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Table of Contents

For Reference.....

1. Version History
2. Contact information
3. Introduction
4. Controls
5. Getting Started
6. Characters


7. Case 1: Turnabout Memory [TURNMEM]
8. Case 2: The Stolen Turnabout [TURNSTOL]
9. Case 3: Recipe for Turnabout [TURNREC]
10. Case 4: Turnabout Beginnings [TURNBEGIN]
11. Case 5: Bridge to the Turnabout [TURNBRID]

12. Conclusion

Version History
Version 0.2 (08/24/07): The bare bones groundwork, plus Case 1.
Version 0.3 (08/25/07): About half of Case 2. Also fixed some typos and
                        updated the disclaimer.
Version 0.4 (08/27/07): Finished Case 2. Also added a new site host and 
                        updated the disclaimer (again!)
Version 0.5 (08/28/07): About half of Case 3. Also fixed some more 
Version 0.6 (08/29/07): Finished Case 3. Fixed even more typos.
Version 0.8 (09/01/07): ALL of Case 4 added. Also added headers in Case 
                        1, and added a new site host.
Version 0.9 (09/06/07): About half of Case 5. Also fixed some typos.
Version 1.0 (09/10/07): Walkthrough complete!
Contact Information

Hi, my name is Ryan Penrose. This is my first FAQ/Walkthrough, so 
please, bear with me. If you must know, I go by Masterblaster02 on 
the GameFAQs boards, and Burner on GameFAQs proper. Feedback for this 
walkthrough can be sent to either Tallgeese03@go.com or 
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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials & Tribulations is the final game 
in the so-called "Phoenix Trilogy" of the Ace Attorney series, otherwise
known as the "Gyakuten Saiban" series in Japan (this game is known as 
Gyakuten Saiban 3 in Japan). It is an adventure game chronicaling the 
life and times of defense attorney Phoenix Wright as he tries to prove 
his clients' innocence in a world where no one else believes them.

Like the games from the last two years, the US version of the game 
hasn't been released at the time of writing, but the Japanese version 
was released with a full English translation. This guide is written 
using the English version, thus it will use the localized names 
instead of the Japanese ones.

You may have noticed that this guide was started on the exact same 
date as the release date in Japan. The reason for this is that my 
import copy of the game came early. I urge you, however, to buy the 
game when it hits stores in the US this October.



A: Next statement/confirm
B: Last statement/cancel
X: Present evidence (Manual)
Y: Holding button activates microphone support ("Hold It!", 
"Objection!", and "Take That!")
L: Press witness on statement (Manual)
R: Court Record
D-Pad: Brousing in Court Record
Start: Save game. You may save at any time; the game will pick up from 
where you left off.
Select: Not used.


A: Next statement/confirm
B: Cancel
X: Not used.
Y: Not used.
L: Move screen from left to right (specific scenes only)
R: Court Record
Start: Save game. You may save at any time; the game will pick up from 
where you left off.
Select: Not used.

The game can also be played using the stylus.

Getting Started

If you want to play the game in English, press the brown box on the 
bottom of the touch screen to switch from Japanese to English. This 
MUST be done using the stylus!

The touch screen is where all the decisions are laid out. Going to the 
next statement in a witness' testimony, heading to another location 
during investigation, it's all there!

The top screen is where you'll see the events unfold. You'll see 
arguments between the defense and the prosecution here, as well as 
finding out more pieces of information from dialouge.

The Court Record is where you'll store that information. Everything in 
the case is there, including involved people. To switch from viewing 
evidence to viewing profiles and vice-versa, press the R button, or use 
the stylus on the top right corner of the touch screen.

During Investigation phases, you'll get your chance to explore and 
prepare for court. You can also talk to other people, whether they be 
the defendant of a witness for the prosecution.

Returning from the last game are Psyche-Locks. Basically, when someone 
has a secret to hide, you'll see it in the form of locks. The stronger 
the secret is, the more locks that will appear (if you're wondering, 
the maximum is 5 locks total). Presenting an item called the Magatama 
will begin a process where you'll present pieces of evidence to counter 
the person's story and, in the process, unlock their secrets.

The courtroom is where most of the action takes place. Here, you'll 
cross-examine a witness' testimony to find faults in them. In doing do, 
you'll help clear your client's name. However, like in the last game, 
you have a health bar. When the bar is empty, the Judge will pronounce 
your client guilty and you'll have to start from you last saved point. 
The only way to refill your health bar is to unlock the Psyche-Locks.


Phoenix Wright: The defender of truth, justice, and the American way... 
waitasec, that's Superman, not Phoenix! Well, anyways, Phoenix is the 
main protagonist of the game. However, he's not the ONLY attorney you'll
be playing as.

Mia Fey: Only playable in two flashback cases, Mia Fey is Phoenix's 
deceased friend and mentor. Through either Maya Fey or Pearl Fey, Mia 
can still assist Phoenix whenever he needs the help.

Miles Edgeworth: Only playable during a segment of Case 5, Miles 
Edgeworth is one of Phoenix's old childhood friends, and is quite a 
popular guy amongst the fandom. He has met Mia before her death, 

Godot: A literal enigma, and Phoenix's prosecuting rival this time 
around. Coffee-addict, ladies' man, genius, he's also quite popular in 
the fandom (though I can't tell who has more popularity, Edgeworth or 

Maya Fey: Phoenix's assistant and spirit medium. She's also the 
daughter of the Master of the Kurain Channeling Technique. Like always, 
Maya plays quite the pivotal role.

Pearl Fey: Also known as Pearly or Pearls, Pearl is Maya Fey's cousin, 
as well as a channeling genius. She is so talented, her mother would do 
anything to make her the next Master...

Dick Gumshoe: A detective for the police department. He's not the 
sharpest tool in the shed, though. He's also had the opportunity to 
meet Mia...

Winston Payne: AKA the "Rookie Crusher." He's got a superior attitude, 
but that fades when he faces off against a skilled attorney. Yes, he's 
also had the chance to meet Mia...

Dahlia Hawthorne: She may look sweet, but Dahlia is actually a demoness 
in reality. She also holds the key to understanding all of the mysteries
concerning Phoenix's past.


Case 1: Turnabout Memories [TURNMEM]


This case is Mia's second trial. In it, she's set to defend a young 
Phoenix Wright from the charge of murder. Again, this is an introductory
case, so that newer players will learn the ropes sooner. Phoenix has a 
cold and coughs constantly (this fact will be crucial later!). Mia 
doesn't really have a chance to talk to him as court begins.

Well, Payne is looking... different than usual. Anyways, in his opening 
statement, Payne states that the name of the victim was Doug Swallows, a
pharmacology student at Ivy University. As the students saw the scene, 
they spotted the defendant, who, according to Payne, had obviously 
bungled his getaway. Payne then presents a photo of the crime scene, 
which shows Doug on the ground, but no weapon. Crime Photo 1 added to 
the court record. Payne also states that the victim died in an unusual 
way and challenges the defense to state what the cause of death was.

Mia will stumble a bit, and that's when Grossberg will give her a push 
in the right direction: check the court record! It says in the victim's 
autopsy report that the cause of death was electrocution. The judge 
will then ask the defense what the cause of death was. We just checked 
it, so answer that it was "electrocution". Payne will congrate her, and 
will state that the victim and defendant had some bad blood between 
them. The judge will ask the defense what the source of the bad blood 
between them was. Present Dahlia Hawthorne's profile. She was the 
victim's boyfriend until about 8 months ago; then she started seeing 
the defendant, Phoenix Wright.

Payne will now call his first witness: Phoenix Wright, the defendant 
himself! Mia has no objections, so Phoenix will start his testimony.

-Um, I... I admit I was there...

-But I'm not a killer! All I did was find his body!

-I hardly knew the guy to begin with...

-I never even talked to that stuck-up British wannabe!

Well, nothing sticks out at the moment, so the only thing that we can 
do is press him. That "British wannabe" comment is a little strange 
though. Press that statement. The following will then be added to his 

-He was always walking around with a huge Union Jack on the back of his 

NOW things are getting interesting. How would Phoenix know that the 
victim wore a Union Jack if he's wearing a jacket? Present Crime Photo 1
to counter this statement. Phoenix will tearfully admit that he was 
lying. This might not be good, however. Payne will present a bottle of 
Coldkiller X. It turns out that it's Phoenix's missing cold medicine, 
and naturally has his fingerprints all over it. Payne then produces a 
second photo that shows that the bottle was found in the victim's hand! 
Talk about your incriminating evidence! Coldkiller X and Crime Photo 2 
added to the court record. Phoenix will now testify about what really 

-The truth is... I went because he called me.

-He was in the Pharmacology Dept., so we agreed to meet at 2:45 behind 
that building.

-We talked for a bit, and then at around 3:00, we split up.

-Then later, when I went back, I found him lying there.

-I'd been taking Coldkiller X for the last 2 or 3 days.

-But I lost my bottle of it around lunchtime on the day of the accident.

Press the first statement, then press the second and ask about the 
department itself, and finally, press the last one. It turns out that 
Doug called Phoenix to the building to talk about Dahlia. Both of them 
arrived on time. The building itself uses non-standard high-voltage 
electricity in their expirements. Before they met, however, Phoenix had 
lunch with Dahlia (this is important, so remember it!).

After this sequence, the Judge will stop the questioning, and will ask 
what the murder weapon was. Choose to "establish murder method", then 
present Crime Photo 1. The judge will then request that the defense 
point out where the weapon is in the photo. Point to the dangling 
electrical wire. Payne, however, will point out that the only person 
that could have used the wire was the defendant. Not good! To add 
insult to injury, Payne says that the defendant's fingerprints were 
found on the victim's body as well! Payne claims that the defendant 
pushed the victim to his death! Definitely not good!

Just before the judge can announce the verdict, Mia holds him up! She 
urges Phoenix to testify again, to tell the truth. She also tells him 
that she believes in his innocence. Payne tries to stop them, but 
Phoenix agrees to testify once more.

-That guy... he was talking bad about Dollie...

-I lost my temper and gave him a shove!

-At that moment, I heard some kind of loud noise...

-A little while after I left, I started to get worried.

-So I went back. But h-he was just lying there, d-dead!

Press the third statement, the one about a loud noise. "Ask for more 
details." The judge will state it's not relevant. State "Of course it's 
important!" The following will then be added to the testimony:

-After I shoved him, he... he fell down on top of his umbrella.

This is what we've been waiting for! Present Crime Photo 1. The 
umbrella was by the electrical pole, so the victim must have been 
there as well. According to the photo, however, he moved! There can 
only be one conclusion: when the defendant pushed him, the victim was 
not electrocuted! In other words, he was not yet dead! The judge then 
orders Payne to submit the umbrella as evidence, which he does. 
Phoenix's Testimony is also entered into the court record. It may look 
like Mia's done it, but Payne starts to chuckle. He's not done yet! 
Mia quickly guesses that he has another witness, which he confirms: 
it's Dahlia Hawthorne, the defendant's boyfriend! The judge orders a 
recess while the prosecution prepares their next witness.

In the defendant lobby, Phoenix explains that he and Dahlia met in the 
courthouse's refrence room. He says it was love at first sight, and he 
was given a pendant, which is entered into the court record. It turns 
out that Dahlia is very shy, and she always said the same thing: "Please 
give it back now." Huh, that's odd. She gave it to him as a gift after 
all. Mia then shocks Phoenix with the date of their meeting: August 
27th. She tells him that a murder happened in the courthouse on that 
date. Grossberg finally understands why Mia took on the case so 
suddenly. The newspaper clipping will be added to the court record, 
and Grossberg will be gone for quite a while, as he'll be in the 
refrence room. Save your game.


When Dahlia enters the courtroom, she immediately gets on the judge's 
good side. Dahlia is a literary student at Ivy U. She saw the whole 
incident, but she says that her Feenie would never do something so 
awful. Uh... What did she just say? Anyways, she begins her testimony 
of the events on that day.

-I had been planning to go back to Feenie's place once class was over.

-Feenie and Dougie... they were talking behind the building.

-Then suddenly... Dougie got all wobbly and just collapsed.

-That's when Feenie noticed I was there.

-I went to go find some other students, and they called the authorities.

The victim just collapsed, eh? That's one fishy statement alright. 
Press that statement. Then, "show contradiction" when given the chance. 
Mia will then point out that Phoenix confessed to pushing the victim. 
Dahlia will then replace statements 3 and 4 of her testimony with 
these new ones:

-Um, actually, I didn't see the moment he pushed Dougie.

-It didn't look like they were fighting, and I didn't hear any noise 

No noise, eh? That is a definite contradiction. Present Phoenix's 
Testimony to show that there indeed was a noise. Dahlia will counter by 
saying that she was wearing headphones because she was afraid of the 
thunder. Time to turn things around! As we all hopefully know, lightning
is actually a discharge of electric particles. Maybe the "murder" was 
an accident, and the victim was killed by a stray bolt! So answer 
"there was lightning" when given the chance. Unfortunately, Payne is 
all over this one. According to a report of the weather conditions that 
day, no bolt struck that area! Furthermore, the lab lost power at around
2:50 PM that day, because one of the wires snapped. Payne has an 
affidavit from the lab students to confirm the new information, which 
he submits as evidence.

The judge, however, says that the wire couldn't have snapped if 
something or someone didn't bump into it. When he asks the defense for 
their theory as to how the wire snapped, present Phoenix's profile. 
After all, Phoenix shoved the victim. What's to say that the impact the 
victim made against the pole didn't break the wire? Since that pole is 
far away from the wire, the victim couldn't have died when he crashed 
into it! Dahlia will now testify as to the truth of what she saw.

-The truth is... Feenie pushed him twice.

-The first time was into the electrical pole. That's when the cable 

-Then Dougie tried his best to run away from him...

-But Feenie caught up and crashed into him from behind.

-The cable snapping and Dougie being electrocuted -- it all occured in 
less than a minute.

Somehow, I very much doubt that all this occured in less than a minute. 
Look at Crime Scene Photo 2. The watch stopped at around 3:05. The loss 
of power in the lab occured at 2:55. Do you see it yet? There's a 
10-minute gap between the power loss and the electrocution, a gap that 
may have been used by the real murderer! So, present Crime Photo 2 at 
Dahlia's last statement. Payne demands that the defense propose who the 
real murderer is. Let's look at this. Other than the victim and the 
defendant, only one person was at the scene during that 10-minute 
interval. It shouldn't be difficult. Present Dahlia's profile. SHE is 
the real murderer!

Phoenix will then jump in and demand that what Mia has just stated be 
struck from the record. The judge doesn't buy it and has the bailiff 
drag him back to his chair. Grossberg returns with the file he was 
looking for. It describes the incident in the courthouse. The victim, 
Defense Attorney Diego Armando (THIS NAME IS IMPORTANT!!!) was poisoned 
in the courthouse's cafeteria. The prime suspect of that incident was 
Dahlia Hawthorne. She was let free, however, because there wasn't any 
evidence that she had poisoned him. This report will be added to the 
court record. Mia then requests that Dahlia testify about how she met 
the defendant. Dahlia has no choice but to comply.

-I first met my darling Feenie eight months ago.

-It's like we were destined to meet in this very courthouse's basement 
reading room.

-The moment our eyes met, my heart skipped a beat!

-We've been going out ever since that fateful day.

Why would Dahlia have been down there? She doesn't seem to have any 
interest in the law. Press the statement about the reading room, then 
choose to "keep pressing." Dahlia will now revise her testimony.

-I had to come to this courthouse to do some research for a paper I was 

What a crock! Present the Police Report to counter this statement. 
Everyone will be shocked when they learn that Dahlia was the prime 
suspect in that case. Dahlia will testify further as to the incident.

-I met the lawyer who was poisoned to discuss something in the 
cafeteria that day.

-I left my seat for just a moment, and that's when it happened!

-From what I heard it was a liquid poison that is lethal at just two 

-Not only that, I heard it was a very special kind of poison.

-So you see, I'm innocent! I wouldn't even know where to get a poison 
like that!

That's a pretty blatant lie. Present Doug's profile. He was a 
pharmocology student, as well as Dahlia's ex-boyfriend. She had plenty 
of chances to steal any poison she liked! Dahlia, however, counters 
with the fact that the container used to carry the poison was never 
found. If you've been following along so far, you may know what 
happened to it. Present Phoenix's profile. Dahlia knew she would be 
searched, so she passed off the container of poison--as a gift--to 
someone totally unrelated to the incident: Phoenix Wright. Before Mia 
can drive her point home, Phoenix jumps up and objects! Phoenix is 
madly in love with her, so tell him that the reason that she's dating 
him is "because of that necklace." She wants it back. And why? Because 
it's a crucial piece of evidence! Phoenix won't hear anymore, so he 
attacks Mia and takes the pendant!

He's caught and grilled by the court, and under the pressure, confesses 
that he ate it. WHAT!?!? HE ATE IT!?!? Stop the trial, get the man to a 
hospital! Payne, however, points out that Phoenix is fine! There must 
have been no poison! Mia continues to persist, and that's when Phoenix 
tells the court that the reason the victim called him out was to warn 
him. Eight months ago, someone stole some chemicals from him and it had 
happened to him again the night before. Phoenix also saw Dahlia at the 
crime scene, but swore he would not divulge that piece of information. 
The defense comes to the conclusion that Dahlia was after another 
person's life, so present Phoenix's profile. Since he never gave up the 
pendant, she thought that this was the only way to get it back. Dahlia 
denies this, and states that the defense has no evidence that she 
poisoned anything. As Dahlia tries to leave, Mia stops her.

Mia bluffs that she does indeed have evidence to show. Since it's near 
the end of the trial, the judge will allow only one piece of evidence. 
Remember the bottle of Coldkiller X? It was stolen from Phoenix around 
lunchtime that day. Who had lunch with him? Dahlia Hawthorne. It's 
possible that she stole the bottle and poisoned it! It's all or 
nothing, so present the bottle of Coldkiller X. Dahlia states that 
that's preposterous, so Mia challenges her to take a pill. Dahlia 
instead gets infuriated and admits that she killed the victim to keep 
him quiet. Furthermore, she was the one who put the bottle in the 
victim's hand to both get rid of incriminating evidence, and to 
implicate the defendant. She's hauled off, and Payne loses his hair 
from shock. The judge's verdict? Not Guilty.

Mia promises to meet with Phoenix again, since he's also studying to be 
a lawyer.

POV switches to Phoenix. He states that this case brings up painful 
memories, cherished images, and thoughts that he never expected to rise 
to the surface again. But that is a story for another time. Save your 

Case 2: The Stolen Turnabout [TURNSTOL]


We start the investigation phase as Maya tells Phoenix that there's
going to be an exhibit at the department store, Lordly Tailor. It's not
just any old exhibit though. It's the "Treasures of Kurain" exhibit! So,
the announcement poster will be added to the court record. You'll
automatically move to Lordly Tailor's "Main Exhibition Hall". From 
there, move to the "Basement Warehouse".

It's Adrian Andrews! You'll know her quite well if you played the last
game. Talk to her about "Adrian Andrews" and "Lordly Tailor". It seems 
that she quit her job as a manager and headed over to Lordy Tailor as 
the organizer of special events, such as the "Treasures of Kurain" 
exhibit. Some of the items sent from Kurain Village are stored behind
that big door for safekeeping. As such, Phoenix and the gang can't go
in there. Next, examine the golden statue of Ami Fey and you'll learn 
that the golden statue came from one of the mountain training halls. 
The statue itself will be added to the court record. The statue is also 
holding a green sword, which Phoenix learns is the Shichishito, or
Seven-Branch Sword in Japanese. Phoenix and co. then head up to the 
12th floor to have dinner; Adrian already made the reservations.


Maya has some bad news for Phoenix. The Kurain Urn was stolen! And it 
wasn't just any old thief; it was the infamous phantom thief Mask*
DeMasque! And, it turns out that this was his fifth heist! But don't
move yet! Talk to Maya about "Sacred Urn." If the urn contains Mystic 
Ami's soul, shouldn't it read "AMI" instead of "I AM"?, Maya wonders. A
new topic called "Last year's incident" should open up for discussion.
You'd already know if you played the last game, but if you can't 
remember, then here's a refresher: when Phoenix was in Kurain Village 
investigating a murder, poor little Pearl accidentaly broke the urn, 
and made a mistake in spelling when she was trying to put it back 
together. The Sacred Urn will be added to the court record. Now move to 
the "Main Exhibition Hall".

Well, well, well! If it ain't our old pal Gumshoe! Talk to him about 
"What happened". He says some generic stuff that we already know, but he
also says that the urn was stolen around 1:30 AM that night from the 
Basement Warehouse. It was reported by the only guard at the time, who 
Gumshoe refers to as an "Ace Detective". Talk to him about this next, 
but it all boils down to Gumshoe being jealous of this "Ace Detective".
This detective is hot on Mask*DeMasque's trail, and he even managed to
return the last item stolen before the urn heist. He's down in the 
basement right now, but we'll get to that later. Now, talk to Gumshoe
about "Mask*DeMasque". It turns out that Mask*DeMasque is quite famous 
and is a master of disguise. He also only goes after the rarest art 
pieces (remember this statement!). Lordly Tailor also knew that Mask 
De*Masque was coming for the urn because he sent a "Calling card" to 
them. Talk about this now. It turns out that the police knew that it
came from Mask*DeMasque himself because it has his emblem on it. The
image of the emblem has been witheld from the public becasue it's the 
only way the police know if it's really the thief or not. The calling 
card in question will be added to the court record. Now move to the
"Basement Warehouse".

