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                        Epic Pinball's Android Pinball
                          Frequently Asked Questions

                                  Written By
                               Norman G. Sippel
                                 Version 2.00

With the growth in popularity of the IBM PC pinball game, Android, and its 
many requests for cheat keys, I decided to put this Frequently Asked Questions 
document (FAQ) together.  Please e-mail with 
any comments, questions, or additions.

As of Friday April 15, 1994, the FAQ Server at 
will be posting this document in the middle of every month on and

Trademark and Copyright Notices
All Android trademarks and copyrights mentioned in this FAQ are property of 
Epic Megagames and James Schmalz.  This purpose of this FAQ is to inform 
people, and it is kept in my spare time for no profit.

All material in this FAQ has been written by myself, Norman G. Sippel, or has 
been given to me.  The "Android FAQ" is my property with (C) 1993, 1994, 1995.

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but is not limited to, translations into foreign languages, mass archival as 
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uploading this document to non-USENET services.

This document represents the collective effort of many USENET pinball fans.  
We appreciate your honoring of this policy.

                            * Table Of Contents *

                                   PART ONE
                         The Original Android Pinball

                       I. What is Android Pinball?
                      II. Where can I get a copy of Android?
                     III. What are Android's keyboard controls?
                      IV. What are its missions and goals?
                       V. How do I hit ... ? (Strategy Section)
                      VI. What are its secrets?

                                  ** NOTE **
Please send in your best strategies on how to reach difficult tasks and 
areas--the strategy section is still being constructed.  (Your strategic tips 
will be added along with your name next to it.)

The biggest FAQ is "how do I hit the physical systems consistently?"  I have 
yet to come up with a solid solution, so one would be very much appreciated by 
all!  (I tried in this edition!:)

                                   PART TWO
                            Super Android Pinball

                       I. What is Super Android Pinball?
                      II. What is the difference between the
                          original Android and Super Android?
                     III. Where can I get a copy of Super Android?
                      IV. How do I hit the new targets?
                       V. What are its secrets?

                                  ** NOTE **
Since the Super Android part of the FAQ is still very new, this part is still 
being constructed.  Comments, suggestions, and corrections are wholeheartedly 
invited to be sent to me at

Reminder: Since the two games are invariably intertwined, I will keep the main 
areas and tasks in Part One, and the new areas and tasks in Part Two.  (For 
your convenience, if you don't see a question answered in one part, please see 
the other before posting questions or emailing myself.)

                                  PART THREE
                       I. How do I contact Epic MegaGames?
                      II. What would you like to see in the next
                          release of Android?
                     III. Credits! (Let's hear it for these folks!)

                                 * PART ONE *

I. What is Android Pinball?

"Android" is one of Epic Megagames' new pinball tables.  This FAQ covers the 
shareware version of Android which is available all over the Internet (and 
other networks).

Currently, there are two versions available through shareware: Android (The 
Original, and Super Android (  Epic Megagames' 
shareware policy does not allow both versions to be out at the same time, so 
Android is being phased out.  (So if you want to enjoy both, save them in 
separate directories on your hard drive and back-up both onto disk.)

Due to copyright concerns, as of this version of the FAQ, I will be deleting 
Epic Megagames' description of Android.  If you would like to see what it's 
like, I highly recommend downloading a copy of it--it's worth the time and 
effort to get.  For myself, it's one (or two? :D) of the few games I will 
always keep on my hard drive.

Android, simply put, is one of the finest pinball games on the IBM Personal 
Computer (PC).  The pinball acts as if it was real, and according to Epic 
Megagames, it is as fast as 60 frames/second.  It has bumpers, a kicker, many 
sinkholes, challenging ramps, and many many more features.  Most of the 
features have been covered in the other sections of the FAQ.

Remember: Android is shareware; if you like it, please pay for it.  Thank you.

II. Where can I get a copy of Android?

** NOTE **
These sites may not have the original game anymore, so while searching for
the original, keep looking for the name ""

Here are a few places to look (from a recent archie search):


    Location: /pcsoft2/msdos2/games/Epic
           FILE -rw-r--r--     707185  Nov  1 14:49


    Location: /pub/msdos/games
           FILE -rw-------     707185  Dec  8 04:34

III. What are Android's keyboard controls?

Key            Function
Space Bar      Shoot the ball, Tilt the pinball machine up
Left Arrow     Flip up the left flipper
Left Shift     Flip up the left flipper
Right Arrow    Shoot the ball, Flip up right flipper
Right Shift    Flip up the right flipper
Up Arrow       Scroll pinball machine viewing area up
Down Arrow     Scroll pinball machine viewing area down
M              Turn music on/off
P              Pause
S              Turn sound on/off
T              Adjust tracking (smoothness) control
Z              Tilt the machine right
/              Tilt the machine left
ESCape         Quit (Y/N)?

