Author: David Blake
Version: 0.9
Acknowledgments: Jaleco,,, all'y'all.

Copyright 2000, David Blake
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this FAQ.

        Table of Contents
Section 1 : Revision History
Section 2 : Controls
Section 3 : Story
Section 4 : Characters
Section 5 : Weapons
Section 6 : General Tips
Section 7 : Enemies
Section 8 : Survivors
Section 9 : Walkthrough - Jack Ingles
Section 10: Walkthrough - Jessifer Manning
Section 11: Secrets
Section 12: Documents (incomplete)

    Section 1 : Revision History

        0.0 - Partial walkthrough with a little information
        0.1 - Full scattered WT of Jack's game, partial of Jessifer's, a 
              little more coherent in the WT since I replayed some of it 
              (the end).
        0.2 - Finished Jessifer's Walkthrough.
        0.9 - Added to the documents section, fixed errors, REVISED, finished
              the Enemies section. Documented Survivors.

        - Finish Documents section.

    The 1.0 version of this faq will be the fully revised walkthrough (meaning
    for speed and clarity), and have a full File description.
    Section 2 : Controls (from Jaleco)
Right Trigger - Aim Weapon, Zoom in when using scope
Left Trigger  - Change Weapon, Zoom out when using scope
Analog Stick  - Character Movement, Menu Selection
D-Pad         - Character Movement, Menu Selection
Start Button  - Access Menu screen during gameplay
X Button      - Run when using the D-Pad
Y Button      - Map Display
A Button      - Confirm Selection, Attach while pressing the Right Trigger.
B Button      - Cancel, Scope

Using the Scope (from Jaleco)
    Once you have obtained the BEM-T3 scope, you may use it by pressing the B
    button. The screen will change to a first person view from the scope. You
    can use the scope on the different inhabitants of the ship to see if they
    are infected with ARK. It is also handy to figure out if something is
    right around the corner or hanging from the ceiling ready to trounce you.
    You can also see into lockers (and sometimes through walls) and plants.

    Use the Left and Right Triggers to zoom in and out.

    Section 3 : Story (from Jaleco)
It's the beginning of the 21st century, and the balance of world power has 
shifted to the northern Hemisphere. In the countries of the south, faced with 
an energy crisis and the possibility of starvation, a deep-seated antipathy 
has developed. Anti-north terrorist incidents became commonplace. In response, 
the leaders of the norther countries created an international peace keeping 
force in the name of the "Northern Hemisphere Treaty Alliance" (NTA) as a 
deterent against any aggressive minitary behavior from the south.

On its way back to port from a mission to destroy the home base of the 
Southern Cross terrorist group, the NTA flagship, the Heimdal, was instructed 
to pick up an ancient organism discovered on an isolated island in the South 

The day before the Heimdal arrived at the island, a member of the team that 
discovered the organism, showed symptoms of paranoia and was shot resisting 
retainment. Concerned that the cause may be a new strain of virus, the 
discovered organism was placed under quarantine in the belly of the Heimdal.

Two days from port, the Heimdal reported that there had been an explosion in 
the Engine Room. Ever since, the ship remained silent.

Concerned about the Heimdal and its load of ballistic missles, NTA dispatched 
an emergency investigative team to check the ship. The first team included 
anti-terrorist experts - Colonel Aaron Burke and Captain Nicholas Lang from 
the Special Forces - as well as Doctor William Noble from the International 
Research Institute. Upon arriving at the ship, this team was also silenced.

A second team made up of Sergeant Jack Ingles, who volunteered himself, and 
Jessifer Manning, from the Information Department, was dispatched. Had this 
team known the horror they were about to face, maybe they would not have made 
the journey at all...
    Section 4 : Characters (from Jaleco)

Jack Ingles (playable) - Special Forces, 3rd Division
    RANK        : Sergeant
    AGE         : 26
    NATIONALITY : American
    BIRTHPLACE  : Montana
    ALMA MATER  : US Naval Academy, Annapolis
Requested to be dispatched from the NTA International Special Forces for the 
mission regarding the Heimdal. Before becoming part of the NTA Special Forces, 
he was in the US Navy reporting to Colonel Burke. Jack's father died when he 
was young. He looks to Colonel Burke as a father. Jack is hot-blooded with a 
strong sense of justice - typical Naval personality.

