Platform: PC
Weapons & Enemies Guide
By: kerplunk47
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Master Chief a.k.a. SPARTAN-117
Created with ASCGEN V. 2-0.5.0

Table of Contents

#INT I. Introduction

#STO A. The Story
#MIS B. Misc. Information
#SPE C. Special Objects

#NAV II. Navigation

#FIN A. The Find Option

#ALL III. Allies

#MAS A. Master Chief
#COR B. Cortana
#MAR C. The Marines
#PIL D. The Pillar of Autumn
#CPT E. Captain Keyes

#ENE Enemy Stat Chart

#COV IV. The Covenant

#GRU A. Grunts
#JAK B. Jackals
#ELI C. Elites
#HUN D. Hunters

#FLO V. Flood

#INF A. Infection Forms
#COM B. Combat Forms
#CAR C. Carrier Forms

#SEN VI. Sentinels

#MON A. The Monitor
#SET B. Sentinels

#WEP Weapon Stat Chart

#HUM VII. Human Weapons

#ASR A. Assault Rifle
#PIS B. Pistol
#SNI C. Sniper Rifle
#SHO D. Shotgun
#ROC E. Rocket Launcher
#FLA F. Flamethrower
#M41 G. Warthog Chain Gun
#FRG H. Frag Grenade
#WRL I. Warthog Rocket Launcher

#COW VIII. Covenant Weapons

#PPI A. Plasma Pistol
#PRI B. Plasma Rifle
#NEE C. Needler
#FUE D. Fuel Rod Launcher
#PLA E. Plasma Grenade
#SHA F. Shade Emplacement
#ENS G. Energy Sword
#SHE H. Plasma Shield

#UNC IX. Uncategorized
#MEL A. Melee
#CHX B. Chained Explosion

#VEH Vehicle Stat Chart

#HUV X. Human Vehicles

#HOG A. Warthog
#SCO B. Scorpion Battle Tank
#PEL C. Pelican Dropship

#COT XI. Covenant Vehicles

#GHO A. Ghost
#BAN B. Banshee
#WRA C. Wraith Plasma Mortar Tank
#SPI D. Spirit Dropship

#EAS XII. Easter Eggs

#EMT A. Edit Multiplayer Types Screen
#PBU B. Pistol Butts
#CH7 C. Chinese 7
#HIP D. Deadly Hippoes
#HBT F. Happy Birthday Tank
#MLO G. Marathon Logo
#INV H. Invincible Marines
#BUL I. Bulletin Board
#MEG J. Megg
#ME2 K. Megg II
#RTD L. Rock to Death
#RT2 M. Rock to Death II
#PIP N. Keyes's Pipe
#FOO O. Food Nipple
#REX P. Rex
#CON Q. Congrulations


#DIF XIV. Difficulty Overviews


#CRE XVI. Credits

#LEG XVII. Legal Stuff

I. Introduction

A. The Story
(from the manual)

 The year is 2552. Planet Earth still exists, but overpopulation has forced
many of her former residents to colonize other worlds. Faster-than-light
travel is now a reality, and Earth's unified government, through the United
Nations Space Command (UNSC), has put its full weight behind the colonization
effort-millions of humans now live on habitable planets in other solar
systems. A keystone of humanity's colonization efforts is the Planet Reach,
an interstellar naval yard that builds colony ships for civilians and warships
for the UNSC's armed forces. Conviniently close to Earth, Reach is also a hub
of scientific and military activity.

 Thirty-two years ago, contact with the outer colony Harvest was lost.
A battlegroup sent to investigate was almost completely destroyed; only one
badly damaged ship returned to Reach. Its crew told of a seemingly unstoppable
alien warship  that had effortlessly annihilated their forces.

 This was humankind's first encounter with a group of aliens they
eventually came to know as the Covenant, a collective of alien races united
in their fanatical religious devotion. Covenant religious elders declared
humanity an affront to the gods, and the covenant warrior caste waged a holy
war upon humanity with gruesome diligence.

 After a series of crushing defeats and obliterated colonies, UNSC
Admiral Preston Cole established the Cole Protocol: no vessel may
inadvertently lead the Covenant to Earth. When forced to withdraw, ships must
avoid Earth-bound vectors-even if that means jumping without proper
navigational calculations. Vessels in danger of capture must self destruct.

 On Reach, a secret military project to create cyborg super-soldiers
takes on newfound importance. The soldiers of the SPARTAN-II project rack up
an impressive record against the Covenant in test deployments, but there are
too few of them to turn the tide of the war.
 Existing SPARTAN-II Soldiers are recalled to Reach for further
augmentation. The plan: board a Covenant vessel with the improved SPARTAN
-IIs and learn the location of the Covenant home world. Two days before the
mission begins, Covenant forces strike Reach and annihilate the colony. The
Covenant are now on Earth's doorstep. One ship, the Pillar of Autumn, escapes
with the last SPARTAN-II and makes a blind jump into deep space, hoping to
lead the Covenant away from Earth.

B. Misc. Information
1. Contact me at:
Primary E-mail/ MSN: Hitman079@hotmail.com
Secondary E-mail: St_Jimmy0807@yahoo.com
AIM: WarriorSx (not accepting emails)
Ok, you can also submit glitches, vehicle/weapon/enemy strategies, etc. but no
attachments or corrections on spelling/grammar. Submissions must be capital
letters stating the content of the email (e.g. EASTER EGG). If it isn't I'll
probably think it's junk mail. Also, leave a name so I know who to give credit
to (IF your submission is accepted). If you wish not to be named, just leave
either no name or the name "Anonymous".
2. All ASCII art is created with ASCGEN V.2-0.5.0,
programmer Johnathan Matthews. Use halo.bungie.org; it's a great reference
site, with visual and audio demonstration of various easter eggs and glitches.
3. I wrote my guide and have completed it, but is still available to
changes made by either me or you.
4. This handy, all-purpose guide is brought to you by Patrick Phan!
5. NOTE: The rank information may be inaccurate; on my computer all enemies
appear in a dull-gray color. Colors are accurate, using other FAQs as
references, but my guarantee only extends to that. Some enemies have a very
obvious rank (like silver elites and gold elites), so I use info from
experiences and assumptions with them.

C. Special Objects
#SPE					=Stats=
Name: Name of the special object
Special Effect: Special effect/ quality that this object grants to the user
First Found: First mission this object is found

NOTE: Grenades found in ammo piles/ crash sites will not detonate when a live
grenade is thrown at them.

Name: Active Camouflage
Special Effect: Makes the user transparent; user will appear temporarily when
firing or if hit/damaged in any way.
First Found: Pillar of Autumn (as a power-up), Truth & Reconciliation (as
enemy power-up)

Name: Ammo Pile
Special Effect: N/A; Ammo piles are scattered throughout many missions: most
of the time it will be assault rifle/ pistol/ rocket launcher ammo along with
a cluster of human/Flood corpses.
First Found: Halo

Name: Crash Site
Special Effect: N/A; Crash sites are basically ammo piles, with the addition
of a flipped/disabled vehicle of some sort. It will either be a Pelican,
lifeboat (Halo mission only), or a Warthog. Usually has assault rifle/pistol/
rocket launcher ammo. The corpses are usually human and occasionally there'll
also be some dead Flood mixed in.
First Found: Halo

Name: Health
Special Effect: N/A; A set of "armor" that takes damage after the shield does,
if the user has any. All combat AI and the player has health.
First Found: The Pillar of Autumn

Name: Health Pack
Special Effect: Restores health to full.
First Found: The Pillar of Autumn

Name: Overshield
Special Effect: Gives player 2 extra layers of shields (non-rechargeable);
while charging the player is temporarily invincible. Online it will slowly
drain away (even if not damaged).
First Found: Pillar of Autumn

Name: Shields
Special Effect:N/A;  A rechargeable set of "armor" that takes damage before
health does
First Found: Pillar of Autumn

D. Version History

Dec 29, 2007-Jun 23, 2008
Wrote everything. Tried to submit to GameFaqs, but formatting was wrong.

Jun 23-Jun 26, 2008
Rewrote the descriptions for all weapons and enemies; added various tips
pertaining to the said items. Also, I had to manually space 2800 lines of
text so it could fit GameFaqs guidelines. Added the tag list.

(slight revision)
Jun 26, 2008
Redid the tags from [TAG] to #TAG. Also changed around stuff a bit. Weapons
and vehicles are now individual sections.

Jun 30, 2008
Went over the guide once more and fixed some grammar, and I'd say it is
fully complete.

Jul 25, 2008
Removed much of the ASCII art.

Jul 29, 2008
Some of the info about the enemies (what missions they appear on) was
inaccurate. Should be correct now.

Jul 30, 2008
Rewrote some of the easter egg information. Updated Megg description.

Aug 1, 2008
Added four websites to the legal info section.

II. Navigation

A. The Find Option
 Let's face it- it's no fun scrolling through pages of plain text. To help
readers all major sections have been divided by asterisk lines, along with the
addition of...TAGS! Tags are basically like keywords; you'll find them in the
table of contents listed with their corresponding items, and simply hit CTRL+F
or Special+F for Macs, and type in the tag. For example, to look up the
assault rifle you type #ASR into the search box, hit "Find Next," and it'll
jump to the entry.

III. Allies
Name: The name of the ally, official and in-game
Armor: Type of armor this ally wields
Accuracy: How effective this ally is at hitting targets (on a scale of 1-10,
10 being the best)
Speed: How fast this ally moves at full speed
Weapons of Choice: Weapons that this ally is usually seen using
Other Weapons: Weapons that this ally may sometimes use
Special Features: Unique features other allies may not have
First Found: Where this ally is first found, subsequent missions found are in
Brief Description: A little bit of history on who this ally is, where s/he's
from, why they're here, etc.
In Battle: Their function in battle (tactics and such)
Ranks: If there is a hiearchy, then the different ranks will be listed, along
with a brief overview of their skills compared with other ranks.

Name: Master Chief
Armor: A full set of health/ rechargeable shields
Accuracy: Depends on player
Speed: Approximately 55/KPH sprint speed (in-game it is more like jogging
Weapons of Choice: Depends on player
Other Weapons: Every in-game weapon known (except the energy blade)
Special Features: Rechargeable shields, playable character, capable of
restocking on ammo/ restoring health, swapping weapons, flipping overturned
vehicles, driving vehicles, meleeing, etc.
First Found: Pillar of Autumn (and every other mission)

 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Master Chief is you in the game. He is the last of the
SPARTANS, super-soldiers created to combat the Covenant. There were over 30
other SPARTANs, who all perished in the Fall of Reach, a Covenant attack on
the planet Reach. Master Chief has extraordinary strength, being able to
flip over overturned vehicles and kill with his bare hands. You are
given a set of rechargeable shields that will take damage until it is
depleted; there is a bar showing your shields' integrity in the upper-left
corner of your HUD. Your shields, if depleted or damaged in any way, will
recharge back to full power after a period of not getting hit.
In cutscenes, the Chief has olive green armor and a gruff voice. Note that
for the rest of this FAQ, I will refer to your human opponents online as

Approximate recharge times:
(as in how long you must wait until your shields start to recharge)
Easy/Normal- 6 seconds
Heroic- 6 seconds
Legendary- 6 seconds
Online- 6 seconds

 IN BATTLE: It's pretty obvious. You kill everything that's not human.

 COUNTER: Online, the best weapon to counter enemy SPARTANs is the almighty
M9D pistol. Always keep moving and use the best of your tactics to flank
and decimate your enemies.

