Characters we want to see in Darkstalkers 4

SFIV's Producer wants to make it. Here's what we want him to do

So far the game is only a bullet-point on Ono’s wishlist but this is the internet, and as we all know, on the internet conjecture, rumour and vagueries only ever mean that something is unassailable fact and will happen. So by internet logic, Ono has already been working on Darkstalkers 4 for at least two years and Capcom will be releasing it next month. That in mind, we’ve been thinking about the new character-types we want to play when the inevitable review code comes in next week. And so far, we’ve come up with these three:

A massive rock Golem

Not the spindly git from Lord of the Rings, you understand. No, we want a massive,three-quarters-screen-filling, stony faced violence-mountain. With a big rock club. He’d be imposing to the point of making the hulking Frankensteinian Victor look like a soggy pipe cleaner, and pack a punch like being headbutted by a planet.

How he’d play:

How he’d play:

How he’d play:


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