.hack//G.U. Volume 2 - Reminisce

- Guide and stuffs.
	- by Zer0


This guide is written and compiled by Zer0 (Again -.-). This is not a sole work
of just Zer0 though, by any stretch of the imagination. Many people from the 
dothackers forums helped me write this guide. Check them out: www.dothackers.net

Special Thanks to:
DualReact (For his Doppleganger stuff and for the Ryu Books :D)
TsukasaElkKite (For translating the Keyword list! Good show!)
An0maly (For the Doppleganger weapon effects)
jowyz (For that awesome Lucky animal guide and bike guide!)
stammig (For the Twin Sword Doppleganger Weapon Effects)
Dot Hack Haseo (For the keywords :D)
Mystre Man (For that Monster list O_O)
Fallen_Hero (For that Adler key area :D)

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       Topic                            Codes
--------------------                  ---------
 1. Introduction/FAQ .................. INTRO
 2. Item Guide ........................ ITAM
 3. (Un)Lucky Animals ................. LUCKI
 4. Weapon/Armor Guide ................ ARMOUR
 5. Monster Guide ..................... MONSTA
 6. Avatar Battle Guide ............... AVATR
 7. Ryu Books ......................... RYUH
 8. Lost Weapons ...................... LWEAP
 9. Doppleganger ...................... DOPPIL
 10. The One Sin ...................... 1CIN
 11. Bike Missions .................... BIKEY
 12. Keyword Guide .................... KIWORD
 13. Contact Info ..................... CONTAKT

Phase 1 - Introduction/FAQ (INTRO)

Welcome to the Guide (And stuffs) for .hack//G.U. Volume 2 - Reminisce.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I change between Saku and Bo?

A: The appearance of Saku/Bo depends on Haseo's level. Even = Bo, Odd = Saku.

Q: For the Shadowless quest, how do I tell the wolfs apart?

A: Only one has a shadow

Q: What is the Terminal Disc?

A: The Terminal Disc is a DVD that explains the previous four .hack games, and
brings people up to speed on .hack. As you play along the three .hack//G.U.
games, more videos become unlocked, and you can watch more and more.
Unfortunately, the Terminal Disc was only included in the Pre-Order Special
Edition of .hack//G.U. Volume 1. You might be able to find it on E-Bay.

Q: Where can I get the Haseo Action Figure?

A: The Haseo action figure was also a Pre-Order Special Edition only
exclusive. Sorry. Don't worry, you're not missing out on much.

Q: Does anything special come with this game?

A: Yes. The first episode of .hack//ROOTS.

Q: What's the max level I can get?

A: 100.

Q: What's the max Weapon Points Level I can get?

A: 50.

Q: This guide rocks! Are you going to do one for Volume 3 when it comes out?

A: Yeppers. Based on the amount of E-Mails I get, I'd say people like these. :)

Q: Is there any way I can help?

A: Sure! Come join the dothackers forums and you can post information you
have that we might not. This is a community effort, after all, and everyone is
invited to help! =D

Q: When is Volume 3 coming out in English?

A: We hope for October of this year! O_O!

Current version:
- 0.1 - December 21st, 2006
  - Wrote the Introduction
  - Finished the Doppleganger section
  - Began the Ryu Books section
- 0.2 - Febuary 12th, 2007
  - Added the Avatar Battle Section
  - Finished the Ryu Books section
  - Eagerly awaiting Volume 2 in America
- 0.3 - Febuary 21st, 2007
  - Had enough of the bullcrap, I imported Volume 2 from Japan and beat it.
  - Added the Lost Weapons Section
- 0.4 - April 08th, 2007
  - Added the keyword guide. Woot.
- 0.5 - April 13th, 2007
  - Added the One Sin section. Hoorah.
  - Removed that stupid "Max Skill Level" question
  - Added a question "What comes with this game?"
- 0.6 - May 11th, 2007
  - Woot! The game is out! And so the Guide revision BEGINS :D!
  - Revamped the Lucky Animals Guide
  - Updated the Doppelganger section
  - Added a question in the FAQ for the Shadowless Wolf Quest
  - Added the Bike Missions section
- 0.7 - May 12th, 2007
  - Took a little break to play the game, and everyone posted everything XD
  - Added the Bike Missions Guide
  - Added the Sakubo Question
  - Updated the Lucky Animal section with a website to help
  - Based on the amazing speed we're going at, we should have a monster list
  - along with items, armors, and people soon!