B. Cortana

Name: Cortana
Armor: N/A
Speed: N/A
Weapons of Choice: N/A
Other Weapons: N/A
Special Features: Briefs you on missions, sets NavPoints, alerts you of enemy
First Found: The Pillar of Autumn (and every other mission except 343 Guilty
Spark and The Library)

 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Cortana is the female AI that is carried in your
MJOLNIR combat armor suit to assist you in hacking Covenant battle networks
and such. She is usually the one who gives you your mission objectives, and
will occasionally set Navpoints (orange arrows directing you where to go), and
will also sometimes alert you of enemies nearby. Oftentimes in the later
missions she's the only friendly voice you'll be hearing. In cutscenes
she is semi-transparent and about a foot tall. Data scrolls across her body
and her color will change according to mood.

 IN BATTLE: She's technically a voice in your head, so she will not be a
liability in any way.

 COUNTER: See "In Battle" entry.

C. Marines

Name: UNSC Marines Corps.
Armor: A full set of health
Accuracy: 7/10
Speed: Approximately 12 MPH (a bit slower than you run)
Weapons of Choice: Assault Rifle, M9D Pistol
Other weapons: Fragmentation Grenades, LAAG Gun, Needlers, Plasma Rifles,
Shotguns, Sniper Rifles
Special Features: Utilize sniper rifles
First Found: Pillar of Autumn (Halo, Truth & Reconciliation, Silent
Cartographer, Assault on the Control Room, 343 Guilty Spark)

 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The UNSC Marines are basically the combat outfit used
for fighting on other planets and engaging the Covenant. Most of the time
they'll be wearing black ballistic armor and olive-green uniforms, otherwise
they'll just be wearing fatigues or bridge uniforms, depending on rank.
Marines are not the best, but they're the bravest- they will never run away
or abandon you regardless of how bad things get, and will only stop fighting
when they're dead. They are not the serious/ macho tough space marines you
see in other games; they do joke around quite often and are overall a happy,
positive lot.

 IN BATTLE: In battle, Marines will usually either attack with you, or if
there's other ways they'll try to flank the enemy. Almost every Marine uses
an Assault Rifle, and sadly fires in bursts only. However, this makes them
quite accurate and best at fighting Grunts and Jackals. They may also
throw the occasional frag grenade, and they themselves are able to dodge
grenades if thrown at them. On Easy/Normal they can kill some enemies on their
own, but on Heroic/ Legendary they'll need help tackling anything more powerful
than a Grunt. Nevertheless they are valuable allies in every difficulty, maybe
more so as distractions than fighters. On the other hand, Marine snipers are
very efficient killers and should be protected at all costs. Marines are the
only ally capable of manning the Warthog chain gun. The most accurate/ skilled
gunner is either a Sargeant or Chips Dubbo (the Australian/British-sounding

-Marine Ranks-

Junior Officers/Technicians= If you think the Marines are useless, meet
the junior officers. Also known as Technicians, they are easily noticeable
by the fact that they do not wear military-associated attire but wear bridge
uniforms, which are usually red or blue. They only use M9D pistols, and will
usually die within one battle. I've never actually seen them kill something.
In fact, they barely even shoot. Basically, they're free pistol ammo.

Sergeants= There are only two types of Sergeants you'll ever see, and that is
either Sgt. Johnson (black guy) and Sgt. Stacker (white guy). They wear olive
fatigues and National Guard caps. They either use the Assault Rifle or the
sniper rifle. They will appear only once per mission.

Privates (1st class)= Privates are usually seen wearing their black ballistic
armor complete with helmet and data-goggle. Some may wear military fatigues
(small-rimmed hats and olive uniforms). They use all of the weapons listed
above, and are the most common Marine rank.

D. The Pillar of Autumn

Name: The Pillar of Autumn
Armor: Titanium A Battleplates
Accuracy: N/A
Speed: ?
Weapons of Choice: Magnetic Acceleration Cannon (MAC), 40 Archer Missile pods,
50mm autocannons
Other weapons: 3 Longsword Interceptors (escape vehicle on The Maw),
3 D77-TC Pelican Dropships
Special Features: the explosion of the Pillar of Autumn can destroy Halo
Weaknesses: Plasma torpedoes
First found: The Pillar of Autumn (and The Maw)
 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: All that is said is needed to be said here. The
Pillar of Autumn is an important object in the Halo campaign, and is the home
of the AI Cortana. It's damn big too- it could easily be several kilometers/
miles across.

E. Captain Keyes

Name: Captain Jacob Keyes
Armor: A full set of health
Accuracy: Depends on the needles
Speed: Equivalent of Marines (bit slower than you)
Weapons of Choice: Needler
Other weapons: N/A
Special Features: Triggers mission end upon death
Weaknesses: See Marines entry
First found: Pillar of Autumn, Truth & Reconciliation (as a combat ally)

 BRIEF DESCRPTION: Captain Jacob Keyes is the guy who's in charge of
The Pillar of Autumn. He used to be Commander Keyes, but was promoted to
Captain after single-handedly defeating three Covenant ships in an awesome
space battle, along with having an impressive combat record to boot. He only
appears in this one mission to fight with you; otherwise he just appears in

 IN BATTLE: Captain Keyes is about as skilled as an Elite with a Needler
(which is pretty good). Nevertheless try to keep him out of combat; his death
will trigger the end of the mission (Truth & Reconciliation).

IV. Covenant Enemies

Name: The name of the enemy
Armor: Type of armor this enemy wields
Accuracy: How effective this enemy is at hitting targets (on a scale of 1-10,
10 being the best)
Speed: How fast this enemy moves at full speed
Weapons of Choice: Weapons that this enemy is usually seen with
Other Weapons: Weapons that this enemy may sometimes use
Special Features: Unique features other enemies may not have
DO Use: Weapons/tactics most effective against this enemy
DO NOT Use: Weapons that are absolutely worthless against this enemy
First Found: Where this enemy is first found, subsequent missions found are in
Brief Description: A little bit of history on who this enemy is, where s/he's
from, why they're here, function in battle, etc.
In Battle: What YOU should do in an encounter
Counter: Best way to take care of this enemy
ANOTHER NOTE: If the COUNTER section is missing, it has been integrated into
the IN BATTLE section.

A. Grunts

Name: Grunts
Armor: 1/4 to a full set of health
Accuracy: 4/10
Speed: Either 1/2 or 3/4 as fast as you
Weapons of Choice: Plasma Pistols, Needlers, Plasma Grenades
Other Weapons: Fuel Rod Cannons, Shades
Special Features: Impressive arsenal and number, man Shade guns
DO Use: All weapons (including melee)
DO NOT Use: Rocket launcher (what a waste!)
First Found: Pillar of Autumn (and every other mission except The Library)

 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The Grunts are what the Covenant use as cannon fodder-
throwaway soldiers that are also used to do the dirty work and basically
harrass the enemy while the Elites and Jackals move in for the kill. They
are also able to operate a Shade gun. Grunts come from an icy homeworld,
and unlike their Covenant counterparts do not breath oxygen, but methane
through a breathing apparatus.

 IN BATTLE: Focus on killing Grunts before on any more powerful enemies, as
they can still dish out some hurt if you're only focusing on the Elite that's
standing next to them. Grenades are not really worth wasting on them except
a well-aimed plasma grenade. Sometimes they will run back to their superiors/
fellow grunts screaming for them to get it off, but no one does. Grunts are
a bountiful source of plasma grenades.

 COUNTER: Any weapon will take care of Grunts nicely. The most effective are
any human weapons (assault rifle, pistol, shotgun, sniper rifle). Use grenades
sparringly on these guys; maybe only when your shields are down and they can
kill you, or something like that. Sticking them with a plasma grenade may be
of some use- they might run back to their buddies screaming for them to get
it off. Use this to your advantage.

-Grunt Ranks-

ORANGE/YELLOW= The most cowardly; will run away upon death of their superiors.

RED= A little bit more backbone; they might/might not run away upon death of
their allies. Also a bit more durable than their orange counterparts.

BLACK= The black armor these Grunts wear signifies they are part of the Spec
Ops. They have a full set of health and are pretty tough (but still cute).
They may also appear in silver armor, with the same capabilities/ armor.

B. Jackals

Name: Jackals
Armor: 1/4 to a full set of health
Accuracy: 6/10
Speed: Either 1/2 or 3/4 as fast as you
Weapons of Choice: Plasma Pistol
Other Weapons: N/A
Special Features: Hand-held energy shield, use Plasma overcharge
DO Use: Plasma Pistol, Plasma Rifle, human weapons, GRENADES, melee
DO NOT Use: Needler
First Found: Halo (and every mission thereafter except The Library, Keyes, and
The Maw)

 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The Jackals are the Covenant's response to the UNSC
Marines. They are very agile, accurate, and just as intelligent. Jackals
seem to be loners, rarely ever working with Elites or Grunts. They essentially
are evolved reptiles, with excellent senses of hearing and sight, which means
they will be able to spot you quite well from long distances. Despite all
this, Jackals are about as durable as Grunts.

 IN BATTLE: Since they usually attack in groups, it is best to use grenades.
Regardless of grenade type, the Jackals never get away in time, or simply
don't even pay attention to them. Also remember that the HeatShot will make
their shields disappear, after which they will run away. They are also unable
to dodge your melee attacks. WARNING: the Jackals are the only enemies
that use the HeatShot with the plasma pistol. Also note that if their handheld
shield is destroyed, it can still regenerate.

 COUNTER: Use the plasma pistol to take out their shields and then mow them
down with your close range weapon. Plasma gunfire of any kind will take
them out quite nicely. Needles will bounce off their shields, as most of the
time the Jackals easily block/ deflect any inbound needles. USE GRENADES. If
you are able to get up close, a few melee attacks will easily take them out.

-Jackal Ranks-

BLUE= Jackals do not wear armor; this is the color of their shields. The most
common milling about on Easy/Normal, on Heroic/Legendary they'll be replaced
with Yellow Jackals. About 1/2 the health you have.

YELLOW= Jackals with yellow shields. Won't run away upon losing their shield.
They are quite tough, taking several melee attacks to down (having a
full set of health).

C. Elites

Name: Elites
Armor: A full set of health plus rechargeable shields
Speed: Bit slower than you
Weapons of choice: Plasma Rifle
Other weapons: Banshees, Energy Swords, Ghosts, Needlers, Shades, Wraiths,
Plasma Grenades
Special Features: The only enemy that has rechargeable body shields, the only
enemy able to pilot vehicles (Banshees and Wraiths), and are also able to man
DO Use: HeatShot, Rocket launchers, Sniper Rifles, Plasma weaponry
DO NOT Use: Frag grenades
First found: Pillar of Autumn (and every other mission except The Library)

 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Now, the Elites are the Covenant's response to YOU.
Sadly there is no lone "Master Elite", but a lot of them. They appear more
often than one would like. Most have shield strength a little bit weaker or
equivalent to yours, and a few have stronger shields. I've seen these bad
boys take a rocket shot to the stomach and still have some fight left in them.
Elites are the peskiest enemies in the game, and most often you will die at
the hands of these elite warriors, who have the strength equivalent to yours.
Note that they are temporarily stunned when you take out their shields or
when they're near death.

 WARNINGS: You will never win in a melee fight against multiple Elites.
They are practically immune to frag grenades as they manage to dodge them
EVERY time, and frags don't do much damage to them in the first place.

