Battlefield: Bad Company

We’re not sure if it’s just the freedom of artistic license or some sort of a grave premonition of a barrage of new and imaginative weapons that North Korea will soon be able to use to blow us all into tiny, dust mite-sized pieces... but between GRAW 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company, it seems to be de rigeur to set your war games in the near future. Although there’s few solid details on the weapons to be featured in Bad Company, from the little we’ve seen it’s clear that as in GRAW, future technology such as the XM8 (an ultra lightweight rifle currently being designed) will turn up in your misfits’ hands during the game.

The full list of locations have yet to be confirmed, with only a few Eastern European grotholes on display, but there are hints of more tropical settings. Although the general gist of the setting might be the same as it was in Modern Combat, it won’t be when you leave. An impressive 95% of scenery is destructible, causing a strange gameplay dynamic where you can’t necessarily ‘learn’ the layout of the terrain - the positioning of cover is changeable and you’ll have to be versatile and adaptable to survive. Sounds interesting - and with actual characters and narrative too we’re sure this game won’t be “bad company” for your 360.


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