Best of E3 06: PlayStation 3

Biggest disappointment: Warhawk

Publisher: SCEA
Developer: Incognito
Release Date: November 17, 2006

According to its developers, Warhawk will be nothing short of revolutionary when it ships in November. It'll let players freely navigate a world at war, taking on missions, hopping in and out of different vehicles and fighting on foot. It will feature tense dogfights against hundreds of enemies at once. So why are we disappointed? Because we didn't see any of that stuff.

Instead, we played a sedate little demo that let us fly around an island in a hoverjet, taking potshots at a few relatively non-aggressive enemy planes and blowing up a couple of parked capital ships. It was fun for a little while, sure, and the fact that it was the only game to really use the new motion-sensitive controller made it a must-play. But after the initial wow-factor of the controls wore off, it was a little dull. We've got high hopes that this one will realize its potential by the time it launches, but for now, this elicits a solid "meh."

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