******* *   * ***** ***** *     * ***** *     *
*     * *   * *   * *     **    *   *    *   *
******* *   * *   * *     * *   *   *     * *
*       ***** *   * ***** *  *  *   *      *
*       *   * *   * *     *   * *   *     * *
*       *   * *   * *     *    **   *    *   *
*       *   * ***** ***** *     * ***** *     *

*    * *****   ***** ***** *   * *****     ***** ***** *****
*    * *   *     *   *     *   *   *       *   * *     *
*    * *****     *   *     *   *   *       *   * *     *
*    * *   *     *   *  ** *****   *   --- ***** *     *****
*    * *   *     *   *   * *   *   *       *   * *     *
* ** * *    *    *   *   * *   *   *       *   * *     *
**  ** *     * ***** ***** *   *   *       *   * ***** *****

***** ***** ***** ***** *****   *     * ***** *   *
*   *   *     *   *   * *   *   **    * *      * *
*   *   *     *   *   * *****   * *   * *       *
*****   *     *   *   * *   *   *  *  * *****   * 
*   *   *     *   *   * *   *   *   * * *       *
*   *   *     *   *   * *    *  *    ** *       *
*   *   *     *   ***** *     * *     * *****   *

I'd have Phoenix pointing his finger, but I ain't good at ASCII.

                ~Line Test~
If the following line is readable without scrolling over, you can easily 
read this walkthrough.

Welcome readers! I'm Deathborn 668 on the message boards and this is
a walkthrough for Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney for the Nintendo DS. Despite
being several years late jumping on the "Objection!" yelling bandwagon,
I want to write a walkthrough for this amazingly awesome game. Firstly,
some Do's and Don'ts to keep in mind:
-Use this walkthrough as a refrence tool
-Tell people about it
-Print it for personal use
-Give to other people for no profit

-Plagerize this walkthrough without any credit
-Call this walkthrough "yours"
-Sell this walkthrough for profit

ONLY the following sites have permission to use this walkthrough without
the need to contact me:

Anybody else wishing to use this walkthrough will need to draw attention
to me on the message boards. I do not want any e-mail. I'm sick of spam and
people who can't read e-mailing me. 
Thanks for your concern.

|           ~Table of Contents~          |
|1.The Gyakuten Saiben Series            |
|2.Controls                              |
|3.Events In and Out of Court            |
|4.Characters                            |
|5.Episode 1-The First Turnabout         |
|6.Episode 2-Turnabout Sisters           |
|7.Episode 3-Turnabout Samurai           |
|8.Episode 4-Turnabout Goodbyes          |
|9.Episode 5-Rise from the Ashes         |
|10.Frequently Asked Question            |
|11.Credits                              |
Just so you know, if you need to skip to a certain part of the walkthrough,
just hit the Ctrl and F buttons at the same time and type in the name of
the case you want to see. Stop bugging me that you can't find something
in this walkthrough.

      ~1.The Gyakuten Saiben Series~
Phoenix Wright obviously didn't originate in America, nor did any other 
video game you've probably played. In Japan, the Phoenix Wright series is
known as Gyakuten Saiben. This roughly translates into "Turnabout Court".
If you were curious why every case is named Turnabout ____ then that is 
the answer.

The GS series contains four games so far. The first three in the series 
were actually GBA games, and the fourth one is for the DS. If you are 
curious why there is little touch screen interaction it is because Capcom
decided to put the GBA Gyakuten Saiben series on the DS in America. Not 
that it's a bad thing. The title was also changed outside of Japan, from 
"Turnabout Court" to "Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney". 

Several minor things also changed during the translation from Japan to 
States side. Gyakuten Saiben takes place in Tokyo while Phoenix Wright is
speculated to take place in Los Angeles. Although it is not confirmed,
several notions in the game make it apparent that Phoenix Wright takes 
place in California. Also, some pictures within the game were switched from
Japanese inscriptions into English. However, some Japanese writing can 
still be found if you know where to look.

Remember one last thing-Japanese law is different than America's law. Don't
be confused under the "guilty until proven innocent" ordeal, it's not a big
deal. Also, this game takes place in 2016. Hence the possibility of these
laws actually being true.

The controls for Phoenix Wright are pretty simple. You'll get used to them

A button-Scroll through text that characters are saying, confirm option,
look at details of evidence and profiles
B button-Back out of a selection, hold to skip through text quickly
X button-Push this when highlighting evidence to present it
Y button-Hold this and yell into the microphone when presenting evidence
(more fun than just pressing the X button)

Control Pad-Scroll through all selections
L button-No use
R button-Brings up the court record
Start-Brings up the menu to save your game

Note:Some of these controls are only availble inside court, and others only
outside of it. Most of them coincide, however.

      ~3.Events In and Out of Court~
Phoenix will have to do many things inside and outside of the courtroom in
order to prove his clients are innocent. Through these events he will 
uncover the truth, pick out who really did the crime, gather evidence, and
meet many unusual characters. 

Outside of Court
INVESTIGATION-This is what the entire process outside of court is. Phoenix
will stroll around different key areas in the city in his investigation. 
Once you have learned all the necessary information and have retrieved all
the evidence possible, the investigation will end and court will begin
(after the chance to save your progress). There are several different 
things you will be able to do on your investigations.

MOVE-Pretty self explainatory. Phoenix will have to go to many different 
locations on his investigations. Select move to bring up a list of places
you can visit. Note that many areas branch off into different areas. For
example, pressing move will bring up Area A and Area B. However, you can
only visit Area C by moving in Area B. Don't overlook that detail.

TALK-In many areas there will be a person you are able to talk to. Once you
select this option, several boxes will appear with topics you can talk to
the person about. Once you talk to them about said topic it will have a 
red checkmark appear next to it so you don't confuse yourself. Many people,
especially key witnesses and even the real killer, won't have every topic
possible to talk to them about listed right away. You will need to pry the
options out of them by either talking to them about previous topics, or
get some dirt from other people in the overworld.

PRESENT-If you are infront of a person you can choose this to examine the
evidence you have collected so far. From there you can choose an item to
show the person you are talking to. If the person tells you something along
the lines of "What is that?", "I have no business with that item" and so on
then the item in question isn't going to get you anywhere with that person.
Some items when presented will make the person confess to secrets they have
been hiding. Other times they will hand you more evidence, or even allow 
you to ask them about more topics. Don't freak out-there's no penalty for
wasting someone's time. Present things often if you are stuck as it may
unlock something new for you to continue.

EXAMINE-In every area there is a scene. Obviously. Many of the areas you 
visit will have something odd there. Sometimes its an item that just 
doesn't fit in with the rest of the scenery, sometimes it isn't as obvious
and you will need to look everything over. Once again, if you are ever out
of options, return to areas you have visited and examine every detail you
are capable of looking at. You may just find a vital piece of evidence or
clue that can help you along your way.

Inside of Court
TESTIMONY-Whenever a witness is called to the stand by the prosecution, the
witness will recount the events specific to the case in a testimony. Your
objective is to find parts of the testimony that contradict evidence you 
have or statements already mentioned in the past. You won't be able to 
object here, so just pay attention until the testimony is finished.

CROSS EXAMINATION-Phoenix, as a defense attorney, will need to cross 
examine the witnesses on their testimonies after they finish saying them.
Your main objective here is, of course, to find the one mistake that the
witness places in their testimony and expose their lies. You can scroll
through any line of text said in the testimony, forwards or backwards. 
Once you find the spot where there is a clear contradiction you will need
to present evidence supporting your theory. However, if you present the 
wrong evidence or present it at the wrong statement in the testimony, the
Judge will become angered at your attempt to frame the witness and 
penalize you. On the top screen of the DS you should notice five 
exclamation points. These are basically your "lives" in court. Whenever you
present something incorrectly the Judge will take one of your lives. If you
ever lose all of your lives in court then the Judge will see no need to
question the witness further and your client will be instantly delcared
Guilty. Basically, Game Over. You will have to restart from the last saved
point if such an event occurs.

PRESSING-On the top-left side of the touch screen you will see a "Press"
button. During a testimony you can press any and all statements that the
witness says. After Phoenix yells "Hold it!" he will question the witness
further on what they just said. Sometimes you will find contradictions 
right away from pressing statements. This will cause the witness to revise
that statement of the testimony. Occasionally you will have to make choices
when pressing. The available options appear on the bottom screen. Usually
it is "Press further" and "Back off". Pressing further can cause the 
witness to reveal something that will seriously benefit your case, or 
completely shatter your hopes and open mind the Judge into coming closer
to calling the defendent Guilty. Pressing statements will never deal you
penalties, however in a few rare circumstances they actually will. In these
cases you will be warned beforehand that you will get penalized. Don't play
with fire if you can't afford to be burned.

PRESENTING-The most important part of your cross examination is presenting
the right evidence to expose the lies thrown in the witness' testimonies.
Push R or tap the Court Record button to bring up the Court Record. Here is
where all the evidence and important info for the case is kept. Push the
Profiles button to see a bio on everybody currently involved in the case.
When you select a piece of evidence you wish to present, highlight it and
press the Present button of push the X button. Phoenix will yell his famous
"OBJECTION!" line, or in some cases "TAKE THAT!". During testimonies, you
will know you presented the right evidence if the music stops playing. If
it continues, expect to be penalized.

Here are all of the characters you will find in the game. They are listed
in order generally of when you will meet them (case by case). Several
characters are featured in multiple cases. Also note that almost every name
is a pun in some way. 

Phoenix Wright-The character you play as and a newbie defense attorney. You
will control all of Phoenix's actions throughout the game although he will
do most of the talking. His name is commonly played around with; his 
close friends call him "Nick" and most of his foes hassle him by calling
him Mr. Wrong.

Larry Butz-Larry has been Phoenix's best friend since grade school and in
the first case is accused of murder. Larry was generally known for being
the person the cause trouble wherever he went. He's a bit emotional, and
anything said will cause him to explode in anger and rant about how what
was just said is bogus information.

Mia Fey-Mia is the head defense attorney at Fey and Co. Law Offices. She is
also your mentor. Mia will help you along in the first case, but don't get
too attached to her. She becomes the victim in the second case.

Cindy Stone-She is the victim in the first case. She was an international
model and for a period of time was dating Larry Butz. She was killed by a
sharp blow to the head.

Winston Payne-The prosecutor for the first case. He isn't very good at
getting the message he tries to say to the Judge and often calls most of
what Phoenix objects to nonsense.

The Judge-The ruler of the court, the Judge is somebody that everyone must
respect. He calls final judgement on the defendent. He often asks questions
when you present evidence so he can get a better understanding of what is
going on and the point Mr. Wright is trying to get across.

Frank Sahwit-Frank supposedly is a newspaper salesman who happened to see
Larry Butz fleeing the crime scene. He phoned the police after seeing that
Cindy was murdered. His testimony in court has plenty of lies you will need
to expose.

Miles Edgeworth-The main prosecutor you'll be going up against through the
rest of the game. He has a severe hatred towards criminals and Phoenix, 
and will do anything to get a guilty verdict in his favor.

Dick Gumshoe-A detective on the police force, he commonly heads the
investigations led by the police. You'll quickly get to know and like him
and even though he technically works for Edgeworth he is more than willing
to help Phoenix by providing him with evidence and information.

April May-The main witness for the case. Claims she saw someone strike Mia
with a blunt object.

Marvin Grossberg-A famous and well rounded attorney. He was also Mia's
mentor when she was a beginning attorney.

Bellboy-Works at the Gatewater Hotel where April May saw the murder.

Redd White-The CEO of the information gathering company Bluecorp. Has 
blackmailed hundreds of people, most of them famous and wealthy.

Will Powers-The defendent. Plays the Steel Samurai on the show with the
same name. Alledgedly killed Jack Hammer.

Jack Hammer-The victim. Played the Evil Magistrate on the kids show "The
Steel Samurai".

Wendy Oldbag-An old security guard at Global Studios. Constantly rants 
about life. Claims she saw Powers herself heading towards the scene of the

Penny Nichols-The stage assistant at Global Studios. Wasn't anywhere near
the scene of the crime, victim or proclaimed murder at all on the day of
the crime.

Sal Manella-The director of "The Steel Samurai". Clearly a internet nerd
seeing as he speaks 1337 (or essentially internet chatroom speak) in every
other word he says.

Cody Hackins-Huge Steel Samurai fanboy. Constantly sneaks into the studio
hoping to catch an action scene. Witnessed the entire murder.

Dee Vasquez-Head producer at Global Studios.

Manfred von Karma-Edgeworth's mentor. Has never lost a case as a prosecutor
in 40 years.

Lotta Hart-She camped out a Gourd Lake to look for shooting stars, but 
instead captured the photo of the murder taking place on the lake.

Robert Hammond-The victim. Was the defense attorney in the DL-6 incident.

Misty Fey-The mother of Mia and Maya. Went off into seclusion after trying
to contact the spirit world to see who the real murderer in the DL-6
incident was and failed.

Gregory Edgeworth-Miles' father. Killed in an elevator during the DL-6
incident. Was a veteran defense attorney.

Yanni Yogi-An old bat and owner of the boat rental shop on Gourd Lake.
Claims he doesn't know his own name and has little memory.

Polly-Yogi's parrot. Happens to know several key important facts for some

Ema Skye-She's a high school student aiming to be a scientific 
investigator. She'll follow you around in the final case much like Maya
used to.

Lana Skye-Ema's sister. She is the Chief Prosecutor and has confessed to
murdering Bruce Goodman.

Bruce Goodman-The victim. He was a detective in homicide incidents.

Jake Marshall-Investigator in this case. Dresses and talks like he's in
the wild west.

Angel Starr-Claims to have seen Lana Skye kill Goodman. She was once a
famous detective on the police force, but was fired and has since become
a lunch lady in her own resturant.

Mike Meekins-A police officer. Soon suspected of killing Goodman in a
different location.

Damon Gant-Despite being a creepy looking guy, he is the Chief of the 
police district. Seems to be very trustworthy.

Blue Badger-This awesome guy is the mascot of the police force. He's 
awesome and you know it!

    ~5.Episode 1-The First Turnabout~
As soon as you choose to play the first case you will be shown a short
cutscene. You will see a woman lying on the floor, dead, as blood slowly
oozes out from her head. You'll then see some odd looking object with blood
on it, and then the murderer with a exasperated look on him. He is shocked
at what he just had to do. He didn't want to get caught by the police,
obviously. Looking out of the door he sees a man walking in the opposite
direction and quickly devises a plan to frame him.

Date-August 3, 9:47 AM
Location-District Court; Defendent Lobby No. 2
Now the game has offcially begun. Obviously, you play as Phoenix Wright
through the game. All the action in the game (mainly the dialogue) takes
place on the top screen. You can scroll through text by pressing the button
on the bottom screen or pushing the A button.

The top right corner of the touch screen has a "Court Record" icon. Tap R
or push the button to open up the court record. This is where all of the
evidence pertaining to the case you are working on is stored. Tap an item
to get details about it. You will always have our Attorney's Badge, of

Click Cindy's Autopsy Report. It's a description of how she died. "Time
of death:7/31, 4PM-5PM; Cause of death:loss of blood due to blunt trauma."

Also, you can press R again to see the profiles screen. Anybody involved
in the current case is mentioned here with a short bio. The only people
here now are Mia Fey who is your boss, Larry Butz the defendent, and Cindy
Stone who was the victim.

Head back to the conversation with Mia at the beginning. Good job taking on
a murder trial as your first case. Good encouragement, Mia! You will 
mention you sorta owe your client a favor. Apparently he is the one that
made Phoenix want to become a defense attorney in the first place. 

At that time, someone comes busting in screaming his life is all over. You
will talk to Phoenix's lifelong friend, Larry Butz. He's kinda wanting to
be declared "Guilty" right from the getgo. He'll mention that he was 
Cindy's boyfriend for a while. He can't go on with her dead and all. He
demands to know who killed her (and of course all signs point to Larry at
this time).

Phoenix will then enter a monologue about his case. As you know, someone
was killed in their apartment and the man arrested was Larry, Phoenix's
friend. (Also note Phoenix has known Larry since he was 1 year old. Damn)
Although Larry's often the source of trouble, Phoenix knows he isn't

Trial time!

Date-August 3, 10:00 AM
Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 2
The Judge will call the court to order for the trial of Larry Butz. Phoenix
obviously appears a tad nervious, and the Judge can see it too. Because 
this is his first case and a murder trial to boot, the Judge wants to ask
Phoenix several questions pertaining to this case to ensure the Phoenix 
has at least some clue of what he's doing.

Firstly you will need to say the defendent of the case. This should be
quite obvious. Choose Larry Butz. The next question will ask you who was
the victim. Phoenix knows the answer...but suddenly forgets it. Good way
to combat nerves! Check the profile screen and you'll find out it's Cindy
Stone. Choose that option. Finally, you will need to mention the cause of
death. Refer to the Autopsy Report. Choose that she was killed by a blunt

The Judge will ask the prosecutor, Winston Payne, what the murder weapon
was. He will explain that it was a statue of "The Thinker". It ended up 
lying near the victim. STATUE added to the Court Record. Mia will mention
that you should always check the bio for evidence whenever you get it. It
is best to know what something is after all. Although it may seem useless,
one small detail can change a whole case!

Payne will now call Larry Butz to the stand. You'll be noted to pay 
attention to what Larry says as it can easily affect your case, for better
of worse. Heh. Since Larry's an excitible oddball this could be trouble.

Larry will remark that Cindy most certainly had not dumped him using a 
comical comparison. Of course, if she wasn't talking to him at all for a
while Payne will remark that we generally describe that as being "dumped".
Worst of all, Payne will mention Cindy was seeing other men. This really
upsets Larry. Payne will bring out a passport that shows Cindy was in Paris
the day before she died.

PASSPORT is added to the Court Record. Note she was in Paris. Larry will
be asked what he think of Cindy now that she was seeing other men. Choose
to "Stop him from answering". It IS an irrelevant question, so Payne gets
a tad nervous. Payne gets back his composure by asking whether or not Larry
had gone to see Cindy that day at her apartment. Larry gets a bit cocky 
with this question, so have Phoenix make him "Answer honestly". (Note:I
generally put quotations around the answers you should choose when asked
questions). Larry will mention he did go to Cindy's room, but she wasn't

Too bad for Butz, Payne exclaims he is lying. He has a witness who say 
Larry running from the scene of the crime. This man saw the crime scene
and the dead body, and then phoned the police. Payne will call Mr. Frank
Sahwit to the stand.

Hmmm...doesn't he look familar? Kinda like the guy holding The Thinker in
the opening cutscene? You will now hear Sahwit's testimony. Afterwards
the Judge will ask for your Cross Examination. Phoenix somehow has no idea
what that means. Mia will remind you-it's where you poke through the 
witness' testimony and expose their lies. Let's get to it!

~Sahwit's Testimony-Witness's Account~
-I was going door-to-door, selling subscriptions when I saw a man fleeing
an apartment.

-I thought he must be in a hurry because he left the door half-open behind

-Thinking it strange, I looked inside the apartment.

-Then I saw her lying there...A woman...not moving...dead!

-I quailed in fright and found myself unable to go outside.

-I thought to call the police immediately!

-However, the phone in her apartment wasn't working.

-I went to a nearby park and found a public phone.

-I remember the time exactly:It was 1:00 PM.

-The man who ran was, without a doubt, the defendent sitting right over

After Sahwit gives his testimony (before you can Cross Examine him), the
Judge will mention why didn't the phone work. Payne explains that there was
a blackout during the time. BLACKOUT RECORD is added to the Court Record.
The power was out from 12 PM to 6 PM that day.

Now comes the fun part! Finding the contradictions! It is a long testimony,
but something may strike as odd. You can Press these statements by choosing
a statement and hitting the Press button. Press the statements as you see
fit (there's no penalizations for doing so), but definately Press the 
seventh statement about how the phone wasn't working. How would he know if
he didn't go into her apartment? He'll cover up his mistake by saying he
reached for a coordless phone near the door. It didn't work, however.

Press the first statement as well. Phoenix mentions seeing a man leave an
apartment isn't all that suspicious. Hmm. The third statement about Sahwit
peeking into the apartment is also suspicious. He claims its only natural
to be curious about these things. Payne cuts him off, though, so maybe he's
trying to cover something up. 

Finally, press the 9th statement, about the time of murder. 1:00 PM? Mia
will mention that sounds odd. Infact, if you recall the Autopsy Report, 
Cindy was killed between 4PM and 5PM! Not 1 PM! Present Cindy's Autopsy
Report at this statement. 

Phoenix will object to this statement and present the evidence. Sahwit will
act a tad nervous and confused at this evidence. He will then quickly
remember how he knew the time through another testimony.

~Sahwit's Testimony-The Time of Discovery~
-You see, when I found the body, I heard the time.

-There was a voice saying the time...It was probably coming from the

-Oh, but it was three hours off, wasn't it?

-I guess the victim must have been watching a video of a taped program!

-That's why I thought it was 1:00 PM!

-Terribly sorry about the misunderstanding...

You won't get too much information by pressing these statements, but the
second statement where he mentions he heard something from the television
is odd. If you press that statement, Mia will also agree with your
suspicions. Problem is, its impossible for that television to have been on
in the first place! Present the Blackout Record at the second statement.

Sahwit is seriously starting to fall apart here. He's confused about the
mysterious voice that said the time too. Phoenix is sure he really does
know about it, though. The Judge will ask for yet another testimony.

~Sahwit's Testimony-Hearing the Time~
-Actually, I didn't "hear" the time...I "saw" it!

-There was a table clock in the apartment, wasn't there!

-Yeah, the murder weapon! The killer used it to hit the victim!

-That must have been what I saw.

Sahwit is becoming less talkative. Press the first statement. Seems odd
that a table clock hasn't been mentioned yet. Press the third statement,
the one about the murder weapon, afterwards. The heck? Since when was that
statue actualy a table clock? Fairly obvious-present the Statue at this

Phoenix will bring up the point that The Thinker statue isn't a clock. So
how DID Sahwit know the time? He still insists its a damn clock. Payne 
soon confirms it actually is a clock. All you need to do is flip the neck
a little and it will speak the time. 

Crap. Sahwit wasn't lying there. The Judge will ask if you have an problems
with this testimony still. Answer "Yes". After all, it could only be known
this was a clock if the witness held it. However, he never went into the
apartment. Phoenix will say Sahwit knew it was a clock for one of two
reasons. Choose "Went into the apartment". 

Phoenix is now pressuring Sahwit and accusing him of being the one who 
killed Cindy. By hitting her with the clock, it made the statue speak the
time. That voice burned through his mind. Sahwit spazzes out, flings his
toupee at Phoenix, and starts screaming. The Judge asks how you can prove
he heard the clock. Choose "Try sounding the clock". The clock will respond
"I think it's 8:25". Most certainly intriguing. 8:25 is a 3 hour difference
from the current time, 11:25. 

However...so what? What's the three hour difference have to with anything?
Was ir really like that the day of the murder? Before the verdict is called
Mia will step in and exclaim to Phoenix to get a hold on this case. He can
prove the clock was three hours slow. Choose "Yes" when asked if you know
why it was slow. Time to pull out the final blow-present the Passport. 
You will see that the clock had been set to Paris's time zone-9 hours 
ahead. The clock never did say AM or PM so it could have been either way.
Since the victim never reset the clock, it stayed that way through the

And then Sahwit collapses. He gets arrested right away, and the Judge is
ready to pass his verdict. Larry Butz is "Not Guilty"! Whoo! Not sure
why there is cheering and confetti, but who cares? 

Date-August 3, 2:32 PM
Location-District Court; Defendent Lobby No. 2
Mia will congratulate you on your first court victory. Shame Larry isn't
feeling the same way. He's still as glum as ever despite being declared
not guilty. Apparently he can't stop think his girlfriend didn't care 
about him. Mia calls Larry "Harry" (combine that with his last name...),
get a chuckle out of that. 

Phoenix of course gets no credit from Larry, who is kissing up to Mia. He 
gives her The Thinker as a keepsake. Mia will mention that Cindy actually
did care about Larry and you have the evidence to prove it. Present The
Thinker once again. For her to carry that thing everywhere, she obviously
cared about him.

...and that's it. Good job solving the first case.

    ~6.Episode Two-Turnabout Sisters~
The opening cutscene this time around is a bit different than what it was
last time around. It starts with a phone conversation between Mia and her
younger sister Maya. Mia is requesting that Maya to hold a piece of 
evidence for her. It just so happens that it's The Thinker statue again.
Mainly because she's worried something may happen to the evidence. However,
Mia took out the clockwork in the statue in order to make room for some
important papers that is to be used as evidence in an upcoming trial. The
conversation gets recorded on September 5, 9:27 AM.

Day 1-Investigation

Date-September 5, 8:57 PM
Location-Fey & Co. Law Offices
Someone is in the room ahead of you. Somebody is talking to Mia, demanding
something about some papers. Then, in order for this to remain a secret
the man picks up The Thinker and whams it through Mia's skull. Once again
you gets to see the murderer's face. Kinda creepy. Before dying, Mia 
mutters "Red....White....Blue". You'll understand this cryptic message
later through the case.

Date-September 5, 9:08 PM
Location-Fey & Co. Law Offices
And here comes Phoenix. Apparently, Mia, her sister, and Phoenix were 
planning to go out to dinner together. At that moment, Phoenix smells 
blood. He becomes a bit worried at what has happened. You will be 
introduced to the investigation mode now. You have only two options here.
You can choose Examine to search the room for clues. There's nothing of
interest here, though. You can also Move to a different location. Choose
Move and go to the only other place available, the Office.

Phoenix clearly smells blood in here, but not before hearing someone
crying right next to Mia's fallen body. The girl will stand up, and you'll
inquiry who she is. She'll pass out after that. Mia's body is still warm
up until where you touch her, then the heat escapes all too quickly. Mia
must have been killed very recently. 

Choose the Examine the room. Choose the examine Mia's body first. She was
struck on the head by a blunt object. The Thinker lies next to her. Once
again, THE THINKER is added to the Court Record. Near Mia's body as well
are some glass light shards from a stand that must have shattered from 
this incident. GLASS SHARDS are added to the Court Record. Finally, 
Phoenix will notice a piece of paper that is lying near Mia's hands. It
has the word "Maya" written upon it, and from the blood on her finger it
appears that Mia must have been the one who wrote the message on the paper.

Choose to examine the piece of paper on the ground to confirm these 
suspicions. You will notice that this paper is actually a department store
receipt dated September 4. RECEIPT is added to the Court Record. Phoenix
will now mention he should call the police. Examine the phone on Mia's
desk. Problem is, the phone is missing some screws and won't work. The
murderer must not have wanted anybody calling the police.

As if this can't get any worse, a loud scream is audible from outside. A
woman looking out of her window across the street is phoning the police,
apparently seeing Phoenix and assuming he is the murderer. There's nothing
you can do about her, or anything else in this room. Head back to Fey & Co.
Law Offices (the previous room).

The girl will have woken up and will talk to Phoenix now. She will explain
that she is Maya Fey, Mia's sister. It is probably her name that is written
on the receipt that Mia wrote. Two new options open up. You can Talk to
Maya on certain topics, or you can Present her with items from the Court
Record in hopes that she will comment about something. Choose to talk to
her first about "What happened?".

Maya came into the office not too long ago and apparently Mia was already
dead. This pretty much rules Maya out as the murderer. Ask about "You and
the Chief" next. Maya will confirm that she is Mia's younger sister. She 
will mention she was here this late at night only because she was needed
to hold a piece of evidence for Mia. She'll note it was a clock, The 

Don't feel too bad about doing this, but present the Receipt to her. Maya
will exclaim why Mia would have written her name on this receipt. Real 
smart Phoenix.

Just then, you will hear the police coming up to the office building. 
Detective Dick Gumshoe will race up to intervene you guys. Get used to
Gumshoe, you'll be seeing him. A lot. He'll mention that the woman you saw
earlier did phone the police and they ran down here as soon as possible.
Gumshoe will then find the Receipt that has the name "Maya" written on it.
He'll ask Maya if that's her name, and of course she will say it is. He 
will note Mia wrote it in her own blood. Based on this evidence, Gumshoe
will arrest Maya immediately and take her down to the Detention Center.

Phoenix will feel awful at these turn of events. He gets taken in for 
questioning along with Maya, unable to sleep all through the night. He 
must talk to Maya as soon as possible in order to get information on this

Date-September 6, 9:07 AM
Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
It's depressing to see Maya locked up like this. She will ask if you are
going to be her attorney. Be a good guy and choose "Of course I will". 
Maya probably wasn't expecting you to say yes so she appears even further
depressed. She'll explain there's no way anybody could believe her case.
She doubts even Phoenix believes her, seeing as you saw her next to Mia's
dead body. 

Maya also says the Mia talked about you in another phone conversation.
Mia said that you performed well in court, but she said you still need
more experience, several years worth, before you can tackle bigger cases.
Mia also said not to hire Phoenix unless she wants to be declared "Guilty".
(Good thing Mia's dead or Phoenix would blow his top!). Phoenix does want
to do something, though. Now you can talk to Maya. Start off with "Maya"
to talk about her outfit. She says she's an acolyte, or basically a spirit

Talk about "The day of the crime" next. She says she got a call from Mia
earlier that morning to pick up a piece of evidence for a trial. She 
forgets the details of the conversation, but remembers that she recorded
the conversation on her cell phone. Talk about "Your cell phone" next of
course. Phoenix will request that he hears it right now. However, Gumshoe
took away her cell phone when she was arrested. Maya will write you a note
to the detective requesting that her cell phone gets returned to her. 
MAYA'S MEMO is added to the Court Record. 

You can talk about "The day of the crime" again. Maya will tell it a bit
differently, saying how she smelt blood before entering. Finally, mention
"Spirit mediums". The entire Fey family, more so the women, have some sort
of connections to the spirit world. Yes, Mia was also a spirit medium. 
Creepy stuff. She decided she would rather be a lawyer than a full
fledged medium, though, and came here. Maya's powers aren't strong enough
yet, so she is unable to contact Mia's spirit and ask who killed her. Boy,
what an eays case this would be if we could. 

Maya will ask you to go to the address of a famous lawyer. Mia said to go
to him if she was ever in trouble. Don't be an ass, choose to "Accept" her
offer to do this favor. Trial begins tomorrow so you have little time to
get this case together, or the lawyer that hopefully can do this case at
least. Move to Grossberg Law Offices now.

Date-September 6
Location-Grossberg Law Offices
Well...there's nothing here. Grossberg is gone for now and won't be back
until later. Might as well get back Maya's cell phone now. Head to Fey & 
Co. Law Offices. 

Date-September 6
Location-Fey & Co. Law Offices
Detective Gumshoe will be here in the office, along with a bunch of
officers searching for clues. You'll be prompted to remember his name. 
Choose "Detective Gumshoe". He thinks you're Maya's lawyer so in his eyes
you have a right to be here. Eh. Talk to him about "Mia" first. Phoenix 
will ask if he has an autopsy report. AUTOPSY REPORT is added to the 
Court Record once Gumshoe gives in. The report states the obvious-She was
killed by a blunt force trauma. Death was instantaneous. But hey, we need
this proof for court.

Talk about "Maya" next. Gumshoe remarks you have no chance of winning this
trial. It is because prosecutor Edgeworth is going to be in this trial,
and he hasn't lost a trial yet. He will do anything to get a guilty 
verdict. The topic for "Edgeworth" appears after that, so discuss it. You
don't knonw much about Edgeworth for real (although Phoenix technically
does) so choose "Of course not!" to get more of a bio behind him. 

Remember out real business here. Choose to present Maya's Memo to Gumshoe.
Gumshoe will remark that he does indeed have it with him. He's on to your
tricky lawyer games and refuses to hand it to you. "Tell him not-so-
straight" when prompted and Phoenix will totally lie about why the phone
is important to Maya. He says the strap is "important" to Maya and she 
wants it back. Gumshoe understands this reasoning and is willing to give
it back. He wrote down everyone she called anyways so it's useless evidence
to him. MAYA'S CELL PHONE added to the Court Record.

Good thing Gumshoe didn't notice the phone conversation that was 
recorded. You can choose the read this conversation at any time by choosing
the phone from the Court Record page. This will come in handy later on.

Gumshoe says that you shouldn't talk to the witness. He should have kept
his mouth shut since we never knew there WAS a witness. Gumshoe remarks
that she is Miss April May and she isn't allowed to head home until this
trial is over. This confirms that April May is staying at the hotel across
the street from Fey & Co. Law Offices. Great deductive reasoning. Let's
pay her a visit. Move to the Gatewater Hotel.

Date-September 6
Location-Gatewater Hotel - Room 303
April May will greet you upon your entrance. Not sure why she gladly 
allows you in her room but... Yeah. It doesn't help April starts the
conversation by flirting with Phoenix. What an awkward position. She'll be
excited that a lawyer, namely you, is here and wants to freshen up for a
minute. Take this time to examine the room.

Firstly, the most obvious thing would be to check if April really could see
Fey & Co. Law Offices from this room. Examine the window. Sadly, it's true.
The inside of the room is easily visible. However, its hard to distinctly
see anything. If you look on the table right below the windowsill you will
spot two glasses. What? Seems a bit odd. April May seems to be by herself.
Perhaps there is a mysterious second party we don't know about yet. 

This last piece you need to examine may not seem that obvious. In one of
the drawers there is a screwdriver clearly sticking out. Before you have a
chance to examine the drawer, April comes back and acts all defensive about
it. Something is in there, but until she leaves we can't find out. Ugh.

You can try talking to April, but she will just exclaim that if you want 
any info you will have to wait until court tomorrow. What a useless pile

In any case, let's check in on Grossberg and see if he's back now.

Date-September 6
Location-Grossberg Law Offices
Grossberg will suddenly appear. He'll recongnize you as a lawyer right
away. As soon as Phoenix mentions Maya, Grossberg will change is attitude
towards the situation. Infact, he instantly refuses to take on the Maya's
case despite the fact you haven't even asked him yet. This sure isn't a
good spot to be in.

Talk to Grossberg about "Your refusal". Pheonix will mention Maya is Mia's
sister, and she trusted he would help Maya out. Phoenix says he would try
elsewhere, but Grossberg steps in and says that's not going to happen. No
lawyer will dare step in and take this case. Grossberg keeps hiding the
reason why, though. Talk to him about "Mia" next. Mia worked with Grossberg
quite a while ago. He was her mentor. Mia left, with some mission in her
eyes. Quite an amount of determination.

Finally, bring up "That painting". As ugly as it is, Grossberg likes it.
He has no need to part with it for no matter the price put on it. There 
isn't much else you can really do with this geezer for now. We need to tell
Maya the bad news...somehow.

Date-September 6, 3:42 PM
Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
Phoenix will say that Maya shouldn't use Grossberg as her defense attorney.
We are still at square one, though. Somebody still has to help her in 
court. Talk about the only new option available, "Your family". Maya's 
father has been dead for a while and she has no idea where her mother is.
Talk about "Your mother" to dive deeper into this puzzle. The women in her
family have been mediums for generations. Maya's mother was involved in an
incident. Some man ruined her mother's life. She disappeared after that.
Mia decided to become a lawyer several years after that, possibly to find
out who did this.

Talk about "Your mother's enemy" next. In the incident, there were no leads
and the police had to resort to using a spirit medium to talk to the 
murder victim. The case ended up getting solved, but the man declared 
guilty was really innocent. The spirit had lied for some reason. This
incident was dealt in secrecy, but somebody spilled the beans. Her mother
was mocked far and wide. Maya mumbles "White" at the end of her speech. 
That was the man who ruined her mother's life. It is 4:00 after this, and
you should choose to "Defend Maya". When asked why, "A can't abandon you"
is the best response.

One more problem remains-what the hell is inside the drawer in April May's
room? Before leaving, present Maya's Cell Phone to her. She wants to hear
Mia's voice once more. After you cheer her up (or make her sadder, depends
on the perspective), head back to the Gatewater Hotel.

Date-September 6
Location-Gatewater Hotel - Room 303
Once you are back in the hotel, the Bellboy will appear in April's room.
April isn't in the room right now so it's a better time than ever to 
investigate the drawer. The Bellboy asks that you give April this message:
"Mr. White of Bluecorp called". White? Is this a connection to who Maya
mentioned earlier? 

In any case, examine the screwdriver sticking out of the drawer again.
Phoenix will find none other than a wiretap inside the drawer. For those
who don't know, this thing is used to tap into phone lines so you can
hear private conversations without the speakers realizing it. What is April
doing with this thing anyways? WIRETAP is added to the Court Record. 
None too late, Aprile will be returning to her room. Cheese it out of 
there and get ready for court!

Day 2-Trial

Date-September 7, 10:00 AM
Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 1
No wasting time; we enter court right away. Edgeworth will start off saying
there is decisive proof Maya killed Mia, as well as a witness who saw the
entire thing. Firstly, Edgeworth calls Detective Gumshoe to the stand. He
begins by presenting a floor map of Fey & Co. Law Offices. FLOOR PLANS are
added to the Court Record. Gumshoe claims he has "hard evidence" proving
Maya commited the murder.

~Gumshoe's Testimony-Maya Fey's Arrest~
-As soon as the phone call came in, I rushed to the scene!

-There were two people there already:

-The defendant, Ms. Maya Fey, and the lawyer, Mr. Phoenix Wright.

-I immediately arrested Ms. Maya Fey!

-Why? We had a witness account describing her!

-The witness saw Ms. Maya Fey at the very moment of the murder!

Before you can cross examine Gumshoe, Maya flings a note at your head. 
Whenever Mia was stumped by a testimony, she'd bluff it and press every 
statement she could. Eventually the witness would crack down. Couldn't
hurt to try it, right?

The first four statements will get you nowhere by pressing them, however
the fifth, about the witness' account, is suspicious. Phoenix will say that
Maya was arrested from "hard evidence". Why is one person's testimony hard
evidence? Too bad for Phoenix, though, Gumshoe has other means of proof.
The order of events was scrambled in his testimony, according to Gumshoe.
He is going to testify once more.

~Gumshoe's Testimony-Hard Evidence~
-After securing the suspect, I examined the scene of the crime with my own

-I found a memo written on a piece of paper next to the victim's body!

-On it, the word "Maya" was written clearly in blood!

-Lab test results showed that the blood was the victim's!

-Also, there was blood found on the victim's finger!

-Before she died, the victim wrote the killer's name!