He has a great deal of experience for his young age and is well respected. He 
has been through many rescue missions aided by a pilot by the name of Leonard.

His brother is on the Heimdal. Concerned, Jack would like to know if he is 
Jessifer Manning (playable) - Information Department, Section 1
    RANK        : Lieutenant
    AGE         : 24
    NATIONALITY : American
    BIRTHPLACE  : California
    ALMA MATER  : Harvey Mudd University
Holds a Doctorate of Science Degree. Dispatched by the NTA International 
Information Department. Completed Special Forces training with marks 
equivalent or surpassing those of men. Tends not to hold anyone back.

Calm but serious about her duty. She is extremely strong and passionate.

Note: 3rd generation Japanese American.
Aaron Burke
    RANK        : Colonel - Special Forces, 3rd Division
    AGE         : 40
    NATIONALITY : American
    BIRTHPLACE  : Puerto Rico
    ALMA MATER  : University of Chicago
Holds a Doctorate in Political Science. Commanding officer of the SPARC team. 
He is calm and experienced with good judgement and a long history of 
successful missions. Passionate and respected by everyone. Before his present 
position in the US Navy, he raised and trained Jack.
Nicholas Lang
    RANK        : Captain - Special Forces, 3rd Division
    AGE         : 32
    NATIONALITY : Unknown
    BIRTHPLACE  : Unknown
    ALMA MATER  : Unknown
Anti-terrorism espionage expert. History is unknown. Skilled at using any type 
of weaponry. There is no one better with a knife. A zealot. Lang is basically 
a good man with a strong sense of justice.
William Noble - International Research Institution
    RANK        : Special Researcher
    AGE         : 65
    NATIONALITY : British
    BIRTHPLACE  : Manchester
    ALMA MATER  : Oxford University
Holds a Doctorate in Organic Mechanics. Member of the SPARC as an observer but 
wanted to be a part of the investigation. In the field of organic mechanics, 
many revolutionary medical advances are attributed to him. In the past few 
years he withdrew from the public eye. He is rumored to be working on a theory 
at the International Research Institute. Believes science is for humanity. 
Good strong character.
Robert Ingles - Special Forces, 3rd Division
    RANK        : Lieutenant
    AGE         : 23
    NATIONALITY : American
Jack's brother. Fighter pilot. Graduate of officer's school. He has a strong 
sense of justice. Passionate, but still a bit naïve.

Respects Jack as a soldier, but more importantly, as a brother.
Leonard Thompson
    RANK        : Captain
    AGE         : 55
    NATIONALITY : American
Pilot who has shared many flights with Jack. Good at taking care of his 
soldiers. Loved by those under his command. He has been known to treat people
like a child, even Burke. Planning to retire after this mission.
James MacGregor
    RANK        : Captain
    AGE         : 55
    NATIONALITY : British
Captain of the Heimdal. Virtuous character. Rumored to have been given the
command to improve the image of the NTA. Sounds like Long-John Silver (mine).
Sandra Kates
    RANK        : Lieutenant
    AGE         : 26
    NATIONALITY : American
Same affiliation as Jessifer. Has worked with Jessifer many times. Good with
mechanics and guns. Usually plays the big sister role.
Terry Adams
    RANK        : Lieutenant
    AGE         : 38
    NATIONALITY : Canadian
The ship's medical doctor. Previously employed as a General Practitioner.
Wanted to pursue a personal quest to help a confused world, so he entered the

    Section 5 : Weapons (most from Jaleco)
19 O'Clock
    9mm automatic pistol with a 15 round magazine, manufactured by E&H.
West Cobra
    Submachine gun with a 30 round magazine, manufactured by Revenge Hill.
    Emits high energy bursts of electrons, use is unlimited.
T-7 Bomb
    A handheld bomb using a TFT resin explosive. 20 can be carried at a time.
    These are the things to use to blow up mushrooms.
T-9 Bomb
    A handheld bomb using a TFT resin explosive. About twice as effective as a
    T-7 bomb.
Grenade Launcher
    A nifty, big-assed grenade launcher that has little purpose except for
    killing bosses (a bit...sometimes) quicker.

    Section 6 : General Tips
It is often better at the beginning of the game to use your Welder and aim 
for the heads. If the Flytrap Head Soldiers charge you, they can knock you down 
and hurt you pretty bad. Just aim for the head and you'll kill them a lot 
quicker. This is evident with the (pl)Ants which take 3 to 4 bullets in the
head but several in the body.

