Super Mario Galaxy Wii Walkthrough (has spoilers)

Platform: Nintendo Wii
Release date: AU November 28 07 US November 23 07

Fully Copyrighted by Yoshifav 2007/08 ©
Version 1.0
Last update: 1/1/08 (American 1/1/08)

I also live in Australia. Just so you people know.

Even though this is my first guide, I am gettign a lot of positiveness
from a lot of people. Thanks!

0.) Table of contents

1.) Introduction
2.) Copyright info
3.) Updates (VH)
4.) Controls
5.) Characters
6.) Powerups
7.) Items
8.) Story
9.) Walkthrough
10.) Secrets/tips
11.) Story book 
12.) Glitches
13.) FAQ
14.) Credits
15.) Last message

1.) Introduction

First I'd like to say I am happy to provide you a walkthrough. It is my first
One on Gamefaqs. So I may accept that I will get e-mail that say I did poorly.
I will disregard them. If I need correction just email it to me. Now, to the 
game. This game is like a dedication to the Wii, its awesomeness, its coolness.
Since when do you find a Mario game like this? (Besides SM64) It is one of the 
Wii's masterpieces. Enough about the game, let me talk about the copyright

2.) Copyright info

Do's and donÂ’ts

1) DON'T ever steal my guide and post it on your website without my permission.

2) Do post my guide if I give you permission to do so.

3) If you see parts of my guide taken to other guides, do email me.

4) If I do see my guide taken to another website without my permission,
I will send a removal request. If it does not get removed, further action will
Be taken.

5) You can put it on your desktop or print this guide BUT however, don't sell
it for profit.

6) If you send me mail I will gladly read it if it is positive. If it is hate 
mail, it goes straight to the bin.

7) Send me mail if there is some part of this guide incorrect please. I will
change it ASAP.

8) You can also send me FAQ (frequently asked questions) and I will put it up
on the FAQ section.

9) So far this guide can only be posted on,,,, and 

That is about it I think. Let's move on to the Updates/Version history.

3.) Updates (VH)

1.00 (Mostly done)

28/12/07 (12/28/07) Started this guide all the way to the fountain. Fixed up
margins and a bit of punctuation.
29/12/07 (12/29/07) Continued from the fountain to the kitchen.
30/12/07 (12/30/07) Continued from the kitchen to Freezeflame's third mission
in the bedroom.
31/12/07 (12/31/07) At Gusty Garden, I was busy today so I only finished FF.
1/1/08 Because of the tiredness of NYE party, I only started Cheats and secrets 
section, finished the story book section and started the glitches section.
Started FAQ too and a bit of the credit section. ThatÂ’s all today
3/1/08  (1/3/08) Started from GG to the second mission of Dusty Dune. Yeah
I have been a bit lazy but yeah.
4/1/08 (1/4/08) Started from DD to Gold Leaf GalaxyÂ’s second mission, patched
up some mistakes and punctuation.
7/01/08 (1/7/08) Yeah, I was busy the last couple of days. Continued from GL
in the engine room all they way to the Garden dome. Started Deep Dark Galaxy.
8/1/08 (1/8/08) Nearly forgot to add the trial galaxies, I added them and 
finished the guide. Spellchecked mostly everything. But did not submit as I
was tired and it was late at night.
9/1/08 (1/9/08) Added the last messages section. Added the powerups and items
section too. Then I submitted it to GameFAQS.
11/1/08 (1/11/08) Updated guide after submitted in Gamefaqs. Also added more
allowed sites to use this walkthrough.
27/1/08 (1/27/08) Yeah I was on vacation most of the two weeks, I returned
today and adding more sites to use this guide.
4/2/08 (2/4/08) Added more FAQS. That's pretty much for now.

