building==--

"Maximise colonies on 10 planets."

This is where you to have on 10 planets, 3 colonies with all the perks, which
means that you need a set of 10 T3 planet with a complete biosystem and you
need to upgrade everything, all the cities are filled, turreted as you want
to protect your investment, and thats about it. 

--==Quietus Star==--

"Destroy 20 planets."

This isn't all that hard, except for the fact that this is quiet expensive
to achieve. It will cost you at least 50 Million for 20 Planet Busters if
you head to a Warrior Empire for a discount, or 100 Million if you decide
to get the tool anywhere else. Note that people aren't going to be too happy
if you blow up planets too close to their star systems."

--==Quest Master=--

"Complete 150 missions in the Space Stage."

Well, you need to accept missions from all your allies and other empires left,
right and centre as you need to complete a fair amount of missions. It is 
unclear saving other empires are viewed as a mission, but this might take a 
while to complete. 


"Destroy at least 500 other spaceships."

This isn't actually going to be too hard to get this one. You need to realise
that everytime there is an alert that there is going to be at least 10 ships
that are going to raid a planets, so after playing this for a fair amount of
time, you will be able to get this naturally. 

--==Identity Crisis==--

"Forge an alliance between two space-faring races of your own creations."

This requires you to have two other empires, and you need to find them, that
are in space and you need to create an alliance. The hard part is finding
them, the location in the main menu is quite misleading if you think about 


"Steal 50 crates of spice in the Space Stage."

This requires you to head into the planets that have spice production, and
using your abduction beam, you need to beam up the spice crates that you can
see in the cities, but the city won't like it and they will fire their turrets
at you. 


"Find the centre of the Universe"

This requires you to head to the centre of the galaxy or universe, or whatever
it is that they call it. Don't hurt Steve, he is a nice ... thing."

--==Manifest Destiny==--

"Find Earth."

This isn't all that hard since the location of Earth seems to be fixed. The 
location is Angle 225.06, Distance: 7,295.43, but more on that later. 

--==Careless Parent==--

"Lose 5 Planets."

This requires you to lose 5 planets to other empires. They need to either
destroy all your colonies or capture the star system to constitute as a loss
of a planet.

--==Alter Ego==--

"Played Space as all 10 Archetypes."

This requires you to play as all 10 traits, and they are listed below. 

--==Alter Ego's Alter Ego==--

"Achieve Master Badge Level 10 as all archetypes."

This requires you to get Omnipotent to all archetypes. How about getting to
a stage before you get the Omnipotent, but before you get the badge that will
get your to the Omnipotent stage, complete a change Archetype mission, and 
then complete it. But do not save, reload the save before you changed 
archetype, change it to something else, and repeat.

--==Zealot Passion==--

"Play as Zealot."

All you need to do is to play as a Zealot. 

--==Warrior Passion==--

"Play as Warrior."

All you need to do is to play as a Warrior.

--==Bard Passion==--

"Play as Bard."

All you need to do is to play as a Bard.

--==Wanderer Passion==--

"Play as Wanderer."

All you need to do is to play as a Wanderer.

--==Knight Passion==--

"Play as Knight."

All you need to do is to play as a Knight.

--==Diplomat Passion==--

"Play as Diplomat."

All you need to do is to play as a Diplomat.

--==Scientist Passion==--

"Play as Scientist."

All you need to do is to play as a Scientist.

--==Shaman Passion==--

"Play as Shaman."

All you need to do is to play as a Shaman.

--==Trader Passion==--

"Play as Trader."

All you need to do is to play as a Trader.

--==Ecologist Passion==--

"Play as Ecologist."

All you need to do is to play as a Ecologist.

--==Zealot Hero==--

"Achieved Master Badge Level 10 as Zealot."

You need to reach the level of Omnipotent as a Zealot.

--==Warrior Hero==--

"Achieved Master Badge Level 10 as Warrior."

You need to reach the level of Omnipotent as a Warrior.

--==Bard Hero==--

"Achieved Master Badge Level 10 as Bard."

You need to reach the level of Omnipotent as a Bard.

--==Wanderer Hero==--

"Achieved Master Badge Level 10 as Wanderer."

You need to reach the level of Omnipotent as a Wanderer."

--==Knight Hero==--

"Achieved Master Badge Level 10 as Knight."

You need to reach the level of Omnipotent as a Knight.

--==Diplomat Hero==--

"Achieved Master Badge Level 10 as Diplomat."

You need to reach the level of Omnipotent as a Diplomat.

--==Scientist Hero==--

"Achieved Master Badge Level 10 as Scientist."

You need to reach the level of Omnipotent as a Scientist.

--==Shaman Hero==--

"Achieved Master Badge Level 10 as Shaman."

You need to reach the level of Omnipotent as a Shaman.