Phase 2 - Item Guide (ITAM)
 Item            |            Effect                         | Location    
Health Drink     |Recovers 100 HP                            |Magic Item Shop
Healing Serum    |Recovers 200 HP                            |Magic Item Shop
Healing Rain     |Recovers all allies' HP by 100             |Medic Guild Shop
Revive Rain      |Recovers all allies' HP by 200             |Medic Guild Shop
Sprite Drop      |Recovers 50 SP                             |Magic Item Shop
Sprite Rain      |Recovers all allies' SP by 50              |Medic Guild Shop
Weird Black Tea  |Recover an ally's HP and SP by 50         |Trade with Aryosha
Holy Potion      |Recover all allies' HP and SP by 50        |Medic Guild Shop
Antidote Soda    |Cures Poison                               |Magic Item Shop
Stimulant Soda   |Cures Sleep                                |Magic Item Shop
Blessing Soda    |Cures Curse                                |Magic Item Shop
Revival Medicine |Revive an ally with 25% HP                 |Magic Item Shop
Asian Mango      |Recover HP by 60                           |Magic Item Shop
Caramel Sauce    |Recover SP by 30                           |Kiosk
Fire Storm       |Fireball falls from the sky                |Magic Item Shop
Tidal Wave       |Toss an enemy with water                   |Magic Item Shop
Tornado          |Create a tornado                           |Magic Item Shop
Earth Spike      |Boulder falls from the sky                 |Magic Item Shop
The Death        |Inflict Poison on one enemy                |Trade with Quasar
The Moon         |Inflict Sleep on one enemy              |Trade with Tiphereth
The Devil        |Inflicts Curse on one enemy                |Trade with Mile
Warrior Blood    |Temp increase physical attack by 3        |Dancing Doomed Bum
Knight Blood     |Temp increase physical defense by 3        |Trade with TomCat
Wizard Blood     |Temp increase magical attack by 3          |Kernel Store
Astrologer Blood |Temp increase magical defense by 3        |Trade with Aryosha
Warrior Seal     |Temp enemy's physical attack - 3          |Dancing Doomed Bum
Knight Seal      |Temp enemy's physical defense - 3|Creeping Tragedys Hand Song
Wizard Seal      |Temp enemy's magic attack - 3            |Trade with Wang Lin
Astrologer Seal  |Temp enemy's magic defense - 3             |Trade with Boltz
Smoke Screen     |Escape from battle                         |Medic Guild Shop
Fairy's Orb      |Show everything on the map                 |Medic Guild Shop
Return Feather   |Warp to the last platform                  |Medic Guild Shop
Fire Mouse Skin  |Weapon: fire attack                        |Material Shop
Olm Shell        |Weapon: water attack                       |Material Shop
Wing Of Lufu     |Weapon: wind attack                        |Material Shop
Soil Bug Antenna |Weapon: earth attack                       |Material Shop
Scorpion Tail    |Weapon: adds poison to attacks             |Arena Town Store
Midoro Flagellum |Weapon: adds curse to attacks              |Arena Town Store
Sleeping Powder  |Weapon: adds sleep to attacks              |Arena Town Store
Mantis Nail      |Weapon: critical attack+10%      |Immovable Blazing Two Wings
Bear Paw         |Weapon: backstab                           |Empireo Clerk
Turtle Shell     |Armor: lower physical damage 10%           |Arena Town Store
Turtle Crest     |Armor: Decrease magic damage 10%           |Arena Town Store
Cleansing Pill   |Armor: nullify Poison                      |Arena Town Store
Jinx's Bane      |Armor: nullify Curse                       |Arena Town Store
Caffeine Drink   |Armor: nullify Sleep                       |Arena Town Store
Poison Leaf      |Armor: Counter with poison when hit        |Arena Town Store
Curse Plant      |Armor: Counter with curse when hit         |Arena Town Store
Dream Wood Leaf  |Armor: Counter with sleep when hit         |Arena Town Store
Body Egg         |Armor: Increase maximum HP by 10%         |Dancing Doomed Bum
[Mind Egg]|Armor:Up maximum SP by 10%|Trade w/ Shirochan @ Lumina Cloth (Demon)
Body Scale       |Armor: maximum HP + 50                     |Material Shop
Mind Scale       |Armor: maximum SP + 50                     |Material Shop
Fire Resist Seal |Armor: Decreases fire damage 50%          |Lucky Animal Quest
Aqua Board       |Armor: Decreases water damage 50%     |Buzzing Blazing Resort
Calm Propeller   |Armor: Decreases wind damage 50% |Rough Song Dusk's Hand Song
Dustproof Lens   |Weapon: Decreases earth damage 50% |Trade w/ Lieutenant Okada
Iron Shell       |Armor: physical damage - 25                |Black Market Shop
Iron Crest       |Armor: magic damage - 25                   |Black Market Shop
Red Sun Stone    |Accessory: Arts SP-10% / other SP+5        |Material Shop
Blue Moon Ore    |Accessory: Attack SP-10% / other SP+5      |Material Shop
White Star Sand  |Accessory: Recovery SP-10% / other SP+5    |Material Shop
Gray Comet Dust  |Accessory: Status SP-10% / other SP+5      |Material Shop
Gold Snake Skin  |Accessory: acquired GP + 10%               |Trifle Guild Shop
Dowsing Rod      |Accessory: drop rate + 10%                 |Trifle Guild Shop
Amber Dragon Eye |Accessory: EXP + 10%                       |Trifle Guild Shop
Beginner's Text  |Increase weapon level points by 50         |Trade with Henako
Beginner's Book  |Increase party's weapon level points by 50 |Trade with Henako
Text of Power    |Increases physical attack by 3             |Quest Shop
Text of Stamina  |Increases physical defense by 3            |Quest Shop
Text of Wisdom   |Increases magical attack by 3              |Quest Shop
Text of Sense    |Increases magical defense by 3             |Quest Shop
Word of Vigor    |Increases HP by 50                         |Quest Shop
Word of Spirit   |Increases SP by 50                         |Quest Shop
Life Scroll      |Learn Repth                                |Magic Item Shop
Antidote Scroll  |Learn Rip Duk                              |Magic Item Shop
Dawn Bird Scroll |Learn Rip Mumyn                            |Magic Item Shop
Priest Scroll    |Learn Rip Maj                              |Magic Item Shop
Hellfire Scroll  |Learn Vak Don                              |Magic Item Shop
Tidal Scroll     |Learn Rue Kruz                             |Magic Item Shop
Tornado Scroll   |Learn Zan Rom                              |Magic Item Shop
Avalanche Scroll |Learn Gan Bolg                             |Magic Item Shop
Chim Crown       |Crown sometimes dropped by King Chim Chim  |King Chim Chim
Coupon           |A discount coupon for guild shops          |From people

