OO"" "" "       ;O#O  ;
                               OOOOOOO"OO"" """;""@#O"OOO";;
                               OOO@ O"@#OOO"OOOOO@O"OOOOO@";
                               OOO@"O#@OO@@"O@OOO@O;;OOOO@"; ;       ;
                    O   " OO O  O"##OO OO#@OOO";;;;;"""OO";      "" ;"""";
                 OOO"O@@@OO       O"" OOOOO  O.;"""OO"".""OO""   "O"O@O"";
              OOOO"@## O"OO"""OOOO@O"OOOOOOO OOO"@O".;;.OOOOOO; "OOO@"
           "OOOO"O@O"" O@OO@@OO""@@O"OOOO#  OOOOOO";... "OOO@"   "OOOOO;
           ;OOOOO#OO""" OOOOO"O#@O  "OOOO#O   OOOOOOO"; "OOO@"   ;OOOOOO;
           ,"OOOO##   OOOOOO#OOOO@O   OOO#O  O O"OOOOO@"OOOO@"    OOO"@O;
           ,,;OOOOO##   "OOO##OOOOO@"" O@#O"O   OOO"O@" ;O"@O;; """"@@O;
            ,;O@OOOO##  OOOO## # OOOO"""O OO    OOOO#O;  "O@";""""OOO";
              OO ##@OOO@@@O@@O      OOOO"OO   ""@@@@"""   "";"O@O"
                  #  ##### #" "O      OOOO"OO@##   O; ;"     ;; "
                           OO           ###          ;


                                    Dino Crisis
                               Platform: PlayStation
                                    Version 1.0
                             Brett "Nemesis" Franklin
                        E-Mail: pimpmasterbrett@hotmail.com
                        My website: http://faqdomain.cjb.net

                     Created: Sunday, July 5th, 2000  04:44 PM
                   Last Updated: Tuesday, July 18th, 2000 02:20 AM
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                        T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S
                            1. INTRODUCTION
                            2. LEGAL STUFF
                            3. UPDATES/REVISION HISTORY
                            4. Walkthrough
                            5. FAQ
                            6. Tips
                            7. How to use Healing Items
                            8. File List
                            9. Emergency Box Locations
                           10. Secrets
                           11. Weapons List
                           12. Ammo List
                           13. Items List
                           14. Credits
                           15. Contact Info



Dino Crisis is one of my favorite games for the PlayStation, mainly because
it's more along the lines of a Resident Evil game, which I also happen
to love. Dino Crisis is mostly like the Resident Evil series, but it does
differ in some respects:

- It's graphical style is different as the backgrounds are all real-time.
- The camera moves WITH you, which is very cool.
- The enemies are much faster than the ones in the Resident Evil series.

Overall though, if you liked the Resident Evil series, then you can give
Dino Crisis a go. It's awesome.


2. Legal Stuff



This FAQ can only appear on the following sites:

-Cheat Code Central 
-Cheat Planet 

If anyone finds it on any other site, please inform me ASAP.

E-Mail Address: pimpmasterbrett@hotmail.com

© Copyright 1999-2000 Brett "Nemesis" Franklin. It may not be stolen,
altered, or used for any type of profit. It may be reproduced electronically,
and printed for PRIVATE, PERSONAL use. It may not be placed on a CD, printed
in a magazine or any type of publication. If you would like to contribute to
this FAQ (you will be credited,) please e-mail me, as well as any questions,
comments, or corrections, to the address above.




Version 1.0 (07/18/00)

ï Finally completed the Walkthrough and the Lists

ï As well as the Secrets Section

ï Final, complete version. Yay!

Version 0.7 (07/10/00

ï Yet another update, it's been a while since I last updated, but ever since
  I started my RE 3 FAQ, I've been in the "survival-horror" spirit, so
  here I am, back to updating...