Press the final statement, about blood on the victim's finger. Isn't it
wierd that she would write the killer's name, especially her sister, of all
people? Clearly, something is wrong with this statement. Check out the 
autopsy report. "...death was instantaneous". Kinda hard to write a note
when you die instantly, right? Present Mia's Autopsy Report.

As soon as Phoenix gets to the point of the argument, Edgeworth will 
object to your little game. When asked when you got the autopsy report,
respond "The day after the murder". Sadly, Edgeworth states that report
is outdated. Edgeworth requested that a second autopsy report be made 
yesterday. It reads "Death was almost immediate due to a blow from a blunt
object...but there is a possibility the victim lived for several minutes
after the blow." 

Well that's not good. Edgeworth asks if you have anything to say, respond
"You're a sham, Edgeworth!" Why did Edgeworth really want a second report
made? He'll never say. Possibly this was forged evidence but we can't
prove that. AUTOPSY REPORT is updated in the Court Record.

Edgeworth will call the poor, innocent April May to testify. The audience
is on her side what with her sex appeal. This'll be a painful testimony
for Phoenix.

~April May's Testimony-Witness's Testimony~
-It was, like, 9:00 at night. I looked out the window, y'know!

-And then, oooh! I saw a woman with long hair being attacked!

-The one attacking her was the mousey girl sitting in the defendant's

-Then the woman, like, dodged to one side and ran away!

-But that girl, she caught up to her and...and...She hit her!

The Judge sees no reason to bother April May, but choose "Yes, I'll cross
examine" when asked anyways. Press her first statement. Nobody just 
"randomly looks out their window hoping to find something". April keeps
quiet to avoid an answer. She's hiding the truth. Choose to "Go for it!"
in order to press further. She get's a surprised look when told she must
have a reason to look out the window. Edgeworth will stop you soon enough,
and the crowd will agree. Press the third statement. Phoenix will question
why she's so sure she saw Maya precisely. She responds she had a girlish
physique. Choose "I question the testimony" after Edgeworth comments on 
this foolishness. 

Phoenix yells that the testimony "stinks" (good use of words!). Phoenix is
willing to bet "You're lying". You'd think somebody would notice Maya's
bizzare choice of clothing rather than her physique. Nobody buy Maya would
dare wear those kind of clothes. April is trying to act confused, but it's
obvious she really isn't. Always forgetting the details, these witness's.
April will be asked to testify again.

~April May's Testimony-Witness's Account~
-I did see everything! I did!

-The victim--the woman--dodged the first attac and ran off to the right.

-Then the girl in the hippie clothes ran after her...

-And she hit her with that weapon! I saw it! I did!

-That...that clock! Um...the statue-y clock? The "The Thinker" I think?

Press the second statement, about Mia running off to the right. It's a 
vague description about which right it happens to be. Mia dodged to our
right-or her left-for the door. Press the final statement, about The
Thinker. Phoenix will remember a statement very similar to this from his
previous case. Remember how Mr. Sahwit stated that The Thinker was a clock
and how it clearly doesn't look like one? Just like the previous case, 
present The Thinker.

Quite a revealing statement. Once again, how did she know it was a clock?
Edgeworth will object, though, stating this is a pointles question. The
Judge will agree with your statement and allow you to continue the cross
examination. April says she heard it say the time when Maya hit Mia with
it. Just like the last case. Phoenix isn't satisfied because "It couldn't
have rung". The clock couldn't have rung because "It's empty". The Judge
will indeed confirm that The Thinker is missing its clockwork.

Edgeworth isn't distraught, though. He questions when the clockwork was
actually removed. It could easily have been removed after the murder.
You'll need to prove that it was missing before the murder. There's only
one thing that says that the clockwork is missing.

Present Maya's Cell Phone. The court will listen to the recorded
conversation, with confirms that Mia took out the clockwork several days 
before the murder occured. 

April still won't give in to your examination. She states that she has 
seen the clock before at a store. Choose "Yes" when asked if you still
have any objections. That's impossible if you recall. Present The Thinker
once again to the Judge. The Thinker was handmade by Larry Butz. Only two
are currently in existance. One is in Phoenix's possession right now, the
other in police custody from the previous case. April says everything is
sold in stores. Yeah, right. 

...and then April spazzes out and gets real mad. Scary mad. She'll regain
her composure and be asked how she knew it was a clock in the first place.
You'll need to provide evidence that April knew it was a clock in the 
first place. Choose "You had heard about it". You'll need to show the proof
for this, though. Present Maya's Cell Phone once again. Part of the 
conversation will be played again. Mia clearly states in the conversation
that The Thinker is a clock.

How did April hear this conversation? Present the Wiretap. It was found in
April's room after all. She must have used it to listen to Mia and Maya's
conversation. Edgeworth will object, but April's face clearly shows that
this is the truth. April decides to yell at everyone in the courtroom, how
they have no right to gang up on her like that. Too bad for her case. Then
she'll start crying hoping to get out of this alive. Ugh. Choose "You did
it, didn't you?" April will admit that she did indeed tap the phone. 

She states the murder was at about 9:00 PM, and at that time she was in her
hotel room ordering room service from the Bellboy. She has a solid alibi.
She couldn't have killed Mia. You'll need to pull out something fast. 
Choose to "Call the Bellboy as a witness". Perhaps he knows something.

Edgeworth will object to this idea, though. However, he'll agree on one
condition. If there's nothing wrong with the Bellboy's testimony, Maya 
will be clared "Guilty" on the spot. You have no choice. "Accept the
condition". There better be something in this testimony...

~Bellboy's Testimony-Miss May's Room Service~
-I am the head bellboy at the fine Gatewater Hotel, in business for four

-I believe I recieved a call after 8:00 in the evening from our guest,
Miss May.

-She asked for an ice coffee to be brought to her at 9:00, on the dot, sir.

-I brought it to her at precisely the requested time, of course.

-And I delivered the ice coffee to our guest Miss May, herself.

Crap! There's clearly no contradiction in this testimony! Of course, why
would the bellboy lie? He's not involved directly in this murder. You will
need to press the bellboy on every single statement. You won't get much
information from any of the statements, however. Once you have done this,
Phoenix will realize there's nothing wrong with this testimony. Before the
bellboy leaves you can ask one more question. "Protest" to him leaving,
then ask him about any of the three options that you are given. The 
bellboy will respond he checked in two people, or delivered two cups of
ice coffee, or he needed pillows for two. No matter the choice, the bellboy
states that there is clearly a second person staying with April. Edgeworth
will object on the ground "That was...objectionable!". 

The bellboy is forced to say that there is a second person with April.
Due to this new revelation we cannot say for certain Maya did kill Mia. 
Who is the other person? Choose "The man with Miss May". Edgeworth will
be on the ropes from these statements. The Judge will adjourn the court
for the day, asking you to find out more about this other man.

Date-September 7, 2:24 PM
Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 1
Maya is happy at your perfermance in court. She seems to like Edgeworth 
more, though. Heh. April May is in the Detention Center now, and suspicion
of the man with her is high. Phoenix asks for a record of April's entire
testimony, but since most of it was lies only a little bit of it stands
out. MAY TESTIMONY added to the Court Record. 

This evidence states "The victim dodged an attack then ran to the right,
but she was caught and struck."

This information will come in handy later on. 

Day 2-Investigation
Date-September 7, 3:11 PM
Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
April has been relocated to the Detention Center, as I said. She, uh, hates
your guts for putting her here. You can talk to her about several subjects
now, but she'll just complain about how much she hates you and wants you to
get the hell out of here. May as well leave. Head back to the Gatewater

Date-September 7
Location-Gatewater Hotel - Room 303
The bellboy is back in Miss May's room for whatever reason. You now have
a chance to freely talk to him, but not before he thinks about the wild
publicity this trial will give the hotel. Talk about "Miss May" first. He
thought "She'd do it" or something like that. Phoenix thinks the bellboy 
is...off. Wierdo. Talk about "The man with May" next. He mentions that he
was a guy who'd any woman would go out with, so to speak. He's still not
giving details. He says if you have a photo he'd help you identify him.

Talk about "The hotel" last. He still has wierd thoughts about how this
trial can add publicity to the hotel. Let's leave for Grossberg Law
Offices again.

Date-September 7
Location-Grossberg Law Offices
Grossberg is gone once again. It's like he's purposely avoiding you. One
thing in the room should easily stand out-that huge, ugly painting no 
longer covers the now barren wall. Examine this. You'll question what was
on the painting but your answer has no significance on the matter. Still,
why is the painting gone when Grossberg specifically said he'd "never trade
such a possession". 

Another thing you will notice is a photograph on the edge of Grossberg's
desk. There are two of these photos, infact. The first one is DL-6 
Incident; Exhibit A. The other is DL-6 Incident; Exhibit B. You can only
swipe on of these photos from Grossberg's desk, however. If you choose
Exhibit A you will recieve a photo of a middle-aged looking woman. You
don't know who she is, though. You want Exhibit B. This is a picture of a
middle-aged man with purple hair. 

You have a picture of a man. Perhaps this is the guy who was staying with
April the day of the murder. Can't hurt to check back at the hotel.

Date-September 7
Location-Gatewater Hotel - Room 303
The bellboy is still here, fortunately for you. Don't hesitate to present
the photo of the man you swiped from Grossberg's desk. The bellboy will
comfirm that this was the man who checked in with April the day of the
murder. The bellboy will be more than pleased to write Phoenix an
affidavit to prove he knows this man and that he stayed with April. "Have
him write it", of course. The bellboy will be more than pleased so he can
brag he had a part in this case. BELLBOY'S AFFIDAVIT will be added to the
Court Record. You now have a trump card against April, and even she can't
do a thing about this. Let's pay her a visit.

Date-September 7
Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
April sure as hell isn't pleased to see you right away. Why should we care?
We can kick her with the facts now. Present to her the photograph of the
man. She'll change to a real serious expression once you show it to her.
She clearly knows something. Phoenix will push on her that this is the man
who stayed with her. She'll demand proof.

Good thing you have some. Present to her the Bellboy's Affidavit. She will
act surprised, so choose to "Push her hard". Phoenix will bluff that he
will take this note to the press if she doesn't cooperate. This get's April
talking, finally. The man is her boss, Redd White. He is the president of
the information gathering conglomerate, Bluecorp. Red...White...Blue? Hah?
Same thing Mia said at the beginning of the case.

April will stop talking after that. She will give you the directions to
Bluecorp so you can access it now. You will discard the Bellboy's 
Affidavit. Since we have no other leads, to Bluecorp!

Note:If you chose to "Ease her fears", you won't get this information. You
will need to return to Grossberg Law Offices and show him the photo of 
Redd White. He'll give you the location to Bluecorp then.

Date-September 7
Location-Bluecorp Inc.; CEO's Office
Redd White will greet you upon your entrance into what must be one of the
gaudiest rooms I've ever seen. Talk to White about "Miss May" firstly. He
will pose that April's business isn't to tap into other people's business
as she has done with the wiretap. That seems odd, it IS an information
gathering company. Talk about "The night of the murder" next. He won't 
reveal if he was with April on that day or not. He seems to not care about
time and place. Ugh. We're getting nowhere with him. 

Talk about "Bluecorp" next. He has built the entire company up from selling
information to people. What kind of "information" is this, though? We don't
know yet. In any case, does anything look familar in this room? How about
Grossberg's painting lodged on the wall behind you? Talk about "That 
painting". Choose "I've seen it before". White will start talking
aggressively now. He'll then punch Phoenix and demand that he leaves.
You have nobody else to go to but Grossberg.

Date-September 7
Location-Grossberg Law Offices
Grossberg is finally back inside his office, but he's in a seriously
depressed mode. Clear your throat to grab his attention. Talk about 
"Today's trial" firstly. He'll seem glad you defended Maya, but it seems
he wishes he could have done it himself. Talk about "Your refusal" next.
Grossberg needs more time to think about this situation before he tells you
about it. Talk about "Mr. White" last. Choose "That big painting" when 
Phoenix says something is bothering him. Remember, Grossberg said himself
he had no business parting with that (ugly) painting. Why does Mr. White
have it? Phoenix says he knows White has a connection to Grossberg. Choose
"He's blackmailing you". (...or choose "You're lovers" for a comical
remark from Grossberg. You'll loop back to the question). 

Bingo. Grossberg realizes this is as good a time as ever to get that pain
he's been carrying for years off of him. White makes his entire life 
around imitation. He'll mention that Bluecorp isn't just information
gathering-it's about finding the weaknesses of people with power. White
found something about Grossberg and has been blackmailing him for nearly
15 years. The reason? Grossberg will say it is all because he was
involved in the DL-6 Incident.

If Grossberg went to defend Maya, White would have finished off Grossberg's
career. He says it's going to be impossible to arrest White. He has
connections to all kinds of authority. Two new topics open up to talk to
Grossberg about. Start with "The DL-6 Incident". DL-6 is simply a code the
police give to cases. A spirit medium, named Misty Fey, was investigating
at the reqiest of the police. Yes, she is Mia's and Maya's mother. She's
also the woman on one of the photographs. Misty failed at her duties when
she channeled a spirit, the police called her a fraud. The incident is
still unsolved.

Talk about the "Reason for blackmail". Why was Grossberg being blackmailed?
DL-6 was top-secret at the time. One person unfortunately found out about
this, however. Grossberg was forced to tell White this shocking news. White
told the media the police were using a spirit medium, and they were 
mocked. They started to search for who spilt the beans. White blackmailed
Grossberg at this point. If he kept paying White, White would keep quiet
about this whole business. Before you leave, he'll note that Mia had been
keeping tabs on White for years. You may be able to find something in her

Date-September 7
Location-Fey & Co. Law Offices
There's only one place in this office you could hope to find a bounty of
information. Examine the filing cabnet. You will be offered three different
sections of the files you can inspect. Start off with "A-I".

Phoenix will stop at F when he notices the file for Misty Fey. Choose to
"Read it". Misty had apparently done something terribly wrong (and we 
aleady know what it is). In doing so, she mysteriously vanished. Mia 
started to devote her life to find out who did this to her mother. She
used her E.S.P abilities to talk to the dead. In doing so, the names of
two people related to this incident surfaced. One of them was Marvin
Grossberg who we already know and the other is...

The record mysteriously ends there. We already know the missing person. It
is Redd White. Choose to examine the filing cabnet again, this time 
choosing the "J-S" file. There's nothing relevant to this case in there,
though, so choose to "Skim" a bit of it. Phoenix will notice that the S
section has a huge file, and all of it are on suicides. The people who
killed themselves were famous in business, fortunes, politics, and so on.
Also note that Mia happened to write something on almost all of these
files. "White" is clearly written in pencil. Mia clearly thought that
White has driven all of these people to commit suicide. Phoenix finds a
highly relevant suicide and borrows a newspaper clipping of the article.
NEWSPAPER CLIPPING added to the Court Record.

Choose to "Check 'em" once more (the filing cabnet). Choose the final
section left "T-Z". Phoenix will realize he should start with W for White.
Problem is, the entire W section of the cabnet is missing! Gee, wonder who
could have possibly taken the entire thing. Let's pay a certain somebody a
nasty visit.

Date-September 7
Location-Bluecorp Inc.; CEO's Office
White still isn't pleased with your presence. He mentions that a nasty
incident will occur if you continue to pester him. Well, we have nothing to
lose at this point. White will continue to yell at you if you try talking
to him about any subject. Present the Newspaper Clipping to him. Phoenix
will explain to White that it describes the suicide of a politician. Word
got leaked to the press about some crime he committed, then he comitted
suicide. White will ask what this has to do with him. Phoenix says he 
found it in Mia's office, along with a ton of other articles with similar
stories, all marked with "White" at the top. Choose "You blackmailed him".

White isn't going to give up so easily. White will order the secretary to
escort you out of the office. You can't leave just yet, though. Yell 
"You're wrong" to him. Phoenix should be going after White right now, not
the killer. Why? White is the killer of course. White will call his
secretary a second time, this time to be placed on a call to the 
prosecutor's office. White has decided that he wants to testify 
tomorrow in the trial. White "witnessed the murder" apparently and wants
to get Phoenix proved guilty now. He also order the police to bring Phoenix
into custody now.

Detective Gumshoe will arrive instantaniously. White will say it was
Phoenix who was the real murderer. Gumshoe will arrest you on the spot.
Time to head for the Detention Center. Of course, it's not like you have
a choice on this matter.

Date-September 8, 3:37 PM
Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
Note:I assume the date error is from a mistranslation...

Phoenix says that White is probably gonna set a trap for him. He has very
little chance of winning this case and proving White guilty. Edgeworth
will be well aware of this, he's sure. Phoenix plans on defending himself
in court. He is a defense attorney after all. Maybe he can actually win
this thing.

Maya will appear. She has been set free with the knowledge that you are
the real murderer. Phoenix will explain the story to Maya. She wants to
help somehow. It doesn't matter what you choose, but I believe "Help me 
break out of here" is the funniest response. 

Phoenix will explain why court is this way now. Remember, this game takes
place in the future (2016 to be exact). There's a three day limit on all
court cases. Tomorrow is day two. Either way, a verdict is more likely
than not going to be decided tomorrow. Oh dear...

Day 3-Trial
Date-September 9, 9:52 AM
Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 1
Edgeworth will greet you before the trial begins. He'll state that whatever
White states it will be "the absolute truth". Basically, any objections you
make will be in vain. Phoenix is pretty much going to be declared guilty
by trial's end. Phoenix notes that he knows Edgeworth already. That isn't
important to this story, though. Court time!

Date-September 9, 10:00 AM
Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 1
Phoenix is actually going to defend himself. Good luck with that! Edgeworth
will comment there was a second witness to this crime. However, the Judge
doesn't bring up why he wasn't called in yesterday. "Objection" this
fact. Edgeworth replies White is a busy man, and that he didn't think his
testimony would be needed. Redd White gets called to the stand. After 
trying to show off his gaudy jewelery, the real action begins.

~Redd White's Testimony-Witness's Account~
-Let's see, it was about 9:00, I believe.

-I was quietly perusifying...er, that's "reading" to you, some papers by
the window.

-Then I heard a bedlam coming from outside!

-Surprised, I turned to look at the building across the way.

-It was then I saw him:a spiky-haired man attacking a woman with long hair!

-Needless to say that man was none other than you, Mr. Lawyer!

-I called Miss May over at once. She, too, was surprised of course.

-The victim, she...she ran away, but you gave chase!

-Finally there was a terrible impaction! Then it was all over...

Damn, that's a long testimony. This testimony seems quite...factual. Start
by pressing these statements one by one. Always "Press further" when 
asked to. The first statement is important. The bellboy said White wasn't
in the room at the time. White will state he was outside at the time and
couldn't have seen him anyways.

The fifth statement is the most critical one. White states that he saw a
spiky-haired man attack Mia. Funny, April stated she clearly saw a woman
attack Mia. You have no evidence for this, so press this instead. Phoenix
won't get anywhere, though. Press the next statement where he claims it
was clearly Phoenix. Phoenix brings out the contradiction here. White 
claims that his eyesight, counting both eyes, is 40. Well...that STILL
gets us nowhere. White is seriously hiding the details. 

The next statement that important is eighth statement, about "Phoenix"
giving chase to the victim. Notice the stammer in this statement. White
was clearly going to reveal what direction Mia ran off, but stopped himself
and changed the statement. Phoenix will demand more specific information
in this statement. He'll change this statement to...

-The victim ran to the left, and you gave chase!

That's odd. White has already contradicted April's testimony several times,
and this statement does it again. Check out May Testimony. It states "The
victim dodged an attack then ran to the right, but she was caught and
struck". Present this item at this statement.

Phoenix will explain the situation, but White won't falter and claims you
misunderstood her. Too bad you have clear evidence proving this statement.
Phoenix will present the floor plans. Had Mia run to the left, she would
be head away from the door and into a wall! There's only one way this 
could be true-White was in the killer's spot. If Mia ran left from that
perspective it would make sense.

Maya will comment that White probably isn't lying. He probably did see Mia
run to the left. It is starting to make sense now. The Judge will ask you
whose statement is correct-White's or April's. We already know White is the
killer, and April was in her room, so it makes sense that both of them are
correct. Choose "Both are right". 

Edgeworth will object to this ludicrious statement. He says there's no way
both witness's could possibly be correct. Phoenix will say that White must
have seen the murder firsthand from the Fey & Co. Law Offices. You will be
asked to show where White was standing to make the statement true. The 
floor plans will appear. Move the cursor onto the red "K" for the killer's
spot. If you look at it from White's perspective (assuming he is the 
killer for the moment), it's clearly his left, and April May's right. This
proves that both witness's are correct in their statements.

Edgeworth will object to this crazy assumption. White just now will 
remember an important detail he left out in his testimony, and asks to
testify again.

~Redd White's Testimony-She Ran to the "Left"~
-Miss May's testmony was correct...as was mine!

-When you first assaulted the girl, she first ran to the left.

-And then you hit her, savagely! That is what I saw.

-Next, with the last of her strength, she ran to the right.

-You chased her, and delivered the final blow.

-That is what Miss May saw.

-You see? You hit her twice!

Press White on his fifth statement, on how you chased Mia. It will do no 
good, but something strikes as odd. Press White on the final statement as
well. White must have been watching both times. Odd. Doesn't the autopsy
report state that Mia was struck once by a blunt object? Present Mia's
Autopsy Report on the last statement.

Phoenix will present the evidence and White will start to fall apart. White
is starting the shut his trap. Edgeworth will object and call for a 10-
minute recess. Phoenix will object right away and state White is confused
mainly because he keeps lying. The crowd agrees with Phoenix to allow no
break. White is forced to testify yet again.

~Redd White's Testimony-The Two Accounts~
-Umm, well, see--I looked at the other window when I heard that thing fall.

-Then, the next moment, I saw Miss Mia run to the left!

-The killer, you, attacked her...but she dodged.

-She turned, and ran for the door!

-Then you did her in with a single blow! Thwap!

White will feign a stomach ache, but Phoenix tells him to shove it. This
is almost over. White isn't talking as much. Press the first statement. 
Exactly what fell over? White will explain that it was the glass light
stand. Maya will ask if something strikes you as odd. Respond "Yeah, very
odd". Phoenix will press harder against White. He will be asked to change
his testimony to reflect this information...

-A light stand was lying on the floor when I looked.

At this new statement, present the Glass Light Shards. Phoenix will infer
that it was completely impossible to see this light stand. Why? It was
broken. White said that too, but the thing is, it was broken "beyond all
recongnition"! There was no way that White could have possible realized 
that the glass shards that laid all over the floor were ever once a glass
light stand. Phoenix will demand when White had seen the stand. He must
know since he knows it was once a glass light stand. He says he saw the
stand before it fell over. Answer "Big problemo" when White responds there
is no problemo. Phoenix will say it's impossible to have seen the light
stand from the hotel room before it fell over. Present the Floor Plans.

The visible area from the hotel room is in yellow. The glass light stand,
where it once stood before being shattered, is not in this area! White is
left speechless after this. Edgeworth objects, and forces White to admit
to that he placed the wiretap JUST before White confesses to killing Mia.
That bastard! In order to place the wiretap, White claims he entered Fey
& Co. Law Offices before the murder. In that time, he saw the glass light
stand. White will be asked to testify a final time about the wiretap.

~Redd White's Testimony-The Wiretapping~
-It was the beginning of September...the week before the murder.

-I had entered Fey & Co. Law Offices.

-Of course, I had done so to place the wiretap.

-That is when I saw this glass light stand.

Hmm. Very short. There's one gaping problem. Nothing in this testimony
contradicts evidence in your posession. Try as you may, you can't push 
White any harder. To get through this you will need to press every
statement in order. You will get no infomation from doing so, though.

After doing so, Phoenix will realize there's nothing to press White on 
and he will be forced to give up. The Judge will ask you if you are sure
you want to give this case up. Phoenix will admit he has been defeated. 
Just before passing out in the court, Phoenix will hear Mia's voice. 
She'll tell him to never give up. Uh...too late for that.

Date-September 9
Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 1
Phoenix will wake up and realize he is in the defendant's lobby, and soon
recall the he lost the case. Mia will appear and start talking to Phoenix,
who freaks out right away because Mia is...dead. Right? Apparently choosing
to give up in court freaked Maya out so much she was able to channel Mia
right there on the spot. She will tell you that she is in Maya's body right
now (look at the clothing) and that Maya will have no recollection of this
once she leaves. She will also say that White killed her (duh). Remember
that receipt with "Maya" written on it? White wrote that too. She will
being to your attention what's written on the other side, though.

"Amount spent:$1,000.00; Item purchased:Glass Light Stand; Date of 
Purchase:September 4"

...huh? The fourth? That's the day before the murder! RECEIPT has been
updated in the Court Record. Now it is time to screw White over in court!

Date-September 9, 1:16 PM
Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 1
Phoenix will ask for a final chance at proving White guilty. Edgeworth will
amuse himself by allowing you this final chance. Let's get to it!

~Redd White's Testimony-The Wiretapping~
-It was the beginning of September...the week before the murder.

-I had entered Fey & Co. Law Offices.

-Of course, I had done so to place the wiretap.

-That is when I saw this glass light stand.

You already know what to do. Present the Receipt at the first statement.
Phoenix will ask the Judge to inspect the other side of the receipt. Low
and behold, the glass light stand was purchased on September 4, the day 
before the murder. The stand couldn't have existed when White alledgedly
went there. 

Edgeworth will object again. You still haven't proven yourself innocent.
Edgeworth will ask the Judge for one last day of investigation in order
to create strong evidence proving Phoenix's guilt. Obviously, "Object"
to Edgeworth's request. The Judge will deny Phoenix's objection. Mia will
tell White to freeze. She will hand Phoenix a note to be read out loud.
The note contains a bunch of names written in Mia's handwriting. The list
of names is supposedly of everyone and then some that White has, or had
once been, blackmailing. 

White goes completely insane at this point. Phoenix will threaten to turn
this into the police if he doesn't confess now. Of course, White has no
choice but to comply. He confesses to hitting Mia with The Thinker. That's
it! Damn good. (Side note, nobody is actually certain who the list is
referring to, but it is logical that it would be the people White has

Date-September 9, 2:24 PM
Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 1
Well, another case solved. Mia can't stay in Maya's body forever so she 
will be taking her leave soon. She tells you to meet her in the office
later tonight.

Date-September 9, 9:02 PM
Location-Fey & Co. Law Offices
Instead of expecting Mia to appear, Maya will come out all cheerful. She
was left a note by Mia to "take care of Phoenix". Now that Mia is gone the
company is yours. The Wright & Co. Law Offices is born. Whooo! Maya will
assist you for now on your cases. 

Well, so much for a happy ending. Save the game after the final cutscene.

    ~7.Episode Three-Turnabout Samurai~
It is time to begin your third case. In the opening cutscene, you will see
what appears to be a samurai and some evil villian duking it out under the
moonlight. At the end, something tells you to "Watch the next exciting
episode". This must be some television show. I see no murder, though.

Day 1-Investigation

Date-October 14, 5:31 PM
Location-Wright & Co. Law Offices
A continuation of what you just saw, Maya will explain that the show is
the "Steel Samurai", the most popular kids show on television right now.
Why Maya is appealed by it is beyond comprehension. All the propaganda and
"inappropiate language" used in the show maks it funny that it is for kids.
Heh. Afterwards, Phoenix will note that it has been over a month since his
trial and he hasn't had any clients come in. He's starting to worry, but 
all is not over yet!

Date-October 16, 8:14 AM
Location-Phoenix Wright's Bedroom
Early in the morning Phoenix will recieve a call from Maya. She'll say that
the Steel Samurai just got arrested. Apparently he killed the villian.
Problem is, this is real life we are talking about. The Steel Samurai 
actually killed the actor who plays the villian with his signature "Samurai
Spear" weapon. Crazy. Phoenix will rush back to the office.

Date-October 16, 9:22 AM
Location-Wright & Co. Law Offices
As soon as you arrive, Phoenix will listen to a news story on TV. You will
find out that the Steel Samurai is played by the actor Will Powers. The
person who he killed was Jack Hammer, a young star who played the Evil
Magistrate, the Steel Samurai's foe, on the show. Jack Hammer was found at
the studio where he works at inside of his Evil Magistrate costume and the
Samurai Spear sticking right through him. The police are currently 
investigating the situation.

Phoenix will get a phone call after the story ends. Will Powers is on the
phone, calling from the Detention Center. He will request that you be his
defense attorney in court. It's about time Phoenix got himself a case. 
Head to the detention center now.

Date-October 16
Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
Maya will appear pretty surprised that this burly guy is the one who really
plays the Steel Samurai. It's as if nobody ever reads the credits. Powers
will start off by sobbing a bit at the tragic events that have happened.
The only reason nobody's seen his face is because he vowed never to reveal
it until the show was over.

You will be able to talk to Powers now. Start with the obvious "What 
happened" statement. The entire cast for the episode to be played was at
Global Studios yesterday. They had come to do a run-through. At about 10:00
in the morning they had practiced several action scenes. At 5:00 in the
afternoon a rehersal for the episode was planned. When everyone gathered
at the studio at 5:00 PM, however, the Evil Magistrate was found in a 
corner of the studio. After taking off the mask, they discovered that Jack
Hammer was inside and dead. He had been punctured through the cest by the
Samurai Spear.

Ask Powers about "The Steel Samurai" next. Phoenix will ask just what the
show is exactly. Powers will explain it to you again if you haven't read
the above paragraphs. The Steel Samurai fights bad guys and stuff like
that. Seems like a violent show.

Lastly, discuss "Powers's alibi". Powers will explain he came to the studio
at 9:00 AM as always. He worked in some action scenes until about noon. 
There was a rehearsal planned for 5:00 PM, but between the times Powers 
grew weary so he took a nap in his dressing room. It wasn't until past
5:00 that he finally woke up and rushed to the studio. When he got there 
he was arrested on the spot.

Phoenix will comment on investigation the studios. Powers will draw you a
map to Global Studios so you can now access it. Let's head over there.

Date-October 16
Location-Global Studios; Main Gate
As soon as you reach the studio, Maya will be happy with glee. An old
security woman pops in though to spoil it. No, that text bubble is not a
joke. Her last name really is "Oldbag". Feel free to laugh. She'll rant
on about how lawyers have nothing to do. 

Back to seriousness, as a security guard she should know some info about
the actors here. Start by talking to her about "The studios". At Global
Studios, they make children's dreams come true. She mentions that ten 
years ago Global Studios was a lot more lively. Also, back then, Jack 
Hammer was a big star. It wasn't long though before he was reduced to
playing as the villian.

Ask about "Will Powers" next. Oldbag will immediately start off by dissing
Powers and mentioning that playing as the Steel Samurai was his chance to
kill Hammer. That's an absurd statement realising that Powers has nothing
on bad grounds with Hammer. She thinks Powers is guilty. Press her on 
"Reason for suspicion" next. Oldbag was standing in the Main Gate area from
1:00 PM to the time of rehersal, 5:00 PM. The studio in question where the
murder took place is only accessable by going through the main gate. In 
such an event they would have to go through Oldbag first. Only one person
went by the Main Gate between 1:00 PM and the murder time, and that person
was Powers. She says she saw him. But didn't Powers say he was napping?
Odd contradiction...

Lastly, talk about "Mr. Hammer". Oldbag was a serious Jack Hammer fan back
in the day. He was apparently the ultimate action hero. However, there was
an incident five years ago. After that accident, Hammer went from a star to
a nobody who played the lamer villian on an action show. 

Oldbag will demand a "Letter of Request" from Powers before she will let
you tour the studio at your own leisure. Head back to Powers.

Date-October 16
Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
Talk to Powers about "Your alibi" again. Remember, Oldbag's statement 
completely blows off what Powers previously stated. Powers will state that
it was impossible for him to have gone to the studios early in the 
afternoon. He's quite certain that he was sleeping the entire time. Too bad
there's no witness to account for that.

Talk about "The security lady" afterwards. Oldbag has a thing against most
people, including Powers. What a creep. Phoenix will ask if he could write
a note saying that Phoenix will represent him as his lawyer. Powers will
be glad to do so. POWERS'S REQUEST will be added to the Court Record. Head
back to Oldbag so we can shove this in her face.

Date-October 16
Location-Global Studios; Main Gate
Present Powers's Request to Oldbag. She will take it from you and confirm
the handwriting is indeed Powers'. Oldbag will grant you access the studios
but nothing else for now. She won't let you go to the employee area for,
well, obvious reasons. Maya will pick up a map from the guard station. 
GUIDEMAP is added to the Court Record. 

Oldbag mentioned a detective told her that nobody could be given access to
the employee area. Wonder who it is?

Date-Ocotber 16
Location-Studio One Entrance
Well, if it isn't Detective Gumshoe himself. Thought it was fairly obvious
he'd be on the case, too. He'll mention Edgeworth has been depressed since
his recent court loss. Hah hah. Talk to him about "The investigation"
firstly. Gumshoe isn't able to give you any of the details, naturally, but
he will gladly hand over the current autopsy report. It states "Time of
death:2:30 PM; Cause of death:Pierced through the chest by a spear". 
Gumshoe will assure you this is the most current version. AUTOPSY REPORT is
added to the Court Record. 

Talk about "Reason for arrest" next. He will say that the murder took place
supposedly at studio one. The victim entered the studio at about 1:00 PM
that day. Nobody else but Hammer was there at that time. Since the time of
death was 2:30 PM, and only one person was proven to have gone to that 
studio between that time, it made a fairly suspicious claim against Will
Powers. Since he was the only person that went there, he was immediately
arrested on the spot.

Talk about "The security lady" last. Gumshoe thinks that she is a sweet
lady. Apparently somebody doesn't have a girlfriend. She treated him to
coffee and donuts. Eh? Oldbag gave Gumshoe a piece of decisive evidence.
Talk about "Decisive evidence" now. Phoenix inquiry's what kind of evidence
it is. Gumshoe will reply that it was a photo of the Steel Samurai heading
towards the scene of the crime. See the camera on the arch near Gumshoe?
It takes a photo whenever somebody passes by it. Since Powers went by it,
a picture of him was taken. 

Gumshoe, being in the good mood he is now, will permit you access to the
Employee Area. He mentions you won't find any clues, though. Somehow I
severely doubt that.

Date-October 16
Location-Global Studios; Main Gate
You'll return to the main gate and find Oldbag isn't there. Instead she is
in the guardhouse stuffing herself with donuts. Okay... When she comes
back after noticing you, you'll need to talk about several things. Discuss
"Photographic proof" first. She will mention the security gate up ahead,
and the camera perched on it. This you already know. What you don't know
is that every day before Oldbag leaves the studios she checks all of the
photos the camera has taken for the day. They are all stored on the 
computer inside the guardstation. She found the one with Powers, and is
using it as proof that he comitted the crime.

You can talk about "Mr. Hammer" and "Reason for suspicion" again if you 
want, but to continue along head to the Employee Area.

Date-October 16
Location-Global Studios; Employee Area
Once you get into the Employee Area you will find it quite abondoned. You
will need to examine several things in here. First of all, you will notice
that the tables are full of dirty plates. Almost all of them contain the
remains of t-bone steak. This must have been the employee's lunch on the
day of the murder. There is another thing you should note. On the left
screen (tap the button at the bottom of the touch screen or push the L
button to change screens) you will see a drainage grate on the ground. 
Somebody could probably fit through here. Interesting.

Nothing else of importance is in here. Head to the Dressing Room.

Date-October 16
Location-Global Studios; Dressing Room
There are several interesting things you can examine in Powers' dressing
room, including the bed which confirms that someone must have slept here.
Focus in on Powers's bag on the ground near the table. You will find a 
keycard inside his bag. CARDKEY will be borrowed and added to the Court
Record. It's your ticket to get inside Studio One. Head to the Studio One

Date-October 16
Location-Studio One Entrance
You can't enter the studio just yet. Examine the little doors in the 
distance that reads "1st" to insert the cardkey. Head inside the studio.

Date-October 16
Location-Studio One
Not much of a studio to say the least. There are several things to keep in
mind that will help you for later. First, there is an outline on the ground
that marks the spot that the police found the body of Jack Hammer on the 
ground. What Phoenix will realise is that there are no blood stains on the
ground. For a bloody mess that a stab through the heart would cause, there
should be some mess on the ground, right? Where could it all have gone?

You will need to examine the cameras next. Maya will get excited over 
seeing them, but before long somebody will yell at you for touching them.
Penny Nichols will mention that she is a stage assitant here at Global 
Studios when you meet her. Talk to her first about "The day of the crime".
Penny will state that she was in Studio One for the majority of the day
because she was the only assistant that was working the day of the murder.
She was aware an action scene was occuring in the morning as well. Powers
and Hammer were there. She went to the Employee Area for lunch, like 
everyone else, and saw Hammer and Powers there. Powers went into his 
dressing room and Hammer left the room. It was the last time she saw them
for the day.

Talk about "Will Powers" next. Penny cannot confirm that Powers was
actually sleeping in his dressing room the majority of the afternoon
because she didn't enter his dressing room at all that day, mainly because
she had no reason to.

After talking to her about this, Penny will mention that something has been
bothering her for a while. She will explain that some time after lunch in
the Employee Area she "sensed" that somebody that didn't work at the 
studios was here. This isn't very descriptive, but it's the only lead that
you have right now. Remember, Oldbag said that everyone that comes to the
studio has to come by her...so why didn't she see this mysterious person,
if there is one at all?

Time to pay an certai old duff another visit.

Date-October 16
Location-Global Studios; Main Gate
Oldbag is still at her post. Talk to her about "Assistant's claim". Oldbag 
will go berserk after realising that someone at the Studios is questioning
her authority. She will then run off to Studio One, most likely in order to
give Penny a large piece of her mind. Now that Oldbag is out of the picture
we have some time to do a little snooping around. Examine the computer
inside the guardstation. In order to access the files for the security
camera pictures you will have to insert a code. Choose "ST1-307". Once you
do this the computer will print out a single photo, pretty much the only
one taken that day. 

The picture shows the Steel Samurai, limping his leg and heading towards
the studio. Problem is, we can't see his face as he's turning away from the
camera. This technically could be ANYBODY since we can't prove the person
wearing the costume. Phoenix will also note the timeprint on the card:

"Oct. 15 2:00 PM, Photo #2"

POWERS'S(?) PHOTO has been added to the Court Record. This is all you are
capable of doing for today. Court begins tomorrow, and we are a long way
from finding the real killer of Jack Hammer.