4.) Controls

Need Wiimote and Nunchuk to play SMG (Super Mario Galaxy)

A button: Jump
B button: Shoot starbits
D-Pad: Adjust camera and look
- and + buttons: pause 
Home button: leads to home or reset
1 and 2 buttons: Nothing, completely nothing.
Pointer: Point Wiimote at screen.

Analog stick: Move
C button: Adjust camera to Mario
Z button: Crouch

Z and A: Back flip
Z A and moving Mario: Long jump
Pressing A 3 times while running: Triple jump
Z while moving Mario: Crouch sneak
A and Z: Ground Pound
A against the wall: Wall jump/kick

Motion sensor Wiimote:
Shaking the Wiimote: Spin attack
Vertical: To control ball
Left and right sides: controlling a stingray.

Motion sensor Nunchuk
Shaking the Nunchuck: Spin attack

That's how you play. Onto main characters.

5.) Main Characters

Mario: He is the hero of all plumbers. He is short, he's fat, And HE IS MARIO!
Obviously the person you play as, rescues Peach.

Luigi: He is the second hero of all plumbers. He is tall, he's skinny and HE 
IS LUIGI!!! Mario's brother. If you fully complete Mario, 
you get to play as Luigi and rescue Peach.

Peach: A.K.A Princess Toadstool. We don't know if Peach is Mario's girlfriend.
She is always the damsel in distress. She is pretty, kind and ALWAYS
KIDNAPPED. Once again she is kidnapped by the evil Bowser.

Bowser: The KOOPA KING! Only because he breathes fire and has a spiky shell,
but anyway. He is gigantic he is back and tougher than ever. 
He is also much scarier and brutal. He has gone into the depths of space
this time. He kidnaps Peach and to make his own empire. He basically wants 
universe domination.

Silver Luma: He is a little cute star. He helps Mario by giving him the ability
to breathe in space and to do the spin attack.

Toads: They just like to hang around. You may find them in your adventures as
they give you hints to the power star, or find and give you the power star.

Rosalina: A somewhat universe queen. She is the 'mama' of the Luma's. She 
cares and watches over the Luma's. She controls the observatory your on.

Star pointer: It ain't noticeable by Mario at all. It helps you shoot starbits
and grab onto pull stars. 

Elder Luma: Rosalina's trusted advisor. Has been with her for a long time.

Now you know basically most of the characters. You will find more but there not
as important as these ones. To the Powerups.

6.) Powerups

Green mushroom: This is a 1-up. I think we all know what this does, it gives
you an extra live. Duh!

Red mushroom: This increases your health to six. Will reduce if below 4 back to
three. Other weaknesses are dieing returning to the star ship. (Observatory)

Bee mushroom: Transform into a bee to fly. There is a fly meter which will 
tell how long you can fly for. Weakness is to water or getting hit by enemies.

Boo mushroom: Transform into a boo to hover around. You can hover around as 
much as you want. Other Boo's will be attracted to you and if you get hit by 
them, you lose your powerup. Other weakness is light.

Ice flower: Transform into ice suit. Freeze water/lava as you walk on it. Your
spin attack won't work well and your jumps won't either. Can only have it for a
limited time.

Fire flower: Transform into fire suit. Spin to shoot fireballs at objects. You
can still get hurt by lava. Can only have it for a limited time.

Spring: Transform into a spring to jump around. WARNING: this is hard to 
control. You will jump about and you can do a high jump to reach inaccessible
heights. Weakness is getting flunged by a launch star or a sling star. Also
water is a weakness too.

Invincibility star: From the old Mario games. Turn invincible for a really 
short limited time. No weaknesses.

Red Star: YES flying! You can fly about by jumping then spinning in mid-air. No
weaknesses. Only lasts for a limited time. (More than Ice and fire flowers)

That is all the powerups in Super Mario Galaxy. Now, for the items.

7.) Items

There are items in the game where you use to attack enemies or some are other

Coins: Increases health by one. You donÂ’t get a star if you collect 100 of them.

Purple coins: Collect 100 of these for stars.