ï Finished up most of the walkthrough, except for the last decision that
  affects the ending

ï Completed 99% of the Item List

Version 0.4 (07/06/00

ï Another update

ï Finished up some more of the walkthrough, and most of the sections

Version 0.2 (07/05/00)

ï First version

ï Basic Walkthrough and most sections empty


4. Walkthrough


                      S T A R T   W A L K T H R O U G H

After the opening cinema, you'll watch a cut-scene of Regina talking to
Gail. When this ends, you will take control of Regina to begin the game. Head
into the storage room straight ahead, and get some healing items as well as
other stuff. Head to the back of the room and push the shelf out of your way
and then use it to get the Handgun bullets here. Take the BG Area Key.  Now
leave the room and head back outside.

Run forward and attempt to exit through the next gate ahead of you. You will
hear an incoming call from Rick, and Gail enters. He'll take the BG Area
Key from your inventory, and then he'll leave. What a jerk...

When this ends, go through the gate that is directly across from the Storage
Room. Now run through this area and follow the path to get to the Generator
Room at the end. Along the way, get the ammo from the dead corpse along the
way there. When you get to the room, enter it, and you'll have to solve an
early puzzle to power up the Facility.

Head on over to the back of the room and approach the generator. Move the
batteries in this order:

- Red
- Blue
- Green
- White

When you do this, the generator will be activated...but only after you hit the
switch next to it. After you do this, exit the room. Run down the path and
back to the other gate you came in here through. But along the way, you will
meet your first enemy...the raptor. Well, he doesn't attack yet, but he will
soon enough. I suggest that you run from him by going through the door that
you came in here through, so you can save yourself.

Now once you are back outside the Storage Room, run past the room and enter
the Facilty through the door next to the Storage Room. Run down the hallway,
and around the bend, until you get to some lasers. Use the X button to climb
into the open ventilation shaft right above you. Say yes, and you will climb
up into the shaft. Run through the vent, and exit out of it when you reach
first hole in the vent.

Once you are in this hallway, run down the hallway and enter the only door
that is here to get into the Control Room. Also, make sure you notice that
Green Emergency Box near the room, at the end of the hallway. Once you are
inside the Control Room, you will speak with Rick. When this is over, leave
the room, and take a right at the door and go past the vent you just exited.
Enter the door at the end of this hallway to get into a Save Room.

In here, grab the DDK Input Disc H from the side wall, the shotgun from the
other wall, and a Panel Key from the dead guy's body in here. Also, enter
the other part of the room to find some Handgun Ammo. Now activate the switch
that is on the wall near the other door to turn on the computer. You can
either use the computer to get some mail, or you can leave through the next
door (be sure to save your game on the way out).

Once you are in this hallway, Rick will call you with some info about
some activated shutters...hmmmm. Now head down the hallway and enter the
first room at the end (to the left of the Save Room door). In here, get
the file, and the DDK Code Disc H from the table. Also, search the lockers
in here for some ammo and Med Packs.

Leave the room and go back to the Save Room. Go to the back of the room and
to the safe. Use the code you got from the file you just collected:

"0426" is the code that unlocks the Safe.

Grab the Med pack from inside here, as well as the Entrance Key. Exit through
the door you came in through, and de-activate the laser system to the right of
the Save Room, and go through the door past the Lasers. Now you're in the
Main Hall of the Facility, since you can access the outside and the 2F from

Head up the stairs here to get to the 2F. At the top, push the box to reveal
another Med Pack. Take it, then go through the door to the right. In the
next area, either kill or dodge the raptor in here, then approach the door
to the right, near the chairs. Input "HEAD" as the code on the DDK Reader,
and go into the room.

Speak to the bleeding doctor on the ground near the desk, and he'll hand over
the Panel Key 1. Now search the desk and the counter area to get the DDK
Input Disc N. Ok, now approach the giant safe-thing on the wall, and place
both Panel Key 1 and Panel Key 2 into it. Now enter this number:


Now unlock the newly revealed safe and grab the Key Card L. Uh oh....the
T-Rex attacks through the window! Don't worry, just wait for him to leave
and don't shoot him, because it doesn't matter whether or not you shoot
him: He'll leave anyways. When he's gone, leave the room and kill the
Raptor in here if you didn't earlier.

Okay, just exit through the other door at the end of the hallway, past the
door to the left of the Office you were just in. Now you should be outside.
Enter the door to the right, that's like 5 feet away. In here, take and
read the Memo on the counter, and make sure you remember the number
"8159" for later. Exit the room and go back to the area that lead you to
the Office you meet the T-Rex in. Once here, go through the door that is
to the left of the Office, and into the large lounge area.