Day 2-Trial

Date-October 18, 10:00 AM
Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 4
Nothing special, you are thrown into court as soon as you begin the trial
day. Edgeworth will begin by calling Detective Gumshoe to describe the 
crime scene. Gumshoe will describe the entire layout of the studios,
including the crime scene of course. However, Studio 2 for some reason is
left out. Did you notice that? Something important could be there for all
we know. Choose "Skip it" when asked if you want to hear that speech once
again. SAMURAI SPEAR will be added to the Court Record once you choose to
move on.

Edgeworth will have to call the only other real witness that day, Wendy
Oldbag. Yes, this duff is going to testify in court and damn it's not gonna
be pretty. She even starts off by flirting with Edgeworth, then talk about
her younger days for a few paragraphs (really fast text so read quickly).
Let's cross examine.

~Wendy Oldbag's Testimony-Witness's Account~
-On the day of the murder, I arrived at the guard station at 1:00 PM.

-Poor old Hammer and the rest had been doing a run-through there since the

-I, well, I had some errands to run that morning.

-Anyway, it was 1:00 when I got to the guard station.

-I was at the main gate from then until 5:00!

-Now, the murder happened at 2:30 PM, right?

-Interesting to me, because a certain man walked right by me at 2:00 PM.

-It was Powers! That man right there, and he was heading toward the studio!

Press the first statement. You'll find out logically anybody could access
the studios until 1:00 PM, before Oldbag arrived. However, they would have
needed a cardkey which Phoenix has right now. Hmm. Oldbag seems to hold 
back something in her third statement, about some errands. Apparently, she
was actually watching Hammer and Powers perform their runthrough. She is
a big Hammer fan, after all. It doesn't make sense why she wasn't guarding
the gate when she was technically at work, but that's besides the point.
Neither Hammer nor Powers went to Studio One before 1:00 PM.

Press her on the next statement, about arriving at the station at 1:00 PM.
Hammer had already gone to the studio before Oldbag arrived at the station.
Press her next statement, about how she was at the gate until 5:00. Oldbag
will throw a fit when asked if she was there the entire duration of that 
time. She's starting to lose it now, according to Maya. Press her sixth
statement, about confirming the time of the murder. How'd did she know 
that? Gumshoe told her evidently. Press the seventh statement as well. 
She seems quite sure that somebody passed her at 2:00 PM. Press the last
statement and Oldbag wil reassure you that she saw Powers clearly. Maya
will mention your "secret weapon". Present Powers's(?) Photo here. 

It is not clear who is really in this picture. You very well know that.
It still isn't proven Powers wore the Steel Samurai suit at that time, and
that may not even be him in the photo. Oldbag will mention she has proof
that man is indeed Powers, surpirsing Edgeworth even. She will now testify
about her proof.

~Wendy Oldbag's Testimony-The Man in the Photo~
-I never say anything I don't mean, mind you!

-That morning, during the run-through of the action scene...

-I saw Powers trip and fall!

-He broke one of the props, it was a big mess.

-Apparently, he sprained his ankle pretty bad.

-You can see he's dragging his leg! See? Clear as day!

-That's how I knew it was Powers. Happy?

There's one interesting statement we have just learned-Powers hurt himself.
Press Oldbag on her third statement, about Powers falling onto the ground.
Oldbag helped Powers feel a bit better after the fall. Phoenix will ask 
where Penny was during this time. She was somewhere else in Global Studios
cleaning up some props. She was completely unaware of Powers' sprained

Now it's time to press her on some important information-one of the props
broke. Which one? Press her fourth statement. Oldbag will respond it was
his Samurai Spear. Wait, the murder weapon? This is an important detail,
so SAMURAI SPEAR becomes updated in the Court Record.

Her next statement, about spraining his leg pretty bad, is an important
information getter. Oldbag will say that his leg was strong enough so that
he was still able to walk around, hence how he could get into the Employee
Area as well as his dressing room. Edgeworth will barge in in the middle
of this conversation. The Judge is confused on one major subject-where the
hell is the Steel Samurai costume right now?

The police have yet to find it. There are no traces of it at Global Studios
right now. It isn't an important detail, though. Fact is, Oldbag saw Powers
and that is all that matters. "Object" when Phoenix questions what the 
Judge is thinking. Edgeworth keeps talking about the possibility that 
Powers could be in the Steel Samurai suit, but as the photo has already 
proven it is just as likely that Powers might not have even been in there.

Edgeworth will ask Oldbag to continue her testimony as apparently she has
comments on the possibilty of a second person being near the studios on
the day of the murder.

~Wendy Oldbag's Testimony-Witness's Account, cont.~
-The time of poor Hammer's death was 2:30 PM, true?

-The only person I saw go to the studio before then was Will Powers!

-No one else went there!

-If they had, I would have seen them!

Short, sweet, and to the damn point. Press all you want, nothing else 
besides the obvious facts will pour from Oldbag's mouth. Something is a bit
contradictory with one of your pieces of evidence, and not only that but a
very specific thing, too. Remember your photo? It was labled as the second
taken that day! Present Powers's(?) Photo at Oldbag's third statement.

Phoenix will confirm that the automatic camera takes a picture whenever 
somebody walks by it. This means that, due to the "2" on the photo there
must have been another photo taken on the same day. And if that's true,
then the person who was on it easily could have been the murderer as well!
Oldbag will totally flip out at this statement. Unfortunately for you, she
will calm down right away and remember something important. The old duff
still has more testimonies to come.

~Wendy Oldbag's Testimony-The Other Person~
-Every day, after I finish my guard duties, I have one other important job
to do.

-I go through the photos recorded on the security computer and check them.

-I throw out any photos that aren't suspicious lookin', you see.

-Come to think of it, now I do remember throwing out one photo that day!

There is only one important statement here. Press her final statement, 
about who she erased. She will respon that it was a mere fanboy. You know
why these kind of people are. Freaks who will do anything to see the Steel
Samurai in action. Do you remember the grating from the Employee Area? They
generally sneak in that way. Could this fanboy also be a suspect to the
murder at hand? Remember, these are kids we are talking about.

Everybody in the audience will start to suspect that the fanboy in question
DIDN'T do the murder and that he has nothing to do with this case. That's
not how it's supposed to go. The Judge will call for a break now.

Date-October 18, 11:08 AM
Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 3
Maya, Powers, and yourself will converse and decide the verdict can't be
decided in your favor today. For the time being you will need to push the
blame on somebody else. There's only one person who could have possibly
done this as far as we know. Let's press her on when court comes back 
into session.

Date-October 18, 11:13 AM
Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 4
Edgeworth thinks that this new revelation is completely pointless to the
case. Phoenix will state that there is the possibility that another person
could have commited this crime. Remember, you will be penalized if you
choose the wrong answer. Choose the only possible suspect right now, "The
security lady". Who else? 

Oldbag is going to flip her lid at this point. Phoenix says that only one
other person knew about Powers' injury-Wendy Oldbag. Well, Wendy Oldbag is
now on the suspect list for possible murderers. She has no alibi, so she
could have easily snagged the Steel Samurai costume. She knew that the
camera would take her picture, so she obviously looked away. Aha! Oldbag
will claim the fanboy just as easily could have been the murderer. Be sure
to "Press further" when asked. Phoenix will mention that there is no way
the fanboy could have been the killer. Show proof by presenting the 
Cardkey. It is the only way into Studio One, and he obviously didn't have 
this with him so he couldn't have killed Hammer. 

The Judge is ready to suspend the trial for the day. However, before he 
can do that Oldbag will speak up that she has yet another thing she needs
to mention to the court that she was specifically told not to say. She
obviously wants to say it now to clear her name. Let's give her one last

~Wendy Oldbag's Testimony-My Lips Were Sealed~
-Global Studios wanted me to keep quiet about something.

-There were...some other people at the studios on the day of the murder.

-They said they had "nothing to do with it," see?

-So they told me to just pretend they "hadn't been at the studios that 

-But if you're going to go accusing me, I'm not letting them get away scot

Once again, only one statement here will give you severely important 
information when pressed. Press Oldbag's second statement, about some other
people at the studios. Oldbag will respond that the director and producer
of the studios were there. The director was in the Employee Area the
entire morning for the run-through. He joined the producer later for lunch.
They were in the Studio Two trailer. 

The Judge will ask if you want to continue your cross examination or cease
your actions. Choose "Take a break". A lot of revealing information has
been provided thanks to Oldbag. Several new possible suspects and witnesses
have arisen. Court will finally be adjourned for the day.

Date-October 18, 1:04 PM
Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 3
You will discuss the situation with Maya and Powers again. You will need
to revisit the studios to gather more information about this case, as well
as the other possible suspects.

Day 2-Investigation

Date-October 18
Location-Wright & Co. Law Offices
You'll start off by talking to Maya, as usual. It's time to head back to 
the studios. You can talk to Maya about what to do, but it should be kinda
obvious. Head towards Global Studios again.

Date-October 18, 2:16 PM
Location-Global Studios; Main Gate
Oldbag has been taken into custody as Phoenix will mention. Because of this
there is nobody running the guardstation at the main gate. With nobody
blocking our way, let's explore a bit.

Date-October 18
Location-Global Studios; Employee's Area
You will find Penny in the Employee's Area for some suspicious reason. She
will respond that Wendy Oldbag requested her to block the storm drain, and
Penny has done that by nailing some boards to the wall. Not quite the best
handiwork, though. She will then say that she has to fill in for Oldbag at
the guardstation and will then disappear. Maya will ask you if she can rip
open the grating after you examine it. Do this so that the fanboys can 
enter again.

Make sure you answer "Rip it open". You will understand the reasoning for
this soon enough. 

Date-October 18
Location-Global Studios; Main Gate
Back at the Main Gate you will find out that Penny really has taken up
security duties. At least she's kinder than that jerk Oldbag. Talk to her
about "The studios". She will mention the plates in the Employee Area with
t-bone steak bones on them still. She hasn't had time to clean them up.
Talk about "The fanboy" next. One of the boys is commonly seen at the
studios, always with a camera and gawking at the sets. Finally, discuss
"The director , et al." Penny will note that the people at the studios 
were trying to protect the director by hushing up Oldbag on the matter. 
This also protected the producer, the real star of the studios. 

Date-October 18
Location-Global Studios; Studio One Entrance
Gumshoe isn't investigating this place like he probably should be right 
now, so you have some more time to investigate the area. The only thing you
should check is what Phoenix mentioned in court-the fallen monkey head and
tree near the entrance to Studio Two. You will recall that the monkey head
fell on the day of the murder. Phoenix will also mention that you would
probably need a crane to move the giant monkey head any further. Remember
this critical detail for later. Move to outside Studio Two.

Date-October 18
Location-Global Studios; Outside Studio Two
As soon as you enter the deserted studio, you will hear a crash from inside
the trailer. You will attempt to rush in and save the day, but the door
happens to be locked and yelling gets you no response. Maya comments you
should try the main gate's guardstation for a key that could get in. 
Firstly, examine several details that will be iomportant for later.

Examine the van. It's hard to miss. Think about what it could carry and how
fast it can get to its destination. Next, there is an incinerator near the
van. It's covered in soot, as if somebody was trying to burn something.
Next, look at the garden infront of the trailer. See the fence? It appears
really lethal due to the spik top of it. Finally, look at the plates on the
front table. Two people probably ate here. Maya will say that something
feels odd about the plates. Remember that these plates are empty, it'll
come in handy!

Head back to the main gate so we can hopefully snag a trailer key.

Date-October 18
Location-Global Studios; Main Gate
Do what you did last time to get a key. Examine the guardstation. You will
find they key, but Penny will prevent you from taking it. She is afraid 
Oldbag will rip her apart if she found out someone took the key. There's
one more place you haven't checked out yet. Besides Studio One, head to the
Dressing Room.

Date-October 18
Location-Global Studios; Dressing Room
"WTF? Who are j00 d00dz!? LMAO!" This is the shocking sentence Maya will
be greeted with as soon as you enter the dressing room. The director, Sal
Manella who suffers from "internet chatroom syndrome" and decides to speak
mostly in 1337 speak. As soon as he notices Maya he will get a spark of
inspiration and think about a new show. It's "Pink Princess:Warrior of 
Little Olde Tokyo". NOW THIS deserves a "WTF?" There's three important
things to discuss here. Let's start with "The day of the crime".

He will mostly talk about the obvious information. He was in the Employee
Area from the early morning until noon doing a run-through of an action
scene. He then mentions a meeting from lunch in the Studio Two trailer. 
He'll make a sad face when he mentions he couldn't eat. He was there until
after 4:00 PM.

Talk about "The producer" next. You will finally find out her name. She is
Dee Vasquez. She gave the studios a huge comeback quite a while back right
before it went out of business. She was in the meeting as well.

Finally, mention "The bigwigs". These people are actually the main sponsors
of the show, some guys at the network, those type of people. They also
arrived at about noon. That, and they were in the meeting the entire time.

We are out of viable leads. Time to head back to the main gate to see if we
can get the key this time around...or not...

Date-October 18
Location-Global Studios; Main Gate
Ack! She returned! Oldbag has unfortunately come back to haunt the security
station. She says that the police had her try on a spare Steel Samurai
costume, and when it was clear there was no way Oldbag could have fit into
the costume it ruled her out as being the murderer right away.

Oldbag won't give you the key, of course. You can try talking to her on the
various subjects, but you will get nowhere since she hates your guts right
now. Head right back to the Employee Area.

Date-October 18
Location-Global Studios; Employee Area
Maya's efforts to destroy the drainage blockade didn't go in vain. You will
find the crazed fanboy, Cody Hackins, standing in the Employee Area with a
smug look on his face.

Talk to him about "The Steel Samurai". Maya and Cody will get into a fight
about who's the bigger Steel Samurai fan, leaving Phoenix confused. Now
that Cody is willing to talk (somewhat), ask "What happened". Cody will
shut his trap right away, then comments that "the Steel Samurai always
wins!". He saw everything that happened. Before you get yourself a chance
to interrigate him, Cody will dive through the storm drain. Hmph. He'll be
back. That's for sure.

On his way out, though, Cody hit a table and a bottle fell off. What could
it be? EMPTY BOTTLE will be added to the Court Record. Head back to the
main gate.

Date-October 18
Location-Global Studios; Main Gate
Oldbag will catch eye of Cody and start chasing him like there's no 
tomorrow. Pretty funny. Since she is a bit occupied, why not examine the
guardstation now and swipe the key there? TRAILER KEY will be added to the
Court Record. 

Now all you need to do is enter the trailer. Head for Studio Two.

Date-October 18
Location-Global Studios; Outside Studio Two
Examine the trailer. Once you do, Phoenix will insert the key. You have
access to the trailer now so don't hesistate to enter.

Date-October 18
Location-Global Studios; Studio Two Trailer
The trailer is where the producer of Global Studios, Dee Vasquez, works. I
won't comment on her bizarre style of clothing or her looks in general.
Anyways, try talking to her about "The day of the crime". Vasquez won't say
a thing. She will mention something about a "script", though. She is
looking for a script (why is she in her trailer then...?) for the Steel

Ask about "The director". Vasquez will bring up that she still needs her
script. Before you decide to leave, Vasquez will hand you a note to give
to Manella if you happen to see him. VASQUEZ'S MEMO is added to the Court
Record. Manella should still be in the Dressing Room so let's head there.

Date-October 18
Location-Global Studios; Dressing Room
Manella is still here. Not sure why in Powers' room to be sure, but he is.
Present Vesquez's Memo to him and Manella will freak out for a second. He
will say that he has no clue where he left the script. That helps up quite
a lot, now then doesn't it.

Fine. The script in question is a bit hard to find-move to Studio One.

Date-October 18
Location-Global Studios; Studio One
In a studio there is only one logical place that a script could be. Lo and
behold the script is clearly visible tipped on the director's chair. 
Genious! Examine the chair to add the SCRIPT to the Court Record...for now.

With that said and done you should probably head back to Vasquez. Perhaps
with this motivation she will finally talk about something.

Date-October 18
Location-Global Studios; Studio Two Trailer
Present the Script to Vasquez. She will take if from you, then start to 
read it. She'll stop, ask if she's a suspect, then inquiry if you wanted
to know more about the day of the murder.

You will learn a great deal more information here. Remember that there was
a meeting in the trailer at noon on the crime day. She will state that none
of the people in the trailer had gone to Studio One that afternoon. It was
actually impossible for them to leave. The road to the Studio was blocked
the majority of the afternoon. She will suddenly break off there.

Talk about "The blocked path" to pick up on the discussion. Remember the
Mr. Monkey head, mascot of Global Studios? Wind was strong that day and it
knocked off the head from its high perch onto the ground. The path towards
the trailer was completely blocked. The path wasn't cleared until 4:00 PM.
Hammer died at 2:30. Since everyone was stuck in the trailer, it would have
been impossible for anybody inside the trailer to go to Studio One and kill
Hammer then. 

Phoenix will say the monkey could have falled after 2:30. However, Vasquez
will show the monkey broke when it fell (it also spoke the time. Inanimate
objects speaking the time is such a cliche theme now). Indeed it did break
at 2:15 PM. MR. MONKEY data will be added to the Court Record. 

Phoenix and Maya agree they should head back to the offices to plan their
next move. Head there now.

Date-October 18
Location-Wright & Co. Law Offices
Phoenix will admit that the case seems hopeless now. A familar voice 
appears, telling him he shouldn't quit yet. Mia's come back now. She will
say you still have one lead. Remember that Cody Hackins saw the entire
murder occur. He is your last chance at gathering any evidence for this
case. Hopefully he will cooperate. Head back to the studios.

Date-October 18
Location-Global Studios; Main Gate
Once you arrive back at the studios, Oldbag will be there to greet you. It
appears she has been chasing Cody for quite some time and is completely 
out of breath. She will say at the end of her huffing that she managed to
get some sort of "hostage" on him. Perhaps this is the key to coaxing Cody
to talk to us.

Talk about "The hostage". The other subjects aren't important right now. 
Oldbag will comment that while Cody was running from her, he happened to
drop something. Oldbag thinks that Cody will have to come back for it, and
then she'll catch him that way. Mia will say that this hostage is exactly
what you need to get Cody to cooperate. Oldbag won't give it up; she really
wants to catch Cody. Mia mentions that perhaps you have something that you
can trade to her...

Talk about "The director, et al." next. Oldbag plans to leave soon, seeing
as the end of the day is approaching. She has one final request, though. 
She wants to see the place where Hammer died one last time before the 
police inevitably washes everything away. She doesn't have a keycard 
herself for some reason. Present the Cardkey to Oldbag. She is quite happy
that she can see where he died one last time. She was his fan. Um, yeah.
You won't be able to access Studio One anymore if you hand it to her. 
Choose to "Lend her the cardkey". Nothing else is in Studio One anyways.
She will be in debt to you, so as a fair trade she will hand over the
hostage she talked about. STEEL SAMURAI CARD is added to the Court Record.
Head for the Employee Area now.

Date-October 18
Location-Global Studios; Employee Area
You will spot Cody back in the Employee Area. Before you get a chance to
talk to him he will run off into Powers's dressing room. Head inside too.

Date-October 18
Location-Global Studios; Dressing Room
Cody has nowhere to run in the dressing room. However, he won't talk until
Mia decides to step in and use her feminine charm to get Cody talking. He
still doesn't like you, though. Heh. Perhaps he will talk if you show him
the Steel Samurai Card.

All of the stuff you just did to get this card was in vain; Cody has a 
double of that card and it is worthless to him. He also says a great quote:
"By doing this you are eschewing the very basis of our consumer society,
namely the principle of fair trade!" Hah. Smart kid.

Cody will agree to talk if you can get him an Ultra Rare Premium card. How
we are supposed to do that is questionable. Head back to the Studio Two

Date-October 18
Location-Global Studios; Studio Two Trailer
Vasquez isn't in her trailer right now. Instead, Penny is in here cleaning
some things up and tidying up the place as a good assistant would do. She
holds some secrets right now. Talk about "The fanboy" first. She will 
mention you missed seeing Oldbag chase down Cody. It seemed to be a comical
sight. Talk about "Mr. Hammer". Penny will explain that back in the day,
Hammer was a famous star at Global Studios. She'll say something happened
that made him lose popularity. Talk about "What happened?" last. She will
say she isn't the right person to tell you this. Someone else has key
information you will be needing for later.

Before you leave, present the Steel Samurai Card to her. Penny just happens
to be an avid collector of these cards as well. She is one card away from
having a copy of each one. And wouldn't you know it, you happen to be 
holding the very card she needs to finish her collection. She will now beg
to trade with you. She has an Ultra Rare Premium card double she is willing
to trade off. When your foe gives the greater deal, I'd take it. Choose to
"Trade" of course.

URP CARD will be added to the Court Record. Penny will leave the trailer on
a huge excitement overload. Let's hand this to Cody.

Date-October 18
Location-Global Studios; Dressing Room
Present the URP Card to Cody. He, too, needs this rare card to complete his
set. He's willing to trade now. Phoenix will demand information for this
trade. Sound good to Cody. He's ready to spill out everything he's got.

Start with "The Steel Samurai". Cody will ask that Phoenix obviously likes
the Steel Samurai and what part about him is the best. Reply "His fighting
skills" to continue the conversation. Cody will get hyped up at the thought
of the Steel Samurai vanquishing his foes. He will present to you his
extensive fan album. It has pictures of the Steel Samurai dealing his final
blows in a bunch of promotional stunts. Cody will also show you his new
digital camera. This is the future, shouldn't higher tech have been thought
up of? Anyways, he'll gladly give his album to Mia since he has a copy of
all his pictures save on his computer. "PATH TO GLORY" added to the Court

Now for the critical question. Ask "What happened". This could determine
Powers' fate. Cody will restate that he did see everything that occured.
Ask "What you saw" now. Cody arrived at Global Studios at around 2:00 PM.
He had to come through the woods, otherwise Oldbag would have been chasing
him down in an instant. Cody got lost in the woods for about half an hour.
He finally got to the studio, and then saw the Steel Samurai kill the bad
guy. Cody went home after he saw this live act. This proves that the Steel
Samurai did it. If Cody is put on the stand it will ensure that Will 
Powers will get declared guilty. 

Too late! Gumshoe was waiting outside, listening to the conversation. Cody
is a key witness and will be under severe police protection until after 
the trial. 

Well that's just great. The one place you could have gotten leads is gone,
you are pretty much screwed for court, no useful evidence that can be used
to contradict anything has surfaced, and Cody is probably going to testify

Day 3-Trial

Date-October 19, 9:42 AM
Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 1
All seems hopeless now, and Mia even declares Powers as a dead man walking.
You have no real defense in trial, after all. If Powers is really innocent
then perhaps you overlooked something critical. And now for trial!

Date-October 19, 10:00 AM
Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 4
To prove that the extra people in the studios had nothing to do with the
murder, Edgeworth will call Manella to the stand.

~Sal Manella's Testimony-The Day of the Murder~
-I was at the studios from around 9:00 that morning.

-During the morning, I was doing...umm...an action scene run-through.

-It took a lot more time than I thought it would.

-I hear that everyone else ate lunch in the Employee Area...

-But I had a meeting in the Studio Two trailer, so I ended up skipping 

-We were in the meeting until about 4:00...

-During the meeting, well, I'm pretty sure nobody left their chairs.

There isn't any clear contradicion. You will need to start pressing. Press
his first statement to confirm when he arrives at work (no, I don't know
what FWIW means). Press the second statement. Only Oldbag, Hammer, Powers,
and himself were in the Employee Area for the run-through. Skip to the 
fifth statement, about him having to skip lunch. Manella will say that he
didn't eat at all. Mia will ask you if something about that statement 
sounds a bit wierd. Choose "It's contradictory". Remember the plates that
were on the table infront of the trailer? If that's the case then somebody
must have eaten there during the meeting.

Manella will now admit that he had eaten after all. He brought it to the
trailer expecting to eat it later. He says that they really did take one
break during the meeting. Phoenix will think to himself that it that's what
happened then he has completely contradicted his own testimony.

It couldn't hurt to try. Press Manella's seventh statement about how nobody
left their chairs. Someone obviously must have if they took a break during
the meeting. Phoenix think he has an idea. "Press harder". After all, you
just learned that he did take a break during the meeting.

Mia will say that during the break one of the studio members could have 
gone to kill Hammer. Manella will now be asked to testify about the break.
Hopefully this is all worthwhile...

~Sal Manella's Testimony-The Break~
-Yeah, FWIW, we took a break...ROFL!

-But it was only 15 minutes! That's 13 in Base 12!

-Not enough time for someone to, say, commit a murder in Studio One! LOL!

-That's only just enough time to eat a t-bone steak, if you ask me!

There isn't a whole lot to press on in this testimony. Press the second
statement about the 15 minute break. Manella will say that the second plate
on the table was for Dee Vasquez and that she also had enough time to eat
the entire steak in the time given. Odd how that's mentioned now. Press the
first statement now. Phoenix will demand the time of the break. Manella 
will say it was from 2:30-2:45. 2:30 was the time of death so it was 
entirely possible that Manella, or someone from the trailer, killed Hammer
within that timeframe. You have some hard clues here. Anybody could have
killed Hammer during the break and Dee Vasquez also supposedly had a steak
along with Manella.

Press the third statement. You found out that 15 minutes is clearly enough
time to kill somebody. Edgeworth will object to you right away. The Judge
will now ask you if you believe that somebody could have gone to Studio One
during that time. Say "No, it's impossible". Say yes if you want to get
penalized and hear some funny lines from Edgeworth, though.

Either way, Edgeworth will present the Mr. Monkey head bit of evidence. He
will claim the obvious-the wind knocked over the giant monkey. It therefore
blocked the path leading to and from the Studio Two trailer. Edgeworth will
restate that the path was blocked from 2:15 until past 4:00. The break
occured at 2:30 so it was impossible for anybody who was in the meeting to
have gone and killed Hammer at Studio One.

Edgeworth is happy to say that there is another witness not long after
Manella is relieved from the stand as there is enough decisive proof that
he clearly couldn't have gone to Studio One that day in the meeting. 
Edgeworth will say he has somebody who saw the killing with his own eyes.
Gee, we know who that it. The Judge will first call for a recess before he
hears the witness.

Date-October 19, 11:04 AM
Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 1
Mia doesn't look to happy. Everybody in the Studio Two trailer has an alibi
completely taking them off of the suspect list. Powersis probably going to
get his guilty verdict once the next, easily guessed, witness takes that
stand. If he really is innocent there will be something wrong with the next
testimonies you hear. Back to court!

Date-October 19, 11:15 AM
Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 4
Yes, if you guessed that Edgeworth was going to call Cody then good job.
Edgeworth is afraid that Phoenix will scare him with his cruel questioning.
Hah. Cody states he was at Global Studios on the day of the incident. 
Remember form the photo you were shown he had his camera there that day. He
probably took a photo of the finishing blow. CODY'S CAMERA will be added to
the Court Record.

~Cody Hackins' Testimony-Witness's Account~
-I wanted to see a Steel Samurai rehersal, just once.

-I found a map on the Internet, and went to the studios that day.

-I went through the woods, off the path, so that old lady wouldn't catch 

-I was going for the studio.

-I got kinda lost on the way, though. For about 30 minutes.

-When I came out by the studio, there was the Steel Samurai!

-It totally rocked! Right before my eyes, out came the bad guy!

-Of course, the Steel Samurai took him down! Pow!

-If I had my camera with me, that woulda been the shot, I tell you.

The real contradiction is in the ninth and final statement. Before you do
so, you should reveal more information from Cody. I find it useful, and
interesting, to press Cody on every single statement first. In the fourth
statement, Cody says he saw Mr. Monkey but his head wasn't busted. He must
have been heading for the wrong studio since Studio One was right next to
the monkey. In the seventh statement about seeing the bad guy, Cody says
he was too far away to get a clear view of who it was. He says it was
probably a guy, but he doesn't know for sure. You will be back at the ninth
statement again. Press this and Cody will say that he didn't have his 
camera with him. Didn't he just say he took it everywhere? Present Cody's
Camera at this statement.

Cody will now admit that he really did bring his camera with him that day.
However, he was too busy watching the intense action scene that he didn't
bother taking a picture. He will now testify on what kept him so occupied.

~Cody Hackins' Testimony-What I Saw~
-Y-yeah, I had my camera with me.

-But I was glued to the action! I couldn't take my eyes off it!

-The Steel Samuraim he goes for the bad guy...wham!

-Then...the bad guy stopped moving!

-He's so strong! The Steel Samurai rules!

Cody is starting to get very vague with his explainations. You'll need to
press him for the facts. His fourth statement, about when he goes for the
bad guy and he stops moving. Phoenix will ask what the Steel Samurai did to
make his foe stop moving. He will mention a kick, punch, and a slap. Choose
to "Press him harder" after that comment. Cody said before he couldn't take
his eyes off the action. However, he missed the most important moment-the
Steel Samurai's finishing blow. 

The Judge will now ask you for an explaination of how Cody could have 
missed the most important detail. Why couldn't have Cody seen the most 
important part? It should be obvious. Cody takes pictures of every final
blow the Steel Samurai makes. Cody must have been fumbling around with his
camera to take a picture. Present Cody's Camera after choosing "Show

Cody wanted to take a picture. Badly. He will admit to this statement. Mia
is quite sure herself that Cody is still hiding something critically
important to this case. Cody will testify one last time.

~Cody Hackins' Testimony-No Photo?~
-Yeah, you're right, pops.

-The Steel Samurai has just escaped from the clutches of the villian.

-So I held up my camera to take a picture!

-But the lens wouldn't open in time, so I missed it.

-Th-that's all that happened. Yup.

No, that most certainly is NOT all that happened. Choose to press his final
statement. Phoenix is pretty sure that he did end up taking at least some
pictures. Choose to "Press him harder". Accusing him of taking a picture 
might work in your favor.

Cody freaks out a bit. Cody apparrently gives in quite easily. He did 
indeed take some pictures of the Steel Samurai at that moment. Cody's line
of testimony will change to:

-I took a few shots, but it was too late, so I erased them.

Start by pressing this new statement. Why would Cody erase pictures of his
favorite hero, victorious over his foe? He wouldn't, that's why. You have
proof, too. Present Cody's scrapbook, "Path to Glory" at his revised 
statement. Remember earlier Cody said he took a picture of every time the
Steel Samurai landed his finishing blow. If Cody really did get a picture,
it is beyond liklihood that he would have erased it right away. He would
have kept it and put it in his collection.

The Judge will ask you why Cody doesn't have the picture in his album. 
Phoenix and Mia suddenly figure out the truth. Choose "The Steel Samurai
didn't win". If the Steel Samurai didn't win, Cody wouldn't care for a 
losing picture in his album. Cody probably even thought it was impossible
for him to lose a fight. Cody is left speechless. However, he did see the
Steel Samurai lose infront of his eyes. He didn't want to ever think that
his beloved hero could actually be killed by the bad guy so it is 
explainable that "he couldn't handle the truth". What a great quote.

The majority of this long puzzle will finally begin to make sense. Cody 
will finally admit that the Steel Samurai slumped to the ground, dead. He
couldn't believe it. This means the Steel Samurai wasn't the killer after
all. Edgeworth will barge in and demand to know what this all means. Choose
"The Steel Samurai was the victim". There was only one victim in this case.
That was Jack Hammer. And according to Cody, the Steel Samurai was killed.
This must mean that it was actually Jack Hammer inside the Steel Samurai
costume the entire time, and not really Powers!

Phoenix will start to explain the situation from the beginning. Jack Hammer
was present at the morning run-through. He knew about Powers' foot injury
that way. Hammer left the Employee Area after lunch. There was no picture
of him as he went to Studio One. So instead, he donned the Steel Samurai
costume when Powers took a nap. It still doesn't make sense why Hammer 
would do this, but it's the only possible explaination.

Cody says he thought he moved a bit strange. He understands now a different
person was in the suit. In this light he will produce one final piece of
evidence. He kept a photo on his digital camera after all. You will be 
shown the picture. You can see a giant "S" on the studio wall and the back
of the Steel Samurai. Not much to it. Before the Judge hands the picture
back, Mia notices a contradiction in the picture.

You will now be asked to show where the contradiction in Cody's picture is
located. This is actually a pretty hard puzzle. The Steel Samurai, oddly
enough, has nothing to do with the inconsistincy. Remember, the murder 
occured in Studio One. Look at the backround behind the Steel Samurai.
Notice anything? There is a block there that clearly shows the bottom of 
the number "2". Studio One doesn't have any "2's" in it. This clearly 
contradicts all previous evidence. The murder occured at Studio Two rather
than Studio One!

The guidemap will appear. The victim was found in Studio One. However, the
real scene of the crime was actually Studio Two. Point to Studio Two on the
map and present it. This is critical because "there is a trailer there".
There was a meeting there at the time of death, mainly during the break. In
that time frame Manella and Dee Vasquez left the trailer. They were at the
scene of the crime.

Phoenix will restate that the path was blocked at 2:15 PM that day. In 
total, the victim must have gone to Studio Two before that time. Manella
said that nobody in the trailer could have killed Hammer since that path 
was blocked. In reality, the opposite is true! Only those in the trailer
actually could have commited the murder. They were the only other people
who were at Studio Two at the time.

What have we learned today? The scene of the crime is actually Studio Two.
Jack Hammer was the one in the Steel Samurai suit, not Will Powers. What 
we still don't know is why he would steal the Steel Samurai costume. 

Edgeworth will demand proof that the person in the photo was actually 
Hammer and not Powers. Choose "I have proof". Remember the empty bottle 
we got a while back? Present the Empty Bottle. It turns out this bottle 
actually contained a bunch of sleeping pills. It was at the table Hammer
and Powers ate. Hammer drugged Powers with the sleeping pills. That was the
only way Hammer could steal the costume.

There is still no proof Hammer used it though. The Judge will ask if you
know a way. Choose "Fingerprint the bottle". If Hammer really did use this
bottle then his fingerprints are going to be all over it. The Empty Bottle
will be given to the Judge.

So many things in this case all changed, in our favor, thanks to Cody. You
will be asked to find the answer to two very important questions. Why would
Hammer want or need to steal the Steel Samurai costume? Also, who is the
real killer? Court will finally be adjourned.

Date-October 19, 2:47 PM
Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 1
Well, you still have a little work to do. You will need to find the real
killer by the last day of the trial. 

Day 3-Investigation

Date-October 19, 3:27 PM
Location-Wright & Co. Law Offices
Mia has left Maya's body for now. Phoenix will explain to her that you have
a good lead from today's court session, but you are missing vital points
such as who really killed Hammer and why they did. Talk to Maya about "Any
ideas". She suggests that you go talk to Powers. Head to the Detention

Date-October 19
Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
Powers must know something that will give you a new lead. Talk about 
"Produce Vasquez". He states the obvious; she is a genious, been at Global
Studios for five years, saved it from going out of business and so on. 
Powers is also about to say something else before he stops himself. Hmmm.

Talk to him about "Director Manella". His works intriqued Vasquez. However,
something you didn't know was that Manella is basically Vasquez's servent.
He is willing to do almost anything for her.

Talk about "Mr. Hammer" last. Hammer was famous until about five years ago.
Five years ago also happened to be when Vasquez joined Global Studios.
Perhaps there is a connection? Head back to Global Studios for some final

Date-October 19
Location-Global Studios; Main Gate
Oldbag is still at her post, as expected. She isn't that talkative today
for some reason. Get her rambling when you talk to her about "Producer
Vasquez". The studio bigwigs love here and she always seems to get her way.
Oldbag appears to dislike the producer, that and she isn't allowed to talk
about her.

Talk about "Director Manella" next. She says what Powers just said. Vasquez
treats him like dirt. Manella doesn't seem to mind it, though. Talk about 
"Mr. Hammer" last. She heard everything that you said today in court and
she will get seriously pissed off at it. Uh, before she gets a heart attack
I suggest you head to the Employee Area.

Date-October 19
Location-Global Studios; Employee Area
After Maya comments on how she wanted to see a film shooting today, you
will meet up with Detective Gumshoe again. Gumshoe is here to examine the
plates on the tables for any signs of the sleeping pills. Talk to him about
"The plate". He is capable of testing the plates for any traces of the
sleeping pills right here on the spot. He will test the plates, and indeed
there are sleeping pill traces on the plate. STEAK PLATE will be added to
the Court Record.

Talk to Gumshoe about "The investigation" next. The entire police are
confused by these events. Some say Powers couldn't have done it, while 
others are saying there's no way anybody but him did it. Gumshoe is in a
real bind here.

Ask about "Prosector Edgeworth" last. Edgeworth is seriously ticked off,
and earlier crushed a paper cup with hot coffee in it, spilling it over
himself. Gumshoe will also mention that the empty bottle was tested and 
Hammer's prints were clearly visible on the bottle. Powers really was
sleeping the entire time. SLEEPING PILL BOTTLE will be added to the Court
Record again. Head back into Powers's Dressing Room.

Date-October 19
Location-Global Studios; Dressing Room
Manella isn't here anymore, but Penny sure is for whatever reason. She also
mentions that this will be the last episode of the Steel Samurai, so Powers
probably won't be using the room anymore. Ask her about "Mr. Hammer". 
Phoenix will talk about the recent revelations about Hammer going to Studio
Two and so on. She mentions that the "rumor" has been true. The secret is
that Vasquez has some kind of hold upon Hammer this entire time. He would
do anything she said, much like Manella. About five years ago there was a
movie starring Jack Hammer. They were shooting in Studio Two, the newest
studio back then. It was during that time that an accident occured. After
that happened, Studio Two was never used for filming ever again. The film
set, namely the trailer, wasn't move either.

Ask about "The last episode" next. Whoever killed Hammer also signed the
Steel Samurai's death warrant, so-to-speak. Global Studios is also changing
its programming. They won't be filming any more kids' shows. How 
disappointing. Continue this conversation by talking about "Studio policy".
The studio bigwigs don't want the Steel Samurai to be around anymore. This
whole incident is because of that show and they all want to forget about
it. However, Maya complains that kids everywhere will be heartbroken if the
Steel Samurai is kicked off the air. You will be asked to present something
that shows Penny that kids still care about the show. Present "Path to

Penny is ready to talk about the incident several years ago. Talk about
"Five years ago". Penny doesn't know all the details, but apparently 
somebody died five years ago, and it was Hammer's fault. It was an
accident, however. Vasquez was there at the time and managed to quiet the
paparazzi to avoid news getting out. This essentially became blackmail 
against Hammer in favor of Vasquez. Hammer was afraid of what would happen
to his career if news got out. That's all Penny knows. She mentions that
Oldbag worked here at the time of the incident so you are better off asking
her. Head there, now.