 Accessory       |            Effect    | Level | Location    
Simple Bracelet  |Fire + 1, Wind + 1    |1      |Equipment Shop
Simple Necklace  |Water + 1, Earth + 1  |1      |Equipment Shop
Seal of Yu Wang  |Fire + 2, Water - 1   |1      |Kestrel Guild Shop
Crown of Lu Ming |Fire - 1, Water + 2   |1      |Moon Tree Guild Shop
Medic Badge      |Wind + 2, Earth - 1   |1      |Medic Clerk Guild Shop
1 Line Reference |Wind - 1, Earth + 2   |1      |Trifle Clerk Guild Shop
Secret News Book |All Elements + 1      |1      |Empireo Guild Shop
Simple Fire Idol |Fire + 5, Water - 3   |15     |Equipment Shop
Simple Water Idol|Fire - 3, Water + 5   |15     |Equipment Shop
Simple Wind Idol |Wind + 5, Earth - 3   |15     |Equipment Shop
Simple Earth Idol|Wind - 3, Earth + 5   |15     |Equipment Shop
Simple Steam Ring|Fire + 3, Water + 3   |15     |Save Mecha Grunty 5 times
Simple Gloves    |Fire + 3, Water + 3   |20     |DXArmor Shop
Simple Earrings  |Water + 3, Earth + 3  |20     |DXArmor Shop
Steam Bracelet   |Fire + 5, Water + 5   |20     |Save Mecha Grunty 20 times
Simple Pendant   |All Elements + 3      |24     |Trifle Clerk Guild Shop
Simple Fire Bell |Fire + 15, Water - 7  |30     |DXArmor Shop
Simple Water Bell|Fire - 7, Water + 15  |30     |DXArmor Shop
Simple Wind Bell |Wind + 15, Earth - 7  |30     |DXArmor Shop
Simple Earth Bell|Wind - 7, Earth + 15  |30     |DXArmor Shop
Simple Pouch     |Fire + 10, Wind + 10  |35     |Trifle Clerk Guild Shop
Simple Head Band |Water + 10, Earth + 10|35     |A reward for saving people
Simple Watch     |All Elements + 10     |40     |Trifle Clerk Guild Shop

----Key Item

Canard Key - Guild master's key to enter Canard's @HOME
Kestrel Key - Guest key to enter Kestrel's @HOME
Moon Tree Key - Guest key to enter Moon Tree's @HOME
Icolo Key - Guest key to enter Icolo's @HOME
Raven Key - Guest key to enter Raven's @HOME
Hunter's Symbol - An ID for bounty hunter
Lucky Ball - Collects lucky data from Lucky Animals
Leaflet Bundle - A bundle of flyers given by Bikman
AIDA-011 - AIDA 's structure data
Phase 7 Epitaph - Tarvos' structure data
Phase 3 Epitaph - Magus' structure data 
Phase 6 Epitaph - Macha's structure data
Azure Flame God - Azure Flame God's structure data
Own King - Proof that you defeated Doppleganger

Phase 3 - (Un)Lucky Animals (LUCKI)

Because of GameFaqs' 80 character limit, I need to remove the charts.
The charts for the lucky animals are available here:


If you need to access this guide offline, please print or save that picture.

Most fields and dungeons contain one unlucky or lucky animal. You can
determine which animal it is based on the fact that lucky animals have a
musical note above their heads.

NOTE: This might be confusing to some, I'll try to explain it as best I can.

In this list, the animals are divided into 2 sections, the fields and dungeons. 
Within each section, there is a list of no.(1 to 0) at the top and the side.
The number on top is the value of the last digit of your average party's level.

--Meaning if i have a party of lvls 55, 56, 57, my average party lvl is 56.--

Hence the value is 6.

If you like, you can use Zefie's Average Level Tool to find the average level:


If there is any decimals when calculating the values, it's rounded down.

The number on the left is the last digit of the area's level.

Meaning if i enter an area of lvl 55, the value is 5.

The animal that appears will be chosen by the intersection of the values.

For instance, my average party level is 56, so the top value is 6.
The area I enter is a field level 55, so the side value is 5.
Comparing it with the table, I will get Leviathan in the field.

I have used initals for the animals, so here's a legend for it. 

F.W: Fate Worm 
G.B: Gold Bird 
Sleip.: Sleipnir 
T-T.F: Two-tailed Fox 
Gane.: Ganesha 
Levi: Leviathan 
H.W: High Wolf 
M.C: Malice Cat 
Tsutsu.: Tsutsuga 
M.R: Moon Rabbit 
Oury.: Ouryu 
Totet.: Totetsu 
Chime.: Chimera 
Teng.: Tengu 
D.G: Dark Goat 
Q.L: Qi Lin 

Note: Because of GameFaqs 80 character limit, I need to remove the charts.
The charts for the lucky animals are available here:


If you need to access this guide offline, please print or save that picture.

