The 25 best movies on Amazon Prime

Netflix is no longer your sole option for instant streaming movies. Out of the many, MANY services available, its biggest competitor is Amazon Prime. It might not pack the clout and status of its rival, but to be honest? The movie selection is just as enticing, if not better, than Netflix which is currently sinking billions into original content. Amazon Prime's catalog of movies is way more extensive - if you're willing to trawl through it. After combing through the dark, dusty parts of its database that no-one dares to tread (hey - those mockbusters won't watch themselves!) here's an up-to-date list of the very best movies available. Comedies, action, drama, horror and sci-fi are all included in the top 25 currently streaming. 

25. A Most Violent Year (2014) 

Region: UK, US 

The film: AKA - the one where Jessica Chastain somehow wasn't nominated for an Oscar. Hot off the superb Margin Call J.C. Chandor delivers a dark and unyielding glimpse into the brutal inner workings of a NYC business in the early eighties. Oscar Isaac stars as an oil company owner urged by his wife to protect his livelihood and family whatever the cost.

Why it's worth watching: Chastain puffing on a cigarette, wagging her fingers at thugs for being "very disrespectful" in a New Yawk drawl.  

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24. Man Up (2015) 

Region: UK 

The film: You know the story; boy meets girl, there's a "hilarious" misunderstanding, and they live happily after after. Thankfully Man Up avoids all the expected rom-com formulas. Simon Pegg and Lake Bell play two singletons who embark on an evening of R-rated shenanigans after he mistakes her for his blind date.

Why it's worth watching: Tess Morris' script completely rewrites the romantic comedy format, giving Bell and Pegg fleshed-out characters and plenty of genuinely funny one-liners. 

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23. Paddington (2014) 

Region: UK

The film: Everyone's favourite marmalade-eating bear receives the big-screen treatment. After his home is destroyed, the pint-sized Paddington makes his way from Peru to London, England, in the hopes of finding a new place to live. 

Why it's worth watching: It's a warm and loving adaptation of Michael Bond's classic children's character, brimming with wit and invention thanks to the furry little chappie at its heart.  

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22. Spring (2015) 

Region: US 

The film: If you happened to catch Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead's Resolution, you might have an idea of the... unusual horror they create. Spring is no exception, beginning as an ode to frustrated youth and transforming into a romantic cautionary tale. This comes packed with one helluva twist.

Why it's worth watching: There's not a lot of horror that shakes itself free from the tried-and-tested tropes of the genre. Forget your jump scares. This is the real deal. 

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21. Man of Steel (2013)

Region: UK

The film: Zack Snyder's Superman reboot kickstarted Warner Bros. cinematic universe. Heading back to Kal-El's roots, Henry Cavill takes over as the titular superhero who comes to grips with his alien heritage right as a former villain of his homeplanet threatens to destroy Earth. Chaos naturally ensues.

Why it's worth watching: The lush visuals, Hans Zimmer's stonking score, and yes, that climatic final battle between Superman and Zod. Shame about the follow-up...

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