Beyond the Wand

Everyone's making a big fuss about the Revolution's motion-sensitive controller. And yes, the device could change the way games are played forever. It also stands an excellent chance of attracting gamers back who never touched a PS2 or Xbox. But there's more to this magic box than its eyebrow-raising wand.

The most immediate thing you'll notice about the Revolution is its slim and trim size: it's no bigger than two or three DVD cases stacked on top of each other. While the final color schemes haven't been shown, the overall look and finish is a sleek, stylish and downright sexy design that'll snuggle up to anyone's home theater setup.

Above: Notice how large the DVD appears next to the Revolution. This thing will fit anywhere.

The console will fully back the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection right out of the box. Nintendo DS owners are already using the service to play online matches and trade customizable content, but the Revolution will act as a hub for everything Nintendo. You'll be able to download games for the NES, Super NES and Nintendo 64 right onto the machine (for a fee, of course).