Date-October 19
Location-Global Studios; Main Gate
Oldbag still hates you. Heh. Talk about "Five years ago" with Oldbag as
well. She gets real mad. She demands to know who told you that information.
She still doesn't believe Hammer stole Powers' costume. To get her talking,
you need to present some proof. Say "I have proof" then show her the
Sleeping Pill Bottle. You will now need to show proof that Hammer used 
these pills on Powers. Present the Steak Plate. There are still pill 
powders left on the plate. She becomes quickly disappointed in Hammer, and
will agree to talk to you.

She has wanted to tell somebody about the accident, so this is her chance.
Five years ago there was an accident. What's worse, the media took a photo
of it. Vasquez was there to solve the situation. She will then show you a
picture the media took. It shows Hammer standing on the balcony of the 
trailer with a man pierced through the chest by the spiky fence. He 
accidentally shoved a man off the stand and onto the fence. FIVE-YEAR-OLD
PHOTO will be added to the Court Record. Let's go pay Vasquez a visit.

Date-October 19
Location-Global Studios; Outside Studio Two
You will find Vasquez outside of the trailer, just staring at the clouds.
You can try to talk to her about the various subjects but she won't respond
at all. Present to her the Five-Year-Old photo. Once you do, she will ask
to know where you got the picture. She seems...odd all of a sudden. She 
will head into the trailer and asks you to follow if you wish to speak 
with her.

Date-October 19
Location-Global Studios; Studio Two Trailer
Vasquez will finally agree to talk to you, as bitter as she still may seem.
Phoenix exclaims she was using the accident as blackmail. She claims it
wasn't an accident, though. She is implying that Hammer killed that man in
the photo on purpose. If it was an accident, she wouldn't have been able to
blackmail Hammer for so long. Oldbag claims it was an accident because she
was a big fan of Hammer back then. Oldbag jumped the photographer, which
explains how she got the photo. 

Vasquez will now demand that you hand her the Five-Year-Old photo. Of 
course, Maya will step in and demand she backs off. Vasquez calls her 
little mafia gang. She is planning on "erasing" you and Maya (if you don't
get this, she's basically about to kill you). Before she has a chance to do
that, Gumshoe will quickly jump through the door and rescue you. Gumshoe
will place Vasquez in police custody and take her away. She is going to 
appear in court tomorrow. 

This pretty much guarentees that Dee Vasquez is the murderer. We are still
lacking a clear motive, though. Maybe we can find one in court...

Day 4-Trial

Date-October 20, 10:00 AM
Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 4
Dee Vasquez will finally be called to the stand. You will need to expose
the fact that she is the real killer...somehow.

~Dee Vasquez's Testimony-The Day of the Murder~
-I entered the trailer, oh, a little before noon.

-The meeting began at 12:00 sharp. It ended at 4:00.

-There was to be a rehersal afterwards, so we went to Studio One.

-I was fatigued, so I had Sal take me.

-At 2:30, we took a 15-minute break in the meeting.

-Sal and I ate t-bone steaks on the table in front of the trailer.

The Judge will first ask about how Vasquez got to the studio when she was
fatigued. She will mention the van parked in the Studio Two lot. She had
Manella drive her to Studio One, mainly because she was worried that 
something else might happen after the monkey head fell over. VAN will be
added to the Court Record.

The first three statements, when pressed, will give you some comical 
dialogue. Skip to the final statement of her testimony. She says that Sal
and herself at t-bone steaks, however I told you to remember one important
detail quite a while ago. Infront of the Studio Two trailer there were
indeed several plates. However, they were empty! Present the Steak Plate
at this statement.

Vasquez claims she ate the steak, but she obviously couldn't have done 
that. Phoenix will show the plate, and that it clearly has a large bone on
it still because nobody has cleaned them up yet. Vasquez and Manella ate a
t-bone steak as well. The problem is, their plates are empty! Phoenix 
claims he knows how Vasquez ate the steak and got rid of the bone. As funny
as the remarks and resulting speeches are, choose "You didn't eat the 

Phoenix will say Vasquez didn't eat the steak in the break, but rather 
threw it somewhere convienent, such as the incinerator next to the van. The
Judge will now ask that if she wasn't eating a steak, what was she doing?
Respond "Meeting the Steel Samurai". Phoenix claims that while she left the
trailer the Steel Samurai appeared, and then she killed him. Vasquez is 
fine with you calling her a murderer. She is actually entertained by the
thought of it. You and her are going to have a battle of wits, see? You 
will have to pry out the information from her. 

She will begin by mentioning the murder weapon. She says how would she have
been able to use that heavy speak as weapon. Say "No you couldn't, could 
you". Think about it. The Steel Samurai was holding the Samurai Spear the
entire time. How the hell would Vasquez have managed to have gotten the 
spear and used it to slice through Hammer? Not to mention she would have to
be damn strong to do so. This is irrelevant information, however, because
the Samurai Spear isn't actually the murder weapon.

You will need to show proof. Obviously, present the Samurai Spear. Remember
that the Samurai Spear had been broken the day of the murder, but was 
fixed with some duct tape. In its mangled state it would have been 
impossible to ram it through the Steel Samurai costume, let alone someone's

What an interesting series of events! Vasquez will question that if the
Samurai Spear isn't the actual murder weapon, then what was? Choose "I can
tell you". Such an accident has occured before in the past. That's right-
Hammer was most likely killed by falling onto that spiky fence. Present the
Five-Year-Old photo to back up this absurd claim.

Remember, Jack Hammer was standing at the top of the stairs. He pushed a
fellow actor off the stage and onto the fence. What does this have to do
with the current case? The fencepost pierced through the man's chest, much
like the Samurai Spear was said to have done to Hammer. What happened back
then has happened again.

Vasquez will point out a problem in your theory. The body was found in 
Studio One, and inside the Evil Magistrate costume to boot. There isn't 
exactly any way Vasquez could have moved Hammer's body to Studio One, 
changed the costumes, and returned to the trailer in 15 minutes. Ignore
the fact nobody says that's impossible due to the monkey's falling.

So, what did happen? Choose "She had another way". Perhaps she didn't even
use her own hands to do this. You will be asked to show what she did to
carry the body. Present the Van. In order to easily transport the body,
Vasquez has Manella drive her and the body to Studio One.

Everything makes sense now. Vasquez must have killed the Steel Samurai 
during the 15 minute break, and used the trailer to bring Hammer to Studio
One. From there it was a simple costume switch and the deed was done. You
will be asked if Sal Manella had any part with this crime. Choose "Of 
course he was". Vasquez obviously would have needed help in order to stuff
Hammer's body into the costume. The costume was likely burned in the 

Vasquez decides to just give up. She won't clearly admit she was the actual
killer, however. You still lack proof that she really comitted this crime.
You proved the _possibility_ she was the murderer. Edgeworth will now
demand that she testifies again. It will become apparent, after the 
verdict, why Edgeworth is helping you. Be sure to choose "Testify again,
Vasquez!" Choosing anything else still gets the same result, though.

~Dee Vasquez's Testimony-After Finding the Body~
-I was with Sal and Oldbag, the security lady, when we found the body.

-The assistant was there, too. Only Powers was absent.

-I immediately called the police. Then Powers showed up.

-The security lady, Oldbag, was quite agitated. Pointing at Powers, saying
"he did it!"

-I asked to be left out of the proceedings.

-I went back to my trailer to get my script and direction notes.

-Then I went home.

The following scenes are going to be confusing. You need to press her 
statements and press them hard. Press them in order. "Press further" when
you are asked to for most of the statements. You will get some slightly
important information out of them which will help you soon enough. Once
you hit her sixth statement, about going back to the trailer, you will hit
big. Make sure to "Press further" here. She originally came to Studio One
for a rehersal. She should have brought her script and notes. However, she
assumed that there wasn't going to be a rehersal that day. Why? There was
just a murder. That is exactly what she will respond. Edgeworth will object
to Vasquez's testimony here. He says that she didn't bring with her the
script and notes because she KNEW there was a murder. She would have had to
have witnessed the murder, or even have done it, to know such a thing.
Vasquez will now change her statement in her testimony to this:

-I knew that Hammer was injured and couldn't do any action scenes, so I 
left them behind.

Press this new statement. How did Vasquez find out about the injury? She
will state that Manella has told her Hammer was injured. Wait, a long time
ago we learned Powers had been injured, not Hammer! Present Powers's(?)
Photo here. Vasquez will freak out for a second. If Manella really told
her who was injured, he of all people would know since he was there. Choose
"You saw Hammer limping". Hammer dragged his leg to pretend that he was 
Will Powers. Vasquez, before she killed Hammer, saw him limping and 
assumed he was injured. Vasquez has one last question. You still have no
idea what the hell her motive is. She would gain nothing from killing him!
She would be losing one of her big stars in Global Studios. The stupidity
of the idea! 

Has it all made sense yet? No? You will be asked whether or not Vasquez had
a motive. Think about it. Hammer went through a crapload of trouble to get
the Steel Samurai costume and seek out Vasquez. He was the one out for the
killing, not Vasquez. Choose "Of course I can prove it!" Choose to present
the Five-Year-Old photo.

Phoenix will, again, restate all of the information you well already know.
Vasquez used Hammer like a slave. But we still haven't said a motive. 
Choose "She had no motive". Hammer was actually out for blood, not Vasquez.
Vasquez easily pushed Hammer off the stairs in self-defense before she
undoubtably would have been killed by Hammer. 

What a crazy turnabout. Dee Vasquez will finally admit to killing Hammer
accidentally out of self-defense. Everything else that was important in 
this case, well, is history. Technically Vasquez never did anything wrong
but defend herself. Eh.

Date-October 20, 1:12 PM
Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 3
Well, that's a happy ending. Powers is still curious why Hammer wanted to
frame him for the murder, present Powers's(?) Photo. Hammer was once a big
time star, after all. He was totally jealous that Powers got to play the
leading role as the Steel Samurai. Edgeworth will then appear. Phoenix
thanks Edgeworth for stepping in when Vasquez easily would have gotten 
away with her crime. He will mention that he didn't expect to meet him
after all these years. Huh? Phoenix and Edgeworth knew eachother a long
time ago...?

That's the end of the case. The Steel Samurai has been cancelled, but the
Pink Princess quickly took up its spot. Good going.

     ~8.Episode 4-Turnabout Goodbyes~
The opening cutscene you will see what appears to be two men standing on a
boat in the middle of a very foggy lake. One of them will mention that it 
has been a long, suffering 15 years and that he is back for revenge. 
Suddenly he pulls out a gun and shoots it. You will next see a man fall 
into the lake. The camera zooms in on the man picking up the gun, and it is
none other than Miles Edgeworth! What the hell?

Date-December 25, 10:08 AM
Location-Wright & Co. Law Offices
After a short conversation with Maya about how she needs to stand under
freezing waters, you will read a news report. There has been a large 
monster sighting at Gourd Lake, the monster cleverly called Gourdy.

Just after that, another news bulletin will appear. Now they are reporting
that a murder just took place at Gourd Lake. The body of a man was found in
the lake. The main suspect is Miles Edgeworth. Crap. It appears that you 
are going to need to defend your old rival. This will be fun. 

Go see Edgeworth in the Detention Center. Well, isn't this a fun way to
spend your Christmas-investigating a murder case. Fun.

Date-December 25
Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
You will find Edgeworth all locked here. That must suck. He won't look too
happy to see you at first. He really didn't want you, of all people, to see
him like this. Talk to him for the facts.

Ask about "What happened" first. You won't get anywhere since Edgeworth 
will deem you unworthy and too inexperienced to help him. Ask about "Gourd
Lake" next. Gourd Lake is very far from the offices Edgeworth works at, so
he must have some reason to go all the way down there. He will quickly say
that he went to see Gourdy. It is clear he is avoiding telling you all of
the details.

You need to get him to say something. Present your Attorney's Badge (The
first use all game!). Phoenix will ask that he defends Edgeworth in court.
He will start laughing at the idea, and bring up again that you are still
to inexperienced to aid him in this case. Also, every defense attorney he
has asked has turned him down. Edgeworth will comment that he really 
doesn't want you to get involved. Too bad we're going to screw that idea.

Ask him "Did you do it" now. Edgeworth still won't respond to the question.
He still asks you to stay out of this case. There must be some reason why
Edgeworth is acting so negative towards us. Edgeworth will stomp off now.
Head for Gourd Lake Entrance.

Date-December 25
Location-Gourd Lake Park; Entrance
Gourd Lake is actually at the center of a large park grounds. Maya will 
comment there's a lot of police officers here. Detective Gumshoe, as usual,
is here investigating. He knows quite a bit of information so let's get 
cracking. Ask "What happened".

You will find out a great deal of information when you ask him this. The
murder occured fifteen minutes past midnight on the 25th (that is today).
There was a boat in the middle of Gourd Lake that was carrying two men. One
of the men shot the other with a pistol. This makes it assumed that 
Edgeworth, the other person in the boat, was the shooter. An officer 
quickly arrived and arrested him when he docked. There was also a witness
to this murder. The police raced to the lake once the witness heard the

Ask about "Edgeworth" now. Gumshoe honestly doesn't believe that Edgeworth
is actually a murderer. Most of the police have the opposite opinion, 
though, which makes it seem they are shirking in their investigative 
duties. It's sad nobody is going to help him.

Talk about "The witness" next. Once again, the witness's identity is
confidential at this moment. She apparently saw everything. She was the
only person who saw the murder that night. 

Ask about "Defense request" last. Edgeworth has a bit of a reputation as
you already know. Basically, if anyone defended him then they would likely
suffer despite their victory, if one was achievable. The case against
Edgeworth is also pretty solid. Fat chance of winning in court. When 
Phoenix mentions that Edgeworth wouldn't allow him to defend him, Gumshoe
will call that crazy. Edgeworth actually praised you like crazy after the
Steel Samurai case. That's crazy. Can't imagine him doing such a thing.
Gumshoe will be ordered to leave for an investigative breifing. He will ask
if you have anything left to say. Choose "How to get in touch with you".
Gumshoe will show you where the precinct is so you are capable of coming
back there and seeing him at any time. He will also give you permission to
walk around the park for any other clues the police may have missed.

If you asked for the Autopsy Report, Gumshoe will mention it isn't ready 
yet, and will then give you directions to the precinct. Anyways, move into
Gourd Lake.

Date-December 25
Location-Gourd Lake; Public Beach
There is a couple of things on the beachfront property. You can see the 
lake from here. It is pretty cold-looking. There is also a hotdog stand 
called Samurai Dogs. Too bad the Steel Samurai isn't a show anymore. The
stand is closed, anyways.

There is something you will need to examine. See the little thing on one of
the benches? Examine it to discover that it is actually a party popper. 
Maya thinks that this might be a clue. Choose to "Take it" as it will come
in handy soon. POPPER added to the Court Record.

Nothing else is important for right now. Head to Gourd Lake Woods.

Date-December 25
Location-Gourd Lake Woods
It appears that somebody is doing some experiments here. There is a large
SUV near some trees, a campsite all laid out, and a large, expensive 
looking camera aimed right at the lake. Examine the sign near the car. It
reads "No camping". Silly people. Breaking the law!

Next, examine the most obvious thing here-the large camera. The camera has
a large microphone attached to it. Phoenix deduces that the camera is 
triggered when a loud noise is detected. Maya decides to try it out and see
what happens. She wil try yelling at it but nothing happens. She will then
set off the party popper. This noise sets off the camera at full speed as
it uses up a roll of film. 

Suddenly, a woman will appear and is quite pissed off that you just used up
an expensive roll of film. The woman won't respond to any of your 
questions, so choose to present your Attorney's Badge (note that the popper
has been thrown away). You will introduce yourself as a lawyer and what 
not. She will be delighted to help you since this is part of a murder. Why
do so many woman want to be involved in stuff like this...?

She will introduce herself as Lotta Hart. She is photographing meteor
showers for a school research project. Ask her about "What happened" now.
Phoenix will explain the murder details to Lotta. She seems to have no
clue what is going on. She does slightly remember seeing a boat from late
last night. 

Ask her about "The camera". She will explain that the microphone attached
to the camera triggers the shutter whenever it hears certain sounds. The
popper just happened to be one of them. It is set to loud noises. LOTTA'S
CAMERA will be added to the Court Record. 

Ask about "Lotta" now. She is a research student at Country U. (what an
original name!) She came to this lake several days ago to film to meteor
showers, as stated earlier. 

Before you leave, present Lotta's Camera to her. Phoenix confirms that the
camera reacts to explosion-like noises. He will say that the victim was 
shot with a pistol. A gunshot makes a noise like an explosion, right? 
Phoenix will ask if her camera got a picture of the murder. Lotta will 
leave for her SUV to check for the photo. She won't be ready until later.
Head for the precinct now to check up on Gumshoe.

Date-December 25
Location-Police Department; Criminal Affairs
Gumshoe will have just finished his meeting as you arrive at the precinct.
Ask about "The victim". Nobody can determine his name yet. Edgeworth hasn't
mentioned it either. 

Ask about "The meeting" next. Gumshoe isn't able to tell you the details,
however. But he will metion that people are confused. Edgeworth normally
isn't like this. He doesn't go around hiding secrets. He requests that you
defend him whether he likes it or not. Ask about "Trusting Edgeworth" now.
Gumshoe trusts Edgeworth since they have had a working relationship for a
while now. He gets guilty verdicts mainly because he has good faith in the
investigation team. That, and forging some evidence. 

Now, finally talk about "The autopsy report". Gumshoe managed to make a 
copy of it. AUTOPSY REPORT will be added to the Court Record. Maya will 
see the face of the victim and she will mention she may have seen him a 
long time ago.

You will find out the cause of death was a bullet to the heart from the 
autopsy report. There is also the possibility he died sometime on the 24th.
Hmm. Let's go back and check on Lotta.

Date-December 25
Location-Gourd Lake Woods
Lotta is back from her SUV, and she managed to find that her camera took 
two pictures last night. She will show you one of them. It appears to be a
dark, foggy night out on the lake. Two men can be seen as silouettes on a
boat in the middle of the lake. The man on the right looks like he is 
holding a pistol. However, it is impossible to judge from this picture who
is actually doing the shooting.

Lotta will now take back her statement from earlier and claim that she 
actually saw this murder take place, making herself a witness. She will ask
if she should call the cops. Respond "I reckon so". However, she is going 
save the remainder of her information for court so you won't be able to 
talk to her until later. LAKE PHOTO will be added to the Court Record.

One little issue. She didn't show us the second lake photo! It will come 
to light eventually, just ignore the thought for now. Head back to the 
public beach.

Date-December 25
Location-Gourd Lake; Public Beach
As soon as you arrive, a guy in a freaky Santa costume will appear. Hah,
if it isn't just Larry fooling around on a day like this. He has no 
girlfriend, remember? Larry is actually the owner of Samurai Dogs. Also, he
managed to get himself a new girlfriend who also happens to be a model. 
She better not be killed. His girlfriend bought him the costume. Anyways,
Larry seems to be in a good mood.

Talk to him about "What happened". Maya will mention that Larry probably 
was with Kiyance yesterday since it was Christmas Eve. Larry will act
surprised for a moment. She's at a photo shoot in Hawaii right now. Phoenix
will say Edgeworth is going to be the defendant, and he will act really
surprised. Larry knows Edgeworth because he was with Larry and Phoenix in
their fourth grade class. Hah.

Talk about "Samurai Dogs" next. This isn't gonna get you anything special
information wise, though. This will open up the new topic on "Gourdy" so
ask Larry about that. Gourdy is actually a giant lake monster that 
supposedly lives in this lake. Larry will then show you a newspaper 
article from the previous night. There is a photo of a couple, with a giant
stick...thing in the background. It can be assumed, for now, that this is
the Gourdy that they are talking about. There is also a quote in the 
article about someone who set the camera to automatic, heard a loud bang,
then saw something head into the water. Sounds like Lotta made this
photograph. GOURDY ARTICLE will be added to the Court Record.

Now finish this up by talking about "Edgeworth". You know that Larry, 
Phoenix, and Edgeworth were friends back in fourth grade. He was always 
attempting to be like his father. Edgeworth's dad was a famous defense
attorney at the time. Maya brings up the fact that Edgeworth is a 
prosecutor, not a defense attorney. Seems wierd. You'll figure that out all
in due time. For now, head back to your office.

Date-December 25
Location-Wright & Co. Law Offices
Maya will mention that something has been bothering her for a while. Maya
will ask to look at the autopsy report again. She will suddenly remember
that the man who was killed was a lawyer that worked in the office Mia 
worked at for a while. That must mean Grossberg knows something about this
guy, like, his name!? Head to his office now.

Date-December 25
Location-Grossberg Law Offices
Grossberg has no reason to avoid you, so you will easily find him at his
office. Talk about "That painting" first. Curious why it still isn't back
to its original place? Redd White technically didn't steal if from him back
in case 2 so Grossberg is unable to justly claim it for himself again. Too
bad, so sad.

On to business. Talk about "What happened". Grossberg won't know anything 
on this matter since he just woke up. He should know something, though.
Present the autopsy report. Grossberg will easily remember who that lawyer
is. His name is Robert Hammond. Talk about "Robert Hammond" now. Grossberg
will say he was a defense attorney in "that case". The DL-6 Incident. 
Remember that old case? You should remember the details of that case.

Talk about "The DL6 Incident" next. The case happened 15 years ago. This is
an important detail, so remember it for later. The real criminal was never
caught in this case because the spirit that Misty Fey contacted was 
innocent. The defense attorney for the case was none other than Robert
Hammond. He got the man declared innocent. So, what does this have to do
with Edgeworth? A lot, actually. The victim in the case was none other than
Gregory Edgeworth, his father. Grossberg doesn't know all the details of
this incident, however, and suggests that you mention it to Edgeworth. 
Perhaps he will talk. Grossberg will also hand you a photo of Maya's 
mother. You will need to use it to get Edgeworth talking. It's the same
photo you found on Grossberg's desk in the second case. MISTY FEY'S PHOTO
will be added to the Court Record.

Head for the Detention Center now.

Date-December 25
Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
Obviously, present Misty Fey's photo to Edgeworth. He will say that he
didn't want you to find out about the DL-6 Incident because it supposedly
haunts him (and for good reasons, obviously). He didn't want you involved 
so he shoved you away from being his defense attorney. However, since you
found out, there's nothing to keep secret anymore. Edgeworth will confess.

Talk to him "The DL6 Incident". Edgeworth will state that the case indeed
involves his father's death. You will brefily be shown a picture of his 
dad slumped over in an elevator. Right infront of Edgeworth his father was
shot and killed. He can't remember all of the details. Somebody was 
arrested, the only person who could have possibly killed his father. Misty
Fey even said the same thing when the spirit used was contacted. Robert
Hammond cleared the man of suspicion. Edgeworth thought the case was about
to finally be over, but now it has resurfaced. Note again that the 
incident occured 15 years ago, on December 28th. The statue of limitations
on this case run out in three days. 

Statue of limitations basically means that after a certain number of years,
in this game 15 years, if a case has not yet been closed then it will be
closed by default permanently. This means that the real killer, should he
still be alive, will be completely free and is unable to be arrested by the
police. There's only three days left in the case.

Ask about "The suspect". After he was declared innocent he left society.
Edgeworth has no idea if he is still alive of not, but he says if he is
alive he would likely be around 50 years old. 

Talk about "Your father" last. Gregory Edgeworth was a famous attorney when
he was alive. Edgeworth seems to hate the thought of talking about it so
drop the subject. There's one last bit of info you can get from him. 
Present the Lake Photo. Edgeworth will say that he did not kill Hammond.
Isn't that what all of your clients say? Edgeworth will hate to say it, but
he actually wants you to defend him in court. Choose "Of course we will".
Phoenix will mention this is his chance to pay Edgeworth back. You'll 
understand later. Edgeworth will hand you his letter of request. 
EDGEWORTH'S REQUEST will be added to the Court Record.

Before you can leave and go to Gumshoe, an earthquake will strike. It will
only last a few seconds, though. After it ends, Edgeworth will be on the 
floor scared like a cat. Let's leave him alone now.

Date-December 25
Location-Police Departmentl Criminal Affairs
Gumshoe will be stomping mad when you enter the police department. Lotta
decided to go stomping in and claim that she saw the murder firsthand and
even has the photographic evidence to prove it. Talk about "Lotta's 
testimony". You can't tell who is shooting the pistol, remember? Lotta said
that she planned to enlarge the photo. Remember that info! She said that it
may be able to determine who did the shooting. The other witness also 
decided to not testify. Oh well.

Talk about "Tomorrow's trial". Gumshoe will look pretty glum since the
evidence is heavily against Edgeworth. Talk about "Edgeworth" last. He will
demand that you defend him in court.

...and we have just the thing. Present Edgeworth's Request. You are now
offically Edgeworth's attorneys. Don't screw it up in court! He will also
mention that Edgeworth had a fear of earthquakes for a while. 

Day 2-Trial

Date-December 26, 9:44 AM
Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 2
Before you enter court, Edgeworth will be there to greet you. Since he 
isn't the prosector, somebody else is. The prosecutor is going to be
Manfred von Karma. He has never lost a case in his 40 years of being a
prosecutor. He'll do anything to get a guilty verdict. Ironically, he was
Edgeworth's mentor. Guess we know where he got that line from.

Date-December 26, 10:00 AM
Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 3
von Karma is an old, scary looking man. Gumshoe will be called first to the
stand. He will begin by showing you a map of Gourd Lake Park. The murder
occured sometime late on Christmas Eve, around midnight. There was only one
boat out on the lake at that time. There were two men in the boat. A woman,
Lotta Hart, was camping out on the edge of the lake. She heard several
pistol shots somewhere around 12:10 AM. The boat then moved all the way 
back to the boat rental shop. And that's all that happened. OVERHEAD MAP
will be added to the Court Record. Gumshoe will now testify on the matter.

~Detective Gumshoe's Testimony-The Arrest of Edgeworth~
-A man called into the station around 30 minutes after midnight.

-We headed to the scene of the crime as fast as we could.

-That's where we found Mr. Edgeworth.

-Now, I didn't suspect him of anything at all.

-But...the next morning, a body was found in the lake.

-So we had to arrest Mr. Edgeworth.

We are against the hardest prosecutor in the world. This testimony won't 
have clear contradictions. Press the statements as you see fit, but von
Karma will object before you get anywhere. You won't get anywhere unless
you press the fifth statement, about finding the dead body. Phoenix will
ask if any clues were found on, or in, the body. Gumshoe will respond that
a single bullet was recovered from the body. The victim was shot and killed
from a pistol shot through his heart. The bullet will now be deemed 
evidence. PISTOL BULLET is added to the Court Record.

Now that you have this, and no von Karmic objections, press the final
statement. Phoenix will question why they arrested Edgeworth immediately
following the found body. The murder weapon, which is a pistol, was found
lying in the boat. The Judge will deem this vital evidence and forces
Gumshoe to change his line of testimony to the following:

-The murder weapon we found in the boat was decisive evidence.

Press this newfound evidence. What made the pistol so decisive? Gumshoe
easily remarks that there were fingerprints left on the gun. These 
fingerprints were clearly from Edgeworth's right hand. Well that's just
great. PISTOL will be added to the Court Record. Draw your attention to
the description of the pistol. "Fired 3 times". Didn't somebody say, namely
Lotta, that she heard two gunshots? Before you can object to this, Karma
will stop the cross examination. He will ask Gumshoe if the bullet was 
actually fired from this very pistol. He will respond that it was. Maya is
confused when "ballistic markings" are mentioned, and you will be told 
what they are. They're basically the fingerprints of a gun.

Karma will now explain that since the ballistic markings of the bullet
matching the markings of the pistol, and that Edgeworth's fingerprints are
on the gun, he must have been the murderer. The Judge is almost ready to
declare a verdict at this point. However, he is still curious to hear what
the other witness has to say because it could be important to this case.
von Karma will demand a recess, and that forces the Judge to do so. I
assumed the Judge had control of the court, but I suppose Karma has more
power than he does. Hah.

Date-December 26, 11:09 AM
Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 2
Edgeworth will talk to you now. He will mention that it was him in the 
boat that night. However, he most certainly did not shoot the other man.
He mentions he did hear a gunshot near him, though. Then the other man
fell from the boat. Edgeworth isn't sure why but he thinks the guy may
have shot himself. Strange circumstances. 

Maya will then question if she's even useful here. Choose "No, I need you
here". Court will be back in session soon after.

Date-December 26, 11:19 AM
Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 3
von Karma will start by calling Lotta to the stand. She's going to testify
on, well, what she saw.

~Lotta Hart's Testimony-Witness's Account~
-It was Christmas Eve, just after midnight, I reckon.

-I was in my car.

-I heard this "bang" come up from the lake.

-When I looked out the window, I saw two gents in a boat.

-Then there was another "bang"...

-There wasn't nary a thing on the lake but that boat.

von Karma states that if you cross examine Lotta you will be held in 
contempt of court if you find nothing. Choose "I think there was" when 
Maya asks if you found a contradiction. 

Actually, that wasn't the smartest idea but you have no choice. Lotta's
testimony is rock solid. There aren't any contradicions. Prepare for a ton
of von Karmic objections (as Phoenix calls them) as you will need to 
press EVERY single statement. You will need to "Press further" on several
statements to get an objection from von Karma. Phoenix will now be held in
contempt of court. Basically, you can't say anything or you'll be escorted
away from the courtroom and into jail. Whoo. Maya still thinks that Lotta's
testimony has holes, but you can't fill them with von Karma here. Before
the Judge passes judgement (again), Maya will step in. She will yell at
Lotta. Hard. She says pretty much that her testimony is crap. Of course,
you are in contempt of court. The Judge will now have you thrown out of 
the courtroom, which basically means the end of the trial.

Maya will take the blame for making the outburst. She requests that she be
removed from the courtroom instead of Phoenix. When Karma asks if all that
is needed is the Judge's verdict, declare "Wrong". Lotta just said, during
Maya's outburst, she saw Edgeworth clearly. That wasn't in her testimony.
This changes her testimony. von Karma will not allow this because you are
still in contempt of court, but the Judge will finally make his own 
decision and allow you to cross examine again.

~Lotta Hart's Testimony-That Last Statement~
-I saw it clear as day. That man on the boat was Mr. Edgeworth.

...and that's it! Whatever you do, DON'T PRESS THIS! You are still in
contempt of court. You will be penalized if you press this statement. In
any case, the contradiction is all too obvious. The picture in question
is too foggy and blurry to make out the faces of anybody. Present the Lake

The picture was taken with high-quality and expensive film, right? It 
should have better viewing capabilities than the eye. Therefore, if the 
film couldn't get a view of the faces then Lotta easily couldn't have. She
will explain how she saw Edgeworth now.

~Lotta Hart's Testimony-How Edgeworth Was Seen~
-Yer right. It was a cold night, and the mist was thick as grits.

-So, once I was finished setting up my camera, I got back in the car.

-Still, I brought my binoculars with me.

-When I heard that noise out on the lake, I looked with my binoculars.

Press her third statement. She is looking at shooting stars, NOT something
on the lake. She has no reason to have binoculars with her. She would be
needing a telescope to see stars in the sky. Phoenix also has heavy doubts
about what the real purpose of her camera is, too. The Judge will ask you
if the camera is really relevant to this case. Choose "Press further" of
course. Lotta will change this line of testimony to the following:

-The camera was set up to take pictures of a meteor shower.

Pressing this statement will get you nowhere. But wait! Her camera was set
to automatic-reponding to loud noises. Shhoting stars are too far away to
be loud. Present Lotta's Camera here.

Phoenix thinks Lotta is lying about the real usage of the camera. When the
Judge asks what she was at the lake really doing, choose to "Show evidence"
and then you will need to present the Gourdy Article. It is the only other
possible reason Lotta could have possible been at the lake to photograph.

Lotta will demand proof that she was at the lake looking for Gourdy. Choose
"I have proof". Present Lotta's Camera once more. Remember, as I just said,
she had a microphone attached in response to the camera. Gourdy would 
probably make a loud noise if it appeared. Not only that, but the Gourdy
Article also mentioned that when the picture there was taken (supposedly
with Gourdy), a loud noise was heard. This must be the reason why her 
camera was set to respond to loud noises.

Lotta will admit that is true. However, this doesn't change what she saw
at the lake. But Phoenix knows there must be a reason why von Karma would
hide this information. Lotta will testify again.

~Lotta Hart's Testimony-Lotta's New Testimony~
-Actually, I'm not a research student at a university.

-I'm an investigative photographer.

-Imagine what a scoop it'd be if I got a picture of that monster!

-That's why I was camping out by the lake.

-But, that's all I was hiding.

-When I heard the "bang" I looked right straight out at the lake.

-There wasn't much else to look at, so I just watched that boat the whole

-Then I saw a flash, near one of the men's hands, and I heard another

There is one serious problem with Lotta's testimony, and what she just said
before this testimony. She was there looking for Gourdy, NOT some stupid 
boat in the middle of the lake. Present the Gourdy Article at her seventh
statement, about staring at the boat. Lotta will respond that she was 
really looking at the boat. However, Phoenix claims that she wasn't. 
Anybody else would, but she was there specifically for Gourdy. She wouldn't
give the boat a second thought as she looked quickly for Gourdy.

She also testified earlier that she was watching the boat through
binoculars, but it has become apparent that she was actually using them to
scan the lake for any signs of Gourdy. Phoenix has now proven that she was
never actually looking at the boat. Lotta will admit that she was so happy
to be a murder witness that she kinda got excited...a bit. She was sure she
was watching the boat until now. Thanks for all the pointless information!

Lotta will now say she "took the photo `n..." von Karma will object to her
finishing this sentence. von Karma knows that whatever is at the end of 
that sentence will damage his case. Gumshoe said earlier that Lotta had
enlarged the picture. Well, that must be what she was about to say. Phoenix
will ponder what to do. Choose "Make her show the enlargement". It couldn't
hurt you at this point. 

Lotta will admit that she really did enlarge the photo. Why hasn't it been
presented yet, though? Lotta remarks that von Karma was forcing her to not
show it in court. She will then show you the photo. You still can't see
who is really shooting in the photo. LAKE PHOTO is updated in the Court

Phoenix will now wonder what to do before the case is over. Choose to 
"Object to the enlargement". There must be something wrong with it. You 
will now need to point to the part that is strange. Remember the pistol
accepted as evidence several testimonies ago? There were fingerprints on 
the gun. Problem was, they were of Edgeworth's RIGHT hand. Look at who is
shooting in the picture. They are using their left hand. Point at the hand
the murderer is using. This part of the picture contradicts another piece
of evidence. You'll need to show what eveidence it contradicts.

Present the Pistol here. Phoenix will recap what I just said, and that the
man couldn't have been Edgeworth. However, who the hell did the murderer
shoot? There is only one other person that could have been shot from your
obvious list of choices. Choose "The victim himself". This basically means
that the murderer commited suicide. 

von Karma will laugh at your attempt to make way of the situation. Suicide
was impossible. The victim was shot, upon further examination, from a 
distance of about 1 to 3 feet. There is no way it could be suicide at this
point. The AUTOPSY REPORT will be updated in the Court Record to make note
of this situation.

That will end this day of trial. The Judge sees that with all of this new
information a verdict is now impossible to be determined. The Judge orders
both you and Karma to investigate further into this mess and see if there
are any other suspects that may have some place in this crime.

Date-December 26, 1:15 PM
Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 2
Edgeworth is still depressed since he still hasn't been declared innocent
just yet. He still claims he didn't kill the man. Edgeworth also wants you
to say thanks to Maya. Phoenix will have also requested Lotta's testimony
as it may help in court tomorrow. LOTTA'S DEPOSITION will be added to the
Court Record.

Day 2-Investigation

Date-December 26
Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
This is a familar place to Maya. She decided to do something just because
she felt like she needed too. Damn good thing too or you would have been
screwed. Talk to her about "Questioning". Detective Gumshoe was here 
earlier and says she could go after she is questioned, so long as she has
bail money. You should go see Gumshoe for more information now. Head for
Police Department.

Date-December 26
Location-Police Department; Criminal Affairs
An officer working here will tell you that Gumshoe is investigating the 
crime scene again today. He also got into a fight with a fellow officer.
Head for Gourd Lake Entrance.

Date-December 26
Location-Gourd Lake Park; Entrance
Gumshoe must actually be investigating the crime scene rather than loafing
around the entrance. Head for Gourd Lake Woods.

Date-December 26
Location-Gourd Lake Woods
Gumshoe is here at Lotta's campsite for whatever reason. There isn't really
anything critical in this spot. Talk about "Tomorrow's trial". von Karma
is planning on bringing in the other witness tomorrow. He is the one who
actually called the police, but didn't testify yesterday. 

Talk about "Prosecutor Edgeworth". You will leanr more about his past from
Gumshoe. His hatred of crime, fear of earthquakes and seperation from his
father all started from the DL-6 Incident. It's the first reason he is what
he is today.

Talk about "Maya Fey" next. Edgeworth apparently seemed to be happy that
Maya did something in court today that probably ended up saving his life,
for now at least. In gratitude, Edgeworth is paying the entire bail fee
himself. Well, that's one thing you can thank him for. Gumshoe will head
back to the Detention Center to let her out and will comment you should go
pick her up. Do so.

Date-December 26
Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
Maya will be surprised that Edgeworth payed her bail and whatnot. Now that
she is back with you head back to Gourd Lake Entrance.

Date-December 26
Location-Gourd Lake Park; Entrance
Lotta will appear at the park entrance. She probably got kicked out of her
campsite because of the investigation for the time being. She is actually
glad of what you did in court today, and she also apologises for being such
a hard time as a witness. She wants to make up the entire ordeal to you,

Talk about "Today's trial" and she will reflect more on how she will do 
better next time she is a witness. Talk about "Gourdy" next. She really 
wants to catch a picture of Gourdy so she can be famous. Heh.

Ask about "Making it up" last. Lotta actually has some information for you
that von Karma didn't want her to sya in court. However, she's putting a 
price on it. Choose "Deal". She wants information in exchange for the
information you need. She wants proof of Gourdy's existance, or 
alternatively proof that Gourdy is a big hoax. No, your personal opinion
doesn't count. She will head back to the campsite so you can find her there
later. Head into the public beach.