 IN BATTLE: Hopefully you have a plasma rifle or pistol with you, and if you
do, take down their shields! After that it's a relative breeze. The best way
to kill is to use a plasma grenade (NOT FRAGS). Use frags only
if you have some to spare to distract them. When Elites lose their shields or
are near death, they will either be stunned temporarily or do some kind of
battle cry. That is the best time to throw a frag/plasma. Snipe/take them out
from a distance when you can. You can also go up close to Elites, and from
there they'll try to melee you. If you can dodge them, you can squeeze a
few shots off at them from point-blank range. Use melees only when their
shields are down or their backs are turned to you. There is some more info in
the ranks.

-Elite Ranks-

BLUE= The lowest-ranking, and by definition the weakest of the Elites. They're
less durable, less accurate, and actually run away. They never use grenades.
1/2 to 3/4 your shield strength.

RED= I believe these Elites' shields are as strong as yours.

SILVER= These Elites will either use Plasma Rifles or Energy Swords
(which are still visible even when the user is not). They have no shields,
but to compensate they are- that's right- invisible. But not entirely. Look
for distortions in the air, and you can tell they are there. Sometimes they
laugh or make other noises that give away their position.

BLACK= The Spec Ops Elites that have a shield strength equivalent
or maybe 1.5x as powerful as yours. They seem to be the only Elites that use
plasma grenades, and are damn good aims at that.

GOLD= These are a huge step up, with twice as much shields as you have
(equal to an overshield). THESE are the ones that can take a rocket shot.
Luckily, you only see them a few times in the game. They use either Plasma
Rifles or Energy Swords. They are also capable of jumping as far as a
Flood combat form can.

D. Hunters

Name: Hunters
Armor: The equivalent of an overshield plus a full set of health
Accuracy: 6/10
Speed: Bit slower than you
Weapons of choice: Fuel Rod Cannon, Metal shield
Other weapons: none
Special Features: The only enemy that has a weapon built into them
DO USE: Rocket launchers, M9D pistol, sniper rifle, shotgun
DO NOT USE: Needler, Plasma weapons, any human weapon (save those mentioned
First found: Truth & Reconciliation (and every mission thereafter except
The Library)

 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Say hello to the Covenant's response to MBT
Scorpion Tanks- only they can walk. Hunters always are found in pairs, and
they have blue armor that cover their entire bodies, which makes them
practically immune to melees. They can take quite a beating from you, but,
don't worry, they have no shields, just a lot of health. If you get too close,
they'll charge at you and use their huge metal shields to whack you to death.
Hunters are actually very weak under their armor; it houses a network of
orange worms of some sort.

 WARNINGS: Use grenades only to stun them, as this is the most they
will do. Do not bother to melee them or try to melee them on the back. No

 IN BATTLE: If you spot a Hunter, hide. Chances are he didn't spot you, and
just wait for the Hunter to relax. Sooner or later it will turn its back to
you or stretch out its neck. Shoot the orange patch and it's a one-shot kill.
If they have spotted you, just keep moving around and they'll never hit you.
You have two options from there. Hide and hope they forget about you, or, if
you have ammo to spare, go up to them. If you have a pistol on hand, just let
them start to charge at you. Aim for the belly when their body is outstretched
the most at mid-attack. If you have ammo to spare, then you can just keep
running and jumping backwards while shooting; they'll eventually die.

V. Flood

A. Infection Forms

Name: Infection Forms
Armor: One shot from any gun
Accuracy: 2/10
Speed: A bit slower than you
Weapons of choice: Penetrator Gland, Tentacles (comes on body)
Other weapons: none (unarmed)
Special Features: Travel in huge groups
DO use: All weapons
DO NOT use: Grenades, rocket launchers (what a waste!)
First found: 343 Guilty Spark (and every mission thereafter)

 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The Flood do not get it on to procreate more Flood.
Instead, they use these little parasites called Infection forms. Basically,
these travel in huge swarms (of maybe 30 or more) and stop at nothing to kill
you. However, not to worry! If your shields are up they will just pop on
contact, and take away about 1/20 (5%) of your shields. However, if your
shields are down they'll latch on and take away a few bars of health. One shot
from any gun kills them, so they shouldn't be a problem, especially when not
with friends. No ranks.

 WARNINGS: Avoid at all costs if your shields are down. Also, don't
just let the swarms attack you and expect your shields to take care of them.
If your shields are up, they'll pop on contact, taking away about 1/20 (5%) of
your shield integrity.

 IN BATTLE: When encountering an Infection swarm, remember to always run away
from them, and avoid getting cornered. You can usually get away
before any of the infection forms jump on you. Even when they do, if quick
enough you can dodge it, like the dreaded red bullet in Time Crisis. Don't
waste any grenades on them at all. You can also use meleeing if you want
to conserve ammo.

B. Combat Forms

Name: Combat Forms or Drones
Armor: Full set of health
Accuracy: 1-3/10
Speed: Fast as you
Weapons of choice: N/A
Other weapons: All weapons (excluding Banshees, Ghosts, LAAG Gun, Scorpions,
Shades, Warthogs, or Wraiths)
Special Features: Can reanimate themselves, jump amazingly far, and have
shoot-offable arms
DO Use: SHOTGUNS, Rocket Launchers, Grenades
DO NOT Use: Melee, sniper rifle
First found: 343 Guilty Spark (and every mission thereafter)

 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Not to be underestimated. These guys pack a lethal
punch with their claws or with weapons on hand. They jump extremely far, and
just a few claw hits and you're dead. They can take quite a beating, but
do not worry; they are extremely...stupid. The Flood do not notice or fear
grenades, and they always charge directly at you, so they shouldn't be much of
a problem if you don't let them get too close. Note that you can shoot their
arms off. Not all combat forms have weapons, but all of them have those killer
Wolverine claws.

 WARNINGS: Combat forms are capable of reanimating themselves (that is,
getting up again after they're on the ground). Also, melees and sniper rifle
shots are useless against them.

 IN BATTLE: Once again, your friend the grenade comes to the rescue. The Flood
do not notice grenades at all, so frags are deadly. Using plasma is advisable
only when thrown from far away enough so they can detonate at a safe distance.
Flood will always charge directly at you, and bullets do not deter them when
charging (as in not making them stagger or the like). SHOTGUN them all the way
to hell. A combat form barely ever survives more than one shotgun blast. The
pistola also is a hell of a good weapon. Just be wary if they went down after
only a few shots; they'll most probably reanimate. Since Combat Forms usually
attack in large groups, explosives are your best bet (note: Carrier forms also
count as explosives :)

-Combat Form Ranks-

EX-MARINE-These resemble zombies, with a humanoid head and feet. Less
durability, I believe.

EX-ELITE- From the front they seem to have no head, but there is actually
an Elite head hanging off at the back. They have hoofs.

C. Carrier Forms

Name: Carriers
Armor: Half a set of health
Accuracy: N/A
Speed: as fast as light(ly-colored ducks)
Weapons of Choice: Themselves, Infection forms
Other weapons: none (unarmed)
Special features: Carry Infection forms inside them, only enemy that functions
like a suicide bomber
Weaknesses: Everything
First found: The Library (not your local library, thank God, the mission) Oh,
and they appear on every mission thereafter.

 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: These guys look like ex-Elite combat forms, but
cannot melee you, are shorter, and they waddle so painstakingly slowly. Be
thankful of their speed, and don't let them get near you; they will promptly
flop to the ground and detonate themselves in an explosion about as powerful
as a grenade (but with not as much splash damage). Upon exploding a few
Infection forms come out at you, but they will not be a problem if you killed
the Carrier before it could take down your shields. Always look for them among
the Flood, as they are like walking grenades. No ranks.

 WARNINGS: Don't use grenades against them unless absolutely necessary:
this simply sends them flying, and THEN they will detonate. They are immune
to sniper rifle shots and melees (though if you get THAT close they will
detonate themselves). Also, when in groups with other Carriers, watch out.
Destroying one will probably send all the others flying.

 IN BATTLE: Alone they are no threat, but watch out if they get too near you.
When they do, they'll flop themselves to the ground and blow themselves up to
explode. You do have enough time to get away when they flop themselves down.
When in groups with other Flood forms, kill these first. They're just like
walking grenades! Can't take as much of a beating as Combat forms can.


VI. Sentinels

A. The Monitor

Name: 343 Guilty Spark or (more popular) The Monitor
Armor: Invincible
Accuracy: N/A
Speed: 1.5x fast as you are or so
Weapons of choice: Lancer beam
Other weapons: Sentinels, annoying-ness
Special features: The only invincible animate object
Weaknesses: N/A
First Found: 343 Guilty Spark (as an ally) gee, they named a mission after
Two Betrayals (as an enemy)

 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Don't worry, 343 Guilty Spark does not fight
alongside you (isn't that great?!) or against you. The Lancer beam is simply
a gray beam he only uses once (in a cutscene) to stun the Master Chief long
enough to take the Index (a microsecond). Right. Lancer beam is not an
official name; it was just derived from an excerpt in Halo: The Flood
("...and was startled when a gray beam lanced from Spark"). The Sentinels
answer to Sparky here, and they obey him only. Sparky is extremely annoying
because he is always humming, constantly talks to himself and, last but not
least, disappears at convinient times and barely ever calls his Sentinels to
help you. But don't worry, Sentinels will always be on your ass when they're
your enemy.

 WARNINGS: Don't waste your ammo on him, no matter how tempting. He won't do
anything, but it's a waste of ammo.

 IN BATTLE: Are you kidding? He's never there in battle.

B. Sentinels

Name: Sentinels
Armor: Equivalent of maybe a full set of health. Some have shields.
Accuracy: 6/10
Speed: Not seen moving often.
Weapons of choice: Ozone Laser Beams
Other weapons: none
Special Features: Only enemy that hovers and fights
DO Use: All Covenant weapons (especially the HeatShot), shotgun
DO NOT Use: Any other human weapon (save the rocket launcher)
First found: 343 Guilty Spark (as allies), Two Betrayals (as enemies) They
also make an appearance in The Library and The Maw.

 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The Sentinels are like robot Marines with just as much
skill. Sentinels assist you in the eradication of Flood, but later turn
against you and fight against both the alien races. They hover about 8 feet
off the ground and use some sort of prolonged laser beam. Covenant weapons
practically melt them like chocolate.

 WARNINGS: Like Marines, don't kill them on purpose when they are your
allies. They will turn against you, and your shields will drop pretty fast.

 IN BATTLE: Keep moving around and some of the laser fire will miss. USE
PLASMA WEAPONS. They simply PWN them. One HeatShot will take down
a Sentinel quite nicely, as do needle explosions and plasma bullets. Plasma
grenades also do a lot of harm. Since Sentinels hang out in close groups when
on guard, sticking one will most probably kill all the other sentinels around
it. HUMAN WEAPONS are pretty useless against Sentinels, with the exception
of a good shotgun blast.

-Sentinel Ranks-

SILVER- I have very little info on Sentinel ranks. I believe these do not use
energy shields.

BLACK- I believe these have energy shields, which are relatively weak; about
equivalent to a Blue elite (1/2 of your shields).

VII. Human Weapons

#WEP						=Stats=
Name: Name of the weapon
Clip/Maximum Ammo: Number of rounds in a clip and maximum number of rounds in
ammo reserve
Rate of Fire: How fast this weapon can fire rounds
Accuracy: The accuracy of this weapon
Reload Rate: How fast this weapon reloads
Melee Rate: How fast this weapon melees
Weapon Class: The class this weapon belongs to
Special Features: Unique features that other weapons may not have
Availability: Abundance on the missions it can be found.
Bolt Color: The color of the bullets. For Covenant weapons only.
Strong Against: Enemies/ objects this weapon is effective against
Weak Against: Enemies/objects this weapon is ineffective against
First Found: Where this weapon is first found (either from live enemies or
"pre-killed" corpses)
Tips: Lists what other weapons complement this one, and other various tips.
Acceptable Swaps: Weapons with about the same power as this one, or one you
should swap it for.