Zvarri! It's a guy who wears a magnifying glass as a monocle! He 
introduces himself as Luke Atmey, "Ace Detective". Talk to Atmey about
this. Atmey seems suprised that Phoenix doesn't know who he is. It turns
out that Atmey is Mask*DeMasque's arch-nemesis. He also spouts a lot of
nonsensical sentences. He also got a reward for thwarting Mask*
DeMasque's last crime, but he says that it was nothing. Talk to him now
about "Mask*DeMasque". It turns out that Atmey was the guard, since he
and DeMasque were duking it out, but Phoenix assumes that DeMasque 
instead outwitted the good detective and made off with a nice little
souvenier. Atmey claims that he let DeMasque get away and Phoenix 
decides to probe a little deeper. Talk to Atmey about "The night of the
crime". 20 days ago, Atmey was hired by Lordly Tailor, specifically 
Adrian. 10 days later, they recieved Mask*DeMasque's calling card. 
Because of that, Atmey decided to lay a trap for the thief: a camera.
Atmey also decided to take no chances and waited at the scene himself.
It was all for naught, however, because no one came through the door at 
all! Yet the urn was still stolen! That's impossible!

Present the calling card. Atmey is impressed that you managed to get a
piece of restricted information. Atmey will now allow Phoenix & co. to
examine the warehouse, and he'll leave to look for other clues. We'll
find him later at the "Atmey Detective Agency". Examine the green thing 
on the ground. It turns out that this is the Shichishito. It's oddly 
bent, as though it were used to hit something. This time, it will be 
added to the court record. Head on over to the other side of the room,
and examine the statue. Wasn't it right by the door when Phoenix saw it
last? Now the statue has been moved! The statue will be updated in the
court record. Examine the computer next. Phoenix will print out the
data, and will discover that the camera took one photo that night. The
camera data will be added to the court record. Return to the "Main 
Exhibition Hall".

Gumshoe will call, saying that he caught Mask*DeMasque! Well, more like 
DeMasque surrendered. Head to the "Detention Center".

Wait. THIS guy is Mask*DeMasque!?!? That came out of nowhere! He 
introduces himself as Ron DeLite. Talk to him about "Mask*DeMasque". He
claims that he is Mask*DeMasque, and he has a favor to ask of you. But,
for now, talk about "Sacred Urn". Ron claims that he can't give it back,
as he seems to have LOST IT! Talk to him about "Lost it?". Yes, he just 
lost it somewhere, and he can't remember where he lost it. Now talk 
about "Dessie". "Dessie" is short for "Desiree", and just so happens to 
be Ron's WIFE. Why she married a meek little guy is beyond me. He wants 
you to talk to her at his "hideout", well, actually, his apartment 
building. Head to "DeMasque's Hideout".

If you ask me, Ron's "hideout" is more like a fanboy's paradise than 
anything else. And who better to show up than Desiree DeLite. She's
quite gorgeous. Anyways, talk to her about "Ron DeLite". Desiree states 
that Ron has quite the imagination, and because of that, he tends to get
deluded. It's quite possible that she doesn't know about her husband's 
secret identity. Now talk about "Desiree DeLite". She prefers to have 
plenty of action in her life. She also mentions that Ron has tons of 
money, and he gets the green from his job as a security guard. Wait. A 
security guard? That's interesting. Talk to her about "The night of the 
crime". She was being chased by a police officer for speeding, and she
liked it. Looks like she already has an alibi. When she got home, Ron 
was sleeping. That means Ron basically has no alibi.

Now present Mask*DeMasque's profile. She states that Ron has deluded 
himself into thinking that he's Mask*DeMasque! Uhhhh... Come again? 
Talk to her about "Delusions". It turns out that Ron is so timid, he 
looks up to hero figures a lot more than he should. She then hands 
Phoenix a letter to give to Ron. Desiree's Letter will be added to the 
court record. Now head back to the "Detention Center" and present the 
letter you just got to Ron. He'll take it and read it. Does he HAVE to
read it in front of us? In the letter, Desiree urges Ron to have Phoenix
be his defense attorney. Choose to "Take his case". Pearl will get upset
and run back to the "Wright & Co. Law Offices". Follow her there.

Pearl will run off to clean the toilet (odd, considering that Phoenix 
already cleaned it...). Talk to Maya about "Pearl". Phoenix first met 
Pearl during the murder case in Kurain Village, and seems to have gotten
the wrong idea about he and Maya, considering that she calls Maya 
Phoenix's "special someone". Maya says that its because its sort of a 
custom in the village. Talk about "Kurain Village Custom". There are 
hardly any men in the village, because only the women of the Fey family 
can inherit the spiritual powers. A while after they marry a Fey woman, 
they start to feel left out, and decide to leave. Pearl's father left 
the village when she was very young, and she grew up only seeing unhappy
marriages all around her. Poor girl. Talk about "Maya" now. Maya is 
Pearl's only cousin, and because of the murder case last year, is now 
her only family. See, Pearl's mother, Morgan, tried to frame Maya for
murder, and was deemed guilty of conspiracy. She's now serving her 
sentence in prison. It's the same for Maya; her mother's missing. 

Talk about "Maya's mother". If you'll remember from the first game, 
Maya's mother, Misty, the current Master of the Kurain Channeling 
Technique, channeled the spirit of a murder victim, which laid charges 
against one man. That man, however, was declared innocent. People 
started to call her a fraud, and, in shame, left the village and dropped
off the face of the earth. If Misty doesn't return to the village in 
3 years' time, she'll be declared dead, and Maya, her only daughter, 
will inherit the title of "Master". Pearl returns and admits that she 
was acting like a baby. She then heads out to collect some evidence on 
her own. There's nothing more to do here, so head out to the "Main 
Exhibition Hall".

Adrian is here, and she is EXTREMELY distraught over the loss of the 
urn. Talk to Adrian about "DeMasque's calling card". She'll confirm the 
info Atmey gave you: she hired Atmey 20 days ago, and 10 days ago, they 
got the card. She'll reveal a little more by saying that Atmey urged 
Adrian not to call the police. Huh. That's strange. Lordly Tailor's 
security is top-notch, probably their way of saying "Bring it on!" Well,
looks like DeMasque showed them that he was a top-tier thief, and that 
they couldn't possibly outwit him. Now talk about "The security". Adrian
states that the urn's value after appraisal was pretty much zero. What a
waste! She even polished it to make it look more valuable (Remember 
this!)! Anyways, Atmey was in charge of all the security arrangements. 
However, five days ago, she began receiving tons of stuff from Kurain 
and the associated temples. None of the people carting the items in 
could have been DeMasque, because Adrian checked them herself. I don't 
think we'll be getting anything else out of her, so let's check if Atmey
is in his office yet.

That monocled freak is indeed here, so let's have a chat with him. Talk 
to him about "The night of the crime". Atmey states that this was his 
fifth run-in with his arch-nemesis, and that he won't allow anyone else 
to interfere with his pursit of the thief. In fact, Atmey first 
encountered him when he stole the "Tear of Emanon". But with Atmey's 
trap set up with Lordly Tailor's assistance, how did DeMasque get in?
What was his modus operandi (M.O.)? Talk to Atmey about the "Sacred Urn"
next. Atmey's only interested in one thing and that's Mask*DeMasque. The
item that was stolen was merely the lure to reel him in. Seems like he 
doesn't know about the urn's true value. Talk about "DeMasque's M.O.".
How did Atmey miss Mask*DeMasque stealing the urn when he was the only 
one on guard that night? The background will fade out, tons of chains 
appear, and a red lock will show up as well. If this sounds familiar, 
then it can only be one thing: a Psyche-Lock! Talk about "Psyche-Lock" 
now if you want to. Phoenix will explain to Maya what a Psyche-Lock is,
and she'll be astounded that the Magatama can do that! Anyways, we 
already have all the evidence we need, so let's get cracking!

Phoenix states that there's no way Atmey could have missed DeMasque. 
Atmey says that he was guarding the warehouse, but no one came through 
the door at all. Show Atmey the Camera Data to prove that someone indeed
emerged though the door; it went off once that night, remember? Atmey 
did see someone that night! The question is, why is he trying to hide 
it? Maybe he was "unconcious"! Atmey will shrug off your suggestion and 
will tell you to prove it. Present the Shichishito; it's been bent, as 
if it's been used to hit someone on the head! Unlock successful!

Talk to Atmey about "DeMasque's M.O." now. He'll confirm your theory by 
saying that DeMasque hit him over the head with the sword. Atmey never 
saw him coming, and suggests that maybe he came in elsewhere. The 
Shichishito will be updated in the court record. Atmey never saw the 
thief! It may not be DeMasque after all! Atmey says that it could have 
only been Mask*DeMasque. He has the photo proving it! The Security 
Camera Photo will be added to the court record.  Atmey states that 
DeMasque had a good reason for stealing it, after all. Talk to Atmey 
about "DeMasque's reason". Atmey states that there should be a green 
envelope in his room. He wants you to go and get it. We've already 
accomplished what we came here to do, so let's go back to the hideout.

The envelope should be on the table in the corner. Examine it, and 
Phoenix will learn that it's a blackmail letter! It's ordering Ron to 
pay $50,000, or else his identity will be exposed! The Blackmail Letter
will now be added to the court record. Someone rings the doorbell, and 
it turns out to be none other than... LARRY BUTZ!!! That's right, ladies
and gentlemen, the Butz has returned to cause more trouble. Talk to him 
about "Larry Butz". It seems that over the last two years, he chased one
of his many girlfriends to Tibet, where he met another pretty girl. That
girl chose Hollywood over him, and as a result, he's lost his trust in 
women. He's got yet another part-time job, this time as a security 
guard. Now ask about "Why you came here". It turns out he found Ron's 
wallet, and it's added to the court record. He's come to return it, or 
so he says. I suspect that he's actually here for Desiree. Now ask about
the "Wallet". He found the wallet at his part-time job. Larry also adds
that Ron works there. He even produces a key card from Ron's wallet. The
card belongs to the security company; specifically, it allows access to 
the CEO's office. The Key Card will now be entered into the court 
record. Present the Key Card back to Larry. He says that there's a 
record of that card's usage, but he can't provide those records. The Key
Card will be updated in the court record. Now present the Blackmail 
Letter. Larry will be initialy dumbfounded, but when he realizes that 
the note is for Ron, he'll state that the name of the company they work 
for is called "KB Security". Talk to him about that.

Larry states that KB Security is about 30 minutes by car from the 
apartment, and, by extension, Lordly Tailor. If Ron was at KB Security 
the night of the crime, there's no way he'd be at Lordly Tailor stealing
the urn! Pearl calls Phoenix's phone and says that she's lost. She tried
to go to Lordly Tailor, but ended up at Atmey's office. Why don't we 
head over there and pick her up?

Well, Pearl is here, but there's also a duffel bag on the table. Examine
it. Just as Phoenix is about to take a hard and smooth object out, Atmey
shows up and Phoenix is caught red-handed. Well, now that he's here, 
let's take the opportunity to talk with him. Talk with him about 
"Tomorrow's trial". He'll be testifying tomorrow, and he's sworn to take
down Phoenix & co. as DeMasque's co-conspirators! Is this guy insane or 
what? He'll also state that the prosecutor for the case will be "Godot".
Talk to him about that next. Apparently, Godot is so good that even 
Edgeworth speaks highly of him! That must be one talented man! Now talk 
about "DeMasque's identity". He's certain that Ron is DeMasque! 
Apparently, he hasn't been to KB Security yet. This ends the 
investigation, and the stage is set for one exciting trial! Save your 


Ron is still insisting upon his guilt. But the fact that he doesn't have
the urn casts a lot of suspicion on his confession. You now also have 
the Mask*DeMasque Publicity Photo added to the court record. Time to 
make a difference.

At last we meet Godot. He drinks a lot of coffee, and wears a wierd mask
that covers his eyes. In fact, this is his first trial. Huh? Isn't he 
undefeated? "I've never lost. I've never won before either," he says. 
Man, he is one cool customer. He also purposefully mispronounces 
Phoenix's last name as "Trite", and claims that he's returned from Hell 
to do battle with him in court. He also doesn't give out an opening 
statement and goes straight to the first witness: Detective Dick 
Gumshoe. Poor Gumshoe doesn't even get to state his name and profession!
Godot forces him to go into his testimony.

-Mask*DeMasque is a master thief that first started his crime spree 6 
months ago.

-He's so confident that he sends his calling card before he even commits
the crime!

-This was his fifth heist, and as usual, he sent a card on to Lordly 

-His pattern is to always go after only the most precious art pieces.

-That's why we're sure it's Mask*DeMasque, sir. It fits his M.O. to a T!

Wait a minute! Didn't Adrian tell us that the urn's estimated value 
after appraisal was close to zero? That means that DeMasque couldn't 
have gone after it, as it wouldn't fetch a lot of money! Counter 
Gumshoe's fourth statement, the one about precious art pieces, with the 
Sacred Urn. Godot states that if Mask*DeMasque did not steal the urn, 
then the thief must be a fake. The judge asks the defense for proof that
it was a fake that stole the urn. Compare the publicity photo with the 
camera photo. What's missing? The broach. The DeMasque in the publicity
photo is wearing it, but the DeMasque in the camera photo is not! 
Present the Security Camera Photo, and when the judge asks for 
clarification, point to the chest/neck area. Godot counters, however, by
presenting the broach in question. Godot found it at the crime scene, 
behind Ami Fey's statue. Godot also says that Ron's fingerprints are all
over it. *gulp* The judge notices that the broach was torn off of some
clothing; there's still a little piece of cloth left on the back. 
DeMasque's Broach will now be added to the court record. Godot takes the
chance to call his next witness: Luke Atmey, the Ace Detective. He'll be
testifying about the night of the crime.

-It was appoximately 1 o'clock in the morning... just after the date 

-That's when my nemesis, the infamous Mask*DeMasque, dancingly decended
upon me!

-Just as I began to turn, the coward struck a fierce blow upon my noble

-Darkness swallowed me before I could land a single strike. When I 
awoke, he was gone.

-Thirty minutes later, I used an emergency phone to notify the police!

Hold up. Didn't DeMasque's broach get torn off during a furious round of 
fisticuffs? Present DeMasque's Broach to Atmey's statement that he was 
rendered unconcious before he could do battle. Atmey claims that he 
confused this case with another one, and will testify again.

-Indeed, it's true that I looked away from the door for a brief moment.

-However... Luke Atmey cannot be so easily discombobulated!

-Unfortunately, the thief grabbed a weapon from the side and... rendered
me senseless.

-A true gentleman fights only with his own fists... But they were not 

-His first blow struck true! Bam! ...And that's all she wrote.

Unfortunately, the contradiction isn't here right now, so all we can do 
is press. Begin by pressing Atmey's fifth statement. Ask about the 
"Atmey Fighting Style" when given the chance. Basically, all one has to 
do is put their backs to the wall. That way, they can't get hit from 
behind. When the judge asks about this statement, bluff and say that "It
was very important". The following will then be added to the testimony:

-I put my back to the wall to fight, but the thief's blow landed upon my
third eye.

Counter this new statement with the Shichishito; Atmey said yesterday 
that he was struck from behind with it. There's no way he had his back 
to the wall! Phoenix also states that the fact that Atmey hid the card 
from the police was very strange. It seems as if maybe he was afraid 
they'd stage a stakeout! When the judge asks the defense what they're 
up to, declare that "Mr. Atmey is Mask*DeMasque!" Yup, you heard me! 
Everything seems to fit. Atmey was concealing his presence at the crime
scenes and waited for the moment to strike! There was no need to rig the
camera, because he wanted it to go off! At that moment, Godot throws 
his coffee straight at Phoenix's head! There's no proof that Atmey stole
the urn! The box may have been empty! When the judge asks you for your 
proof, tell him the sad truth that the proof "has yet to be found!" 
That's when Desiree shows up with the duffel bag from Atmey's office. 
Lo and behold, it's the Sacred Urn! It's immediately updated in the 
court record. 

Godot counters, however, stating that she could be lying about her 
"find" in Atmey's office. Even Atmey's fingerprints on the urn wouldn't 
be enough, since he was guarding it! But wait! Didn't Phoenix touch it 
in Atmey's office yesterday? Propose to "Show fingerprints on the urn". 
When the judge asks for whose, present Phoenix's own profile. If his 
fingerprints are on it, then it's the same object that was found in 
Atmey's office! Plus, since Adrian polished the urn earlier, only his 
fingerprints would be on it! Atmey breaks down and confesses. But before
the judge can announce the verdict, Ron charges the stand and 
confesses to his guilt! Godot will allow him to testify.

-The truth is, I've been Mask*DeMasque all along!

-I mean, you can't prove that I'm not actually Mask*DeMasque, can you?

-I don't have an alibi for the night the urn was stolen, after all!

-I donned my costume that night and dancingly descended upon the scene 
of the crime!

-Look! You can see right there in the photo! That's me!

-As for my broach, I snagged it on the door handle, and it got torn off,
that's all!

Doesn't have an alibi, huh? Well, we'll just see about that. Present the
Card Key against Ron's third statement, the one about having no alibi.
He was at KB Security that night, remember? Godot will ask for proof 
that Ron was there that night. So, present the Blackmail Letter. He was 
supposed to go there that night in response to the letter, remember? 
Godot will now ask for a witness, so present Larry's profile. He was 
there that night at KB, so he would know who came and went that night.

After a short while, Godot states that the CEO of KB Security is named
Kane Bullard. No one could contact him at all, but they did confirm that
the key card was used at 1 AM that night. *sniffs* Ahhhh. Smells like an 
airtight alibi to me. The Key Card is updated in the court record. And 
so, the judge pronounces Ron DeLite Not Guilty of larceny.

As everyone (but Ron) celebrates in the lobby, Godot shows up to inform 
them that Kane Bullard was murdered. The estimated time of death was 
1:00 AM on October 12th. The only person that could have met with him at
the estimated time of death was... Ron DeLite! Uh-oh! Now Ron's under 
arrest again, this time for murder! And it's all Phoenix's fault! Save 
your game.


Back in the office, Pearl will take the Sacred Urn back to Kurain to get
it examined; there's a chance that it's not the real urn. Talk about the
"Sacred Urn". Maya and Phoenix discuss the possibility of the urn being 
a forgery. Talk about "Kurain Village" next. Since Maya hasn't been 
training for a while, she's been thinking of going to a dojo to do just 
that. Looks like she's still a little shaken up from that murder case a 
year ago. When a spirit is summoned, the medium's soul disappears while 
the spirit controls the body for the duration of the channeling. If the 
spirit goes out of control, it could have serious consequences. Well, 
that's enough reminicing for a while, so let's hear what Desiree has to 
say about the murder; she's at the hideout.

Desiree swears that Ron's not a killer, and Phoenix swears that he'll 
clear up this entire mess. Talk about "Ron DeLite". Desiree states that 
she doesn't keep any secrets from Ron and vice-versa. Apparently, for 
Desiree, it was love at first sight. Talk about "Love at first sight?".
Desiree states that the reason she fell in love was because Ron saved 
her life. See, she was at work, when a robbery occured. She tried to 
fight back, so the robbers took her hostage. That's when one of the 
security guards, namely, Ron, flew into a frenzy, and subdued them. 
After that, they started to see each other until they decided to tie the
knot. Now, talk about "Detective Atmey". It turns out that Desiree hates
cowards more than anything. She went to Atmey's office to try to get 
some answers. His secretary tried to stop her, but she managed to get in
and saw the duffel bag. The rest is history. Now, talk about "KB 
Security". Desiree knows all about KB since Ron works there. But what 
did Godot say? He WAS one of the top security guards for the company. 
She'll give you directions to KB now, so take advantage of her 
generosity and head for the "CEO's Office".

Here we are. The scene of the crime. Turns out that Gumshoe is here too.
He's just as angry at Godot as we are; he was in the dark about the 
murder as well. Talk to him about "What happened". Bullard's corpse was 
discovered at 9:00 in the morning. The cause of death was blunt force 
trauma to the head (he was hit with a blunt object). Kane's Autopsy 
Repot will be added to the court record. When Maya asks why it took them
an entire day to find the body, Gumshoe responds by stating that Bullard
was locked away inside his own safe. He was discovered by chance when 
someone opened the safe. But we still need more info about Bullard, so 
present Bullard's profile. For some reason Gumshoe's been blabbering 
like an idiot, so now's our chance! Talk about "The victim". KB 
basically sends out teams of security guards to other buildings to 
protect them. Bullard managed to get a lot of info doing this. Seems he 
was a bit of a moneygrubber as well. He did some shady buisness in order
to build his empire, though. KB also used to head security operations 
for the Mask*DeMasque heists, but because he always got away, the 
company's reputation took a nosedive. Now talk about "Detective Atmey".

Gumshoe's glad that Atmey finally got what he deserved in regards to the
crime. Atmey was always around whenever a calling card showed up. And 
why? Because he was scoping out his next heist! But Gumshoe is still 
stumped about the first heist, when the Tear of Emanon was stolen. There
was a witness for that heist, and Gumshoe managed to save the news story
detailing it. Maya recognizes the guard in the photo. Could that guard 
be Ron? The Newspaper Clipping will be added to the court record. Now 
talk about "Prosecutor Godot". Gumshoe says that Godot is a literal 
enigma. His entire background is shrouded in mystery, and no one can 
figure out what he did before becoming a prosecutor. There's also no 
chance that Godot is an amateur; he's just too skilled. Time to take a 
look around. Examine that big button on the wall. Gumshoe says that its 
an emergency buzzer, which is used to summon security when needed. 
There's no way the buzzer was used, at least by the victim; there's no 
fingerprints on it. The CEO Office Buzzer will be added to the court 
record. Now, let's look at the binder. It's all about the DeMasque 
heists! Seems that Bullard was obsessed with the guy. Kane's List will 
be added to the court record. Next, examine the safe. Gumshoe says that 
there's only one person who knows how to open the safe that's related to
the case: Head of Security Ron DeLite. We're all done here, so let's go 
to the "Security Room".