Kill the raptor in here, and take the Med Pack that is on the table. Now
head on over to the back of the room and approach the safe on the wall.
Enter the number "8159" to open it (remember that memo?), and take the
handgun slides from inside. Leave the room when you are finished.

Head back out of this room, and downstairs to the main hall. Now use the
Entrance Key on the door directly across from the stairs to head outside.
Run over to the left and around the corner to find a dead body. Search him
to find a File and the DDK Code Disc N, as well as some Handgun Ammo. Take
all of this, then go back inside the Facility.

Now head straight and approach the door that is to the right of the stairs.
Use the DDK Input Disc N and the DDK Code Disc N to open the door. Enter
"NEWCOMER" as the code in order to get it to open for you.  Enter it
to get into the room with a few elevators as well as a electrical map. Go
through the next door in here that is directly across from the door you
entered, and into another hallway. Turn towards the lasers at the end of the
hall, de-activate them and then continue down the winding hall and enter
the room to the right.

In here, take the BG Room B1 Key from the table, then kill the raptor that
is in here. Exit the room, and go back down the hallway to the other end.
Enter the door to the right at the other end of the hallway. Get the memo
from the Whiteboard, then use the nearby phone to page Paul. Now exit through
the other door, and use the vent to get back to the Control Room.

After you speak with Rick, he'll ask you to perform yet another task. Exit
the room, use the vent again, then head back outside of the Facility, where
you first started the game. Now use your BG Room B1 Key on the gate that is
diagonally across from the Storage Room, then take the Ammo from inside here.
Ok, time to head downstairs...

In this room, approach the battery, and set them in this order:

- Red
- Purple
- Green
- White

Push the shelf out of your way in here to get something, then go back upstairs,
into the Facility, and back to the Control Room with Rick in it. You will
talk with him, and begin your first choice action:

- Rescue Tom
- Continue on your search for Dr. Kirk

- Rescue Tom -

For the Walkthrough sake, I choose to "Rescue Tom", so choose that one as
well. Head back outside of the Facility, where you first started the game,
and head through the gate taht is right across from the Storage Room, then
go through the gate to the left of the gate you came through to enter a new

Kill the 2 raptors out here, then run down the path and go through the door
at the end. Try to avoid the Pterodactyl, but he'll swoop down and grab
you anyways. Escape by rapidly hitting the action button, grab your weapon
that you might have dropped, then enter the room at the other end of this

Inside here, talk with Rick and Tom to get the DDK Code Disc L, and then grab
the DDK Input Disc L on the inner table in this room. Exit the room and head
outside to another area with some more Pterodactyls, so avoid them, and enter
the door at the other end of this area.

Now you are in another room, but this one has a crane. Take the B1 Crane Card
from the shelf in the back of the room, then approach the pipe activator to
start a new puzzle:

You will see some buttons, and it will ask you which ones to press. Here is
what you should press:

1) Red
2) Green
3) Red
4) Green
5) Blue
6) Blue

In that order, mind you. :) Ok, now that the generator is up and working once
more, exit the room, and go back to the room with Rick and Tom in it. After
the conversation, go outside through the other door, and activate the control
panel near the door. Now go back to Tom. You will now have to take that
elevator down to the basement. After the cut-scene, you will be in the Facility
basement, and in a huge room with some crates and a ladder. Go up the ladder
and use the B1 Crane Card on the control panel to start the crate

- Up
- Down
- Left
- Hook
- Left
- Release

When you have moved the crates in this order, choose "exit" and head back down
the ladder. Make your way through the newly formed path through the crates and
leave through the door at the end of the crate path.

Go right of the door, and de-activate the laser system so you can pass through.
Enter the door that is towards the end of the hallway to your right. In here,
get the Med Pack from the room, then head to the left of where you entered here
from, and through the door to the left.

Go down the hallway, and into the room at the end. Inside, grab the ID Card
from the desk, then leave the room and go right again. Head up the stairs
and back to the main floor of the facility.

