Crazy Taxi 2 FAQ
By WestQuote (aka Tim Ambrogi)
Version: 0.4 (5/30/01)

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0.0 - Outline
     0.1 - Versions
1.0 - General Info
     1.1 - Intro
2.0 - Changes
     2.1 - Jumping
     2.2 - New Characters
     2.3 - Simultaneous Drop-offs
3.0 - Maps
     3.1 - Around Apple
     3.2 - Small Apple
4.0 - Mini Games
     4.1 - Crazy Pyramid
5.0 - Strategy
     5.1 - Single Player Strategies
     5.2 - Netplay Strategies
6.0 - Miscellaneous
     6.1 - Cheats/Codes
     6.2 - Soundtrack Listing
     6.3 - Closing

0.1 -- VERSIONS:

Crazy Taxi 2 version 0.4 (Wednesday, May 30, 2001)
 - Added Cheats plea
 - Added Soundtrack Listing Plea
 - Finished 1-1: Tour Walkthrough
 - Added S-S walkthrough
 - Started making maps
 - Added my list of favorite drivers

Crazy Taxi 2 version 0.3 (Wednesday, May 30, 2001)
 - Added New Characters
 - Added Single Player Strategies
 - Added Maps
 - Added Closing
 - Updated Simultaneous Drop-offs

Crazy Taxi 2 version 0.2 (Tuesday, May 29, 2001)
 - Added Jumping
 - Added Simultaneous Drop-offs
 - Added Map Sections
 - Added Netplay plea
 - Went off to explore some more

Crazy Taxi 2 version 0.1 (Tuesday, May 29, 2001)
 - Added Outline and Intro
 - Added Crazy Pyramid walkthrough

1.1 -- INTRO:

Crazy Taxi 2 is very much like Crazy Taxi 1, so I recommend that for controls 
and basic gameplay tips, you check out a Crazy Taxi 1 FAQ.  Consider this 
something of an 'expansion'.

The major changes in Crazy Taxi 2 are jumping, the new maps, the Crazy Pyramid, 
multiple simultaneous dropoffs, the new characters, and netplay, all of which 
I'll address below.

2.1 -- JUMPING:

Jumping is fairly straightforward.  Press Y-button at any time to kick in the 
hydraulics and make your taxi jump into the air.  Completing the crazy pyramid 
will teach you how to use this new feature.  It can be used for reaching 
shortcuts, avoiding head-on collisions, and the accumulation of heavy tips.  
Also, pressing jump in the middle of a crazy drift will achieve the 'Drift-Hop'.  
Doing a Drift-Hop that hits a little short of its target platform will allow for
the pseudo-bug, the 'Drift-Hop Wall-Climb'.  More on that later...


WARNING: These stats are based entirely on my own experience.  If you perform a 
series of tests and find that they are not wholly accurate, please email me at 
ragnarokz@hotmail.com and let me know.

  Speed - MED
  Acceleration - MED
  Turning - MED
  Weight - 69kg
  Height - 176cm
  Age - 25

  Speed - HIGH
  Acceleration - LOW
  Turning - LOW
  Weight - 83kg
  Height - 185cm
  Age - 28

  Speed - MED
  Acceleration - HIGH
  Turning - HIGH
  Weight - 52kg
  Height - 169cm
  Age - 18 cm

  Speed - LOW
  Acceleration - HIGH
  Turning - HIGH
  Weight - 48kg
  Height - 163cm
  Age - 78

As far as favorites go, here's my list, based on how well I score:
#1 Iceman, #2 Hot-D, #3 Cinnamon, #4 Slash


New to Crazy Taxi 2 is the ability to pick up a group of 2-4 people at once.  
This does not mean you can grab one person, grab another, etc..., but rather 
that there are new-colored circles (all shades of BLUE) that require multiple 
drop-offs, much like in the old Crazy Taxi Box.  In place of the dollar sign in 
the circle, there is a number, indicative of the number of people to be dropped 
off.  They all have different drop-offs.  You get double/triple/quadruple the 
tips, but if you don't get EVERYONE to their destinations in time, you'll lose 
the whole tab.  Higher stakes, higher payoffs; One good run with 4 people can 
net some pretty obscene tips.  



It is larger, more 'regional', and for some, harder.  It's separated into 3 
sections, all connected via long high-ways.  I can offer you little more than a 
map at this point in time, but I will include a list of shortcuts/tips later.  
For some basic shortcuts, take a look at the map, as well as the '4.1 Crazy 
Pyramid 1-1: Tour' walkthrough near the bottom of the document.  Several useful 
shortcuts are available there.

For a map of Around Apple, go to:


Select 'Maps'.  From that page, select 'Around Apple.'


The second new map, 'Small Apple', is similar to Around Apple, but more spread 
out.  Unlike the long roads connecting the three regions of Around Apple, there 
are no highways in Small Apple.  There are, however, far more shortcuts, winding
streets, ramps, etc...  I find Small Apple far more entertaining to play.  I can
offer you little more than a map at this point in time, but I will include a list
of shortcuts/tips later.  