Uh-oh. It's Larry. Larry's got some good info, but he won't give it to 
Phoenix. Time to pry it out of him. Talk about "Good info". Ron was once
an employee, and Larry figured he'd take a look into his background. 
Turns out that Ron was fired a year ago for some unknown reason. There 
was no report about the incident either. Now talk about "Security 
guard". Larry states that his job is tough. For example, he has to watch
those monitors all the time. When something suspicious happens, he has 
to call security for backup. Now talk about "The night of the crime".
When Phoenix asks if Larry was at his post during the night of the 
crime, wouldn't you know it, it's a Psyche-Lock. Time to crack him open.

Phoenix asks if Larry was working hard on the job during the night of 
the crime, like a good little employee should. Larry stutters that he 
was indeed working hard that night. Phoenix remembers that Larry snuck 
out of work yesterday to see Desiree, so there's a good chance that he 
snuck out that night too. When Larry asks for proof that he snuck out 
that night, present Ron's Wallet. Larry found it on the first floor of 
Ron's apartment building that night, remember? There goes one lock! 
Larry states that his shift started at 10 PM that night, so the murderer
could have snuck in before then. Present the Key Card to show him the 
error of his ways; it was used at 1 AM that night, as we just learned 
during the trial earlier today. Unlock sucessful!

Now talk about "The night of the crime". Larry says that it's his fault 
that Bullard was killed. It turns out that Larry left to see his 
girlfriend, Donna, and immediately got floored by her hulk of a "new" 
boyfriend. Larry swears that he'll do whatever it takes to make up for 
his mistake. Take advantage by presenting him the CEO Office Buzzer, 
then talk about the "Emergency buzzer" It, like the key card, should 
have a record of usage. Larry does some work on the computer and 
discovers that it was used once that night, at around 1 AM, the time of
the murder! Apparently, whoever pressed it was wearing gloves. If 
that's the case, who pressed the buzzer that night? The Buzzer Record 
will be added to the court record. We've milked Larry for all he's 
worth, so head for the Basement Warehouse.

As expected, Adrian's here, and she's still in quite a state. Good thing
that the Urn has been recovered. She looks quite happy now. Talk about 
"DeMasque's identity". Adrian's already heard the news about Atmey. Not
much else, though, just info that we already know. Talk about "The night
of the crime". Turns out that Adrian didn't know about the murder and 
the man that's being suspected for doing the deed. Also, Adrian didn't 
see Atmey the entire time that night. Finally, talk about the "Sacred 
Urn". When Maya asks about why the urn seems a little different than 
before, Adrain throws up a Psyche-Lock. We don't have our evidence yet,
so let's see what Ron has to say.

This time, Ron will tell Phoenix the truth, every little bit of it, so 
let's get started, shall we? Talk about "Mask*DeMasque". Ron's still 
insisting that he's DeMasque, but he did not steal the urn. So it WAS 
Detective Atmey in the photo after all! Now talk about "The night of the
crime". Ron made his way to the CEO's office to confront Bullard. When 
no one told him to enter, Ron used his key card to unlock the door. When
he entered, someone else was inside; they immediately knocked Ron out 
and presumably fled. Ron then saw the CEO's corpse and shoved it into 
the safe. Ron fled the building undetected; due to his history with the 
company, he knew all about the security cameras. Now talk about "Why you
were fired". Ron begs Phoenix and Maya not to tell Desiree that he was 
fired; she has no idea, after all. He fears that she may leave him if 
she found out that he was a criminal. He became a thief in the first 
place because of Desiree's spending habits; there was no other job that 
could rake in enough money. Now present the Newspaper Clipping. Ron 
almost got caught; to avoid being arrested, he hid his costume inside a 
trash can, and changed into his uniform. The man in the photo IS Ron! 
The Newspaper Clipping will be updated in the court record. Atmey found 
the costume right away. That's why he was dressed like that during the 
heist. After the first heist, Ron began recieving blackmail letters. Now
talk about "Blackmail letter". The blackmail letter we currently have 
was the first one that told him to go to a specific location.

The first letter threatened to reveal his identity if he didn't do as 
the blackmailer said. Ron had no choice but to give the blackmailer the 
Tear of Emanon. After putting it in the specified deposit box, he 
recieved $10,000 from a mysterious benefactor. After that, Ron started 
getting heist plans in the mail. Talk about "Heist plans" now. The plans
were quite detailed; they told him what to steal, how to avoid being 
caught, and where to deposit the treasure. In compensation, he kept 
getting vast amounts of money. Ron's Testimony will now be added to the 
court record. Pearl will return with the urn. She had it run though some
tests, and they confirmed that it was authentic. But that still doesn't 
explain its current appearence. The urn will be re-filed into the court 
record. Now, let's head back to the warehouse.

Adrian's still here, but we're not quite ready to pick her locks yet. 
Examine the box. The paint on the box is the same paint that's currently
on the urn! The Urn Box will be added to the court record. Now examine 
the paint stain near the door. The imprint on the floor matches the 
shape of the box. The Paint Marks will be added to the court record. NOW
we can break that Psyche-Lock of Adrian's.

Phoenix asks Adrian if she knows anything about the Sacred Urn. She's in
charge of the Treasure Exhibit, after all. Phoenix states that the urn 
that was found was not the same urn they know. Adrian hypothesises that 
it's probably a forgery, so present the urn itself; Pearl just finished 
telling us that it was proven to be authentic. The urn was broken a year
ago, and Phoenix hypothesises that it was broken again, this time fairly
recently. When Adrian asks for proof that it was broken recently, 
present the Treasure Exhibit Poster; the lettering on the urn in the 
poster reads "I AM", but the lettering on the current urn reads "AMI". 
It's irrefutable proof that the urn was broken recently! There goes one 
lock! Adrian now places the blame on one of the people at the photo 
shoot, since she wasn't there. She even asks for proof that it was 
broken at Lordly Tailor, so present the Urn Box; the paint on the box is
the same as the paint on the urn. The box was dropped when the urn was 
inside, right here in the basement warehouse. To back it up, present the
Paint Marks; the shape in the stain is the same as the shape on the 
bottom of the box! Unlock sucessful!

Now talk about the "Sacred Urn". Adrian admits that she broke the urn 2 
weeks ago. After the photo shoot, Adrian was taking it down to the 
warehouse for safe-keeping. While making her way to the door, she 
tripped, dropping the box and knocking over the paint. Fearing the 
worst, Adrian opened the box and the shattered pieces of the urn fell 
into the mess of paint. Adrian then went to work reparing the urn, since
it's the most important treasure in all of Kurain Village. Fortunately, 
Adrian had the sense not to misspell Ami's name again. No one saw the 
urn again since she put it back together. The Sacred Urn will be updated
in the court record. Adrian says that she used Ami's statue to cover the
paint stain. 

Talk about the "Ami Fey statue" now. The statue arrived on the day of 
the crime around noon. That's when Adrian realized that it was the 
perfect size to cover her tracks. It stayed that way until the night of 
the heist, when someone moved it. The question is, who moved it? Ami 
Fey's Golden Statue will be updated in the court record. That's it for 
the investigation. Tomorrow, it'll be do or die time for Ron. Let's hope
that he's telling the truth... for his sake. Save your game.


There's a lot of buzz going on for Atmey's trial next door. Phoenix 
states that today's trial will be a race against the clock. If they 
don't hurry, the real murderer will get away. Time to do this.

Godot will spout nonsense while the judge summarizes the case. Godot 
declares that once he finishes his 17th cup of coffee, the trial will be
over, and the verdict will be given. So, Godot wastes no time in calling
Ron as his first witness. Ron will testify about why he went to KB that 

-That evening, around 1 AM, I went to see Mr. Bullard in his office at 
KB Security.

-The blackmail letter I got... It ordered me to go there.

-I'd been working for KB Security until a year ago, so I knew where his 
office was.

Start by pressing the statement about the blackmail letter. "Press 
harder" when given the chance. Ron never intended to pay the cash in 
question, since Bullard had nothing on him. The judge will now tell Ron
to revise his testimony to add this statement:

-The blackmail threat didn't scare me. It wasn't going to cause me 
trouble or anything.

Now press the statement about working at KB. Ask him "Why he was fired".
Ron will admit that he was fired for selling company secrets. Ron will 
now add the following to his testimony:

-He fired me for selling company secrets... but Dessie doesn't know 
about that.

Now press the statement about how the blackmail didn't scare him. Ron 
was certain that it was about the whole Mask*DeMasque thing, but Godot 
doesn't buy that. He says it may have been because of the whole firing 
thing. Ron says that that was over with once he was fired. Could he have
a problem, even 1 year later? "Yes, he would." Godot will ask why Ron 
would want this incident under wraps, so present Desiree's profile; if 
she had found out, Ron's worst fears would have become reality.

Unfortunately, this only helps Godot's case; he's got a motive now. Ron 
will now testify about what happened that night.

-When I entered the office, there was a suspicious shadow there...

-Suddenly, I was hit on the forehead. After that, I remember being a bit

-If I hadn't been wearing that, I would have been killed!

-When I came to... Mr. Bullard was lying there... dead!

Start by pressing Ron's statement about wearing "that". "That" turns out
to be his Mask*DeMasque costume! That statement will be replaced by the 

-I'd have been killed if I hadn't been wearing my Mask*DeMasque costume!

Press this statement. "Press harder" when given the chance. Ron hid 
Bullard in the safe, but his cape got stuck in the door. It took him a 
while to open it and take his cape back out. The following will now be 
added to the testimony:

-I panicked and hid the body in the safe. It took about 10 minutes.

WaitwaitwaitwaitWAIT! Shouldn't the buzzer have been sounding during 
those 10 minutes? He should have noticed it, right? Present the CEO 
Office Buzzer against this statement. The only way for him not to have 
noticed it going off, was if he was unconcious. Also, take into 
consideration that Larry, the guard at the time, was gone. Ron couldn't 
have known that there was no one on their way! Unless Ron hit the buzzer
while he was unconcious, that means that there was another person there,
just as Ron testified! That mysterious third party was the one to press 
the buzzer! Godot counters by saying that Kane Bullard hit the buzzer. 
Can Phoenix prove it? "I can prove it alright." Now, present the buzzer 
in question; it has no fingerprints on it, remember?

Now the question becomes, "why would the killer have sounded the 
buzzer?" The answer is "To call the security guard." They probably 
WANTED security to come! If Larry was there and heard the buzzer, he 
would have arrested Ron right away for the murder! Now, who is the real 
killer? Present Atmey's profile; he discovered Mask*DeMasque's discarded
costume, so he would know that Ron was REALLY Mask*DeMasque! That's why 
Atmey confessed; being convicted of grand larceny would give him an 
alibi. The judge calls a recess while Phoenix heads over to the other 

Now THAT's the Payne we all know and love (to hate). Another judge is 
about to announce the verdict when Phoenix barges in and accuses Atmey 
of murder! Things are REALLY starting to heat up! Save your game.


Maya raises a good question: why would Atmey want Bullard dead? What's 
his motive? That question will be answered during the trial. Time for 
the final showdown!

The judge orders Atmey to the stand. He'll testify about the night of 
the murder.

-I was stealing the urn as Mask*DeMasque, just as I announced I would...

-I had more than enough time to prepare. It was a pathetically easy job.

-A photograph contains no words... But in this case, one turned out to 
be my witness.

-The time at which the camera captured Mask*DeMasque was the same time 
as the murder!

Press the statement about the crime and the murder at the same time. 
Godot says that there's no way the time stamp was rigged, since Lordly 
Tailor owned the camera, and they also printed the picture. Now press 
the first two statements. On the first statement, "give it up"; there's 
no way Atmey had an accomplice. After the second statement, Maya will 
say that if Atmey stole the urn while he was on watch, his "Ace" status 
would have been null and void. Now, press the statement about the 
picture being a witness. Atmey says that the photo is the proof that he 
stole the urn. That's odd. It's as though he had it taken on purpose! 
Now think about it. Isn't there something odd about the photo? "You bet 
there is."

Point to the paint marks on the floor. There's something missing in the 
photo that should be there, covering up the paint. If you've been 
following along, you should know what it is. Present Ami Fey's Golden 
Statue. Who moved the statue? Present Atmey's profile. There's no one 
else it could have been. Why did he move it? It's in the photo. If the 
statue had been there that night all along, he would've been exposed. 
Now, point to the timestamp. There's no date on it! That's right, the 
photo was taken a couple of days before he murdered Bullard!

Godot will counter by asking Atmey what his strategy entailed. The 
answer will come in the form of a testimony.

-I first recieved the request from Lordly Tailor about 20 days ago.

-The urn was placed in a box, and Zvarri! It was then sent to the 

-Hence, I was unable to see the urn for myself until the day of the 

-I knew it was an extremely valuable treasure, so I sent my card 10 days

-I then handled security myself to ensure that my crime would go 

-At last, I held the urn in my hands for the first time at 1 AM on 
October 12th.

This one is a little tricky. Take a look at the calling card. It says 
"Take good care of the speckled urn, won't you...?" Now, how would Atmey
have known that the urn had paint on it, unless he already saw it before
the night of the crime? Present the Calling Card against Atmey's sixth 
statement, the one about first holding it on the night of the crime. 
This means that Atmey's alibi no longer stands up!

Godot counters by saying that Atmey has no motive. Atmey will testify 
about Ron's motive.

-I, Luke Atmey, had no points of contact with the victim whatsoever.

-Kane Bullard decided to investigate Mask*DeMasque and simply mistook 
who he was!

-It was Mr. Bullard who wrote the blackmail letter and sent it to Ron

-And it was again Mr. Bullard who harbored a grudge against Mr. DeLite 
for his betrayal!

-Mr. Bullard's mistake is quite excusable. The defendant truly believes 
he is Mask*DeMasque!

-That is why Mr. DeLite saw it fit to kill Kane Bullard. Truly a 

Before cross-examination, Godot states that a handwriting analysis 
confirmed that Bullard wrote the blackmail letter. It will be updated in
the court record. Now, let's tear Atmey's testimony apart!

This testimony is as tricky as the last one, so this time, take a look 
at the letter itself. It has the following phrase: "If you don't, I'll 
take that red diamond you recieved the other day instead." As far as we 
know, Ron never stole a red diamond. A blue diamond yes, a red one, no. 
Could Bullard be referring to the diamond that Atmey's wearing right 
now? If so, Bullard was blackmailing Atmey, not Ron! Present the 
Blackmail Letter to counter Atmey's statement that Bullard sent the note
to Ron. Now, show off the Newspaper Clipping to prove your point. Now 
present Atmey's profile to show who Bullard was blackmailing.

Now, Godot asks what the "identity" in the letter refers to, if it was 
sent to Atmey. This is simple. Remember what Ron told us yesterday: he 
was blackmailed into commiting those crimes. So it might have been 
Atmey's identity as "a blackmailer"!

Godot counters by asking how Atmey knew Ron was the thief. Present the 
Newspaper Clipping; Ron said he hid his suit in a trash can, remember?
Atmey babbles like a madman, and the judge thinks that everything's been
tied up quite nicely. That's when Godot objects. There's no proof that 
Atmey killed Kane Bullard! And now, we "can't prove it." And, thanks to 
the court rule of Double Jeopardy, once Atmey goes back to his original 
trial, he can't be charged with the murder again! Atmey says that Ron is
the murderer as he heads back to his trial, and that's when a familiar 
voice shouts "Objection!" That's right! Maya has just channeled Mia! And
the most suprised of the bunch seems to be Godot. Now, why is that? 
Anyways, Mia states the comments Atmey just made qualify as testimony, 
and, as such, the defense has the right to cross-examine him again.
Godot agrees, and so Atmey will testify one more time.

-Indeed, it is true that I was not at Lordly Tailor.

-I had to leave to see about another vitally important job request.

-I had known about the date beforehand, so I had this photograph 

-My brilliant deduction was what informed me that the true culprit was 
Ron DeLite.

-And thanks to the Key Card and Wallet, it was abundantly clear that he 
was there.

-I was also able to make a deduction from the buzzer, which only sounded

-The button did not have any fingerprints on it... Why?

-The victim would have left prints if he sounded it. Which means the 
killer sounded it.

-Mr. DeLite was wearing his Mask*DeMasque outfit, which is why he left 
no prints.

-And, the blackmail letter? The victim likely just mistook the color of 
the jewel.

-Zvarri! Therefore, all the evidence points to that poor boy!

This is it. One last cross-examination. Press the wrong statement or 
present any piece of evidence, and it's game over. With that said, press
the statement about how Ron was wearing his Mask*DeMasque costume. Atmey
said earlier that he couldn't have known what was going on while he was 
out. And remember when Ron told us when he was wearing his costume; he 
told us just this very day. The only way for Atmey to have known that 
Ron was wearing his costume was if he was at KB that night!

Atmey goes nuts again as he laughs with madness! And, thanks to Double 
Jeopardy, Ron can't be found guilty for grand larceny, even though he 
really is Mask*DeMasque! The judge finds Ron Not Guilty of killing Kane 

Back in the lobby, Ron is angsting over the fact that Desiree won't love
him any more. "A broken bowl can never be put back together," he says. 
Time to prove him wrong by presenting the Sacred Urn; Adrian broke it, 
but she picked it up and put it back together again. Desiree then shows 
up and says that she loves her husband even more, because he came right 
out and said that he was going to steal something, and that, in her 
eyes, is bravery. Looks like they'll be alright. Save your game.

Case 3: Recipe for Turnabout [TURNREC]


Phoenix and Maya are catching up a couple of days after New Year's when 
Gumshoe shows up, and he's not happy. He shows off an article from a 
magazine as the cause of his irritation; it turns out that Phoenix lost
a case involving poison last month. Phoenix is a little stumped, as he 
never took a murder case then. So if Phoenix didn't take the case last 
month, then that leaves just one possibility: the Phoenix Wright that 
lost the case was a FAKE! The Magazine Clipping will be added to the 
court record. Phoenix is hesitant to get into this latest mess, but Maya
and Gumshoe to convince him to take responsibility, especially if 
someone's going around claiming to be him. Gumshoe heads back to the 
courthouse to try and get a retrial started up. I think that it's time 
to visit our "guilty" client. Head to the detention center.

M-M-M-M! Maggey Byrde! The first defendant from the last game is the 
so-called "murderer" in this case! She seems to be as angry as Gumshoe 
was! Phoenix calms her down by telling her everything that's happened so 
far. If you'll remember, Maggey has been afflicted with the worst case 
of bad luck in the entire known universe. She's really psyched now that 
the REAL Phoenix Wright is in the house. Talk to her about "Maggey 
Byrde". It turns out that ever since she left the police force, she's 
been working as a waitress at a small French restaurant. Now talk about 
"What happened". It all started on December 3rd, at "Tres Bien", the 
aforementioned restaurant. She saw two men at a table, and they had 
both ordered some coffee. She then saw one of the men put some sort of 
powder, the poison, in the other man's coffee. The victim took a sip and
immediately died afterwards. After that, she passed out. When Maya asks 
if she knew the victim, Maggey states that she had no clue who he was. 
That means that she has no motive! Now talk about "Guilty verdict".

It turns out that she was convicted because no one else saw what she 
saw; both the owner of the restaurant and the witness stated that there 
was only one man, the victim, sitting at that table. She even had a 
bottle of poison in her apron pocket! She believes that the real killer 
must have put the poison in there while she was unconcious. Now ask 
about "The other guy". She swears that there were two men at that table 
because she was the one who served them. When she saw them there, she 
thought that they were in the music buisness; one of them had an ear 
piece and looked like some sort of emo musician. There was also a sample
CD on the table as well. She did get a look at the CD, and it had a 
band name written on it. It was "MC"-something, but she can't remember 
the last part. She also can't remember what the killer looked like, so 
that's a no-go. Now, present the Magazine Clipping. Maggey states that 
the man who looked like Phoenix was a little taller, had a shady look
to him, and talked with an accent. In short, the man was nothing like 
the real deal. Phoenix now thinks that it's possible to get a retrial; 
after all, the verdict was handed down in the absence of a real 
attorney. Maggey, now reassured, tells Phoenix how to get to Tres Bien, 
so head down there.

There's... no one here. Huh. That's strange. Anyways, examine the 
newspaper that's jutting out from the magazine rack. It has a couple of 
doodles on one of the pages. One scribble reads "$100,000", the other 
reads "MC Bomber". Phoenix sees that the newspaper is from December 3rd,
the day of the murder! The Sports Paper will now be added to the court 
record. Head back to the detention center and show Maggey the Sports 
Paper. She's a little confused at first since Tres Bien doesn't get 
newspapers. She does confirm, however, that the name on the CD was 
indeed "MC Bomber". That means that the victim brought that newspaper 
in. Move back to Tres Bien.