See "What are its secrets?" for cheat keys! :)

IV. What are its missions and goals?

Here are the three goals of the game:

[1] Hit the physical systems hole once to start activating the systems.
    Every time you hit all three targets, aim for the hole again to
    activate an arm, a leg, or other body part.  Once you finish the torso,
    there are no more systems to activate.  Collect Tests every time you
    activate an android part.

Physical Stages: (Note: All "M"s after numbers stand for million)
  Hit all three targets (marked 1, 2, 3) and physical stage hole to activate
    Left Arm
    Right Arm (Multiball & Jackpot)
    Left Leg
    Right Leg (Multiball & Jackpot)
    Torso (Multiball with 3 balls and Double Jackpot; Testing max is 247M)

[2] Move the ball through the rightmost ramp to activate the computer link.
    Every time you complete the targets, hit through the regular left ramp
    to get memory (5M, 10M, 15M, etc).  Once you complete all 3 targets,
    you can get BOTH goals [1] and [2], and then it resets.

Memory Stages:
  Basic Input/Output (I/O)
    5M - Start computer link-up and aim for all ramps

  Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    10M - Aim for all ramps and targets
    15M (Virus) - Hit rightmost ramp

  Artificial Intelligence 2 (AI2)
    20M - Shoot all red triangle paths

    35M - Sink the pinball into all the sink-holes
    15M (Virus) - Hit rightmost ramp

    Hit all three targets on the board (the 1, 2, and 3 switches)

[3] Collect points and jackpots.

Collecting Points:

There are many "points only" targets on the board such as the "Power Up" hole. 
Every time this hole is hit, one letter lights up at the bottom of the board 
(such as "P" or "W"); once all ten letters are lit, a jackpot of 10 million is 
awarded.  Another score-booster is aiming for the ramp that leads to the 
bumpers, and the red arrow for the middle lights begins glowing.  When this 
ramp is traveled, the ramp pot increases by thirty thousand and the current 
pot is awarded.  Another target is the IQ--IQ will never reach a maximum.  My 
personal high for IQ was 1100.

Multiball Stages and Jackpots:

After completing the arms, multiball (with two pinballs) will appear.  Aim for 
the second left-most lane (not the test lane or the return-to-the-bottom ramp) 
which will give the jackpot plus highlight the middle ramp's bonus.  After 
completing the legs, a similar multiball will occur.  Once the torso is 
activated, the final multiball will drop its three pinballs in the middle of 
the board.  Aim for the test lane for double jackpot.

Other Notes of Interest:

A. The middle ramp's bonus value starts at 100,000 and increases every time by 
30,000 when the ramp is lit.  (See "How do I hit ... ?" section for more 
information on the middle ramp.)

B. Fast PCs have silver flippers, and slow PCs have yellow flippers.  This can 
be switched in the OPTIONS menu.

C. Angles make the ball lighter or heavier.  Low angles for lightweight 
pinballs or high angles for heavyweight pinballs.

From Mike Brandt (
  Actually, the angle refers to the slope of the virtual pinball
  table relative to horizontal. The physics is different from that
  of lighter/heavier balls. For example, on a given slope, balls
  with different weights will accelerate at the same rate. But 
  changing the slope changes the acceleration.

V. How do I hit ... ? (Strategy Section)

    ... the Physical Systems Hole?

The best method I've found is to let the ball go through the left ramp and 
come down to the left flipper.  When it lands on the very edge of the 
flipper's tip, flip up, and it should go in about 50% of the time.

    ... the Power Hole?

Similar to the physical systems except that it should be in the middle of the 
left flipper.  After it leaves the hole, let it touch (for about a second) the 
flipper, and flip the ball up again.

    ... the Test Hole or Drop Targets?

Flip the pinball up through the middle ramp and let it land on your right 
flipper.  When it gets close to the tip, flip up, and it should head in the 
direction of the hole/targets.

    ... the Bumpers (more often after it is shot up)?

When the pinball is heading back down to the center of the board after 
bouncing around the bumpers, hit the Space Bar to shake the pinball machine.  
This will cause the ball to bounce around more and rack up IQ points.