Date-December 26
Location-Gourd Lake Public Beach
Once you arrive here you will notice that Larry seems to have decorated the
entire place to boost sales. He has hoisted raises flags all over the place
as well as add a giant Steel Samurai inflatable...thing right in the center
of the beach area. Heh.

Larry will appear. Kiyance gave Larry the idea of doing all this stuff to
boost the Samurai Dogs' sales. Talk to him about "Edgeworth". You will 
remember Edgeworth transferred schools from the DL-6 Incident. Uh-huh.

Ask about "The big samurai". Apparently, the kids love the giant Samurai
balloon. It wasn't inflated yesterday because Larry's compressor was 
broken. Note the little unit to the right of the Samurai's base. That's the

Examine the compressor to learn a little bit more about it. Also take note
of the flags hanging from the Steel Samurai as they will come in handy
later on. Head back to the Police Department to look for Gumshoe.

Date-December 26
Location-Police Department; Criminal Affairs
Gumshoe is here in the office, and here to stay for a while. Ask about "The
investigation". Another meeting is scheduled soon and the topic of
discussion is going to be Edgeworth's ulterior motive. Edgeworth's father
was killed from the DL-6 Incident, and the only possible suspect was 
declared innocent thanks to Robert Hammond. Therefore, he hates him and may
be the reason he killed him (supposedly). This information is likely to hit
court tomorrow. 

Ask about "Gourdy" next. Gumshoe doesn't know anything about Gourdy, but
gets annoyed that you're wasting precious investigative time searching for
a sea monster. Phoenix will explain the situation to Gumshoe. Gumshoe is
now able to help you with your search. He is willing to lend you one of 
three secret weapons the department has for finding critical evidence. 

Ask about "Secret weapons" next. The first secret weapon is "Missile". Not
a weapon of mass destruction, but rather a cute looking K-9 police dog, but
is still in training.

Gumshoe's second secret weapon is a fishing pole. It happens to be his 
personal pole. Phoenix isn't sure how this will help exactly, but you never

Gumshoe's final secret weapon is a standard metal dectector. Still, this 
item is just as worthless as the fishing pole because this can't help you
catch a sea monster.

You will need to borrow one of the items. You can trade with Gumshoe at any
time if you want to experience all of them. You will want to borrow the 
metal detector. You won't actually use it, however, until the VERY end of
this case. And what an ending it will be!

If you borrow the fishing pole, it breaks almost instantly. That's great.
If you borrow Missile, once you bring him to the public beach he will act
insane and eat all of Larry's hot dogs. I actually recommend seeing that 
one. It's pretty funny. METAL DETECTOR will be added to the Cour Record.
Time to head somewhere you haven't visited yet-the Boat Rental Shop. 
Accessed via the public beach.

Date-December 26
Location-Boat Rental Shop
Maya will comment that the beach is still really quiet. Just then, the 
metal detector goes off. Maya will check the nearby bushes, and will find
a metal air tank. Note the flags attached to it. Wonder who or where it
came from? AIR TANK will be added to the Court Record. Let's go talk to
Larry again.

Date-December 26
Location-Gourd Lake Public Beach
Present the Air Tank to Larry. Ask Larry "Is it yours?" Larry will be in
complete denial that it is his, despite the fact that flags strung around 
make it blindingly obvious it could only have come from him. He will ask 
why he would need that tank. Respond "To inflate something". He must have
used it to inflate the giant Steel Samurai balloon. Larry will now mention
that since his compressor wasn't working that well he tried using that air
tank just once. However, when he used it the end results weren't good so
he didn't use it again.

Choose to "Ask more about the tank". Larry doesn't want to talk about it
since it's embarrassing, but Maya will convince him otherwise. Since the
compressor didn't work he tried to use the air tank. However, the tank 
popped open and blasted into the air, taking the deflated Steel Samurai 
costume with it. The tank flew into Gourd Lake.

Now, talk about "The flying air tank". Larry states that this incident 
occured on the 20th. He knew that the tank would float on the lake, so he
rented a boat every night thereafter to search for it. It just so happens
that he found the Steel Samurai and tank on the 24th-the night of the 
murder. Larry says he was actually here on the night of the murder. However
he went home before midnight. 

This solves one mystery. That flying air tank must have been the Gourdy 
that Lotta has been thinking about. Let's break the bad news to her.

Date-December 26
Location-Gourd Lake Woods
Lotta will be here. She has toned done the sound requirements to set off 
the camera so now, when Maya sneezes, the entire roll is set off again. 

No time to play around. Talk about "Gourdy". When she asks if you have 
found any information, say "Gourdy doesn't exist" of course. Choose "Is 
here" because you are holding the proof you need in the Court Record. The
proof Gourdy doesn't exist is the Air Tank, so present that. Phoenix will
explain the situation. There was a "bang" sound when it flew off, right?
The tank and Samurai fell into the lake. And oh so convienently, a couple
was taking a picture at that same time. Gourdy is nothing but the deflated
Steel Samurai costume.

This depressed Lotta a bit, but a deal's a deal. She's willing to give you
your information now. Talk about "Case information" now. She heard the cops
around the lake yesterday saying that there is going to be another witness
to appear in court tomorrow. His identity is the old man who is the 
caretake of the boat rental shop nearby. 

Before you go check it out, Lotta has something else related to the night
of the murder. Her camera clicked twice, remember? You only got one of the
photos. However, the photo contains nothing but the lake so she assumed it
would be useless in court. It still may be useless but nonetheless she will
hand it over to you. SECOND LAKE PHOTO will be added to the Court Record.
Let's check out the boat rental shop now.

Date-December 26
Location-Boat Rental Shop
Maya comments there still seems to be nobody around here. Move into the
caretaker's shack.

Date-December 26
Location-Caretaker's Shack
As soon as you enter you will see the slightly insane caretaker of the 
shop. He is an old man, fumbling back and forth. He will mistake Maya as
his daughter (or granddaughter or...something) Meg and Phoenix as Keith.
Okay...the man now thinks the boat rental shop is a pasta resturant. He 
will also make a notion to his parrot, Polly. The old duff will then fall
asleep on the spot. 

There are two things you must examine to continue. First, see the safe 
above the broken television? The safe is locked. There could be something
valuable to the case in there, but you don't know the pass numbers. Next,
examine the parrot. The parrot responds only to its name, and it does say
a couple of other things if you happen to know the secret words. PARROT 
will be added to the Court Record. 

Talk to the man about "Polly". The other topics will get you nowhere. Polly
knows everything important that Uncle tells him. Maya will then ask what 
the combonation to the safe is. The parrot will respond it is "1228". The
old man is angered, and he won't let you open the safe of course! He could
just switch the combonation lock code though...

Now, to get the man talking you will need to present your Attorney's Badge
to him. He finally agrees to help you on the details of the murder, however
he will only do so on one condition. You will need to promise to run the
Wet Noodle when he's long dead. Lie and "Promise to run the Noodle". 

To get the man to discuss the events of the murder, present the Lake Photo.
The old man claims he has seen this picture, then requests you start 
calling him dad. He claims he saw everything. Ask about "What you saw" now.
It was dark outside and he forgot the time, then he heard a loud "bang"
from outside. He then heard a second "bang". He saw a man fall into the
water. A while later the boat returns to the dock. A young man walked by
the shop, muttering something to himself. The man forgets what he said, but
promises he'll remember by court tomorrow. 

Before you leave, Maya will ask the parrot one more question. She'll ask if
they are forgetting something. He will respond "Don't forget DL-6!" What
did that thing just say? How the hell does it know anything about DL-6?
WHO IS this guy? You'll leave the shop now.

You should ask Gumshoe about that guy. He's still in the police department.

Date-December 26
Location-Police Department; Criminal Affairs
Ask Gumshoe about "The boat caretaker". Gumshoe will confirm that he will
be appearing in court tomorrow as a witness. Unfortunately, he doesn't know
the identity of that man. Because he wasn't very persuasive or very sure of
himself, Lotta was called to the stand yesterday. Ask about "The DL6
Incident". If you are able to convince Gumshoe that the DL-6 Incident has
some importance on the current case, he will allow you to see the files 
containing information about the case.

We just learned the importance. Present the Parrot to Gumshoe. Gumshoe will
act surprised to learn that the parrot was taught to remember the name of
the incident. The only way she would know that word is if the old man was
related to the incident. Gumshoe is sure the incident has resemblance on 
this case. You can access the records room now.

Date-December 26
Location-Police Department; Records Room
Maya will quickly locate the DL-6 file. You'll need to ask her which parts
you want to hear. Obviously you want (and need) to hear all of them. Start
with "The case summary". 

DL-6 CASE SUMMARY-This all occured on December 28, 2001. That is 15 years
ago from the next two days! The case is closed after that. The incident 
took place in the elevator inside the district court. That's the same court
the current case is being held in as well. At around 2:00 PM that day there
was a terrible earthquake. The building lost power after that. In the stuck
elevator were three people. It wasn't until after 7:00 PM, five hours 
later, that they were rescued. The elevator lacked an oxygen supply so the
passengers quickly became oxygen deprived and unconscious. One of the 
people has been shot through the heart. That was Edgeworth's father. This
means that one of the other passengers of the elevator was Miles Edgeworth,
because he saw his dad get shot. But, who is the third person? Tell Maya to
get the "Victim data" next.

DL-6 VICTIM DATA-Gregory Edgeworth, 35. He was a defense attorney at the 
time. If he were still alive he would be 50 years old. On the day of the
incident he had lost a court case and had gotten aboard the elevator with
his son Miles. This confirms Miles was on the elevator. The angle of the
bullet in the picture proves that Gregory did not commit suicide in the
elevator. The murder weapon, which was a pistol, was found in the elevator.
The pistol has been fired two times apparently. Phoenix will note that this
sounds EXACTLY like the current case. Tell Maya to dig up the "Suspect 
data" now.

DL-6 SUSPECT DATA-The main suspect of the case was Yanni Yogi. He was a 
clerk inside the court, or a bailiff. He was the third person that was 
trapped in the elevator. This makes it perfectly logical he would have done
it, however, he was found innocent thanks to Robert Hammond, the victim in
this case. Yogi was oxygen deprived severely in the elevator so he is 
claimed to have had severe brain damage. He lost all memory of ever being
in the elevator. Once the incident was over, he disappeared and was never
heard from again.

That's all the information there is on the DL-6 Incident. There's too much
stuff here to take it all with you, so you will just take the essentials
for court. DL-6 CASE FILE will be added to the Court Record. You can check
this in the Court Record at any time. It basically summarizes the important
details I just outlined above. You'll be needing this file very soon. Court
is starting tomorrow. Get ready.

Day 3-Trial

Date-December 27, 10:00 AM
Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 3
For a bit of comic relief, von Karma is predicting that he has so much
sufficient evidence that the trial will end in a guilty verdict in three
minutes. What a lovely estimate.

von Karma will then call the old caretaker to the stand. His identitiy 
still hasn't been confirmed yet. The man won't state his name. Choose to
"Raise an objection". von Karma will point out that this is trivial matter
and is irrelevant to the case. That, and he doesn't remember his own name.
His memory is limited to the past few years. However, since the murder
occured a few days ago he is more than capable of testifying. The Judge
will now allow the man to testify.

~Uncle's Testimony-The Night of the Murder~
-It was the night of the 24th, just after midnight, ayup.

-I was in the resturant...where I er...rent boats as usual.

-Then I heard a "bang!" Ayup.

-When I looked out the window, I saw a boat just a' floating on the lake.

-Then I heard another "bang."

-Just about then the boat comes back to shore, and a man walks past my

Make sure you choose to "Cross-examine". Screw von Karma's three minute
prediction. These facts are quite solid. You will need to press Uncle's
sixth statement, about hown someone walked past his window. He will confirm
that the man was Edgeworth. His line of testimony will change to this:

-That man was the defendant...he was saying "I can't believe he's dead."

Press Uncle again on this new statement. Uncle will confirm that he is
positive that the man was Edgeworth. Then Uncle will collapse upon the
floor. Phoenix realises that von Karma set up this statement so that he
would fall into pressing it and into his trap. You sure better "Raise an
objection" or this will end fast.

Remember, Edgeworth couldn't have fired off the gun. von Karma will easily
explain that Edgeworth wiped off his fingerprints once he fired the gun.
That could be true.

You need to "Raise an objection" again. Phoenix will say that the witness
could easily be lying as there isn't any other proof to back up his claims.
However, von Karma will stop you and say that you'll need evidence to
prove him wrong. The Judge will now declare Edgeworth guilty.

YOU LOSE! Oh...wait. Just after the verdict is called somebody decides to
stop the trial. It is none other than Larry. Remember that Larry was also
at the lake late on Christmas Eve. He confirms that he knows something
about this case. He wasn't sure of himself so he delayed calling himself a
witness for a while, but this trial has made him remember everything. He
knows something about the gunshots. Larry realised that something Uncle
said didn't match with what Larry had witnessed. Thus, he demands to 
testify on the matter. 

The Judge declares that is custom to provide an inaccurate verdict. Every
witness needs to be heard. Thusly, the Judge temperarily withdrawls his
guilty verdict, then calls for a five minute recess.

Date-December 27, 10:28 AM
Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 2
Maya will ask Edgeworth why his fingerprints are all over the gun. When the
man fell into the lake Edgeworth became seriously confused. He wasn't able
to think straight. Without a second thought he saw the pistol infront of 
him and just picked it up. He had no reason to do so, but he did...

Edgeworth will also comment that this is your chance to screw von Karma.
Hard. He has only run perfect trials, with perfectly prepared witnesses 
and perfectly prepared evidence. This is the first time he has ever had
another witness appear unexpectedly. Everything hinges on Larry's testimony

Date-December 27, 10:35 AM
Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 3
Nothing exciting off the bat since von Karma can't really do much. Larry's
testimony better be good...

~Larry Butz's Testimony-The Night of the Murder~
-That night, I was out in a boat on the lake.

-I was looking for something, and I, er, found it.

-So I quietly slipped the boat in at the rental shop deck.

-Then, just as I was thinking about going home, I heard this "bang"!

-I looked out over the lake, but I didn't notice the boat.

-So after I heard that single gunshot, I went home.

Press the first statement. Larry says he left the dock at around 11:00 PM.
Press the third statement next, about slipping the boat back in. Larry 
guesses he was searching for around an hour, so it was somewhere around
midnight by the time he arrived back at the dock. This makes sense since a
gunshot went off at 12:15. 

Press Larry's fifth statement. He didn't notice any boat while Uncle did.
Isn't that odd? It was very foggy that night and Larry isn't entirely sure
whether he did see the boat of not. That gets us nowhere. Fast.

Press his last statement. Larry confirms he heard only a single "bang" 
before he headed home. However, Lotta testified yesterday and Uncle 
testified today that they heard TWO gunshots go off. Present Lotta's
Deposition at Larry's last statement. Larry now isn't sure that he even
heard the second gunshot because he may have missed it. He was actually
listening to something else. He was listening to his radio with headphones
on. Not sure why he would use headphones on a quiet, desolate night, but
that's Larry. With all this seemingly pointless information into play, 
choose to "Continue" with his testimony. 

~Larry Butz's Testimony-What Larry Heard~
-It's lonely, being alone on Christmas Eve!

-That's why I was listening to an all-requests show on the radio, see?

-I was listening to it real booming loud, like.

-But I'm sure I heard that gunshot.

-I remember exactly what the DJ was saying when I heard it, too.

There is only statement that could give you any hope-the fifth one. Larry
never did say what the DJ was saying at the time in his testimony. Before
Larry has a chance to respond, von Karma will object to the stupidity of
this idea. Choose "We should care". The line the DJ was saying could be
vital to this case. A sixth statement will now be added:

-Just when she said "Hey! It's almost Christmas!" I heard the gunshot.

Huh? There was a gunshot BEFORE midnight? Present Lotta's Deposition again
at this new statement. Lotta, as well as Uncle, heard two gunshots clear
after midnight. However, Larry's new statement confirms another gunshot
was heard before midnight. These facts also back up another piece of
evidence you carry right now.

von Karma will state that Larry must be mistaken in his timings. He doesn't
even look so sure of himself. The Judge will ask for your opinion. Choose
"Larry's right". Larry obviously heard a gunshot sometime before midnight.
von Karma asks if you have evidence backing up your crazy claims. You'll
now need to show evidence that there was a gunshot before midnight. Present
the Second Lake Photo here (You can present the Pistol here, too, but you
would be presenting it too early resulting in you looping back to this
question although the end result is the same). Anyways, the timestamp on
Lotta's photo is December 24, 11:50 PM. There isn't anything in this
picture. That must mean a loud noise came form somewhere else in order to
set off the camera.

This claim completely backs up Larry's statement. He must have heard the
gunshot go off before midnight. von Karma will now mention that there were
two gunshots, seperated by a timeframe of 25 minutes. One at 11:50, another
at 12:15. Why is this?

Phoenix all of a sudden realizes what is going on. He has almost everything
figured out now. von Karma says that only Edgeworth could have been the
murderer. Phoenix objects, claiming that is assuming that murder took place
at 15 minutes past midnight. Phoenix will now claim that Robert Hammond was
actually killed 25 minutes before the acclaimed killing, and not actually
at 12:15. 

von Karma will object to your absurd assumptions. If Hammond was truly 
killed before midnight, who was on the boat in the picture? Choose 
"Edgeworth and the murderer". We know Edgeworth was on the boat and 
Hammond was dead. Supposedly. Hammond must have been killed at 11:50 PM.
The murderer then took the clothes of Robert Hammond and assumed his
identity. This was his way of meeting Edgeworth.

Phoenix will point out that Edgeworth won't reveal why he went to the lake.
He has an idea, though. Robert Hammond might have called Edgeworth to the
lake that night. Edgeworth had no idea what Hammond looked like so he would
not be able to tell if it was the real Hammond or not. That must be why
Edgeworth suspected nothing when he met "Hammond" on the boat.

The Judge will now demand who the murderer is since Phoenix seemingly has
a clue who it is. Choose "I don't know". It may be stupid, but you really
don't know his name. It isn't because you don't know who it is, it's
because he hasn't told you yet! The murderer must be the caretaker of the
boat rental shop. Phoenix claims that the real scene of the crime was not
actually on a boat. The Judge now asks you that if it wasn't on the boat,
where was it?

Move the cursor onto the boat rental shop on the map and present that. von
Karma will object to this right away. Where's the proof? Recall Larry's
testimony for a minute. Larry was searching for something that night and he
found it. Just as he was heading for him he heard a gunshot. He was wearing
headphones at a loud volume at the time. The only way he could hear a 
gunshot if it was close by. What was the closest thing to him? The boat
rental shop, of course! Phoenix will now explain what must have happened.
The testimony music will play, but, you won't cross examine yourself. Hah.

~Phoenix Wright's Explanation-What Really Happened~
-That night, the caretaker of the boat shop called Robert Hammond to his

-This was around 11:50.

-That was when the gunshot that Larry heard was fired.

-After that, the caretaker put on Robert Hammond's coat...

-He became Robert Hammond!

-Then he got in the boat with Edgeworth, and went out into the middle of 
the lake.

The Judge will ask who fired the Pistol after that statement. Choose "The
boat shop caretaker".

-Of course, it was the murderer who shot the pistol.

-He shot twice. Both missed Edgeworth on purpose.

von Karma will ask you now why the murderer had reasons to shoot twice.
Choose "To create a witness".

-The murderer lifts his pistol and fires one shot.

-That ensures that anyone who heard the shot would look at the lake.

-Indeed, Ms. Hart did exactly that after hearing the first gunshot.

-Next! The murderer waits a bit and he fires again.

-Then...the murderer jumps from the boat himself!

-Leaving the pistol in the boat behind him.

Phoenix then explains the murderer went back to the boat shop, put back 
the coat on Hammonds body, and flung him into the lake. These are the 
events that occured that night on Gourd Lake.

The Judge will order the bailiff to bring out Uncle so that he can testify
under these new circumstances.

In the meantime, the Judge will ask Edgeworth several questions. Edgeworth
will confirm that the majority of what Phoenix said was correct. Several
days ago he recieved a letter that was signed by Robert Hammond. He asked
to stop by the boat rental shop on Christmas Eve. He had to discuss 
something with him. Edgeworth won't say what it was, though.

The bailiff will return and announce that the old man has disappeared. He
isn't at the boat rental shop either. The Judge will order that the old man
must be captured at all costs as he is critical to the outcome of this 
trial. The Judge can't declare a verdict right now with all this confusion
going about. You have one more day to find the truth, the old man, and his
actual name.

Date-December 27, 1:22 PM
Location-District Court; Defendant's Lobby No. 2
Good job saving Edgeworth again for the day. He will mention to you that 
something has been troubling him for many years. He isn't sure whether or
not he should tell you. It's about some nightmare he has been having. A
memory of a crime he thinks he comitted. 

Day 3-Investigation

Date-December 27 2:11 PM
Location-Wright & Co. Law Offices
Edgeworth's murder memory strikes at a severely bad time. Whatever it is,
he will likely confess that in court and get a guilty verdict anyways, even
if you manage to save him.

Just then, Larry will arrive on the scene. Talk to him about "Today's 
trial" and Phoenix will admit he'd be screwed if Larry didn't show up. He
suggests you check out the old boat shop caretaker. As if that wasn't
obvious enough.

Talk about "Edgeworth" next. Maya asks why you trust him so much. Phoenix
will then explain his whole backstory with Edgeworth. He did, once, want to
become a defense attorney like his father. Talk about "The class trial".
Back in fourth grade, somebody's lunch money was stolen. Phoenix wasn't
around when it occurred, so suspicion he did it became apparent. He was 
held on trial in class (note he had spiky hair back then...). Just then,
young Miles stood up in Phoenix's defense. Larry then comes in and states
that everybody is acting like a total jerk. Hah.

After that day, the three of them became friends. That still doesn't 
explain why Edgeworth is now a prosecutor. Talk about "Edgeworth's goals"
now. Phoenix explains Edgeworth wanted to be a defense attorney, but after
several months transferred to another school. This is related to the DL-6
Incident. Phoenix couldn't get in touch with Edgeworth, and thusly became
a defense attorney for the sole purpose of meeting him. Wow. That's a 
stupid way to set a goal. Let's talk to Edgeworth about this.

Date-December 27
Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
Talk to Edgeworth about "Why prosecute?" Edgeworth's father war killed and
the only person who could have done it was declared innocent. Edgeworth 
confesses that after that day he despised criminals and would do anything
to get them locked away. Ask him then about "Prosecutor von Karma". 
Remember that he is Edgeworth's mentor. Everything Edgeworth knows was
derived from him. Especially his attitude. Hah. He's a complete freak-a
total perfectionist. Edgeworth admits that given von Karma's actions he
will likely be declared guilty. Head back to Gourd Lake. Time to find that
old man again.

Date-December 27 
Location-Gourd Lake Park; Entrance
You will find Detective Gumshoe back at the park, obviously looking for the
old man. He will become determined to catch that jerk for you, and then he
will run off. There's also one other thing. Remember that "No camping" sign
in Lotta's campsite? The park warden found out and nobody can go to the 
woods today. Not as if you really need to head there. Head for the public
beach now.

Date-December 27 
Location-Gourd Lake; Public Beach
Phoenix will notice the large Steel Samurai balloon and attaching flags are
missing. Larry's probably been too busy to care about his stand for the
moment. Head for the boat rental shop.

Date-December 27
Location-Boat Rental Shop
For whatever reason, Grossberg has come all the way out here. He suggests
that if you find anything important that you should stop by his office. 
There is only one place right now that could hold anything of such value.
The old man is out, which means the perfect oppertunity to sneak into his
shack and open the safe!

Date-December 27
Location-Caretaker's Shack
Once you are in the shack, you'll find Polly has been left alone in here. 
That's sad. Examine the safe now and Maya will be delighted to open it up.
You will find a single piece of paper inside the safe.

The letter starts off by saying to get your revenge on Edgeworth. The rest
of the letter is telling somebody that it's his last chance to do this and
get revenge on the two people who ruined his life. The remainder of the 
letter goes on about how to kill Hammond and frame Edgeworth. You will be
shocked to find out that almost everything Phoenix explained in court
yesterday was actually true. It was all part of the plans to frame
Edgeworth. This means the caretaker didn't decide to kill Hammond, he was
merely following instructions! But why would he do so? This confirms he is
the murderer, but that doesn't tell us who wrote the letter. Have an idea?
LETTER FROM THE SAFE will be added to the Court Record. You need to show
this letter to Edgeworth now.

Date-December 27
Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
Present the Letter from the Safe to Edgeworth. Edgeworth assumes somebody
else is behind this murder. Edgeworth and Hammond are the victims. But why?
The letter also mentions it is his last chance to get revenge. This makes
sense because the statue of limitations on the case at hand, DL-6, runs out

As if this isn't bad enough, Edgeworth will begin to think who the old man
really is. He believes he is Yanni Yogi, the only suspect originally in the
DL-6 Incident. Ask about "Yanni Yogi" now. Yogi was a court baliff during
the incident. He too was trapped in the elevator. He was declared innocent
due to severe brain damage. 

Now you can talk to Edgeworth about "The nightmare". Edgeworth has had the
same nightmare for over 15 years. He keeps dreaming that he killed his
father in that elevator. When Edgeworth flung the pistol, it shot off and
a loud scream was heard. He's not sure if it was from his father or now,
but he's sure it was. 

Well that certainly doesn't help you. We have some important evidence, yes?
Let's pay a visit to Grossberg. 

Date-December 27
Location-Grossberg Law Offices
Grossberg has a lot to talk about now. Maya will explain that Edgeworth
believes that he really killed his father. He will explain that Yogi holds
a deep enough grudge against Edgeworth that he framed him for murder. Then,
perhaps his dream actually is real. Because being a suspect ruined his 
career, he must have had no choice but to get revenge on the one who ruined
his life.

Talk about "Gregory Edgeworth" now. Gregory was a top defense attorney back
then. Gregory also deeply hated von Karma's technique of declaring his
clients guilty. von Karma, after all, has forged many a testimony and piece
of evidence. Gregory planned to call attention to his techniques in court,
but he failed. He died soon thereafter, in the elevator.

Ask about "The spirit medium". Remember, Misty was the one who channeled
Gregory Edgeworth to talk about who really killed him. He said that Yanni
Yogi killed him. But Yogi was found innocent. This means Gregory lied, and
most likely for the reason he wanted to protect Miles. That's only a 
possibility, though.

Time to present the Letter from the Safe. Grossberg will suspect Hammond
was killed because he was a skilled defense attorney, but defended clients
for his sake. He didn't care much about his clients at all. Yogi became a
free man again, but in reality his life was ruined thanks to Hammond. 
Grossberg then realises he is familar with the handwriting on the letter.
He'll ask you if you know who it is. Choose "Manfred von Karma".

Now it is starting to make sense. Grossberg will remember that this really
is von Karma's handwriting. He must have told Yogi to kill Hammond and 
fram Edgeworth. Ask about "Prosecutor von Karma" now. This means von Karma
knows that Edgeworth killed his own father. He will likely state that in
court tomorrow, too. He will then mention that 15 years ago von Karma and
Gregory were in a court case. von Karma won, of course, but something else
happened. Ask about "Gregory vs. Manfred". Gregory, after the verdict, 
declared von Karma of faulty evidence. This accusation stood and was the
only penalty that von Karma has recieved in his 40 year long career. von
Karma then took a vacation for several months. It was the only vacation he
has ever taken. We need to know why. The deal to his perfect record isn't
the real answer, likely enough.

Grossberg suggests that if you are so sure he is innocent that you go check
the records again. Head back to the records room for the final trump card.

Date-December 27
Location-Police Department; Criminal Affairs
An officer will allow you into the record room because von Karma is already
in there. You're allowed as long as he's in there. He beat you to it! We
should hurry and stop that man!

Date-December 27
Location-Police Department; Records Room
You, fortunately, won't find von Karma right away. He must be searching for
something else to use in the case. Notice that there is a drawer hanging 
open on the right wall. Examine it to find that it contains Unsolved Cases
Evidence. The DL-6 Incident file is completely missing. This must mean von
Karma has recently taken it.

von Karma will suddenly show up, looking as cool and badass as ever. Notice
the files he is carrying under his arm. Talking to him will only confirm
your suspicions that he will bring up the DL-6 Incident again tomorrow in
court. Now it's time to present the Letter from the Safe. von Karma will
admit that he wrote the letter. von Karma will then bring up a stun gun.
He is about to stun Phoenix, but Maya starts tackling von Karma. von Karma
will win, though, then stuns both of you and runs away with the letter.

In the short brawl, Maya stole a piece of evidence that von Karma was 
carrying. It happens to be a bullet. It's from the DL-6 Incident, and was
retrieved from the heart of Gregory Edgeworth. DL-6 BULLET will be added
to the Court Record. With the useful evidence stolen, how can you win
court tomorrow?

Day 4-Trial

Date-December 28, 9:51 AM
Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 2
Maya will be frying everybody she touches. The electricity must not have
worn off inside of her yet. Gumshoe will appear and gladly confirm that he
captured the old man. 

Date-December 28, 10:00 AM
Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 3
The identity of the caretaker, as we know is Yanni Yogi, still hasn't been
told to the court. It's best if we wait until the best possible time to 
reveal that. Yogi will then give a testimony. 

~Yanni Yogi's Testimony-Why I Left Court~
-Er, I'm really sorry about just leaving yesterday like I did.

-But I wasn't running away or nothing.

-I, uh, went to buy some food for Polly, see...

-I figured I got nothing to do with this incident anyhow.

-Er...I mean, I'd need one of this "motive" things, right? And I don't got

Unless you want some von Karmic objections, stick to pressing only Yogi's
fourth statement. Phoenix claims that if he had lost his memory, how would
he know he really has nothing to do with this incident? Phoenix boldly
states he knows who he is. The Judge will ask if Yogi's memory has anything
to do with the current case. It sure does. All of his statements are lies.
You will now need to tell who his name is. Obviously, choose "Yanni Yogi".

Unfortunately, you will need more proof than just an assumption. Phoenix 
will claim that his fingerprints should be taken. von Karma will state that
such an action is impossible. Where this man used to work he had burned his
hands. He has NO fingerprints. Well, that's great!

von Karma will laugh as you struggle to think of another witness. In a 
hilariously sarcastic tone, von Karma suggests you cross examine Yogi's
parrot. You know what? That's actually a good idea. It knows about DL-6 so
the little bird might actually know something. Choose "Yes, I'm doing it".

The parrot will now be brought in. Time for the best testimony in the game.

~Polly the Parrot's Testimony-Who Is Your Owner?~
-Hello! Hello! *squawk*


Well, if that's now that best testimony in history I don't know what it.
I think it should be more than obvious which statement you should pres, if
that actually will do anything. Phoenix will then suggest that Maya asks
Polly a question pertaining to DL-6. Choose "Have we forgotten something?"
Maya will ask Polly this question, but all Polly does is reply hello in
return. What the hell? Did von Karma retrain the bird and trap us into
making her testify?

Press that statement again. Now have Maya ask Polly "What's your name?"
There's a reason this is important. The parrot will respond, of course, 
that her name is Polly. The Judge will now ask if this has anything to do
with who the caretaker's identity is. Choose "Of course". von Karma will
laugh and demand proof that the name is related to Yogi. Look at the DL-6
Case File. On page three, suspect data, there are two names mentioned. 
Yanni Yogi for starters, and what he did. The other name was his fiancee
who committed suicide after the incident-Polly Jenkins. POLLY. There's a
clear possible connection here. Present the DL-6 Case File.

You will then be asked what page the proof is on. Choose "Suspect Data".
The Judge agrees that while the connection is possible, it's a mere
coincidence. Press this statement a third time. Ask the final question-
"What's the safe number?" Polly will still respond "1228" as usual. The
Judge will ask again if this has anything to do with who the caretaker is.
Choose "Actually, it does". Once again, present the DL-6 Case File. Do note
that the date of the incident was 12/28. The Judge will ask again what page
the information is found on. Choose "Case Summary". 

The Judge now realizes there is a patterns between the events of the DL-6
Incident and the caretaker. Turns out cross examining a bird actually paid
off. DON'T try it in real life! The Judge will now call Yogi back to the

The caretaker assumes a different pose. He finally confesses that he is 
Yanni Yogi. Damn he looks badass. He's been acting like an insane idiot for
over 15 years. Crazy. He confesses to serving in this court all those years
ago. He also admits that he was the one who killed Hammond and framed 
Edgeworth for his murder. After finishing the backstory behind his motive,
he will finally be arrested.

Edgeworth, after all this time, is finally declared innocent. von Karma
lost! But wait...Edgeworth objects to the Judge's verdict! He claims that
he isn't innocent whatsoever. Choose "Raise an Objection". von Karma, 
however, demands that this new testimony be allowed since it was yesterday.
Edgeworth will breifly explain the situation, then exclaim he is the one
who killed his father. von Karma demands a trial for these new revelations
get held right now. A short recess will now be given.

Date-December 28, 2:24 PM
Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 2
Edgeworth is ready to be declared guilty. Phoenix, though, is confident
that such will not be the case. He has the evidence to prove that Edgeworth
is actually innocent. You have all the necessary tools, no matter the von
Karmic objection, to prove his innocence once and for all. You'll head back
into court after that.

Date-December 28, 2:30 PM
Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 3
This is it. The final battle. Phoenix notes that one detail about his
father's murder didn't seem right. You'll need to pull it out.

~Miles Edgeworth's Testimony-The DL-6 Incident~
-That day, I had gone to the courtroom to observe one of my father's 

-As we left to leave, an earthquake struck, trapping us in the elevator.

-My father and Mr. Yogi lost their composure, and began to argue.

-Just then, something heavy fell at my feet.

-I picked it up, and threw it at Mr. Yogi. I wanted them to stop fighting.

-A moment later there was a single gunshot, then a scream.

-It was a terrible scream. I remember it to this day.

Press Edgeworth's sixth statement. It is the only contradiction there is in
his testimony. Phoenix is curious if the gun really fired only once. There
is an amount of detail here. Check out the DL-6 Case File yet again. One 
the Victim Data page, Gregory Edgeworth had been found dead with a pistol
nearby shot twice. Edgeworth has stated he heard only one gunshot. Where
did the second come from? Present the DL-6 Case File.

von Karma won't allow you to present it until you declare what page the
information is on. Choose "Victim Data" naturally. The Judge will soon ask
if you have any proof that other shot fired has something to do with this
case. Select "Yes". Choose to present the DL-6 Incident Photo. Finally a
use for that picture. 

The thing is, there's a contradiction in this picture that supports the
evidence presented. You'll need to show the contradiction. Present the 
bullet hole that broke through the elevator door glass. 

von Karma will quickly object to your little game. He will bring out the
DL-6 Case File (it's getting too much love...). Notice how "not a single
clue was found at the scene". If the pistol was really fired two times in
the elevator, the bullet that wasn't in Gregory Edgeworth's heart would
easily have been found at the scene. The second bullet has never been found
so your claim will be shot down by the Judge. 

The Judge is going to declare Edgeworth guilty once again. Be sure that
you "I have an objection". Stalling for time isn't going to do anything
now. There's nothing that can possibly help you. Luckily for you, Mia will
appear in Phoenix's thoughts. She'll mention "...it must exist..." and
"...Someone took it...". Phoenix will now call out that the second bullet
must clearly exist.

Phoenix claims, again, that the murderer took the second bullet with him.
The Judge will then ask why the murderer had taken the bullet in the first
place. Choose "The murderer didn't need it". Mia will pop up once again and
mention that "...he had to take it..." and "...you're thinking too normal,
think crazy...". That's a great message to know. So, think why the bullet
HAD to have been taken.

Phoenix now begins to understand what is happening. The murderer didn't 
have a choice of whether or not to take the bullet with him that day. What
if the murderer had been shot? Miles and Yogi weren't injured when they 
were found, so who was shot? This means that the murderer was actually
outside of the elevator the entire time.

von Karma will quickly stop you and keep saying that such a theory is
impossible. He seems worried about something. Maya then thinks of something
really crazy. Grossberg told you yesterday that Gregory Edgeworth had put
a penalty on von Karma's perfect record. Then he took a vacation. If this
is true, von Karma was shot and took the vacation in order to heal himself!

This is the only possibility! von Karma must be the murderer in this case.
It truly makes sense now. von Karma was at the scene of the crime-the 
courtroom that day for obvious reasons. He has a complete motive to murder
Gregory. The Judge will now ask if you know the name of the murderer. 
Choose to "Say it now". The truth must be revealed.

Edgeworth will look surprised. So will von Karma and the Judge. von Karma
sees no reason to object to this babble. He will then ask that you prove
he was shot. He would need surgery, of course, to get the bullet removed.
He orders you to get the doctor he used as proof. Of course, he wouldn't 
say something so stupid if it wasn't true. Edgeworth will say he couldn't
have had surgery. A doctor would be a witness. This means that the bullet
would still be inside of him to this day.

von Karma now states that if what you claim is true, the bullet is still
inside his shoulder. He tells you to show proof, so choose "Show evidence".
There is only one item you have that can prove that-the seemingly useless 
metal detector!

As soon as you present that von Karma will freak out and start sweating 
like crazy. It is now obvious he has a bullet in his shoulder. The Judge
will permit the useage of the metal detector. Behold, it goes off around
von Karma's shoulder.

von Karma isn't ready to admit to his guilt yet. He will now claim that he
had the bullet there ever since before the DL-6 Incident. You now have to
prove the bullet in his shoulder is connected to this incident. There's 
only one thing now that can link him to this case. Present the DL-6 Bullet
to hammer the final nail in von Karma's deathbed. The evidence states that
the ballistic markings are still very clear on the bullet. Remember that
ballistic markings can be used to tell what gun a bullet was fired from.
Thusly, if the ballistic markings from this bullet match the ballistic 
markings of the bullet found in von Karma's shoulder, then it would prove
that they came from the same gun.

It's over for von Karma. Realzing the impossible, von Karma will scream an
impossible to describe scream. Edgeworth will quickly realize that von 
Karma's scream is the one that has been haunting him in his nightmare all
these years. The entire case has been figured out. When Edgeworth threw
the gun it shot off. However, the first bullet shot through the elevator
door and into von Karma, who promptly screamed. When the doors opened, von
Karma was standing there facing his most hated rival who dealt a blow to
his perfect record. The perfect crime, no witness's and the only other
people there unconcious. He decided to give payback to the one person who
ruined his life-Gregory Edgeworth. 