For a map of Small Apple, go to:


Select 'Maps'.  From that page, select 'Small Apple.'


The pyramid is the puzzle section of the game.  Every time you complete 2 
adjacent puzzles in the same tier, it opens up a new puzzle to play.  If you 
pass all the puzzles in a given tier of the pyramid, you'll be given a prize. 

  First Row........Around Apple Map
  Second Row.......Small Apple Map
  Third Row........Bike
  Fourth Row.......Stroller
  Fifth Row........Nothing
  Sixth Row........?

For a printable map of Around Apple and Small Apple, go to 

To use the maps, select the city of choice in the main menu and go to 'Map' near 
the bottom of the screen.
To use an alternate vehicle, press L or R when selecting your character. 

  5-1: Jump 2
This one is easy to pass, hard to get first place in. Try jumping at the VERY 
end, and boosting at the VERY end. Basically, do them at the same time. Before 
that, build up as much speed as you can. Also, hold Y and acceleration the whole 

  5-2: Golf
The trick to this is backing up before you approach. Reverse to the edge of the 
island, and boost forward a couple times. Then, right before the ball, press 
jump. You want to hit it fairly head-on, but still a little below the center. 
I've made 420+, an easy first place.

  5-3: Hurdle
Don't hit them! Just be sure to boost as soon as you land, so you loose minimal 

  5-4: 3-Jump
Backup to the wall. Then boost forwards and wait until the line to jump. The 
trick is cutting it as close as possible on all jumps. *Right* before you jump, 
boost. Also, be sure to hold Y the whole jump. After you land it, wait until the 
counter is almost at zero, then repeat. Remember to boost before each jump. 

  5-5: Balloons 2
This one is totally easy. For some of the balloons, you should do a drift, while 
you must jump into others. Basically, you'll easily get a good time if you plan 
out a good route. 

  4-1: Ramps
This is tough to score high on, easy to pass. Don't swerve, don't jump, and be 
sure to boost as you hit each ramp. With that combined, you should easily pass 
it. Also, try to line up each jump so that you land facing the next ramp.

  4-2: Road
Two ways to do this one. The first, harder way, is to just drive along the road, 
staying near the middle. CT1 veterans should have no problem with this. The easy 
way, for beginners, is to use the brakes. You have plenty to of time, so just 
slow down a little to let cars pass you. Also, analog is useful in this level.

  4-3: Turn 2
This is pretty hard, but fun to do. Do a drift turn towards the step edge, then 
jump. As you land, drift again. When you're lined up perpendicular to the next 
step, boost and jump straight into it. So the first jump is a drift jump, the 
next is a normal jump. Repeat that for each of the jump pairs, and you'll be 
The easy way is to just jump a stair, let go of acceleration, and turn to do 
jump the next step. It involves no drift turns, if you're anxious to keep going 
in the pyramid. But mind you, this skill is needed in later puzzles, so you 
should learn it here. 

  4-4: Jam 2
This one's tricky to figure out how it works. There are two bridges going over 
the main road. The bridges each lead to two drop off points, making for all 4. 
So, as you come to the first bridge, turn a little to the left, and jump up onto 
it. Then drop off one guy at the end, ending with a 180 drift turn. That'll 
leave you facing towards the next one. When you've done both of the ones 
connected to the first bridge, descend to the main road and jump onto the next 
bridge and repeat. 

  3-1: Rush 2
This map is like a cross, when seen from above. You start off pointing at one of 
the ends of the cross. This one you start off facing, call it 'NORTH' and the 
rest based on cardinal directions (SOUTH, EAST, WEST). The trick, aside from 
jumping like Morpheus from building to building, is to drop people off in this 
order: N, S, W, E. The reason for this order is that one wastes a lot of time in 
turning, so we only turn in the middle once, instead of if we went clockwise, 
which would result in 3 turns in the middle. Also, at each drop off, end in a 
180 drift. 

  3-2: Drop
This one is a beast to get first in. Basically, you need to drift a 180 off each 
step, and land facing the way the red arrows are pointing. As you land, boost, 
and you should be fine. Repeat this for each jump.

  3-3: Stairs
This is pretty easy. Use analog stick, and just jump from stair to stair. Don't 
jump into the stairs from the side, though; jump as soon as the stair is 
reachable. If the diagram is the stair, jump so you pass over the asterisks.


Also, it's possible to line yourself up so that all you need to do is jump, 
avoiding the nasty prospect of turning on every single stair. 

  2-1: Zig Zag 3
This is easy when you can get the drift-hop wall-climb to work consistently. The 
way I did it was to wait very late to start my drift turn. Just at the last 
moment before hitting the stair, I drift-hopped parallel to it, hitting a little 
low. Because of this, I got sparks as I slid up the extra half-foot to the top 
of the stair. I landed on the next step facing the right way, with no excess 
drift. If you boost as soon as you land on the top, you'll also have a good deal 
of speed. Good luck mastering this, because I think it's necessary to get a good 
time. Think of it as a drift-hop to the next stair that hits *just* a little 
If you do it with classic drift-hops, just be sure to boost when you land, and 
*not* to hold Y the whole time as you jump.