At the top of the stairs, head down the hallway and into the Strategy Room
by using your ID Card you just found. Search the desks and the counter area
to find the Fingerprinting Device and the DDK Code Disc E. Head out of this
room and make your way out to the main hall. Exit the main hall through the
door directly across from the stairs, and outside. Go around the bend, and
find the dead body. Use the Fingerprinting Device on him, then go back

Go right and through the door, and enter the save room. Exit through the other
side of the save room, and use the vent on the other side. Once you are back
in the first hallway, enter the large room that is just past the vent. Inside
here, use the ID Card on the computer towards the back and enter the number
"50736", as well as the fingerprinting data you just got. This will convert
the ID Card so that you can use it on those elevators in the room behind the
stairs in the main hall.

Return to that room, and use the ID Card to get onto the elevator here.
Right when you leave the elevator, a raptor attacks! Kick him off of you,
then grab your weapon that you might have dropped. To unlock the door to
the north, enter "LABORATORY" with your DDK Code Disc and your DDK Input
Disc L.

Run forward and de-activate the laser system, and kill the 2 raptors beyond
it. Now enter the Library at the end of the hallway. Dispose of the raptor
in here as well, then grab the Handgun Sights from the ground. Exit the
room and enter the next hallway. Run around the hallway and into the first
room to your right. Take the DDK Input Disc E from inside here. Read the
journal in here as well to get this number: "7248"

Leave the room and go back into the hallway, then continue down the hallway
until you reach the save room at the end. Get the screwdriver out of the
toolbox from the back of the room, then approach the control panel, and
release the lock.

Now enter the number "7248" so you can actually release the lock. Leave
the Save room and enter the other room in this hallway. Once in this
room, go through the other door at the other end of the room. You'll see
a scientist who is trapped inside the gas chamber. Here's how to free him:

1) Green button
2) Red button
3) Blue button

This will get rid of all the gas in the room. Enter the room and speak with
the scientist. He should give you the B1 Key Chip for your trouble, before
he dies... Now when he does die, search him to get the small key. Try
to exit the chamber and a raptor will come at you. Get him off of you, then
trap him inside the gas chamber. Press the Red button to gas him.

Leave this room, and go back to the Library. Ok, now head over to that
control panel in the back of the room, and use the B1 Key Chip on it to start
a puzzle, and input the number that is on the B1 Key Chip, which is

 /                  \
 /                  \
 /                  \
 /                  \
 /##################\     |____|_|__|____|
          |  |_|    |_   |      |   _|    |    |      |_|  |_|  |    |
          |____|____|_|__|      |__|_|____|____|      |____|____|____|

That is how you should solve the puzzle, which is by pressing:

1) C
2) A
3) B

Time for a decision on your part...

- Go with Gail?
- Go with Rick?

Once again, I choose Rick, simply because I think that Gail is an asshole...
But that might change later on...

Now go back into the hidden room beyond the Save Room, and Operate the
Terminal. Just do as Rick says and you will be fine with this puzzle. Keep
in mind that this is sorta like a memory game... Now head through the newly
opened hatch to find Dr. Kirk. He'll give you the Communication ID Card. Time
to use the other elevator inside the control room...so head over there and
use the elevator inside the control room. Make sure to use the Communications
ID Card to activate it.

Exit the elevator when it stops, and get the Antenna Key from the wall near
it. Now unlock the door, save your game, and leave this room and out onto
the balcony. Run to the end of the balcony, and enter the door at the end.
Approach the control panel, and place the Antenna Key into the slot to
switch the antenna on. Leave the room and go back onto the balcony...

AHHHHHH!!!!! A T-REX!!! RUN!!!!! Run all the way down the balcony, and at the
end, blast the T-Rex with some serious power (8-10 shots from your shotgun
should do the trick), and after a while, Rick will unlock the door for you.
Enter it.

Back in the room, take the elevator back to the 1F control room, then head
over to the Main Hall. Now use the door that is across from the stairs and
go outside. Avoid the pterodactyls out here, and run around the bend and
through the large door at the end. Run through the passage, and into the
next room. Run to the end of the steel walkway and get the grenade gun.
Now it's time to move some more crates that are blocking your way.
Just push them out of your way to move on. Now head on through the next door
beyond the crates.