This also clears up another story. When Gregory Edgeworth was contacted by
Misty Fey, he lied about who killed him. However, he couldn't have known 
who killed him since he was unconcious when it occured. 

von Karma has finally faced defeat. He will slam his head against the wall
in agony, and utter victory will be yours. After a long case like that, I
wouldn't say that's a bad thing!

Date-December 28, 5:38 PM
Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 2
Everybody, including Gumshoe and Lotta, will come by to express how happy
they are in your success. Larry stops by, too, and hands Edgeworth an
envelope containing $38.00 exactly. Larry then admits he was the one who
stole Edgeworth's money back in the fourth grade. All those years wanting
to become a defense attorney for nothing, Phoenix!

Date-December 28, 5:02 AM
Location-Wright & Co. Law Offices
It's early in the morning, and Phoenix will awake with a headache. He will
notice a note lying near his bed. Maya will admit she is useless to him
and wants to go back to her spirit medium training. Phoenix will run to the
train station to stop her. Maya still happens to be there. He will admit 
that he couldn't have solved this case without her. Present the DL-6 Bullet
to her to show she wasn't useless.

Maya promises that as soon as she finishes her training she will come right
back to help Phoenix out again. Hopefully you don't get into too much 
trouble until then. 

Phoenix will comment that after all these events he is no longer an amateur
attorney, but rather an ace attorney now. Hell yeah. The credits will now
roll, showing the majority of the characters you have met along the way.
They will talk to you a bit, generally about what they've been up to. Most
of them seem to have forgotten Phoenix...

At the very end, Phoenix will yell "HOLD IT!" and a fifth case will become
unlocked. If you recall, Phoenix Wright is a mere port of GS1 in Japan,
made for the GBA. It had only these first four cases. This new fifth case
was made especially for the DS. You won't find this case in Japan. Hope
you enjoy it!

     ~9.Episode 5-Rise from the Ashes~
Begin the final case of the game to see an odd introduction. It is a dark
and stormy night. The silouette of somebody holding a knife appears, then
splits into two seperate images and pans into two different buildings. A
knife is thrown, some glass shatters, the silouette of a familar mascot can
be scene breifly, and finally what appears to be a woman is seen holding a
jammed knife in somebody...

You will find out everything you just saw is connected to one another. And
what a case this is going to be.

Day 1-Investigation
Phoenix starts to talk after the previous series of events. It has been two
months since Maya left, and in that time he hasn't accepted any cases. He
has had offers as a recongnized defense attorney, but he's turned them all
down. One day, though, a girl showed up. 

Date-February 22, 10:02 AM
Location-Wright & Co. Law Offices
Phoenix seems really depressed. The person he was just talking about 
appears. She comments that her sister's trial is going on tomorrow. She 
thinks you're Mia Fey. Haha. She seems to know your name from the Edgeworth
case earlier, though. She begs that her sister needs saving, and Phoenix
gets a flashback to the second case. This sounds kinda similar. Phoenix
finally gives in.

She will introduce herself as Ema Skye. She is a scientific investigator.
Talk to her about "Ema" first. You will find out that she's only 16 years
old and still in high school. So, technically, she's only training to be a
scientific investigator. Ask her about "The case" now. She will mention 
that her sister didn't do any crime and didn't stab somebody with a knife.
Oh joy, yet another murder case. She claims, sadly, that there is a witness
that saw her do it. She asks that you go talk to her to get the facts 
straight. She mentions at the end her sister told Ema to get Mia. Hmm.

Ask about "Sci. Investigator" next. She seems really energetic about her
future career and stuff. She knows her sister will be declared not guilty
if the case is handled scientifically. She mentions that she has discovered
a new way of handling cases. 

Ask about "Relation to Mia" last. Ema's sister specifically requested her
to defend her. Mia was only a few years below her in school. She told Mia
to go to her if Ema ever needed a defense attorney, and now is as good a
time as ever to have one. Ema also says that she hates what her sister has
become lately. Her parents are dead so Ema's sister is her only family.

This still doesn't explain the case. Head over to the Detention Center.

Date-February 22
Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
You will find Ema's sister standing here with her back to you. She will
turn around and seems to know you right away. That's a first. She will
introduce herself as Lana Skye. She is the Chief Prosecutor for this 
district. She most certainly is a prosecutor. Phoenix will then realize 
this case is starting to have a serious resemblance to case 2. 

Talk to her about "The case". She will metion the suspect in the crime has
already confessed. And the only suspect is Lana. So...why are we here 
defending someone who has already given up? She will then talk about what
happened since it doesn't really matter at this point. The crime took place
the day before on February 21, at exactly 5:15 PM. This was what the
witness stated. The killing took place in the underground parking lot at
the Prosecutor's Office. The body was found in the trunk of one of her
subordinate's car. Since it seemed obvious enough she did the crime she was
arrested as she stood. 

Ask about "The victim" next. The victim was an investigator that worked 
with the Police Department. Moreso, he was a detective. He was killed by
a single stab to the stomach. Death was a loss of blood from the wound. The
death didn't happen immediately, but it was ensured the detective would die
soon after the impact. The victim was a detective, meaning that the police
department will consider it a matter of pride to get the suspect, even the
Chief Prosecutor, found guilty.

Talk to her about "Lana" next. She's responsible for overseeing the actions
of every prosecutor in the district and within the courtroom. Ema will 
notice something on Lana's hand. She cut herself by mistake while she was
stabbing the detective. This case seems to get worse and worse as you

Finally, ask about Lana's "Relation to Mia". She will mention when she was
in the same class as Mia, Mia had strong determination to become a defense
attorney. That is the reason she stood out so much to Lana. Lana was the
best there was in the school at that time. Lana after that conversation 
will say there is no way for you to defend her with these facts. However,
she will leave the rest of the job to you. She is now requesting your
services but she doesn't expect any good to come out of it. There must be
something deeper in this case. You will return to Wright & Co. Law Offices

Date-February 22
Location-Wright & Co. Law Offices
After a bit of talking with Ema about Lana, Phoenix suggests you check out
the underground parking lot. Head there.

Date-February 22
Location-Prosecutor's Office; Underground Parking Lot
As soon as you enter, a fellow detective will greet you. He's working on 
this crime scene. And he's dressed like...a cowboy? Ema will recongnize him
as Marshall. Jake Marshall. He's not interested in sharing his
investigations with you, so he suggests you leave. As if. 

Anyways, there's a bounty of objects you should examine. Start by switching
screens. The car there is where the murder took place. Examine it and 
Marshall will come back, telling you to back off. Ema will ask who the 
owned of the car is, and he will tell you the owner is in the High 
Prosecutor's Office. You can't look at that screen anymore. 

On the wall opposite of you, you can find a large wall and a door. There
is also an emergency phone. Examine it, and you will find that it isn't
working. Examine the door near the phone as well. Ema tries the door out
but you will find that it is locked. We don't know where that door goes,

Examine the glass wall of the security office on the second floor which
overhangs the parking lot. The view from this room, as Phoenix says, is
likely to make the entire parking garage visible. Examine the oil barrels
near the wall. They appear to be very heavy and filled with water. Oddly
enough, one is knocked over. 

Next, examine the wall right next to the barrels (it has the yellow and
black hazard stripes on it). It's quite tall, and apparently gets in your
way of something. 

Finally, examine the most important part of the scene. There's a wallet
infront of the locked door. Phoenix tries offering it back to the police,
but Ema stops him and says it's evidence. WALLET will be added to the
Court Record. And trust me, you will get a crapload of Court Record items,
just wait.

Ema will now tell and show you the art of "scientific investigation". She
will show you the Court Record screen and she'll press "check" on the 
Wallet. See? You can now examine items in a 3-D perspective. Why the hell
did it take so long to look at things in a 3-D perspective anyways? You 
will need to use the stylus on this one. Turn the wheel at the bottom of
the screen to rotate the object to the left a bit (move the wheel right
to do this). Ema will spot a clue right away. Choose to examine this spot.

It happens to be the opener of the waller. Inside is an ID Card. It reads
"Detective Bruce Goodman; ID # 5842189". GOODMAN'S ID will be added to the
Court Record now.

You've done your business here in the lot. However, someone shows up before
you plan to leave. A woman holding a basket full of lunches appears to 
talk to you. The woman eventually gets to the point that she is the witness
who saw Lana jab the knife into Goodman. She will introduce herself as
Angel Starr. 

Talk to her about "The case". She somehow knew something special was going
to happen today. She talks about how there was a prosecutor convention
yesterday and the crowned a "King of Prosecutors". Angel seems to have a
grudge against prosecutors. Ha. The person who won that award is also the
owner of the car the murder took place in. So the man in the High
Prosecutor's Office may know something about this murder.

Ask about "What you witnessed". She was amazed to see Lana hold the murder
weapon. She thought it was a spectacle. If what she says is true, she 
witnessed the exact moment the murder occured. Talk about "Angel" next. 
She will explain she comes here to sell lunches everyday. Her boyfriend
works in the security office we noticed earlier. 

Ask about the "Prosecutor's Office" lastly. She seems to hold a grudge
against prosecutors. Phoenix thinks something happened in her past that
prosecutors were involved with. So much info we still need! Let's head to
the High Prosecutor's Office for more answers.

Date-February 22
Location-High Prosecutor's Office; Room 1202
Wow. What a snazzy room. Pinkish decor, a desk, tons of flowers. The hell
kind of prosecutor has these kinds of things in his office? Ema notices a
trophy right away. She mentions whoever it belongs to must be a real jerk.
And out of total irony, that's when Edgeworth returns to his office. Yes, 
HIS office. Ema claims to be Edgeworth's "biggest fan". Ema decides to
insult Edgeworth again by saying a murder took place in an ugly car which,
as he confirms, happens to be his. 

Talk to Edgeworth about "The case". Edgeworth recalls Ema as the Chief
Prosecutor's little sister. Edgeworth is also surprised that his car 
happens to be the scene of the crime. That, and he's now forced to prove 
that Lana is guilty. He explains that he will be the prosecutor in this
case. If he wasn't awesome, I would say that sucks.

Talk about "Edgeworth" next. He's surprised that he's still a prosecutor
mainly because of the rumors circling around. He also mentions how he hates
the award he was given for being a prosecutor.

Ask about "Lana Skye" now. Edgeworth worked with her several years ago. He
also goes on to say he's shocked that she killed somebody in the trunk of
his car, no less with a knife from his toolbox. EDGEWORTH'S KNIFE will be
added to the Court Record.

See the award that Edgeworth won lying on the couch? Examine it. The award
has a big "K" on it, and the shield is slightly broken. Edgeworth pitfully
states it's the "King of Prosecutors" award. Edgeworth seems to hate it,
though. KING OF PROSECUTORS TROPHY added to the Court Record. 

Examine the picture of Edgeworth on the wall. For those curious what that
outfit he's wearing is, that was an original design of Edgeworth before he
was made several years younger to throw in the backstory with him and
Phoenix as grade schoolers. 

Examine the flowers at the back window. Get a laugh as you'll find out 
Wendy Oldbag sent these to Edgeworth. Not sure why, but hey! Examine the
large shelf of case files. Towards the end of the conversation, Phoenix 
will picture Gumshoe. Hmm.

Present the Prosecutors Trophy to Edgeworth. He's upset at the pointless
waste of time that the offices spent handing him that trophy. He had to go
to the Police Department to recieve it. He also mentions yesterday was a 
very busy day in the prosecutors office.

Ask about "The day of the crime" now. Yesterday was the annual cleaning day
in the Prosecutors Office. Remember the police deal with all sorts of
evidence for solved cases. The police then sort all of the solved case
files, basically getting rid of them. This is called evidence transferal 
(remember this!) He also mentions that day was the day of the ceremony 
where he recieved that trophy. He was there most of the afternoon and 
didn't arrive back at the office until 5:12 PM. Edgeworth cares little for
his memory, so the only way he knows that fact is from hard evidence. He
still has the parking stub he used to get into the parking garage. 
EDGEWORTH'S PARKING STUB is added to the Court Record. Upon close
examination, he arrived at 17:12 on 2/21. That's the same as 5:12 PM.

Just then, an officer will burst into Edgeworth's office. He's here to
deliver a report to Edgeworth, mostly concerning the Lana Skye case. The
officer states that isn't what the information is about. Edgeworth gets
ticked off this officer is wasting his time, and the officer gets ticked
as well. He states his name as Officer Mike Meekins. Edgeworth yells at him
to leave, and with his silly report as well.

Edgeworth says he has a lot of work to do, and suggests you head down to 
the police station where that officer came from. You might just find 
something important there. Head to the Police Department.

Date-February 22
Location-Police Department Entrance
It's true. Phoenix Wright does not have a driver's license. Anyways, 
Phoenix will notice a cardboard cutout of something infront of the Police
Station. You should recongnize this as the totally awesome Blue Badger,
defender of evidence and solver of cases...and the police mascot. Ema says
he seems a bit familar. 

Somebody happens to be dancing with the Blue Badger. It happens to be none
other than Detective Gumshoe! Talk to him about "The case". Gumshoe advises
you to not defend Lana in court. She has already confessed to the crime so
you're just wasting your time. She claims she summoned Goodman to her
office and killed him there. Gumshoe also says the police hate hearing the
word "faked" these days. Huh.

Ask about "The investigation" next. He admits that he was kicked out of the
Criminal Affairs Department. This murder case is at such a high level that
only topped ranked officers and detective are allowed in the Criminal 
Affairs Department at this time. Since he had nothing to do, he decided to
hang out with a cardboard moving...thing. The Chief of Police is heading 
the investigation, explaining why Marshall is at the Underground Lot. Don't
head there just yet.

Present Goodman's ID to Gumshoe. He will remember his name as the victim
of this case. Now you can talk to him about "Bruce Goodman". He was a 
detective much like Gumshoe (yet likely better). Ema finds it wierd his ID
Card was at the parking lot. Goodman was originally supposed to be at the
Police Department on the day of the murder because he was to take part in
the evidence transferal. But if he was supposed to be at the Police 
Department doing so, why was he at the Prosecutor's Office, and why did
Lana supposedly call him down there?

Present the Prosecutor Trophy to Gumshoe now. Gumshoe was at the awards 
ceremony as well. Present Edgeworth's Knife to him now. He's not sure why
Lana, or whoever really did it, killed Goodman. This will now allow you to
talk about "Rumors at law". Rumors has surfaced after the fourth case was
closed even though he was found innocent. This current case has started yet
another rumor about him. People think the only reason he's taking this case
is because he wants to become Chief Prosecutor himself. Gumshoe thinks 
otherwise; he thinks Edgeworth is doing it because nobody else wants to
prosecute the Cheif Prosecutor herself. 

Choose to examine the scene. The only thing that gets results is the Blue
Badger. Gumshoe admits that he made the little guy. The Blue Badger runs on
batteries, so when they fail the machine fails to function. There isn't a
switch so it'll keep waving its arms until the batteries die. Or until
somebody takes them out. What a great idea! The awesome BLUE BADGER is 
added to the Court Record.

Gumshoe knows Marshall. He's actually just a normal officer. He will hand
you a LETTER OF INTRODUCTION, added to the Court Record, which should allow
you to examine the crime scene further. Head back to the Underground Lot

Date-February 22
Location-Prosecutor's Office; Underground Parking Lot
Angel will appear after what seems like a conversation between her and a
detective. She also has a boyfriend in Criminal Affairs. Meh. She'll take
her leave and Marshall will appear. Now's a good time to present the Letter
of Introduction to him. The introduction is severely mispelled, but
Marshall accepts it's from Gumshoe. He'll permit you to investigate the 
crime scene now. Ema will mention why a patrolman is doing a detective's
job. Marshall won't give you a serious response, though. The Letter of
Introduction will be discarded. 

Talk to Marshall about "The victim". He will hand you GOODMAN'S AUTOPSY
REPORT, now added to the Court Record. The Autopsy Report, when 
scientifically investigating, refers in further detail the events in the
murder. The kinfe, chest wound, victim, you already know them all. Marshall
goes on to say that Lana and Goodman have nothing in common together. They
worked together in a case several years ago, and that's it. This means Lana
doesn't have a clear motive for killing Goodman. 

Ask about "Marshall" now. Phoenix will ask why him, as a patrolman, has 
been assigned to a high profile case such as this. He was actually a 
detective until two years ago. The Police Department was short on
detectives, so Marshall got assigned to the job. Still doesn't explain the
lack of Gumshoe.

Move to the other screen. Now you can investigate this portion without
getting yelled at by Marshall. Examine the large grated wall near the car.
Behind the fence is "B Block" where all the visitor's to the Office park.
It appears to be quite tall. 

Now examine the opened trunk of Edgeworth's car. You will find a note
inside of it. The note reads "6-7S, 12/2". On the top right corner of the
note you will find the name "Goodman". Perhaps Goodman has this when he was
killed. It is unknown what "6-7S" could mean, or why the date 12/2 (if
that's a date at all) is written on this note. GOODMAN'S NOTE is added to
the Court Record.

On the floor to the left of the car you will find a cell phone, once
examined. Choose to "Check it out". Ema thinks it belongs to the victim. 
You now have to examine the cell phone to find something about it. Rotate
the cell phone a bit to reveal a blue button on the side of it which opens
it up. 

The display of the cell phone is on the redial button. Examine the blue 
button that Ema mentions is the redial button. Phoenix will press the
button and you'll hear a familar Steel Samurai tune. Before Ema mentions 
who the phone belongs to, Marshall steps in. This phone belongs to Lana 
Skye, not the victim! According to the the display, the call Lana made
last nigh right after the murder only lasted a few seconds. Marshall isn't
sure on who she called. Phoenix claims his phone rang as that picked up 
Lana's. Yeah, right. CELL PHONE will be added to the Court Record.

You can now talk to Marshall about "Lana Skye". Ema implies that Marshall
and Lana were somehow related. Ask about "Office atmosphere" now. He will
mention that rumors about forged evidence connected to Edgeworth appear to
be true. He was also unbeatable until he went against Phoenix. All of the
rumors lead back to one person-Lana. Edgeworth made deals with Lana in 
order to win trials. Phoenix thinks that Gumshoe isn't on this case because
he has a close relation with Edgeworth.

Ema asks how you're doing. Yeah, it's not looking too good right now. 
Phoenix also asks if it was actually Ema's phone that just rang instead of
his. This means that at 5:18 PM, right after the murder, Lana called Ema
for only a few seconds. Lana hung up right away, though. CELL PHONE is
added to the Court Record (again). 

We have no real leads in this case. But, that's the end of day one. Save 
the game and prepare for court.

Day 2-Trial

Date-February 23, 9:34 AM
Location-District Court; Defendant's Lobby No. 2
You'll talk with Lana for a second, then realize you're going into trial
without a Fey helpig you for the first time. Let's see if Phoenix can
actually do something by himself for once.

Date-February 23, 10:00 AM
Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 9
Edgey is back! He mentions that a professional witness saw the crime in the
parking lot. Edgeworth will call Angel Starr to the stand. Angel will now
explain her past a bit. Two years ago Angel was a special investigator with
the police force. She was a first-rate homicide detective. The Judge now
remembers her as the Cough-Up Queen, capable of getting anybody to explain
the facts straight out. She'll be explaining thr situation in this case.

She will begin by showing everyone a map of the Underground Parking Lot. As
you remember from earlier, the lot is divided into two seperate lots. The A
Block is made for employees at the Prosecutor's Office while B Block is for
visitor's and clients. There is a fenced divider, what we examined earlier,
that divides both lots. This is erected to keep visitor's from moving into
spaces for the prosecutor's. The crime took place inside the trunk of a car
that was in A Block. The killer, Lana, used a knife to stab the victim and
went to drive the body out. However, she was a witness to this scene and
the police apprehended her immediately. FLOOR PLANS are added to the Court
Record. Now she'll testify to prove she saw Lana.

~Angel Starr's Testimony-Witness's Account~
-Somehow, I always knew a day like this would come.

-I was on my way to deliver a lunchbox to my boyfriend...

-When I sensed something...perhaps it was my finely-honed detecive 
instincts working.

-Then, through a wire fence, I saw the chief prosecutor standing next to a
garish car.

-The chief prosecutor was holding a knife in her right hand...

-Then, she thrust the pointy tip of the knife into Detective Goodman's 

Uh. No contradictions. Again. Time to start pressing. Press her first 
statement. She mentions yet again that she hates prosecutors for their
dirty job. Because evidence is everything, she suspects that Goodman was
killed for knowing too much information. She also notes that she was fired
from her job because of prosecutors.

Press her second sentence and she will mention she was delivering a lunch
to her security guard boyfriend. Not the detective we thought earlier. She
says that because she was a visitor, she was in B Block. This means she 
witnessed the crime from B Block.

Now you can skip to her fourth statement, about seeing the murder through
the wire fence. She confirms that is was Edgeworth's car the murder took
place in. Remember that the murder weapon, the knife, was also Edgeworth's.
She confirms that she saw Lana from a distance of no more than thirty feet
away. Phoenix claims that she is a biased witness because of her hate of
prosecutors. She will now present a picture of the exact moment of the 
murder. The picture shows Lana facing the open trunk of the car, and she's
wearing a trenchcoat. The CRIME PHOTO will be added to the Court Record.
Note the faint fencing in the picture, proving she took it from behind the
wired fence.

Press Angel's last statement. She will admit she didn't understand what 
Lana was doing until it was too late, thusly she couldn't save Goodman.
Now, check the fifth statement. It says that Lana held the knife in her
right hand, and Angel captured the moment of the murder on film. But in
the picture, Lana's not holding a knife at all! Present the Crime Photo
at this statement.

Edgeworth will step in and explain the situation. The photo wasn't taken
before the stabbing, but rather after it occured. How can this be seen?
Angel will reply with blood splatter. Despite the picture having poor
quality, you can see stains on Lana's trenchcoat, more likely than not

Next choose to raisn an "Objection", of course. This info contradicts what
Angel just stated. She claims she was slightly unclear with her description
however. She claims that Lana killed Goodman, based on the idea it was a 
premediated murder. You will look at the photograph again and Lana will
appear to be wearing gloves. You'll be brought back to her testimony, and
this line will be added:

-The murder was planned! The rubber gloves prove it!

Well, it has never hurt to press a newly added statement so do so. 
Edgeworth will claim that these types of gloves are mainly used in 
autopsies. Thusly, it makes sense that she was wearing them with the intent
of doing murder. You need to prove a way that the murder wasn't 
premediated. Now, this raises a problem. "Premediated" basically means it
was all planned out. Why the hell would Lana forget to bring the most
important thing to a murder:the WEAPON. Present Edgeworth's knife.

Too bad the proof that this wasn't a premediated murder doesn't stop the
fact Lana killed Goodman. Angel will testify again, and things are going to
get a bit more specific.

~Angel Starr's Testimony-Angel's Deduction~
-Lana Skye intended to murder Detective Goodman!

-That's why she called the victim all the way to the Prosecutor's Office.

-I'm sure the Chief Prosecutor had a grudge against the victim.

-Nothing else could drive that human machine to plunge the knife in again
and again...

The contradiction here is all too obvious if you looked at the evidence.
Remember, witnesses always slip up on the important details. The most
important one here being either something about a grudge or stabbing 
Goodman multiple times. If you looked at the autopsy report, you'd notice
Goodman was stabbed a mere one time. Present Goodman's Autopsy Report at
her final statement.

She thinks that she mistook something for blood. When she lifted the knife,
Angel thought she saw blood on Lana. Perhaps splattered blood from the
victim. This is what led Angel to believe that she has stabbed Goodman
multiple times. The Judge now demands she adds this new statement to her
testimony. The following line is added:

-Her red muffler looked like blood to me...that's how ghastly the whole
scene was.

Press this statement. A muffler, in this case, actually refers to a scarf.
Note that Lana does actually wear this constantly around her neck. She 
still seems certain she saw blood on her chest. And now we get to specific
details. Check out the crime photo once again. Lana isn't wearing anything
around her neck, disproving she was wearing her muffler at that time. 
Present the Crime Photo.

Edgeworth will step in as soon as you object, and describe everything you
planned on saying. Angel seems determined that she was wearing a scarf, or
at least something red. Now she will testify again. We need to prove Lana
didn't stab Goodman!

~Angel Starr's Testimony-Apprehending the Suspect~
-After the murder, the suspect attempted to run behind a partition off to
her side.

-I quickly caught her, explained her rights to her, and arrested her on the

-When I arrested her, she mentioned the muffler!

-That's what had me confused in my earlier testimony!

-The chief prosecutor made to escape, but against Angel Starr, resistance
is futile!

Press her second statement. We need her to define "quickly" for us. Angel
mentions once again that she was only thirty feet away from the suspect,
making catching her not all too hard of a job. "Press her" for more 
details. You will be shown the floor plans again. She witnessed the murder
near the fence in B Block. However, there was a chain link fence infront
of her. She claims that she climbed over the fence. This, however, would
not make it a very quick apprehension since it would take time to climb
over such a tall fence. So, why didn't Lana get away? She clearly had time
to do so...

Press her third statement. Angel doesn't exactly remember what Lana had
said about the muffler, otherwise it would be in her testimony. All Lana
said, infact, was the word muffler. This means she wasn't talking to Angel
but instead was on the phone! Meaning, of course, her own cell phone. 
Choose to "Ask further". Lana had first attempted to use the phone hanging
on the wall, but it doesn't work. Thusly, she used her cell phone. LANA'S
CELL PHONE will be updated in the Court Record. She adds this statement to
her testimony as well:

-She gave up trying to use the phone on the wall and just used her cell 

Press this statement. You don't have evidence to disprove this, yet. She
will bring out the floor plans again to show you. The chief prosecutor ran
behind the partition to use the phone planted there. It was out of order,
though. She then pulled out her own cell phone. During that time, Angel
climbed over the fence and apprehended Lana. Note in the picture that Lana
had dropped her cell phone. Phoenix smiles, asking if she "saw" her doing
all this. 

That should tip your way to the answer. She COULDN'T have seen any of this
going on, there was a partition blocking the view! Present the Parking Lot
Floor Plans at this new statement. She admits that Edgeworth and Lana had
kicked her out of the police force years ago, revealing that Angel has a
grudge against Lana. 

Phoenix will explain the obvious. She couldn't have seen Lana and whatnot.
Edgeworth will now ask you what lie Angel told in her testimony. Angel has
lied about "Where she saw it". 

Phoenix will explain that Angel certainly did see Lana make the phone call,
or at least try to, but from a different location. You will now be given
the floor plans and asked to point where Angel could have seen the murder 
occur from. There's only once place where it could have happened logically.
No, not the top of the fence. Lana was hugging the partition so it still
wouldn't be high enough. But what about the second floor security room?
Present that as the location. 

The Judge states there could be many other places to see Lana, but Phoenix
disproves that. She couldn't have been in A Block since she's not a 
prosecutor. Thusly, only the security room gave her the view to see Lana.
Angel has clearly been lying, but she must have a good reason for doing so.
But why? She was in the security room, but said she saw the crime in B 
Block. They are two totally different locations. What would be the vitally
changing fact? Choose "Distance to the crime".

So what changed? The guard room is also thirty feet from the scene of the
crime. What matters is the time it took for her to reach the scene of the
crime instead. Her boyfriend wasn't in the security station so she waited,
and saw the crime then. She then found the door leading to the A Block was
locked. She then had to go all the way down a hallway back to B Block. She
mentions it took her about five minutes to reach the scene. But do you have
evidence to disprove any of these claims?

Choose "Raise an objection". Five entire minutes Lana could have spent 
running away, but yet she stood where she was. Angel looks freaked out. 

The Judge declares that Angel has a grudge against Lana, and thusly there
is a hole in her testimony. He will decide to suspend court for the day,
but Angel yells at him to stop. She will testify one final time, for real,
about some decisive evidence.

~Angel Starr's Testimony-Decisive Evidence~
-I should have mentioned those five minutes when I wasn't looking at the
crime scene.

-And now, to the matter of the victim's shoe...Did I not bring this up...?

-Two types of blood were found on this shoe! One was of course the 

-And the other was...! The defendant, Ms. Lana Skye's blood!

-This shoe proves it! It's flawless, decisive evidence!

Angel will bring out the victim's shoe during the testimony. Problem is,
Edgeworth can't accept this as evidence due to the rules of evidence law.
The Police Department didn't approve of it so it can't be accepted. Angel
responds that the shoe was tested by a member of the forensics department.
That makes it approved by the Police Department. VICTIM'S SHOE will be 
added to the Court Record. Now, down to business.

Press Angel's third statement. She is certain that the blood belongs to 
Goodman and Lana. Now, press her fourth statement. She shouldn't have been
able to declare it was Lana's by only a mere blood test. Ema also states
that's it's impossible to narrow somebody's blood down to just one person.
Angel goes on to say that if there was time she would have had DNA test
results. The forensics team, though, went on to say that they were most
certain Lana's blood was on the shoe. 

Now you should press the fifth statement, because everybody who talks about
decisive evidence is always wrong. Ema will ask if there's something wrong
with the shoe. Check the shoe in an scientific invesitgation. There are 
drops of blood, most likely Lana's, on it. But check the bottom. A ton of
blood is there! Choose "There's a problem". The Judge will ask you to point
to the problem with the shoe. The problem is obvious the blood on the
bottom of the shoe. Present that area.

Edgeworth will now ask what the hell is so contradictory about blood on the
bottom of a shoe. Wouldn't there be bloody footprints, or something like a
pool of blood at the scene for there to be blood on the bottom of the shoe?
Present the Crime Photo. 

The photo clearly shows no prints on the ground where blood could have 
been. Remember that you checked the scene. There were no footprints there,
disproving her claim. Edgeworth suddenly figures it out. Angel slipped in
her testimony, and now there's a vital hint to the truth. He will mention
earlier that Angel said Lana had knocked over an oil drum. So, what was in
the oil drum? Angel replies that it was full of water. 

Edgeworth now implies Lana knocked the drum over in order to wash away all
the bloody footprints that were made. 

You will also remember that Lana was injured when she stabbed Goodman. That
must be the other blood on his shoe. The Judge is going to give his verdict
now. Ema then says that since Angel is with the prosecution she could
easily be lying about the water.

NOBODY associated Angel with them bastard prosecutors. Angel says that she
has even more evidence up her sleeve. She went as far to even take yet 
another photo, this one of Goodman stuck in Edgeworth's trunk. This proves
the shoe belongs to Goodman. Also, the ground is full of water implying 
that the oil drum must have fallen over.

Mia will seemingly contact Phoenix in his own thoughts, telling him to 
ignore the wet ground and look for the real contradiction within the photo.
Phoenix will ask to examine the photo. Now you need to point to the 
contradiction. It certainly is not obvious. You need to think back to 
Angel's previous claims. Remember how she mentioned the word "muffler" into
her phone? Look at the tailpipe in the car. Something is clearly jammed 
into it. Point at the tailpipe and present it.

Well? There's no "muffler" type of scarf as we can see. However, Lana could
have been talking about the muffler of the car rather than her scarf. So,
what is the piece of cloth doing hanging in the muffler? You will be asked
to present what makes the cloth in the muffler so vital to this case. 
Present Lana's Cell Phone. If Lana had to mention that to somebody, it 
makes it quite important. The cloth must be vital evidence. The Judge will
suspend the trial for thirty minutes. Save the game now.

Date-February 23, 11:56 AM
Location-District Court; Defendant's Lobby No. 2
You'll talk with Ema, and Marshall will join you not long after. He was
kicked out of the Underground Lot due to investigation of the mysterious
cloth. Marshall will reply that he, for certain, saw Lana wearing her red
scarf. He saw if the day of the murder. He mentions Edgeworth has seen her
wearing it as well. But the photo proves she wasn't wearing it. This is all
a ball of confusion. She must have been wearing it, but proof shows she 
wasn't...who the hell cares? SHE KILLED GOODMAN. A scarf shouldn't dispute
otherwise. Back to court!

Date-February 23, 12:32 PM
Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 9
You'll enter the courtroom to find Edgeworth's face look rather
displeasing. He's muttering about something that couldn't have possible
happened. Huh. Perhaps it has something to do with the man that has come 
in. After a dramatic pause for effect, he will be mentioned as the district
chief of police Damon Gant. He will have brought Lana's red scarf. He says
that it really was stuffed into the muffler of the car. 

Gant will then present a switchblade knife. Gant pushes off Edgeworth, 
totally embarassing him. It's his fault the investigation so far has been
crap since he agreed to this case. The Judge will ask you to take a look at
the switchblade knife that Gant found. The knife will open up into the
investigation screen. You need to find a way to open it. However, the only
thing you can examine is the tag attached to it. Present the location of 
that tag. This tage reads "SL-9 2". This sounds familar, kinda like DL-6.
Could SL-9 be the code name for yet another incident? Ema also says she
thinks she has seen this before.

You can open the knife now. Examine the little golden switch on the upper
half of the knife to draw the blade. Ema will notice the end of the blade
has been completely broken off. The stain on it is likely to be blood.
SWITCHBLADE KNIFE added to the Court Record.

Edgeworth is ticked off at the chief of police. He will be asked to testify
about the current situation. This is the final testimony of the day. Oh
what fun.

~Damon Gant's Testimony-Department in Disorder~
-This knife is special...but I can't say how here.

-Unless there's evidence to prove a connection between this knife and 

-That was a bad day for the Department. We weren't in any shape to do an

-A detective was killed at the Police Department, see...what a mess!

-The time of the crime? 5:15. Scary coincidence, eh?

-It's not offcially linked to this case here, so I can't talk much about
it here.

So two people, both detectives none less, were killed at the exact same 
time in two different places. One at the Police Department, the other in
the Underground Lot. To hell with coincidences, they have to be connected

Press the first statement. Phoenix asks if the tag on the switchblade knife
is important, but Gant refuses to say here. He also mentions that the knife
was actually wrapped inside Lana's muffler which was hidden inside the
muffler of the car.

Skip ahead to the fourth statement. Press this. He will say that there is a
suspect for this seperate murder and he has already been arrested. However,
Gant thinks that Phoenix might be able to help him. He says he will help
you if you can give relevant information to his case. 

Now, you have three possible questions to ask. You know the answer to two
of them already. The other detective was killed at 5:15, and the place of
death was at the Police Station. Thusly, choose "How the victim was 
killed". The detective was killed by a stabbing from a knife. Odd, that is
exactly how Detective Goodman was killed. Gant also mentions there were 
more similarities in these two cases...

Phoenix thinks he should press harder. Press this statement yet again. When
you get to the questions, choose "Where the victim was found". Something
more detailed then just "at the Police Department" may be necessary. Gant 
will say the murder occured within the evidence room in the Police 

Now, head back to the second statement. Pressing it will make Phoenix 
think about a piece of evidence that he has had no use for. Ema also
suggests investigating the knife. All it said was "SL-9 2" on it, though.
Think about what Phoenix is talking about. You have yet to have a use for 
the Victim's Note (and the Blue Badger...). Look at the note again. Try
flipping your DS upside-down. Aha! Present the Victim's Note here.

Oh gosh. How wierd. The name on the top made it look rightside-up, but
infact the opposite was true when Goodman wrote this down. Gant will admit
to you "winning" this round. Whatever could he mean...?

Think about it. Gant is hiding another case, something you know little 
about besides the fact another detective was killed. Here you just found
something referring to SL-9, and on the switchblade knife you found SL-9.
These cases, one way or another, ARE connected. This changes Gant's first
few lines of testimony to the following:

-This knife was evidence in a case. It was stolen from the Department's
evidence room.

Might as well press this new statement. He mentions that the knife was
actually the murder weapon used to solve a case many years ago. It was
stolen on the day of the murder. 

Ugh. What a tangled mess. Press the statement about how a detective was
killed once again. Phoenix will now realize the connection between the
cases. And when you reach back to his testimony, you'll be set on the one
line you need to deal with. Press his final statement. There is a clear
connection between the cases now. The knife, the note, that matches the tag
on said knife, he was murdered in the same fashion but at the Police
Department, and so on. You will ask if you can get some information in an
unoffcial manner. Gant will agree. He changes his final statement to this:

-I'll cooperate, but I can't reveal the name of the victim at the
Department, okay?

Press this. You will now be able to get some information from Gant. You can
keep pressing this statement to get all the info, but mainly focus on "The
victim's ID number". After another dramatic pause, he will reveal the 
number as 5842189. The Judge will ask if this ID number is important at
all. Choose "This tells me something!" Doesn't that number look a bit
familar? It's Bruce Goodman's, is it not? It's on his ID Card which is in
your possession. Present Goodman's ID.

Uh? This kinda proves that two murders indeed took place in these spots,
but with the SAME victim in each one! Too bad Gant isn't phased a bit. 
Edgeworth will demand why he hasn't heard about this at all. Actually, all
of these errors are Edgeworths'. Remember Officer Meekins? He was to
deliver a package to Edgeworth. Said package contained the relevant 
information about this case that is tied to your case. Of course, he never
accepted it. This info couldn't be used in court until a relevation that
connects that evidence with the current case is proven. Phoenix just did 
all that work. Wow.

This case has gotten so damn confusing. Where was Goodman really killed?
Who really killed him? You need to find these answers.

***NOTE-In my several playthrough of Case 5, Damon Gant's testimony has
MANY different ways to progress through it, but they all end up at the 
same place. This makes this testimony difficult to follow if you get stuck
in the middle of it. I'm sorry for any inconviences that may arise***

Day 2-Investigation

Date-February 23, 2:15 PM
Location-Wright & Co. Law Offices
Phoenix will try to make simple sense of this case thus far. Apparently,
Bruce Goodman was stabbed at the same time in two different places. Then
you'll warp to the parking lot in Ema's attempt to prove she isn't useless.

Date-February 23
Location-Prosecutor's Office; Underground Parking Lot
Ema says you shouldn't worry about the Police Department murder. There's
no body of Goodman there after all. Anyways, Phoenix thinks the blood
stains are all gone, but Ema thinks otherwise. She brings out her Luminol
Testing Fluid. It's stuff that allows you to see blood traces that have
otherwise vanished. Ema will hand you an extra pair of glasses that will
turn the screen a red hue. You will be able to see a reaction if you get
one. You must tap the area you want to spray on the touch screen. 

