BioShock for PS3 and Wii, says analyst

But not before the fiscal year 2009...

Sept 26, 2007

BioShock could make its way to Wii, PS3, PS2 and handhelds, according to an analyst in a recent Take-Two report.

In a company update, Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey banked on Take-Two extracting more from the success of the critically acclaimed BioShock, as well as the continued anticipation of GTA IV.

"We expect management could choose to raise capital now, leveraging a higher share price, investor enthusiasm over the GTA IV release, the franchise potential of BioShock and their strong fiscal '08 guidance," said Hickey.

Don't put your life on hold though - if BioShock should make it to other formats, Hickey doesn't expect it to happen before fiscal year 2009 (according toGameDaily).

Courtesy of CVG.