Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood PS3 beta delayed, Ubisoft doesn't have much to say about it

Those who pre-ordered the PS3 version of Brotherhood were given a special code that they were told to enter on September 13 to access the beta test. Surprise! It's the 13th and no one's codes are working, and Ubisoft has no official update on when the beta will be available. These pre-order incentive betas always go so well.

Above: Sorry, guys, but swinging on ropes outside a bell tower is gonna have to wait

Joystiq contacted Ubisoft and see what was up, and indeed, the publisher confirmed the beta will not be available at all today. So when will these pre-order bonus codes actually be useful? Apparently no one knows - Ubisoft couldn't even be proactive about telling people the beta wouldn't be here, and the only new information is that further details will be released "later this week."

Above: We'd complain more about this, but we're probably already on Ezio's hit list

Meanwhile, if you pre-ordered the game on Xbox 360, you probably feel a little bit less shunned today. Because you were already shunned.

Sep 13, 2010

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