--==Trader Hero==--

"Achieved Master Badge Level 10 as Trader."

You need to reach the level of Omnipotent as a Trader.

--==Ecologist Hero==--

"Achieved Master Badge Level 10 as Ecologist."

You need to reach the level of Omnipotent as a Ecologist.

--==Split Personality==--

"Complete a "Change Archetype" Mission."

You need to be able to complete a mission from another empire where
you can change your Archetype or your Trait and take the trait of the 
other empire. 

[12.08] Hidden Achievements

The hidden achievements are hidden, because on your MySpore Page, at the 
bottom, there are 10 achievements which are marked ??? and you need to figure
them out. Well, the secret is unraveled. 

--==Bad Baby!==--

"Have one of your assets banned."

In order to get this ability, you need to have one of your creations to be
banned by the Spore Servers, or, which is much simpler, banned by another
player, so it is obvious that having friends that can have access to the 
online content can get you some achievements.

--==General Custer==--

"Lead 30 posse members to their death in the Creature Stage."

Well, like Custer's Last Stand, you need to have a total of 30 allies in the
creature stage and send them to their doom. The best way is to fight enemy
epic units and they will attack you if you are in range, so let your allies
do the fighting, and the dying. Note that this can be done in more than a 
single gameplay. 


"Evolve a creature with three heads in the Creature Stage."

The trick here is to really have three different mouths which be can located
in any part of the body, so you can have two in the face and one in the but. 
The reason for the heads is because a mouth normally comes with a face, does
it not. People don't have mouths and no eyes, or noses or ears, etc.


"Finish the Creature Stage without using legs."

Somehow, you are going to head through the entire stage without legs, even
if you have one version with legs but change it, you cannot do that, you 
cannot use legs, not once, not ever. This is quite hard to achieve since you
are going to need to move rather, awkwardly.


"Heal one of your tribe members back to full health 5 times in a single game
 during the Tribal Stage."

The best way is to have two healers, once you have access to the healing rods,
and you need to bring someone to be attacked. The best way is to bring someone
using the fire torch, since it is weak against animals, and attack a nest and
attack a creature. Let them attack you, an have your healers continiously heal
them to get this after a long while. 


"Finish the Civilisation Stage by launching ICBMS and destroying all other 

You need to be in a military city before you have this option and this is when
you have 6 cities under you control. For a small fee of about $12000 
Sporebucks per city, you can nuke all the other cities and get this 

--==Fear of Flying==--

"Complete the Civilisation Stage without buying any Air Vehicles."

Well, this is rather simple, you need to go without and not use any air 
vehicles, so you need a rather good map to enable you can finish the mission
without the need for air vehicles. Air vehicles are overestimated if you are
playing the Economic city.

--==Can't Win for Losing==--

"Die at least once in every stage of Spore."

Well, in all five stages, cell, creature, tribal, civilisation and space, you
need to lose your cell, creature, tribe, city or spacecraft. The best thing is
that you can spread out your losses over any number of games. 

--==Oh the Humanity!==--

"Destroy Earth."

All you need to do is to get a Planet Buster, find Earth, and blow up the 
planet. Oh the Humanity! It is tragic. Why would you blow up earth, just 
because you have a spare Planet Buster handy. 

--==Pathological Cheater==--

"Use a cheat more than 50 times."

Well, the last secret and you need to cheat more than 50 times with this to
get the achievement, which shouldn't be too hard for the cheaters out there.
Too bad this isn't the Sims, I would have racked up millions with motherlode
and aging_off all the time. 

[13.01] Patch v1.01

The first patch. This is downloaded via the EADM or Electronic Arts Download
Manager that starts up when you first start the game. Start the game with
internet access and soon, you will get a message to download the patch via
the game. Download and install and this will update the game.

This game, will, normally run better with the patch, but there are some 
complaints about game missing. Search for the application in the install
folder and create a new shortcut. I advise not downloading off third party
sites, they seem to be corrupting games, and the EADM method is pretty much
the only way to download this properly. Sucks to be a pirate, ninjas are
far cooler. 

This seems to improve the running of the game and will seriously improve
the space stage. Download this if you want a proper game. Below are the
patchnotes, and some of my comments.