Animal Name               |Description 
Gold Bird                 	|Objects turn into treasure boxes 
Moon Rabbit            	|All members recieve 400 EXP 
Leviathan                  	|Recieve 5 items 
Sleipnir                     	|Sleipnir will help you in next 5 battles 
Tsutsuga                   	|Saves you from Game Over 3 Times 
Ganesha                   	|Max HP/SP increased for next 5 battles 
High Wolf                 	|Gives you an item set 
Fate Worm               	|Gives you 100000 GP 
Totetsu                     	|Objects turn into treasure boxes 
Kudan                       	|Gives you 300 EXP 
Tengu                       	|Recieve 4 items 
Chimera                   	|Chimera will help you in next 4 battles 
Qi Lin                       	|Saves you from Game Over 2 Times 
Tohkoh                     	|Max HP/SP increased for next 4 battles 
Baku                        	|Gives you an item set 
Ouryu                       	|Gives you 8000 GP 
Nue		|Summons King Chim Chim 
Two-tailed Fox	|Takes 5% of money away from you 
Malice Cat		|Max HP/SP will be half for next battle 
Dark Goat		|Max HP/SP will be half for next battle 
White Two-Tailed Fox	|Max HP/SP will be half while in the area

You can get your rewards for collecting them by visiting Dr. Pao in the Alchemy

Phase 4 - Weapons/Armor Guide (ARMOUR)

NOTE: An item name surrounded by brackets [] means that it cannot be
bought/gained without an accessory item.

NOTE2: Sometimes the Guilds don't have the armors and items you might want.
If they don't, go do a few quests or a level up a bit, then check back.

 Weapon Name     |     Type     | Level |Location    
Spin Gai Gu      |Spin          |1      |Starting Weapon
Spin Kouga       |Spin          |4      |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop
Spin Man Que     |Spin          |8      |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop 
Spin Rasetu      |Spin          |14     |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop 
Spin Corpse      |Spin          |18     |Trade with Ninjato
Spin Locust      |Spin          |23     |A reward for saving people from PKers
[Spin Ban Mu]    |Spin          |26	|Kestral Guild Merchant (Water Ban Mu)
Spin Piney       |Spin          |30     |Buy from DXWeapon Shop Alchemy Sector
Spin Axe         |Spin          |35     |Buy from DXWeapon Shop Alchemy Sector
Spin Needle      |Spin          |35     |Buy from Kestral Guild Merchant
Ripper's Blade   |Spin          |45     |Kill all of the Blacklisted PKers
Broad Demon      |Broad         |1      |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop
Broad Wheel      |Broad         |10     |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop
Broad Maiden     |Broad         |15     |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop
Broad Legged     |Broad         |20     |Recieve after completing Job Extension
Broad Zhen       |Broad         |25     |Buy from DXWeapon Shop Alchemy Sector
Broad Tu Wan     |Broad         |30     |Buy from DXWeapon Shop Alchemy Sector
Flame Sword      |Broad         |32     |Receive after the 2nd Arena Tournament
[Broad Wings]    |Broad         |43     |Trade with IGA (Wrath Wings)
Gun Steel        |Gun           |1      |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop
Gun Fu Yue       |Gun           |8      |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop 
Gun Waves        |Gun           |24     |Buy from DXWeapon Shop Alchemy Sector
Gun Ocher        |Gun           |31     |Buy from DXWeapon Shop Alchemy Sector
Water Bayonet    |Gun           |13     |Trade with Kuhn
[Gun Hong]       |Gun           |41     |Trade with Sidewinder (Fire Hong)
Blade Guifei     |Blade         |1      |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop
Blade Fern       |Blade         |4      |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop
Blade Thorns     |Blade         |10     |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop
Blade Thread     |Blade         |17     |Buy from DXWeapon Shop Alchemy Sector
Blade Sun        |Blade         |35     |Buy from DXWeapon Shop Alchemy Sector
Tiger Fist       |Fist          |14     |Trade with Pi
[Fist Altair]    |Fist          |32     |Trade with Mihirogi (Poison Altair)
Golden Spear     |Lance         |15     |Trade with Piros the 3rd
Lance Yantie     |Lance         |24     |Buy from DXWeapon Shop Alchemy Sector 
Lance Law        |Lance         |42     |Trade with Aralagi
Spell Xialin     |Spell         |1      |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop
Spell Xinzhu     |Spell         |15     |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop
Spell Baiyan     |Spell         |32     |Buy from Kestral Guild Merchant
[Spell Omen]     |Spell         |38     |Trade with NAOO (Wind Omen)
Magic Amber      |Magic         |1      |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop 
Magic Hosei      |Magic         |15     |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop 
Magic Nymph      |Magic         |28     |Buy from DXWeapon Shop Alchemy Sector 
[Magic Crest]    |Magic         |37     |Trade with Nagare (Sleep Crest)

----Armor Guide:

   Armor Name    |     Type     | Level |Location    
Sub Gear         |Robe          |1      |Equipment Shop
Sub Robe         |Robe          |10     |Equipment Shop
Sub Gown         |Robe          |20     |Delta Blurry Cursed Pure Bred
[Sub Attire]     |Robe          |28     |Moon Tree Guild Shop (Vigil Attire)
Sub Yin Yang     |Robe          |36     |DXArmor Shop
Sub Garment      |Robe          |42     |Trade with Nogmung
Wild Robe        |Robe          |47     |Complete the Lucky Animal Quest
Loose Sash       |Light Armor   |1      |Equipment Shop
Loose Guard      |Light Armor   |10     |Equipment Shop
[Loose Kimono]   |Light Armor   |20     |Moon Tree Guild Shop (Remedy Kimono)
Loose Vest       |Light Armor   |28     |Graceful Humbling Holy Relic
[Loose Plate]    |Light Armor   |36     |Trade with DOMINATOR (Dry Plate)
Loose Sheath     |Light Armor   |42     |Trade with Encephalon
Rough Armor      |Heavy Armor   |1      |Equipment Shop
Rough Shell      |Heavy Armor   |10     |Equipment Shop
Steam Plate      |Heavy Armor   |20     |Complete the Chim Chim Quest
Rough Mail       |Heavy Armor   |20     |Equipment Shop
[Rough Defense]  |Heavy Armor   |27     |Moon Tree Guild Shop (Wall Defense)
[Rough Jiongjia] |Heavy Armor   |35     |Moon Tree Guild Shop (Haunt Jiongjia)
Steam Armor      |Heavy Armor   |35     |Mecha Grunty Quest
Rough Metal      |Heavy Armor   |42     |DXArmor Shop
Rough Alloy      |Heavy Armor   |47     |Trade with -COOH
Black Armor      |Heavy Armor   |48     |Complete Abyss Quest
Steam Suit       |Heavy Armor   |50     |Complete Mecha Grunt Quest

Phase 5 - Monster Guide (MONSTA)

Note: If you imported data from a previous .hack game, Kite will be named
whatever your character was named in the previous games.