=Weapon Classes=
NOTE: These weapon classes apply to Halo weapons, not real life weapons.
Damage rates (little damage, medium damage, high damage, very high damage)
applies to when these weapons are used on infantry.

AUTOMATIC= A weapon that can fire either full auto or in bursts. Individual
bullets do only a little bit of damage, but compensated for by their
very fast rate of fire. Best for close range combat. Very high clip/
max ammo reserves.

SEMI-AUTOMATIC= A weapon that fires semi-auto, which is as fast as you can
pull the trigger (or, er, click that mouse button/press the R trigger).
Individual bullets do medium damage, and these weapons are best for medium
range. Medium clip/ max ammo reserves. Semi-auotmatic rifles, on the other
hand, have small clip/ max ammo reserves, and are best for long-range combat.

PUMP-ACTION RIFLE= A weapon that fires rather slowly and needs to be pumped
for each shot- basically, a shotgun. Each round is comprised of tiny pellets
rather than an actual bullet. The pellets are spread over a large radius when
fired. Each individual pellet does very little damage, but when they all hit
their mark, major damage is inflicted. Medium clip size/ ammo reserves. Best
for close-range combat only; absolutely useless otherwise.

ANTI-ARMOR= A weapon that fires rounds very slowly; individual rounds are
usually explosive/ do very high damage. The rounds themselves also travel
slowly and can be dodged by more agile enemies. Very small clip/ammo reserves.
Best for medium range, and for taking out large groups of enemies or vehicles.

ANTI-PERSONNEL= A weapon that fires full auto: individual rounds do high
damage and have large clip/ ammo reserves. Close-range only, and absolutely
useless otherwise.

ANTI-AIRCRAFT= A weapon that fires full auto: individual rounds do high damage
and have an infinite ammo reserve. Best for close-range combat but can also
be used for medium.

ENERGY= A weapon that fires rounds either full- or semi-auto. The main
difference is that there is no clip; the ammo is depleted directly from the
ammo reserve (in this case called a battery). All energy weapons have 100
battery power, and depending on the strength of the weapon it can fire from
several hundred to just a dozen bolts. Firing in succession can cause the
weapon to overheat, making it temporarily useless until it cools down. These
weapons are best for taking down energy shields, and when the battery is
depleted it cannot be recharged, it must be replaced with the same weapon.
Best for close range.

EXPLOSIVE- A weapon that explodes either on contact or after a specific time.
Individual explosives do high damage and are generally best for close range.
Explosives have a blast radius (they also damage the area around where it was

MELEE- A weapon that can be used infinitely and will only damage targets from
point-blank range. Melee weapons do high damage, and cannot fire projectiles
of any kind.

A. Assault Rifle

Name: MA5B Assault Rifle
Clip/Maximum Ammo: 60/600 (10 clips)
Rate of Fire: Automatic, 15 rounds per second.
Accuracy: All right, terrible at medium/ long range
Reload Rate: fast
Melee Rate: fast
Weapon Class: Automatic
Special Features: Ammo counter, Compass that points to the gas giant Threshold
(this feature is useless)
Availability: Common (found on Marines, Combat Forms, and ammo piles)
Strong against: Grunts, Jackals, Infection Forms, Marines
Weak Against: Elites, Ghosts, Sentinels, any shields in general,
First found: The Pillar of Autumn
 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: This is standard issue military hardware. In many
missions you will be given this weapon from the start, and I suggest you keep
it until you come along the shotgun in 343 Guilty Spark. With a quick melee
and even quicker rate of fire, this rifle will mow down your enemy after their
shields are down.

 TIPS: Don't fire in bursts; this is useless, especially at close range.

 ACCEPTABLE SWAPS: Plasma Rifle, Needler (barely), Shotgun, Human pistol

B. Pistol

Name: M9D Pistol
Clip/Maximum Ammo: 12/120 (10 clips)
Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic
Accuracy: A bit worse than the sniper rifle
Weapon Class: Semi-Automatic
Reload rate: fast
Melee Rate: slow
Special Features: 2x Scope Zoom
Availability: Rare (found on ammo piles and a few Combat forms)
Strong against: Carriers, Combat Forms, Grunts, Hunters
Jackals, Infection Forms, Marines, Master Chief, Elites (when their shields
are down)
Weak against: Elites' shields (might as well just use a staple gun), Sentinels
First Found: The Pillar of Autumn
 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The king of all multiplayer weapons. A great asset
on Campaign for taking out every enemy save Sentinels and Elites. Pistol
ammo is somewhat uncommon- found only in ammo piles, crash sites, and
on the Flood. Most likely you'll be completely out/ very low on ammo before
you can get to some more pistol ammo. On multiplayer, your pistol should
almost always be on hand, as ammo is very plentiful there.

 TIPS: The Pistol is fair for close range combat, and is best paired with
the Plasma Pistol. Use this to take out Grunts and Jackals before tackling the
Elites, and it is also very effective in taking care of Flood forms. When
fighting Hunters, shoot their orange spots, or if you're up close and they're
trying to melee you, shoot them at the orange at the waist/stomach. Just as
good as the assault rifle at mowing down enemies when their shields are down.
Better, even.

	ACCEPTABLE SWAPS: Plasma Rifle or Plasma Pistol

C. Sniper Rifle

Name: S2 AM Sniper Rifle
Clip/Maximum Ammo: 4/24 (64 in Truth & Reconciliation)
Rate of Fire: Medium
Accuracy: Sniper-rifle accurate
Weapon Class: Semi-Automatic
Reload Rate: slow
Melee rate: slow
Special Features: Bullets leave a smoke trail, 2x and 8x scope Zoom
Availability: Very rare (only some ammo piles)
Strong against: Elites, Jackals, Grunts, Hunters, Infection
Forms, Marines, Master Chief
Weak against: Carriers, combat forms
First Found: Truth & Reconciliation
 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: All FPS games always have a sniper rifle of some
sort. One headshot kills all (excluding hunters, carriers, some elites, and
combat forms). Sometimes Marines are seen using these. Coincides perfectly
with the M9D pistol. DO NOT use this at close range. Contrary to most
other rifles, the sniper rifle fires shots off pretty fast, almost as fast as
the pistol can.

 TIPS: Once again, aim for the head, and when you can, stay hidden. In
the missions when you get one at the start, it's advisable to keep it.
Best paired with the plasma rifle or pistol. For Elites (especially on
Legendary), it may take multiple headshots to down one.

 ACCEPTABLE SWAPS: Pistol, Plasma rifle or plasma pistol

D. Shotgun

Name: M90 Shotgun
Clip/Maximum Ammo: 12/60 (5 clips)
Rate of Fire: Between slow and medium
Accuracy: Between 2 and 3 stars
Weapon Class: Pump-Action Rifle
Reload Rate: Quite slow.
Melee rate: Medium
Special Features: The shells have hippoes on them (see Easter Eggs section).
Availability: Uncommon (found on ammo piles and a few Combat forms)
Strong against: Elites, exposed Jackals, Grunts, Infection Forms, Marines,
Master Chief, all flood
Weak against: Hunters
First Found: 343 Guilty Spark
 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The shotgun appears after you have your first
encounter with infection forms, and with this weapon flood won't be a problem.
This gun does pretty good damage, taking chunks at a time out of shields or
health. One shot at point blank range (so close the enemy feels the muzzle of
the gun) will kill instantly (can kill hunters and maybe even higher-ranked
Elites, depending on where you shoot). A pretty good multiplayer weapon also.
When reloading you have to put it in shell by shell. However, you can fire as
fast as you can load in the shells.

 TIPS: Don't aim for the head with this gun. Because of its wide radius,
the pellets will most likely miss. Just shoot at the body. This weapon is an
absolute must for Flood-infested missions and, well, any mission in general.
Best paired with human pistol (Flood missions) or plasma pistol (Covenant
missions/mixed missions)


E. Rocket Launcher

Name: M19 SSM Rocket Launcher
Clip/Maximum Ammo: 2/8 (4 clips)
Rate of Fire: Slow, maybe a full clip (2 rockets) in 3 seconds
Accuracy: 10/10 (to compensate for this, rockets travel painstakingly slow)
Reload Rate: Slow
Melee Rate: Slow
Weapon Class: Anti-Armor
Special Features: 2x scope
(note: the manual made a mistake; the rocket launcher does not have a 8x
Availability: Very rare (found in some ammo piles and a few Combat forms)
Strong against: Everything
Weak Against: Chuck Norris
First found: The Silent Cartographer
 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: This weapon kills every living thing in one shot
(excluding Golden Elites, but damages them VERY badly). The rockets travel
painfully slowly, so much that a sidestepping Elite could easily dodge
a rocket entirely. It is not ideal to fire at moving targets (vehicles) at
medium range/long range. At close range beware not to get damaged by the
splash. If attempting to fire at a moving vehicle anyway, remember to
compensate for muzzle velocity and the speed of a target (e.g. don't fire AT
the Warthog, fire about 100 feet ahead of it).

 TIPS: Fire at the feet to ensure a hit, but it will do less damage.
Remember that faster enemies (Elites) can dodge them sometimes. And of course,
don't get too close.

 ACCEPTABLE SWAPS: Flamethrower, LAAV gun

F. Flamethrower

Name: M7057 Defoilant Projector (basically, the Flamethrower)
Clip/ Maximum Ammo: 100/300 (not sure, 2 clips)
Rate of Fire: Twice as fast as the assault rifle
Accuracy: It's a flamethrower; it can only shoot at close-range targets
Reload Rate: Slow
Melee Rate: Medium
Weapon Class: Anti-Personnel
Special Features: Fires fire; devastating against enemies
Availability: Rare
Strong Against: Master Chief
Weak Against: ?
First Found: Multiplayer only folks
 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Not much to be said. This weapon fires fire, and
the range of the weapon is only close range. A full-blast of about 3 seconds
is enough to easily kill an enemy SPARTAN (online). This weapon is the king of
close range, and if you can get your hands on this, well, use it. Note that
the fire will also burn you; enough to take away a few more bars of health
even after the fire has stopped. The flamethrower has a wicked fast rate of
fire (2x that of the assault rifle).

 TIPS: Pair this with the pistol, or if you're a passenger on a Warthog
this is a great weapon for drive bys.

 ACCEPTABLE SWAPS: Rocket launcher, shotgun

G. Warthog Chain Gun

Name: M41 LAAG (Light Anti-Aircraft Gun)
Clip/ Maximum Ammo: Infinite
Rate of Fire: Either 30-60 rounds per second (according to the manual, the
LAAG actually fires at half the rate of the assault rifle, but that is bull.)
Accuracy: Pretty bad
Reload Rate: No reload
Melee Rate: No melee
Weapon Class: Anti-Aircraft
Special Features: Fires fast and is infinite
Availability: Common
Strong Against: Everything (excluding Wraiths and Hunters)
Weak Against: Wraiths
First Found: Halo

 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: This miraculous weapon, sadly, is not a hand
weapon. It is found on back of the LRV warthogs (light recon vehicle). This
weapon has a very fast fire rate and rips through enemies in seconds. In fact,
one round from the LAAG packs as much power as a pistol shot. The problem is
accuracy. When Marines man these guns, they're pretty bad. Don't expect them
to shoot and kill everything; you'll have to help by running things over. This
weapon is a must for flag raids in CTF.