What's with this "Oo-la-la!" stuff? Oh. It's just the GIANT pink man who
happens to own the restaurant. His name is Jean Armstrong. Let's talk to
this freak of nature about his restaurant, "Tres Bien". Armstrong states
that his cuisine is not for everyone, and that's why there are literally
no people here. He's short on hands right now since Maggey's been 
incarcerated. And poor him has had no one come to him seeking 
employment. He's also a practitioner of aromatherapy, as well as being 
the manager and head chef of the joint. Now talk about "What happened". 
It happened a little after 1 PM. Armstrong was in the kitchen during 
that time, when he heard a commotion coming from the dining room. When 
he emerged, the victim was already dead. Armstrong also states that the 
man was alone when he was killed. He wasn't the only one who saw him 
alone though; the old man saw him as well. Talk to him about this "Old 
man". This man came in around the time of the murder and saw everything 
that happened. Now present Maggey's profile. He's not surprised that 
Maggey was found guilty, especially after something happened in front 
of him. According to him, Maggey may have had a motive after all. Talk 
to him about "Maggey's motive". When Phoenix asks Armstrong about what 
possible motive Maggey could have had, surprise, surprise, it's a 
Psyche-Lock. Unfortunately, not only do we have no evidence whatsoever, 
the Magatama has gone missing as well! But the fact that we could see 
the locks means that it's close. Armstrong will give you directions to 
"Vitamin Square" so that you can meet the witness, so head on down 

There he is. It may look like he's feeding the pidgeons, but he's 
actually chasing them OUT. Can anyone say, "cukoo?" I know that this 
won't be revealed until later, but his name is Victor Kudo. Talk to him 
about "What you saw". He's not really listening to us. Talk about 
"Maggey Byrde" now. Kudo doesn't know anyone by that name, but Maya 
counters by saying that Maggey was the waitress at Tres Bien. He says 
that it's a disgrace nowadays that women are wearing more and more 
revealing clothing. Now talk about "Tres Bien". Kudo keeps on talking 
about the waitresses there, almost as if he has some sort of thing for 
that. That must mean that he's a regular. Talk to him about "Tres Bien 
regular" now. Kudo's silent for a bit, then goes back to throwing seeds 
at the pidgeons. He must be hiding something, but since we don't have 
the Magatama, we can't be certain. Examine the magazine on the 
orange/bench now. It's has job listings inside. Kudo claims to have 
thrown it away, but when Phoenix tries to tuck it away, he demands it 
back. Too late, the Job Listings have already been entered in the court 
record. Move back to Tres Bien.

Present the job listings. Armstrong will think that Maya's come looking 
for a job and whisks her away. Nothing more to do here, so head to the 
"Criminal Affairs Dept." via the Detention Center.

As expected, Gumshoe is here, and he's anxious. Gumshoe also says that 
the retrial was approved, and court will start at 10 AM the next day. 
Unfortunately, Godot will be the prosecutor once again. Talk to him 
about "Maggey Byrde". Turns out that Gumshoe was Maggey's mentor when 
she was in the force; he kept a rather close eye on her. It's pretty 
obvious that he has a crush on her. Ahhh, love. Now talk about "The 
victim". His name was Glen Elg, a computer programmer. Maggey never had 
any sort of contact with him before his untimely demise. It was also his
first time at Tres Bien. Why would Maggey want to kill a first-time 
customer? Gumshoe states that that's what he thought too, but a motive 
was still established, somehow. Now talk about "The investigation". It 
turns out that Gumshoe has gotten absolutely no help in the 
investigation; he's doing most of it on his own. However, he needs to 
read over the papers before court convenes tomorrow. One of the only 
problems is Maggey's testimony; it has numerous contradictions in it. 
Talk about the "Contradictions" next. The biggest contradiction was the 
number of people at the table: she says there were two people, while 
Armstrong and Kudo saw only one person. Then there's the CD Maggey 
mentioned. No one could find it at all after a thorough sweep of the 
restaurant. The earpiece he was wearing was for his radio; he didn't 
have a CD player at all. The fake never explained that contradiction, 
and neither did Armstrong. Phoenix feels that Armstrong may have 
something to hide.

Present Armstrong's profile. Gumshoe can't help but feel that Armstrong 
is involved with this mess somehow. Now talk to him about "The charming 
chef." The stuff Gumshoe knows about Armstrong is mostly gossip, so he 
won't give it up so easily. If Phoenix finds out something suspicious 
about the chef, he may just let Phoenix in on a few secrets. Finally, 
present the newspaper clipping. Gumshoe seems to have heard about 
MC Bomber from somewhere, but can't remember anything about it. Gumshoe 
wants to borrow the newspaper for a handwriting analysis, so Phoenix 
obliges him. Head back to Tres Bien.

Huh? Who is this girl? She looks a bit creepy. She leaves and someone 
else shoes up. Huh? Maya? Is that you? She's all decked out in the 
Tres Bien uniform! Talk to Maya about being a "Waitress". Maya never 
knew that there was so much to do being a waitress. Of course, she needs
to have a customer before she can do any of that. Now talk about the 
"Lunch Special". Before Phoenix can get a word in otherwise, Maya gets 
him a $45 Lunch special. Isn't that kind of spendy for just lunch? 
Phoenix takes a bite and... ugh. No wonder no one comes to eat here!
Maya leaves Phoenix with the bill and he has no choice but to add the 
Lunch Special to the court record. Now talk about "The Kitchen". Maggey 
said that some of the chef's greatest secrets can be found in there. 
Maya will show us the way to the "Kitchen". 

Examine the countertop. Well, if it isn't Maya's Magatama! It will be 
reinserted in the court record. Now examine the aromatherapy bottles. 
There's a strange green bottle hidden amongst the other bottles. That 
bottle will be added to the court record. Head on back to Criminal 

Gumshoe's got the results of the handwriting analysis. It turns out that
it's the victim's handwriting, as expected. The Sports Paper will be 
refiled into the court record. Now present the Small Bottle. When 
Phoenix explains all about the the bottle, Gumshoe will immediately 
smell a rat. Gumshoe will ask to take the bottle for analysis, and 
Phoenix once again obliges. Gumshoe has had his doubts about Armstrong, 
and the bottle is all the proof he needs to relay that useful 
information to us. Talk to him about "Armstrong's secret". It turns out 
that Armstrong is about $500,000 in debt. Gumshoe will give you his loan
papers as proof. Head back to Vitamin Square.

It looks like Kudo's not here, but there's a strange pink moped here 
instead. Examine it. As soon as you do, a guy with spiky hair sporting a
really orange tan and a Brooklyn accent shows up and starts to literally
roar. He claims that HE is Phoenix Wright. Could he be Phoenix's fake? 
He rides away on his scooter, and Phoenix will make a mental note of 
the scooter, placing it in the court record.

Kudo's back, and this time, it's time to pry his secret out of him. Talk
to him about "Tres Bien regular" again. Sure enough, the topic has been 
Psyche-Locked. Let's get this over with.

Phoenix tells Kudo that now's the time to tell the truth: why does he 
keep going to Tres Bien if he dislikes it so much? Kudo states that he 
goes there for the food. Uh-huh. Present the Lunch Special; it's so bad 
that not even Maya would eat it. Plus, it's overpriced. Kudo states that
it's actually cheap for him. He's filthy rich and he burns that money 
like there's no tomorrow. Show him the Job Listings; if he's rich, why 
would he be looking for a job? There goes one lock. Kudo states that he 
only orders coffee, or, as he puts it, the javaccino. He also says that 
Tres Bien offers newspapers to read and that's why he goes there. 
Present the Sports Paper; Maggey already said that Tres Bien doesn't get
newspapers. And another lock bites the dust. Now show him the real 
reason why he goes to Tres Bien. Show him Maggey's profile. He keeps on 
talking about the waitresses and their skimpy uniforms; maybe THAT's the
reason why he goes there every day. Unlock successful!

Now talk to him about "Tres Bien regular". Kudo admits that he indeed 
goes there to watch the waitresses. He also gives out his name, if you 
care. Now, since Phoenix has shown him some disrespect, he's not going 
to talk to him any more. Grrr! We need something or someone to pry his 
mouth open again. Head back to Tres Bien.

Present Victor's profile to Maya. Phoenix asks Maya to come with him to 
see Kudo. You'll automatically move to Vitamin Square, where Kudo 
doesn't exactly like what he sees in Maya. She'll summon Mia, and he'll 
finally be willing to talk. First, talk about "What you saw". He says 
that the man was strange-looking; anyone care to bet that the man was 
the victim? Any takers? No? OK. He saw Maggey go over to him, and says 
that the man was alone when he was sitting at the table. One sip, and he
was dead. Next, talk about "Tres Bien". He lies and says that the food 
is delicious. He also says a lot of superfluous stuff as well. Now talk 
about "Tres Bien regular". He says that Armstrong is not to be trusted 
and to watch out. It turns out that Armstrong in an ex-convict. WHAT!?!?
He's a convicted felon? That's news to me! Now talk about "Armstrong's 
record". Kudo states that Armstrong is a kleptomaniac, meaning that he 
steals stuff from his customers. He was arrested in front of some 
patrons, even! Kudo will give you an note saying as much, which will be 
added to the court record. Mia will leave, so head back to Tres Bien.

Armstrong's back and Maya's back in her Acolyte clothing, so it's time 
to break Armstrong's Psyche-Lock.

Armstrong confesses that Maggey's motive was, apparently a winning 
lottery ticket, worth $500,000! After the murder occured, the ticket 
disappeared. This is the motive the prosecution came up with. But if 
that was the case, why didn't Armstrong come out and say it? He's still 
hiding something else. Now we want to know the reason why he tried to 
cover it up. Show him who stole the lottery ticket by presenting his 
very own profile. He gives out a high-pitched scream. I don't think that
first lock could even take it! Armstrong will refute your allegations, 
so present Victor's Note; he's a convicted kleptomaniac, remember? 
Again, Armstrong will refute your allegations, so present the Magatama; 
it was eventually found in the kitchen itself. Another scream, another 
lock broken. Armstrong then says that he had no need for that ticket. 
Prove him wrong with his loan contract; Gumshoe said that Armstrong was 
a little over $500,000 in debt. Unlock successful!

Now talk about "Maggey's motive". When Elg won the lottery, he 
apparently yelled out, "Yes! Half a million!" Elg also had more than one
ticket, so Armstrong swiped one. Now talk about the "Winning ticket". 
Phoenix accuses Armstrong of murdering Elg for the cash he needed to pay
off his debts. Godot jumps in, stating that the ticket Armstron stole 
was a losing ticket worth $1. As such, he couldn't have been the 
murderer. If so, what happened to the winning ticket? Godot states that 
we'll find out in court tomorrow. Victor's Note will be discarded now. 
Now that the investigation's done, it's time to prepare for court. We 
can't let Maggey get the same verdict again! Save your game.


In the lobby, Gumshoe asks Phoenix to break his testimony for Maggey's 
sake. It might be a little tough since the all the evidence is in. So, 
without further ado, let's get this retrial under way!

Well, Godot is the same as ever, but the judge seems a bit shaken up due
to the fake that was in court last time. Godot calls Gumshoe up to the 
stand first. He states the victim's name and also says that he worked 
for a computer firm called Blue Screens, Inc. He shows off the autopsy 
report, which will be added to the court record. Gumshoe will also 
present the floor plans to Tres Bien, which is also added to the court
record. Now, Gumshoe will testify about the crime itself.

-When the incident took place, the victim was alone at his table, sir.

-We understand that the guy, Glen Elg, was listening to the radio at the

-Traces of poison were found in his coffee cup.

-And what we found was potassium cyanide. That stuff really packs a 

-And, um... it looks like Ms. Byrde might've had, well... some kind of a

For once, there's no solid contradiction in Gumshoe's testimony! So, 
start by pressing the third statement, the one about the coffee cup. 
Phoenix asks if the poison was liquid or powder. Gumshoe answers that it
was a powder, and when Phoenix argues that it could have been in the 
sugar, Godot has Gumshoe counter by saying that the victim took his 
coffee black, with no sugar. Now, "Press harder". Godot downs a whole 
cup of coffee while presenting the cup in question. There's a coffee 
stain on the lip of the cup, so there's no question that the victim 
drank from it. Plus, only the victim's and defendant's fingerprints are 
on it. The Coffee Cup will be added to the court record.

Press the fourth statement, the one about the poison itself. Godot 
states that only 0.2 grams is enough to be deadly! Now press the last 
statement, the one about the motive. As expected, it's all about the 
lottery ticket. "Press harder". The ticket in question will be added to 
the court record. Now press the first statement, and "Press harder" when
given the chance. Godot will present a crime scene photo, which will be 
added to the court record.

After those statements are pressed, Godot will present the defendant's 
apron. There's coffee on it, as well as... blood? Godot didn't notice 
that at all (how could a sane person miss anything as vitally important 
as THAT!?) The "blood" actually turns out to be ketchup. But before the 
whole "ketchup/blood" thing happens, the bottle of potassium cyanide 
will be added to the court record. And after the ketchup fiasco, the 
apron itself will be added to the court record. Now, Gumshoe will 
testify about the crime scene itself and the investigation that 

-The crime was reported at 2:55 PM by a kind of scary old man, sir.

-Poor Maggey had passed out from the shock. It must've been real tough 
for her.

-The victim didn't have any identification on him.

-But we figured out who he was pretty quick, and then the investigation 
went smoothly.

-When Maggey was searched, we found the lottery ticket and the bottle of

-And that was it. There was nothing else missing from the crime scene.

Huh? How'd they figure out who he was that quickly? Press the statement 
about finding out who he was. Gumshoe states that they found a 
prescription bag on the victim's table. By going to that clinic and 
looking through the doctor's medical records, they managed to identify 
him. "Ask about the prescription bag"; maybe the poison came from that 
instead! The bag was empty when they found it, so that strenghtens our 
argument! That bag will be added to the court record. 

Now present said bag against Gumshoe's last statement, the one that says
that nothing was missing from the crime scene; if the bag was empty, 
then something was missing from the crime scene after all! 
Unfortunately, the bag reads "New Ear Otolaryngological Clinic". The 
medicine was indended to be used on Elg's recently-deaf ear; topical use
in the ear canal only. Gah! "Push the medication issue". Even though it 
was intended for use on his ear, it doesn't change the fact that it went
missing! THAT takes Godot down a peg. Gumshoe now requests to call his 
own witness: Victor Kudo, the other customer at the restaurant. Court is
recessed while Kudo is found and brought in.

In the lobby, Maggey has lost all trust in Gumshoe. She probably doesn't
understand that Gumshoe had no choice in the matter. She still doesn't 
understand by the sounds of it. Time to see how old Kudo will do in 

Back in court, Kudo states that he embroidered kimonos in Japan, and 
since there's not really any calling for that here in the states, he was
forced to be a cashier at a burger joint. After he's finished ranting, 
he'll testify about what he saw that day.

-The young man was reading the sports paper.

-The serving girl brought him a javaccino... But she put something in 

-The man took one sip of it, looked like he was in terrible pain, and 
then collapsed.

-That's the serving girl, right there in the defendant's chair. I 
remember her well!

Press the last statement, the one about him remembering her. Turns out 
that the feature he remembers most is, not surprisingly, the uniform. 
"Press harder" when given the chance. Kudo will now revise his testimony
with this statement:

-There was a ribbon in her hair, and her apron's straps were loose.

Press this statement. There's no doubt that he remembers her, but let's
"Ask about the waitress's back" now, shall we? People usually talk about
facial features of a person when they're asked about them. But 
everything he saw was on the waitress's back. Kudo will now amend his 

-There wasn't anything that caught my interest about her when I saw her 
from the front.

Wait just a moment! Wasn't that apron stained with coffee and ketchup? 
Present the Apron against this statement. The court will immediately 
call his memory into question, so Kudo will testify about the victim.

-He was another of those pesky young types, wearing a broken pair of 

-He had a newspaper in his right hand, and the noisy brat kept rustling 
its pages!

-The young man was listening to the wireless. I remember that well.

-Then the serving girl in question brought over the javaccino.

-The little fidget picked up the cup with his free hand and took a sip.

If he was holding the newspaper in his right hand, then his free hand 
would be his left hand. Take a look at the Coffee Cup. The handle is 
pointing out to the right: that means that he drank from the cup using 
his right hand, not his left hand. Present the Coffee Cup against Kudo's
last statement, the one about the free hand. Kudo will start causing a 
fuss and wants to testify, and Godot allows it. Kudo will now start 

-The boy was wearing his earpiece on the same side as the green lens of 
his specs.

-He kept fiddling with it all the time.

-He was fiddling with it just before he picked up the cup, too.

-And then he used the same hand to pick up the cup. His left hand!

Kudo's really insistent, isn't he? Time for him to crash and burn. 
Present the prescription bag against Kudo's last statement, the one 
about his left hand. Wasn't the victim deaf in that ear? Kudo goes 
ballistic and starts singing the pidgeon song! Kudo wants to testify one
more time and, again, Godot allows it. Time to face the music.

-First of all, I want to stress that this might be nothing. I'm not too 
sure of myself.

-The young boy slumped over the table as soon as he took one sip of his 

-Well, the clumsy idiot upset the vase! He knocked it right over.

-It broke, and the strip of cloth covering the table got completely 

-Well!? How about that? Turned things upside-down, hmm?

This shouldn't be too difficult now. Present the Crime Photo against 
Kudo's fourth statement, the one about the vase breaking. It turns out 
that a vase WAS broken, but the vase in question was on Kudo's table. 
The judge decides that he's heard enough and has the bailiff haul Kudo 
out of the courtroom. Before he leaves however, he leaves behind a note 
apologizing for the broken vase. That note will be entered into the 
court record. Time for some more investigation; there's still a few 
mysteries left to clear up. Save your game.


Back in the office, Phoenix and Maya comment on the craziness that 
happened during court today; trust me, things are going to get even 
crazier before all is said and done. Head back to Tres Bien.

Gumshoe? What's he doing here? Apparently, he's been listening to a 
radio show of some sort. Anywas, time to strike up a chat with him. Talk
about "Today's trial". He's distraught because he also feels that he 
betrayed Maggey. That testimony he gave didn't help matters either. Now 
talk about the "Lunch special". Gumshoe can't find the words to describe
the taste, so Phoenix does it for him; it tasted bad. Now talk about 
"The radio". Gumshoe is evasive, and out pops one lonely Psyche-Lock. 
Let's get this over with.

Phoenix asks Gumshoe what he was listening to. Again, Gumshoe is 
evasive, so show him the lottery ticket. Unlock successful! (HUH? That's
it? That has got to be the shortest unlocking in all of the series!)

Now talk about "The radio". Gumshoe's usually lucky, so he thought that 
he might as well have a shot at it. He only won 50 cents. What a ripoff!
The time is currently a little after 1:30 PM, and Gumshoe has a flyer 
verifying that info; said flyer will be added to the court record. 
Present Glen's profile. Gumshoe says that Elg was a genius when it came 
to programming. He was also known as "the Walking Computer" at Blue 
Screens before he exited, stage left, in the play known as life. Gumshoe
will give you directions to "Blue Screens, Inc.", so head over there 

Wow. The place looks like some sort of laboratory out of a Sci-Fi flick!
A strange, blue-haired woman comes in, and introduces herself as Lisa 
Basil, the company director. (On a side note, what's with all the 
palindromes? First we have Elg, now her?) Talk about "Blue Screens, 
Inc.". Lisa says that they produce software for other companies, and all
of their products are distributed on CDs. Now talk about "What 
happened". Lisa didn't give the police any sort of information, since 
Elg had no contact with Maggey whatsoever. Present Elg's profile. She 
says that Elg had a little problem, but takes it back almost 
immediately. That sounds suspicious. Talk about "Glen's troubles" now. 
Unsurprisingly, Lisa will refuse to give out any information and will 
throw up a Psyche-Lock, barring your progress. Examine the papers that 
are on the floor. They turn out to be horse racing tickets; albiet 
they're all losing ones. The Losing Horse Racing Tickets will be added 
to the court record. Now examine Elg's desk. It's a total mess, but 
there is one item of interest on it: it's a calendar, and it has "Meet 
with the Tiger" written on December 3rd, the day of the murder. Glen's 
Calendar will be added to the court record. Head to Tres Bien's Kitchen 

It's that creepy girl from yesterday, and she's talking to Armstrong. 
Well, threatening him is more like it. She leaves, and Armstong will 
start to relax. Time to pressure him into talking. Talk to him about 
"Tres Bien". Armstrong just doesn't realize that his cooking skills are 
to blame for the complete lack of customers. Now talk about "The woman 
just now". He's not ready to talk about her yet, so show him his loan 
contract. Because of the loan he had no choice but to help "them". NOW 
talk about "The woman just now". It turns out that she's from the 
company that gave Armstrong his loan; its name is "Tender Lender". Talk 
about this now. Now that he owes them money, he has to do everything 
they tell him to do. The owner is called "the Tiger", according to 
Armstrong. He's a mobster who just happens to ride a battered scooter.
This gets the gears turning in Phoenix's head, and he asks Armstrong if 
he looks like him. Armstrong says that the thing that resembles him the 
most is the hair. Armstron will give you directions to "Tender Lender". 
Head there now, via Vitamin Park. On the way, Gumshoe will be forced to 
head back to the precinct, so he'll give Phoenix a lunch set of weenies 
and rice, and will ask him to give it to Maggey; it'll be added to the 
court record.

Indeed, that scary girl is there, and she tells them not to touch 
anything, lest they get rubbed out. Time to tempt the fates. Examine the
blue suit behind the desk. Maya will uncover a fake attorney's badge 
made out of paper; it'll be added to the court record. With this new 
discovery, it'll be obvious that the Tiger is the imposter. Now examine 
the ashtray on the floor; a pack of Tres Bien matches is buried in the
ash; it too will be added to the court record. Finally, examine the CD 
player on the desk; a CD called "MC Bomber" is right by it. That CD will
be added to the court record. Suddenly, someone roars! Time to cue in 
the Tiger! His real name is Furio Tigre, and it turns out that he is 
indeed the manager of Tender Lender. Just as he's about to clean 
Phoenix's clock for knocking his ashtray on the floor, the girl from 
earlier will claim responsibility. Tigre, surprisingly, tells the girl, 
now introduced as Violetta, not to sweat it. Once Tigre leaves, we'll be
able to chat with Violetta.

