Best of E3 06: PlayStation 3

Just out of the gate, Sony's new console shows off a handful of reasons to be truly excited about the next generation

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

Publisher: TBA
Developer: Pandemic
Release Date:TBA

Giving players the chance to freely shoot and steal (or capture and buy) their way through a war-torn country made the first Mercenaries one of the best Grand Theft Auto rip-offs to date. The sequel takes the action to Venezuela, where you'll be able to take on missions from oil companies and a whole bunch of rival guerilla factions.

The "destroy everything" attitude that shaped the first game is back in force, albeit a lot more realistically, with characters able to drive through tin huts, create (and set fire to) oil slicks or wreak environmental havoc by bringing down full-sized oil rigs. More interestingly, hijacking vehicles has apparently been turned into a minigame. Oh, and it's stunningly beautiful. Yeah, this one has us excited all right.

We give you abold view into the worldof Mercenaries 2here.


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