TIPS: Stop shooting when you have to swivel the gun to target something else.
Also don't fire when there's no enemies. Any enemies that see the stray
bullet tracers will know a Warthog's a-comin'.


H. Frag Grenade

Name: M9 HE-DP Grenade
Clip/Maximum Ammo: 1/4
Rate of Fire: 1 throw per second
Accuracy: Depends on range
Reload Rate: N/A
Melee Rate: Go ahead and try whacking an enemy on the head with a grenade
Weapon Class: Explosive
Special Features: It explodes.
Availability: Uncommon (found on Marines, some Combat forms, and ammo piles)
Strong Against: Master Chief, Elites, Grunts, Jackals, All flood, Marines
Weak Against: Wraiths, Hunters, Banshees (i have never dinked a banshee with a
frag grenade in Campaign, at least)
First Found: The Pillar of Autumn

 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: One difference between Halo and other FPS's is that
the grenade is not an individual weapon, meaning that you do not have to
switch to it in order to throw it (a la Half Life, Counter-Strike, Day of
Defeat, etc.) Instead, just use the right mouse button (default) to lob one!
Takes 1 second to detonate. Slightly weaker than the plasma grenade. Best for
Grunts/Jackals/Flood forms. Can be found in ammo piles, with Marines
(they carry from 0-2 at a time) or on the Flood.

 TIPS: Use sparringly, as these grenades are quite rare. Do not use these on
Elites unless they are truly cornered; otherwise use them to dispatch of
Jackals, Grunts, and Flood forms. The best multiplayer grenade.

	ACCEPTABLE SWAPS: Plasma grenade (somewhat)

I. Warthog Rocket Launcher

Name: LAAV (Light Anti-Armor) Rocket Launcher
Clip/Maximum Ammo: 3/Infinite
Rate of Fire: Slow
Accuracy: Dead-on, but slow traveling
Reload Rate: Slow
Melee Rate: No Melee
Weapon Class: Anti-Armor Weapon
Special Features: Clip size of three rockets and ammo reserve is infinite
Availabilty: Common
Strong Against: Everything
Weak Against: Nothing
First Found: Multiplayer only

 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Like the M41 LAAG, this, sadly, this is not a hand
weapon. This is a rocket launcher mounted on the back of LAAV (light anti-
armor) warthogs. The rockets travel slow in contrast to the fast vehicle itself,
so it's hard to do drive-bys with this weapon on board. Nevertheless ideal for
stopping land vehicles or people.

 TIPS: Aim at the target's feet to ensure a hit. It will kill, since
you're not up against golden elites, but a bunch of SPARTANs.



VIII. Covenant Weapons


A. Plasma Pistol

Name: Plasma Pistol
Clip/ Maximum Ammo: 100
Rate of Fire: Semi-Automatic
Accuracy: All right
Reload Rate: No Reload
Melee Rate: Fast
Weapon Class: Energy
Special Features: HeatShot
Availability: Common (found on Grunts, Jackals, and a few Combat forms)
Bolt Color: Green
Strong Against: Shields, Sentinels
Weak Against: Hunters, Wraiths, Banshees
First Found: Pillar of Autumn
 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The most useful gun in the Campaign. Now, i've
mentioned the HeatShot a lot of times, and so i'll tell you how it works. The
plasma pistol fires small green bolts of plasma when you click the mouse
button. However, when you hold the mouse button down, you'll see heat collect
at the end of the pistol and it will start to vibrate and make a charging
sound. Just release to fire. Then it will fire a ball
of green super-heated plasma. The bolt will minorly home in on targets (it
can curve a bit and down while in the air, but can't change direction
completely) and shorts out shields. Basically, it takes out all your shields,
EVEN OVERSHIELDS and also Jackals' shields. The HeatShot to health takes
away maybe 3 bars. Your gun will overheat after using a HeatShot. Remember,
the HeatShot saps about 11 battery power or so per shot. Even good enough as a
stand-alone weapon, but will need frequent replacement. Its strength roughly
equals that of an assault rifle, but with a slower rate of fire.

 TIPS: Don't rely on the Plasma Pistol's homing system too much, it
only curves a bit. However, it can home much better than a needle at medium


B. Plasma Rifle

Name: Plasma Rifle
Clip/Maximum Ammo: 100
Rate of Fire: Automatic
Accuracy: Plasma bolts are super light; the farther the travel the wind will
cause them to change course slightly.
Reload Rate: No reload
Melee Rate: Medium
Weapon Class: Energy
Special Features: Pretty strong against shields
Availability: Common (found on Elites and some Combat forms)
Bolt Color: Light blue
Strong Against: Shields, Sentinels, Infection Form, Jackals
Weak Against: Hunters, Wraiths, Ghosts
First Found: Pillar of Autumn
 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: This is the prime weapon for Covenant Elites. The
rifle can fire automatically by holding down the mouse button, and is pretty
damaging. Covenant weapons seem to be quite strong against Covenant armor.
For some reason it damages shields more than it does health. This weapon is a
very good swap for the assault rifle on Campaign (but not on multiplayer). The
bolts it fires are blue.

 TIPS: Don't use full auto for too long; it will overheat. Rather, use
long, sustained bursts.


C. Needler

Name: Needler
Clip/Maximum Ammo: 20/80
Rate of Fire: Automatic
Accuracy: The needles home in on their target, however are able to be easily
dodged at long range.
Reload Rate: Medium
Melee Rate: Slow
Weapon Class: Automatic
Special Features: The needles home in on their target.
Availability: Common (found on Grunts and a few Elites)
Bolt color: Pink
Strong Against: Sentinels, and depending on the health and number of needles
fired it can be effective against all enemies save the Hunter and higher-
ranking Elites.
Weak Against: Everything if the bullets are fired one by one (except for
Infection forms).
First Found: Halo

 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The Needler is the only Covenant weapon that uses ammo. It
fires pink needle-like bullets that home in on their targets. They can change
direction and will be able to hit any enemy that's out in the open. The Needle
burrows into soft targets but bounces off of hard targets ("hard" targets
include Jackal's shields, Hunter armor, and all vehicles). After burrowing,
the needles will burst, causing minute damage. An individual needle is
pretty weak, but about 10 on one target will cause a small explosion. One
needle explosion usually takes care of Grunts and Jackals, and multiple (more
than two) might be required to take out Elites. Only Elites are effective
at dodging needles.

 TIPS: Don't use from too far away, the enemy can dodge the needles
easily (especially Elites). Needle explosions cause minor splash
damage. Don't fire in bursts either. And don't use on Hunters. They can
literally take countless needle explosions, anywhere on their body. It'd
be best to just toss this weapon in later difficulties, as the short delay
between the burrowing and explosion makes it an inferior weapon to any other
of its Covenant counterparts.

 ACCEPTABLE SWAPS: Plasma Rifle, Assault Rifle

D. Fuel Rod Launcher

Name: Fuel Rod Cannon (or Fuel Rod Gun)
Clip/Maximum Ammo: 100
Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic
Accuracy: 8/10 (at close range; this gun fires in arcs, which severly affects
its accuracy at medium/long range)
Reload Rate: No reload
Melee Rate: Slow
Weapon Class: Anti-Armor
Special Features: The bolts curve downward the longer distance they travel,
on Campaign they have a failsafe.
Availability: Uncommon (found on Hunters and a few Grunts)
Bolt Color: Green
Strong Against: Master Chief
Weak Against: ?
First Found: Multiplayer Only (not available to the player on Campaign, but
Grunts are seen using them, and of course, Hunters do also)
 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: This baby lobs huge green bolts that have around
grenade strength. Unlike other guns, the fuel rod cannon fires in arcs, which
means that while in the air they may curve downward the farther they go.
Nevertheless your best strategy is to fire at the opponent's feet, especially
since the fact that bolts curve in an arc make it extremely difficult to score
a direct hit. WARNING: In Campaign, Fuel Rod Launchers will detonate when
dropped, which may also set off any grenades near it.

 TIPS: As I said, the fuel rod isn't the best at aiming, so fire at the feet.
Remember, when you kill Grunts wielding a Fuel Rod Cannon, WAIT FOR THE FUEL
ROD TO EXPLODE BEFORE WALKING OVER. It can -beep- you up quite nicely.

 ACCEPTABLE SWAPS: Rocket launcher

D. Plasma Grenade

Name: Plasma Grenade
Clip/Maximum Ammo: 1/4
Rate of Fire: 1 throw per second
Accuracy: Functions like the fuel rod, depends on range
Reload Rate: No reload
Melee Rate: No melee
Weapon Class: Explosive
Special Features: Latches on to moving targets(Covenant, Humans, Flood, and
vehicles), detonates after 3 seconds
Availability: Common (found on Grunts and some Elites)
Bolt Color: Light Blue
Strong Against: (if latched on) All enemies save the Hunter
Weak Against: Hunters
First Found: Pillar of Autumn
 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: All that needs to be said is said above.
Since the plasma grenade latches on to a target, it is a great weapon for
stopping most enemies. However, be careful since the resulting explosion can
damage you too if you're too close. Beware when using them on Elites. They
usually recklessly charge at you in a suicide attack, killing you too.

 TIPS: Don't try to throw them from far away. Always run when the enemy
lobs one at you. They do bounce off the Warthog's windshield, so be wary of

 ACCEPTABLE SWAP: Frag grenade

E. Shade Gun Emplacement

Name: Shade (stationary plasma gun emplacement)
Clip/Maximum Ammo: Infinite
Rate of Fire: Anti-Personnel
Accuracy: 3/10
Reload Rate: No reload
Melee Rate: No melee
Weapon Class: Anti-personnel
Special Features: Can cut your shields and health down considerably
Availability: Common
Bolt Color: Lightish purple
Strong Against: Marines, Master Chief, Grunts, Jackals, Elites, Flood forms
Weak Against: Vehicles, Hunters (?)
First Found: Truth & Reconciliation

 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The Shades are the stationary plasma guns you will find
in some levels. For the most part they'll be manned by Grunts, but Elites can
operate them too. Shades themselves are not destructable, so the only way
to neutralize one is to either kill the gunner or to flip it over (with a
strategically placed grenade). For a gun emplacement the bolts it fires travel
very slowly, but to compensate they will mow you down if they hit. For this
reason it's best to take these out first; otherwise they'll be pinning down
both you and your Marines. Best used for close range combat; absolutely
useless at long range because of the slow muzzle velocity and the huge recoil.

 TIPS: The Shade is great for taking care of enemies from CLOSE range,
any other range and you might as well be sniping with an Assault Rifle. Always
keep in mind the huge recoil of this gun, but it does pretty decent damage.


F. Energy Sword

Name: Energy Sword
Clip/Maximum Ammo: Infinite
Rate of Fire: N/A
Accuracy: Dead-on crosshair
Reload Rate: No reload
Melee Rate: Fast (?)
Weapon Class: Melee
Special Features: "One-shot" kill
Availability: Uncommon
Strong Against: Master Chief and most foot enemies
Weak Against: Hunters (?), Flood (?), vehicles
First Found: Truth & Reconciliation
 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: In Halo: Combat Evolved energy swords only function
as enemy weapons. They flare out and disappear when the user dies. Energy
swords have a light blue plasma blade. They used either by silver (but the
sword will still be visible) or gold Elites. They kill in one shot, no matter

 TIPS: Don't worry when Silver (invisible) Elites use this, as you can
still see this sword. Always kill these Elites first if they are A) close to
you or B) you want to protect your Marines. For some reason the Marines don't
notice the energy sword.

