Watch how to beat Anubis in Assassin's Creed Origins' Trials of the Gods

So if you’ve been playing Assassin's Creed Origins as much as I have, you’ve long finished the main story and are hunting Egypt for all those high level missions. The good thing is, Ubi knows that too and has released the very first of its Trials of the Gods events to keep things fresh. What better a way to kick things off by telling you to beat a version of Anubis the size of a three storey building? 

Here are a few tips and tricks in the above video for how to beat the God of Death at his own game and exactly what exciting loot you’ll get for sending him back to the Duat where he belongs.  There is a slight spoiler if you haven't finished the story but the video labels it up and you can skip through. 

If you can dodge a flaming hyena, you can beat Anubis. Well, mostly. One thing to note is that to battle the god, Origins suggests that you should be level 40 so if you’re kicking around level 35 or 36 you’re going to want to climb a bit to stop one hit kills from the mummy zombies he produces. It won't take long to naturally level up if you pick some high XP quests to power through before he leaves in a week's time. If you're only just starting though, there's no need to rush through the game as he'll come back around again after the other three gods have appeared. 

For your troubles and sending him back to the land of the dead, you’ll get 1000XP, 10 Uplay points, an Anubis Gear Set item, and the Conductor of Souls sword. This dropped at my current level of 38 for me but has a serious improvement of stats and has strong critical hit rate, combo multiplier and the nice perk of health on kill. When it comes to the Anubis gear set item this is currently showing up in my inventory as an empty blue box. There will be four of these and they’ll all apparently add up to the Anubis armour once you’ve completed all of the Trials of the Gods that will appear in the game.

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