Name             |Class         |Location    
Goblin Rookie    |Ogre          |Great Forbidden Empire
Goblin Guard     |Ogre          |Graceful Past's Cathedral
Goblin Knight    |Ogre          |Protected Wrath's Beserker
Goblin Mage      |Ogre          |Buzzzing Wrath's Two Wings
Goblin Sage      |Ogre          |Protected Wrath's Berserker
Goblin Abyss     |Ogre          |Delicious Humbling Snow Caps
Gun Giant        |Ogre          |Buzzing Aster's Shadow
Baz Giant        |Ogre          |Graceful Humbling Holy Relic
Gigamouth        |Ogre          |Essential Bustling Generation
Apititer         |Ogre          |Protected Idling Globe
Wight Ride       |Ogre          |Abyss Quest
Poisoned Dead    |Ogre          |Abyss Quest
Living Corpse    |Ogre          |Abyss Quest
Gurugon          |Ogre          |Defeat Gurugon Quest
Carrie           |Demon         |Paling Dusk's Bum
Carrianne        |Demon         |Counting Red Plum's Beserker
Fat Lancer       |Demon         |Playing Unlimited Offerings
Gaze Knight      |Demon         |Roaring Doomed Snow Caps
Angelic Gore     |Demon         |Creeping Tragedy's Hand Song
Holy Eater       |Demon         |Counting Red Plum's Beserker
Cernunnos        |Demon         |Abyss Quest Boss
Spear Fish       |Sea Monster   |Unknowing Advice's Metal Doll
Lance Marine     |Sea Monster   |Counting Red Plum's Beserker
Vak Bezel        |Supernatural  |Submissive Love's Puddle
Rue Bezel        |Supernatural  |Creeping Tragedy's Hand Song
Zan Bezel        |Supernatural  |Elegant Superior Exile
Gan Bezel        |Supernatural  |Rough Song Vane Vagabond
Vak Juggler      |Supernatural  |Roaring Superior Exile
Rue Juggler      |Supernatural  |Crying Blazing Two Wings
Zan Juggler      |Supernatural  |Saddened Gray Metal Doll
Gan Juggler      |Supernatural  |Roaring Superior Exile
Chickie          |Avian         |Creeping Tragedy's Hand Song
Chickie Dada     |Avian         |Endless Aster's Resort
Raven Claw       |Avian         |Unknowing Obsessive Vagabond
Black Raptor     |Avian         |Spring's Red Plum's Gate
Trainee Owl      |Avian         |Rough Song Vane Vagabond
Hermit Owl       |Avian         |Counting Humbling Holy Ground
Scalvenger       |Avian         |Maze Of The Bird Monster Quest
Onion Mash       |Plant         |Wealthy Heretic's Cathedral
Truffle          |Plant         |Rising Joyous Puddle
Crumple Tree     |Plant         |Buzzing Blazing Resort
Elder Growth     |Plant         |Paling Blazing Alga Grass
Vak Fang         |Demon Beast   |Truthful Marble's Bum
Rue Fang         |Demon Beast   |Elegant Superior Exile
Zan Fang         |Demon Beast   |Warm Superior Exile
Gan Fang         |Demon Beast   |Wealthy Military Malt Town
Vak Ziger        |Demon Beast   |Entwined Season's Drunkard
Rue Ziger        |Demon Beast   |Counting Heretic's Frog Lake
Zan Ziger        |Demon Beast   |Unknowing Advice's Metal Doll
Gan Ziger        |Demon Beast   |Counting Dusk's Cathedral
Bravo Nose       |Demon Beast   |Wealthy Dusk's Bum
Don Elephant     |Demon Beast   |Agonizing Failing Dark Tree Boss
Wild Kettle      |Mecha Beast   |Buzzing Blazing Resort
Buster Kettle    |Mecha Beast   |Dancing Doomed Bum
Steam Shell      |Mecha Beast   |Rough Song Dusks Handsong
Metal Fist       |Mecha Beast   |Concealed Leading Bulwark
Knuckleman       |Mecha Beast   |Steam Scientest's Invention Quest
Lizard Hunter    |Dragon        |Buzzing Wrath's Two Wings
Lizard Assassin  |Dragon        |Paling Dusk's Bum
Fever Horse      |Dragon        |Graceful Wrath's Shadow
Blaze Drake      |Dragon        |Protected Wrath's Berserker
Drygon           |Dragon        |Blurry Cursed Camellia
Dryas            |Dragon        |Roaring Doomed Snow Caps
Ruby Cutter      |Crustacean    |Courting Starting Nightmoon
Fate Crab        |Crustacean    |Spring's Red Plum's Gate
Hecatonfoot      |Crustacean    |Dancing Doomed Bum
Horn Archelon    |Crustacean    |Spring's Red Plum's Gate
Mad Jaws         |Crustacean    |Disputing Gray Tiny Beast
Great Jaws       |Crustacean    |Crab Monster Party Quest
Kite (See Note)  |???           |Final Boss

Phase 6 - Avatar Battles (AVATR)

Attack - X or O(Japanese Version) 
Dash - O or X(Japanese Version)
Shot - [] (Square)

A quick note about Skeith
In the first few battles Skeith will have his form from the first game, meaning
a basic 3 hit combo when you attack.