 ACCEPTABLE SWAP: Star Wars Lightsaber (no, it is not found in the

G. Plasma Shield

Name: Plasma Shield (no official name)
Clip/Maximum Ammo: N/A
Rate of Fire: N/A
Accuracy: N/A
Reload Rate: N/A
Melee Rate: N/A
Weapon Class: N/A
Special Features: Rechargeable
Availability: Common
Strong Against: Human Weapons
Weak Against: Covenant Weapons
First Found: Truth & Reconciliation
 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Basically, this is a stationary shield for
troops to hide behind. It deflects all bullets, but will not hold up to
explosions (rocket launcher, grenades). One HeatShot will cause it to flare
out, as will sustained plasma fire, but after a while it will be up and
running again. These are basically just stationary shields used as cover,
and keep in mind that despite the fact that they are transparent, the enemy
cannot see you when you're behind one.

     TIPS: Use these to your advantage, or whatever. Since the shield is
about as tall as an Elite, a Covie will not be able to duck-and-fire behind
his indestrutible shield (a la Time Crisis), nor will you. You won't have
to pay much mind to these, since Elites and Grunts don't use these energy
sandbags as well as a Jackal uses its shield.



IX. Uncategorized

A. Melee

Name: Melee
Clip/Maximum Ammo: Infinite
Rate of Fire: Depends on weapon
Accuracy: Dead-on crosshair
Reload Rate: No reload
Melee Rate: Depends on weapon
Weapon Class: Melee
Special Features: Can kill in one "shot" if you melee the back (excludes
Combat forms, carrier forms, Hunters, Sentinels #not sure about sentinels)
Strong Against: Unshielded enemies, shielded enemies' backs
Weak Against: Heavily armored enemies and the Flood
First Found: The Pillar of Autumn
 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: As long as you have a weapon in your hand, empty or
not, you can use it as a club. Press F (default) to melee. Melee is the
silent killer, so you can use it while active camouflage is...active.
In campaign and most enemies won't hear or notice that you're
there. Some weapons may have a more powerful melee than others; I'm not sure.

 TIPS: Use weapons with quick melees (see the weapons section) and it's
advisable to use this while in Active Camo. Fast melee weapons include the
plasma pistol and assault rifle. MELEE THE BACK for an instant kill (excluding
Flood forms and Hunters)


B. Chained Explosion

Name: Chained Explosion
Clip/Maximum Ammo: ?
Rate of Fire: Depends on amount of grenades
Accuracy: Affects everything within range of the grenade
Reload Rate: ?
Melee Rate: ?
Weapon Class: Explosive
Special Features: Is used in Warthog Jumping, a Halo sport first
popularized by Randall Glass.
Strong Against: Depends on the amount of grenades and the health of an enemy
Weak Against: See the Strong Against feature.
First Found: The Pillar of Autumn
 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: What's the deal with listing "Explosion" as a
weapon, you ask? Well, in Campaign when you see grenades on the ground that
are not about to explode (ones dropped by dead allies or enemies; Dead
grenades), throwing a "live" grenade (one thrown by you) in will detonate the
"dead" ones, causing a chain of explosions. This is a pretty useful "weapon",
and it was the only reason I survived in the cafeteria in the Maw. Piling
"dead" grenades under a warthog and then detonating them can send them to
unbelievable places, sometimes they go where you cannot see with a sniper
rifle or even disappear. This is called Warthog Jumping. An easy level to do
warthog jumping is on The Silent Cartographer (included with the Trial!).
Note: Grenades found with pre-killed corpses will not detonate.

 TIPS: Always watch for dead grenades, and especially beware if you can
be at the receiving end of a chain explosion.

 ACCEPTABLE SWAPS: A bigger explosion
#VEH					=Stats=

Name: Name of the vehicle
Speed: How fast the vehicle goes at normal speed
Weapons: Weapons that are either mounted or integrated with the vehicle
Crew: The number of people this vehicle can hold, along with the functions of
each crew member
Multiplayer or Campaign: Is this vehicle found in a campaign mission or is it
available in multiplayer only?
First Found: The mission where you first find this vehicle
Tips: Tips for taking down an enemy in this vehicle.

X. Human Vehicles

A. Warthog

Name:  LRV (Light Recon Vehicle) or LAAV (Light Anti-Armor
Vehicle) or (most popular) Warthog or Jeep
Speed: 3/4 as fast as a banshee
Weapons: M41 LAAG Gun or LAAV Rocket Launcher
Crew: 3 (Driver, Passenger, Gunner) maximum
Multiplayer or Campaign: Both (LAAV on multiplayer only)
First Found: LRV on Halo (the mission), LAAV on multiplayer only
 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The Warthog is the ideal, speedy vehicle for CTF,
Slayer, King of the Hill, Oddball, and any others i forgot to say. Either
mounted with a powerful rocket launcher on the back or a macho chain gun, the
Warthog is an ideal anti-infantry and anti-vehicle weapon. The driver is in
the seat with the steering wheel (front left), the passenger sits next to
driver (front right), and the gunner stands on the back, manning the gun. The
passenger is able to turn 180° and is able to fire his or her weapon and throw
grenades. A very good crew combo for Campaign is you as the driver, a Marine
sniper as passenger, and either a sargeant or Pvt. Chips Dubbo (British/
Australian sounding Marine) as the gunner (statistics show he's better at
hitting targets). On LAAV's rocket launchers carry 3 rockets and take 4
seconds to reload. Be careful in doing sharp turns because the warthog is
prone to flipovers. Cannot be destroyed. Note: A Marine sniper as passenger
is more effective then a Marine manning the machine gun (even on Legendary).
As for multiplayer, if you are to have a passenger, it's always best if he is
packing a flamethrower or rocket launcher.

 TIPS: Using good timing, you can flip a hog over (and seriously injure)
using a well-placed frag grenade. Basically, wait till the hog is coming
straight for you, and then when it's about one second away from you, throw a
frag grenade at your feet and back up. Most drivers won't dodge it in time.

B. Scorpion Main Battle Tank

Name: M808B Scorpion MBT (Main Battle Tank)
Speed: Half-fast as the warthog
Weapons: 90mm HV (High Velocity) and 7.62mm AP-T (Armor- Piercing, Tracer) #in
other words, a cannon and a chain gun
Crew: 5 (driver, 4 passengers) maximum
Multiplayer or Campaign: Both
First Found: Assault on the Control Room (also the only level)
 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Two words can describe this huge gun-toting monster
-mobile fortress. However, "big target" also accurately describes the
Scorpion. Unlike with the warthog, you control both the cannon and the chain
gun, with the left click being the cannon and the chain gun being the right
click. After you fire the cannon it takes 4 seconds to reload, so be wary of
that; the scorpion cannot alone kill something that gets too close. So that's
why up to 4 passengers can sit on the track pods of the tank to take care of
enemies that get too close. Like in the warthog, passengers can turn 180°,
fire his or her weapon, and throw grenades. Good combos are you as the driver
and as many snipers available sitting on the pods, and the rest can just have
assault rifles or some other regular weapons. Cannot be destroyed.

 TIPS: Use grenades on this, as it is so huge the driver will never
get away in time. Also, you can snipe the driver easily.

C. Pelican Dropship

Name: D77-TC Pelican Dropship
Speed: 1.5x the speed of a warthog
Weapons: None (in Halo: The Flood, Pelicans are supposed to have 50mm chain
Crew: 11 (pilot, passengers)
Multiplayer or Campaign: Campaign only
First Found: Halo
 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: In Halo: Combat Evolved the Pelican is available
only as an ally. Although by itself it does not help you, it drops off useful
objects such as Warthogs and Marines. Pelicans pick you up and drop you off
in all missions except for The Pillar of Autumn, The Library, and Keyes.
Dropships are assigned code names; the dropship that always drops you off and
picks you up is Echo 419 (Foehammer). There are other dropships as well.
The pilot is not visible, and you usually cannot get into a Pelican, even as a

 TIPS: Err..unless you have a mod, Pelicans are indestructible,
unpilotable, and pose absolutely no threat. NOTE: On the mission 343 Guilty
Spark, if you hold down the throw grenade button (default right click) from
the very beginning to when you touch down, you'll stay on the Pelican until
it lands off-map. You can also get back on it in the mission Assault On the
Control Room, but you will die once the Pelican goes too high/low (I forget
which one it was)

XI. Covenant Vehicles

A. Ghost

Name: Ghost
Speed: Fast as the warthog, maybe a bit faster
Weapons: Twin plasma cannons (the same plasma bolts as those fired by plasma
Crew: 1 (driver)
Multiplayer or Campaign: Both
First Found: Assault on the Control Room
 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: This speedy, hovering vehicle is the Covenant
equivalent of the warthog. Because this vehicle hovers, it is much less prone
to flipovers than its human counterpart. However, to make up for its easy
handling it is much less armed then the warthog. Remember, Marines can drive
this and so can be pretty helpful in distracting the enemy. Note: there's only
one mission with extra ghosts to spare; and the Marine that drove it was
automatically slaughtered by the Wraith. Wraiths will massacre Ghosts driven
by Marines. Ghosts CAN BE DESTROYED by a rocket blast or maybe two grenades
(only on campaign, on muliplayer it's invincible). Also, you can either try to
destroy the vechicle or the driver since the driver is uncovered, so that is
another fault. Driven by elites.

 TIPS: I'm not sure how to take care of these, as grenading them is way
too hard. I recommend the rocket launcher, if the Ghost is A) coming straight
for you (multiplayer) or B) the Elites piloting them are either strafing by
slowly or stopping to shoot at you. Just keep the fire coming, and eventually
the Ghost will be destroyed.

B. Banshee

Name: Banshee or Shee
Speed: About four times as fast as you can run
Weapons: Twin Plasma Cannons, Fuel Rod Cannon
Crew: 1 (Pilot)
Multiplayer or Campaign: Both
First Found: Halo (piloted banshees only), Assault on the Control Room
(banshees available to pilot)
 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The Banshee is the Covenant equivalent of a flying
Scorpion tank. Banshees, like the Scorpion, have two weapons, twin plasma
cannons (the exact same as the ghost's) and a fuel rod cannon. Keep in mind
that the Banshee's firing controls are reversed, with left click being the
plasma cannons and right click being the fuel rod cannon (fires exactly the
same way as a fuel rod gun, in an arc). In campaign banshees CAN ALSO BE
DESTROYED by a rocket blast or about two grenades (not that nading them is
even possible). The Banshee almost covers the body completely and when inside
a vehicle, players can take approx. 3x damage they can normally take. Banshees
are also agile and easy to maneuver. Because the banshee covers its pilot
almost completely, you'll have to destroy the banshee, but you can shoot at
the pilot's feet (unprotected part), but this is almost impossible.

 TIPS: The pistol is the best weapon to take it down, or the rocket
launcher. It only takes about 15 pistol bullets or so to down a banshee. It
is also possible to stick one with a plasma grenade, as the pilot sometimes
crashes and gets stuck in spots.

