Assassin's Creed: Revelations for PS3 to ship with original game (but only if you're quick)

Ubisoft is rewarding early adopters of Assassin's Creed: Revelations for PS3 with a bonus copy of the very first game in the AC series. The freebie is being offered as part of an exclusive partnership with Sony, and will appear pre-loaded with “day one” versions of the upcoming sequel. 

The special deal, which follows Ubisoft's exclusive multiplayer beta for PS3 players, was posted today on PlayStation's European Blog by Ubisoft Montreal's community developer Gabe Graziani, who wrote:

“As you know, Assassin’s Creed Revelations will see Ezio follow in the footsteps of the legendary Assassin Mentor Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad on a quest to understand the true nature of what it means to be an Assassin, To prepare you for this journey, we thought it might be a good idea for you to have the game that started it all on-hand just in case you needed a quick refresher on Altaïr’s history.”

Emphasizing the limited nature of this promotion, Graziani said: “You’ll need to act quickly (pre-ordering might help ;D) in order to take advantage of this special offer.”

The first Assassin's Creed debuted to mixed reviews back in 2007. It introduced the series' modern day assassin-in-training Desmond Miles, and followed him through his first adventure in the Animus; a virtual reality machine owned by the Templar-run Abstergo Industries in which he was forced to relive the memories of his assassin ancestor Altaïr ibn La-Ahad. Oh, and there's something about ancient civilizations, magical orbs, and the end of humanity. Lost? That's okay. If you're a PS3 owner, you'll soon have the opportunity to catch up at no extra cost. And if you prefer your stabby stealth action on the Xbox 360, you'll be hard pressed not to find Assassin's Creed at your local game shop and/or flea market.

Assassin's Creed Revelations drops for everyone on November 15.

Sep 20, 2011 


  • CitizenWolfie - September 21, 2011 3:26 p.m.

    I've read this now on GR, CVG and the blog link above but none say how it's going to work. Will pre orders and the first store batches have an extra disc included in the box? Will it just be another option on the AC Brotherhood blu ray? Will it be a DLC code? I'm just curious/concerned about how it'll happen. I've got it pre-ordered because I'd like to play the original for free but it'll probably be a Christmas present from the family. I'm just hoping that you don't necessarily have to PLAY it on day one to receive AC1 - only purchase it.
  • Jackelsburg - September 20, 2011 4:44 p.m.

    eh, i already have the the first AC so i'll wait a little bit before getting this one probably. kudos on them for including it though
  • soranamineforever - September 20, 2011 4:35 p.m.

    Well, good. I've never bothered with AC1 beyond the first couple of hours because it was incredibly boring. I wouldn't mind getting it new with Revelations, though.
  • garnsr - September 20, 2011 3:48 p.m.

    Revelations will probably be the game I let slide this November, since I'll be playing Batman, Uncharted, and Skyrim in quick succession. I figured I'd wait the few weeks for Revelations to drop in price, since I won't get around to playing it right away. I wouldn't mind getting the first AC again though, I loaned mine to someone and never got it back. I didn't mind so much, after getting most of the way through I got tired of it, and the time-consuming fights against large groups of master swordsmen.
  • IREPMINNEAPOLIS - September 20, 2011 12:15 p.m.

    AC was an amazing game, granted I agree it was repetitive. But don't talk sh!t about AC2 or brotherhood especially if you've never played them @db1331. They were both great stories and HARDLY repetitive. AC was just a demo compaired to AC 2 and Brotherhood. I refuse to let someone who hasn't even experienced them to talk down on 2 of my favorite games. Period. Both great games and your only depriving yourself if you haven't tried them.
  • db1331 - September 20, 2011 12:35 p.m.

    Umm, I did play AC2. About 8-10 hours of it. Then it got repetitive and I lost interest. I WANTED to like it, and immediately recognized it was better than then original. But then when I was still doing the same thing at hour 10 as I was at hour 2, it got boring.
  • Pwnage19 - September 20, 2011 3:16 p.m.

    It's only repetitive if you make it that way. There are so many ways to accomplish the same mission. If you choose to only fight, then the game can get boring. Especially if all you do is use block and counter-attack. You have various means of killing enemies, distracting guards, or sneaking to an objective. While the Assassin's Creed series features similar side quests (but honestly, what game doesn't?) they don't have necessarily have to be completed in the same manner every time. I encourage you to try playing it once more, and be open minded while playing it. Be creative. Have fun. you'll see why people like Assassin's Creed.
  • Crypto140 - September 20, 2011 12:08 p.m.

    Lol my friend just bought AC1, I can't wait to tell him this.
  • wedgie - September 20, 2011 12:04 p.m.

    Problem is anyone who is playing Revalations I am assuming has already played the other Assassin's Creed games. The story is a little complicated otherwise. Still a good deal though.
  • JoeMulvihill1 - September 20, 2011 11:42 a.m.

    this would be great if i hadn't already got AC1 4 years ago.
  • Z-man427 - September 20, 2011 11:26 a.m.

    AC1 flawed and repetitive? Certainly. But was it a fun game? Definitely.
  • db1331 - September 20, 2011 12:03 p.m.

    You could say the same thing about AC2, and probably Brotherhood (I wouldn't know) and probably Revelations. Halfway through the 2nd game I realized I had seen all AC had to offer. I even really enjoyed the first game. After awhile, walking up to someone and pressing X, or occasionally holding down block until an enemy attacks and THEN pressing X gets old.
  • FOZ - September 20, 2011 2:10 p.m.

    You can make just about any game sound repetitive by doing that. Nobody forces you to do nothing but block and counter during combat. You can jump off of walls for lucky instant kills, or just run away, have everyone follow you, and throw them off of the roof one by one. Or you can just use a bunch of throwing knives for cheap kills. You've seen everything AC has to offer? Have you seen how fast you can get across Venice, or hired a group of thieves and seen how fast you can get them to kill themselves falling off of roofs? Brotherhood lets you kick through defenses, and once you get one cinematic kill, as long as you keep dodging and hitting enemies, all of your kills become fancy cinematic instant-kills. It really changed the combat, which is good, because there were barely any actual assassination missions, and the ones it had were weak (that Banker sequence is disgraceful, gameplay-wise).

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