    * New Cheat: "evoadvantage". Enter this cheat when are starting a new 
      Creature game to choose any creature from the Sporepedia. Start a new 
      game with one of your more evolved creatures!
    * Display part statistics when you are in Build mode. Rollover any part 
      and hold down the 'i' key.
    * New Cheat: "blocksmode". Turns creatures into their blocky 
    * More style filters. Open the cheat window and type: "stylefilter 
      -microscope" or "stylefilter -norainbows" or "stylefilter -nextgen" 
      to see the new styles
    * Added 70 new planet scripts with a low terraform score, especially of 
      the "hot and high atmosphere" type


    * Animation improvements
    * Improved the planets fogging, blooming and lighting
    * Fixed animation issues with tool handling, hand walking and some of 
      the more oddly shaped creatures


    * Creature phase: Improved the pacing towards the end of the game, and 
      increased the challenge in Normal and Hard modes.
    * Tribe phase: Increased the challenge in Normal and Hard difficulty 
    * Civilization phase: Increased the challenge in Normal and Hard 
      difficulty modes.
    * Space phase: Made Empires in Easy and Normal modes demand reasonable 
      amounts of money in exchange for peace and adjust the level of 
      punishment if the player doesn't pay
    * Space phase: Made disasters less likely to occur in Easy and Normal 
      modes and increased the time between each attack from the enemy empire 
      when the player is at war.


    * Creature phase: Improved the way posse members behave during threatening
      situations and fights.
    * Space phase: Made finding your home world and colonies easier in the 
      Galactic view.
    * Tribe phase: Made it so that tribe members can travel on steep hills if 
      they need to do so now, but their speed will be reduced a lot.
    * Fixed an issue with attacks not working on some bigger animals and 
      larger animals not dying correctly
    * Fixed collect mission not completing correctly when all parts have been 
    * Fixed problems with the "Rolling Thunder" and "Déjà Vu" achievements 
      not being awarded as they should
    * Fixed floating parts not being deducted from the budget when loaded into
    * Fixed an issue with the rotation rings not resizing correctly when a 
      part was resized and improved their look
    * Fixed an issue where the terraforming score of planet could differ 
      when revisiting a solar system
    * Fixed the keyboard controls for zoom & pitch in the Colony Planner not 
      working properly
    * Fixed a crash that could occur when watching an epic creature attack a 
    * Fixed some issues where the game would freeze when using the Creature 
      Tweaker tool or when capturing a planet in solar view
    * Fixed an issue where not all tribe members would obey the raid order 
      when a large group was ordered to raid
    * Fixed an issue where banning a creation from one of your other saved 
      games would black out the main menu

This is important because it will modify and decrease the events that will
effect you in the space stage and makes war demands a bit more reasonable. 
Makes the Tribal and Civilisation stage a bit more challenging, which is 
rather important since they are quite easy in the first place, making 
players, myself included, to hate those stages. 

Other additions, such as making your empire easier to find are important
additions since they make it easier to play the game. 

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NOTE: This is going to be a long list

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Will Wright for developing the game
Aya for the massive amount of help on the space stage, tools and spice
Brian Sherman (and countless others) for point out issues in my copyright area
Tyler Wagner for pointing out large cells can be killed
Justin Vaughn for pointing out the errors in the Cell Food Section
Kirk Rahusen for pointing out the effects of Soothing Song on Creatures
Kaixiang Yong for a tip for survival in the Cell Stage
Bryan Bridges for correcting me that I got the Sassyquatch part wrong
Mariano Rodríguez for pointing out that there are seperate building loadouts
Cody Galluccio for saying that you can heal at extincted nests
Lawrence Kolmogorov (Zeroid) for sending in a massive email on tips for Spore
Kevin Lipkowski for his handy hint for the Tribal Stage
John Baima for sending in an excellent strategy for the Tribal Stage
Ryan Green for stating that fishing spears will speed up seaweed gathering
Kekvit Irae for demonstrating that there is a Galactic Code to follow
Luk Vandelaer for some nice tips on Cells, two nice tips
Salvador Melo for the input on the Traits Requirements
VRCore/Core Max for correcting me that tribesmen can send gifts
Guy/Darksteelhyren for more on the Cell Stage and Omnivores
Bongo_dude from GameFAQS for his extraordinary input
Spore Wiki for a wealth of information about the game
Dennis Snippe for correction of an Achievement
Colin McMillen for a tip on the Space Stage
GreatDogger/Fraust Dogger for some common mythconceptions on Space
Jake Leppert for his JPEG map on 120 Spice per hour
Marijn Roorda (Mardiana) for their contribution about terraforming
Hough123 for his excellent, yet genocidal tip about warfare
Dan Mclean for a tip about speed in the cell stage.
RobCLSwoverland for a nice addition to the Creature Stage
Caleb367 for sending in tips for three seperate stages
Tony Birchill sent in a tip on allying with Epic Creatures
Marious from GameFAQs for sending in a tip or correction on the tribal stage
Luis Sanchez for a small correction on the traits
LordSkull for a nice tip for the Space Stage
Grant Rippon for a nice addition for the space Stage
Crystal Dreams for a nice space stage layout for spice
David Engel for a excellent tip for the Space Stage
TyraxLightning for some pointers on the creation of spacecraft
Me for making it
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