C. Wraith

Name: Wraith
Speed: Fast as Scorpion
Weapons: Plasma Mortar (no official name)
Crew: 1 (Driver)
Multiplayer or Campaign: Campaign
First Found: Truth & Reconciliation (no drivers), Assault on the Control Room
(with drivers)
 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: On Halo: Combat Evolved the Wraith is only
available as an enemy. This huge monster is the equivalent of a land Scorpion
with about the same killing power. This tank lobs bluish balls of plasma that
can kill you with a direct hit, although they're not as powerful as a rocket.
The rules for firing this is the same as the fuel rod cannon, only the mortars
travel dramatically slow and function like artillery. Can only be driven by
Elites. The Wraith is the most durable thing in the game that can be
destroyed. It can take 3 rocket blasts or 2 scorpion shells or about 6
grenades. The Wraith's armor IS weaker from behind. It's called the wraith
because a wraith is a ghost that one sees signifying impending doom.

 TIPS: The only way to kill this pest is the rocket launcher. Otherwise
you're screwed. Or, on some missions, you can use the Banshee and do quite a
few bombing and strafing runs to kill them, although you could simply just get
away. Use grenades only in desparation, as getting that close will guarantee
the mortars will hit you.

D. Spirit Dropship

Name: Covenant Dropship or Spirit
Speed: 1.5x that of a Warthog
Weapons: Shade Turret
Crew: 9 (pilot, passengers)
Multiplayer or Campaign: Campaign
First Found: Halo
 BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Yet another non-pilotable, indestructible, "don't-
get-on" dropship. Covenant Dropships are piloted by Elites (supposedly), armed
with a single Shade cannon that they use often, but thanks to the Shade's
infamous inaccuracy they don't hit that often. Four troops come out of each
side from doors. The underside can be used to carry supply crates (no
significance in-game). They drop off Elites, Jackals, and Grunts.

 TIPS: Really, you have no way to destroy them. HOWEVER, troops getting off
this are vulnerable right after they touch down. With the right timing, the
troops can jump down right on top of a live grenade, or Elites can be sniped
just as they touch down.

XII. Easter Eggs
	There are many easter eggs placed throughout Halo, some small such as
the initials of programmer Marcus R. Letho on the bottom of MC's boot or big,
like the infamous Megg. Here I offer text directions, but see images of the
egg if you are too lazy or failed and gave up to find it on halo.bungie.org
(not affiliated with Bungie in any way). NOTE: SOME OF THESE EGGS REQUIRE FOR

A. Edit Multiplayer Gametypes Screen
 Go to multiplayer and put your mouse over the Edit Gametypes button.
DO NOT CLICK ON IT. When you put your mouse on it, you can see a diagram of
Master Chief with small text describing the various parts of his suit. Not all
of these are serious. The one pointing to MC's left thigh says "Sometimes I
give myself the creeps Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me" (lyrics from
Green Day's song Basket Case). The arrow pointing to MC's right chest says
"All your base are belong to us" (from those horrible translations in the game
Zero Wing). The arrow pointing to MC's right knee (below the Green Day lyric)
says "Hydraulic suspension thigh pads with cool Kevlar crap". The rest are

B.Pistol Butts
 This easter egg is pretty simple. You'll need a scoped weapon and a
pistol (on the ground). Observe the bottom of the handle with the scope.
You'll see a weird symbol. I have VERY poor information on this egg, so sorry
if you wasted your time trying to find the egg that wasn't.

C. Chinese 7
 This symbol is on top of the pistol. Switch  to your pistol. The
Master Chief will cock it (so, just watch the take-out-pistol animation), and
you'll you see a faint Chinese 7 (a regular 7 with a line through near the
top). Take a screenshot and you'll be able to see it for a longer period of

D. Deadly Hippoes
 For this egg you'll need a loaded shotgun and a weapon with a scope on
hand. Fire your shotgun (as many times as you like) and then look for the
shells. Zoom in on them, and on some of them you can see the faces of hippoes
on them (with the word 8 GAUGE below them).

 On the bottom of MC's boot is the initals MRL, which stand for Marcus
R. Letho, Halo's art director. One way you can see it is on multiplayer, have
another player jump on top of you. Do this by having one player crouch and the
other jump on top of his head. The one on the bottom is the one who will see
the egg. Now, the one on the bottom, using perferably a scope weapon, examine
MC's boot. And then kill your buddy (for fun, mind you).

F.HBT (Happy Birthday Tank)
 The numbers on the left front tread of the Scorpion says 050369. This
is the birthdate of Marcus Letho (MRL, the Halo art director). 05-03-69, or

G. Marathon Logo
 What is the Marathon logo? It's the logo of a game that Bungie made
before Halo. This egg can be found ironically on Captain Keyes's grey shirt.
Use a scope weapon to observe his chest, and you'll see his nametag (Hello,
my name is Keyes) and a Marathon logo on the right. It looks like this: O-
The only missions you can do this on is The Pillar of Autumn (after Keyes
gives you his pistol, go back and look at his chest) or Truth and
Reconciliation (ifyou kept your sniper rifle, zoom in on his chest after you
freed him from jail).

H. Invincible Marines
 This is not actually an easter egg, but it's something to take note of
when trying to activate the Megg. It only works on the mission The Pillar of
Autumn and in the bridge. When you receive a weapon of any kind, kill anyone
on the bridge, and then Cortana will say, "What the hell are you doing?
Security to the bridge- the Master chief has gone rampant!" Note that the
door in front of the bridge opens exactly when she says "rampant." Eight
or so Marines will greet you, and they'll storm in and block your way out.
All doors in the Pillar of Autumn will lock even if the green light is up.
Nothing will kill them. The best you can do is to shoot at them with the
Assault Rifle to get any further out the bridge. The reason it happens is to
prevent plot holes- if you killed Keyes, the plot would simply cease to make
any sense.

I. Bulletin Board
 On the mission The Pillar of Autumn, go inside the cafeteria (or it's
somewhere near the entrance to the bridge). You'll see a bulletin board
(easily noticeable by the poster showing a picture of Earth saying,
"Fight for her") Here is the board layout:
 -Top row-
RIGHT CORNER: For sale XI 33 GF Chicago Office Colony Ship 3 Speed Manual
Transmission Hyde Park Condo Integrity
CENTER: Duty Roster Pillar of Autumn Rev 01 (unreadable names)
LEFT CORNER: A poster with a picture of a view of Earth from the moon, and
the text reads "Fight for her"
 -Middle Row-
(left to right)
1. Marines keep it clean clean your area toss your filth put away your tray
2. Marines scooters are for squirts no scooters on deck
3. Lost: Calico Cat answers to Jonesey
 -Under Middle Poster 1-
Unreadable text
 -Under unreadable text-
Attention Marines Callbacks for South Pacific (unreadable names)

J. Megg
#80Q0QQQQZA69886A0Q0EWBQ0bAU1Y;i..             .iYtSUbEBQb89I26Z8bbbbEEEW#WWWW
#80Q000$z:.:i::.Y0W0b0QQ08z7v,...               .,vXS2UWEbbc;,::i;;;;;;vcW#WWW
#80QWQW6X1nSzznnn17n6EEUStcii,.......   ...,.. ...:i;;vASzEz1B#ZoUz2AzzSCz$WWW
#8QWWWBBBBB$$BWBWQ92oXzAA92C77c;:::i::,,::.    ,;vYY7tX8c7XCoA0WB$##$#$$##$$BW
&&&&&&&&&&&&@&&M�Z8bZ6AI2UIIzzSnSAEQ0QQ00QE  B@$BWB##BWBBQbW@&@@@@&&&&&&&&&&
&&&&&&&&&&&&&#@&&&@$EZ9b86IIzzIIIz2I2AEEE00QW. c&$QEEQ$$$$QW@&&@#@@&&&&&&&&&&&
&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&@@@@@@$098Z6UzzzzooSozzI6ZbEW$   iBQbEEQQ0Q$@@@@@&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
&&&&&&&&@#WB$B#&MM&&@##@@@#Qb9AE$WE0E89AU2zQMM. ii iBQW#@@#@@&M&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
&@@@@@@@#$6c70@@@&&MM&###@@@$#@@&&@@@@#EE##@M&9  .  1&&&&&@&&&&&@@@@&&&&&&&&&&
 I present to you the infamous easter egg that provoked a search so furious
you may've actually heard about this egg before you even purchased a copy of
Halo. This egg is a heart made out of spattered blood with bulletholes
spelling the letter M (Meg+easter egg=Megg). This egg was actually a private
gift from Jaime Griesemer (a.k.a. The Flawless Cowboy, a designer for Halo)
to his girlfriend Meg. Once you see the list of things you need to do to
activate this egg, you'll see what I mean by "private gift".
This list of directions was not even here from the start. After Meg found the
gift, she left a series of clues on how other players could find it. The clues:

Carnage before.

Impossible tasks as possible.

One maker.

Mathematics births gore.



Before you die, you see the Megg.

Look up to the skies and see...

It took over 4 months to find this egg. Not even all of the Bungie staff knew
about it. There are MANY different methods to find it. This is the most
surefire one.

The clues have been translated into these 22 (!) triggers:

1. Start the mission The Pillar of Autumn on Legendary.
2. Skip the cutscene, turn around, and jump on Master Chief's cryo tube after
it closes.
3. Jump on top of the shield regenerator.
4. Jump on top of the walkway.
5. Look up, then walk towards the exit while on the walkway.
6. Once done, turn around and walk to the back.
7. Jump on top of the barrel.
8. Jump down to the barrel below it.
9. Run around on these barrels.
10. Jump back on top of the top barrel. Do this by crouching right before
the jump reaches its highest point.
11. You should hear your instructor leaves. He says "This way!" NOTE: If this
is triggered early, you may've done something wrong.
12. Wait for the explosion. The music will start.
13. Jump back on top of the walkway. Walk towards the door, jump off walkway
and head for the bridge.
14. Jump over the Marine. Not sure whether it matters or not if he
follows you.
15. Once at the bridge, run PAST Keyes WITHOUT triggering the cutscene and
jump down to the ladder. Wait for the message on how to climb ladders to
appear before jumping up.
16. Climb up and talk to Keyes.
17. Head for the exit. Kill all three grunts. The order doesn't matter.
18. Get the Assault Rifle by the door. Reload it for a full clip.
19. Kill a standing crewman near the door WITHOUT a headshot. It doesn't
matter which weapon you use. USE A MELEE ATTACK.
20. Once the invincible marines come for you, shoot at them with the Assault
rifle until your clip is empty. (the door will open exactly when Cortana says
"rampant"). The important part is making sure that the Marines will not be
able to advance past the open door.
21. Duck behind the pillar next to the door, reload, and fire at them some
more in order to clear your way to get out the door at the end of the hall.
22. Run for the door. It should open by now. If not, you did something wrong,
and you're screwed.
23. Go down the hall. Look up. There it is. Turn on flashlight for better
24. Now you're screwed again - you can stay in the Megg "room", but if you
leave, the invincible marines will kill you. Even if you run past them, the
door to the rest of the Autumn is locked (despite the fact the doors have the
"green light"). Might as well go back and face those Marines like a man.

K. Megg II
 This is an alternate method. However, there are some things that
haven't been clarified, so it's better to stick with the first method.

1. Start the mission The Pillar of Autumn on Legendary.
2. Just when you exit the cryo-tube, run around to the right and hop up to
the barrel with the yellow stripe on it. Do this by pressing CROUCH when your
jump almost reaches its highest point.
3. Stand there for about 10 seconds.
4. Run through the shield generator toward the instructor.
5. Follow and watch him die, go over pipes normally, and find the Marine that
leads you to the bridge.
6. Jump over him and ignore him.
7. Go to the bridge and get the pistol from Keyes.
8. Go out the hall and get the assault rifle.
9. Go back and kill Keyes.
10. Hide in the bridge entrance corridor (hall).
11. Wait about 10 seconds, and run for the open door behind where the
invincible marines spawn from.
12. If you make it through the door, they won't
follow- go to the end of the hall, and look up. There it is.