Talk to her about "Tender Lender". All the "we're on your side" stuff is
a farce, taking poor Armstrong into consideration. Now talk about "What 
happened". She was with Tigre on the day in question, so it's likely 
that she'd know all about him. Present Tigre's profile. Phoenix just 
can't get his head wrapped around how Violetta and Tigre could be 
working together. It turns out that "Don Tigre" saved Violetta's life. 
Uh... huh? Talk about "Saved your life?" Violetta's pretty frail as it 
turns out. She was on the verge of death recently, and it was Tigre that
came to her rescue. So, she decided to help with the shop in repayment. 
Now talk about "The head bandage". She'll evade the question, and will 
throw up a Psyche-Lock to protect herself. Gah! There's nothing more we 
can do here at the moment, so head back to Vitamin Square.

Kudo's back, so its time to talk to him. Talk to him about "Today's 
trial". Looks like he's still angry at us. He's also still insisting 
upon his testimony. Good grief, when will he give that up? Now talk 
about "Embroiderer". He's ready to go on a little rant, so "Suck it up".
He'll rant about how he's always been shoved aside and supposedly said 
to "get lost" because he's in the way both at home and at the 
restaurant. The restaurant? Does he mean Tres Bien? He was told to run 
an errand on the day Elg was poisoned. That's news to us! Talk about 
"The 'errand'". It turns out that when Elg was poisoned, Armstrong told 
him to call the police. It took him about 5 minutes to find a pay phone 
to do so. During that time, Armstrong was alone with the body. He tried 
to tell us all of this earlier in court, but by that time, the judge had
had enough of him. Armstrong won't be around to confirm this, so head to
the Detention Center.

Talk to Maggey about "Contradiction". She's positive that everything 
happened exactly as she saw it. Everything else just doesn't seem to 
match up. Now talk about "After the Incident". When Maggey woke up, she 
was arrested before she could get a handle on the situation. She has no 
idea what happened while she was out cold, so Armstrong is the only man 
who can fill in the gaps. However, she also says that Kudo's testimony 
doesn't add up either. Present Kudo's profile, then talk about "Victor's
Testimony". The reason why his testimony doesn't make sense to her is 
because she says that he wasn't there when the poisoning occured; it was
a woman instead, and she had a head bandage and also had a creepy laugh.
Could she be talking about Violetta? Finally, present Gumshoe's 
Lunchbox. She refuses to take it upon hearing who made it, so Phoenix 
and Maya will take the opportunity to have lunch. Move to the Criminal 
Affairs Dept.

A huge stink has been raised, and according to Gumshoe, the source of 
that stink is a computer virus that's currently attacking the network. 
Yikes! First, talk about "Tender Lender". Tender Lender is probably the 
shadiest loan office out there, but they ran into a little trouble 
recently. As a result, they've started to call in all of their loans. 
That's why Violetta was Tres Bien. Talk about "Computer viruses". It 
seems that Phoenix has a little knowledge on the subject, and so, if you
don't know what a computer virus is or you just need a refresher on 
them, select "What's a virus?" There is a little nugget of new 
information in this topic though, as Gumshoe says that he's heard the 
name of the virus before; it's "MC"-something. Uh-oh. Could that be I 
think it is? Present MC Bomber. Looks like our worst fears have been 
realized; the name of the virus is, indeed, MC Bomber. Talk about "MC 
Bomber" now. The police recived a list of demands a while back from some
criminals; if their demands were not met, then they would release the 
virus. It turns out that the virus was sold on the black market; the 
price for a virus like MC Bomber could easily skyrocket into the 
millions! MC Bomber will now be updated in the court record. 

Now show him Violetta's profile. Violetta's just her nickname; her real 
name is Viola Cadaverini, the only granddaughter of the head of the 
Cadaverini Family, Bruto Cadaverini. Now talk about "The Cadaverinis". 
The Cadaverinis control most of the criminal underworld and the 
associated cash. No one even dares to stand up to them! It seems that 
everyone knows how much Bruto loves his only granddaughter. Now Gumshoe 
will ask about how the whole lunch thing went. When Maya tells him about
the taste, Gumshoe will assume that Maggey said that, and in his 
confusion, will present yet another lunchbox, which is added to the 
court record, just like last time. Head on over to Blue Screens, Inc. 
now; it's time to crack open Lisa's Psyche-Lock.

Phoenix will demand that Lisa tell him exactly what kind of trouble Glen
was in. Once again, she'll dodge the question, so present the Losing 
Horse Race Tickets. She says that it's not that unusual to go to the 
races, so present the Lottery Ticket; Elg was, most likely, addicted to 
gambling. Time for one lock to crash and burn. Burn, baby, burn! Sorry, 
just had to say that. Lisa admits that Glen did have a gambling habit. 
But Glen got lucky and won the lottery; that habit of his hardly caused 
trouble if he did indeed win. Normally, that would be true, but he had 
to deal with one ferocious dude; present Tigre's profile. Lisa thinks 
that Elg had nothing to do with the man, so present Glen's Calendar; he 
clearly knew Tigre enough to know about his nickname. Another lock will 
blow up in Lisa's face. Lisa will admit that Elg's habit put him in some
deep debt. Phoenix will inquire about what Elg planned to do if he 
didn't have enough of the moolah to pay it all off, and Lisa will state 
that Elg planned to use his skills to do just that, so present MC 
Bomber; he probably used his talents to create a virus so powerful that 
it was guarenteed to rake in a lot of dough! Unlock successful!

Talk to Lisa about "Glen's troubles" now. She says that Glen was going 
to take on some "Risky extra work". Talk about this now. The extra work 
was, indeed, MC Bomber. Glen created that virus to pay off his debt. MC 
Bomber will now be updated in the court record. December 3rd was Elg's 
deadline; he had to pay off his debts by that time. Phoenix will now get
rid of the Losing Horse Race Tickets. If I remember correctly, there's 
one more Pyche-Lock that needs to be cracked open; mosey on over to 
Tender Lender. Before we begin the process, examine the gold thing on 
the shelf; under it is a repair bill for a car; the car itself is 
registered to the Cadaverinis. It will be added to the court record. NOW
we can undo that pesky lock.

If you'll remember correctly, Viola said that that bandage was from an 
operation; she also suffered a fatal injury to the head. What caused 
that injury? Present the Repair Bill; she was most likely involved in a 
car accident. Viola points out that the car belongs to the Cadaverinis. 
She now asks you to prove her connection to the Cadaverinis. Present her
very own profile; her last name IS Cadaverini! One lock will now 
dissappear into thin air! Viola states that the accident happened about 
4 months ago. She was driving in the middle of the night when someone 
pulled out in front of her; she has no idea who she hit that night. 
Present Tigre's profile; his scooter was also damaged, as if it were in 
an accident! Another lock will fall through the proverbial trap door! 
She probably privately suspects that he was the one she hit, even though
she's currently denying it. Present the Scooter in question. Yet another
lock goes up in imaginary smoke. It seems that the family knew for quite
some time who caused that accident. She states that the operation itself
was very, very expensive, but she's hesitant on giving out the exact 
cost itself. Tigre told her that he paid for the operation because he 
truly cared about her; present Bruto's profile; everyone knows how he's
so protective of his own granddaughter. He probably pressured Tigre into
looking after her! Unlock successful!

Now talk about "The head banadage". It turns out that the operation cost
exactly $1,000,000. A MILLION BUCKS!? That's crazy! So Bruto ordered 
Tigre to pay him $1,000,000 in "Compensation". Talk about this now. She 
wanted to trust in Tigre, but now, she's not so sure. She wants Phoenix 
to take him down using her medical papers; they'll be added to the court
record. Let's see if Armstrong is back in the restaurant. Before we 
leave, Phoenix will discard the Repair Bill.

Well, Armstrong is here, but so is Tigre. He'll demand the papers back, 
and when Phoenix refuses, he has Armstrong punch him! Just as he's about
to burn the papers, Gumshoe shows up and holds them off! Phoenix and 
Maya use the opportunity to make off with the medical papers. Tomorrow, 
Tender Lender will be closing its doors... for good! Save your game.


Gumshoe's OK! He's got the results on that mysterious bottle; it's Elg's
missing medicine! It will be refiled in the court record. Time to expose
Tigre to the world as the man he really is!

Godot is still in top form, as he's claimed to have discovered the 
reasons behind the contradictions from yesterday! To explain, he calls 
Armstrong to the stand, and he'll testify about this reason.

-When it all 'appened, z'ere were just two customers in my restaurant.

-I remember I was experimenting w'iz some new art deco z'at day.

-Like 'aving a large mirror between la tables, for example.

-Oui! Per'aps z'at is what la old man was looking at.

-La cup, la earpiece and la glasses... 'E would 'ave seen everyz'ing in 
reverse, non?

A mirror? This is the first we've heard of it! Press Armstrong's third 
statement, the one about the mirror. Armstrong says that it was 4 meters
long and 2 meters high. If he's right, then that's one HUGE mirror! 
"Press harder" when given the chance. Godot states that a mirror was 
delivered to Tres Bien the day before the murder, but Armstrong 
eventually decided not to use it. If everything was in reverse, then 
Elg's HMD would be over his right eye, right? However, by looking at 
Elg's profile picture, the HMD is clearly seen over the left eye! 
Present Elg's profile to counter Armstrong's last statement, the one 
about seeing everything in reverse.

Godot, however, counters by saying that the more something makes an 
impression on Kudo, the more foggy his memory becomes. Godot has 
Armstrong testify about the mirror itself.

-La mirror, it was in z'e middle of la restaurant, dividing z'e two 

-Z'ere is only one seat from which you could 'ave seen an image of la 

-Z'at was la seat at z'e table next to la victim's. Z'at was where la 
old man was sitting.

-After la terrible incident occured, I moved la mirror so it was not in 
z'e way.

-But naturally, I did not touch anything else!

Take a look at the Crime Photo. The table behind the victim's still has 
its vase. If that's where Kudo was sitting, then that vase shouldn't be 
there! Present the Crime Photo against Armstrong's third statement, the 
one that says that's where Kudo was sitting. When given the opportunity,
point out the vase on the table behind the victim's, and then present 
Victor's Testimony. There's only one solution: there was NO mirror in 
the restaurant that day! That means that the contradictions between 
testimonies still stand. Why? Answer "The victim was a phony." That's 
right; the scene Kudo witnessed was bogus! Phoenix will demand that 
Armstrong testify again, and the judge agrees.

-La victim, Monsieur Elg, 'e came to my restaurant alone.

-I remember la old man arrived not long after 'im.

-Z'ere were no other customers.

-When 'e got word 'e won la lottery, Mon. Elg became very exited.

-It was approximately 5 minutes later z'at la poisoning incident 

-Non, z'ere was no time for a phony to do la acting.

He's STILL not testifying truthfully! But we can't prove it just yet. 
First, press his second statement, the one about Kudo arriving. Ask 
"What time was it?" Thanks to the judge, Armstrong says that Elg arrived
at the restaurant anywhere between 2:00 PM to 2:10 PM. The second 
statement will be replaced with this:

-I remember la old man arrived not long after 'im, just after 2 PM.

Remember what Gumshoe said yesterday regarding the lottery; they 
announce the winners just after 1:30 PM. Why would Elg be listening to 
a radio show 30 minutes after it ended? Present the Millionaire Radio 
Flyer against Armstrong's fourth statement, the one about Elg winning. 
It's now been definitively proven that the "crime" Kudo witnessed was a 
fake! Godot will then ask where the real Elg's body was hidden, if he 
was already dead by then. Say that the body was hidden "inside Tres 
Bien"; if someone had seen the body being taken out, then the killer 
would have been in some major trouble. Point out where the body was 
hidden by pointing to the kitchen; Mr. Elg's medication was found there,
remember? Present said medication as proof; it's still labeled as the 
Small Bottle. Armstrong will now confess about everything.

-It is true, I 'id la body in la kitchen.

-A man forced me to do it. I 'ad no choice.

-I 'ad to go along w'iz 'im because... Z'ere was a reason why I could 
not refuse.

-But I did not kill 'im! I swear it! You must believe me!

We know who this man is. Present Tigre's profile against Armstrong's 
second testimony, the one about being forced to hide the body. Then, 
present Jean's Loan Contract as proof that he was forced to help Tigre. 
The judge orders Godot to summon Tigre as a witness. Godot then asks for
30 minutes to find him, and the judge will agree. Court will now be 
recessed for 30 minutes. Save your game.


Back in the lobby, Gumshoe is getting tired of waiting around, so he's 
heading back to the precinct. Phoenix wants him to investigate 
something, so present the Small Bottle. We need to have the fingerprints
scanned and identified. Gumshoe will take the bottle, and Phoenix heads 
back in to face off against Tigre.

It seems that Godot has not only found him, but seems to have "tamed" 
him as well. He's called up to the stand, but he's a busy man, and 
Phoenix will be footing his travel bills; the train's not cheap! Tigre 
will now start his testimony.

-I don't know nothin' about no murder.

-I was tied up with business in December last year. Spent all'a my time 
in my office.

-I got whales lined up to borrow cash from Tender Lender every single 

-Youse wanna check my alibi, just ask Violetta.

Be careful. If you press any statements here in the second half of the 
trial, and they turn out to be irrelevant, you'll get smacked with a 
penalty. With that said, press his second statement, the one about 
having a lot of business. "Press harder" when given the chance. Tigre 
states that he was in his office all day on the day of the murder as 
well. He never even saw Elg. Godot will ask him to amend his testimony:

-The day youse talkin' about, I was in de office, too. I never even saw 
that kid before.

That's a pretty pathetic lie. Present Glen's Calendar against this 
statement; Elg was supposed to meet with him that day, remember? Godot 
has Tigre testify again in light of this new information.

-I ain't no liar. I never met Glen Elg.

-There was some lame guy with that name, though. Wanted to borrow cash 
from me.

-I set up a meetin' with the guy... at my office, Tender Lender.

-I waited around for him, but he ain't ever showed.

-I ain't never even been to that Tres Bien joint, youse hear?

Now the lie is more blatant. The penalty system is still in the works, 
though. Present the Tres Bien Matches against Tigre's last statement, 
the one about never having visited Tres Bien; we found them in Tigre's 
office, remember? Tigre confesses that he was indeed there, but he still
never met Elg. Godot will ask Tigre to testify about his visit to the 

-I was supposed to meet wid the kid at the restaurant that afternoon.

-When I opened the door to the joint, I saw one ugly scene.

-The guy was laid out over the table, stiff as concrete.

-I figured if the place wasn't hot already, it was gonna be, so I split.

-I heard the cop's sirens on my way out, and I went straight back to my 

Another blatant lie is right in front of you, so present the Tres Bien 
Floor Plans against Tigre's second statement, the one about seeing the 
scene; due to the layout of the restaurant, he couldn't have seen what 
he says he saw, because a divider behind the cashier obscures the view 
of the victim's table! The judge will now ask the defense who the real 
killer is: present Tigre's profile; he met with the victim that day, 
after all. Who's to say that he didn't poison him and act out a fake 
murder? Godot counters that it doesn't matter, since Kudo saw the 
waitress put the poison in the coffee! In turn, Phoenix counters by 
saying that Kudo only saw the "waitress"'s back; who's to say that the 
waitress wasn't a fake as well? The judge asks who the imposter waitress
was: present Viola's profile; at the time, she was devoted to Tigre, so 
she would have done anything and everything to help! Even if it meant 
covering up the murder! Tigre counters by saying that Phoenix has 
forgotten one important thing, and he'll testify to that effect.

-Yeah, I loaned Elg cash. About 100,000 dollars.

-That day, we was due to have a little chat. The kid hit his payback 
date, see?

-So anyway, he tells me he's got no way to pay up.

-I'm about to flatten the guy, when he starts screamin'.

-"Yesss! I won! Half a million bucks!" He got lucky, you' know. Real 

-If that waitress hadn't done what she done, everythin' woulda been 

Start by pressing his last statement, the one about everything being 
over if it weren't for the waitress. Now "Ask about what Maggey did". Of
course, he's refering to the winning lottery ticket. The judge has Tigre
amend his testimony:

-Thanks to what she did, my business with that kid was over!

Press this new statement. Tigre would have gotten his cash back if it 
weren't for the waitress. When the judge questions its relevancy, answer
"have it amended". It will be amended accordingly:

-I was after the $100,000. I had no other reason to kill the guy!

Aha! Finally, the lie we've been looking for! Present MC Bomber against 
this statement; it could easily fetch millions on the black market, 
after all. When the judge asks why Tigre needed money right away, 
present Viola's Medical Papers; the operation cost $1,000,000, remember?
If Tigre hadn't paid that cash, he would be in deep doo-doo with the 
Cadaverinis. In fact, he was hoping Elg would turn over the virus as 
collateral. But then Elg won the lottery; he could have handed his 
ticket over, and Tigre would be left with no way to pay his own "loan". 
That's how Elg ended up dead. Tigre counters by saying that if he did 
all of this, his trail would have been in plain sight, so counter this 
with the Paper Badge; we found it in Tigre's office, and it proves that 
Tigre impersonated Phoenix in order to get Maggey convicted!

Godot counters by saying that there's no solid proof that Tigre poisoned
the victim! That's when Gumshoe interrupts the proceedings with the 
decisive evidence. The judge will call a recess, but it's not one of the
saving type. Back in the lobby, Gumshoe says that it's Tigre's 
fingerprints on the bottle. It will be refiled into the court record. 
He is, however, sadly informed that it's not decisive evidence after 
all. However, we still have one more bluff up our sleeves.

Back in court, present the bottle, and declare that it has "Potassium 
cyanide" in it. Tigre will laugh, stating that the poison was in a 
brown bottle. He's just given himself away; he wasn't in court 
yesterday, so he couldn't have known about the bottle unless he used it 
himself. He'll roar the lights out, and the judge will declare Maggey 
Byrde Not Guilty of murder.

Back in the lobby, present Gumshoe's Lunchbox. This time, Maggey will 
graciously accept it, and chows down. She's off the hook again! Doesn't 
it feel wonderful to do something like this? Save your game.

Case 4: Turnabout Beginnings [TURNBEGIN]


It's time for another flashback! This time, it's Mia's FIRST case, and 
she's set to defend a death row convict named Terry Fawles from another 
charge of murder. He's claiming that he didn't commit either crime. 
That's when someone calls Mia "kitten", and out pops someone who may 
have come from south of the border. Do you remeber the name "Diego 
Armando"? Well, it turns out that THIS guy is the man in question. He'll
be side-barring in Grossberg's place. He also states the prosecutor is 
also a rookie, so she should have an easy time. Let's head on in.

(Take note that Diego looks a little like Godot, minus the white hair 
and the freaky mask.)

Well well well, if it ain't our favorite prosecutor, Miles Edgeworth! 
He'll state the facts of the case: two days ago, Terry Fawles escaped 
police custody during a prison transfer when the vehicle carrying him 
unexpectedly crashed. That day, Fawles alledgedy killed a policewoman by
the name of Valerie Hawthorne (Hawthorne? Where have we heard that name 
before?). Why did he want to kill her? Well, five years ago, he 
supposedly kidnapped and killed a 14-year-old girl, by throwing her off 
a bridge. The thing that proved him guilty was the testimony of this 
case's victim, Valerie. Edgeworth states that THAT was Fawles' motive: 
revenge! The judge (not OUR judge!) almost hands down a ruling, but Mia 
objects, saying that he should hear the facts first. Edgeworth will then
call his first witness to the stand.

Looks like this is Gumshoe's first case as well. He'll continue from 
where Edgeworth left off, saying that the cause of death was from a 
knife stab to the back. He'll then show off the map of the area. The 
crime itself took place on Dusky Bridge, which is suspended over the 
ferocious Eagle River. After commiting the murder, the killer carried 
the victim's lifeless husk back to his car. The defendant was later 
arrested at a police checkpoint further down Eagle Mountain. The map 
itself will now be added to the court record. However, due to the fact 
that Valerie was wearing a thick coat, there was no blood found on the 
bridge; therefore, there is no proof that the victim and defendant ever 
met that day. Edgeworth counters by saying that Gumshoe still has to 
testify, and the judge allows it.

-On the day of the incident, an unknown person phoned the sergeant and 
asked to meet.

-Sergeant Hawthorne went to Dusky Bridge at the designated time and met 
with Mr. Fawles.

-And that's where she was brutally murdered, sir.

-The criminal stuffed her body into his car trunk and tried to make a 

-Mr. Fawles was arrested at a police checkpoint we set up at the base of
the mountain.

Press Gumshoe's first statement, the one about the phone call. Gumshoe 
does indeed know the name of the man who called in. It turns out that 
Fawles himself called the victim. Valerie managed to leave a note behind
about her phone call, and that's how they knew that the defendant called
the victim. Said note will be added to the court record. Now press the 
second statement, the one about the meeting. He chose that bridge 
because of the first incident. Now press the third statement, the one 
where Valerie was murdered. The police found the body right away, and 
then they found the criminal not long afterwards. This raises Mia's 
suspicions, as Valerie never told anyone else about the phone call. Why 
would that be?  Now press the fourth statement, the one about the body 
being stuffed into the car. It turns out thaf Fawles stole the car from 
a young couple and drove it up to Eagle Mountain. Gumshoe even shows off
the car's trunk as proof that the body was stuffed in there. The Crime 
Photo will be added to the court record. Gumshoe will now amend his 
testimony accordingly:

-Here's a photo of the trunk. But I don't see anything strange, do you? 