After 1-2 battles, Skeith will have a form change, giving him new abilities
(Like 3 hit combos + 1 extra hit and a wider shot.) 

Attack Pattern
Basically, you just shoot like crazy at your opponent until he gets
paralyzed. When he does, just dash towards and hit him with your scythe; making
sure to dodge his attacks (All Avatar attacks are listed below)

After you've chopped away at his HP enough, you'll be able to data drain.
Basically, just hold O all the time to charge, and let go to shoot it.
(And make sure you hit, ok?) 

Avatar battles

--AIDA (GateKeeper)--

6-7 silver looking shots. Most common attack and easy to dodge.

An AIDA beam, like those AIDA(Anna) used in Volume 1. The only difference is
you'll need to avoid 4-5 beams. Just hide between them.

--Gorre (The Machinator)--

Basic shots, just like everybody else.
Gorre will also melee you if you get too close.
When Gorre charges a fist, be sure to dash left or right to avoid it.

Bubble Ship - Gorre transforms into a ship-like object, and shoots bubbles.
Just be sure to dash at him before he moves and attack him.
Data Drain - When he charges up with electricity, press O and X rapidly.

--AIDA (Oswald)--

Basic shots.
He also shoots little things that you have to slash before they shoot at you.
He has a strong melee attack if you get too close.

Spider Web - Oswald will shoot spider webs, you have to avoid them. Go
in-between them, or just maneuver inside. If it hits, Oswald will do an

--AIDA (Helen)--

Basic shots.
Aida beams (5 of them)

Super Combo - Helen charges up, then dashs at you pushing you back. Then, she
uses a fish slap to pwn the hell out of you. 

--Innis (The Mirage of Deceit)--

Basic shots. (Does anyone NOT have these? D:)

Mirage Clone - DO NOT attack Innis when you can see through it. It's just a
mirage and Innis will do a counter melee attack on you if you do.

Little Helpers - Innis summons 5 little helpers that you need to slash.
2 Blades Combo - Dodge by dashing left or right.

Unnamed - Innis will turn into some kind of a ship that will dash at you.
You will need to slash it 3-4 times.

Data Drain - just tap O and X like before (During the Gorre Fight)

--Corbenik (The Rebirth)--

Needles - 5 needles shot.
Needle ball - 100 needles in a ball that explodes.
Strong Melee Attack - Corbenik will charge up and them come at you. Just dash.
AIDA Helpers - He will summon 5 of them. Finish them quick, because they shoot.

Tri-Edge Sign - Charges at you with 3 of his hands, doing his ultimate finisher
(dodge this or die a painfull death, equal to a thousand suns.)
Data Drain - tap O and X (Deja vu, eh?)

Phase 7 - Ryu Books (RYUH)

Ryu Book I - Battle

Battle Win --- 1 point 
Sneak Attack --- 3 Points per Success
Rengeki --- 2 Points per Success 
Awakening --- 3 Points per use 

Ryu Book II - Party 

Trade --- 18 points per trade 
Party group --- 5 points each time you build a team
Present --- 10 points per present 
Present cost --- 1 per 100G 

Ryu Book III - Box 
Open beast god box --- 30 points each time 
Open normal chest ---3 points per time 
Open trap box --- 20 points per time 
Small boxes\those strange things you kick --- 2 points per time

Ryu Book IV - Item
Weapon - 12 points per type 
Armor - 18 points per type 
Accessory - 18 points per type 
Item - 6 points per item type 

Ryu Book V - Exploring
Play Time --- 5 points per 30 minutes 
Field Tranfer --- 35 points per entry 
Shrine Transfer --- 35 points per entry 
Cavern Transfer --- 35 points per entry 

Ryu Book VI - Arena
Arena battle - 7 points each register 
CounterHit - 7 points per success 
WP gain - 1 per 1 wp

Ryu Book VII - Monster
Ghost Type --- 15 points per type 
Demon Type --- 35 points per type 
Sea Beast --- 60 points per type 
Natural Type --- 25 points per type 
Bird Type --- 30 points per type 
Plant Type --- 40 points per type 
Devil Beast --- 20 points per type 
Machine Type --- 35 points per type 
Dragon Type --- 35 points per type 
Shelled Type --- 35 points per type 
??? Type --- 25 points per type 

Ryu Book VIII - Bike
Bike use - 15 points per 1 minute 
Run Over an enemy - 80 points per ownage (sadistic abuse of monsters)

Phase 8 - Lost Weapons (LWEAP)

While playing the game (Sometime after you beat the Holy Palace), you will get
an email from an anonymous source (Phyllo from roots) that will give you a
lost ground keyword. In this lost ground, you will see 8 platforms, 7 weapons.
(The missing weapon is Ovan's) After some events, you will be sent to field,
in which a tutorial will pop up about the Adlers Keys.

The Adlers key's are random. In a field there could be 1-3 and 1-10 in a
dungeon. After getting some Adler Keys, go back to the lost ground and pay 5
keys to the scythe weapon. After that, press the scythe to go into a battle
area. You'll fight with some kind of a boss monster.
He heals when he is at about 1000 HP. His short meele attacks absorb your HP
and SP, so watch out.

After you've killed that monster, you get Haseo's strongest scythe in vol 2 -
The Lost Scythe.