    Section 7 : Enemies
There are a variety of soldiers running around the Heimdal. They have 
mutated into various things. I've tried to name them according to what they 
look like and do.

These soldiers are infected with ARK, but are still in a zombie state. They are 
simple to kill unless they swarm on you (deck 6).

    Venus Flytrap Soldiers
These things have sharp leafy heads that snap like venus flytraps. Don't let
them charge you or you'll be in a world of pain (as well as reaction time 
since you have to stand back up.

    Thorn Soldiers
These are pretty cool creatures. Their rib cage opens and long thorns spike 
out at you. Kill them before they get close enough to do this since it hurts 
you quite a bit.

    Vine Soldiers
These guys are basically like the zombies from Resident Evil except that 
they have a vine sticking out of their head that they can whip you with 
from the floor. Drop them quick before they grab hold of you.

    Wraith Soldiers
These are some of the coolest enemies in the game. They are invisible until you
shoot or weld them. Then they appear and are mostly like the muties. Use the 
goggles to see them and take them out.

    Dark Soldiers
Run around until Bob turns on the lights. Then kill them. Strangely enough,
I killed them before Bob gets it, but they kept respawning so it wasn't
worth it since it took so much ammo.

    Spore Soldiers
These things come for large pods and creep towards you. Three hits from the 
welder and they're dead. I don't know how much they hurt you because I've 
never been hit by them.

These are easy. Just use the welder.

Just like the Leeches. Weld 'em to death.

    Mutant Lobsters
I noticed these the second time through the game (with the free Jack), but I
think they were there before and I just killed them before I couold see them.
They are just like the Leeches and Spiders. Use the welder.

These things hide out in the dark and zap you with electricity. They are
annoying. One zap with the welder and they're dead, but sometimes you have
to get close enough for them to zap you to be able lock on to them.

These things are pretty cool. They swipe at you with sharp leaves and look 
like ants. Hit them three or four times with the pistol in the head and 
they're done for. It should take between three or four shots to kill them.

These are easy. They swim in the shallows. Three hits from the Welder will 
kill them.

These guys are basically zombies. They come lurching at you and don't really
do much except munch on you. Just shoot them in the head (like everything

    BOSS - Floor Plant
Kill it by using the welder and standing where its long tendrils are not. 
It's extremely easy.

    BOSS - Thorny Audrey
Shoot the two vine stickers first. Keep moving and the ground thorns will 
target the last place you stopped (don't wander back there or you'll be in a 
world of hurt). Once the two vines stickers are gone, aim up and shoot the 

    Boss - Fish Face
Run around and drop T-7 and T-9 bombs when it is about to ram you. Two or three
kill it easy.

    BOSS Fight - Doc + ARK = Easy Boss
Run and shoot him. Four hits with the missle launcher will do it.

    BOSS Run - ARK (Jack's Game)
Run away from him and heal if you get hit. Just keep running until the
elevator gets to the top of the carrier.

    BOSS Fight - Captain MacGregor (Jessifer's Game)
Shoot him with the Grenade launcher and run. Shoot him 4 times. He's slower 
than Jack's version of Doc and easier.

    Section 8 : Survivors
I was hoping that finding all the survivors would open something, but it didn't.

Survivor 1  : Deck 2; hall beyond the plant room.
Survivor 2  : Deck 2; Pilot Room
Survivor 3  : Deck 2; The SAFE twin
Survivor 4  : Navigation Deck
Survivor 5  : Flight Control Deck
Survivor 6  : Deck 2; Briefing Room
Survivor 7  : Deck 2; Near the elevator where you entered the Carrier
Survivor 8  : Deck 2; Midship Elevator
Survivor 9  : Deck 4; Save him from the Venus Flytrap Head
Survivor 10 : Deck 3; Hallway near the Security Room  
Survivor 11 : Deck 3; North of the elevator
Survivor 12 : Deck 3; Near hole on the western side of the ship
Survivor 13 : Deck 3; Ship store
Survivor 14 : Deck 3; Near the elevator
Survivor 15 : Deck 3; Room 301
Survivor 16 : Deck 4; Electrical Sub-station 
Survivor 17 : Deck 4; Western door from the catwalk
Survivor 18 : Deck 4; Admin Office
Survivor 19 : Deck 4; Hold 1, Block C