Beyond the Wand

Two of the biggest names in computer jargon, IBM and ATI, supply processing and graphics power for the Revolution, much as they did for the GameCube. Don't expect this new system to lead the pack with graphics, though. It's easily the lightweight of the next generation and doesn't support true high definition output. You'll still get 480p like the GameCube, but high-end TV owners are out of luck.

Above: The Revolution's mysterious display base / alleged power supply.

It's definitely a case of "less is more" when it comes to hardware power, but the idea behind the Revolution is one of simplicity. One system, over 20 years of gaming at your fingertips, and a controller that's instantly understandable to people who've never played a game in their lives. The supplemental features may seem miniscule when compared to the "everything to everyone" approaches of the 360 and PS3, but odds are there are still quite a few out there who just want to turn the damn thing on and play a game.