• YaminoKaze - December 27, 2013 10:34 a.m.

    Personally, I have the G710+, and I love it for what it is. Simple, relatively quiet, but also snappy and responsive, not to mention quieter than just about any other mechanical keyboard I've seen. I've seen some people complain that mechanical switches feel too clunky, but honestly, even when typing normally, it was very little adjustment from my previous, non-mechanical keyboard, and now nothing else feels quite right to me. The backlight's also great for when I'm up later than my partner and don't want to keep a light on (our PCs are in the same room where we sleep). It's also a nice little bonus that the WASD keys have a separate backlight control from the rest of the keyboard. One thing the article didn't mention is that for this and many other gaming keyboards, you'll likely need two USB slots. I was also reading issues with this one in particular where plugging into USB 2.0 ports instead of 3.0 could eventually cause the backlight to fail. Thankfully, I had 2 3.0 slots free in back, but it's something to keep in mind. That said, it is a bit pricey for what it is. I likely wouldn't have spent full price on it, but it happened to be on sale for about $80 at the same time my old keyboard was having issues, so it was too good a deal to pass up.
  • Technomancer - December 25, 2013 3:39 p.m.

    Personally I have a Logitech MX 5500 wireless keyboard and mouse combo for everyday use, then a Razor Orbweaver and a Logitech G500 for gaming.
  • Sovtek - December 20, 2013 10:18 a.m.

    I guess I am the only one around who hates mechanical keyboards. I don't need shit clicking to let me know I hit a button (kind of obvious when a key bottoms out) and I type entirely too much for something with 45g of actuation force to even remotely be accurate or fast enough. So that leaves only one type of switch, Black. Tell me again why I should fork over $150 for a keyboard that feels the same as a $50 Logitech? I really just don't get it. It really seems like the same principle as people spending money on an overclocked quadcore just to browse Facebook. Good enough is good enough.
  • Riska - December 19, 2013 4:51 p.m.

    Ducky Shine 3 Cherry MX Brown. Pricey, but possibly the best keyboard money can buy right now. Second best, and most cost efficient, is the Qpad MK-85 Cherry MX Red.
  • Tronto13 - December 19, 2013 1:16 p.m.

    I've been using an x4 for 2 years now and love it. It is phenomenal for a non-mechanical keyboard. In that time it hasn't broken at all. Currently saving up to buy the K70 though, just haven't decided which colour switch to go with...
  • Shigeruken - December 18, 2013 6:59 p.m.

    I use the Blackwidow tournament edition with an Orbweaver. Best combo ever.
  • GR_RyanTaljonick - December 18, 2013 8:32 p.m.

    yeah, that Orbweaver's pretty hot ^_^ (and, of course, the BlackWidow TE)
  • Brutalicus - December 18, 2013 5:39 p.m.

    I think ease of cleaning would be a selling point for me. My aging Saitek has years of gaming by-product locked in its ancient and unmapped crevasses.
  • katallina - June 2, 2013 9:53 p.m.

    I think my heart is set on the Blackwidow Ultimate. I'm doing a black and green design theme for my next PC, I like the fact that it has a few macro keys on the left, I like that none of the keys are weird (it has a full shift on the right side, for instance, which is a big thing for me.) and if I'm getting a mechanical keyboard, I want a blue switch because I mainly play MMOs (meaning I don't really double-tap much; I either hit buttons or hold them down) and I'm also a writer and blue switch is suppose to be the best for typing. Really excited to get it and try it out. :)
  • danganado - December 18, 2013 3:02 a.m.

    I have it and I love it, both for gaming and typing my stupidly long university papers!
  • dns - March 27, 2013 8:23 p.m.

    Sadly here in Brasil is much more expensive. I got my G800V A4 Tech for R$ 80,00 (Around $40,00)
  • brickman409 - March 26, 2013 3:56 p.m.

    did anyone else google dilettantes?
  • J1nn - March 26, 2013 2:32 p.m.

    Good article but I am quite disappointed the G110 is not on the list. It is Logitech's least expensive gaming keyboards but with as many features as any of their more expensive models.
  • Y2Ken - March 26, 2013 1:04 p.m.

    I'm using the regular Razer BlackWidow Stealth edition (brown switches). Really love it, didn't notice too much at first other than the sound, but every time I try to use a regular keyboard now it just feels weird and unresponsive in comparison.
  • KiMBa161 - March 26, 2013 12:30 p.m.

    Wish I had this guide when I was exploring the wonderful world of mechanicals. There's a lot to know and at $100+ a pop, it's best to do your homework. Currently own BlackWidow Ultimate, Filco Ninja, and just got the G710+. Breaking it in now and it's awesome!
  • beatsforthemind - March 26, 2013 12:19 p.m.

    I just picked up the CM Storm Quickfire Rapid on sale on Amazon and it's pretty awesome. It took me a little bit to get used to a mechanical keyboard.
  • richard0403 - March 18, 2013 5:25 p.m.

    Hi I'm new to these kinds of details. especially with switch types for mechanical keyboards. SO thanks for the information. Though for me, the best gaming keyboard is still any Logitech product.
  • couvier - March 18, 2013 4:17 p.m.

    I think red and black switches are worthless, even this professional gamer says that reds and blacks are worthless:

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