Big games that hardly anyone cares about anymore

Once they were giants. Now they are... not so big

The first three Crash games shifted around 18 million copies between them and are some of the best-selling PSOne games in the world ever. Crash was such a big hit he became an unofficial mascot for Sony's console. Even more significant is the nod to Crash in the form of Dash Dingo, a parody video game that appeared in an episode of The Simpsons. And you don't get a nod from The Simpsons unless you're some kind of cultural icon big willy.

Above: Crash Bandicoot as he appears in that game no one really cares about

Crash started his decline into obscurity around about the time Naughty Dog (them again) gave up on development duties to concentrate on Jak & Daxter (them again). The games kept on coming, but they never managed to generate anything like the same kind of affection from paying punters. The last couple of Crash adventures - Crash of the Titans and Mind Over Mutant - have been all but anonymous.

Can it be big again?

Can it be big again?

Can it be big again?


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