Uh oh....the T-Rex is back, and he's pissed. He'll chase you, so just run
as fast as you can until Rick finally opens the door. Make your way around
the helicopter, and blast the T-Rex whenever you get far enough away from
him. When you get to the door, enter it. Inside the next small room, go
through the door. Now run ALL the way down the long corridor, and into the
first room to the left of the hallway.

Inside this next room, get the C.O Pass from the shelf, and grab the Medi
Pack from the dead guy. When you are ready, leave back into the hallway,
and continue down it and exit through the next door to the right.

You'll ride down to the B3 of the Facility. In here, get the Battery from the
glass case and take it into the next room where Rick is. Now leave into the
room to the north, and into the Save Room. In here, push the shelf out of the
way to get some Darts for your Shotgun. Now grab the B3 Crane Card 1 and
the B3 Crane Card 2. Now leave through the other door, and save your game
on the way out.

Run over to the ladder near the door, then tap X fast so you can escape
the falling crate. Now there should be 2 dinos that come at you. Blast them
with either a Poison Dart or your shotgun. When they're gone, exit this
area through the door to the north (use your compass).

Now in this room, get the C.O Area Key and the B3 Crane Key 3. Now go back
to the other room, and climb up the ladder to get to a control panel. Use
all three of your Crane Keys to activate another puzzle:

- Right
- Hook
- Left
- Release
- Up
- Hook
- Release
- Right
- Up
- Hook
- Up
- Down
- Release
- Right
- Up
- Down
- Hook

Now press the exit button to complete this puzzle, and to get them crates out
of your way. Go back down the ladder and follow the newly opened path and
get the DDK Input Disc W from the dead guy. Go back through the Save Room
and into the large room where you found the Battery. Use the C.O Area Key
on the western door.

Run through the hallway, and kill the dinos here. Go through the door at the
end. Get the Map in here, then enter the next door and into the greenish
hallway. Dispose of the dinos here, then go up the stairs. Kill the raptor
at the top, and head through the door at the end of the hallway (which is
a save room). Access the computer and shut-off the alarm. Now grab the
B2 Key Chip and the DDK Input Disc S.

Leave the room and go into the vent near the door. Follow the vent to the next
opening, and drop down into another hallway. Now enter the room straight
ahead of you at the end of this hallway. In here, blast the raptor that attacks
you, then grab the Key Card Level C off of the shelf.  Now run around the room
and blast the second raptor that attacks. Leave the room and go back into
the hallway. Now go through the door to the left, just past the vent opening.

In this room, take the DDK Code Disc W from the counter, then exit back
into the hallway, and into the room at the other end. You will meet Gail
in here. After the cut-scene, grab the file and the Ammo that is in here.
Leave and use the vents again to get back to the stairs. At the stairs,
go down them and into the green hallway, and you will get a call from

Head back into the room before the stairs, and use the password "WATERWAY"
and the DDK Disc W and the DDK Code Disc W to unlock the door. Enter this
save room. You'll talk with Rick ASAP. Grab the B2 Key Chip, then go back
into the large room where you got the battery in.

Grab another battery from where the batteries are, then head into the south-
east door to find another simple battery puzzle:

- A
- C
- D

Hit the button to start the power, then head into the elevator that is
next to this room. Search all of the corpses to get the DDK Input Disc D,
the Port Card Key, and an A. Aid. Leave the elevator and go back into the
Save room on this floor. Rick will open a door for you, so enter it.

In this hallway, grab the DDK Code Disc S then head back to the Green hallway
and up the stairs, and into the save room at the top. Now use the DDK Input
Disc S and the DDK Code Disc S, with the codename "STABILIZER". Go through
the door. In the next room, head out the northern door, and go right and
through the door at the end of the hallway. Kill the raptor inside, and get
the DDK Code Disc D from here. Ok, now go back to the Save Room on this floor.

Approach the control panel here, and use the B2 Key Chip and the B2 Key
Chip 2 on it to start a puzzle (be sure to use the number "0392" on it):

 /       8          \
 /       7          \
 /       6          \
 /       5          \
 /       4          \