    ... the Middle Ramp's light on?

Flip the pinball to the middle lane; this will activate the middle ramp's 
bonus.  After the initial 100 grand, the bonus increases by 30,000.

VI. What are its secrets?

To get an extra ball before playing, press F1 at the OPTIONS screen at the 
number of balls choice.  (See the extra pages in the help.)

These are not officially from Epic Megagames, but these debug codes in the 
shareware version will help you have some fun with the game.  All codes need 
to have escape (ESC) to be pressed first for the prompt; the responses to this 
prompt activates the cheats.  (The escape is included for quick reference.)

Codes      Purpose                                 Debug Purpose (theoretical)
                         The best cheats of the game:

ESC-B-N    * An extra ball is dropped during play. Test multiball.

ESC-J      + Using the cursor keys, the ball is    Test whole game and goals.
           under player control.

                           Interesting debug codes:

ESC-F9     A border appears.                       ? ? ? ?
           (Does not work for all monitors.)

ESC-F10    A screen capture to file SCREEN.PCX.    Advertising Purposes

ESC-F1     A parameter request prompt.             ? ? ? ?
           (Unknown parameters)

Footnotes from Mike Brandt (
  * This works on all tables in the registered version, except
    for Engima which crashes (albeit in a very colorful way)
  + This does not work on the registered version, including Android.

I have tested out all other keys, so there are no more ESC-(button) debug 
codes.  However, the ESC-F1 looks to be promising research material.

Other means of free balls:

DISCLAIMER: I do not recommend changing any of the files on pinball except 
when the Set-Up Program changes it.  Use at your own risk!!

From Steve Hastings (
  A good cheat you didn't mention: make a backup copy of the options 
  file.  Then change the number of balls. Then run "comp" or some similar 
  utility on the backed-up options file versus the current options file; 
  you will get a message that one byte is different, and the offset of 
  the byte.  Now use Norton Utilities or any other binary editor to patch 
  that one byte to a value of zero.  Presto: an unlimited number of 
  balls.  The ball counter will max-out at 9 and stay there, and you can 
  play forever.  I think I had a 5-digit IQ once when I was trying to get 
  past "Torso" to the next level.  I'll be bummed if there isn't one.

From Mike Brandt (
  Here is a QBASIC program which accomplishes the "edit the options
  file" cheat. Just run QBASIC (which comes with DOS versions 5 and
  up), type in the following program, and choose RUN from the menu.

   A$ = CHR$(0)
   PUT #1, 12, A$
   CLOSE #1

  Substitute the path that you have Epic Pinball in, if it isn't
  C:\PINBALL, in the first line. You can also change the zero in
  the second line to a number from 1 to 9 to set the number of 
  balls per game (the Zero makes it infinite.)

Balls Executable Program:
There is a program out on the ftp sites called "balls.c" and/or "balls.exe".  
It will give you unlimited balls, and it is rumored to be written by Epic 
Megagames.  The first two methods are dangerous because I'm not sure if they 
are copyright violations.  I would like to include the balls.exe file in 
uuencoded format, but I would like to find out from the powers that be.  Who's 
right about changing the files?  Who's wrong?  I am waiting for Epic 
Megagames' response to my e-mails.  My friend Darren has some comments on it:

From Darren 'The Hammer' Carlson ( 
  I think the FAQ is quite good. I wasn't aware of the debug codes that were
  available in the game.

  I can't see why you wouldn't be able to distribute the compiled code for 
  Balls.exe with the FAQ. Epic has the file in its Hints & Cheats Library on
  Compuserve in their Forum. I don't remember there being a note about not
  being able to distribute it but I may be wrong. I'll post a message in the
  Forum and see what the powers that be say about it.

Here is yet another viewpoint about the file changing:

From Mike Brandt (
  I noticed that you mentioned this in your FAQ; I find it quite
  surprising. After all, I bought the program from Epic, and I
  feel that I have the right to modify any of its files if I so
  desire; I have no intention of giving any of the files (modified
  or not) to anybody else. I will check Epic's licensing agreement.
  I do believe that you're not allowed to modify the shareware
  version *and then pass it on*, but modifying for your own use?

  Anyway, even if it is a copyright violation to modify the file,
  it should be ok to describe how it's done. (For example, growing
  pot is illegal, but I've seen _The Marijuana Grower's Guide_ in
  bookstores!) Just add a disclaimer. (I did add a disclaimer -- Ed.)

