Assassin's Creed on PC looks more real than actual London

Perched atop a dirty chimney in Lambeth looking on a disorder of smoke-blackened brick houses, I feel like this is the London I know. Christ, Ubisoft even nails the bird droppings. My finger involuntary moves towards the ‘take picture’ button on my keyboard, and now I’m locked in. I’ve got no choice but to photograph literally the whole of London.

It’s not just because Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, released last week on PC, is stunning on any graphical setting (these shots are taken on ultra). It’s time period hits the sweet spot for modern day recognition. That’s what makes it resonate so hard. Pull into England’s capital on the train and her outskirts still look untouched, barring flashes of graffiti and the odd satellite dish.

Syndicate’s London is a London on the cusp of modernity, slap bang in the tumult of industrial revolution, and it shows in roaring locomotives, giant neon signage, and hundreds of coal-powered barges shooting through a Thames so chaotic it makes the A1 look like a country lane. That’s not true of 18th century Boston or Paris which, given their historical and architectural distance from present day, are almost alien landscapes.

So, because I haven’t been this floored by a game’s setting since GTA 5’s Los Santos, I’ve snapped hundreds of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate shots - and I’m sharing my favorites with you.

And please, I implore you, blow the screens up to full size using the little arrow icon in the top-right corner of the gallery. They look ever so lovely if you do that.

Note: I used capture software FRAPS to take screenshots on PC, and a website called to apply the tilt-shift effect. To remove my character from the screen, I just moved up against a wall.