Check the Victim's Note. It says "Wear white scarf for identification." 
However, there is no scarf to be seen in the photo! Present the Victim's
Note against this statement. Edgeworth is all over this, however. He 
produces said scarf and it is added to the court record. Take note that 
the scarf is covered in mud. Gumshoe will now testify again.

-Actually, there's an eyewitness who was there when the incident took 

-This photo was accidentally taken by the witness. It shows her wearing 
the scarf, sir.

-It was drizzling that day; unfortunately, it's a little hard to see 
what's going on.

-Anyway, the criminal shoved the victim down from behind and stabbed her
in the back!

-...That must have been when the scarf fell off.

Before the cross-examination begins, Gumshoe says that the witness in 
question had preferred not to be put on the stand. The Witness's Photo 
will be added to the court record. Now, take a look at the Crime Photo; 
the coat clearly has no signs of having been in the mud! Present the 
Crime Photo against Gumshoe's fourth statement, the one about the 
murderer shoving the victim down. When asked, point to the coat. When 
asked to prove that the bridge was muddy that day, present the Scarf; 
Edgeworth found it on the bridge first, remember? Why is there a 
contradiction? Armando says that it all comes down to a lie. One of 
three is a lie: the witness's photo, the body in the trunk, or the 
witness's testimony. Answer the "witness's testimony". It's possible 
that she could be lying for the prosecution. Gumshoe said that the 
murderer pushed the victim down, and Gumshoe clarifies that this was the
statement from the witness. If what the witness said is true, then there
should be mud on the coat, but there isn't! Plus, if the witness is so 
decisive, then Edgeworth would have called her already! Mia will request
that the witness testify for the court, and the judge agrees.

The witness looks EXACTLY like ol' Dahlia Hawthorne! But she says that 
her name is Melissa Foster. Foster is indeed the witness who took the 
photo. She will now testify about the incident in question.

-I... I was using my camera to take some pictures of wild flowers.

-Then, I noticed there were two people standing up on the suspension 

-Suddenly, they just started fighting!

-That's when I hurried and took the photo that shows the crucial moment.

-And right after that, I called the police.

Again, before the cross-examination takes place, another piece of 
evidence will be presented to the court; Foster's Camera will be added 
to the court record. Now, take a look at the Witness's Photo. If Foster 
snapped a photo at the moment of the murder, then why are the defendant 
and victim just facing each other in the photo? Present the Witness's 
Photo against Foster's fourth statement, the one about taking the photo.
Foster admits that she used up the roll of film in her camera, and 
that's why that this is the only photo that's been presented. She'll 
replace statements 4 and 5 with these new statements:

-The victim turned around and tried to run away, but...

-She only got about 10 yards before she was stabbed in the back.

Hold up. Take a look at the Dusky Bridge Map. If the victim was at the 
center of the bridge and tried to run away from the murderer, she would 
have dropped through the hole at the other end of the bridge! Present 
the Dusky Bridge Map against Foster's fourth statement, the one about 
the victim running away. Edgeworth counters by saying that the map 
portrays Dusky Bridge's current condition; it may not have been broken 
on the day of the murder! Foster will now testify about what she saw.

-After he stabbed her in the back, he quickly picked her up in his arms.

-Then he carried her over to the car.

-I suppose that was the only way he could make sure the body stayed 

-He couldn't just leave the body on top of the bridge.

-Oh, I'm sorry... I'm only supposed to talk about what I saw.

Wait just one darn minute! Remember what Edgeworth said about the Eagle 
River earlier? It has very strong currents, and almost all of the time, 
if a body was thrown in there, it was never recovered. Thus, the river 
is a perfect place to hide a body, if someone needed to! Present the 
Dusky Bridge map against Foster's third statement, the one about the 
body being hidden. Edgeworth counters by saying that what's important is
what the witness saw. Foster will now amend her testimony accordingly:

-The killer broke into the trunk of the stolen car and hid the body in 

Time to end this game of cat and mouse. Take a look at the map again. If
Foster was where she said she was, she couldn't have seen the murderer 
carry her to the car; her view would have been obscured by the rocks! 
Once again, present the Dusky Bridge Map against her third statement, 
the one about the body being carried to the car. Foster counters by 
saying that she must have remembered things wrong, and the judge will 
give her the benefit of the doubt. Armando himself will counter by 
saying that if she saw the car, how did she know it was stolen? Foster 
says that there were scratch marks on the lid of the trunk, and that's 
how she knew the car was stolen. Now, about that explanation, "It 
doesn't work." If she was where she claimed she was, she couldn't have 
seen that far! Now, if she did see them, then when did she have the 
chance? Answer that "she put the corpse in herself." If Fawles HAD put 
the body in the trunk, he would have had no need to break it open, since
the keys to the car were still in the ignition when he stole it! 

Edgeworth counters by saying that Foster was taking photographs at the 
time, thus she couldn't have hid the body! She may not have taken her 
photo personally! Present the Camera to prove your point; Foster already
said that her camera came with a built-in timer function! Foster may not
have been where she said she was! So where was she? Point to the 
victim's marker when given the chance. If Foster did indeed hide the 
body, she must have done it before the meeting on the bridge! To prove 
it, present the Scarf; Fawles couldn't remember what Valerie looked like
anymore, so he told her to wear that scarf. If Foster wore it, Fawles 
would have thought that Foster was Valerie! Foster will faint when 
confronted with the facts.

Foster will be carried out to the lobby to rest. It's now obvious that 
Foster is the real murderer. There's just one problem, however: what's 
her motive? We'll have to find out during recess. Save your game.


Fawles will now explain what happened to him all those years ago. He was
involved in a plot to steal an expensive ore from a diamond dealer. The 
plan was for him to "kidnap" his 14-year-old girlfriend, Dahlia 
Hawthorne (Why HER of all people?), and as the ransom, he would demand 
the ore or he would "kill" her. Dahlia's sister, Valerie, was in on it 
as well, to make sure the "exchange" went smoothly. However, just before
the "hostage" and the ore were about to be traded, Valerie shot at 
Fawles, hitting him in the arm. Due to that, he couldn't have possibly 
thrown Dahlia over the bridge. But Valerie testified anyways, and that's
why he was sentenced to death. When he finally managed to escapr, only 
one thing was on his mind: he was going to ask Valerie why she had 
betrayed him. They were going to split the value of the ore between the 
three of them after all. As Mia and Diego ponder what sort of motive 
Foster may have, they head back into court. Oh, and the ore in question 
(though it's just an image for reference) will be added to the court 

Foster is back up, and raring to go. So is Edgeworth. Time to take her 
smile away. She'll now testify about her motive.

-I... I was out of the country until the year before last.

-Until I entered college, I had never been to Eagle Mountain before...

-And I certainly don't have any reason for wanting to hurt a police 

-Holding a grudge and killing the officer who testified against you 5 
years ago...

-Or kidnapping a poor girl... I just think the defendant is a terrible, 
horrible monster!

Start by pressing the fourth statement, the one about holding a grudge. 
"Press harder" when given the chance. Foster said that Fawles forgot 
what the victim looked like, and if SHE wore a white scarf, then SHE 
would have been the one to end up dead! Is this crucial? "Have it added 
to the testimony". Foster will now amend her testimony:

-I guess I'm lucky I wasn't wearing a white scarf.

Take a look at the Scarf. It's actually a light blue, right? It's not 
white at all! Present the Scarf against this statement. Now why did she 
think that it was white? Present the Victim's Note; it says "wear white 
scarf for identification". That note was a private piece of information,
so how'd Foster know of its contents? Present Dahlia's profile; the note
says to talk to her, remember? But that still doesn't solve why Foster 
knew of the note... Unless Melissa Foster is, in actuallity, Dahlia 
Hawthorne! However, we still need to link her to the crime, so present 
the Victim's Note again; if Foster is, indeed, Dahlia, then she would 
have enough of a motive to kill her own sister to keep her mouth shut! 
Mia will now request that Dahlia testify further as to the incident that
occured 5 years ago.

-Five years ago, I was kidnapped by Mr. Fawles.

-The ransom price was a raw diamond. My sister, Valerie, brought it to 
the bridge...

-After she made the exchange, she shot Mr. Fawles in the arm!

-That's when Mr. Fawles tried to kill me by shoving me off the bridge 
from behind!

-I survived, but I was afraid I might be kidnapped again for my family's

-So I decided to change my identity and start a new life...

That's just not possible. Present the Dusky Bridge Map against her 
fourth statement, the one about being shoved from behind; that bridge 
was broken that day too, remember? She would have been smashed by the 
rocks below instead of splashing into the river! Edgeworth counters that
she may have been shoved off the side of the bridge instead of being 
pushed from behind! That's impossible too. Why? Present the Witness's 
Photo; those guard ropes are as high as someone's waist; there is no way
that she could have been pushed from the side! There is only one 
solution: she jumped into the river herself! Why did she do that? 
Present the Diamond; that kidnapping was staged, remember? She may have 
wanted that money all to herself, and jumped into the river to ensure 
that's what happened! And this proves that Dahlia wanted to kill her; to
prevent the truth from ever becoming public knowledge! Dahlia counters 
that the defense has no evidence that proves that she planned her own 
kidnapping. There's only one option left: we must hear one last bit of 
testimony. As to who it is, present Fawles' profile; he alone would know
who he met on the bridge.

-That day... 4 PM... I stopped the car. I was in front of bridge...

-She wasn't there... So, I waited on bridge.

-I watched my car from bridge. I never put no body in that car!

-Finally, one woman came. She stood front of me.

-We talked... Then she left.

-That was... That was Valerie. Not my Dahlia!

It should come as no suprise that he's covering for his girlfriend. With
that said, present the Witness's Photo against his fourth statement, the
one about the woman coming; if she was at the other end of the bridge, 
then she would have arrived first! At this point, Fawles starts coughing
up blood! He said that he lost faith in Dahlia, and the other reason he 
went there was to retrieve a pendant (looks like the pendant from the 
first case, don't you think?). It must contain poison! Edgeworth wants 
to call for the medical team but too late; he's dead. THIS is the case 
that left Mia with some bad scars. Dahlia, meanwhile, left with a smile.

Back to Phoenix! He states that Dahlia smiled when she was finally 
convicted, and her reign of terror may not be over yet... Save your 

Case 5: Bridge to the Turnabout [TURNBRID]


In the office, Maya and Pearl are asking Phoenix to take them up to a 
channeling dojo in the mountains (people under 23 must be accompanied by
a chaperone 23 or older), and Phoenix keeps refusing themm, until he 
sees a picture of one of the nuns in the picture; she looks exactly like
his old girlfriend, Dahlia Hawthorne! Upon seeing this picture, he 
agrees to take them up. The "Oh! Cult!" New Year's Issue will be added 
to the court record. You'll now move to the "Main Gate" of the Hazakura 

That is one stout nun. She introduces herself as Bikini (No, she does 
NOT actually wear a bikini, you perverts!). Maya's already signed up for
the "Special Course", and Bikini seems a little suprised at that. First,
talk about the "Channeling Dojo". A channeling dojo is where spirit 
mediums train to increase their power and their finesse over spirits. 
Now, talk about "The other nun". It turns out that the Dahlia look-alike
is named Iris, and she's been a nun ever since she can remember. She's 
currently in the Inner Temple, preparing it for use. Move to the 
"Main Hall" now.

As soon as they enter, Maya spots the smell of potroast. Another person 
pops up and says hello. Pearl recognizes her as the famous picture book 
author Elise Deauxnim. It turns out that Pearl's quite the fan. Talk to 
her about "Elise Deauxnim". She won an award the year previous for her 
most famous story, "The Magic Bottle". It turns out that some anonymous 
benefactor sent her story to a publisher. They loved it, short and 
sweet, and asked Elise if they could publish it as a book. She also 
seems to have attracted an "apprentice", for want of a better word. He 
calls himself Laurice Deauxnim. We'll see what his real identity is 
shortly. Now ask "Why come here?". She's here to collect some ideas for 
a new story. She'd like it to have a sort of Japanese flair to it. Elise
will now excuse herself to help prepare dinner. Pearl will leave with 
her. Before they go, Elise will give Phoenix a map of the area. Said map
will be added to the court record. Head to the "Suspension Bridge" now.

It turns out that the "Suspension Bridge" is, in actuallity, Dusky 
Bridge! That means that we're dealing with the Eagle River all over 
again! Move to the "Inner Temple Gate" now.

Quite the harrowing trip. It turns out that the Inner Temple is in a 
pretty sorry state. Maya even says that it could collapse with even the 
slightest tremor! Oh well. Move to the "Training Hall" now.

We finally meet with Iris, and she seems quite suprised to see Phoenix. 
That's awfully odd. She'll leave before we can talk to her properly. 
Time to take a look around. Examine the scroll on the wall. It turns out
that it's a picture of Misty Fey! The crest on the top of the scroll 
proves that the person depicted is one of the masters of the Kurain 
School of channeling! It can only be Misty, since the scroll is only 
about 17 to 22 years old! The scroll proper will be added to the court 
record. We've done everything here, so move to the Suspension 

It's the Butz! What's he doing here? Apparently, HE'S "Laurice 
Deauxnim". Talk to him about this first. Larry says that he wanted to 
start over with a clear concience, and that's why he's changed his name.
See, the Mask*DeMasque case left him with some deep scars, and that's 
when he read "The Magic Bottle", the so-called "book of destiny". He 
goes further by saying that he felt purified. Talk about "Elise 
Deauxnim" now. Larry managed to take a photo of her, and will give it to
Phoenix; he's got extras. That photo will be added to the court record. 
Now talk about "Picture books". Phoenix doesn't think that Larry became 
an illustrator out of the sheer goodness in his heart. True true, as he 
has a crush on a certain nun, and it's NOT Bikini (really, who would 
have a crush on HER!?), so present Iris's profile. It's true, SHE is the
one he has a crush on. Too bad she's already taken. Pearl will barge in 
and announce that dinner is ready. You'll automaticcaly move to the Main

Pearl is still a little worried about Maya's well-being. Bikini reminds 
Iris of what she needs to do, and both Maya and Bikini head off to the 
Inner Temple. Elise will ask Pearl to spend the night with her, which 
is good, since there are still a few words that she can't quite 
understand. It's still cold like the dickens for Phoenix and Larry, so 
they'll return to their rooms for the night.

Phoenix is back up, having to go to the bathroom. He'll come across 
Elise, worried about Pearl; she never came to her room at all like she 
was supposed to. She leaves to keep looking for her. Phoenix will run 
into one more person, and that person is Iris, and she calls him Mr. 
Wright. Talk to her about "Iris". As stated earlier, Iris doesn't 
remember much besides her first memories of the temple. She comes to 
think of Bikini as her mother (looks like the ol' gal has a bit of a 
motherly streak to her). She's also never been to Ivy University (the 
school Phoenix and Dahlia went to). But she does take occasional trips 
down to the town nearby. Talk about the "Hazakura Temple" now. Iris 
doesn't seem to like spirit channeling. She tries to leave to ring the 
lights-out bell, but Phoenix stops her. He asks how she knows him by 
name, since he never introduced himself. She throws up a total of FIVE 
locks, which means that she's hiding some big secret! She'll finally 
leave, but not before leaving him her hood, which is added to the court 
record. Phoenix heads back to bed.

Suddenly, a scream is heard from the courtyard! It's Bikini, and Phoenix
sees one ugly sight: Elise is dead on the ground, having been impaled 
with the Shichishito from behind. Bikini asks Phoenix to call the 
police, and since he forgot his cell phone, he'll have to either find 
Iris (who has a cell phone), or use the pay phone by Dusky Bridge. 
Phoenix heads over there, only to find that the bridge is on fire! 
Phoenix tries to cross it, depite warnings from Larry. The bridge 
collapses under his weight, and Phoenix falls into the Eagle River, 
blacking out! Save your game.


*riiiiing! riiiiing!* Somewhere, someone picks up a phone and answers 
it, and Larry is on the other side of the line. If the bottom screen 
didn't tip you off, you're currently playing as Edgeworth, who, as I've 
recently learned, is the most popular character in Japan (with GS4, that
info may be a bit outdated...). Larry's in a bad state, saying that 
Phoenix is in the hospital, and he even goes so far as to actually ORDER
Edgeworth to charter a trip back to the states! Edgeworth really has no 
choice in the matter.

We find Edgeworth in the Detention Center, having already visited 
Phoenix in the hospital. Everything that we've collected as Phoenix has 
been passed down to Edgeworth. Which means that Phoenix wants Edgeworth 
to defend Iris, who has been charged with Elise's murder. Edgeworth 
agrees to hear Iris out. When she comes, Edgeworth thinks to himself 
that he's seen her before... Talk to her about "Iris". When Edgeworth 
voices his thoughts, Iris says that they've never met before, since she 
hardly leaves the temple. She says that she's there because she needs to
atone for her sins. Now talk to her about "The night of the crime". 
After dinner, she cleaned up and went to her room around 8:00. She later
left to ring the bell to turn out the lights at 10:00. Even though she 
was told to go to the Inner Temple, she instead went back to her room 
and stayed there for the rest of the night. She says that she was 
frightened by something. Now ask about "Frightened?". When Edgeworth 
asks what she was so frightened of, she'll throw up the first 
Psyche-Lock that Edgeworth has ever seen! Now ask about "Any idea?" Iris
claims that the incident occured due to spiritual power, but Edgeworth 
can't believe that. In fact, Edgeworth asks Iris if she killed Elise, 
but she denies it. Edgeworth can't believe it, but he's ready to take 
her case, but under one condition: that she tells Phoenix the secret she
desperately wants to keep hidden from him, and Edgeworth tells her that 
he'll only continue to suffer until he finds the truth. It's hard for 
her, but she agrees, and Edgeworth now has his first client as a defense
attorney. Move to the Suspension Bridge now.

It's Gumshoe! We haven't seen him for quite some time! Edgeworth groans 
as he learns that Gumshoe's in charge, since the big man himself is 
back on the proverbial campus. Anyways, we can't go to the other side, 
since the bridge is still out. And, it appears that Edgeworth has no 
idea who Godot is after all! Talk to Gumshoe about "What happened". 
Gumshoe says that Bikini saw the entire thing, and she's set to testify.
Now talk about "Dusky Bridge". Gumshoe says what I just said, that the 
bridge is uncrossable at the moment. It'll take at least a day to fix so
that we can get across. Gumshoe says that the bridge was hit by a 
lightning bolt, and that's why it went up in flames. Now talk about 
"Prosecutor Godot". Gumshoe says that even though he's a rookie, he's an
iceman in court. Gumshoe also says that Godot has it out for Phoenix. 
The cause of this grudge is still unknown. Now talk about "Lightning". 
Even though Edgeworth doubts it, Gumshoe has the data verifying that 
lightning struck the bridge. Said data will be added to the court 
record. Now move to the Main Gate.

Larry's here, and Gumshoe seems quite shocked that Edgeworth is going to
DEFEND someone for a change! Talk to Larry about "Iris". He's positive 
that Iris didn't murder Elise, and that concerns Edgeworth a bit (you 
and me both, buddy). Now talk about "The night of the crime". Larry 
seems to take the question the wrong way and tells Edgeworth to buzz 
off. Well, considering what happened last time, I don't think that it's 
all that suprising that Larry throws up a Psyche-Lock to defend himself.
Move to the Main Hall. We'll take care of Larry later.

It's Bikini, and she seems a bit distraught. When Edgeworth asks her 
where he can find a lady in a bikini, suprise, suprise, Gumshoe informs 
him of her name. Talk to her about "The night of the crime". After 
dinner, specifically 9:00, she took Maya to the Inner Temple, and a 
couple of hours later, she saw the murder. But if she was supposed to be
at the Inner Temple, why wasn't she? Now talk about "What you saw". She 
saw one person stabbing Elise in the back, and the person she saw was 
Iris. Bikini doesn't want to believe that Iris actually killed someone. 
Now talk about "Why return?". Bikini says that her back was acting up, 
so she took a bath to relax. But Bikini says that Iris was looking after
Maya, which doesn't mesh with Iris' account of the events that night. 
Now talk about "The acolyte". Bikini says that the training itself had 
yet to start, but more distressing is that Pearl is still missing after 
last night! Now present Iris's profile. Bikini says that she actually 
saw Iris at the Inner Temple, which is one big contradiction! Now 
examine the piece of paper in the corner of the room. It's a blackmail 
letter meant for Iris! That letter will be added to the court record. 
Now move to the courtyard.

Edgeworth confirms that he'll be defending Iris tomorrow, and Gumshoe, 
with his tendancy to blab, will still give him the goods. Talk about 
"The victim". Her history is shrouded in mystery, barring the award she 
won last year. Her estimated time of death was between 10 and 11 that 
night. She died from a loss of blood, due to a stab wound from the 
murder weapon. But the strange thing was that her body was covered with 
bruises, all post-mortem. The autopsy report will be added to the court 
record. Now talk about "What happened". It's just a summary of events. 
Now talk about "Tomorrow's trial". It turns out that Godot's still 
missing, and because of the risk that he'll be spotted as a prosecutor, 
he's arranged for a different judge and a different prosecutor. Now talk
about the "Inner Temple". It's the only building on that side of the 
bridge, so it's essentially a land-locked island. Examine the 
Shichishito. It has the victim's blood on the tip, and it has Iris's 
fingerprints. The sword will be added to the court record. Now examine 
the brown thing in the snow. It turns out that it's Elise's staff, but 
its missing its signature amethyst. The staff will be added to the court
record. We have everything we need to break open a few Psyche-Locks, so 
head to the Detention Center.