There's only one place that has blood stains that we can remember-the 
footprints that were near the car. Keep tapping the floor back from the
trunk until the footprints are visible, then tap the blue box that shows
they exist. Ema will ask you if something is odd about this. Choose "The
amount of blood". There should be a pool of blood here instead of just a
few footprints. Ema will mention that she has updated the Floor Plans to
show the location of the prints. LUMINOL TESTING FLUID will be added to 
the Court Record as well. 

You'll be using the Luminol Spray a lot. Angel will come back now. Talk to
her about "Today's trial". She admits she really did see everything from
the security room. She lied, though, because it didn't sound convincing.
That's not important since it doesn't change what she saw. 

Now ask about "Detective Starr". She was a famous detective two years ago.
No matter what criminal faced her, she'd be able to cough up the facts out
of them. After doing that for so long, she eventually got the title Cough-
Up Queen. She finished by saying she was fired soon after the SL-9

Present the Victim's Note to Angel. She will see "SL-9" writen on the note
as well as on the knife. Goodman was the head detective on that case. The
broken knife was the murder weapon. It was due for transferral when Goodman
was killed. She thinks the SL-9 Incident still isn't over yet. 

She won't cough up the SL-9 facts just yet. Present Goodman's ID to her.
She'll mention she used to have one as well. Now present the Crime Photo.
Angel mentions she could have taken it from the security room, but she
panicked when she saw the murder. She mentions that one of her testimonies
got pushed aside once. You can now talk to her about the "SL9 Incident".

She learned from that incident that detectives were nothing to the Police
Department. It was the biggest case she'd ever handled at the time. The
police were deperate for evidence. In the end the criminal was caught and
executed. The main problem is no actual evidence was ever found. This was
where forged evidence began in the police department. The worst part was,
everybody who worked on the case was fired several months later or had 
their position severely lowered. Jake Marshall was also demoted. 

Now you can talk about "Detective Marshall". The detectives investigated 
the scene as much as possible. Jake was more determined than anyone else.
After the case he was suddenly demoted. Neither him nor Angel have 
forgotten the SL-9 Incident. There was something hidden in the case, which
is what the detectives are after now, and nobody can stop them from finding
the truth. She is selling lunches for the sole reason of meeting with the
people who can help her. 

She thinks you can help in the investigation. She'll give you a lunchbox
to give to Marshall. STEAK LUNCH will be added to the Court Record. We
need to find Marshall now. Head to the Police Department.

Date-February 23
Location-Police Department Entrance
Ema finds a way to reach the evidence room. You can now move to the 
Security Guard Office.

Date-February 23
Location-Evidence Room Entrance; Guard Station
With such an important room just ahead there should be something guarding
it. If you notice the decor it should be obvious to tell whose job it is
to guard the room. Examine the door leading to the evidence room. You need
someone's permission to go in there first. Examine the security monitors
to find they are recording. You might be able to find out if anybody has
gone in there later on. You can't do anything else here yet. Head back.

Date-February 23
Location-Police Department Entrance
Gumshoe returns here to greet you. He says that the department has caught
the criminal who killed "Goodman" in the evidence room. All they are
lacking is decisive evidence. He says if you want to see the guy, they have
him locked in the detention center. Head there. You can only get there if
you head to Wright & Co. Law Offices first.

Date-February 23
Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
Meekins? How the hell did he kill a detective? He will blast that damn
siren constantly so get used to it. Talk to him about "The day of the 
crime". He's a patrolman with General Affairs. He had some business to do
that day so he had to go to the evidence room. The guard office was empty.
The security officer is none other than Marshall if you have yet to figure
that out. He then looked at a security monitor, and then he saw a 
mysterious person in the evidence room. He blacked out shortly after that
and found himself in the detention center.

Ema will ask what happened to Meekins' hand. Looks similar to Lana's. Ask
about "Bandaged hand" now. Apparently Goodman pointed a knife at Meekins 
and not the other way around. After that occured he became unconscious. He
was alone in the evidence room when he woke up (has he just contradicted
himself?). Goodman had disappeared. He saw his hand bleeding after that so
he had to patch it up himself.

Ask about "The victim" now. Meekins sees himself as a victim in this case
rather than the killer. He also says he does not know Detective Goodman,
elminating any possible motive. Meekins says he didn't injure Goodman at
all. This is so wierd.

Now present Goodman's ID. This will quickly boost Meekins' memory. He says
that key card was the cause of all this mess. Now you can talk to him about
"Crime details". He didn't know Goodman, hence why he looked suspicious in
the evidence room. He asked him to show his ID card, then Goodman suddenly
pulled out a knife. Him and Goodman had a bit of a struggle, then he 
blacked out.

Now you should ask about "Reaosn for arrest". Ema will start to explain 
the situation. Meekins didn't know Goodman. The "victim" didn't show his
ID card. Thusly, we don't have any idea if the victim here is actually the
real victim, or even if it's Goodman. Also, if the body disappeared after
the crime there is no proof anybody actually died there. Meekins says he is
in here because the police clearly found Goodman must have been in the
evidence room. He mentions the video tape is quite clear. The one in the
security camera. It should show his tussle with Goodman clear as daylight.
Head to the Criminal Affairs Department. Yes, you can head there now.

Date-February 23
Location-Police Department; Criminal Affairs
Your old friend, Chief Damon Gant, is in town right now. Talk to him about
"Edgeworth". He's in a bit of deep water concerning what happened in 
court today. He also mentions the von Karma incident put the department in
turmoil. Now ask about "Evident incident". He mentions he wanted the head
detective to keep quiet about something. Ema suggests you inquiry him to 
get some more facts.

Examine the head detective. He's sitting a desk in the back of the room 
near the plush Blue Badger. The head detective mentions almost everything
that belonged at Goodman's desk is now gone, except for one last thing. It
is a lost item report, however it isn't finished. GOODMAN'S LOST ITEM
REPORT will be added to the Court Record. Check it out. He only got to the
ID section of it. He must have forgotten his number. Now you can talk to
Gant about "Permission granted". After another pause, Gant completely 
allows you to investigate the evidence room at your will. You will get a
special ID card that will let you inside. 

Head back to the evidence guard room.

Date-February 23
Location-Evidence Room Entrance; Guard Room
Start off by examining the door to the evidence room. Sadly, the door is
locked and the card reader is shut off so you can't enter. Marshall will
return now. He will gladly turn the card reader back on for you. Before
going in you need to learn a lot of valuable information from Marshall.

Start off by handing him the Steak Lunch you recieved a while ago. He is
willing to talk now. Ask about the "Guard office" now. Phoenix will ask why
he wasn't at his station when Meekins went into the security room. Ever
since Marshall got fired from his job two years ago and was demoted he has
seemed to care less. He mentions if anything was to happen the security 
camera would catch it.

Ask about "Marshall". Marshall states that the SL-9 Case is all his, even
though it has already been solved. He can't seem to let it go. The case is
dead now thanks to the evidence transferrals.

Now ask about the "Security system". If nothing occurs on the tapes within
several hours worth of time, they are erased. The struggle between Goodman
and Meekins is still likely to be on the tapes. Also he will say you need
an ID Card to get into the Evidence Room. The card reader keeps a record of
every ID Card that goes through it that day. 

You want that record. To get it, present Goodman's ID to confirm the 
identity of one of the people on the list. The fourth number on the list is
Goodman's. He went into the room at 5:14 PM, the same time somebody else
did. Remember, Meekins said he was in the evidence room as well and he
asked Goodman to show his ID Card. But if he had it, why didn't he show it?
Marshall will give you the ID CARD RECORD, added to the Court Record. This
list will update itself once you confirm the identities of other people on
it. So far you know Bruce Goodman was here. 

Now ask Marshall about "Transferal". Evidence from solved cases is kept in
the evidence room. They are kept for two years so they can be re-
investigated in the event a mistake was made. After that time the evidence
is taken to an underground vault forever and never seen again. This 
transferal occurs every February. 

You know all you need to. Head to the evidence room.

Date-February 23
Location-Evidence Room; Sector Three
Guess who you find in here again? Detective Gumshoe is here on some 
business. He wants you to have the EVIDENCE ROOM FLOOR PLANS, added to the
Court Record. The room is quite small, there's a sharp corner leading into
a dead end nearby. 

Talk to Gumshoe about "Judge for a day". Gumshoe has been appointed the
head detective of this case for the day. Sadly, everyone Gumshoe can boss
over is gathering information for the trial tomorrow. He mentions that he
has a locker in here. He is a detective, after all. He has one only he can
open. Talk about "Evidence safe" to learn more about this.

You see, every locker here is set so only one detective is able to open it.
These lockers aren't opened by keycards but rather by fingerprints. That
makes it so only each detective can open only their locker. Those who try
to open lockers that don't belong to them get shocked. EVIDENCE LOCKER will
be added to the Court Record. 

Now ask Gumshoe about "Edgeworth". The commitee is trying to figure out who
is mostly responsible for the screw up in court today. He mentions that 
Edgeworth can't stay away from the SL-9 Incident. It was the beginning of
the end for Edgeworth. To get him to talk about it, present the Victim's
Note-proof you are somehow involved with that case now. The Sl-9 Incident
was Edgeworth's first big case. Perhaps some loose ends of the case are 
just now beginning to fill in...

Now talk about the "SL9 Incident". He says the case was very violent. It 
was a serial killing. The killer made a mistake, though, and Edgeworth 
built his case around that. This is what started all the rumors about him.
All of this was supposed to be cleaned up with the evidence transferal,
it was Detective Goodman's last ever job. He was in the SL-9 Incident after
all. This explains the switchblade knife only vaguely. It has some 
connection to the current events. 

If Gumshoe is in here, perhaps he's on the ID Card list. Present the ID 
Card Record. He will get surprised to find out that he knows one of the
people on that list. The second person to enter this room was Edgeworth!
ID CARD RECROD will be updated now. He came in here at 4:40 PM that day.
But for what reason?

Use the Luminol Testing Fluid and choose to spray the room. Note the locker
directly ahead of you with something hanging out of it. Spray this to find
a handprint. The Floor Plans will be updated to show this. Now choose to
examine the room.

Examine the mysterious locker we just looked at. The cloth hanging from it
is probably some evidence to another case. That isn't Gumshoe's locker,
though. Switch to the other screen now.

There seems ot be a lot here. Examine the paint at the bottom right corner.
Gumshoe will comment he built the Blue Badger right here. The Badger has
a connection to this room, and in more ways than one. Now examine the glove
that is hanging onto the yellow police tape. This is evidence from SL-9
as well. RUBBER GLOVE will be added to the Court Record. 

Now examine the open locker near where you found the glove. That locker
belongs to Detective Goodman. It's kept open since it can't be opened 
again if they close it since Goodman is dead and all. 

Look below the yellow tape to find some broken pieces with some numbers
near them. Once again, this is more evidence from SL-9. Choose to "Check it
out closer". Ema suggests you try putting it back together. 

You will be given eight fragment pieces. They are numbered. You need to 
rotate them correctly so they fit back together again. Start with Fragement
No. 5 and rotate it clockwise (using the right button) twice and combine 
it. Next, head to Fragment No. 4 and rotate it clockwise three times and
combine it.

Head to Fragment No. 6 and rotate it four times clockwise and combine it.
Next, go to Fragment No. 1 and rotate it twice clockwise to be able to
combine it. Head to Fragment No. 8 and rotate it four times clockwise.
Now, go to Fragment No. 3 and rotate it four times clockwise so you can
combine it. Using Fragment No. 2, rotate the piece twice clockwise so you
can connect it. Fragment No. 7 is last. Make it go clockwise only once and
you can finish the puzzle.

Some pieces are still missing. UNSTABLE JAR is added to the Court Record.
Examine the jar now. You will find blood stains on it. Could it mean more
blood is visible in this room somewhere? Try where you found the jar. 
Break out the Luminol Testing Fluid and spray the area where you found the
jar. You will find a large pool of blood sitting there. This will be marked
on the floor plans as well. It's unknown how long this blood has been 
sitting here or when it was cleaned up.

Look at the lockers again. Examine the one with a bloody handprint on it.
Ema asks that you spray this as well, so do so. The problem is, the locker
it is on belongs to Gumshoe. Once again, the Floor Plans will be updated.

Gumshoe will now comment that Edgeworth's meeting will be ending soon. 
Gumshoe will leave now. Phoenix suggests he should go see Edgeworth. Pay
another visit to his office. 

Date-February 23
Location-Head Prosecutor's Office; Room 1202
You'll meet the bellboy from the Gatewater Hotel here. He's delivering
something to Edgeworth. Edgeworth will soon appear, and he doesn't seem to
be in the happiest of moods.

Talk to him about the "Inquiry committee". Apparently this is counted as a
communications error. He was given a warning for his actions. 

Ask about "Tomorrow's trial". Although he is the prosecuting attorney,
control over the investigation is now in the hands of the Police 
Department, mainly Chief Damon Gant. To get him talking some more, present
the ID Card Record. Why is he on this list?

Gant asked Edgeworth to head into the evidence room at 4:40 PM the day of
the murder. He wanted him to grab a piece of evidence for a case that was
closed over a year ago. He wanted Edgeworth to keep it in the Prosecutor's
Office. Edgeworth won't say what kind of case it was used in, but it is
irrelevant to the current case. SCREWDRIVER is added to the Court Record.

The screwdriver has a tag much like the switchblade kinfe. Examine this
tag. It reads "AI-16" perhaps the name of yet another case. Ema will
sarcastically mention this could be the evidence that wins the case.

Now present the Switchblade Knife to Edgeworth. It has a similar tag on it.
That, and this knife was used in the incident Edgeworth first prosecuted
in. He's willing to talk to you about what really happened back then. Talk
about "Allegations of forgery". Damon Gant was head of police at the time.
Edgeworth worked with him on the SL-9 Incident. Edgeworth used extreme
methods during the case. He had no choice, the suspect who even confessed
had to be proved guilty. Edgeworth didn't touch any of the evidence, but
that doesn't mean others didn't. Lana also wanted Ema to know something.
She wanted to know if Ema was still working on "scientific investigations".

Ema will show the Luminol fluids. Edgeworth is holding something that you
may want. It is a kit for taking fingerprints. FINGERPRINTING SET will be
added to the Court Record. He says it's unimportant to him what happens in
the investagtion now since it isn't in his hands. 

You can now test fingerprints and compare them to everybody who is 
currently involved in this case. Remember where we found some suspicious
prints? Head back to the evidence room now. 

Date-February 23
Location-Evidence Room; Sector Three
As soon as you enter you will begin by testing out the bloody handprint on
Gumshoe's locker. Choose either the thumb or one of the clearly seen 
fingers. You have to tap the screen to lay down the powder. Cover most of
the screen with the powder then blow into the microphone to reveal the

Sadly, this isn't a finger. The murderer must have been wearing gloves. 
Look at the handprint again. You should notice several prints that are
quite clear below the bloody hand. Choose one of the prints and you will
do the process once again. You will discover a very clear print here. 

Edgeworth apparently also gave you fingerprint data for everyone in the 
case so far. Examine the profiles close up to see a small sample of their
fingerprints. You will notice Gumshoe's looks similar to the center of the
print you just found. Choose to compare the two prints. You will get a 
perfect match!

Phoenix remembers a second handprint in this room. Remember it? It's the 
one on the locker where some cloth was hanging out of it. Spray the Luminol
Testing Fluid on the locker with the hanging cloth to discover a handprint.
Examine this locker. Choose to "Check for prints" here. Look at the middle
finger. There is an invisible print here slightly to the left of it. 

Perform the fingerprinting test again. You will find a print clear as day
here once again. Time to make some comparisons. The center of this finger
matches only one person. Try matching against Jake Marshall. You will find
this is yet another perfect match. 

MARSHALL'S FINGERPRINTS will be added to the Court Record. Marshall's
fingerprints are on a blood stain. Now we have some decisive evidence. It's
about time. Finally, we can head to court.

Day 3-Trial

Date-February 24, 9:41 AM
Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 1
The police are still clueless about this case. Lana also mentions that if
she confesses to the meaning behind the simultaneous murders then she will
get a lesser punishment. Let's get into the courtroom.

Date-February 24, 10:00 AM
Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 9
Edgeworth seems confused at the beginning of the trial, but recomposes and
mentions he has evidence that will explain this case.

The first witness is the only suspect to the Police Department murder, Mike
Meekins. He actually confesses to killing Goodman right on the spot. A bit
of nervousness on the stand, perhaps.

~Mike Meekins's Testimony-Crime Report, Sir!~
-Although it's not my norma duty, I was assigned to guard the evidence room
that day!

-I spotted a suspicious man on the security screen, and rushed into the 

-I was only doing what I was trained to do, sir! I was suddenly attacked!

-I fought for my life! Then I...I did it!

-After that I passed out...until another officer smacked me awake!

Ema mentions you need to press him on the details because you have VERY
little information to work with here. Press his first statement. Evidence
transferal was going on the day he was assigned to the guard station. Many
peoples' jobs were temporarily changed that day for special tasks. Meekins
was in charge of guarding the Blue Badger. His job was to ensure it wasn't
damaged during the transferal. He relocated it to the Evidence Room for the

Now, press the second statement. Phoenix brings out the ID Card Report and
asks if his number is listed because it should be if he went into the
evidence room. Meekins number is the one listed twice. He entered at 4:50
PM and 5:14 PM, the same time Goodman entered. That makes sense. At 4:50
he moved the Blue Badger to the evidence room. 5:14 is when he entered to
check out the mysterious man. ID CARD RECORD will now be updated.

We're getting somewhere now. Press his third statement. Meekins states 
again that Goodman pulled a knife on him and used it to attack him. Also,
when Meekins entered the room, Goodman looked surprised. During the 
struggle Meekins sustained the hand injury. 

Now press the fourth statement. Meekins says the man let down his guard for
a second and used the time to snatch the knife away from him. His coat was
then covered in blood. The man then punched Meekins right in the face.

Press the final statement. Edgeworth shows a report that states Meekins 
woke up at about 5:30. He was unconcious for about 15 minutes then. Once he
woke up, he finished his job for the day by returning the Blue Badger to
the front entrance of the Police Station. 

Well, that's all for Meekins' testimony. One question remains, though. Was
the man Meekins murder really the victim? With regard to that question,
Meekins will present a video tape. It shows the footage that the security
camera picked up. You will now be shown the tape.

What follows is one of the worst security tape records in the world. As
Edgeworth states, "What the hell was that wriggling piece of plywood!?"
There were so many things in the video that only one viewing isn't really
enough to make sense of it. "Goodman's" face was never seen and the main
struggle between him and Meekins was missed. SECURITY VIDEO is added to
the Court Record. And now Meekins will testify further on these matters.

~Mike Meekins's Testimony-Mystery Man~
-His face can't be clearly seen in the video,

-but there's no question that the other person was Detective Goodman, sir!

-I mean, he opened the locker, which required Detective Goodman's 
fingerprint to do so!

-The locker he opened is unquestionably Detective Goodman's, sir!

-So it must be him! No one else could have unlocked it!

Ema states after the testimony you can freely look at the video with a 
pause, fast foward and rewind buttons. The contradiction obviously comes
from the video, but the problem is where in the video it lies and with
which statement. 

There's one issue. What if, by chance, it wasn't Goodman who was in the
security tape? This conflicts with how the man opened the locker. Press the
fifth statement. Edgeworth will ask if you have a problem with the video.
Choose "There's a problem". Phoenix states that the man may not be Goodman
after all. Edgeworth will tell you, then, to prove that it may not have
been Goodman who opened the locker after all. 

The contradiction lies with the locker in question. Now, remember what 
Gumshoe told you earlier. The locker was already open. What can prove
this? See the light above Goodman's locker? It happens to be lit, meaning
that the locker is open. Pause the video before "Goodman" opens the locker
and point to the lit light.

Phoenix will play the video and point out what is wrong with it. The Judge
will ask if you have any explaination that could possibly explain this. 
Phoenix will ask Ema for any suggestions. She thinks perhaps something
jammed the sensor so it didn't read as closed. 

Well, it's the only possibility you have so let's run with it. The Judge
will play the video yet again. You need to prove something was jammed into
the locker. Fast forward until where the man opens the locker. Pause after
he does so. See something fall out of his locker? Point to the object and
present it.

So this object could have been jammed between the door to keep it open.
This object would have to be very thin to fit in the door, and have
insulation in order to block out the electrical currents in the door. You
will be asked to present an item that fits this description. You should
know rubber doesn't conduct electricity. And you have a rubber glove. 
Present the Rubber Glove.

Phoenix will mention the tag attached to the glove, reading "SL-9". It was
Goodman's case. This implies it was in Goodman's locker. On the day of the
crime anybody was capable of opening the locker. Thisly, the person who
Meekins stabbed in the evidence room easily wasn't Detective Goodman. 
Meekins will be asked to testify again to show he really is Goodman,

~Mike Meekins's Testimony-Mystery Man (2)~
-There's one other thing that proves the man was Detective Goodman, sir!

-To enter the evidence room, one must use their ID card!

-When an ID card is used, there's a record of it!

-At the time of the crime, the detective had used his card!

Edgeworth will mention this evidence room is only used for special cases.
Mainly violent ones involving high ranked police staff. This explains the
lack of people in this room on the transferal day. 

Press Meekins' third statement. The Judge will inspect the ID Card Report,
and realize Edgeworth's name is on it. Edgeworth appears to be in more
trouble just by having his name on this. But I doubt he's the murderer.

Press the fourth statement. You will reconfirm that the man pulled a knife
on Meekins when asked to show his ID Card. This doesn't make any sense,
though. If he had his ID card, which he needed to get into the evidence
room in the first place, why didn't he just show it? There'd be no reason
to draw a knife! But, it may not have been Goodman in there as we already
established. Present Goodman's ID.

Goodman's ID was found at the crime scene. That one being the parking lot.
Phoenix will pull out the Lost Item Report. Goodman had lost something on
the day of the crime. That something was probably his ID Card. Thusly, the
man Meekins encountered inside the evidence room wasn't Goodman at all, but
rather the person who had stolen his card! 

But this arises a problem. If the mysterious man is a fake, this murder is
also a fake and didn't actually happen. Crap, now you're back to just the
parking lot being the only murder. Choose to "Object" when asked to. 

Only one thing has come out of this testimony-the security camera did not
capture the moment of the alleged murder. However, there is still no proof
these events aren't connected to the murder at the parking lot. Phoenix
will go on to say lots of blood was found all over the evidence room. 
Edgeworth, however, doesn't have any other witnesses that could explain the
events at the Police Department. You'll be asked to say who you want to 
call to the stand. Obviously bring out your trump card and call Jake
Marshall to the stand. 

It won't take long to prepare him. The Judge orders a thirty minute recess
for the time being.

Date-February 24, 11:32 AM
Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 2
Lana is surprised that by calling Jake Marshall she thinks you have 
figured everything out. In the middle of things, Gumshoe will pop in. Lana
asked Gumshoe to bring her something. She asked him to bring the SL-9
Incident files. She thought you might need them, so you'll be asked to read
them. They could come in handy. I'll summarize each page. It's quite 
critical you see this stuff. SL-9 INCIDENT FILED added to the Court Record.

The SL-9 Incident is, obviously, closed. The criminal was Joe Darke, his
crime being serial murder. He was sentenced to death once convicted.

There were six victims that Darke killed. They are Edward Jones, Jason 
Knight, Edith Kerby, Rachael Moss, Jeb Bates, and Neil Marshall.

The important trial data was that the head prosecutor was Edgeworth. The
witnesses were Lana and Ema Skye.

The exectutive investigators were Damon Gant and Lana Skye. The head
investigator was Bruce Goodman. The main investigators were Angel Starr an
Jake Marshall.

There's a lot of things here that connect with this current case. You've 
met all of the investigators save for Goodman. Also, Ema was a witness in
this case? Note the victims as well. Neil Marshall was one of them. Could
he somehow be related to Jake Marshall?

Lana also reveals this case was called the "Joe Darke Killings". Ema seems
frightened at this and quickly runs away. Gumshoe will take his leave 
shortly afterwards. 

Date-February 24, 12:14 PM
Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 9
Ema didn't come back in that short time. You're going into trial, once 
again, without a partner. You can still do fine. Marshall will be called to
the stand.

~Jake Marshall's Testimony-Day of the Crime~
-My job was to keep a wary eye on that bone orchard.

-They say I was supposed to make rounds three times a day, but that ain't
my style.

-Besides, the room's protected by two security systems, anyway.

-If I remember right, I was at a stree-side saloon at the time it went 

-I'm just an innocent travelin' man, so if you're out of ammo it's time I
hit the trail.

Before the examination, Phoenix will ask about the second security system.
He mentions it's the ID Card reader. He then asks about the fingerprint
activated lockers, but Marshall appears to have no idea what he is talking
about. Maybe because he's not a detective?

Let's squeeze the information out of this cowboy. Press the first statement
and Marshall will reply that he erases the tapes if nothing important 
happens on them every six hours. In actuality, Marshall never actually sets
foot inside the evidence room.

Now press the second statement. After a bit of fancy talk, Marshall flat
out says he never set foot inside the evidence room on the day of the
murder. The Judge asks if he had any idea of the rubber glove inside 
Goodman's locker, but Marshall doesn't seem to know that either. He hasn't
been in there for weeks.

Press the fourth statement. Marshall confirms he was at a resturant during
the time he was supposed to be guarding the evidence room. That's real 
smart. But the problem seems to lie here. Edgeworth doesn't object during
this statement to badger the witness. You have proof he was in the evidence
room at least one time, remember? Present your trump card here, Marshall's

So, how were Marshall's handprints in blood? Marshall appears to have an
explaination for this circumstance. Here we go again.

~Jake Marshall's Testimony-Bloodstained Fingerprints~
-Like I said, it's only natural for my fingerprints to be in that evidence

-One of them just happened to be at the same place as the bloodstained

-The murderer touched the locker where my fingerprint was by chance.

-The bloodstain and the fingerprint are completely unrelated.

-Or didn't you know the murderer was wearing gloves?

Start by pressing Marshall's first statement. The locker with the handprint
you have to use Luminol spray on actually belongs to Marshall. He used it
when he was a detective and still uses it today. MARSHALL'S FINGERPRINTS
will be updated in the Court Record.

There's another problem now. How did Marshall know the murderer was 
wearing gloves? Press the fifth statement. Marshall, despite hating his 
job, still reads reports. Edgeworth remins you of the bloodstain on 
Gumshoe's locker. No fingerprints could be found there, however. The
murderer must have been wearing gloves then. 

Marshall reminds you of the security tape. As long as he isn't in it, he
isn't related to this crime. He will add a new statement to his testimony:

-Too bad it wasn't me in that video, right, pardner?

Press this new statement. If you want to tie Marshall to this crime you 
have to prove it with the security tape. The video is useless, though, 
since there's too many blind spots. The floor isn't shown, the camera has 
to pan back and forth, and if somebody was familar with the camera's
position they'd easily be able to do something in the room without getting
caught. Edgeworth objects saying this is only a speculation. Choose to
"Show evidence" that proves Marshall entered the evidence room. Let's go
through this hellish video again.

There's only so many things that could involve Marshall in this video. 
Like, for example, his locker? Why not keep an eye on it the first few
times the camera pans back and forth. Pause it near the end of the tape 
when the camera is on the locker for the last time. See something odd? The
cloth is now sticking out of his locker. It wasn't there before! Point to
the cloth and present it.

Obviously, only Marshall could open this locker. He's even attested to
opening it in the past. So, how does he not know about the fingerprinting
required to open it. For the cloth to appear after the murder, Marshall
must have been in the evidence room. He opened his locker when the camera
wasn't looking. 

Now you need to prove only Marshall could have opened his locker. Present
the Evidence Locker. Marshall appears to be breaking down. He also still
seems to not understand any of this. Then he'll panic. Phoenix says he can
figure out the rest of the puzzle from here, with or without Marshall's
cooperation. Phoenix will bring out the floor plans and show the location
of the killer and the victim. Thusly, where was Marshall standing this
entire time? There's only one possible place. Marshall must have been the
killer who entered the evidence room. Point to the blue V and present.

This is where Goodman was...if he was even Goodman. This means Marshall
dressed up like Goodman and entered the evidence room as if he was him. 
Edgeworth will object, saying Meekins would easily recongnize that the face
didn't belong to Goodman. However, Meekins didn't know what Goodman looked
like. When asked to show his ID Card, the man pulled out a knife. It now
makes sense. Had Marshall shown Goodman's ID card, he would easily be seen
as not the real Goodman, and thusly blowing his cover. 

Marshall is ready for your challenge. He asks you to prove he put on 
Goodman's outfit and went into the evidence room. Sadly, you have no 
evidence that can prove this. Edgeworth mentions you should return to the
basics since you're stuck. Funny, Mia said the same thing. Instead of
looking for proof he was in disguise, you should prove what happened 
because he was in disguise. 

Edgeworth asks why Marshall would open his locker at the time of the crime.
He must not have planned to open his locker, but needed to anyways. But 
what exactly is this piece of cloth he stuck into his locker? Phoenix says
the video, sadly, is the key to this whole situation. You will play the
video for the umpteenth time.

So, what if the cloth wasn't actually small and was instead something, 
larger? The only major white thing would be Goodman's trenchcoat. But why
would Marshall stuff the coat into his own locker? Well, look at the tape
during the struggle between Meekins and Marshall. See how blood gets 
splattered all over the trenchcoat? Present that. It would warrant Marshall
slipping it into his locker. 

Marshall is impressed. It seems you have figured it all out. Marshall will
now explain what truly happened and why he was there in the first place.

~Jake Marshall's Testimony-Marshall's Confession~
-I had to do it that day. I couldn't just stand by and let it die.

-I stole the detective's ID and dressed like him. I planned to take out the

-I wasn't expecting Officer Meekins. I knocked him out...

-and managed to escape. I knew which areas wouldn't be caught on the 

-There wasn't any murder in the evidence room at 5:15.

Edgeworth will comment on the large amount of blood found at the scene.
Marshall responds that Meekins got cut, so it is likely that was his blood.
It's odd he's lose that much blood, but whatever.

Press the first statement. He, of course, is referring to the SL-9 Incident
that occured two years ago. It was going to end with transferal that day.
Marshall claims the incident still isn't over. What would he have
accomplished by going into the evidence room? When the case is closed only
the detective in charge can look through the evidence. Marshall wanted one
last look no matter the cost. 

Now press his second statement. If he didn't dress up as Goodman he would
get arrested for trying to steal evidence. That wouldn't have gotten him
anywhere. He did it to fool the cameras. Marshall also confesses to 
stealing the Detective's ID Card on the morning of the incident. This must
be the reason behind the Lost Item Report. He returned the ID Card by 
dropping it at the Prosecutor's Office parking lot. Edgeworth mentions that
he succeeded despite not thinking ahead. He was lucky Goodman's locker was
stuck open. 

Press the second and third statements as well. You will merely confirm some
things you have already figured out.

Now press the fifth and final statement. The victim was Marshall, but he
isn't dead. Obviously, no murder took place. Marshall, though, did not
manage ot steal the evidence from the locker. When he opened the locker the
evidence had already been taken. Edgeworth confirms that this evidence is
still reported as stolen. 

Phoenix will now ask why Marshall went through all the trouble to do this.
He says this is his case rather than anybody elses. He was willing to go
through this trouble to get an answer he's satisfied with. He will now add
the following statement to his testimony:

-I can't forget the SL-9 Incident...You know why?

No, we don't. Let's press him on it. He didn't care how it turned out, but
something about the case has been bothering him. Something happened nobody
will talk about. He's trying to figure that out now.

Do you remember the case files you read earlier? Somebody named Neil 
Marshall was killed. Present the SL-9 Incident Files. Marshall will comment
his brother, who was a prosecutor, recieved the same stupid award Edgeworth
recently got. Neil Marshall handled the SL-9 Case before Edgeworth took
over. When he was killed, it fell into the hands of Edgeworth. Neil is
Jake's brother. He was ivestigating the murders at the time. He worked with
Goodman and Angel Starr. They were determined to prosecute the killer. You
will breifly be shown Joe Darke's face. Creepy. Neil fought Darke and was
killed. It was the first time Darke laid behind evidence and it was all it
took to be convicted. The case was closed shortly after the conviction.

Marshall thinks Neil couldn't have been killed by Darke. Nobody could have
beaten him in a fight. There's more to the record than what lies there. 
Well, this entire mystery has been solved. No murder took place at the 
Police Department. This means the issue at the parking lot is still real.
Lana is about to be declared guilty....

...but Ema returns from her little vacation with a clear objection. She has
a bit of an explaination. She understood the reasoning of Marshall so she
knew he had nothing to do with the murder. That leaves one other handprint
to look at. The one on Gumshoe's locker. Ema ran over there and 
investigated the handprint again. 

Ema, sadly, didn't find anything on these prints. She still thinks they are
the only clue you could possibly have. There must be something wrong with
them, then. The Judge will ask if there's something wrong with the 
handprint, something you may have overlooked. Choose "I object!" Take a 
look at the floor plans again. Something is missing from them. Do you
realize what? The meaning of the bloody handprint will change once this
evidence is in play. The Blue Badger was in the evidence room, right?
Present the Blue Badger Panel.

Now what happens when the Blue Badger is inserted on the floor plans? 
Thusly, there's no way a handprint could have been placed on that locker.
Oh snap. Ema will tell you to think it through. The handprint would have to
have been put there before 4:50 PM, the time Meekins inserted the Blue
Badger into the evidence room. This means in the evidence room on the day
of the murder, blood was actually spilled twice. One of the times was
captured on the security camera. This is when Meekins cut himself. However,
someone else bled prior to this tape. The only person it could be was
Detective Goodman, the time he was REALLY murdered.

Edgeworth and Phoenix will constantly object against eachother. Edgeworth
will demand you show when the murder really took place. What shows the
times people went into the room? Present the ID Card Record. You will look
at the record once again. Only two people entered before Meekins. That was
Edgeworth ten minuted beforehand, and somebody with lucky "7777777" thirty
minutes prior to Meekins.

Edgeworth will wipe away any suspect of him doing it. How could Edgeworth
kill Goodman, clean up the blood, and walk away with the body undetected
in only ten minutes' worth of time? Thusly, the last person must have done
the deed. But Goodman's card wasn't here at the time. Thusly, Goodman must
have entered with this man.

Edgeworth goes on to explain he can't find out who it belongs to because
"7777777" is the number to someone with the rank of Captain or higher. He
has no authority to grab the identity of the person. There is one way,
however. An official charge is filled out and accepted. 

Marshall will demand an answer from Lana. He wants to know more about the
SL-9 Incident. He demands to know if only legitimate evidence was used in
the trial. Occasionally they felt powerless with the law. Lana had to do
what she did just to get somebody who was clearly a murderer convicted.
Even if it involved forging evidence. The courtroom gets out of control
from Lana's statement. Court will end now.

Day 3-Investigation

Date-February 24, 3:12 PM
Location-Wright & Co. Law Offices
Ema didn't know the Joe Darke Killings were renamed. Lana wanted Darke
convicted real bad so she used Ema. She used what happened to Ema. Ema was
there when Neil was murdered by Darke. That night, Darke was actually 
trying to kill Ema. Neil tried to save her. That's what made her a witness
in the trial. 

Now you have some important things to talk about with Ema. Ask about the
"SL9 Incident". The case occured right around this time two years ago. 
There was a terrible storm that day. Ema was alone in Lana's office. They
planned on going out once Lana finished her work. Suddenly, Darke burst 
into the office and pulled a knife on Ema. Prosecutor Marshall showed up
soon after and tackled Darke to the ground. Ema will never forget those
moments. The lights went out, the lightning lit the room for a second, and
an image remains burned in her mind.

Skip to the "Permanent picture" to learn more. Darke had knocked down Neil
and raised his knife. Soon after, Ema passed out. When she woke up Lana was
holding and conforting her. She was unable to testify. She was too shocked
at the events to do so. She tried to draw a picture, but it was no good.
She wanted to become a scientific investigator to fix these problems.

Now ask about "After the incident". She doesn't remember the moment that
Darke stabbed Neil. She couldn't testify about that. This may have been why
Lana forged evidence to get the guilty verdict. Edgeworth used this
evidence, but at the same time he didn't know it was forged. That is when
the rumors about him started.

Now ask about "Something puzzling". How come a serial killer was able to
run into Lana's office? That, and why was a prosecutor chasing him? Darke
was taken into questioning for the day. He attempted to run away about
halfway through the interview and ran into Lana's office. You also find out
that Lana was a detective two years ago. She was transferred to the 
Prosecutor's Office and made Chief Prosecutor after the case. Phoenix 
mentions he should talk to her again. Let's do so.

Date-February 24
Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
Lana admits you now have a right to know the truth. Ask about "Today's
trial". Lots of connections to SL-9 were made within the court today, as
well as the truth behind the Prosecutor's Offices motives. Evidence was
stolen to boot. She knows how obsessive Marshall can be. Lana, though,
still won't explain what really happened at the underground parking lot.
She thinks it doesn't concern her.

Ask about "Detective Lana Skye". Ema goes to say she was one of the best
detectives, and how she solved many cases with Chief Gant who was Vice-Head
of Criminal Affairs back in the time. The pair solved many cases before
they could even be filed. Lana became a detective to gain experience in
investigating crime scenes so later the experience would pay off in court.
Gant's help in SL-9 was critical and he became Chief of Police after that.
He then arranged for Lana to become head prosecutor. 

Now ask about the "Darke investigation". Gant and Lana were top 
investigator's, and thusly shared the same office. She was confident that
Joe Darke was the serial killer. It was when he was called to questioning
that the final murder took place. Lana was the first person to find the
scene of the crime. 

Now ask about "First one at scene". Gant and Neil were questioning Darke 
that day. Darke must have panicked in the investigation and fled the room
when the two least expected it. He ran straight to Gant's and Lana's office
from there. Lana was doing some work during the questioning. When she got
back to her office, she saw three bodies. Darke, Marshall, and Ema. Lana
panicked and carried Ema out and helped her. Darke was under arrest after
that. Phoenix says it can't be a mere coincidence everyone involved in 
SL-9 happens to be involved in the current trial. SL-9 may not be over yet.
Lana mentions the Chief's office, the site of the final murder. It is now
all Damon Gant's. Go to the Police Department.