L. Rock to Death
 You'll need to be on the level Assault on the Control Room. Get a
banshee and fly to the control center. There are three pillars that bracket
(these pillars form a "T") the central pillar in the front of the door. Land
the banshee parallel to the walkway, facing the left, and hop out the back.
One wrong move, you die. Walk to the right end of the ledge and stand still.
Then you should hear music. This music is the Seige of Madrigal. See video
demonstration at halo.bungie.org.

M. Rock to Death II
 At the very beginning of Assault on the Control Room you come in a
Pelican that flies up (or is it down?) through the well. Fall down, and in
some spot you'll hear the exact same music. Poor info on this egg also.

N. Keyes's Pipe
 In Halo: Fall of Reach and Halo: The Flood (not sure if it's mentioned
in the latter) Keyes constantly nibbles on his pipe, his prized possession.
Well, you can see it on the level Keyes. You'll need a scoped weapon (just
get one of the Flood on the way to the control room; no need to keep one from
the beginning). When you see Keyes inside that blob (poor Keyes..), look to
the right. There should be some sort of root hanging off to the edge. Zoom in
and there ya be, Keyes's famous pipe. You can see it without a scope, but
it'll be obscure.

O. Food Nipple
 This egg is pretty easy to find. On the chapter "Warning:
Hitchhikers May Be Escaping Prisoners" (on the mission "The Maw") drive your
Warthog until you reach the platfrom where Echo 419 gets shot down. Like all
Halo savvy players, drive past it. Keep going until you see a tunnel on the
right. You should pass a room with a bunch of pillars in the center before
reaching this tunnel. The tunnel is about at the point where you have 915
meters to go. Go inside the tunnel and turn into the next tunnel. You'll see
a Spec-Ops grunt. Do not kill him. If you do, you are officially the Halo
village idiot. Bump into him or something like that to make him notice you. He
won't attack you. But, he'll say, "Good thing that food nipple's waiting for
me at the starship, 'cuz man! Have I worked up a big, grunty thirst!" After he
says this, now you can kill him if you want, or let him die in the initial
explosion. Your choice. HOWEVER, making this stop might leave you with
insufficient time to escape.

P. Rex
 This is the last Halo easter egg you can interact with. Past the platform
where you watch Foe Hammer get shot down, there's a jump that takes you down
a few stories. Instead of driving straight off, angle your jump to the left
so you'll hit the ledge on the side of the tunnel. It's not as hard as it
sounds. In fact, it's quite easy. Anyway, park your Warthog right up against
the concrete platform thinggy. Jump on top of the chain gun turret so you'll
be able to get up there. Keep walking and you'll find a "room" with a doorway
that's splattered with blood. Inside you'll see the word "REX" written in
splattered blood. This is the work of Tyson Green (a.k.a. REX), the Halo level

Q. Congratulations
 Beat the Maw on Legendary. There is a small cutscene added.
XIII. Tips

*If you're gonna take a long drop, crouch right before hitting the ground.
This reduces damage unless it's a sure-death drop.

*If you happen to be falling down a ledge or something, try to slide along it
rather than jumping off it like Evel Kneivel,. If you do this correctly, you
shouldn't take any damage (UNLESS it's one of those sure-death drops).

*When jumping, press CROUCH (default CTRL) at the highest point to jump a bit
higher. This is especially essential in the finding of Easter Eggs.

*Levels with lots of Flood (like The Library)- always take the shotgun as your
primary, and you have two other good choices as weapons- an assault rifle (for
when your shotgun needs reloading or is empty, and for eliminating infection
forms; a good sub is the plasma rifle) or a pistol (for eliminating Flood
from medium distances).

*When all hell breaks loose (that is, when there's a battle between the
happy inhabitants of Halo), lay low until one of the sides is defeated. Then
you come in and annhilate the survivors.

*In Legendary and Heroic, the Covenant ALMOST ALWAYS wins the battle (if not
outnumbered). On Normal and Easy, they can beat sentinels, but will sometimes
lose to Flood (depending on their weapons like shades, etc. and the amount of

*In Legendary and Heroic, Sentinels always lose the battle (hell, in every
difficulty, it seems). Might as well try to pick off some Flood/ Covenant
while they're distracted for a few seconds.

*In missions you start out with a sniper rifle and want to keep it, I
recommend pairing it with plasma pistol, if you can bear with the semi-auto
rate of fire, but you get the advantage of the HeatShot. Otherwise use
a plasma rifle.

*Levels with lots of Covenant- take a plasma weapon (preferably a plasma
pistol; it's abundant and better at sapping shields) and a close range human
weapon if you're gonna plan on fighting up close. If you're planning on
sniping them, keep the pistol with you, but try to keep a distance between
you and them.

*Levels with a mix of enemies- take a plasma weapon and a human close range

*Remember- plasma weapons damage shields the most, but human weapons damage
health the most.

*Conserve grenades- use them when the enemy is cornered or in a big group.

*Remember, grenades are virtually useless against Hunters and Elites
(Elites dodge them so very easily), unless you stuck them with a plasma.
Plasma grenades temporarily blind Hunters.

*Don't use grenades on Carrier forms. Why? For one, it doesn't kill them. Two,
it sends them flying INTACT, and when they land THEN they'll explode.

*Avoid being cornered. When you're in a wide open space, watch your back.
Especially with the damn Flood.

*The Flood are ideal grenade targets. They do not notice them until they

*Remember, Marines are simply temporary distractions for the enemy- in
Legendary and Heroic. In Easy and Normal, expect losses, but they can actually
cut an enemy down to size (they'll have trouble with Elites). They are also
actually capable of taking out Hunters, under the right circumstances (at least
4 Marines, and in a close-range fight)

*Marine snipers are extremely useful. They empty their 4-round clip
fast and kill enemies fast. They're actually better than a Marine manning a
machine gun.

*If you can be stealthy, please do. Melee sleeping Grunts and send them to
permanent Dreamland. Active camo's on? Use melees only. Even firing one shot
will reveal you long enough for the enemy to shower plasma in your direction.
Active camo's useless against Flood. You can't melee them to death anyway.

*Melees and sniper rifle shots are useless against Flood.

*Legendary isn't simply a bit harder than Heroic- it's a completely new
workover of the game, as in the AI, enemy armor, tactics, everything.

XIV. Difficulty Overview
	There are four difficulty levels in Halo: Easy, Normal, Heroic, and
Legendary. Here are the main differences:
	Easy is easy. It takes about 6 seconds for your shields to
recharge. Accuracy values should be degraded by 1. Enemies fire at a slower
rate; there are less enemies with lower ranks and you start with/ are given
more Marines.

	Accuracy measurements apply to normal-difficulty enemies.
A majority of the Elites will be Blue or Purple, and Silver and Gold only
appear in certain missions. Black Elites will appear in The Maw only
(not sure; I have a crappy graphics card). Grunts and Jackals get about
1/2 the health you have. It takes about 6 seconds for your shields to

	Accuracy is improved among all enemies (by a value of 1); they will
usually fire at a faster rate. A majority of the Elites will be Purple, and
some Black mixed in. Silver and Gold, as I said, appear in certain missions
only. Grunts and Jackals get about as much health as you have. It takes about
6 seconds for your shields to recharge.

	Accuracy is improved by 2 or so among all enemies; Grunts and Jackals
fire in bursts. Elites fire full auto. Your shields take about 6 seconds to
recharge. All Elites get improved shield strength. Grunts and Jackals have
a full set of health (meaning one melee may not be enough to send them to
Hell). Enemies are more numerous. Marines have improved skill, but they were
never better than any enemy anyway. In any mission with Marines, you get
dropped off with/given less Marines to start with.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where's your complete contact info?
A. Scroll up and go to the section "Misc. Information." You'll find it in
fact #1.

Q. What do I do if I have a question that's not in the FAQ or information
that's not in this guide?
A. Great! Submit it to me at Hitman079@hotmail.com or St_Jimmy0807@yahoo.com.
If you're sending it to my hotmail, please state the content in CAPITAL
LETTERS (e.g. EASTER EGG) so I'll know what's inside. Also: I've posted all
the easter eggs. The other cool stuff are tricks. Please, no attachments. You
can contact me live on AIM at WarriorSx. I'd really love it if you would send
corrections on the rank info. No grammar/spelling info unless you really can't
understand what I said.

Q. How many times have you beat the game?
A. Twice on Normal, and working on beating it in Legendary (this means
beating the missions back-to-back. I've played individual missions quite

Q. I need help in the game. Can I contact you?
A. Go ahead. It might take me a long time to respond though since I'm usually

Q. Do you really get new weapons for beating Legendary under 3 hours or for
beating the game on Easy?
A. Nope. All you get is the "glory" (definition: nothing).

Q. I know codes for Halo. Can I submit them?
A. No. These codes are for Halo: Custom Edition only, not Combat Evolved.

Q. How do I take an in-game screenshot?
A. Right click on the shortcut you use to run Halo and then click on
properties. In the Target bar, you'll see "C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/
Halo" or something like that. After the quotes put a space and "-screenshot"
(without the quotes). Then press the Print Screen/SysRq key on your keyboard
to take a screenshot (it's on the upper left side of the keyboard, the set of
keys next to the lock lights). To find screenshots go to the Halo folder and
to screenshots. They're in PNG format.

Q. What's "Halo: Fall of Reach" and "Halo: The Flood"?
A. These are both novels based on the game Halo: Combat Evolved. The former is
by Eric Nylund and the latter by William C. Dietz. Fall of Reach is about
what happened before the game (the birth of the original 30 SPARTANs) and
The Flood is about the events taking place during the game (however, Dietz has
added many different subplots in addition to the Chief fighting his way off
Halo). In my opinion, "Fall of Reach" is better because there's scores of
the awesome space battles. Nylund also has published two other books, Halo:
Strike, detailing the events between Halo 1 and Halo 2, and Halo: Ghosts of
Onyx, detailing the training of new SPARTANs.

A. Read the guide again, buddy.

Q. Why didn't Sgt. Johnson die in 343 Guilty Spark? Why does he appear in
Halo 2?
A. First of all, I tell you, Sgt. Johnson is not still alive because the game
spawns him. Sgt. Johnson has Boren's Syndrome- a
billion-in-one disorder. He got it from setting of a crate of plasma grenades
(which releases radiation or something) in the Seige of Paris IV, causing him
to have it. He refused treatment; he was supposed to die from this disorder,
but he didn't. What does this have to do with him surviving? Well, the Flood
controls people by taking over the nervous system. In Johnson's case, the
syndrome messed up his nervous system so much the Flood couldn't control him.
He escapes Halo in an escape pod, and hooked up with Master Chief in his
Longsword Fighter.

XVI. Credits


-Writer, Researcher, Editor-
Patrick Phan
(a.k.a. kerplunk47)

-Enemies & Allies Info-

-Weapons Info-

-Vehicles Guide-

-Easter Eggs Guide-

-Everything/Anything Else-

-Special Thanks to-
Parents (buying it for me)
Bungie (making the game)
Eric Nylund
William C. Dietz
Fellow Halo lovers (for reading my FAQ)
God (making me; no, I do not like to think
my parents made me)
Aragorn Marsden (inspiration)
XVIII. Legal Stuff
This document is copyrighted material of Patrick Phan and may not be used
without expressed written consent of the aforementioned party. No part of this
guide can be used without proper quoting and/or recognition. Any person(s)
found violating this copyright are punishable by law and will be to the
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