Edgeworth says that it's his duty to answer the questions raised in a 
case. He also says that he knows what frightened her so much that she 
couldn't leave her room that night; present the Note to Iris. And that 
means that one lock has been smashed to pieces! Iris says that even if 
she did have a secret, she would have no one that may have discovered 
it; present Phoenix's profile. She's got a crush on him it seems, and 
the feeling is mutual. Unlock successful!

Now talk about "Frightened?". When she got back to her room, the letter 
was there. It told her to go to Heavenly Hall or her "secret" would be 
exposed. She explains that Heavenly Hall is the name of a shack near the
banks of the Eagle River. There's a path that leads to it from the 
entrance to Dusky Bridge. Iris's Testimony is added to the court record.
Now talk about the "Inner Temple". Iris refutes Bikini's allegations 
that she went to the Inner Temple that night. Now head to the "Heavenly 

It turns out that this is where Larry was staying. It's time to take 
care of those pesky locks. But first, talk about the "Heavenly Hall". 
Larry only learned of it's existance the previous day. He was apparently
looking for a nice place to let his artistry run wild. Now talk about 
"Iris". He's postively determined on getting her hand in marridge! He 
hasn't asked her yet, though. But he doesn't want her to do anything 
that could hurt her. Now talk about "The night of the crime". He saw 
something incredible, and on-cue, those pesky locks show up once more.

Edgeworth declares that it's time that Larry told the truth. Larry 
agrees, and says that this amazing thing happened when the bridge was 
hit by lightning at around 10:00 that evening. But that's not the whole 
story, since those locks are still hanging around. Larry says that he 
was in his room by the main hall that night, but I hardly doubt it; 
present the Hazakura Temple Map. One lock will crumble. Larry refuses to
tell Edgeworth where he was, so Edgeworth will put the words in his 
mouth; when asked to show where Larry was, point to the Heavenly Hall, 
because it's the only place where Larry could have a clear view of the 
bridge! That's the way the cookie crumbles, or, in this case, the lock. 
Larry says that he was waiting for someone, so present Iris's profile; 
Larry already admitted to having the hots for her. When Larry asks for 
proof that he was waiting for Iris, present the Note to Iris; it says to
come to the Heavenly Hall, so only Larry would have written that note! 
Unlock successful!

Now talk about "The night of the crime". Larry says that it wasn't 
actually a blackmail note; it was a love letter. SAY WHAT!? The secret 
is actually their "love" for each other. Oy vey. Gumshoe, however, says 
that Larry is still hiding something, due to that "amazing thing" he 
talked about earlier. Now talk about "Something incredible. As Edgeworth
inquires further, Larry throws up even more locks! I guess the only way 
to get him to talk is to put him on the witness stand tomorrow in court.
Save your game.


In the lobby, Edgeworth tells Iris how Larry feels about her. She 
blushes, and says that she's not used to that sort of thing. In any 
event, it looks like Bikini will be the first one on the stand today. 
Time to make a difference!

It's the Canadian judge! He's only met Edgeworth once, so he doesn't 
question his presence as a prosecutor who's defending a murder suspect. 
The prosecutor's bench is eerily quiet, and as the judge prepares to 
hand down the verdict, a familiar "Objection!" fills the room. No, it's 
not Godot. It's Franziska von Karma! If you'll remember from the last 
game, Franziska was Phoenix's prosecuting rival back then. She came to 
beat Phoenix, but since he's out cold, it's now the perfect moment to 
show Edgeworth what she can really do! She outlines the facts of the 
case, and the Crime Photo will be added to the court record. As her 
first witness, Franziska will call Bikini to the stand. She'll testify 
as to the events that night.

-That night I was helping an acolyte with her training in the Inner 
Temple. But...

-Well, as you can see, my back likes to act up. Violently.

-So, I left Iris to help the acolyte, and returned to Hazakura Temple.

-There's no bath at the Inner Temple, you see, and I needed a long, hot 

-After I had finished, and just as I was heading back... that's when I 
saw it!

She could not have seen Iris at the Inner Temple that night, since she 
was in her room the entire time! Present Iris's Testimony against 
Bikini's third statement, the one about seeing Iris at the Inner Temple.
Franziska counters by saying that the defendant is clearly lying! 
Edgeworth counters by saying that if she was lying, she would have said 
that she went to the Inner Temple, making that a much better alibi. 
The judge agrees and calls Bikini's memory into question. But he'll ask 
Edgeworth for a more decisive piece of evidence, and as such, Bikini 
will amend her testimony:

-Iris came to the Inner Temple. She was dressed exactly as she had been 
at dinner.

No, she wasn't. She had met Phoenix and given him her hood, remember? 
Present Iris's Hood to counter this new statement. Bikini counters by 
saying that she makes a few too many hoods, so they're effectively 
spares. She counters herself, however, by saying that only one nun gets 
one hood in her entire lifetime. That squashes Franziska's objection. 
Bikini will now testify as to what she saw after her bath that night.

-I finished my bath around 11, and I thought I should return to the 
Inner Temple.

-And as I was walking back... I heard a noise from the courtyard. I took
a look and...

-Iris was...! Oh, Mystic Elise! And with that sword, of all things!

-Mystic Elise was staying in the corner room, which faces out onto the 

-The stabbing I saw must have occured after she was pushed out of her 

That's not possible. Take a look at Elise's Autopsy Report. It says 
quite plainly that the bruises are post-mortem, that is, they occured 
after she died. Present Elise's Autopsy Report against Bikini's last 
statement, the one about Elise being pushed before she was stabbed. The 
judge helps Franziska by saying that the victim was killed in her room 
first, then thrown into the courtyard, upon where the weapon was removed
from the body. The judge will then ask Bikini for a little more 

-When I looked across at the scene, the sword was already in place.

-Thinking about it now, I didn't actually see her stab Mystic Elise.

-I've never seen so much blood before...

-That's when I fainted. You can't blame me, can you?

-And when I awoke... Mystic Ami was... stabbing Mystic Elise in the 

There's no clear contradiction this time, so press her third statement, 
the one about the blood. Bikini saw some of the blood get onto Iris, and
Franziska confirms. "Press further" when given the chance. Bikini says 
that she saw Iris pull the sword out of Elise's body. The judge will now
ask Bikini to amend her testimony:

-I saw the instant in which the blade, plunged in to the hilt, was 
smoothly drawn out.

That's one fatal contradiction. Look at the Shichishito; it only has 
blood on the tip of the blade. Furthermore, its many branches make it 
impossible to stab someone all the way to the hilt! Present the 
Shichishito against this new statement. There's only one conclusion: the
murder weapon was NOT the Shichishito as originally thought! Franziska 
counters by saying that Bikini saw the murderer use a sword-like object.
Edgeworth, in turn, counters by asking the prosecution present this 
object, as the police searched all over for one. Franziska concedes that
such a weapon was not found. Bikini then remembers that Iris might have 
disposed of such a weapon, and Franziska has her testify to that effect.

-I saw the murder at around 11 PM...

-And after asking that it be reported, I went out to the Main Gate.

-And there... I saw tracks! Tracks that indicated the snowmobile had 
been used!

-It takes 15 minutes to walk to Dusky Bridge, but less than 5 using one 
of those!

-Maybe they threw the weapon into Eagle River and came back while I was 
knocked out!

-...Iris could have done that. She can drive a snowmobile after all...

Franziska confirms that there were tracks in front of the Main Gate, and
she has the photo to prove it, which will be added to the court record. 
Now then, present the Tracks Photo against Bikini's fifth statement; 
there's only one set of tracks, after all. Franziska counters by saying 
that it was snowing that night; the second set may have been covered by 
the snowfall! "There is a contradiction" in her argument, however. Prove
this by presenting the weather data; it says that it had stopped snowing
by the time of the murder. Franziska counters that the weather is 
unreliable, and therefore, some inaccuracies must be accounted for. To 
prove that it had stopped snowing by that time, present the Crime Photo;
Elise's body was not covered by the snowfall, remember? Bikini says that
the keys to the snowmobile were held by the defendant that night, so 
only she could have used it. But when she left the Inner Temple that 
night, there was nothing by the bridge at all. The judge is about to 
call it a day, but there's one more person that needs to be put on the 
stand. Present Larry's profile; he was there that night as well and 
awoke due to the thunder. He could have seen the snowmobile! The judge 
will order a recess while Larry is found. Save your game.


When Edgeworth asks Iris why she used the snowmobile that night, she'll 
stop him with another array of Psyche-Locks. Looks like she's still not 
ready to tell us everything. Time to see how "Laurice" holds up on the 

As soon as Larry is called up, he gets whipped by Franziska! Apparently,
he was sketching her from the gallery, and she noticed and got pissed at
him. He'll be forced to testify about what he saw that night.

-I was at that lodge out in the mountains, looking up at the stars that 

-I walked to the bridge a number of times, but...

-I didn't see a s-snowmobile!

-I didn't meet anyone at the bridge that night!

Larry, you are truly pathetic. Present Phoenix's profile against his 
last statement, the one about not seeing anyone at the bridge that 
night; as Phoenix, we saw him there, remember? Edgeworth asks that Larry
testify again, and he'll agree to it.

-I went to the shack at around 9, so it would have been about 10:30 

-I was lying under my bedding when a white flash almost blinded me!

-I looked out the window... and Dusky Bridge was on fire!

-There was still some thunder, but I went right away to check it out.

-That's when I ran into Nick.

No contradictions here, which means that Larry's doing something right 
for a change. Press his fourth statement, the one about the thunder 
still there. It took him about 5 minutes to get to that bridge. Ask him 
"Why didn't you call anyone?". If Larry had a fire on his hands, he 
would've called someone for help, but he didn't! Why? Larry will amend 
his testimony to reflect this reason:

-I arrived at the bridge, and Nick showed up less than a minute later.

Not possible. Present the Weather Data against this new statement; if 
Larry got there at around 11, the murder had already happened, and 
Phoenix was still in the courtyard. Even if the murder occured before 11
rolled around, the bridge would still have been on fire, since it took 
until 11:15 to die down! That means that we're dealing with a 15-minute 
gap here! Larry will testify about the gap.

-I'm a Deauxnim. I'm an artist! What do you think I was doing?

-Sketching! In front of the bridge! I was whipped up into a frenzy of 

-The shock and awe that I was feeling... I transferred it all directly 
onto the page!

-...Before I realized it, the flames had gone out and then he came 
running up.

Press his second statement, the one about him sketching in front of the 
bridge. It seems that he was sketching the bridge and anything 
associated with it. Choose to "Look at the sketch". The bridge is in the
sketch alright, but so is Iris! That sketch will be added to the court 
record. Larry will now amend his testimony:

-I saw Iris flying! Her white hood fluttering!

Wrong-o. Present Iris's Hood against this statement; she had already 
given it to Phoenix that night before the murder. Larry says that he has
proof that Iris really flew, and he'll testify to that effect.

-When I reached Dusky Bridge, she was already gone...

-I was so worried! So I frantically searched all over for her!

-That led to me finding a beautiful crystal sphere, half buried in the 

-I'm sure that Iris was simply wearing a spare hood.

-After all, no one else could have lost a crystal sphere that night.

Befor the cross-examination occurs, the judge will notice that the 
crystal Larry found has blood on it! It will be added to the court 
record. Time to end this farce once and for all. Present the Photo of 
Elise against his last statement; her staff was missing its crystal when
it was found! Franziska can't accept the evidence because it cannot be 
proven when it was found! Can I prove it? "Yes, I can." To prove it, 
present the Crystal Sphere; Larry found it half-buried in the snow, so 
it must have been dropped before the murder, since it had stopped 
snowing by that time! Then that means that the murder did not take place
in the courtyard! Franziska counters that the body was found in the 
courtyard, and between the Temple and the bridge is a 15-minute trek! 
There was no time to carry the body! Counter by presenting the Tracks 
Photo; the tracks could have been started at the bridge and ended at the
Temple instead of the other way around! The judge is convinced that more
investigation will be neccesary. Edgeworth has done his part, now it's 
up to Phoenix to finish the job. Save your game.


Ahhh, Phoenix. How we've missed you. While we've been in court with 
Edgeworth, Phoenix has been reviewing the details of Mia's first case 
(Case 4), and now that he's had plenty of rest, he's now heading back 
out for some more investigation.

Looks like the bridge is still out. And Phoenix's cold is still 
lingering. Plus, it looks like Edgeworth was waiting for us. The murder 
weapon is still unaccounted for, and that will most likely be the issue 
tommorrow when court reconvenes. So, that means that there's still 
another sword out here that we don't know about. Edgeworth is heading 
back to the precinct to look into something; that something is Iris's 
background. Gumshoe heads off as well; he's in charge of fixing the 
bridge. Move to the main gate.

Well, Larry's here, but the more shocking thing is (to Phoenix) that 
Fanziska is here too! Talk to her about "Franziska von Karma", and 
Phoenix will give us a little refesher on her. She's still insistent on 
grinding him into dust, but not because of her father, legendary 
prosecutor Manfred von Karma's sake, but for her own. Now talk about 
"Today's trial". She seems shocked, because she fully expected to battle
Phoenix again, only to square off against her "little" brother (she's 
only 19!). She's here because of the special relationship the case has 
to Phoenix. Defeating him will mean so much toher. Awww... how cute... 
*crack!* Ahhh! I'm sorry! Now talk about "What happened". She read the 
case file on the flight back to the good 'ol US of A (The WHOLE THING!? 
Man, talk about dedication!), so she knows all about the details. Move 
to the main hall now.

Well, Bikini's here, and she seems quite depressed. However, she keeps 
calling Elise a "Mystic". Hmm... now why is that? Oh well. Talk about 
"Iris". She's lost a little faith in herself, due to Larry's testimony. 
If both of them still insist on their testimonies, then they both have 
some details that have gone awry in the telling. Now talk about the 
"Inner Temple". Bikini is still claiming to have seen Iris at the Inner 
Temple, which still doesn't mesh with Iris's version of events. She also
mentions that Eagle Mountain is an earthquake's favorite playground. 
Let's just hope one doesn't strike, lest the Inner Temple collapse. Now 
talk about "Elise Deauxnim". When Phoenix asks Bikini why she keeps 
refering to Elise as a "Mystic", she'll throw up a Psyche-Lock. We'll 
come back to that later. Now talk about "Pearl". Bikini never saw Pearl 
after dinner that night, which means that there's a high possibility 
that she's trapped at the Inner Temple with Maya. Now move to the 

Nothing here at the moment, so head back to the main hall. Gumshoe will 
announce that the bridge has been repaired, and Franziska will take 
Phoenix along with her (more like she's following him...). Move to the 
Inner Temple Gate now. The police are already here, and they're 
investigating like there's no tommorrow! Pearl is here too! Yay! But 
Maya's still unaccounted for. Looks like she's the only one who 
Franziska can't stand up to, so she'll whip Phoenix in compensation! 
Examine the heater now; there's no snow on it, and the ground around it 
is showing. There's nothing inside though, but its already been used to 
burn something! Move to the Training Hall now.

What a scene! The door's been padlocked with a trick lock, and Misty's 
scroll has been covered with something! Examine the trick lock first. 
Nothing will come of it, though, so examine the scroll. That splotch 
turns out to be gravy! The Hanging Scroll will be updated in the court 
record. Out of the blue, Godot shows up! Where was he all this time? He 
shows up and blows Franziska off, who whips Phoenix as compensation 
(AGAIN!). Ask him "Why didn't you show?". It seems that he visited his 
doctor, which caused his abscence. Without his mask, he'd be completely 
blind, and he can't see certain things even while wearing it! He even 
states that Phoenix knows when he died, and who did it, and Phoenix has 
the strange feeling that he knows what he's talking about. Now ask 
"Can't undo?" Godot, as leader of the search party for Maya Fey, says 
that chances are high that she's behind that padlocked door. But then 
again, the chances of her being alive have got to be close to zero. As 
Franziska calls Godot a fool, he'll say that as long as that trick lock 
is there, they can't go in and look for her. And he's blaming Phoenix 
for the death of his mentor, "Mia Fey"! Talk to him about this now. 
Godot says that even though her murderer was arrested, she still died! 
Phoenix was supposed to be there, but she still ended up dead! Now talk 
about the "Trick lock". We can't just break it off, since that might 
cause the temple to collapse! Plus, there's no key! The only one who can
undo that lock is Iris, since she was responsible for locking that door 
in the first place! Godot leaves, but not before saying that Edgeworth 
is the one bringing Iris. Head back to the Inner Temple Gate.

Well, Gumshoe is thinking about something. To wash "that" off, or to not
wash "that" off. He also says that the garden beyond the little gate is 
off-limits, so that means we should check it out, huh? Move to the 

Gumshoe is agahst that we've yet again violated orders. First, examine 
the red item on the ground. It's a pendant, and it has the Master's 
symbol on it! Gumshoe says that the pendant belonged to the victim, so 
it will be added to the court record. Now examine the lantern. It's 
Maya's name, and it's written on the lantern in blood! Now talk to 
Gumshoe about "The investigation". There have been a few things 
bothering the good detective, namely the lantern and the ground 
surrounding it. He had the crime lab go over them. Now talk about 
"Maya". Gumshoe says that there's nowhere else Maya could be, and when 
Edgeworth arrives with Iris, he'd like to speak to Phoenix. Now talk 
about the "Bloody writing". The blood is that of the victim's, which 
means that Maya could have murdered Elise! But why? With this, and other
clues, it's possible that the garden was the scene of the murder! Now 
talk about the "True crime scene". There's no chance that all of this 
was set up, since it was inaccesible when Dusky Bridge went up in smoke.
It's time to move back to the Main Gate.

Iris and Edgeworth have just arrived! They'll head off to the Inner 
Temple, but we should hurry along and see Bikini. Move to the Main Hall.

Fanziska seems to be genuinly sorry for Bikini's plight, and under the 
threat of the W-H-I-P, Phoenix is forced to help as well. But I'm afraid
that the time has come to unlock her secret.

Phoenix guesses that there was more to Elise's visit than what's been 
already told; it probably has to do with her real identity. To prove it,
present the Kurain Master's Talisman; why would she be wearing that? To 
add substance, present the Hanging Scroll; it has the same mark on it as
does the talisman, which means that Elise is, in all likelyhood, Misty, 
Maya's missing mother! And that means that Maya is now the Master of the
Kurain Channeling Technique! Unlock successful!

Now talk about "Elise Deauxnim". It turns out that Elise, a.k.a. Misty, 
arrived about a week ago. The talisman was proof that she was indeed 
the master. In fact, the master must wear that talisman until the time 
of their death. The reason why she came out of hiding... will have to 
wait, since an earthquake choses this moment to strike! Fearing for 
Edgeworth's safety, Phoenix and Franziska decide to head back. Move to 
the Main Gate.

It's Edgeworth! Looks like he still hasn't gotten over his irrational 
fear of earthquakes (If you've played the first game, then you'll know 
what I'm talking about...). It looks like Iris has escaped as well! NO! 
Wait. She may have gone to the Inner Temple to check on its condition! 
To the Inner Temple, and step on it!

Well, the place is still standing, but the room has been locked even 
tighter than before! What is going on here!? Save your game.


Edgeworth asks Iris to remove the locks. The problem is... she only 
planted one of them. By testing every method that could have been used 
place them, she could theoretically open them. However, the process will
take some time to finish up, probably a day at the most. Edgeworth will 
head out to the garden for some more investigation while Franziska stays
behind to look after Iris. But we can't let this chance slip by just 
yet! Talk to Iris about "Escape". It's just as we thought; Iris escaped 
to check on the Inner Temple's status. Now talk about the "Trick lock".
What's been said I already stated earlier, but I get the feeling that 
someone WANTED Maya trapped behind that door! Now talk about "The night 
of the crime". When Phoenix asks Iris how she could be at two different 
places at one time, she'll throw up a Psyche-Lock. We'll have to leave 
it for now. Move to the Garden.

Edgeworth is still looking pretty down. Talk to him about "The 
investigation". Unfortunately, Maya is being considered as a suspect as 
well as Iris. Now talk about "Earthquakes". It's really just a review. 
Now talk about "Iris". Looks like Edgeworth's hunch was right. However, 
Iris had nothing to do with "that" case. We don't have "that" woman's 
profile just yet, so let's check up on Larry.

Well well well. Both Larry AND Pearl are here! Looks like they're both 
losers. Why? Talk to Pearl about "Laurice's sketch". Pearl actually 
thinks that Larry's hit a home run with the sketch he drew. But the fact
still remains that Iris could not have flown that night. Now talk about 
"The night of the crime". When Phoenix asks Pearl what she did that 
night, she'll throw up another Psyche-Lock. Seriously, what's with all 
the secrets? Pearl can't say because her powers have disappeared! SAY 
WHAT!? Talk to Pearl about "Lost powers". The reason why she thinks so 
is that she tried, but failed, to channel a spirit. Well, nothing we can
do about the lock at the moment, so let's resume our chat with Bikini.

Phoenix fills Bikini in about the extra locks. Now, about Misty's 
reapperance. The reason she came out of hiding was because she intended 
to protect the main line of the family from a malicious third party. It 
turns out that the branch family have plotted to destroy the main family
line ever since the tradition was started! Talk to her about the "Kurain
Channeling Technique". Phoenix has seen Maya channeling so many times 
that it's impossible for him to not believe in it. Kurain's been in some
financial trouble ever since "that" mistake. "That" turns out to be 
DL-6. Talk to her about the "DL-6 Incident". This is basically a 
refresher, so I'm not going to talk about it. However, ever since the 
truth behind the incident was revealed 3 years ago, the Tradition's been
making a slow, but steady, comeback. Let's talk to her about this 
"Family feud" now. It may sound like the participated in that famous 
game show, but that's not the case. In fact, only the women of the Fey 
family can inherit the power to channel the dead. It turns out that Mia 
left not only to investigate her mother's disappearance, but she also 
left because she didn't want to compete for the title of "Master". See, 
she grew tired of the constant fights between Misty and her older 
sister, Morgan. In fact, Iris is Morgan's daughter! SHE'S WHAT!? Talk to
her about "Morgan and Iris". It turns out that Bikini didn't know that 
Pearl was Morgan's daughter as well. Bikini was wrong all along! Morgan 
had 3 daughters instead of two! Uh... what? Bikini says that Iris also 
has a twin sister. When Morgan's first husband left the village, he took
the twins with him. He was a jewel dealer, and he eventually remarried, 
and gave Iris to the Temple, since his new wife already had a daughter. 
With this new information, it's possible that Dahlia, that devilish 
woman, is Iris's twin sister! Head to the courtyard.