                                 * PART TWO *

I. What is Super Android?

"Super Android Pinball" is an updated version of Epic MegaGames' hit, Android. 
 It features several new scoring areas, bug fixes, and soundcard improvements.

NOTE: Super Android (SA) has replaced the original Android in most sites 
because of the shareware licensing agreement of Epic Megagames.  So if you 
have the original, keep it!  You will see why in a little bit.

II. What is the difference between the original Android and Super Android?

The Good Side
First of all, it fixes several bugs (or programming problems) with the 
original Android (i.e., running it under Windows instead of straight DOS).  It 
also has claimed to have a new and improved soundcard support and soundtrack.  
Epic has added several new tricks and areas to the game.

The Bad Side
Epic MegaGames, since the release of the original Android Pinball FAQ, has 
taken out most of the debugging cheats in the game.  (See "What are its 
secrets?" in this part for more details on this.)  The new areas and tricks 
are a treat, but they don't add anything to the tasks of the game, as I was 
hoping for.

III. Where can I get a copy of Super Android?

From Raymond Bingham (

IP Address:
Geographic Region:  Wisconsin     (USA)
Directory: /pub/msdos/games/uml/Epic

Geographic Region: Massachussetts (USA)
IP Address:
Directory:         msdos/Games/Epic

IV. How do I hit the new targets?

How do I hit ... ?

...the "Red Spot"?

This spot is above the left trangle near the flippers.  When you hit this, it 
lights up/turns off the Android Millions ramp.  You want to aim for the left 
triangle's center, and the pinball should hit it.

WARNING: This new feature has a nasty bug.  When you aim for the drop targets 
(the "1", "2", and "3"), it will affect the Red Spot only and avoid the drop 
targets.  In order to hit the drop targets now, you have to aim over it.  
(I.e., get the pinball into your right flipper.  Gently flip the pinball over 
the red spot to hit the drop targets.)

...the "Android Millions" ramp?

First of all, hit the Red Spot.  Next, aim for the left ramp.  It should drop 
down halfway, enter, and score an Android Millions bonus.  First, the bonus is 
one million, and it increments by a million after each successful hit while 
the pinball is in play during that turn.  It goes back to a million when the 
pinball has been drained.

WARNING: The pinball, after it goes into the Android Millions ramp and 
sinkhole, will sling back out from the "Power" sinkhole.

...the "Kicker"?

To activate the kicker, you need to hit the middle ramp three or four times in 
one turn (this is still not entirely clear quite yet).  The kicker will be 
available to save your pinball from left-sided drains, but it will only save 
two drains.  If your pinball goes through the left-sided drain, the kicker 
will "kick" it back out.

WARNING: Don't intentionally use the kicker.  You may lose your turn. =)

V. What are Super Android's secrets?

When Epic released the "Super" version of Android, it added some new features 
and took some old ones out.  The previous frequently asked question included 
its new features, and this one will deal with the removed features.  The 
following chart has what features are in it.

NOTE:  These are not officially from Epic Megagames, but these debug codes in 
the shareware version will help you have some fun with the game.  All codes 
need to have escape (ESC) to be pressed first for the prompt; the responses to 
this prompt activates the cheats.  (The escape is included for quick 

Codes      Purpose                                 The Result Of Using It
                         The best cheats of the game:

ESC-B-N    An extra ball is dropped during play.   A ball drops above the
                                                   left triangle.  Good to
                                                   activate the Red Spot.

ESC-J      Using the cursor keys, the ball is      Nothing. =(
           under player control.

                           Interesting debug codes:

ESC-F9     A border appears.                       A mixed red and white
           (Does not work for all monitors.)       border appears.  Can crash
                                                   the game.

ESC-F1     A parameter request prompt.             ? ? ? ?
           (Unknown parameters)

I have tested out all other keys, so there are no more ESC-(button) debug 
codes.  However, the ESC-F1 looks to be promising research material.

As you can see when you compare this to the other chart, the pinball control 
and screen capture has been taken out.  The mysterious ESC-F1 is still in 
there though--can we say password? =)

                                * PART THREE *

I. How do I contact Epic Megagames?

SNAIL MAIL: Check out the "Read This!" section for the other addresses, but 
here is the USA address:

Epic Megagames
10406 Holbrook Drive
Potomac, MD 20854 USA

ELECTRONIC MAIL: Here are two important addresses to remember:

Raymond Bingham (Net Rep for Epic Megagames)
Tim Sweeney (President of Epic Megagames)........????