You can now collect more Adlers Keys to unlock other Epitaph Users' weapons.
Remember though, the ones the weapons are meant for MUST go into the battle
area, which means you'll need a party of Epitaph User + You + Third person of

An easy place for getting Adler's keys is Graceful Time's Phoenix. There are 3
Adler's keys pretty much right where you spawn.

1- Right by the spawn area, just look around.
2- Go to the opposite side of the beast temple.
3- Go to the island south of the beast temple.

(Use a smoke screen to get past the enemies if you encounter them.)

Phase 9 - Doppleganger (DOPPIL)

Finding the Doppleganger 

There are two ways of finding this guy. The first one is to wait around for a
while. (10 minutes should be enough) Like Volume 1, you can only find him in

Some believe that the other way is simplier. Complete the game, and you will
get an email with keywords. Use the first keyword that is given, and the
Doppleganger will already be roaming free on the map.

The Fight with Doppleganger 

DualReact recommends the following strategy: Split the weapon usage, start with
a scythe. Use an air skill of the scythe and after that, either change to dual
blades or broad swords (dual swords on pirority). At about 1000 HP, use the new
awakening. That should do 1000-1400 damage which *should* kill him. Watch out
for his charm and paralyze.

Doppleganger Drops 

This section is split into two parts: With the "Own King" item from Volume 1,
and without the "Own King" item.

--With "Own King"--

After the first battle, you will get one of these sets: 
Doppleganger Dual Blades and Doppleganger Broad sword 
Doppleganger Dual Blades and Doppleganger Scythe 

In the second battle, you will the second weapon you didn't get before. 

And in the third battle, you will get random armors\accessories. 

--Without "Own King"--

In the first battle, I got broad sword. In the second battle, I got the scythe.
The dual swords I didn't get. In third and up battles, you get random goodies.

Doppleganger Weapons

Dual Swords: Heine's Invasion, Level 51, Hold and release, P-attack +22 
Raging HIt: Increase critical hit rate by 25% 
Body Grasp: Absorb 25% of regular attack damage as HP 
Moruning Chaos: Adds Confusion to regular attacks 

Broadsword: Heine's Shadow, Level 51, Hold and release, P-attack +50 
Past Invite: Half the Target's Hp 
Mind Grasp: Absorb 25% of regular attack damage as SP 
Mourning Bind: Adds Charm to regular attacks 

Scythe: Heine's Zero, Level 51, Hold and release, P-attack +50 
Devolve Invite: 10% chance to reduce the enemy's HP to 10% of its max 
Physique Grasp: Absorb 50% regular attack damage as HP 
Spirit Grasp: Absorb 25% regular attack damage as SP 

Phase 10 - The One Sin (1CIN)

What is the "One Sin"?

One Sin is the "undefeatable monster" that Balmung and Orca killed in
The World R:1 (.hack//AI Buster Volume 2).

In .hack//G.U. Volume 2, the One Sin returns, and it's pissed.

To get the One Sin event

Use the forum posts :D

It's recommended to start this after you beat the game or before the last boss.

Go to the forum and reply to a message. Log in to The World, then out again.

Read the post reply and you will get keywords.

Go to the dungeon of the keywords you just got.

Oh look! It's those little annoying and dumb sorcerers from Volume 1!

Kill the summoned enemies, then go to the forum and reply to the new message.

Get the new keywords and go to them, fight, you know the drill.
At the end of the third time, you will fight the One Sin.

After that, you will get a mail with keywords to a lost ground.

There the REAL version of the One Sin - "The One God Eater" awaits you.

What are the rewards?

Once you defeat it, you will get the best accessory and armor in Volume 2.

Both are level 100.

Phase 11 - Bike Missions (BIKEY)

For the bike missions, before the start of each race, boost your bike using the
Square and X button. This saves up to 1.40 seconds.

1. Its is not necessary to collect all the chim spheres.
2. Try to use the nitro boost.
3. Try to collect chim spheres to keep your nitro bar from emptying.
4. When dealing with 180-degree turns, try to use the skiing function.
5. Get the bike parts from Mac Anu and Dol Donna, and upgrade them.

Note that you have to consider between acceleration and stability when choosing
which parts to input to the bike, as some parts will lower stability for higher
acceleration and vice-versa.

Bike Mission Strategy 
Mission 1 
Point 1: Prepare boost before the race starts. Move forward towards point 2.
Point 2: As you reach point 2, turn to the right, collecting at least 10 chim
         spheres. After collecting 10 chim spheres, nitro boost.
Point 3: Here's the part where it determines whether u beat Matsu or not.
         Instead of turning to the left after grabbing King Chim Chim, ski to
         the left BEFORE you hit K.C.C, but make sure that you got K.C.C during
         your ski.(Skiing makes a sharp turn, instead of a normal turn which  
         is centripetal.) Note that when you ski, you can ski towards the chim
         spheres (which is point 4) to replenish your nitro.
Point 5: Continue to collect chim spheres, try to max out your nitro. If your 
         nitro value is around 25, you can ignore the chim spheres in this
         point. Move on to hit the 2nd K.C.C at point 6.  
Point 7: Collect chim spheres and maintain. If your chim spheres is close to
         max, or around 18, ignore point 8 (point 8 is collecting chim  
         spheres as well) and head straight to point 9. 
Point 9: Hit the last K.C.C with all u have. 