Gumshoe's humming to himself. Let's get some answers from him. Gumshoe 
shows Phoenix some scraps of paper. Talk to him about "The 
investigation". If Maya isn't found soon, then everything might be for 
naught! Now talk about "The letter". It turns out that it may have been 
burnt slightly, and Phoenix wants to take a look at it. It mentions 
spirit mediums, which can only mean that it's of vital importance! The 
Burnt Letter will be added to the court record. Now talk about the 
"Murder weapon". There's still the possibility of another blade having 
been used, and Gumshoe's brought along a "Secret weapon" to aid in the 
search. Talk to him about this. It turns out that the secret weapon is 
actually a metal detector. He'll ask Phoenix if he wants a go at it. 
"Play forensics expert". If you've played the last game, then this will 
be familiar. When you have the opportunity, place the detector over 
Elise's staff. It'll react, so "CHECK" it. It actually has a hidden 
sword in its shaft! Now talk about the "Murder weapon" again. There's a 
good possibility that the blade is actually the murder weapon, but 
Phoenix and Gumshoe decide to keep this new bit of info to themselves. 
The Victim's Staff will be updated in the court record. Let's go and 
see Edgeworth now.

Present the unknown profile to him. When Phoenix says that Iris's father
was a jeweler, Edgeworth will finally be willing to talk. Phoenix 
guesses that the other twin was Dahlia, and Edgeworth confirms. Talk to 
him about "Dahlia Hawthorne". It's mostly stuff that we already know, 
but Dahlia can't be involved since she's, well, DEAD. HUH!? Talk to him 
about "Dahlia's death". Well, execution is more like it. In fact, she 
was executed about a month ago. He's also made aware of the mother's 
identity, but he passes off the Technique as being all fraud. He'll find
out how wrong he is soon enough. For now, head back to the Training 
Hall. It's time to open Iris's Psyche-Lock.

Phoenix says that the moment of truth has finally arrived. Iris is still
claiming to have been in her room. Present Bikini's profile; she's still
insisting that she saw Iris at the Inner Temple. One lock will crack 
under pressure. The actual training itself was scheduled to start after 
10:00 that night. She left at around 9:40 PM, but that just doesn't cut 
it. Present Iris's Hood; she met Phoenix that night, remember? Yet 
another lock is broken beyond repair. Now the most troubling problem: 
Iris was seen in two different places at the same time! The answer is, 
of course, "There were two of you." Who is the "other" Iris? Present 
Dahlia's proflie; Bikini and Edgeworth told us that they were twins. 
That means that someone channeled Dahlia's spirit that night! Unlock 

Now talk to her about "The night of the crime". She knew that Dahlia had
been summoned that night, but she didn't interfere because she had 
already betrayed her once. Now talk about "The Traitor". Remember that 
kidnapping? Iris was supposed to be in on it too, it seems. However, she
lost her nerve and never showed up. Dahlia never even did it for the 
money. It was all about "Revenge". Talk to her about this now. It was 
all about Mr. Hawthorne abandoning Morgan, since she would never become 
the head of the clan. Everything in this case has its roots in the 
history of the Fey family. However, she doesn't know about Phoenix's 
role in all of this, it seems. One last lock remains. Head to the 
Heavenly Hall.

Phoenix decides to play a little guessing game with Pearl. First, point 
to the Inner Temple as to where Pearl was heading that night. Back it up
by presenting Maya's profile; she signed up for the special course, 
which is supposed to be grueling. #1 is going, going, gone! However, 
there's still a bit of mystery concerning what happened after she left 
for the Inner Temple. She left at around 9:30, but didn't get there 
until after 10. How did she know that? Well, she heard the bell. Was 
she listening for it intentionally? Present the Burnt Letter as proof; 
it said to call the spirit at 10. Yet another lock will crumble. Now, 
who was she supposed to summon? Present Dahlia's profile; she had been 
summoned that night. #3 will be utterly demolished. It seems that Pearl 
has no idea of the connection between Dahlia and herself. Now, who wrote
that letter? Present Morgan's profile; only she would have something to 
gain from this. 4 down, 1 to go! While Phoenix has no proof that Pearl 
carried out those instructions, it was definitely a child. Why? Present 
the Hanging Scroll; in the instructions, it says to "gravely roast the 
Master", but Pearl couldn't have understood the meaning of those words, 
and splashed gravy all over it. Unlock successful!

Now talk about "The night of the crime". Pearl didn't interrupt because 
Maya was already training by that time. She did, however, fall asleep. 
When she woke up, she was all alone. Now talk about her "Lost powers". 
She did try to summon Dahlia's spirit, but she failed. That leaves one 
of two possibilities: either Pearl has indeed lost her powers, or, more 
likely, someone had already summoned Dahlia. She keeps refering to the 
letter, so it's time to dig deeper. Ask about "Morgan's letter". On 
Pearl's last visitation with Morgan, she instructed her to find the 
letter at the manor. Pearl just doesn't seem to realize how serious all 
of this is. However, someone managed to find the letter before she did. 
But who? And why? That's when Godot decides to show up, and repeats his 
spiel about both Mia and Maya being dead. Phoenix just can't believe 
that Maya's dead, so the answer will be revealed tomorrow. Save your 


We still don't know anything about Maya, but isn't Iris supposed to be 
here? Via Edgeworth, Phoenix learns that Iris is currently talking with 
Godot, who has taken over from Franziska. Speaking of Franziska, she's 
currently at the Inner Temple with Bikini, undoing those trick locks. 
Will Iris really give out a confession? Time to find out.

It's the good 'ol judge we all know and love! Apparently, his brother, 
the Canadian judge, came down with a cold, so he's back in the Judge's 
stand. Godot will waste no time in calling Iris to the stand. She's here
to make a confession. She didn't murder Elise, but she did tamper with 
the body! That means her past tesimony was all a lie! Iris's Testimony 
will now be discarded. Iris did all of this to protect Maya Fey, who 
she claims is the real murderer! Everyone, it's time to FREAK OUT!!!

-I went to the Inner Temple that night and I saw it all happen in the 

-I saw Mystic Elise strike Mystic Maya with her staff!

-Then, while Mystic Maya was stumbling, Mystic Elise moved in to deliver
a fatal strike!

-Mystic Maya tried desperately to defend herself and stole the 

-It was only in self-defense! You can't blame her for it!

This can't be what happened! Start unweaving this tapestry of lies by 
pressing her third statement, the one where Elise moved in to deal the 
final blow. Elise, after disorienting Maya, grabbed a weapon from her 
robes. It was a dagger, according to Iris. But Godot will ask us if 
there's anything wrong with the testimony, so answer "There is one 
thing...", and Godot will ask Iris to add that statement to her 

-She threw her staff away and pulled a dagger from inside her robe!

That's puzzling. If there was a sword hidden in her staff, then why 
didn't she use that instead? Present the Victim's Staff against this new
statement. Godot counters by saying that the sword would be unwieldy in 
close quarters. Plus, as long as there's nothing odd about Misty wanting
to kill Maya, the testimony is bulletproof! I don't think so. Present 
Elise's profile when given the chance; we've already learned that 
Elise's true identity is that of Misty Fey. Why would Misty want to kill
her own daughter? It just doesn't make sense. Godot is one step ahead, 
as he had Gumshoe investigate further, and what he found was a small 
dagger. It most definitely has blood on it! However, the blood has not 
yet been analyzed, which means that it may not be the victim's blood at 
all! That dagger will be added to the court record. The judge will ask 
that Iris testify about the fight Misty had with Maya.

-Mystic Maya stumbled briefly after being hit over the head with the 

-But then she dodged Mystic Elise's next attack and stole her weapon!

-Suddenly Mystic Elise was the one on the defense with her back to the 
stone lantern.

-That's when Mystic Maya stabbed Mystic Elise!

-Mystic Elise managed to fling the knife away, but then... Then... she 

The contradiction is lying right out in the open. Present Elise's 
Autopsy Report against her fourth statement, the one where Maya stabs 
the victim; Elise was stabbed from behind, not in front! Godot counters 
by saying that she may have made a mistake due to the darkness! Grrrr! 
Not again! Godot will present the lantern itself as evidence, and the 
judge raises a huge fuss about it. Godot now has Iris testify about the 

-After Mystic Elise died... I called out to Mystic Maya.

-I thought that it was my duty to protect the future Master of the 
Kurain Tradition.

-So I removed the body from the Inner Temple by myself...

-I dragged it behind me all the way across Dusky Bridge.

-Then I used the snowmobile to carry it back to Hazakura Temple and...

-...I used the Shichishito to alter the way the wound looked.

Start by pressing the fifth statement, the one about using the 
snowmobile. She used that snowmobile to move the body from the bridge to
the main temple compound. Ask "About the tracks". It was still snowing, 
so the first set was erased. This testimony, "It's very important". Her 
testimony will now be amended:

-By the time the murder took place, the snow had already stopped.

Present the Weather Data against her fourth statement, the one about 
dragging the body through the Dusky Brigde; by the time it had stopped 
snowing, the bridge had already burned to a crisp! Godot counters that 
Elise's body was discovered in the courtyard, and Bikini saw Iris 
desecrating the body. Iris will be asked about how else the body could 
have been moved.

-Other than walking over the bridge, there's no other way to move the 

-So I... must have just... gotten confused, I guess.

-Was the snow still falling or had it stopped...? Does it really matter 
that much?

-Or are you saying that there is a way to cross a burning bridge?

Godot present a photo depicting Dusky Bridge after it had burned down. 
Said photo will be added to the court record. Now, onto the 

Actually, there WAS another way. As proof, present Larry's Sketch 
against her fourth statement, the one about crossing a burning bridge. 
Larry did see a body, but he may have remembered its orientation wrong. 
But is it exactly what happened? No, it's "a complete contradiction". It
contradicts the facts. As proof, point to the support wires on either 
side of the figure. Again, as proof, present the Dusky Bridge Photo; 
those support wires are below the bridge, not above it! That's why Larry
made a mistake! He saw the entire thing upside-down! That means that the
body didn't fly through the air, it was actually swung beneath the 
bridge! Exactly how a pendulum would act! But was it all planned in 
advance? Nope. As proof, present the Dusky Bridge Photo again; one of 
the wires is dangling below the bridge, as though it had been used like 
a pendulum! To prove it, present the Crystal Sphere; it came loose from 
the staff when it had been dropped! Godot counters (and once more, 
throws his coffee straight at Phoenix's head) with the fact that someone
had to be on the other side to recieve the body! Who was it? 

Present Iris's profile; there were two of them there that night, after 
all. Irisshould have known all about the pendulum... unless she's not 
really Iris at all! As to who she is, present Dahlia's profile; she's 
Iris's twin sister, and she could easily pass for her if someone was 
channeling her! Godot counters by saying that even if the channeling was
planned, there was no way for Dahlia to have switched places with Iris! 
Actually, "There was one..." As proof, present Edgeworth's profile; due 
to the earthquake, he blacked out, and Iris ran off to the Inner Temple 
to check its condition. She could have switched places with her there!
The witness admits it. Her real name is Dahlia Hawthorne, and she's been
trying to frame Maya for murder all this time! Things are going to get 
crazier before they get saner... Save your game.


Right away, the judge asks for Dahlia to give her testimony regarding 
the plan that was to take place that night. She agrees; after all, she's
dead, so she can't be punished by law.

-...The whole plan began with my death.

-A stupid plan hatched by Morgan Fey to install her own daughter as the 
next Master.

-But for it to work... Maya Fey would first have to die.

-The idea was for me to kill Maya and then have the blame pinned on 

-The plan went wrong... but it seems to have succeeded anyway.

We must learn all of the details of this plan. First, press the first 
statement, the one about dying. She was hung from the gallows as the 
method of execution. Last year, Morgan had been transfered to Dahlia's 
cell, and it was there that Morgan revealed her plan. Next, press the 
statement about Pearl becoming the Master. She may not have been killed,
had the twins displayed any sort of spiritual power. But they didn't, 
and she considered them to be disposable. Next, press the statement 
about Maya having to die for the plan. Pearl was forced into the plan by
her mother, and she would unknowingly become the next Master had Maya 
been murdered. Now, press the statement about pinning the blame on Iris.
Had Dahlia used Pearl's body to kill Maya, anyone witnissing the event 
would think that Iris had killed Maya instead! Now, press the statement 
about the plan going wrong, but succeeding. She says that Maya is 
dead, not entrapped. She was just using Morgan's plan for her own gain. 
She will now amend her testimony:

-Do you understand why I would kill Maya Fey now? What my goal was?

Don't ask her. Tell her by presenting Mia's profile; it was all for 
revenge. Revenge on her nemesis for having her arrested and executed. So
she decided to kill Maya, and, by doing so, harm Mia's ego. She chased 
down Maya after Bikini left them alone, but she doesn't remember 
stabbing Maya. It was later that she learned that Misty had been the one
to summon her spirit. Thus, she assumed that, when she had been 
channeled later, Maya had killed her own mother, and, in grief, commited
suicide. With no heir of her own, the blood of the Main Family has 
disappered forever. Godot then recieves a phone call and announces that 
the Sacred Cavern has been opened, and a body had been retrieved. The 
body wasn't that of Maya Fey; it was that of Iris. This news seemingly 
confirms Dahlia's theory, and Maya must be dead.

This is when Godot objects. He tells Phoenix to return from la-la land 
and consider the facts. If Maya had jumped when the bridge was out, then
it would have been from the Inner Temple, and that would be impossible. 
To prove Godot's theory, present the Hazakura Temple Map; if she had 
jumped from that side, then her body would have hit rock bottom - 
literally! Now, this begs the question, "where is she now?" She's "in 
this very courtroom." That's right, there's no where else she could be 
but here! Phoenix goes further by saying that it's not Pearl that's 
summoning her spirit; present Maya's profile. This is the only way she 
could make it out of the ordeal alive! Pearl then summons Mia, who 
confirms his theory. She goes on to utterly humiliate Dahlia, and, in 
rage, returns to where she came from.

The judge, who had unbelievebly followed all of these events, is about 
to declare Iris Not Guilty, when Godot objects! We still have no idea 
who really killed Misty that night! To that end, he'd like to summon 
Maya as the last witness, and the judge agrees, calling a recess to 
allow her to recuperate. Back in the lobby, Iris admits to having 
altered the body, but she's not willing to reveal the killer's name. 
After she leaves, Mia shows up and says that she's already told Maya the
truth. She also knows that Phoenix knows the killer's identity. It's a 
gut feeling, but it was most likely someone that was stuck at the Inner 
Temple as well. There are still a few mysteries left to solve, and when 
court reconvenes, those questions will be answered once and for all! 
Save your game.


Before Maya gets called up to the stand, the judge will anounce the 
results of the blood tests: the blood on the dagger is not that of the 
victim's! However, they only had enough time to compare the blood stain 
on the dagger to Misty's blood. We STILL don't know whose blood it is! 
The Dagger will be updated in the court record. The judge will ask Maya 
to testify about what happened that night.

-I was going to a spare prep room when it happened as I was passing 
through the garden.

-Suddenly, someone struck me over the head...

-I stumbled... and ended up against the stone lantern.

-I think I screamed, "Help me!"

-Then, something warm splashed over me...

-That's when... I lost conciousness.

That's one vauge testimony. Unfortunately, we still have to 
cross-examine her. Start by pressing her fourth statement, the one about
screaming for help. She screamed because it was her last hope. Ask her 
about "my last hope". She was screaming to the person behind her 
attacker! She'll try to take it back, but it's no use, and she'll be 
forced to amend her testimony:

-I could see a man behind my attacker by the light of the stone lantern.

Remeber what Godot said earlier? He said that the lantern's wick was no 
good, so it couldn't have been used that night! Present the Stone 
Lantern against this statement. But how DID she see thad second person? 
Try to remember the end of Case 3; when Tigre roared the lights out, 
Godot's visor was glowing in the dark! Maybe HE was the one she saw! 
Present Godot's profile as proof of who she saw. Again, Maya tries to 
cover for Godot! Understandable, since he saved her life that night! She
says that she thought it was a man for a different reason! Godot has her
testify about this reason.

-...When I came to, I was just lying there on the Training Hall floor.

-By the time I got back to the garden, the place had totally changed...

-The torches were lit... And the body was gone.

-And all of the snow around the stone lantern had been carefully cleaned
up, too.

-Since the person did all that work alone, I just assumed it was a 

It's still a litte vauge. Start by pressing her third statement, the one
about the torches being lit and the lack of a body. Phoenix suspects 
that the killer lit those torches. But then, why was the body moved? The
only one that act would benefit from was Maya! Now press her fourth 
statement, the one about the snow being cleared up. Now that is one odd 
act, especially considering that the area itself was odd. But if there 
was blood in the snow on the ground, then why shovel away all that snow?
Now press her second statement, the one about the scene having been 
altered. When Maya saw all of that, she felt like whoever doing it was 
protecting her, and she'll add a statement about this to her testimony:

-I think it was for my sake that they cleaned up any and all evidence of
what happened.

Wait just a sec! If they had wanted to protect her, why didn't they 
clean off those bloody letters on the lantern? Present the Stone Lantern
against this statement. To answer the question of why, as improbable as 
it may seem, say "The killer didn't notice it." Again, think back to 
Case 3, this time when the apron was first introduced: Godot wasn't able
to see the ketchup stain. And later, during this case, he claimed there 
was no blood on that lantern. Maybe, when presented against a white 
backdrop, he can't see the color red! Present Godot's profile as proof 
of this. This means that Godot is now the most likely suspect! That's 
why he moved the snow; he couldn't see the blood! Just then, Maya jumps 
in, still intent on protecting Godot! Godot himself jumps in, saying 
that after the murder, Maya channeled Dahlia's spirit, and thus, was 
unconcious for quite some time. Maya insists that she testify again, and
Phoenix agrees.

-Pearly was also stuck on the Inner Temple side that night!

-The next morning, she looked around, but couldn't find anyone.

-On the day after, when the bridge was finally fixed, she was in the 
spare prep room.

-That's when Mr. Godot arrived at the Inner Temple for the first time!

-He found Pearly first and cheered her right up!

Press her fifth statement, the one about Godot finding Pearl. Godot 
mentions the investigation, so ask about "Godot's investigation". The 
only thing that caught Godot's eye was Misty's picture on that scroll 
(he mentions her kimono). If he said what I thought he just said, then 
we've got him. Present the Hanging Scroll against Maya's fourth 
statement, the one about Godot's first visit to the temple; by the time 
the bridge had been fixed, that scroll had been covered by gravy! Godot 
wouldn't know who was depicted in the scroll unless he had seen it 
before, which means that Godot WAS there the night of the crime! Godot 
counters by saying that he had no idea of that plan! Counter by 
presenting the Burnt Letter; Pearl said that the letter had been opened 
before she found it. Maybe Godot listened in on Pearl's last visitation 
with Morgan! Godot counters by saying he had no reason to eavesdrop on 
Pearl and Morgan's visit! Present Mia's profile. Why? Because Godot is 
in actuallity... Diego Armando, former Defense Attorney! He admits that 
that is the reason; he was determined to protect Mia's sister, Maya, 
from harm. When he learned about the plan, he enlisted the help of the 
Hazakura Temple (via Iris), and Misty, Maya's mother. He hid at the 
Inner Temple just in case Pearl did summon Dahlia. Except that Misty had
summoned her instead, so that Pearl never could! But this explanation 
still doesn't prove that Godot actually murdered Misty! Phoenix asks 
Maya to testify one more time.

-...Just before it happened, I think I saw some red lights.

-I thought I'd ask for help, but... just then I was splattered with 

-She wasn't dead though... And she struck back at the enemy behind her.

-Suddenly, the red lights went out and the whole area was dark.

-...Just at that moment, there was a horrible scream!

-Right after that... Dahlia collapsed and I lost consciousness.

Press her fifth statement, the one about the scream. It wasn't Dahlia's 
scream she heard; it was probably Godot's. The killer must have stolen 
Dahlia's sword-cane when she retalliated! Actually, "There's a 
contradiction." Dahlia couldn't have used the sword, since it was stuck 
in her body! Then what DID she strike back with? Present the Dagger; the
blood is still unidentified. It could be Godot's blood on the tip of the
blade! Maya counters by saying that if Godot was injured, then we should
be able to see a wound or bloodstain; he was stuck at the Inner Temple, 
and he couldn't have packed extra clothes, because of the unpredictable 
burning of the bridge! So where is the wound? Present Godot's profile; 
it's most likely under his visor, and that would explain why the lights 
went out! Enjoy the ending, but make sure to present Pearl's profile 
when prompted.


I hope that you enjoyed the game as much as I did! I like to read aloud 
during these games, but it seems as though I strained my voice during 
my voicethroughs. Ah well. I STRONGLY urge you to buy the game when it 
comes to American shores so that we may have an opportunity to play 
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney!


Masterblaster02, signing out.