Date-February 24
Location-Police Department; Entrance
You will find Marshall standing outside the entrance to the department.
He intends on turning himself in for his crimes. You can't go to the 
evidence room today. He did this because he wanted the truth. Ask about
the "Darke trial". He says something was fishy about the trial from the
beginning. All of the detectives thought the same. 

Some facts were just inconsistent with the recovered evidence. For example,
the murder weapon. The switchblade knife was Darke's. The blade of the
knife was not consistant with that of the wound in the victim. Then,
perhaps the knife wasn't the murder weapon. The possibility was erased in
what was thought as a forged report. That case left severe burns in 
everyone involved.

Ask about "Prosecutor Marshall" next. He was one of the best prosecutors
around. SL-9 was their first case together. Neil was 27 at the time. He
got the King of Prosecutor's that day none less. The incident also took 
place on the transferal day. He tried to steal the evidence so the case
wouldn't die, but that plan failed.

Now ask about "Scars". The detectives knew something was wrong with the 
case. Everybody involved, save Goodman since he headed the case, was 
either fired or demoted in the police force. Goodman also wasn't dealt with
since the commissioners would be suspicious so they kept the obvious away.

Now talk about "Gant & Skye". There wasn't anybody who hadn't heard of the
famous duo. It was the biggest step in their careers. Lana was never the 
same since she changed. 

That's all Marshall knows. Edgeworth isn't the enemy. He didn't know and
wasn't involved in the falsifying of evidence. He mentions Damon Gant was
actually behind it. Now he'll take his final leave. Head back to the
Criminal Affairs Department.

Date-February 24
Location-Police Department; Criminal Affairs
The chief here will mention everybody is at a meeting. He will grant
permission into Damon Gant's office. Head to the Chief's Office.

Date-February 24
Location-Police Department; Chief's Office
Wow. What a crazy looking office. Gant will now notice you. Phoenix will
notice him place a piece of paper inside his desk. He'll mention he's upset
at the relevations in court today, mostly Lana's and Marshall's actions.
You will notice a picture in Lana's side of the office. Neil is holding the
K trophy with Lana and Gant at his side. GANT TEAM PICTURE will be added
to the Court Record. 

Gant insists that you leave because he is busy with things. Ema tries to
mention SL-9, but Gant says it has been closed for years and there's no
reason to reopen it. There's no reason to investigate it. He orders you to
leave after that. 

Date-February 24
Location-Police Department; Entrance
Phoenix is now sure the case isn't over yet. Gant denied your request to
look at the crime scene. He must have a reason to not want you looking at
it. Perhaps you can get in through another way...

Head to the Criminal Affairs Department.

Date-February 24
Location-Police Department; Criminal Affairs
You'll quickly meet up with Detective Gumshoe. He mentions that Edgeworth
is under fire from the Police Department and the Prosecutor's Office. It
concerns the falsified evidence from two years ago. Talk about "Edgeworth's
crisis" further. The prosecutor is responsible for the evidence shown in
court. The rumors basically are true, even though it wasn't intentional.

Now talk about the "SL9 Incident". Gumshoe looked through the files earlier
in the meeting. The only evidence was during Darke's final attack. The
evidence involved the murder weapon. He can't remember, so help him do so
by presenting what we think the weapon is, the Switchblade Knife. This
weapon was stolen and placed in the muffler of Edgeworth's car. Gumshoe
remember's the evidence now. Talk about the "Murder weapon". The police
traced the knife back to the store where Darke bought it. His fingerprints
were there, too. We know it's broken, yes? Neil Marshall was carrying the
broken piece inside of his body! It broke off there when he stabbed him!

It made a perfect match when compared. NEIL'S AUTOPSY REPORT will be added
to the Court Record. SWITCHBLADE KNIFE added to the Court Record. The
descriptions of both items are critical. Be sure to look at them now. You
know how Neil died basically and the critical evidence that is the
switchblade knife.

Talk about "Darke's crimes". One day Darke hit somebody with his car. This
accident turned him into a murderer. He killed everybody who witnessed the
accident and anybody who witnesses him killing the witnesses. Afterwards,
he turned himself in (WTF). There wasn't any evidence but he turned himself

Phoenix asks if Gant's office is a crime scene. Gumshoe responds anybody 
can get inside his office with an ID card. Gumshoe would be charged with
a breach of trust if he let you in, though. Goodman's card won't work since
it was deactivated from his death. You need to show him something to change
his mind.

Present the Unstable Jar. Gumshoe thinks he has seen this before. He sees
himself in the Chief's office and he's yelling at Gumshoe. He can't help
you yet. Let's visit Edgeworth.

Date-February 24
Location-High Prosecutor's Office; Room 1202
Edgeworth appears to be busy, but he'll allow you to talk to him. Ask about
"Forged evidence". He says there's no excuse for what he's done. He used 
false evidence two years ago to get a guilty verdict. Nothing can erase 
this fact. The Police Department's error becomes Edgeworth's error which
makes him the center of blame. 

Ask about "Tomorrow's trial". It's funny that you keep worrying about how
Edgeworth will perform in trial. He's starting to hate it. Also, since 
tomorrow is the last day prosecutors can't be changed. He never thought the
SL-9 Incident would come back to haunt him. He says the list of evidence 
was too short in that case. There was only one thing on his mind. He's use
the evidence as best as possible to get a guilty verdict. 

Now talk about "The day of the crime". He hates ceremonies, but he had to
attend. It was mandatory for anybody receiving awards. He finished some 
work in the morning and drove to the Police Department. He didn't plan on
returning, but Gant asked him to take a screwdriver back to the office. 

Now, Ema mentioned earlier about the picture hanging in Gant's office. 
Phoenix thinks something is odd about it, too. Present the Gant Team 
Picture. Ema mentions that the trophy that Neil is holding is slightly 
different than the one Edgeworth has. There's a story behind the change.
Contradiction is what the award is based on. Talk about the "Prosecutor
trophy" some more. The award originates from a Chinese legend. 

Edgeworth will explain the tale to you. It perfectly explains the broken 
shield and knife. So, why was Edgeworth given just the shield? KING OF
PROSECUTORS TROPHY will be updated in the Court Record. 

Now present the Screwdriver. Gant apparently does a lot of things that make
no sense. It is better than doing things that make sense poorly. Hah. Now
examine the piece of paper on the floor. Sadly, Edgeworth plans on
resigning from his job. Perhaps it can be put to good use later. LETTER
OF RESIGNATION added to the Court Record. Head back to the parking lot.

Date-February 24
Location-Prosecutor's Office; Underground Parking Lot
Angel Starr will return to the lot now. Talk to her about the "Darke
investigation". The detectives trailed him for several months. She also
mentions how Marshall must be going through hell from his brother's death.
Jake was determined after his death. Lana and Gant were the unstoppable
duo that lead the investigation. 

Ask about "After case closed". It was from the duo that the investigation
was able to continue. That's why the detectives were shocked at what 
occured from it all. Darke got what he deserved, but the evidence used to
do so was easily manipulated. Some items were created, others were kept a
secret. The people who were laid off or demoted were done so without any
sort of explaination. Angel thinks that Lana was merely being used as a
pawn. But by who?

Ask about "Legendary duo". They were the best of the best. Gant was easily
able to find evidence. By that, rumors made it seem like he forged them. 
Nobody ever declared him of doing so, however. All the detectives wanted to
be like Lana. Her lookout for the other detectives is what bonded her to
Jake. When Neil was killed she felt as if she had lost her own brother.
This is why Angel will never be able to forgive her. Why did she have to 
turn so cold after the incident. 

Now ask about "Being used". Lana was transferred thanks to Gant. Gant was
certain to be made chief after the case. Once he had one other place
secured he'd have unstoppable power. That place was the Prosecutor's Office
right here. He transferred Lana because that was his ultimate goal. Lana
must really be Gant's pawn. This explains Lana's attitude and why she won't
say anything. Gant must be controlling her. Could Gant really be the one 
who set up this murder?

Head back to the Criminal Affairs Department to have another chat with

Date-February 24
Location-Police Department; Criminal Affairs
Gumshoe still refuses to help you. He isn't ready to put his job on the
line. Something you have might change his mind. Present the Letter of
Resignation. Gumshoe is shocked at what Edgeworth is willing to do now.
The detectives betrayed Edgeworth when he had so much faith in them. 
Gumshoe will now loan you his ID card so you can get back into Gant's
office. GUMSHOE'S ID added to the Court Record. Get back in that office!

Date-February 24
Location-Police Department; Chief's Office
Gumshoe will accompany you to Gant's office. Talk to him about "The 
Chief's office". You'll be shown Lana's desk where Ema was waiting two
years ago. This is just Gant's office so nobody uses that desk. He has been
preserving the crime scene, though. 

Now ask about "Chief Gant". Gumshoe is curious if Damon Gant is actually a
suspect in this case. 

Now it is time to give the offices a thorough examination. Start with the
obvious. Check Gant's desk for the piece of paper he hid earlier. It
happens to be a list of evidence used in a case. The list pertains to the
SL-9 Incident. Gumshoe also mentions the evidence list is half as long as
most cases get. Edgeworth said the same thing earlier! EVIDENCE LIST will
be added to the Court Record. 

Examine the Evidence List further. Check the back. There's a sketch of 
what appears to be somebody holding a stick and someone lying on the 
ground. Also note the list is in half. Is there a second picture to match
this one?

Bring out the Luminol Testing Fluid. You want to find some blood traces
near Lana's desk. Ema thinks this pool of blood was from Neil Marshall when
he was murdered. A murder obviously did take place here. Good confirming
that, though.

Now head back to Gant's side of the room. Near his desk is a safe. A code
needs to be entered, more specifically a seven digit number. Choose to
"Input number". You will be asked to input the code yourself. Have an idea?
You have the answer. Any lucky numbers you want to try? Of course I am
referring to lucky "7777777". Try inputting that.

What do you know? It opened! Yes, the final ID number on the ID Card 
Record sheet. It's the number of the mysterious officer who entered the 
room that day. Then that must be Damon Gant's number. Examine the now open

Inside you will find the final piece of the Unstable Jar. You will also
find a piece of cloth. A handprint is faintly visible on it. So, why was
all of that stuff in his safe? 

Gumshoe won't let you take the items without proof they are relevant to
this case. Present the Unstable Jar. Choose to "Assemble fragments". Flip
the piece clockwise twice so you can finish the true assembly of the 
Unstable Jar. This means Gant knowingly hid a piece of evidence within his
safe. There are some reddish lines on the jar, too. It's probably blood.
Still, it doesn't explain why Gant his it from the police. UNSTABLE JAR
data will be updated. 

As for the cloth, present the Fingerprinting Set to Gumshoe. All you have
to do is spray the powder on the cloth and find a readable match. Examine
the middle finger for a very clear result. Upon comparison, the cloth was
touched by...Ema?

You can't possibly tell Ema her prints are on this. Thusly, you won't tell
her that for the time being. STRIP OF CLOTH added to the Court Record.

Oh snap! Gant decides it's time to return to his office. Gant pretty much
fired Gumshoe on the spot for sneaking into the office. After putting on a
creepy grin, he kicks you out. 

Date-February 24
Location-Police Department; Entrance
Phoenix thinks about the case for a second. Things almost completely make
sense now. Gant has sent Ema to the police for further questioning. She 
won't be with you now.

Date-February 24
Location-Detention Center; Visitor's Room
You will then find yourself infront of Lana. Phoenix as figured out why 
Lana stabbed Goodman and who she's trying to cover up. 

Talk to her about "Keeping Quiet". Phoenix realizes that it isn't the fact
Lana won't tell the truth, but rather she can't do so because of a certain
person. More "afraid" than "protecting" even. She'll ask who it is she's
afraid of. Of course, choose Damon Gant.

Now you can ask about "Damon Gant". Gant was respectable as a detective. 
So, why did he hide his crimes? Gant and Edgeworth are clearly screwed for
their evidence charade. To get further in this line of questioning she'll
demand proof Gant falsified evidence. Present the Evidence List to snatched
not too long ago.

Phoenix will show Lana the pieces of evidence that Gant has been keeping
secret in his office for so long. They are critical pieces from the SL-9
Incident. Damon Gant was concealing evidence on purpose. Now, why the hell
is Lana taking all the blame? 

Lana admits she cannot disobey anything Gant says, even if that means being
convicted for murder. She was forced to follow orders and take part in the
killing of Goodman. Now ask about "Orders". Lana was given one order that
day, and that was to dispose of Goodman's body. It was to be found in
Edgeworth's car. Thusly, Lana isn't actually the real murderer. She tried
to take Goodman's body from the car. She discovered the murder weapon while
inspecting the body. It was actually the knife from the Joe Darke Killings.
She couldn't leave it there, so she took it out and stabbed Goodman with a
second knife to make it look like that was the real weapon. She was shaking
the whole time and ended up cutting herself. She also got blood on 
Goodman's shoe as well. Angel Starr saw this moment. It was all a 
misunderstanding...on Angel's part at least.

Now ask about "Darke's Knife". Lana hated the SL-9 Incident and did 
everything she could to get it closed. She did not want it to be reopened
any time soon. She hid Darke's knife because of this. If word got out about
it the reporters would go crazy about it. She then wrapped the knife and 
hid it in the car. Then she called Ema to tell her what happened and to 
hide the knife further. She didn't want anybody else to find out about the
knife or killing. 

She also had a bad feeling about a phone call that day. After she 
recieved order from Gant, the first thing she did was make a phone call.
That phone call was to Marshall. She needed help in hiding the facts. He
was the only person that Lana could trust. At least, she thought she could
trust him. Marshall seemed to be doing his own thing after she spoke with
him. He didn't want the case to die. He tried to steal the evidence from
Goodman's locker. Basically, her phone call incited Marshall to try and
steal the evidence. 

This is all Lana can tell you. Everything is going to go to hell tomorrow
in court. You gotta stop this wild train and get the real murderer, Damon
Gant, prosecuted tomorrow. Oh, the battle is just beginning.

Day 4-Trial

Date-February 25, 9:47 AM
Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 2
Edgeworth will appear instead of Lana, as you were expecting. Edgeworth
knows that you already know the identity of ID number 7777777. The only
reason there was no verdict yesterday was because of a reason of doubt.
If who we think the number belongs to is true, then no doubt will be left.
Gant hasn't been charged with anything so you can't jump to that conclusion
right away. Phoenix mentions Edgeworth will never really know what
happened at SL-9 unless Lana confesses it. She can't do that if she pleads
guilty right away.

Date-February 25, 10:00 AM
Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 9
Damon Gant will appear and mention that Lana wants to speak directly to 
the court. He says it should save everyone a bit of trouble.

Lana has one simple request. She wants to put an end to the trial by 
confessing that she did everything, despite the blatant fact she didn't.
Then she fires you so Phoenix can shut his trap. The Judge is ready to
give out yet another guilty verdict, but Edgeworth objects to this.

Edgeworth states that he hasn't proven the defendant guilty beyond 
reasonable doubt yet. Any ruling would be premature as it is. Gant will
demand that Edgeworth keep quiet and let the verdict go through, but
Edgeworth knows better and basically tells Gant to screw off. He thinks it
is obvious he made a deal with Lana to confess. So, without any other
disruption Edgeworth will call his first witness, Ema. She's been with him
this whole time I guess. 

And Gant says you'll regret this moment. Stupid old man.

~Ema Skye's Testimony-Two Years Ago~
-I was waiting in my sister's office that day.

-A man came running in, and took me hostage.

-Neil Marshall rescued me,

-but I'll never forget what I saw that instant!

-The man raised up his knife, an...and stabbed Mr. Marshall in the 

At the end, Phoenix realizes Ema has no reason to lie. The only way to 
progress is from new facts. Press the first statement. She mentions Lana's
and Gant's office at the time and briefly talk about the organ.

Press the second statement. That man, of course, was Joe Darke. The serial
killer. Edgeworth states they were desperate to convict him. Darke fled the
room at first chance. 

Press the third statement. Marshall was there because he was with Gant and
Darke during the questioning. He was able to get there fast since he was
nearby Darke. 

Now press the fourth statement. Now something important happens. Marshall
jumped on Darke when the lights went out. Lightning flashed again outside
which illuminated the room breifly. She told the detective about what she
saw. That person being Goodman. Choose to "Hear more". She spoke about this
with him two years ago. She was so scared about the current events she
couldn't find the words to describe it. Thusly, she drew a picture. The
Judge will ask if you have heard enough.

Choose "Ask about the picture". Edgeworth objects and mentions the evidence
list didn't contain a picture. The Judge asks if this information would
be placed in her testimony. This line of testimony changes to this:

-I drew a picture of that scene once...but it seems to have been lost.

Er, if you followed this guide you should have checked the back of the
Evidence List. There was a picture of what looked like someone stabbing
another person. Yeah. That picture. Present the Evidence List here.

Edgeworth is confused when you yell that he's denying its existance. Too
bad that doesn't mean it never existed. Ema quickly realizes it as the
picture she drew. Edgeworth objects and says only the prosecutor in charge,
namely him, should have that list. 

Edgeworth has a list of his own. The Judge realizes both are...different?
Edgeworth's list was actually incomplete. The two lists, together, form one
large list of evidence. They were actually torn apart. Funny, only half of
the evidence reached Edgeworth in the case. 

Phoenix proposes they may be more to the drawing since the list was torn in
half. Edgeworth flips over the paper and finds a picture of...oh no. The
head of the freaking Blue Badger. What the hell. Edgeworth's reaction is
priceless. EVIDENCE LIST will now be updated. Ema thinks hard to herself
when she sees to complete picture. She'll now explain it. 

~Ema Skye's Testimony-Ema's Picture~
-This is the picture I drew two years ago.

-The flash of lightning was so bright all I could see were the shadows.

-After that I must have fainted.

-This picture shows exactly what I saw that instant!

Phoenix says there's clearly a contradiction to the picture and what she is
saying. Let's start pressing. Press the first statement. Ema states she 
drew the pictures several days after the incident. 

Now press the second statement. She isn't positive that it was Neil who had
saved her since it was dark, but the lightning was bright enough for her to
get a good look. Ema was knocked away when Marshall tackled him. 

Press the fourth and final statement. Phoenix will ask again if she is
positive this is the only thing she saw and it is drawn exactly. She says
that nothing could have influenced her mind before she drew the picture.
The Judge will ask if anything is wrong with this picture. Something
obviously is. Present Neil's Autopsy Report at this statement.

Ema acts confused. She still remembers the murder, so how is there a 
contradiction? The Judge will demand you show where the contradiction is.
Point to the hand Darke is holding his knife in. The tip of the knife
appears to be broken. It should be pointy at the end. Neil suffered only
one wound to the back, not multiple. Being only one strike the weapon 
should have been perfectly intact from the start. It couldn't be broken
beforehand otherwise the piece wouldn't be found in Neil's body. 

Phoenix has one explaination for this picture. What if the knife was part
of the falsified evidence? The broken knife piece must have been forged for
the picture to be true. Phoenix will go over the fateful events that day
one last time. There was a ceremony that day. After recieving the King of
Prosecutors award, Neil Marshall and Gant questioned Joe Darke. Darke fled
the room in mid examination. Marshall was killed by Darke shortly after.
Phoenix thinks there is a lie in that statement, though. Thusly, the
switchblade knife WASN'T the real murder weapon! 

There must have been a second knife. Could there be one? Choose "There is
another one". Ema really did see a broken knife, though. You need to show
the real murder weapon. Present the Gant Team Picture. Edgeworth now
realizes that the broken murder weapon was from the award Marshall had won
that day. There's a broken knife on it. Ema likely would have seen this
knife instead of Darke's. 

When Marshall was chasing after Darke, he pulled out this knife. He didn't
have a gun since he was a prosecutor. It was has only choice of a weapon.
This means that the man raising a knife would be Neil Marshall and not Joe

Ema stops the discussion and states she remembers everything clearly now.
She wishes to see the evidence list again. The one with the Blue Badger on
it. She drew that picture if you didn't guess already. Now, one more 
testimony will hopefully clear this mess up.

~Ema Skye's Testimony-Ema's Recollection~
-When I saw that man raise his knife...

-I panicked, and rushed toward both of them.

-I think I...I knocked away the man with the knife.

-Just then there was another flash of lightning, and that's when I saw...
the Blue Badger!

-He wasn't in the room, but I'm sure I saw his shadow!

Lana will step in and demand that this goes no further. Edgeworth steps in
and says the trial has gone too far. It must be finished whether in her
favor or not. Back to the testimony.

Edgeworth also says the Blue Badger didn't even exist back then. What could
Ema have possible seen? Look at the Gant Team Picture. This was in Lana's
office, remember? See something familar right behind Neil? There's the
intact unstable jar. Press the final statement. When asked, choose "I just
might know..." You will say you know what Ema could have seen that looked
like the Blue Badger. Present the Unstable Jar.

Your mission is to rotate the jar in such a fashion that it resembles the
Blue Badger. This is difficult to explain. Firstly, flip the jar upside-
down form where it is already stationed. From here, tilt the jar away from
you using the right scrollbar and shifting it up. Make it look like a party
hat. The small end of the jar should just barely be seen. This will take a
few tries, but you will get it eventually.

So, we have a jar that looks like the Blue Badger. Cool. Edgeworth, though,
demands to know what the point of this all is. This shouldn't change a bit
of detail. Choose "The murder weapon". Ema saw the jar at a very specific
angle. The jar was actually in Damon Gant's office. This means Darke and
Neil struggled not in Lana's office but rather in Gant's office. 

This means the murderer probably moves the body to Lana's office. There
must be a reason otherwise there wouldn't be any trouble of doing this.
Phoenix knows the truth. Ema hit the man with the knife and that sent the
jar flying into the air. The impact of the man hitting the wall would have
done this. What would he have hit? The sharp knife that knight in armor is
wielding. There is now another possibility of what occured. Ema knocked
prosecutor Marshall into the knife the knight was holding. Lana must have
known this, and tried to stop the trial. But we went through. Ema
collapses after hearing this.

Edgeworth suspects Lana moved Marshall's body so it would keep suspicion
Ema did it away. She demands to know if there's any evidence Ema killed
Marshall. But, perhaps the victim left a message. When asked if such a 
message exists, choose it "is in the evidence". The truth must be revealed.

Present the Unstable Jar once again. It has bloodstains in an odd pattern.
The blood looks to form a word and was wiped away. Edgeworth thinks these
dots were actually lines. Once the lines are connected, the real
murderer will become clear. Lana looks panicked. Too bad you are still
going through with this idea. Connect the lines. Anybody who passed
kindergarden should be able to this in no time.

Spell out the name and present it. Ema's name is on the freaking jar. She
didn't mean to kill Marshall but she still did it. Gant comes back. It
appears he was right when he said you'd regret this. Gant says that an
innocent man was sentenced to death from forged evidence. 

A recess will now be called. Oh how the tides of court have changed. But is
it for the better?

Date-February 25, 12:06 PM
Location-District Court; Defendant's Lobby No. 2
Gumshoe will burst in on your conversation with Edgeworth. Lana asked him
another favor. She wanted to give you a book on Evidence Law. She also 
wanted him to give you the message of "If you plan on taking HIM on you're
going to need this book". EVIDENCE LAW added to the Court Record. Edgeworth
also comments the real battle hasn't even begun yet. It's time to bring 
down Damon Gant once and for all.

Date-February 25, 12:52 PM
Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 9
Edgeworth would normally call a witness, but from the actions Edgeworth has
done lately, he will allow the defense to call the next witness. Time to
bring out the real murderer. Call Damon Gant to the stand. Phoenix demands
to know Gant's role in the SL-9 Incident. Let's not screw up.

~Damon Gant's Testimony-SL-9 Incident~
-As I recall, Neil and I were questioning him that day.

-To make a long story short, we slipped up. That power outage didn't help

-When I went to my office, I found Lana there.

-Apparently, she had already..."arranged" the crime scene.

-As you can see, I had nothing to do with the "forgery".

You need to link Gant to the incident somehow. He says he has nothing to
do with this incident, but then why were some things kept in his safe? 
You can either present the Unstable Jar or the Strip of Cloth. However, 
Gant hits you with the second rule of evidence law if you present the 
latter so go with the jar.

Phoenix explains where he found the jar. He also goes on to say where he
found the evidence list. This proves he wa spart of the illegal
investigation. Gant will testify on why these were in his office.

~Damon Gant's Testimony-Evidence & Forgery~
-For all I know, you could have planted them in my office.

-Anyway, you can't prove "when" those pieces of evidence were discovered.

-If they were found after Darke was convicted, then they're worthless.

-There's no reason I'd participate in a forgery.

-Rearranging the crime scene wouldn't help me out in any way.

Press the final statement. Rearranging the crime scne would secure his
position as Chief of Police. That's quite a motive. Edgeworth says if he
didn't do it for himself he would have done it for somebody else. He will
change his line of testimony to this:

-I wouldn't be anyone's "accomplice" if there was nothing in it for me.

Press this newfound statement. Gant only cares about himself. He actually
didn't feel sorry for Lana when Ema was injured. What an ass. However,
could someone have helped him out? Choose "Point out an accomplice". Who is
the person Gant might have helped? It should be fairly simple. He helped
Lana conceal evidence. Ema was screwed over from the real evidence, so only
Lana could want it covered up. Gant would have a reason to help her as
well. Merely self-profit. Lana was made Chief Prosecutor, and more
importantly was the pawn for Gant. He had complete power at that point.

Gant will now ask if you have any proof to back up these wild claims. You
can't have any since Lana refuses to testify against Gant. Unless, of
course, this same thing is occuring in this incident. Edgeworth will claim
Lana has been acting as if someone has been controlling her. Somebody like
Gant, for instance?

Gant must be involved in the murder of Goodman. Edgeworth mentions that 
this must be finished now. The Judge wants proof he is involved in this
murder. Present the ID Card Record. There's still the last unknown number
on the list. Gant says you can't prove it's his number. Remember Gant's
safe has a code that matches this ID number. Oh and damn does Gant get
ticked off at you.

Gant will reply that he was alone in the evidence room. Phoenix asks if 
Goodman was with him, but Gant hadn't seen him in days. However, Gant would
have had to meet with Goodman that day. The Judge will now demand evidence
that ties Goodman with Gant. Present Goodman's Lost Item Report. Goodman
lost his ID card the day of the murder. Goodman filled out the report. He
would need to give this report to Chief Gant. 

Problem is, you're in possession of the report. You can't be sure he even
filed it. How? Because he had to enter the evidence room that day. Thusly,
Gant accomponied him into the evidence room. It was then Gant murdered 
Goodman and made Lana dispose of the body.

Gant will say he instead lent his ID card to Goodman, but this can't be 
true since if he did the card would have been found on him when he was
killed. Phoenix explains this was probably an impulse murder, and that the
Police Department was as unlikely as it gets for a murder to occur. He
likely called Lana afterwards to finish the job. 

Edgeworth objects and demands to know how the body ended up at the parking
lot. You have the proof. Phoenix comments it was the most useless item he
had, but it is the proof. Present...the Screwdriver. The missing holes are
getting filled in. Edgeworth was ordered to fetch a useless piece of
evidence, the screwdriver, to create a setup. In the time Edgeworth was 
gone, Gant and Lana stuffed Goodman's body into Edgeworth's trunk. 
Edgeworth unknowingly played a part in transporting the body.

Also, remember Angel's photo? Phoenix goes on to say that must have been
Lana trying to remove the body from the trunk rather than having her dump
it into it. Gant will try to leave now, and he has every right to do so 
since he has such a power. He's using his right to refuse testification.
You still have no real evidence that he did this. Sadly, you must choose
"I have no proof yet". 

Damon will take his leave now. You're about to be penalized, but Edgeworth
will step in. He says one person who is still important hasn't 
testified yet. Decide to call Lana to the stand. Another recess will be
made. The battle is almost over. 

But Gant returns at the last second. He says Lana will be in big trouble
if she testifies. Ema would then be found guilty. He'll then leave.

Date-February 25, 2:04 PM
Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 2
Gumshoe says that you just barely missed your chance to nail Gant.
Edgeworth mentions there are risks to refusing to testify. By refusing to
testify he is not permitted to add anything else into this trial. If you
choose to screw him over he can't say anything to change it. Ema will
return now. Now you'll head back to court for the final time. Lana better
prove this waste of time means something!

Date-February 25, 2:21 PM
Location-District Court; Courtroom No. 9
You shouldn't find this last bit all too difficult. Lana is going to need
to lie severely in order to protect Gant so the contradictions should be
fairly simple to point out. Or so we think. Let's get down with it.

~Lana Skye's Testimony-Gant & The Fabrication~
-I worked alongisde Gant for years...

-There's no truth to this "blackmail" theory.

-I fabricated the evidence two years ago all by myself.

-When I found Prosecutor Marshall's body, I rearranged the crime scene.

-My only motivation was to get Darke convicted. It had nothing to do with

Funny. All of that is a lie. Problem is, what's the proof to show that she
is lying through her teeth? That's the fun part. Press her fourth statement
as it's the only one which will get you anywhere. Lana says she was the
first person to discover the crime scene. The broken prosecutor award was
stuck in the victim's body. She will say the situation where Neil was
pushed into the suit of armor is wrong. She insists that Darke killed
Marshall instead. She goes on to say the switchblade kinfe was lying on the
floor a little distance away. She'll add this next line to her testimony:

-I broke off the tip of Darke's knife, planted it inside the wound, then
moved the body.

Press this new statement. Phoenix is surprised she would go to such
extremes and do that. You will then be given the choice to ask her a 
question. Choose "Why did you move the body" as unlikely and pointless as
that seems. Neil's body was indeed near Damon Gant's desk. Another new
line of testimony will be added:

-The pieces of the jar that shattered during the events threatened my plan.

Press this new statement. Yes, the unstable jar is the one she's referring
to. When she first found the body the jar was broken. It must have broken
during Darke's and Neil's struggle. Ema thinks there's something wrong with
that statement. Indeed, there is. Ema's name is on the jar. If it was
broken, how would Neil be able to write down his final message? Present the
Unstable Jar once more.

Edgeworth states more information about this jar and the bloody message may
be needed. Something critical could be here. Lana will be asked to just
explai what she saw. Edgeworth and Phoenix will fill in the missing 

~Lana Skye's Testimony-Jar & Message in Blood~
-I immediately noticed the blood traces on the jar,

-but it was dark in the room and I didn't have time to check it out.

-To be safe, I wiped away the blood.

-The fragments were large, so I'm sure I got them all.

-All I could think about was wiping them clean before they were discovered.

Don't bother pressing. She will keep mentioned she did it, she moved the
body, and whatnot. There's still one problem. Yes, you will need the jar 
again. That's original. Lana mentions she gathered every last piece to the
jar. However, we found out that one piece was missing and it was found in
Damon Gant's safe. Present the Unstable Jar at Lana's fourth statement.
Worse of all, there was blood on the final piece you found. Only one thing
remains. Someone else must have arrived first.

Only Chief Gant could have gotten there before Lana. The pieces were so big
it's unlikely an ace detective would miss one. The jar was broken when 
found. Possible, the name wasn't written until after it broke. Edgeworth
thinks Damon got there first, broke the jar, and hid one of the pieces.
This action is fabrication of evidence. These whole events is what began
to make Lana Skye Gant's puppet. Gant did this just for control. 

But wait. What if this is all Gant's trap still? Thusly, Ema's killing of
Neil Marshall might also be a complete lie. This is Lana's final 
testimony. Let's get going.

~Lana Skye's Final Testimony-Actual Crime Scene~
-Actually, there is no cross examination. You'll see!

Before you can begin the final examination in the game, Lana mentions she
has proof to attest to this testimony. She handed it to you earlier the
morning. It's a picture of the crime scene that she hid in something she
handed to you. You only got one thing today and that was the Evidence Lw
book. Check it out. Turn it around and examine the back cover. The book 
will open up and a picture will appear. Neil is clearly stuck to the piece
of armor. Criminal Affairs was contacted after she changed the crime scene.
LANA'S PICTURE is added to the Court Record.

But that piece of cloth stuck to Neil. Was that the one in Gant's safe? It
would make sense since Ema's handprint is stuck to it. Whoever's prints 
they belong to is the real murderer. Ema seems excited. Too bad it is her.
Now you'll try the cross examination, but Gant returns. He tries to make a
cover for himself, but by not testifying he revoked his rights to make any
types of statements. Gant, though, is still allowed to present evidence.
However, he mentions somebody else has the evidence. He points the finger
at Phoenix. You have something to show right? The thing that proves the 
real murderer. You must answer "Cannot show evidence". If you show it, you
get an instant Game Over. Save here because it is something really cool to

Anyways, Gant will demand you tell the truth. He says you opened his safe
and stole something. Well, now everybody knows we really did that. Too bad
Phoenix is pulling a Gant on him and denies the thought he did so. He asks
you to look at the picture. This means Gant kept the cloth in his safe the
entire time. He's been concealing evidence. 

Gant will start explaining what really happened. He was the first person
to arrive at the crime scene. He thought he could use the situation to
control Lana. If he made it look like the blame laid with Ema, then Lana
would come for Gant's aid. He told her to arrange the evidence. Gant admits
to hiding two pieces of evidence. He did this before Lana arrived. The
pieces were one of the pieces of the jar, the other the strip of cloth.

He did them for some form of insurance. He was prepared for the worst, 
explaining why he did them. He didn't want to get blamed for this mess. 
Gant hid the most legible part of Ema's name. He didn't expect Lana to
wipe them clean, though. Edgeworth objects and states this could also be
easily forged. Gant now orderes you to present the piece of cloth. Gant
has admitted to hiding this piece of cloth. This is it. Everything rides
on this move.

Choose to "Show evidence" this time and present the Strip of Cloth. Gant
confirms he cut this from Neil. Edgeworth says that the handprint could
not be forged, and therefore whoever touched it must be the real murderer.
Gant says he had the evidence the entire time but refused to present it.
Obviously, you know who the murderer is. You need to go along with the 
plan. Gant seems to be playing along with it. Present Ema Skye.

Lana interrupts and is pissed that the trial has come to this. Gant says
since you just concealed evidence, you committed a crime. Phoenix will ask
Gant again who really killed Neil Marshall. Phoenix says that although the
handprint of Ema is on it, one blatant contradiction is also there. Gant
gets ticked as usual. This will prove who the real killer is. You need to
present the one piece of evidence that contradicts the cloth. Present 
Lana's Picture. Phoenix says his vest was soaked with blood. However, the
piece of cloth doesn't have any blood on it! 

This proves that Ema did shove Neil Marshall to the side. However, she did
not kill Neil this way. Neil was most likely knocked out from the shock,
though. So, who could the real murderer be? Darke, Neil, and Ema were all
unconcious when the first person arrived on the scene. Who could have taken
Neil Marshall and shoved him into the knife? Who could make it look like
Ema was responsible for all of this? Who wrote her name on the unstable
jar and broken it and leave behind a clue to make Lana believe Ema did all
this? Gant. Oh hell yes, it was Gant. 

Best of all, he already admitted to doing this since he said he was first
to the crime scene. By cutting the vest he sealed his fate as the murderer
of the case. Gant somehow slightly regains compusure, but still appears
broken down. He won't give up. Too bad, that strip of cloth is counted as
illegal evidence. It can't be used to convict a suspect. Phoenix concealed
the piece of evidence. The cloth ceased to be legal evidence after that!
The Judge asks if you purposefully kept the piece of cloth away from
court. Choose "I did not". 

Phoenix "didn't present the evidence then, he actually "couldn't" do so.
Is the evidence legal or not? You need to prove you had the right to do
all of this. Present Evidence Law. You followed evidence law correctly. The
cloth wasn't registered and wasn't relevant to the trial at the first time
Gant asked to see it. Gant earlier, however, confirmed that he cut the
cloth from Neil. The picture Lana gave you was presented only a short time
ago. That picture offically made the strip of cloth relevant to this trial.
It was from that picture you were allowed to present it legaly in court.
Best of all, Gant is the one who really gave it the legality. He said he
personally cut the cloth...

It's all over now. I won't spoil the fantastic ending to this trial, but
remember the whole "Who killed Goodman and why" problem that this whole 
case started with? Everything will be fully explained there. Great job on
the final victory.

Date-February 25, 5:03 PM
Location-District Court; Defendant Lobby No. 2
It's all over now. Ema will look as sad as ever, though. Lana still hasn't
talked to her yet. Gumshoe decides to interrupt a touching moment yet
again. He came here because of Ema. He decided to bring Lana to meet her.
Lana admits she staged the crime to make it look like Ema didn't do it. 
Even though she didn't know Gant really did it. Ema, though, is happy to
have the old Lana back now. 

Edgeworth will appear now. He says that he can't change his past mistakes.
He can't even trust himself now. He's worried one day he'll do something
similar to what Gant did. He won't allow that to happen by resigning from
his job. Lana steps in and says he worked with Phoenix on the trial. It
was that way Gant was convicted of murder. You need to present something
you needed Edgeworth with. Present the Evidence List. Remember, to prove
some things in court you needed the half Edgeworth had. Edgeworth takes his
farewell after that.

The credits will roll now. You can use the fingerprinting scheme to reveal
pictures of the bounty of characters. Don't forget to read what they say as

     ~10. Frequently Asked Questions~
I've been browsing the boards for a while. I see these types of questions 
oh so many times.

Q:What is Damon Gant's trap in case 5?

A:He first asks you to present a piece of evidence you have been conealing.
If you present the strip of cloth then you get an instant guility verdict.

Q:Does Edgeworth really quit?

Yes and no. He returns to prosecute in the final case of Justice for All.
It is unknown if he makes any other appearences after that.

Q:Why does Redd White give in so easily in case 2?

A:Hell if I know. Getting beat down when you've been blackmailing people 
for so long kinda puts a lot of pressure on you.

Q:What if you present the wrong things to Maya/Edgeworth after case 4/5?

A:They just look disappointed at you and take their leave as usual.

Q:Why is almost every name a pun?

A:Japan is wierd that way. Very, very wierd.

Me-Because I'm so awesome. And I made this.

You, the reader-For making this walkthrough actually mean something.
Pointless if noone read it.

CJayC-For the website that inspired me to write walkthroughs

The Internet-For sucking away so much of my life I have no regrets to 
wasting time on it writing walkthroughs :)

This walkthrough is under legal copyright and ownership of me, 
Deathborn 668. It is not to be sold for retail of plagerized in any way,
shape or form.