  2-2: Arches
This is deceptively difficult, but if you use analog and follow these tips, it 
should come easily.
1. Straighten out before each jump.
2. Some can be cleared without jumping.
3. When aiming for a landing spot on the next arch, aim for the lane closest to 
the arch you're jumping from.
4. Start braking well before the end, it's a killer drop.

  1-1: Tour
There are some basic choices and shortcuts you need to follow to get through 
    1. At the bridge, take the right lane. The left lane is harder to dodge in, 
and the middle lane is just slower. 
    2. At the BK, do a 180 drift so you end up facing backwards.
    3. Go to B-Ball courts and end facing the way you came.
    4. After the art museum, the arrow will point backwards. Ignore it and go 
right around the next corner.
    5. Be as direct as possible in getting to the botanical garden, and crash 
into the wall of it, to the right of the staircase leading up into it. You 
should hit here at about 5:00 left on the clock.
    6. The station and the next stop should be easy enough, just follow the 
arrow and don't crash.
    7. This is one of the crucial shortcuts in the game. Jump up at the turn, 
and drift off the roof facing right. As you land, boost forward.
    8. The next stop is easy. Try to end up at the university in a 180 drift 
stop no later than 4:00 left on the clock.
    9. Here's another great shortcut, to the depot. This one is hard though. 
Instead of following the arrow, you need to head left on the road that leads to 
the jewelers shop. On the left you'll see a chain fence. As soon as you pass it, 
drift so you face left, and boost off the road. You should land in the depot. 
Pull a 180 stop and boost out of there, up the road to the zoo.
    10. You should get the zoo no later than 3:10 left on the clock.
    11. Land on the right side of the police station and continue up to the fire 
station, landing in a 180 drift at the fire station.
    12. Double back to the Police station and cut over the sidewalks, to the 
post office.
    13. After the hospital, there's a useful shortcut through the fenced-off 
corner. You'll see it, just cut through, and you'll avoid the populated hairpin 
    14. There really aren't many more shortcuts left, just follow the arrow from 
stop to stop until you get to the GAP.
    15. At the GAP, it tells you to go back the way you came. However, if you go 
the way the road would take you, you'll find a roof shortcut that you can jump 
up to. At the end of the roof shortcut, jump, or you'll hit a bus. Land facing 
right at the Hardrock Cafe.
    16. Follow the arrows to the rest of the stops, bashing into the phone booths
 to kill speed quick.
    17. When you get to the hotel, do a 90-degree slide, so you're facing the 
main road when you drop off.
    18. On the last drop, City Hall, you need to jump over the divider, to the 
road that is running parallel to the road that led to the Hotel. 
    19. Follow that road to the last drop-off point.  
    19. Move fast and pray you're good enough to make it. It's damn hard, so 
don't give up. 

The order of stops:
1  Burger King
2  B-Ball Court
3  Art Museum
4  Botantic Garden
5  Station
6  Church
7  Factory
8  University
9  Supermarket
10 Depot
11 Zoo
12 Police station
13 Fire station
14 Post office
15 Hospital
16 Stadium
17 Jewelers Shop
18 Stock Exchange
19 Department store
20 HMV
21 FAO Schwarz
22 Gap
23 Hardrock Cafe
24 Courthouse
25 Bank
27 Public Library
28 High School
29 Hotel
30 City Hall

  S-S: Special
This is the final pyramid puzzle, to my knowledge.  It's similar to Tour, in 
that there are many (33 in this case) drop-offs to do.  However, this time it's
in Small Apple, and you can do them in any order.  I haven't worked through this 
one yet, but it seems to be plenty of time if you know your way around.  I 
recommend studying the map.  I'll make a map soon that shows what order to do 
the stops in.  


I haven't compiled strategies yet.  Generally, though, you'll want to mix up 
long and short fares.  On long fares, limit tricks and go for speed.  If you do 
some long runs fast enough, you'll not only get the 5 second bonus, but also 
whatever time you have leftover.  If you have any strategies, submit them and 
I'll post them here in future versions.


I don't have internet access on my Dreamcast.  Can somebody email me some 
netplay info/strategies/etc...?


I have yet to find any 'cheats' or 'codes'. Please send any and all to 
ragnarokz@hotmail.com  BTW, judging by the credits I'd say that there is a way
to play as the old characters (CT1 voice actors are credited).


Anybody feel like transcribing this from the credits of an S-Class win? If
not, I'll do it soon.

6.3 -- CLOSING:

My 'to-do' list:

 - Make Map 1 (Around Apple with Pickups, Dropoffs, and 'Tour' route)
 - Make Map 2 (Small Apple with Pickups, Dropoffs, and 'Special' route)
 - Beat/Write S-S: Special
 - Test characters further
 - Transcribe Music List
 - Compile strategies
 - Have some readers send me netplay info and cheats  ^_^
 - Anything else?  Email me!

Email contributions, complaints, questions, and additions to 
 *** ragnarokz@hotmail.com *** 

That's all for now.  Drive crazy.  ^_^

--Westquote (aka Tim Ambrogi)