Call of Duty 4 - Master the Multiplayer

Download and print our guides to all 16 maps

Nov 6, 2007

One shot. Two if you're lucky. In Call of Duty 4's brutally realistic take on multiplayer, that's all your enemies need to drop your sorry corpse to the ground. Unlike the cartoony competition, you can't throw down a bubble shield or zip away on a shiny alien moped.

So how do you secure the advantage when all you have are your guns and your wits? Location, location, location. Being in the right place at the right time - in other words, being the one to shoot that first lethal bullet - is about more than luck. It's about knowing your surroundings and understanding how your opponents will move through them.

The game's radar only gives you a small peek at the environments; GamesRadar is giving you everything. We've captured the full layout of all 16 maps and provided them for you - in detailed color and in printable black and white - on the following pages.

(To download ALL the printable maps in one file, right clickHERE and choose "Save Target As...")

(To download ALL the colored maps in one file, right clickHERE and choose "Save Target As...")


"Large desert town. Excels in Sabotage matches."


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