Mission 2 
Point 1: Prepare boost before the race starts. Move forward towards point 2. 
Point 2: Collect at least 10 chim spheres and nitro boost. Make sure you hit
             the 1st K.C.C in point 3. After that, proceed to point 4. 
Point 4: As you continue to collect chim spheres, turn left at point 4. 
Point 5: Hit the 2nd K.C.C using the 180-degree ski (The trick is to ski before
             the K.C.C and hit it while you turn 180 degrees instead of skiing
             after you hit K.C.C. You have to try and learn it.) 
Point 6: Continue on and hit the 3rd K.C.C. 

Mission 3 
Point 1: Prepare boost before the race starts. Move forward towards point 2. 
Point 2: Turn right while moving to point 2, collecting at least 10 chim
            spheres and nitro boost. Hit the 1st K.C.C in point 3 and turn left.
Point 4: As you move from point 3 to 4, collect as many chim spheres as
             possible. If you have enough, you can ignore point 5.
Point 6: Hit the 2nd K.C.C. Note, there are two routes you can take from here.
            You can either make a U-turn and move to the cliff (Point 7), or
             proceed forward and move to the cliff. Either takes up similar
             timings, so its up to you.
Point 9: Continue to collect chim spheres as you move up the cliff to hit the
             3rd K.C.C. However, be wary of the cliff, when you move up the
              cliff, with turn and accelerate at the same time, you will likely
              go off. Try to turn before accelerating. 

Mission 4 
Point 1: DO NOT PREPARE BOOST IN THIS MAP! You need to prepare to make a U-turn
             instead. Make a U-turn and move towards point 2, hitting the 1st
             K.C.C. Be careful of controlling your bike, its quite hard to
             control since you will be moving in a S-curve. It's likely you
             will hit the wall if you are not careful, try to avoid hitting it.
Point 3: From point 2, move on to collect chim spheres in point 3. Turn right
             after that to hit the 2nd K.C.C in point 4.
Point 5: If you have accumulated sufficient chim spheres after point 4, nitro
            boost and collect more chim spheres in point 5. As you move from
            point 5 to 6, there is quite a few turns you have to make, so you
            have to get a feel for when to turn and accelerate, especially with
            nitro boost activated. (The trick to is release the X button the
            instant before u turn, and push the X button after u start the
            turn, and if possible, try to move diagonally between turns instead
            of making turns.)
Point 6: Here is another part you have to worry about: The wall, like point 2.
             Since you have nitro boost, it's very difficult to control the
             steering in this point. Same theory, release the X button the
             instant before you turn, and push the X button after you start the
             turn. This requires some time and experience, it's not easy to
             avoid hitting the wall. Proceed from here to hit the 3rd k.C.C at
             point 7.

Mission 5 
Point 1: Prepare boost before the race starts. Move forward towards point 2,
            collecting sufficient chim spheres and activate nitro boost.
            Continue to collect more chim spheres in point 3. 
Point 4: Hit the 1st K.C.C. You have to make a 180 degree turn from here.
            Again, the trick is to ski before the K.C.C and hit it while you
            turn 180 degrees instead of skiing after you hit K.C.C. Return back
            to point 1 and move towards point 5 by turning right.
Point 5: Collect chim spheres in point 5 and hit the 2nd k.C.C in point 6.
            Collect more chim spheres in point 7. 
Point 7: From here, turn here and hit the 3rd K.C.C hiding behind the cliff.

General tips: 
1. You will want to race in a map where you can see, right?
    Choose an area which is bright and is in daylight, instead of nighttime.
2. Learn the shortest path in the map by trying again and again. When you are
    in an open area and you are making a right/left turn, don't make a
    90 degree turn. Instead, turn early and make a curve turn. You want to save
    as much time as possible, right?
3. When you are stopped by obstacles/when nitro boost stops, do not restart the
     race immediately. Continue on to search for any possible places for you to
     save time in. Furthermore, you can train your skiing since there is no
     time limit.
4. Do not follow the steps blindly. If you find a route/approach that's more
    comfortable for you, use that route instead.

Phase 12 - Keyword Guide (KIWORD)


This is a translation of the Japanese keywords, and might vary in the English
version of Volume 2.

1st Word
Blowing through 
Nearing dark clouds 
Institutions given from the past 
Round coin 
Ghost story 

2nd Word
High ability 
Idea born in mind
Evening scene 
Steam engine 
Broad daylight 
1000 heavy 
8 maidens 
Tyrannosaurus Rex 
Court Mourning

3rd Word
Goshiki desert 
Ash Kagura 
7 crimes 
Moonlit night
Star pupil 
Negative heliotropism 
Shade animal 
Hot wind 
Motorcycle rider 
Giant Life Form 
Uncontrollable passion 
Keel Mountains 
Dead World 
Secret place 
Active volcano 
Water clock
Indicating flag 
Great runner 
Ground breaking ceremony 
Stone pillow 
Treasure chest/casket 
White wing wolf 
Magnifying glass 
War Sorceress 
Arrow bundle 
Sword ridge 
Starry night 
Imperial decree 
Scarab beetle

Phase 13 - Contact Info (CONTAKT)

Bandai - For the first four .hack games. Classics.

BandaiNamco - For the .hack//G.U. games which, of course, kick major ass.

d5t - For creating dothackers.net, that let me know .hack//G.U. even existed.

Mellow Grunty - For her many Alkaid puns :3

.hack//LAWLZ - For some good laughs. Look them up on youtube.

Everyone on the dothackers.net forums - For all their work in this guide, they
deserve just as much credit as I do.

Contact Info:

The most likely way to reach me is through Yahoo Messenger/Windows Live
Messenger or by sending an E-Mail. My e-Mail is ZeroHeLL@GMail.com and my
Yahoo/Windows Live Messenger Screen name is thezer0personage