Green shell: Non-homing shell that can be used for throwing and swimming.

Red shell: Homing shell that can be used for throwing and swimming faster.

Gold shell: Homing shell that can be used for throwing and swimming much
faster. It is rare that you encounter these.

Box: Smash these to get coins or lives. 

? Coin: These activate many things. Who knows what surprise is next?

? Block: Contains 10 coins or 10 starbits if repeat jumping.

Starbits: Shoot these projectiles at enemies to stun them. Or feed them to a
hungry Luma.

8.) Storyline

Super Mario games do not really have a story because it is basically the same
all the time. Anyways let see what this game's storyline is.

''Every hundred years, a comet appears in the skies above the Mushroom Kingdom.

The comet was so large one year, it filled the skies and sent countless 
shooting stars raining down.

The Toads brought the shooting stars to the
castle, where they became a great Power Star.

It should have been a very happy time for the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom.'

''Dear Mario,

I'll be waiting for you at the castle on the night of the Star Festival.
There's something I'd like to give you.

                                                                 From Peach.''

9.) Walkthrough

NOTE: Star missions marked with a H next to the name means hidden star. L for
Luigi star, C for comet star and HH for another hidden star.


First daredevil run ever. It is easy, the thing you need to watch out is 
Topmaniac's spikes. Keep jumping and this should be a piece of cake.

Well done for beating Battlerock, did you like it?


From where you start, go underwater and find a shell. Then go to the part where
you see a penguin in front of a big crack in the wall. Throw the shell into
the cracked wall to open it. Proceed in and break the boxes to get to the 
launch star. Blast off onto the cyclone stone.

This can be tricky, there are Tox boxes and Thwomps. The first area is easy,
then the area with moving platforms is also easy. After that, it becomes
two Tox boxes in a area. Take the shortcut by jumping past the disappearing
platforms. Do the same for the next area. Now, pass the Thwomp and release the
power star. If you are having trouble, keep moving or else you could get 

What? Three stars already? Nintendo couldn't come up with much ideas for this
galaxy. Oh well, there are still three to go.


Choose the third mission, which is the secret undersea cavern. Now, grab a 
shell and surface. Remember the waterfall? Go there now. Once you are there,
go right until you find a chest. Break open the chest and launch off to a
waterfall island!

Here, there are Cataquacks, old foes from Super Mario Sunshine. Here, you
must lead one to follow you all the way under the ? coin, which is high in air.
Once you are directly under it, get hit and the Cataquack will send you up 
and getting the coin. Ice flower appears!! Grab it and go between the waterfall
that is much closer together. Here, wall jump up and keep on going. Soon you 
will face a pink piranha, defeat him as I think he will give you another ice
flower powerup to continue up the waterfalls. Now you are in a icy area.

Grab the ice flower then make the Cataquack follow you all the way to the end
this should have the star high in air. Get hit and the Cataquack will send you
in air, causing you to get the power star.


This mission is easy, easy and easy. There are five under water in the main 
area and the rest are in the main area. The purple coins will be either high
in the air or on top of a palm tree. Which are both accessible by spring 
powerup near the waterfall. Trust me, this is easy. The only problem is spring
powerup, be careful not to fall off the level though.


This is hard for many beginners, as this is the third mission, IN FAST MODE.

All I can say is, take it faster than you would usually would. The Tox boxes
are faster than you so it is a miracle if you can escape from them. This
will take a few tries I assure you. Just go crazy fast! Good luck!

There, Beach Bowl galaxy all done! Lets move onto a creepier galaxy.


Get ready for major kills. One of the hardest Daredevil runs in Super Mario
galaxy. The only tip here is what I said before. Keep running to avoid his
meteorite attacks. When he pulls spikes from the ground, you should see black
mist coming from the ground. That is the signal to stop and run the opposite 
way. Don't expect to beat him on your first try...

When you have beaten this, give yourself a pat on the shoulder.