Here's where to find all 25 papyri scrolls in Assassin's Creed Origins

21. Sea of Sand - Temple of Horus, Sapi-Res Nome

For your randomised gear you’re going to need to fast travel to the south east of Iment Nome where there’s a ruined ship in the middle of the desert. Thankfully you’re not going to have to go far. Dive down to the palm leaves at the bottom and pass time until morning. The shadow of the mast marks the X and all you have to do is run down to collect it. It’s not exactly on the X but close enough. 

22. Fallen Friend - Temple of Ptah, Memphis

The treasure for The Fallen Friend is also in Memphis where you'll find the scroll. Fast travel to the east of the city, dive into the water and jump on your horse on the other side of the river. Ride up the coast until you reach the two huge statues guarding that east canal. Jump into the water and swim straight (in the direct eyeline of the south statue). Dive down and you’ll find the little statue surrounded by bright blue fragments on the riverbed and the loot for your trouble. It’s before you reach the ship so keep an eye out. 

23. Royal Flora - Galenos' House, Herakleion Nome

For your precious loot you’ll want to tag up this island south of Neith Cradle Hideout and then fast travel to Natho. Turn right from where you spawn in and find a boat to take you across the water. Steer down towards the river and keep going until you can’t sail anymore. Call your horse to continue the journey. The hideout will appear on your left hand side through the trees but you want that uber tree on the right. Scoot over the handy little bridge and you’ll find the loot here on the other side of the tree.

24. Just Laws - workshop south of Philadelphia, Faiyum Oasis

Your prize is hiding in Atef-Pehu Nome and the fastest way to grab it is to fast travel to Kerke Village. Once you arrive, head north east towards the camp on the river and turn left up the road before you get to it. Now keep following the road and keep an eye out for smoke ahead. It’s coming from a group of clay smokers on the right but you want the lone one on the left. Clamber up and the treasure is hidden on top. 

25. Wet Work - Oracle of Apollo, Green Mountains

For the loot, you’re going to want to fast travel to the Aquaeductus Kyrenaike and instead of diving off, have a full on free running Assassin’s experience and run back up the aqueduct. Skip, leap, jump and climb until you reach the very top. Head into the cave in the cliff and you’ll find a pool straight ahead. Dive in and you’ll find the treasure underwater at the back.